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Have you ever heard the table singing? Have you ever seen the door dancing?Have you ever seen the window playing the piano?This magic item can make it happen!!This is an amazing little device that can turn almost any surface into a high fidelity speaker. Tables, chairs, windows and walls will all come alive with the 360째Vibration Speaker. You can put this stuff on different surfaces of different materials to enjoy the different textures of music naturally. Even one song can show you variety feeling of music as long as you can imagine.

Skyhi Resonance Speakers

Skyhi Resonance Speakers Resonance Speakers : SKD2+ Model Features

Skyhi Resonance Speakers Model : SKD2+ Price : Rs 2999.00 Offer Price : Rs 2499.00 (17%) Shipping: Same Day Warranty: 6 months

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Resonance speakers  
Resonance speakers