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Vikram&Vaethal Long ago there lived a king called Vikramadhityan. He was very famous for his courage, justice and wisdom. He was a king well loved by all his subjects. One day a hermit entered the court of King Vikram. The king humbly greeted the hermit and treated him with great honour and respect. The sage appeared very pleased and asked him “There is a forest bordering your city, when you go deeper and deeper into the forest you will find a banyan tree in that a corpse will be hanging, bring that to me. I need it to perform certain rites which will make your kingdom with peace and prosperity�. On the next Moonless night. King Vikram ventured into the thick forest as he had been instructed by the saint. He found the corpse hanging on the banyan tree. King Vikram placed the corpse on his shoulder and turned around to go back. As he was walking, the spirit inside the corpse was called Vaethal started to speak to the king. “O King Vikram, I have heard of you. You are wise and just king. Even now you are taking me to the hermit because you want your people to be happy. This is a noble thing to do. But there is one

thing you must remember while you take me. The moment you utter a word, I will leave you and fly back to the banyan tree. I will tell you a story, there will be a puzzle at the end of the story. You must use you sense of justice and offer a solution to the puzzle. If you know the answer and still do not offer a solution, your head will burst into thousand pieces.� The king nodded in agreement and Vaethal started narrating his first story.


Vikram and Vethal Story  

The story of Vikram & Vethal,The first meet

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