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Jack Rabbit Interview with the owners of Jack Rabbit Vapes

Bella Jynx Subohm catch up with Bella Jynx

Decadent Vapours We go behind the scenes of Decadent Vapours latest video

Vapes on a plane An alternative look at different vaping cultures around the world

Editor Notes


elcome to Issue 6 of Subohm magazine. Since our last issue, we’ve been partnering up with events like they’re going out of fashion.

We sponsored the ecigclick awards; we partnered with a new event - Fusion Vape Lounge up in Nottingham; there’s Vape Fest, of course, and we’ve just agreed to get involved with two non-UK vape shows - The Vape Expo in Poland and Ukrainian Vapor Week! On top of all this, we’re in the process of applying for air clearance for The Subohm Space Program - but you‘ll have to wait until next month to read more about that! This issue we have a collection of reviews; we have behind the scenes access to the Decedent Vapours new video; the guys from Jack Rabbit Vapes came down to Subohm HQ, for a chat. Josh has written an awesome article about where you can and can’t vape and we also caught up with Mrs UK Vape Girl of the Year - Bella Jynx. We hope you enjoy the issue and are looking forward to 2017 as much as we are!


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Contents 4-5 Moonshot

Josh Paine and Callum Ferrier try the Dotmod RTA.

6-9 Jack Rabbit Vapes

Subohm caught up with Josh and Toran at Jack Rabbit Vapes.

10-11 Limitless

Callum Ferrier tests the Limitless tank.

12 Riot Squad

Ashley Calo reviews Strawberry Scream and Smashed Apple Pie.

14-15 Sigelei

The Devil Vaper puts the Sigelei Evaya to the test.

16 Sluice

Rachael Saffer gives Sluice’s juices a try.

18-19 Target Mini

Vaporesso’s Target Mini is taken for a run.

21 Zeus

Three of Zeus’s juices are put to the test.

24-26 Decadent Vapours

Subohm goes behind the scenes of DV’s latest video.

28-29 Kayfun

Dave Chiverton-Hunt tries the Kayfun V5 tank.

32-33 Weirdos

Charlii Morgan reviews The Weirdos Creamery collection.

34-35 H-Priv

Stewart Mitchell gives the Smok H-Priv a go.

36-37 Vapes on a plane

We take a look at vaping around the world.

38-39 Giant Dual Tank

Josh Paine takes the Vaporesso Giant Dual Tank for a test drive.

40-42 Bella Jynx

Subohm has a Q&A special with Bella Jynx. 3

rta review

The First Men on the

MOONSHOT By Josh Paine and Callum Ferrier

Anyone that knows me will know that I love the Dotmod Petri V2 RDA. So, when I stumbled across the Dotmod RTA at the Vaper Expo I had to have one.


he lovely presentation box aside, the Moonshot is lacking one vital piece of equipment – an instruction manual! I do a few things well: coilbuilding is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong with a spare afternoon, and a nice wide build deck, I can

make something vapeable. The Moonshot, on the other hand,should be built by someone with real experience and a saintly amount of patience. This is why it’s good to have friends like Callum, who’s been building for two years. So in the spirit of collaboration, he’s going to write the next bit…..

Set with a challenge ahead of me, I boldly walked into our local with nothing more than a few tools in my pockets and wire in my hand. As I have a couple of years’ experience under my belt I wasquietly confident. Having heard the build deck was small, andnigh impossible to build on, I thought back to building on some of the drippers I’ve had in the past that had been tricky. From the single post 454 Big Block V2 to the post-less Pi Squared, I considered the warnings about the Moonshot were down to inexperience. Oh how wrong was I? The build deck is about the size of a five pence piece. It has a two post deck, featuring some optimistically


large post holes, with screws coming down the post, whilst retaining bottom airflow that starts at the top of the posts (try imagining that without a diagram)! All the while the barrel surrounding the deck only fits on at a certain angle - that would be tricky to fit on at the best of times, let alone in a dark pub with Josh moaning at me to hurry up because he’d got a train to catch. Nonetheless I progressed with fitting the dual 26 gauge coils into this bastard of a build deck. With enough glowing, pinching, strumming, and general wrestling with the coils I managed fit them and get them glowing evenly. Despite Herculean labour to actually install the coils, I will say that wicking the Moonshot was simple and straightforward; andI’m tempted to go as far as saying it’s one of the easiest RTA’s I’ve ever wicked! After 5 minutes of figuring out how to put the thing back together again (I didn’t pay any attention taking it apart), I juiced it up and handed it over.

Nice one Callum! With a 0.6 Ohm build installed I get to draw first blood. I was shocked. I’ve used a few RTAs before, but the Moonshot stands out. An impressive amount of vapour can be generated even at 40w. What really shines through is the flavour. Of course it takes a while for the cotton to break in properly butonce it has you’re in for a treat. It’s rare to find a tank that balances both flavour and cloud this well, one is usually marred by the other. This isn’t the case with Sigelei and Suprimo’soffering. The only issue I could find with the Moonshot is the drip tip; it’s just a bit too small so makes vaping on the go a bit taxing at times. Apart from that the Moonshot has a great build quality and is a well machined little fog monster. If you have the patience or a master-builder mate like Callum it’s worth the time.



Like a Hare out of a Trap:


This month we caught up with Josh and Toran, owners of Jack Rabbit Vapes. These are some very cool bottles, you’ve bought with you. Thank you, the setup is - one bottle filled with steeped e liquid and the other with

a nicotine shot. The basic idea is that we add enough concentrate to each e liquid bottle that once the shot is added in it levels out to the expected level of concentrate, the most

common being 5ml per 30ml of PG/VG, this is how we can under fill the e liquid bottle and not compromise on flavour if and when a shot is added. The e liquid bottle is under filled, is that to make sure you have enough room for the nicotine? And you will still have the same amount of flavour? We cannot tell people to add nicotine shots however; they work perfectly if they choose to. For example if you were to add a10ml bottle of 9mg/ ml nicotine to one of our under filled 30ml bottles, you’d end would give you 3mg/ml e liquid. In theory, you could even add more PG. If you do add a nicotine



interview ten variants of the same recipe, trying them after three weeks, then six weeks and so on. Sometimes it tastes nicer, sometimes it tastes worse. We’ve been working on the range we have now for about two years. Originally we just did it for us, then our friends tried it and the feedback was great.

shot it should be room temperature, then give it a shake and it’s ready to go. Banoffee Pie is suspended in a 70/30 mix, is that your ideal ratio? Yes 70/30 apart from Rio, which is 60/40 because the fruity flavours work better with a slightly higher PG. So what made you start thinking about brewing your own? When we first started vaping,

we found a lot of liquids were not up to our standard. We thought how hard could it be? We were very wrong to start with; we tried so many flavour concentrates and ended up throwing out a lot. It still happens even now. But that’s how we built something that we’re proud of. How long does the process take on average? Steeping takes a lot of time, because we only steep naturally. We usually make

Which was the first flavour that took off? Strawberry cheesecake, but we lost the original recipe! To start with Toran used his pink love heart notepad to create recipes, this is where it started. It’s gold dust now. So many people loved the Strawberry Cheesecake but we couldn’t re-create it. So now we make sure it’s all computerised, with a secure database. It’s been a case of trial and error then? Basically speaking yes! Tell me about this flavour, Banoffee pie. How did you create this blend, because you don’t use a flavour concentrate labelled Banoffee pie? I walked into the lab and told Toran I wanted the flavour, it’s my favourite desert, and I’d just had my mum’s. So we started from the bottom, working out the key notes: caramel and banana and


handmade, even the labels are put on by hand at the moment. Where do you think you sit in the market, do you want to go mass produced, or keep being a cottage industry and hire a few more people?

working from there. We’ve aimed for layered flavours, to create a different profile on the inhale and exhale. We think it’s a real game changer! It’s a real labour of love for you then? Yeah, the girlfriends aren’t very pleased! Everything is

the range in 10ml bottles with nicotine already added, however we know 10ml isn’t the ideal size. That’s why we give people the option for people to buy the larger under filled bottle, and give them the choice to add a solution, be that nicotine or otherwise.

We literally had this conversation again this morning. We don’t want to be some big corporation, we are normal guys making juice for the vaping community. That’s why our slogan is ‘your juice your way’.

But nicotine shots are available from your website?

So are you keeping up with the TPD?

We have found that once nicotine has steeped with the juice it can cause a peppery taste. By adding a nicotine shot we have found that this does not happen. We see it as more of an evolution.

At the moment we are only selling TPD compliant nicotine shots. However, we are looking into releasing

Yes they are. Do the nicotine shots not affect the flavour?


tank review

RDTA Review

LIMITLESS By Callum Ferrier

For a long time, I’ve been frustrated with drippers when I’m in a car. Whether it’s the fancy contraptions that stick to the window that drip for you, or quickly painting the coils at a red light and spilling half my juice over my lap and the other half over the seat, quite frankly it’s all very unsatisfactory!


f course, all of this is while I am the passenger, remember never drip and drive folk!

Enter the Limitless - a dripper with a tank! The proper term being Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser. A conveniently located tank

underneath the coils - the keyword being CONVENIENT. As far as day-to-day use goes, it’s well up there with mouth to lung tanks for stealth vaping. Even filling it is convenient: just squeeze your e liquid bottle into the hole in the side of the tank and moments later it’s filled and ready to go. At a rather large 25mm base width, with a rather awkward 4.75ml fill capacity, why not 4.5 or 5ml? The Limitless, sits very comfortably on the bigger mods I own, but surprisingly itwouldn’t look out of place on something smaller. As far as building goes, it’s pretty standard with a two post,four hole set up. But then again if you don’t like that setup, change it! With removable decks you can swap the posts to a setup that makes it easy. All you have to do is unscrew the post section and screw in the one you like.


Being able to switch between postless and four posts makes itone of the most customisable vapes you can buy. Wicking wise there is a learning curve. At first, I wicked it like a normal dripper with the cotton touching the base of the tank but I found this gave a fair few dry hits if I was chain vaping, however cutting the wick to just through the wick holes, provides a much more pleasant vape. Beware though, this is one thirsty box topper. After going through 30ml in around 12 hours I found that big builds,although very satisfying, made my e liquid bottle and my wallet cry.

airflow really makes this RDTA stand out to me. Unlike my squonk box I have the ability to regulate this device as I don’t need to have it on a mech making it truly easy and with no dry hits. I can just vape until the tank runs out then refill until the batteries run out. It’s mindless vaping for the busy mind. My verdict - I can highly recommend the Limitless, it has power behind its name -it’s dripping for the lazy, which is why I’m in love with it.

After closing off the air flow to around half I found a smaller flavour coil worked wonderfully for my budget. The bottom airflow gently complementing the huge side 11

juice review

RIOT SQUAD Strawberry Scream & Smashed Apple Pie Juice review by Ashely Calo

I always like to find out a little bit about a brand before I start vaping.


o, I had a quick Google and the first thing I found out, Riot Squad have a van! That’s bloody brilliant; all the best people have vans – The A-Team, Scooby Doo, my uncle Darren the plasterer. Oh yeah, they also have a whole range of liquids to suit pretty much any taste. I chose

two: Strawberry Scream & Smashed Apple Pie. Strawberries and cream, reminds me of Wimbledon. This is game, set and match - a cracking flavour. What really gets me is that,while a lot of this kind of flavour is overly creamy, almost to the point of cloying, Riot Squad’s version balances it out really well with sweetness.

The strawberry is similar to that found in a jam. I tried Strawberry Scream in both an RDA and a tank, with no complaints. Definitely one I can use all day. Apple Pie makes me nostalgic for Sundays. A gloriously overcooked roast followed by a classic pastry dessert. So, imagine my delight when I found I could get all of the flavour and not have to worry about resembling the Michelin Man. On the inhale the apple was present. Again it was nice and sweet, but also a bit sharp, which was new. Then, on exhale, came the pastry - buttery and light, it was damn good. Needless to say the bottle was gone in about a day and a half. So there you have it, a quality range in my opinion, try it for yourself.


mod review

SIGELEI Evaya 66w by The Devil Vaper

Elegance and simplicity combine into a sleek and stylish mod, fronted by a stabilised wood fascia.


verall, the Evaya is a great mod from Sigelei. Its form and function go hand in hand - no complex labyrinth of menu systems to get lost in. And there’s no cheap paint job, which chips after a few days, it has a durable, antique copper finish, coated in a high gloss lacquer combined with a stabilised wood surrounding the colour screen.


A simple three clicks of the fire button gives you access to the menu to change from Power Mode to the three Temperature Control Modes. Power Mode can be used between 5 - 66 watts, so this can power most sub-ohm tanks on the market without maxing out the wattage. The Evaya lasts about a day on a fully charged 18650 battery. I prefer running it at roughly 44 watts on a 0.4ohm coil, and this worked great for me. The downside is it does seem to struggle when the battery is getting low, so you may need to take out spare batteries if you’re a heavy vaper.


juice review

SLUICE JUICE A Review by Rachael Saffer

Sluice Juice - it’s fun to say and even more fun to vape. There’s awhole cache from old favourites such as Rhubarb and Custard to new blends such as Strawberry Yurt.


kittish is fun in a bottle - sweet strawberry on inhale and a heavy citrus lemon on exhale. It’s a bit on the sweet side for my taste but would go very well on a night out paired with cocktails. Strawberry Yurt is a quite delicious combination of creamy yoghurt and sweet strawberry. I’ve always liked the strawberry combinations. Strawberry Yurt is more on the creamier side, which works well, as it’s not too rich to vape every day. This is definitely my favourite out of the range. Blue Sluice Puppy makes me nostalgic for fun fairs and bowling alleys, when I could still get away with using words like‘funnest’. This e liquid has a sharp blueberry


flavour on inhaleand the exhale is interesting with a cool twist of menthol at the end.

All in all Sluice Juice is a mixed selection, but definitely worth trying for those of you out there in the mood for something new.

mod review


Growing up some of my favourite books and films starred James Bond…..and the Target Mini by Vaporesso - in the limited edition gold finish - is definitely something Q could have invented. It’s stealthy, stylish and sophisticated… just like 007 himself!


he kit consists of the Target Mini Box Mod and the Guardian Tank Mini. As you’d expect this isn’t the largest tank in the world. With a


2ml capacity you will have to fill it up a few times a day if you treat it as your primary vape, however it’s TPD compliant and companies do have to keep up with the times.

The same can also be said about the battery life, a 1400 mAh, with a maximum output of 40w you are going to have to charge it up at least once a day however,

with 0.5Ω resistance coil, I had no problem at all vaping at 25W, and it lasted me most of the day. There is also a 1.5Ω resistance coil included, for those who enjoy the plus-ohm experience and to conserve battery life further, by running the mod at 10W. For such a small device I was pleasantly surprised not only by the amount of clouds I could produce but also the clarity of flavour. There is decent airflow and the ceramic in the coils increase their lifespan. Ceramic coils are standard with the Guardian Tank leaving big flavour and reduced risk of overheating.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics. Vaporesso have created a small but sturdy vape with the Target Mini. I’ve tried a few stealth vapes before - mainly because a woman once threatened to hit me after a plume of vapour went her way. First, and most importantly, it

fits very well in your hand. Secondly, while I love the lavish gold finish, for those of you looking to go incognito it also comes in blue, pink, black and silver. The Target Mini bridges the gap between a beginner and intermediate device as it has an easy to use interface, easy-fill tank (that doesn’t leak) and a quick and efficient coil change. For those more experienced vapers it offers TC mode and acts as a great secondary or stealth device. To sum up I was very happy with the device, although I wouldn’t use it all day, as I prefer a higher wattage set-up, this is perfect for when I’m out and about. 19

juice review

ZEUS Juice Two Last month a few of Zeus Juice’s offerings were sampled and reviewed, this month I’ve been asked to pick up the gauntlet and pick my three favourite flavours.


hese juices are designed and manufactured in the UK by Paul Curtis and it was no easy task to pick just three.

My first choice is Double Dragon. Straight off the bat I was impressed by the name and had high hopes for this juice. Double Dragon is a fantastic mix of berries but the real trick this juice achieves is making sure that no berry overpowers another! This left a very refreshing and easy to vape liquid. Next is Hydra - a mix of fruit and aniseed. I’ve got on very well with aniseed flavours previously and Hydra is no exception. I definitely recommend this juice to anyone who’s bored withsickly sweet flavours. The aniseed cuts through a lot of the sugar and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. It can be a bit strong but it’s definitely one I would like to vape again. Finally we have Dragon’s Claw. I’m not usually a fan of citrus flavours, as I find them too sharp for my palate, but Dragon’s Claw has broken that rule for me! Again, there are distinct notes of aniseed in the flavour but this works remarkably well with the citrus leaving a very balanced taste. 21




DV recently produced a short corporate video titled “It is Good” which you can find online. Obviously Decadent Vapours have a clear message they want to communicate, so we were invited along to see what it was all about.


e pan in on Archie Powell (Decadent Vapours’ MD), clearly the gentlemen in refined settings, reminding us of the true pleasure of vaping. With stirring orchestral music, he prompts his viewers to


take a tour of Decadent Vapours. Cue the town crier announcing an upcoming order. It is none other than the eponymous Crème Anglais to be dispatched. Of course Master Shawn must be informed, with his helmet out he directs

the plucky courier to the Flavourtorium, the magical and incredibly legally compliant e liquid mixing lab. We see measuring; mixing and dripping of the aforementioned desert treat flavour into a DV Bottle. Before this one bottle can even be considered to be sent, it must pass muster under the ever watchful eye of: The Master of Operations, reticent in black leather jacket and goggles.

The final step is a review by Archie himself, to ensure the liquid is free from any nasty chemicals and is made from the highest quality ingredients and passes the all-important TPD compliancy regulations. After a teary and heartfelt goodbye from the Decadent Vapours Team, the delivery is handed to a rather disdainful looking postie (isn’t it always the way).

people to understand the care and attention to detail we put into every single bottle. We produce everything in the UK, compliantly, using only the highest grade of ingredients. We want to get this message across in a way that entertains our customers. Our creative agency, Create a Brand, did a fantastic job and delivered 100% on our brief.

We spoke to Archie who explained the thinking behind the film:”We want

“It was hope the film will entertain vapers and non-vapers alike and it’ll

be shared on social media to spread a little joy and laughter. This matters to us, as we totally appreciate that, without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business and we never ever take that for granted.” The release of the Decadent Vapours Corporate Video marks a time to celebrate the fact that the TPD was over, for them. It was a way to mark the next phase in their already long and successful journey of six years. 25


rta review

Kayfun V5 by Dave Chiverton-Hunt First off, a big shout out to Crème De Vape, for supplying this beautiful piece of kit. Everything about this tank feels like it has been precision engineered by a master craftsman. Just holding it leaves an impression worthy of awe. Threads are buttery smooth, tolerances are perfect. There is nothing even a tiny bit out of place.


ncluded in the box is a keyring screwdriver, a stainless steel alternative to the fitted glass (which handily enough also increases the juice capacity to 5ml from 4ml) plus the usual o-rings and spare parts. The amount of thought that has gone into making the Kayfun awesome is immediately obvious: the locking airflow makes removing the tank a breeze. No more days of twisting the airflow endlessly before realising you’re not unscrewing the device! Fed up with awkward fill ports? The Kayfun V5 has a bevel around the top-fill that makes for clean refilling. The simple addition of a bevelled edge pushes any juice collecting at the top back

inside the tank when the “lid” is screwed on. There’s never any need to wipe the tank after filling like so many other RTAs. When the lid is removed there’s some decorative detail that, while unnecessary, doesn’t hinder filling in the slightest. In fact this tank is very easy to fill by free-pouring. This is the first Kayfun designed with sub-ohm vaping in mind. It has more to


offer in the air flow department than its predecessors. Although, it is worth noting, even with the extra airflow this tank still provides a very restrictive lung hit and is not designed for high wattage vaping. The guys from SvoeMesto recommend setups above 0.5 Ohm and power up to 40w, after a week or so playing around with this, that’s pretty much spot on. The airflow control is a particularly interesting feature. It has 4 settings which lock into place. Pull the airflow ring up and it spins freely, turn it to the desired setting and push it back down to lock it. In the locked position the airflow ring won’t turn, making it really easy to remove the tank from your mod. It’s worth noting, however, that when the juice flow is closed the airflow ring cannot be unlocked. In an effort to use the metal tank piece I decided to start with a TC build. I went with 24AWG stainless steel, wicked with IVUK premium cotton. Building on this tank is as simple as it gets, perfect for new and experienced builders alike.

good old 26/32ka1 Clapton coming out at 0.63 ohm. Set it to 30w and wow! You aren’t going to be winning any cloud comps with this but that’s not what it’s designed for and who actually cares when you have this sort of flavour production? After vaping on this for two weeks solid I can’t find a single damn thing wrong with it. It has never leaked, not even a tiny bit, not a single dry hit, no mess and no fuss. It’s not going to be for everyone, this is for flavour chasers and MTL vapers only. The Kayfun Five’s predecessors, while legendary, have stayed out of the mainstream. The popularity of the 4S sub-ohm upgrade kit, for the Kayfun V4 prompted SvoeMesto to make this tank sub-ohm ready from the get go. With high temperature PEEK insulators, over the POM insulators of previous generations, this tank is ready for... well, sensible subohm flavour builds.

The deck is designed for single coils so it doesn’t leave much room to experiment. After three days using this build I had no complaints but I wasn’t really blown away. In order to squeeze a bit more flavour out of the V5, I swapped the metal tank section for glass and replaced the SS coil with a 29



juice review


Creamery collection by Charlii Morgan This month I’m reviewing The Weirdos Creamery collection - a range of juice by a mysterious figure called Skelly. All these juices do exactly what they say on the tin - being perfectly balanced and smooth, no harsh throat-hitting inhales and the exhale is smooth, creamy and lasting. They definitely make you want to go back for more.


irst up is Moist: This is described as an unorthodox sugar infused pineapple upside-down cake - and it is exactly that. It goes down very smoothly, with no harsh throat hit. I highly recommend this juice. I believe I may have found a new, all-day vape. Next is Lockjaw: Sugar glazed, peachy-watermelon madness, serenaded with strawberry and pomegranate, all churned into a delicious cream. I am blown away! This flavour dances on your tongue. There is delicate peach flavour on the inhale and


then a hint of strawberries and pomegranate on the exhale. It’s a very pleasant vape, sweet and subtly creamy. Last, but by no means least, is Wonderland: A sea-salt

caramel ice cream. Going from the description, this is not something I wouldnormally vape but I was pleasantly surprised. This is not a juice to be missed! A smooth inhale of salty toffee flavoured ice

cream followed by mellow strawberry on the exhale. It ends up beingperfectly balanced and a new contender for an all-day vape.


mod review

SMOK H-Priv by Stewart Mitchell

The H-Priv by Smok is a dual 18650 battery powered, 220 watt device, with an interesting fire button. I’ve had mine for a few months now and I thought it was about time I told you about how much I like it.


he packaging is the simple Smok style with a cardboard sleeve but inside, you’re greeted with the device in its full glory and all the goodies beneath.

The top of the device is where the action happens: the wattage control, screen and 510 atomizer connection are there. The bottom has the battery door. Three sides have very little to them, just logos, device name and wattage capabilities. The fourth is the best – it’s the fire button – and it’s the entire side of the device. There’s a hinge and spring at the bottom to keep it in place. It’s a very well designed button - clicky and responsive - and works really well. The 510 base is stainless steel with stainless steel threads and it has a spring-loaded pin with airflow, also from the base. The adjustment buttons are metal and I’ve had no problems whatsoever using them.


As I’ve already said, the screen is mounted on the top, which is odd, but there’s no space on the conventional side as that’s taken up with the fire button. To have it on the opposite side would make the box too difficult to use. The advantage of this layout is it allows you to view the screen and live voltage while you are taking a hit. All the settings can be accessed by clicking the fire button three times. The main options are: Mode, Puffs, Settings, Power. ‘Mode’ controls the setting for the temperature - if the right type of wire is used. It also allows you to have the device fire slightly above or below the set wattage. ‘Puffs’ is the puff counter and limit. ‘Settings’ controls screen orientation, brightness and the like.

The different wattage modes are described as follows: Min (10% below), Soft (5% below), Norm (Set wattage), Hard (5% above), Max (10% above). This allows you to have a lot more control over the type of vape you have. It’s a great idea to me. Overall, the device is excellently made with solid materials and has barely chipped since I bought it. It’s been used in my rotation almost every day since it arrived and, with it being around 26mm wide, it fits almost any atomiser you can throw at it and looks great doing it! I really, really like this device and I think I’ll be using it for a lot longer.

‘Power’ is obvious – it turns the device off. 35

special feature


‘We can’t stop here this is Bat Country’, was Hunter S. Thompson’s eponymous line in the classic ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. Bat Country unfortunately still exists for a lot of vapers, and those of us travelling abroad should take heed, as our widely accepted lifestyle choices aren’t so well regarded by others (I’m not just talking about your choice of Speedo either).


ee below a list of countries where vaping is frowned upon and in some cases downright illegal: United Arab Emirates: let’s start with a biggie; vaping is

44 36

a real no-no in the UAE. Back in early 2015 a BA cabin crew member was detained for attempting to bring a vape into the country. The same goes for Oman and Qatar. Australia: The sun, the sea

and the surprising variance between laws! Whilst Queensland allows no vaping with nicotine, some states are a bit more accepting. Bear in mind there is a countrywide ban on the sale of any e-liquid containing nicotine.

India: With the second largest smoking population in the world, India is a tobacco flooded country. Some states have banned the import, sale and distribution of the devices. Proceed with caution. Japan: The land of innovation and tradition, for many a travel must; for vapers... not so much. Mods etc. are incredibly expensive to purchase and it’s 0mg only for e-liquids The South Pole: It irritates the penguins. The North Pole: Same goes for polar bears

Brazil: Get ready for Carnival; just leave your dripper at home. The sale, advertisement and importation of e-cigarettes is very illegal.

Gotham: The Joker’s on the run, the Penguin has robbed a bank and you’re worried about someone busting your arse for whipping out your new mod…

International Waters: Now we’re talking: knife fighting, unrestricted gambling and piracy. Unfortunately International Waters are not the safe haven cartoons have led us to believe they are, vessels are forced to adhere to the laws that apply to the country whose flag they fly under. This definitely means no vaping for some and no duels for most.

Canada: Traditionally, the land of brutal hockey fights and subsequent free healthcare has been a bit of a battleground for vape enthusiasts. However as of the end of 2016 proposed amendments to the Tobacco Act are set to level the playing field. The Moon: Vape all you want, try not to fog up your helmet.


rta review

VAPORESSO Giant Dual Tank by Josh Paine

In the last issue the Devil Vaper covered a head-to-head clash between the TFV8 and the Cleto 120. This month I believe I’ve found the tank that easily holds its own, the Vaporesso Giant Dual Tank. This tank is a beast, with eye-watering dimensions of 58.5 x 25mm.


asic specs include a 4.5ml tank capacity, dual adjustable air holes and a wide-bore drip tip and two large top fill juice holes. The coils bear taking a look at; ceramic triple CCELL coils are the stock option for the Vaporesso and are the first


of its kind, with a wattage range of 60w to 140w. So much like the Smok and Aspire tanks previously mentioned this has been designed intentionally for the larger devices capable of outputs at 100+. So, with little pause for thought, I screwed it atop my Wismec RX200s, set it to 100w, and let loose a plume of vapour. I then learnt a very important lesson - you should really break in your coils before firing them at their mid-point. One glass of water and a small

coughing fit later, I turned it down to 80w - so much better! The flavour is clear thanks to the ceramics and the vapour production is through the roof, not only in volume, but sheer density of cloud. The coils are long-lasting, allowing me two weeks of continuous use before they needed changing. This is just as well because, at the point of writing, replacement coils are only available from the US and China. With this in mind, I decided it was time to test my mettle and use the RTA deck included with the tank. Quick sidenote - I’m a huge fan of re-buildable decks and believe

they should be a staple option in the design of most sub-ohm tanks, the industry appears to agree. The RTA itself is a classic two-post velocity design, wide enough for even rookies like me to build comfortably on. The airflow was increased by the addition of the RTA (unsurprisingly) and the large size of the tank meant I was able to go a whole day between fills - not too shabby. To sum up, this tank is innovative, easy to use and competes with the larger tanks with ease; a solid addition to your cloud arsenal.



I Put a Spell on You:


You like to rock the mechanical mod, what’s your favourite setup and build? Although I switch between mods like crazy, my favourite mechanical mod set-up has been the limitless cobra full set-up. I just think it looks awesome for starters, though I’d love to get my hands on an SOI mech one day. I tried using one at the Vape Expo late last year and the feel was amazing, great cloud production and functionality. ​What’s in your fridge? It’s usually WAY too much chocolate, cheese, pizza, fruit and juice. I drink so much orange juice! 40

You’re trapped on a desert island, you have your trusty vape, but you can only bring three flavours, what are they? This is a hard one, but definitely a blue raspberry flavour, I have too many favourites to name. My absolute favourites are Original Shlurp and Cheap Thrills’ Glory Glaze. I love donuts! You’ve been asked to record a charity cover single, what song would it be? I’m a massive fan of Sia’s voice and, although I’d probably damage someone’s ears if I even attempted to record a cover, I’d definitely pick ‘Titanium’

by David Guetta (feat. Sia) as it’s an amazing song. I love the chorus! On a day-to-day basis what do you prefer using tanks or RDA’s? I’ve always dripped mainly, I’ve rarely used tanks and that’s purely because I was introduced to the vaping world through RDAs. But I’ve recently started using the Mage RDTA by Official Coil Art and it’s really useful when I go out or do shoots, it means I don’t have to be dripping as often and it’s much more efficient. Who would play you in the film of your life? Tatiana Maslany, the actress who played all the sisters


interview (AKA Clones) in my favourite series “Orphan Black”. She’s really down to earth and her acting skills are some of the best I’ve ever seen. What would be your superpower? I adore cats, so I would probably say my superpower would be the ability to communicate with them. The cat whisperer! I’d definitely like to know what my three are actually saying all the time. You’ve been vaping for a while now, what was your first real setup? My first set up was a black clone Dotmod. I never went back to clones afterwards because it overheated very


quickly and I knew enough about the risks. It didn’t last very long to say the least! I moved to a regulated mod afterwards.

but my favourite person is the famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri. If it could be an opportunity to meet her I’d be down!

If you could share a vape with a famous person, who would it be?

Vaping indoors or outdoors?

I have no idea if she vapes,

Definitely indoors, I hate the cold and I love the warmth!

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