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Welcome to, perhaps, our most exciting issue to date.

Callum Ferrier pits the Trident versus The Callisto.

In April we joined forces with Vape Jam in our first official media partnership at one of Europe’s largest vape events and presented the VapeJam3 Awards. We successfully launched the first ever bottle of E Liquid into space. We found it a few weeks later about 150 miles away from the launch site! As usual we have some top quality equipment to talk about, and a lot of new flavours checked out by our crack team of reviewers. We meet some interesting characters such as Stu Vapes. We paired up with a master mixologist to pair our favourite cocktails with some tasty vapes. And we had a chat with the administrators of the popular about all things DIY mixing. Turning our attention to all things legal, you may have noticed our unusual front cover. Have no fear vapers, we’ll be back to eye-catching coil shots next month. With regards to the legislation, we take a look at the recent changes to the industry with ‘You, Me and the TPD’ on page 19. As always, keep your head in the clouds and enjoy.


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4-5 Battle of the Gods 7-8 Doozy Vape Co

Matyas Lukacs tastes 3 juices from the Doozy colection.

11-12 Lemonade House James Atwell tries out 4 from The Lemonade House stable.

13-14 Dvtch Amsterdam The Vaping Pogonophile is back trying the Dvtch range.

16-17 Juice Bomb

Subohm catch up with the boys from Juice Bomb.

19 You, me and the TPD We take a look at what the TPD will mean for vapers.

22-23 Indulge

Rach Saffer takes her tastebuds for a ride with Indulge.

25-27 Subohm Space

Find out what happened when Subohm launched into space.

28-29 Diamond Mist

The Devil Vaper is back with Part 2 of his Brix Kit review.

30 Double Drip

Ashleigh Gilbert tries out 3 juices from the Double Drip range.

33-36 Vape Jam

We have a picture special from the recent Vape Jam.

38 Nova Vapes

James Keene gives his thoughts on 3 juices from Nova Vapes.

40-41 Reddit

Subohm catch up with the team from

42-43 Ammit

Kevin Edwards takes us on a journey with the Ammit.

45-46 Cornish Liquids Ashley Calo takes us on an adventure to Cornwall.

48-50 Mixology

We match up juices to classic cocktails. 3

hardware review

BATTLE OF THE GODS The Trident versus The Callisto By Callum Ferrier This month I was lucky enough to get my hands on not one, but two, kits: The Callisto and The Trident, both by Council of Vapor.


he Trident has its roots in mythology - the weapon of Poseidon, God of

the sea. Weapon is right! This single battery 60w device hits you with power and ramp-up often only seen in two battery mods. It comes in a sleek black and carbon fibre finish. The SmartChip allows you to easily set five different settings and if, like me, you switch between tanks and drippers on the same device it means no fiddly resets each time, just a straight swap to the next setting. This feature also integrates switching between the Variable Wattage or Temperature Control settings. Aesthetically, however, the Callisto stands out: brushed aluminium with a plastic Âź grip makes a welcome change from bog-standard boxes. Pictures alone do not do it justice, a pleasantly weighty feel means this is a device you will know


you are using. Those of you who appreciate Greek mythology will also know that Callisto seduced Zeus and was punished by being turned into a bear -which probably explains that weight I was talking about! It is still a single battery device but reaches a heady 80w maximum output. Both boxes have very different performances. The Trident is agile and great for using on the go, the Callisto, on the other hand, is the powerhouse that will make

you sit up and admire it. Personally, I’m a fan of the Callisto for its weight and power, but will happily use the Trident when out and about. Now, let’s talk tanks. The Trident comes with the Mini Vengeance Tank. Those of you who remember the Vengeance from its single release will know this is a combined flavour and cloud chasing tank with an innovative honeycomb shield to avoid spit back. It’s worth mentioning that the Mini Vengeance is a bottom-fill tank, however, performance and longevity of its coils more than make up for this. Once again, I find myself spoilt for choice. The Callisto kit includes Council of Vapor’s RST (Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank) which is not only a handy little tank, but

features a generous airflow considering its size, not to mention top-filling. This tank, if used at its maximum output (80w with stock coils), will drain the battery in the Callisto rather quickly. However, I easily managed a whole day without switching batteries. Simply down to sheer innovation, within such a

compact size, I’m inclined to steer towards the RST over the Veangeance but those of you looking for an easy to use fog maker should veer towards the latter. Overall these are two very well-made, user friendly, devices. In the ultimate battle though, the title has to go to the Callisto.


juice review


Juice Review by Matyas Lukacs

First off, what the hell is a doozy? According to the dictionary it is ‘something outstanding or unique of its kind’. And you know what? That’s pretty apt.


oozy have taken a unique look at vaping and brought out three bespoke collections: fruity (red packaging), minty (blue packaging) and creamy (yellow packaging): The three primary flavour palates in vaping. I picked one from each. Nektar Not technically one of your five a day, but fruit is fruit. Nektar is a great mix of mangoes and apples, nice and sweet, with a finish similar to a soft drink. This liquid has a definite summer vibe that lasts all day long. 7

juice review


Cool Crush

Liquid Gold

Now, generally, menthol flavours turn me right off but Cool Crush has helped to change my mind. The menthol is tempered with a blue raspberry and ends up tasting like a blue slushie. My favourite element is the mint kick that finishes off the experience.

When making a decent pastry one should never skimp on the butter and I’m glad that Doozy agrees with me. Liquid Gold combines pastry with a vanilla custard. Vanilla is a tricky one to get right, it can taste very artificial, however, Liquid Gold is a balanced delight.

The verdict It seems very unfair to make me pick a favourite, however, as I’ve now been converted to the liquid magic that is menthol flavours, I think I’ll have to settle on Cool Crush as the overall winner.

juice review

OUR HOUSE Lemonade House Review By James Atwell

At Vape Jam 2017 Lemonade House received the ‘Best Drink’ award, for their flavour – Traditional. They beat off some pretty hot competition. With this in mind, I thought it was only fair to give their entire range a try.


s you can probably guess all the flavours are based on that beautiful beverage - lemonade. If, like me, the drink conjures up memories of front porches and warm evenings then you’re in for a treat. Traditional – lemonade There’s an old saying – ‘style never goes out of fashion’ - well, Traditional is just that. The original sweet and sour combination has not disappointed me yet. This is a flavour that sits comfortably at low and high wattage. When vaped past 80W a beautiful sweetness becomes very obvious. For those of you into low

wattage, not to worry, Traditional is still a perfectly balanced taste. Summer – lemonade and peach Lord have mercy, watch out for this cowboy classic! In my experience a sequel is never as good as the original. Well

I’m about ready to prove myself wrong. Much like Traditional this is a wellbalanced lemonade, but here’s the game changer - the addition of peach. It gives a real element of body to the juice. I really like it a lot, and it was the bottle I finished fastest.


juice review

Sparkles – lemonade and raspberry The raspberry hits you with an almost perfumed edge but refines into an earthy tone, similar to that of a brandy. If anything the lemonade acts as a lightener, the citrus shines through and leaves you feeling refreshed.


Elegant – lemonade, mango, grapefruit, strawberry and lime Best described as a fruit cocktail, I was bamboozled by berries and side-tracked by citrus. All hyperbole aside this is a rock solid addition to the range. I’m nervous around flavours with more than three fruit elements as they often become

indiscernible but Elegant tastes like a cocktail and left me feeling more refined than ever. I couldn’t pick a favourite even if I wanted to! But, if I’m backed up against a wall, I suppose I would have to say Summer. It’s a flavour that can be enjoyed in the hot months and reminisced upon in the cold.

juice review

SMOKE ON THE WATER: Dvtch Amsterdam By The Vaping Pogonophile Tom Pouce – Winner of ‘Best Pastry’ at Vape Jam 3 Oh my goodness this is good. I love a dessert vape. It’s really well put together delivering layers of wonderful flavours. It reminds me of a custard slice. Though the pastry in

this juice is not a puff pastry, I am more drawn towards an Italian pastry, witha slight waffle taste to it. This juice is outstanding and very deserving of the award. On the inhale there is a light, crispy sweet pastry which continues on the exhale with


wonderful creamy thick custard coming through. Just as I am about to finish a sweetness creeps in like a soft icing - leaving my palate and lips sweet. This is divine. Is it an ADV? erm, yeah! This juice is not going to last long. Red Light District Wow - those berries just pop out at me

- what a wonderful vape!Blackberries, strawberries, redcurrants and raspberries with a creamy background and a dash of honey sweetness coming in waves. This is delightful. On the inhale I get a rich raspberry to start with plus what I think is a red currant. On the exhale these flavours stay true and are

followed by mini explosions of mainly blackberries but also strawberries - and there is a background of cream and slight sweetness. What I really like is that I am able to clearly define what there is in the juice. Amazing, well-crafted juice and makes for an ADV for me. Space Cake It turns out that Dvtch Amsterdam’s Space Cake E Liquid, seems to have really hit the spot with our Publishing Editor, Charlie Kent. In an unprecedented turn of events, he has agreed to review this in full, in Subohm #10. If that wasn’t exciting enough we’ll be taking the show on the road and will be meeting the Dvtch Amsterdam team, in the Netherlands – where we will be comparing the E Liquid with the real thing!



Bombs AWAY

With the upcoming one year anniversary of Juice Bomb, this month we caught up with the team to find out what’s new in vaping and what’s the best sandwich. I understand you’re celebrating your first birthday at Vapefest this year? Yes that’s right; we launched at Vapefest 2016 and it’s been a crazy year ever since. The brand has gone from strength to strength. We’ve

been blown away with the response to the liquid and we’re pretty proud of how far we have come in just a year. We sell, on average, 30,000 bottles a week and currently have over 500 stockists so there is a growing demand for Juice Bomb throughout the UK.

Are you doing anything special to mark the occasion? We are celebrating at Vapefest the best way we know how… with free beer for everyone! Come along to our stand where we will be giving out free drinks with every purchase and some huge giveaways to mark our first year as a company. What new flavours are you working on and what will set them apart from what’s currently available? We are launching five new flavours to go alongside the original 10. It’s going to be called the ‘The Notorious


Range’. The new flavours will be launched at the vaper expo in October. We’re not giving away too much at the moment but keep your eyes on our social media over the next few months. We feel we have got some amazing new flavours that people are going to love. Tank or dripper? Tank What are you guys vaping on at the moment? We’re always vaping on our own liquids. We’ve just been finalising the new flavours so, for the last two months, we’ve constantly been vaping various different versions of them, tweaking them to get them just right. What are your top three juices on the market,

excluding your own, of course? Nothing else compares ;-) On average how much juice do you get through in a day? Gallons!! What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from anywhere else? We used to be in a band and once performed on Top of the Pops after our song was in the Top 10 for five weeks. What were you like in school? The less said the better! What’s in your favourite sandwich?

Soft white Warburton’s Toastie loaf bread, mayo, ham, cheese, coleslaw and a few chunky chips thrown on for good measure (Matt), hot beef and onion (Joe), Club sandwich (Rob) What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? What I’m going to have for my lunch…. In what way has being involved with the industry changed your views on vaping? I see now what a great way it is to get off smoking. We see it as more of a lifestyle choice and a community unlike smoking. It’s not just an alternative to smoking vaping is more of a way of life for us.


YOU, ME and the TPD

The Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) is a bit of a sore subject for most vapers. Not surprising when you consider freedom of choice has always been at the forefront of the vaping movement. However, always looking on the bright side, Subohm is here to give you some of the important positive points of this new regulation.


irst up – tanks: with an imposed maximum fill capacity of 2ml some people are worried they’ll get a less efficient vape experience; instead there’s been a rise in very innovative single and dual battery mods as well as top filling liquid tanks. Necessity is the mother of invention after all! One of the biggest changes is in the DIY mixing world as you can no longer buy nicotine in volumes higher than 10ml or with a

concentration of more than 20mg. Although this makes mixing more laborious it does force users to be more resourceful in the long run.

everyday vaping life. Nothing will stop us from enjoying our hobby that gives us so much pleasure.

Finally, and perhaps of biggest bug bear of all, bottle sizing. It’s been decided that 10mls is the maximum size for a bottle of E Liquid. But this should, in reality, generate better batch manufacturing and, at the end of the day, there’s nothing to stop us from buying three 10ml bottles. In time these changes will simply become part of our 19



juice review

INDULGE E Juice (spoon not included) By Rachael Saffer Normally, when Subohm Magazine asks me to perform a review,I’m only allowed to pick two, maybe three, flavours out of a range; but Indulge E Juice are going to be an exception. They have five retro-themed dessert flavours and it would be cruel to deprive you of any of them.


irst we have Cherry Tart which tastes like something just whipped up in the bakery. You’re hit by the


smell of almonds and cherry as soon as you open the bottle and it’s one for vaping all day. The cherry hits first followed by the

pastry finish - a vape-able Bakewell tart is truly a genius invention. To wash that down we

have Cola Burst. It’s sweet, reminds me of being a kid and even has a little fizz to it. I don’t even know how they achieved that, but I came as close to drinking it as I did vaping a 10ml bottle in the space of 3 hours!

Finally, we have Sweet Spot, and it hits just that. It’s easily my favourite in the range. I love fruit combos and this kiwi, strawberry and watermelon is a fruit salad that shouldn’t be passed up.

I don’t think I could touch dessert if you paid me - but you can definitely pass me another bottle of Sweet Spot.

Lemon Dream: now, I’m a bit funny with citrus flavours as they don’t always sit with me very well, but I find a pastry finish often helps. Now they’ve gone a slightly different route with Lemon Dream – not the usual tart effect instead they’ve gone for a cakefinisher. It’s a bit rich but suits it very well. Moving onto Strawberry Delight - and again timelessness is Indulge’s answer to flavour. It’s a sweet, but not synthetic,strawberry taste with a dollop of cream. Why muck around with a classic? 23

SPACE The Final Fun-tier

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s not superman either – it’s Subohm. That’s right - this summer the Subohm team exceeded all expectations and actually left the house. Riot Squad and Subohm teamed up for the “Space Programme” and we launched the first bottle of E liquid into space.


And what comes up must come down! Or does it? A slight miscalculation in trajectory, and a general lack of respect for the laws of physics, resulted in our balloon heading out of range of Mission Control temporarily.


Luckily, some kindly soul, just past Watford Gap, returned it to us. “There we were, in the top field, and the next thing we knew something blocked out the sun. We thought it was Judgement Day or that Kim

Jong-un had unleashed a missile. But it turned out to be a rogue space craft. We’re all right - but poor Mabel the cow has never been the same since, talk about a Bullseye.’


hardware review

Diamond Mist BRIX KIT Review Part Two by The Devil Vaper

Last month, I introduced you to the Brix Kit, by Diamond Mist. For those of you who missed out, it’s a great little mod with style and performance at the forefront of its creation. This month I’m telling you about the Mini Cumulus Tank.


he Mini Cumulus is the new, TPD compliant, tank from Diamond Mist. It has a capacity of 2ml and is 22mm in diameter. Inside the tank is a 0.5ohm vertical Kanthal coil which is recommended to be used at 20-60w. Filling the tank is extremely easy


with the two large kidneyshaped holes under the base of the top cap. The

airflow is fully adjustable at the base and has a clicking action to lock in your desired airflow option. So, how’s the flavour? While using a 70/30 VG/PG liquid I used the tank at roughly 40w with the airflow fully open. In my opinion this gives the best flavour from the tank and the correct temperature as well. The flavour surprised me. Of course it’s not going to be RDA quality but it definitely rivals flavour from tanks such as the Aspire Cleito! The 0.5ohm coils have lasted, on average, two-three

weeks of use before needing to be replaced due to loss of flavour and a slight burnt taste. There’s not a lot I didn’t like about the Brix Kit! The battery life is a bit lacking, so it may not last heavy users a full day, but for people vaping at lower wattages, and less frequently, this may last all day. The other thing I’d like to mention is the lack of a spare coil. You only receive the one included in the tank and I would have preferred a spare coil rather than a spare drip tip.

As for the positives - where to start? The Brix is easy to use and navigate; the capacity of the Mini Cumulus is about right and the flavour is great. Plus, the coils lasted me an average of two to three weeks, which is really good! The kit has a quality feel to it, especially the grip on the box, which I found to be extremely durable. Overall - a very nice bit of kit! I would recommend this to novice vapers looking to get into sub-ohm vaping, or even more experienced vapers looking for a nice, stealthy kit to have handy when needed.


juice review


Double Drip has always been popular with the Sub-ohm guys, and I’ve always been a bit of a fan myself, so when the chance came to review some of their ever-growing range, I naturally jumped at it. Vivid packaging and in-your-face flavours have always been two of my favourite parts about Double Drip, and I’m happy to report, even with the TPD in full effect, it is business as usual.

Crystal Mist Diving straight in we have Crystal Mist. If, like me, you’re a bit of a fruit fanatic when it comes to E Liquid, you’re in luck. This particular liquid is a good lesson in strong base flavours. You’re hit with raspberry and black cherry on the inhale then, on exhale, cooling menthol. Definitely one that can be vaped all day. 30

Lemon Sherbet I love lemon sherbet. It is highly unlikely that Double Drip made this flavour just for me, but I like to think so. A sour lemon, cut with sherbet, so simple yet so fresh. One of the most genuine tasting candy flavours I’ve had to date.

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream No range is complete without at least one ice cream flavour. Double Drip have actually created something closer to a sorbet, quite sweet on inhale because of the summer mango and raspberry however, on exhale, you get a note of vanilla, that really finishes things off.

Vape Jam





juice review

NOVA VAPES By James Keene

Nova Vapes have always been a home run with both experienced and new vapers and I’m happy to bring you my thoughts on some of their range.


our Fruit Crush, as the name suggests, is an explosion of flavour. It has a blend of soft, sweet fruits along with a nice sour bite. The overarching taste is definitely pears and apples. Now,the good thing about sourness, is it creates an underlying note that cuts through a lot of the sweetness. It leaves your mouth watering afterwards. Not one I could

use all day but very good nonetheless. Like Sour Fruit Crush, Cobra Venom has a fruity base. This time they’ve decided to take a more citrus angle. I definitely tasted orange but there was also a hint of lime worked into it as well. Of course citrus can leave some people reeling which is why there’s a nice menthol edge to it - almost like an antivenom, very, very tasty.

Perhaps the most popular out of the entire range is Strawberry Milk. It was voted ‘Juice of the Year” by the Subreddit/R/ECR_EU. As you can imagine this is a very simple flavour but not one that should be overlooked. It tastes very much like a milkshake with a good creamy finish and a strong strawberry taste on both inhale and exhale. It’s really something you can’t go wrong with.



This month we catch up with the admin team from /R/ECR_EU. In the coming months they’ll be bringing our readers a selection of the most asked DIY questions. You can add your own questions and answers in our monthly “Subohm DIY Questions” thread. Q: Is it still legal to purchase your own Nicotine? A: It’s still completely legal to purchase your own nicotine. You are restricted to 10ml bottles, and no stronger than 20mg, but purchasing nicotine for your own use is still allowed under the UK’s interpretation of the TPD. Q: What are One Shots? A: ‘One Shots’ are premixed flavour concentrates – companies sell either their own unique flavour combinations, or well-known recipes. Their popularity stems from their ease of use. They are highly recommended for beginners


Q: Should I use sweetener in my juices?

otherwise the juice is far too bland.

A: Manufacturers have been known to use sweeteners, clearly, it’s something that’s quite palatable for some people, we wouldn’t recommend it though, it has a tendency to reduce the lifespan of your coils.

Q: What’s the best way to store PG/VG?

Q: How long should I steep my juice for? A: Most fruit flavoured E Liquids are “shake and vape” meaning they can be vaped almost instantly but in our experience they taste better after 3-5 days. Dessert flavours, on the other hand, need to be steeped for at least two to three weeks to let the flavours mature

A: You can store PG/VG bases in common E Liquid bottles. It should be stored in a cool dark room. We recommend you store your PG/VG base inside the bottles you intend to mix with. Q: What’s the best way to store nicotine? A: Store your nicotine base in glass bottles with an air-tight cap. Allowing your nicotine to react with air will render it unusable. Do not store your nicotine base in large bottles as this has the tendency to

trap air inside. Nicotine does not freeze so we recommend you store in a freezer. Q: What kind of bottles should I buy for mixing? A: HDPE Bottles are great for your PG/VG base, since

they are easily available in 250ml and 500ml with your preferred nozzle. They usually come with either a 24mm or 28mm neck. LDPE bottles are most commonly used to store E Liquid. Q: Is it easier to mix by

weight or percentages? A: Mixing by weight will almost always be more accurate. Weighing your ingredients on a good digital scale is much easier than trying to work out 2-3% of a concentrate.

/R/ECR_EU ‘One Shot’ recommendations Maker




Admiral Berry Crunch

Cereal and Berries

Flavour Boss Kanzi

Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon and Marshmallow



Strawberry Lemonade


Mother Milk

Vanilla Custard and Strawberry.


Lemon Cactus

Fresh Lemonade


Cinapple Fritter

Red Apple and hints of Cinnamon


hardware review

GOD-AMMIT: A Lesson in Hardware By Kevin Edwards I am not a hardware reviewer so this is more of a “journey’ than a traditional review. The name Ammit comes from an Egyptian goddess referred to as the “devourer” and, at first, GeekVape’s latest RTA nearly devoured my sanity.


n my experience with RTAs, I have learnt that wicking is very important and what


works well with one doesn’t necessarily work well with all. The Ammit is no exception.

I started with a simple Clapton build registering 0.6 Ohms. Actually installing the coil is easy due to the

larger holes in each post on the Velocity Deck. But don’t think you can stick a plug of cotton through the coil and tuck the ends into the juice well (it’s more of a gutter) so easily. Take some time to be sure the ends of the cotton are in the juice well and not blocking the holes, this ensures proper flow into 3.5ml reservoir.

coil builds means it won’t guzzle the juice and doesn’t compromise on flavour.

There’s always room for improvement with wicking, but right now my E Liquid tastes like it should and I’m happy to be finally enjoying my Ammit.

As for the vaping experience on the Ammit, with a bit effort you could actually use this as a Mouth to Lung RTA. However, for best performance, I’d personally recommend using it as a Direct to Lung. You also have the option of adding a single coil build, rather than the standard two. Single 43

juice review

CORNISH LIQUIDS Review by Ashley Calo

So, what do you know about Cornwall? If, like me, you grew up in the South of England then chances are you probably spent at least one holiday there. It is, of course, famous for having the largest stretch of coastal landscape in Britain.


his is all well and good for your average sandal wearing day tripper, however, as a vape maniac I’m proud to announce that Cornwall has entered the vaping Pantheon with Cornish Liquids. What makes this liquid so special? Pharmaceutical grade VG / PG is a great way to start. Not good enough you say? Then how aboutthe fact that there are 15 flavours in the range really putting some of those wimpy capsule collections to shame. Unfortunately I can’t review all 15 today as we’d run out of paper so 3 it is. 45

juice review

Let’s start with Camborne Crack. Despite its name this isn’t some sort of narcotic, however, it is pretty damn addictive. As soon as you open the bottle you’re pleasantly greeted with a taste of mixed berries infused with bubblegum, and just the lightest wisp of menthol to finish. If you’re lucky enough to visit Newquay in good weather then surfs up dude. If, however, you’re there when it’s raining - which seems to


be about 80% of the time – then maybe it’s time to tryWipe Out. As the name suggests, this liquid will have you falling on your ass - in a very good way. What’s better than lime sherbet? How about lime sherbet with mint? I’m not sure why but menthol and citrus just works with this one. Hang ten good buddy! Now, no trip to Cornwall would be complete without a traditional Cream Tea. I’ve vaped a lot of pastry

flavours, and a lot of cake flavours, but this is the first time I’ve vaped a scone flavour - and it is right up my street. This is complemented with some jam and clotted cream. To all the amateurs out there - jam goes on first,then cream, never forget. So there you have it my friends, a taste of the good life. Final recommendations would be to try ‘em all and then try ‘em all again!


Shaken not STEEPED Your average Vaper understands the importance of a well-mixed flavour, the fugue of taste, the aroma. This month, we’re suggesting how to best pair some classic cocktails with E Liquids. The Martini Preferably made with gin this sharp, crisp aperitif is designed to awaken the senses before a meal. If you are foregoing the meal (very naughty) we recommend a pairing with a citrus E Liquid, a personal favourite is Freshly Squeezed by Element.


The White Russia On to dessert and this is a creamy digestif with a small kick. A complimentary heavy cream flavour suits this drink well. Try Original Bunny or, if you’re looking for a light strawberry finish, Mother’s Milk – both by Suicide Bunny.

The Manhattan What a town, what a drink! A taste best described as “deep”, it will make you wonder how you reached the bottom of the glass so quickly. Traditionally garnished with a brandied cherry, pair this with Cherry Almond by Tonix for a rich finish.


mixology The Mai Tai What’s better than one type of rum? Two obviously! Light and dark rum make the basis of this Tiki staple. Full of sugar this drink is favoured by the young and those who don’t fear the dentist. It should be paired with something equally as sweet so try Soda-lish by Mamo.

Beer If you’re not up for a cocktail and want to stick to beer then we recommend a rich flavour. Merrimack by Ropecut compliments ales and, for the lager crowd, we suggest something zesty is the order of the day so pair with Traditional by Lemonade House.


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