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A Darker side of hypnotic tactics- Covert Hypnosis Hypnotic techniques are the tools to communicate with one’s subconscious mind. Well it’s a good thing since it assists in discovering ourselves . But there are certain critical situations where a sort of hypnotization is ought to be done without the awarenessof the particular persons for some healthy reasons . One of such fascinating tactics of Hypnotism that enables us to do so is called the Covert Hypnotism. Covert hypnosis is nothing other than impinging our own thoughts or desires into others mind. But this is spotted to be a peculiar way since all the things that happen through this takes place under the mere absence a patient’s presence of mind. But is this practically possible? Yes it is. This processcomprises of only three simple steps. The first and foremost thing in any hypnotic technique is building a very strong rapport with the person to be hypnotized. Well by nature we have this with our pals that means with our parents and friends. But it is also easy in caseof unknown persons too. The easy way of building rapport with anonymous is just by providing positive compliments and pleasant smiles. The second step deals in switching off the critical mind of the victim. The normal ways used in implementing this processis the frequent use of words like “IMAGINE” and “WHAT IF”. Because whenever we use these words our critical mind gets shuts off giving work to imagination immediately which is the key required for the covert hypnosis to be done. The final step is making the things done by giving our irresistible commands since the person hypnotized is now under the control of the doer. Covert hypnosis is as much simple as the degree of successgreatly depends on the depth of building the rapport, the hypnotizing dialect used and the systematic way in which the above things are employed. Though a high factor of risk and unfairness is present in this method there are also ways to safeguard ourselves. The real thing is that it seemsto be a very difficult task for a person to identify or to realize this mode of hypnotization. But there are ways that paves remedy. One of such is the proper listening of words. One should be highly aware of the words that are used in a conversation. He should alert himself whenever the conversation diverts or the usage of words like “just imagine” are followed in an adequate manner. This sort of ways has no substitutes to replace. The one and only way to protect ourselves is self awarenessalone. Though it seemsto a crucial way of hypnotism it has not yet approved as illegal which shows that there are still some positive things available in this unfair criterion. All have to be done is only to make the proper use of it.

A Darker side of hypnotic tactics- Covert Hypnosis