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With the approach of the summer months it becomes essential to maintain a comfortable temperature at home

With the approach of the summer months, it becomes essential to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. The last thing that you want is being caught with a non-functioning AC unit. This is why you should look for efficient air conditioning repair services to live in comfort and coolness. And this is why you should find a reliable AC repair service to look after your appliances. Irrespective of the time of year or weather, one needs sophisticated AC repairers for maintaining the working level of your unit.

Different companies offer special rates at various times of the year. Annual service programs are available to ensure servicing at the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons. The process of an air conditioning repair involves some key services. Firstly, the condensing unit coils should be cleaned. This should be followed by checking the ampere capacity of the compressor, oiling of the fan motors, checking the adjustment of the belts and examining the system operating pressures as well as temperatures. What is perhaps most vital is checking the coolant level of your AC. A system that has low coolant at 10% will be 20% more expensive to run.

If the Freon or coolant capacity is low and more needs to be added, then you should know about the laws that concern this purpose. Freon is a CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) that damages the ozone layer of the earth. Legislation does not allow Freon to be added to a leaking system. However, CFCs are no longer used due to their damaging potential. They are being replaced by alternative refrigerants. The servicemen can find and correct the leak in the system before adding the refrigerants.

Other than yearly tunings, there are other steps that can be taken to ensure better comfort and proper operation. These are:

- Purchase good filters and alter them regularly

- Keep the external unit of your AC away from bushes and other materials

- Avoid closing air supply outlets in your home as it may affect the functioning of the entire system

All kinds of equipment, irrespective of their reliability, require absolute maintenance. Annual servicing is important for complex home appliances such as air conditioners. With state of the art air conditioning repair, your AC will not just have a long shelf life, but increase your comfort and be cost effective too. You need not worry about incurring high repair bills anymore because last minute emergency repairs will not

be required. You will feel a lot better without the sweltering humidity and heat. Contact your specialist today. About the Author

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With the approach of the summer months, it becomes essential to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. The last thing that you want is...