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Why count on a Personal Injury Lawyer in Irvine California? Have you ever been injured physically or psychologically? Didn’t know how to get that jerk behind it to pay for his wrong doing? Well, this is where personal injury lawyers come into play. Personal injury lawyers possess boundless knowledge and vast experience regarding ‘tort law’. A “tort” in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong. Tort law deals with situations where a person’s behavior has unfairly caused someone else to suffer, loss or harm. Do not rely on insurance companies, as they are usually profit demanding and usually unconcerned about the cases details. At Irvine, California, there are experts and licensed lawyers who pay close attention to make sure that the insurance companies pay for your loss. All that you have to do is to find an attorney right after the mishap. There are various cases that fall under this category which include automobile accidents, slip and fall, defective products, dog bites, malpractices etc. In a recent case, handled by a personal injury lawyer Kenneth Marks, in Irvine California was settled for a whopping $175,000 whereas it was only fetching a meager $5,000 with another attorney. There are extremely professional attorneys who are aware of situations like this, and know when the time is right to seek more compensation. Be it a frivolous case or a major one, an attorney having ample experience only to ensure the best outcome can handle every case. A personal injury lawyer in Irvine California can advise you of these things: • • • • • •

The potential ups and downs of your case. The chances of settling the case out of court. The relevance of following the advice of your accident attorney and your doctors. The potential value of your case. Comparable cases to yours, while recognizing that your case is unique. Explain the pros and cons of settling vs. filing a lawsuit.

The lawyer begins working on your case immediately with a fresh perspective and approach. Representation letters are sent out right away to insurance companies, witnesses and clients. A rapport is established with the insurance adjusters handling the claim. The lawyer also collects all reports concerned and thoroughly investigates the case, including obtaining witness statements. They also may complete your DMV SR1 form and insurance forms and submit claims, submit a settlement demand letter as soon as the applicable information is gathered, to settle your case without litigation. Personal injury lawyers owe clients a duty of conscientiousness and confidentiality and work to protect their client’s best interests. Their dedication and unambiguous efforts always lead to the best results. There are lawyers who know the law and others who know the judge. Always opt for lawyers who know the law. About the Author

Kenneth G. Marks has almost three decades of experience as a car accident attorney handling all types of cases including auto-pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents and bus accidents. To find out more visit this website

Why count on a Personal Injury Lawyer in Irvine California?