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Steel Kit Homes QLD

Australia has termite epidemic, and there are more than 350 species of termites. At least 30 of these are labeled as “damaging pests� that can eat a room floor in less than 3 months. Each year, at least 20%of Australian homes are damaged by termites, more than the damagecaused by fire and storms. One of the best ways to combat these creatures is to build a home that is termite-proof. Homes built with steel piers, flooring substructure, framing and trussesare about as termite-proof as you can get. (Just in case, steel kit homes are virtually fire and storm-proof too!)

Homeowners can purchase a steel kit home in Qld in a variety of designs, from a simple one-bedroom to an elaborate luxury home. kit homes in QLDare manufactured from 100%recycled steel and are shipped directly to the building site. There are many benefits of steel kit homes over traditional homes:

- Affordability-massproduced, easy to assemble kits cut down on your building budget

- Environmentally friendly-no toxins, as with traditional building materials, and no deforestation

- Protection against nature-can stand up to hurricanes and earthquakes better than a wooden house

Customization-steel kit homes can be altered to your taste and building situation.

Those wishing to construct a kit home will realize that they can save up to 40%of the cost of a traditional house. Financing for kit homes are available at interest rates similar to traditional home.

Termites are a threatening factor in Australia, but homeowners need not be afraid of them. Steel framed kit homes offer termite protection while also supporting a stylish and comfortable dwelling.

If you are seeking for affordable home in Queensland then steel kit homes are the best solution. The author is prominent in the field of kit homes and has written many articles on the same.

Steel Kit Homes QLD