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Opportunities with Global Resorts

With the recession hitting almost every sphere of activity, there was one industry that managed to come out unscathed- the tourism industry. The travel industry is an $8 trillion industry, as almost everyone, irrespective of their financial condition takes a vacation. No other industry managesto bring out the best in people. In fact people are believed to be the happiest when they are on a vacation. That’s probably why timeshare vacations are so popular. People often end up paying more than they ought to for these vacations. A typical vacation in one of the several destination clubs like Ultimate Escapes costs about $70,000as a onetime fee and an additional $8000annual fee. This is in return for a 2 week annual vacation in the one of the several worldwide resorts operated by the club. While the rooms are comfortable, they are far from being categorized in the luxury resorts category.

Thesevacations are indeed good, but what if you could earn even as you vacation. Enter the world of online travel marketing and this seemsplausible. There’s an increasing trend for travel freaks to take up memberships to these vacation clubs. The idea behind these clubs is to promote the club through affiliates who then sell the concept to their friends. Every time an affiliate introduced by you, makes a sale, you along with the affiliate get to earn a stipulated commission. This is the power of affiliate marketing. Unlike conventional businessmethods, where the employee works just enough to not allow him to be sacked and the employer pays just enough to prevent the employer from quitting, affiliate marketing shares profits equally between everyone involved in the project. Thus everyone is motivated to work.

Online traveling marketing clubs like Global Resorts Network have been in the timeshare businessfor several years now and hence understand the profit margin that can be got in the timeshare business. They used their experience to bargain with hotel chains and condominiums to get the lowest possible rate. Thus, with just $3000, you can join their membership and enjoy unlimited vacations in resorts throughout the world. A single weeklong vacation in any of the several resorts affiliated to the club would cost anywhere around $500. Consider this against the fact that a single day’s rent in these places is nothing less than $400.

Most vacation clubs offer a choice of 3, 4, and 5 star resort properties with all encompassing amenities. Global Resorts for example, offers resorts that have all the amenities required in a 5 star hotel. Facilities include spacious rooms, king size beds, spacious bathrooms, pools, hot tubs and barbecues, family and

children activities, fitness centers, etc.

And what’s interesting is that, there’s money to be earned at the end of the vacation, becauseeven as you are enjoying your vacation, you or your affiliate is selling the concept to another prospective buyer.

The next time, you’re planning a vacation; make sure you choose the right vacation club.

Global Networks is in the businessof online travel marketing and has helped thousands travel and earn through their system. The author is a distributor for Global Resorts Network and lists out the many advantagesof online travel marketing on his website.

Opportunities with Global Resorts