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Mold Inspection Software Offered by A Accredited

For over two decades, 3D Inspection System has been known worldwide as the source to go to for the most powerful and flexible home inspection reporting software available.

Now in conjunction with A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. 3D also offers not only report writing software for home inspectors, but also report software for professional mold inspectors, this program is known as MIR or Mold Inspection Reporter.

Now mold and indoor air quality consultants across the nation have the capability to create the same professional quality mold reports that A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. is known for, while utilizing the powerful and time tested software that 3D Inspection System is known for.

A Accredited's Mold Inspection Report System in combination with 3D Inspection Systems Reporting Software is truly revolutionary.

For the first time you have a computerized mold inspection program that can aid in any investigation no matter how small and simple or complex and large. This reporting program will help mold investigators novice and experienced when interpreting allergen, bacteria, and mold testing laboratory results.

It includes literally thousands of drop down menu items to choose from. According to Daryl Watters creator of Mold Inspection Reporter "A Accredited has been adding and improving upon the programs drop down menu comments for 10 years, now in minutes inspectors can have these same comments and recommendations at their fingertips." The drop down menu items are a combination of inspector experience and helpful information taken from nationally recognized and trusted sources including but not limited to Indoor Air Quality Association, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the American Conference of Governmental industrial Hygienists, and the institute of inspection cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Mold inspection services and consultants can prepare an informative and defensible inspection document like an industrial hygienist in less time than ever before.

We are sure that your IAQ, mold remediation, or mold testing service can benefit fully from our computerized software package and forms. See for yourself and download a trial version of the mold inspection report software that will enable you to produce and print test samples of the reports for your review and approval.

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Mold Inspection Software Offered by A Accredited  

Now in conjunction with A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. 3D Inspection System offers report writing software for mold inspectors.

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