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Hydroponic Techniques and Supplies Commonly Used by Cultivators The system of using water to cultivate plants is as old as the hanging gardens of Babylon or perhaps even older. However the technique wasn’t perfected until 1930, when scientists discovered that plants can grow without deriving nutrients from the soil. Today there are several gardens established in countries all over the world that specialize in hydroponics. The technique is particularly popular in Western Europe and Canada. UAEtoo has encouraged its farmers to use the technique to reduce its dependence on imported produce. There are several supplies and accessories used by cultivators to help them with cultivation. There are several techniques that are popularly used to cultivate these plants. Common techniques include: Deep Water Culture: In this technique plant roots are suspended on a rich bed of nutrients; with the water being continuously oxygenated by networking them through a reservoir. This technique allows the plants to absorb oxygen in large quantities thereby promoting its growth and is ideal for small and medium sized plants. Herbs, small flowers and lettuce cultivation are ideal for the technique. Nutrient Film Technique: A thin layer of nutrient solution is made to flow over the roots of plants. Small plastic ducts carry the water and flow at a depth of a fraction of an inch. The nutrient content is controlled through a pumping mechanism. Thus plants are grown in a shallow current, allowing the nutrients to flow over the roots. The technique is ideal for larger size plants. Thus tomatoes and African violets are ideal for the technique. Ebb and Flow System: Through the system, grow trays are flooded with nutrients and then drained on a reservoir with the help of submerged pumps. There are several kits that are readily available to help you mix and match supplies. Sometimes coconut fibers and rockwool is used instead of water. Herbs, lettuce, peppers, small tomatoes and flowers are ideal for growing through the technique. Cultivators also choose from other technique like aeroponics and drip system. Thanks to the internet, buying hydroponic supplies is no longer a hassle. You can choose from a huge selection of supplies including indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems, hydro and organic supplies, grow lights, and other grow room equipments. Some companies provide with the entire kit that includes hydroponic grow tents, lighting systems, nutrients, fertilizers, and pest control. They also help cultivators on the latest techniques that can boost productivity. Hydroponic fans and other ventilation equipments are also sold by these suppliers. But before you buy online, make sure that the supplier can ensure that the products shall be securely packed. The author is an expert on hydroponics and has written several articles to help people understand the different hydroponic supplies like grow lights and hydroponic grow tents.

Hydroponic Techniques and Supplies Commonly Used by Cultivators