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Five Great Halloween Costumes for 2011

One of the most exciting holiday events of the year that every children and even adults are much awaiting for is the Halloween. People wear a variety of costumes from all sorts of ideas such as their favorite cartoon character, their favorite super hero, an icon of politics or showbiz and especially their favorite horror character. For this year 2011, a lot of ideas are arising for some unique and interesting costumes that will surely be the “apple of the eye” and the “talk of the town”. Here are the five interesting Halloween costume ideas that you can try for this year’s Halloween.

1. Crazy Kaddafi Costume

Who would not notice the famous Libyan dictator Kaddafi? Having a costume portraying him as a crazy, funny and goofy guy will guarantee the wearer to be a person most noticeable in Halloween. Wear long hair with a big nose; use a pair of shades and a turban. Wear colorful or monotone robe then walk in the midst of people and laugh as if it’s your last. Just make sure to act funny too or else, they might really think that you are the real one.

2. Congressman Wiener Costume

Wearing a costume resembling him while carrying a camera and taking photos of you with sexual intent will definitely get the attention of all especially the women. Carry a banner of Twitter and a toy laptop and act as if you’re chatting and pose in front of the camera. At first, wear formal attire then slowly strip it in front of the camera. Then in the end, apologize to what you’ve done.

3. Dead Bin Laden

Why not wear a costume of the dead Osama Bin Laden? Wear yourself a long whitegrayish beard with a turban on your head plus a robe will be a great mimic for Bin Laden. Accompany it with a picture of Pres. George W. Bush and Pres. Obama with tags like “My Best friends”. Just make sure that you are good in acting showing that you are just an impersonator or else, people might think that Bin Laden is still alive and they will kill you for sure on that moment.

4. Manny Pacquiao Costume

This will absolutely catch not only the eyes but the hearts of many. Who would never know Manny Pacquiao? The world’s pound for pound champion, winning championship belts from 8 different boxing divisions. Just learn a bit of Filipino or Tagalog words and make your English a little crooked will do the trick. Walk with your boxing pants and gloves with different belts on your chest while singing “Sometimes when we touch” will thrill the hearts of your fans.

5. Oprah Winfrey Costume

Portray the most famous and richest talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. Have your hair a little thick in volume and have yourself tanned and your ready to go. Wear this luxurious clothes and jewelries while carrying a microphone. While parading, have your farewell speech for your final episode of your Oprah show. Thank your fans and guests who supported you all these years.

Five Great Halloween Costumes for 2011