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Stay With The Ellis Hotel When Visiting Fox Theater in Atlanta Atlanta, GA - Sweet southern charm meets metropolitan extravagance when you visit Atlanta, GA, one of the major destinations south of the Mason Dixon. While far from its only attraction, many vacationers travel from South Carolina, Florida, and far beyond to take in a show at the downtown Fox Theater. An expansive, yet intimate theater, it plays host to both new Hollywood releases as well as classic films from decades gone by. Where the theater truly shines, however, is in its hosting of live events. Exciting live entertainment--from stand up comics to the hottest music acts to full stage musicals—have drawn audiences from around the Southeast and around the country. If you’re traveling to Atlanta to see a show, you’ll be interested in the hotels near Fox Theater. Downtown Atlanta is home to some of the world’s finest chain hotels, but what fun is going on vacation if you’re not going to experience a true taste of your destination? You wouldn’t fly to New York City to eat at Pizza Hut, so don’t squander the opportunity to stay at a renowned downtown Atlanta boutique hotel. The Ellis Hotel is a one-of-a-kind establishment, rated the #1 business hotel in Atlanta by But this historic landmark is as suited to vacationers attending live theater as it is to businessmen attending a conference. Historic, Yet Modern If the word “historic” gives you mixed feelings, fear not: The Ellis Hotel is far from a crumbling bed and breakfast. While taking pride in its history and place as an Atlanta landmark, the hotel has been newly renovated and is decorated in a hip, fresh style that will impress even the most hardened travelers. The perfect destination for both adults and families, the Ellis Hotel has always taken pride in setting the benchmark for luxury service in the downtown area. Unmatched by the impersonal chains, the hotel offers guests a convenient place to stay along with amenities (wine tasting; iPod docks) you won’t find anywhere else. Proximity If your primary interest is simply finding hotels near Fox Theater, you can hardly do better than the Ellis Hotel, even if you are disinterested in everything else the establishment has to offer. Located conveniently on the same street (Peachtree Street, one of the defining roads of the Atlanta experience), you scarcely need to arrange transportation to cover the two short miles between the hotel and the venue. Depending on what show you’re taking in, you may not be the only guests making the trek. If you want a place to stay that will be as memorable as your evening at the Fox Theater, the choice can only be The Ellis Hotel. For more information on The Ellis Hotel, contact Tracey Lyon-Mercado at or (404) 523-5155. The Ellis Hotel is located at 176 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. Contact: Tracey Lyon-Mercado Director of Sales and Marketing Telephone: (404) 523-5155

Stay With The Ellis Hotel When Visiting Fox Theater In Atlanta