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What You Shouldn't Do When Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs It can be difficult to come across a house without an acrylic bathtub these days. Not when acrylic bathtubs are one of the most affordable types of bathtubs available and are some of the easiest to work with and clean. Speaking of cleaning, you may have encountered tons of tips and advice about how you should clean acrylic bathtubs. While these tips are great and helpful, you may be doing one or ten of the most common things you should not do when it comesto cleaning acrylic bathtubs. First is going crazy with the scrubbing. It is understandable that you want to get rid of all the soap scum and stains and get rid of them ASAP,but you have to understand that acrylic tubs, despite the fact they are designed to be scratch resistant, are not THAT scratch resistant. Meaning, you can easily damage the bathtub's surface if you clean its surface with a scouring pad as though you were polishing silver. To keep your bathtub looking all pretty and shiny, ditch the scouring pads and use soft spongesand washcloths instead. They can be as effective at wiping off those offending stains and will not have you ordering another bathtub as soon as you are done cleaning it. The next thing you should avoid is using soap or cleaning solutions that contain acetates.

Sostart reading labels on bathtub cleaners. To be perfectly honest, regular soap products or cleansers do a pretty good job at cleaning and disinfecting your bathtub, so do not bother spending extra money on these special cleaners since regular soaps can do a pretty good job. What's important is you have to avoid using anything that may peel off the paint on your acrylic bathtubs. Check if the product you are interested to try will be safe to use on your acrylic corner tubs. Avoid buying overly cheap products, though. They can contain acetates and you can say goodbye to that shiny surface as soon as you have used it to clean your bathtub. Another thing you should avoid doing is cleaning your bathtub using cold water. Do this if you like the idea of soap scum hardening around your bathtub, making it more difficult to remove. At least then you will have a reason to use those scouring pads again.

Seriously though, only use warm soapy water to wipe away stains or clean the surface of your bathtub. Warm water will help wash away the dirt and stains easily, whereas cold water will not. Rinse your tub and its drains by letting warm water run for a minute or two before you wipe the bathtub dry using a clean, soft cloth. Another huge no-no is not cleaning the faucets, shower attachments and any fixtures around the bathtub. They accumulate soap scum too, as well as water stains. Do not use harsh soaps or cleaning products on these parts of the bathtub so you can avoid damaging them. Use warm water to rinse them and wipe them with dry with soft cloth. The question now is how often you should clean your acrylic bathtub. The answer to this will depend on how often the bathtub gets used. Onceevery couple of weeks is sufficient if you do not use your acrylic whirlpool bathtubs that much. But if you don't have a separate shower area and take your showers in the bathtub, clean the tub at least once a week, to avoid soap scum and stains from accumulating. If you still want to use bathtub cleaning products, the best thing to do is ask the dealers what they recommend. Thesemanufacturers often work with companies that make cleaning products so they can make great recommendations. This will help you ensure that you are not going to end up using something that will damage your bathtub at home. You can also ask them about tips on cleaning the bathtubs you are going to buy and what you need to avoid when you clean them. There is no need to spend a lot of time and effort when cleaning acrylic bathtubs. Just be sure that you will clean them properly so you can avoid damaging the bathtub.

What You Shouldn't Do When Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs  
What You Shouldn't Do When Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs  

It can be difficult to come across a house without an acrylic bathtub these days.