Submerge Magazine: Issue 247 (August 28 - September 11, 2017)

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Moving On

Tatiana McPhee Pours Her Heart into Debut Album Words Ronnie Cline • photo kevin fiscus


ince the recent release of Tatiana McPhee’s debut album, Mean Mama, the singer-songwriter has been trucking around Northern California from honky-tonk to honky-tonk, sharing her songs of real life heartache and heartbreak. Before going solo, McPhee cut her teeth in cover bands that played everything from Alan Jackson to Tom Petty, but once in front of the mic she quickly became antsy to sing her own songs. “I sang a couple Miranda Lambert songs while in cover bands, but I never wanted to just sing other people’s songs,” said McPhee. “The way I like to get my emotions out is through songwriting. I’ve always wanted to sing about the way I’m feeling.”


Tatiana can be seen playing frequently around Northern California with American roots artist JonEmery, who she almost didn’t meet. “Actually it was an open mic night. About two or three years ago around Halloween. Jon had a murder ballads themed open mic night at the Country Club Saloon in Loomis. I told [boyfriend and band mate] Dan that I really wanted to go to the open mic night and play one of my songs. I almost chickened out at the last minute because it was going to be scary since I was going to be performing by myself, but I ended up going and Jon really liked the song I sang, and we became good friends after that,” McPhee recalled.

Issue 247 • August 28 – September 11, 2017

McPhee was born and raised in the Bay Area, but currently resides in Lincoln. When asked if she has ever thought about moving to Nashville, McPhee replied, “I’ve never really been out of California other than to Nevada, so I don’t really know how it’s like in other places.” McPhee continued, “I hear Texas is really nice, and Nashville seems to be kind of more corporate and it seems like everyone is going there. I really like the quiet countryside.” From raiding her father’s music collection as a child to discussing the life lessons she learned from getting married at a young age, McPhee's experiences flow naturally into the lyrics of a good old-fashioned country singer.

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