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Dive into Sacramento & its Surrounding Areas

April 23 – may 7, 2012


Thai Basil Midtown staple

Celebrates 10 years


Home Cookin'

+ The Cabin

Havenside Hardcore from the Heart

in the Woods Joss Whedon Strikes Again

Murs The Center of It All

Mel Gibson Freaks Out

No One is Surprised Your Facebook Friends Deconstructed


Essential Items for a Cool Summer Wardrobe



What’s the Deal with Childish Gambino?


The skaTaliTes THe inciTers • DJ esef

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm

The aggRoliTes

anoTheR Damn DisappoinTmenT

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 9:00pm

giRl in a coma

PinaTa ProTesT • sara raDle

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm


apR 26 SaTURday

apR 28 MONday

apR 30

sPecial sHow in fresno

miDDle class RuT

secreT music • beware of Darkness

Fulton 55 • 875 DivisaDero st. • Fresno • 21 & over • 8:00pm


May 2

tiCkets at tiCketFly.Com

kaTie heRzig anDrew belle

blue lamp • 1400 alHambra blvD. • saCto • 21 & over • 9:00pm

sam peligRoso (eP release sHow)

olmeca • o sT. Dub • la nocHe oskura maHTie busH • THe DesPeraDos


May 4 SaTURday

May 5

blue lamp • 1400 alHambra blvD. • saCto • 21 & over • 9:00pm


Dee-1 • wHo cares

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 9:00pm

ab & The sea

Tommy & The high piloTs

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm

gaunTleT haiR

Dana buoy (of akron/family)

blue lamp • 1400 alHambra blvD. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm

clap youR hanDs say yeah The DaRcys

Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm

Dum Dum giRls young pRisms, sisu

blue lamp • 1400 alHambra blvD. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm

heaRTless basTaRDs Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm moTheRhips Harlow’s • 2708 J st. • saCto • 21 & over • 8:00pm


May 6 MONday

May 7 TUeSday

May 8 wedNeSday

May 23 wedNeSday

May 23 MONday

aUg 13 SaTURday

aUg 18

abstract entertainment

TickeTs available aT: The beaT (17Th & J sT.), Dimple RecoRDs, phono-selecT oR online aT:, • TickeTs for Harlow’s sHows also available aT


Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

3443 Laguna Blvd 115•Elk Grove (916)676-4747 Next to Cal Fit & Strikes •

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012



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cofounder/ Editor in Chief/Art Director

Melissa Welliver cofounder/ Advertising Director

Jonathan Carabba senior editor

James Barone Contributing editor

Mandy Johnston


Contributing Writers

Zach Ahern, Robin Bacior, Corey Bloom, Bocephus Chigger, Anthony Giannotti, Blake Gillespie, Ashley Hassinger, Nur Kausar, Skylar Mundy, Ryan L. Prado, Steph Rodriguez, Adam Saake, Amy Serna, Jenn Walker

2308 J Street, Suite F Sacramento, Calif. 95816


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109 2012


Submerge: an independently owned entertainment/lifestyle publication available for free biweekly throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

printed on recycled paper

april 23 May 7

Dive in The Stream Submerge your senses capital capture The Optimistic Pessimist havenside murs tongue & chic

thai basil calendar sam peligroso live rewind

Childish Gambino, danny brown the grindhouse

The Cabin in the Woods the shallow end

All content is property of Submerge and may not be reproduced without permission. Submerge is both owned and published by Submerge Media. All opinions expressed throughout Submerge are those of the author and do not necessarily mean we all share those opinions. Feel free to take a copy or two for free, but please don’t remove our papers or throw them away. Submerge welcomes letters of all kinds, whether they are full of love or hate. We want to know what is on your mind, so feel free to contact us via snail mail at 2308 J Street, Suite F Sacramento, Calif. 95816. Or you can e-mail us at

dive in Looking on the Bright Side Melissa welliver Normally this little column is filled with 500 words of positivity, examples of what I love about our great city and/or what is awesome about the issue you’re holding, blah, blah, blah. I’m not feeling that this week. I’m really not even feeling like writing this damn thing, but I have to. This past week has been a rough one. Dealing with publicists as well as their artists who either can’t confirm an interview by our deadline or musicians flaking on our confirmed interviews within two days of going to print. #ArcticMonkeysYouCanSuckIt. To make matters even worse, this past week my house was broken into, and I was robbed!#FuckYouAssholesWhoTookMyPS3. When negativity such as this arises I strive to always look at the bigger and brighter picture. No one got hurt and the crooks didn’t steal my computer with all my Submerge files. People always make fun of me for bringing my laptop everywhere I go, but guess what, it’s a damn good thing I do. Because of my concerns for always needing my little silver piece of technology by my side, we were able to pump out another issue for your lovely eyes to read even after such a traumatic event. Despite my rough week, the quality of this issue doesn’t fall short, and there is still is a lot of awesome stuff inside. Let me briefly break some of it down for you. We have features on local hardcore group Havenside (page 12) and local latin hiphop artist Sam Peligroso (page 24). We even have an interview with one of my favorite MCs from the Living Legends crew, Murs (page 14). Speaking of favorites, Thai Basil in Midtown is my go-to spot for Thai food. I love them because when you ask for “Thai spicy” you get it HOT! They’re celebrating 10 years of business soon, a huge milestone. When I have leftovers from this place, that is one to-go box I make sure no one steals from my refrigerator. Read up on Thai Basil on page 18. If you’re like me and just like flipping around and don’t read any thing in order. I highly suggest Bocephus Chigger’s column “The Optimistic Pessimist” if a good laugh is what you need (it sure lightened my mood after reading it). It’s a column about Facebook and nails about 99 percent of the people who are probably your “friends.” See page 11. If you want to go out and get some more laughs, you can learn about local comedian Johnny Taylor’s recurring night “Comedy Kill” at Sacramento Comedy Spot in “The Stream” on page 6. There’s plenty of other good stuff in this issue too. Don’t just take my word for it, flip around and see for yourself. Just don’t let someone steal this copy from you before you can read it all. If so, I highly suggest you spin kick them to the face, because crooks suck. Enjoy issue #109, Melissa-Dubs

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College Night

Sac Pong circuit! wed, APr 25 8Pm /$5 PowerhouSe live with hoSt Andy hAwK!

thurS, APr 26

honey honey

9:30Pm plus Zac & Jay band

wed, mAy 2 8Pm /$5 PowerhouSe live with hoSt Andy hAwK!

Fri, APr 27 10Pm

SAt, APr 28 10Pm

out of Place AlySSA cox & the FlAtlAnd bAnd blue oAKS

Sun, APr 29 10Pm

w/ dJ riGAtony & dJ AlAZZAwi

thurS, mAy 3 9:30Pm

mark wills

plus Kelly mcdonald

wed, mAy 9 8Pm /$5 PowerhouSe live with hoSt Andy hAwK!

Fri, mAy 11

SAt, mAy 5

SAt, mAy 12

Pinkie rideau

GerAnimo Some FeAr none lonG in the tooth

Sun, mAy 6 3Pm

whiskey row





Fri, mAy 4 10Pm

rolling heads

thurS, mAy 10


iconoclast robot cafe r & b

conFlict minerAlS Zen ArcAdiA GrAhAm vinSon

Sun, cloSed For mAy 13 mother’S dAy

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012




2708 J Street • Sacramento 916.441.4693 • WEDNESDAY midnight APR 25 THE INCITERS • DJ ESEF

8PM $18ADV



APR 27 10PM $15



10PM $12ADV


APR 29





7PM $12ADV

APR 30


8PM $12ADV




MAY 2 7PM $15



“Life” W/ DJ epik & Oasis

Diego’s Umbrella

MARCH FouRTH MARCHINg BAND sacramento electronic music festival


Lorn, Dusty Brown, Jonwayne, DJ Nobody, Dolor, Dibiase, Dials, Doombird, Satellites, Adoptahighway, Paper Pistols, Young Aundee, Master System, El Indio, DJ Whores, Ernie Fresh


sacramento electronic music festival

7PM $13 one day or $30 three day pass


7PM $13 one day or $30 three day pass

Mux Mool, Jantsen, Little Foxes, Giraffage, Bad Looks, Tha Fruitbat, Tel Cairo, Boss Magic, CrookOne, Ini, Night Night, Seventh Swami, A|D, El Conductor, Bogl, Billy Lane, I Raq

Send regional news tips to Arts & Leisure photo by Sasha Prawalsky



APR 26

APR 28

Jonathan Carabba


10PM $25

Sacramento indie-pop sensations Baby Grand recently released their fourth album entitled Arts & Leisure on local label Test Pattern Records and after 10 years as a group, it will be their last. Not to worry though, three of the members of Baby Grand (Cory Vick, Gerri White and Tim White) have gone on to form a new group and they are appropriately enough calling themselves Arts & Leisure. “We figured that calling the new band as well as the last Baby Grand record ‘Arts & Leisure’ would be a good way to bridge the two bands together,” Vick recently told Submerge via email. “While the two bands have a similar sound, Arts & Leisure (the band) is something completely new,” he said. Arts & Leisure’s Reverb Nation page (, where you can hear songs from the new group, has a bio that explains their sound further by stating, “While retaining a similar style, Arts & Leisure strips things down to the basics (two guitars, bass and drums), but ups the ante with two singer/songwriters, Gerri White and Becky Cale.” They combine elements of ‘60s pop, ‘70s power pop, ‘80s new wave and ‘90s shoegaze which culminates into “a Buzzcocks meets The Go-Go’s kind of thing.” Catch Arts & Leisure live on Saturday, May 5 at Bows and Arrows alongside Allen Clapp and His Orchestra and Knock Knock. Show kicks off at 8 p.m., there’s a $5 cover charge and all ages are welcome.

sacramento electronic music festival



7PM $13 one day or $30 three day pass

Shlohmo, Salva, Light Year, Death Grips, B Bravo and Starship Connection, Raleigh Moncrief, James and Evander, Favors, Yalls, Melee Beats, D.A.M.B., Ryan Lindow, Eames, Wes Steed & Ross Hammond, Thriftcar, Chachi Jones, Al Lover, Adam J, Sam I Jam, Taylor Cho

murs DEE-I







a b & the sea


COMING SOON may 10 Ledward Kaapana may 12 tainted Love may 17 Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Show may 18 the cheeseballs may 19 Steelin’ Dan(7pm) may 19 midnight Players(10pm) may 23 clap Your Hands Say Yeah may 24 the Holmes Brothers

may 26 may 26 may 31 June 1 June 1 June 2 June 8 June 8 June 10


Jon mcLaughlin(7pm) B-Side Players(10pm) Young Dubliners cash’d out (7pm) reminisce (10pm) Juliana Zachariou cream of clapton the Blues Broads new orleans Suspects

Call: 916.441.4693x19 Email:


June 19 Parlotones June 20 Joe craven trio June 22 the Hits June 23 midnight Players June 24 muriel anderson June 30 tainted Love July 7 Joel the Band July 19 asleep at the Wheel aug 8 ottmar Liebert


caLL For reServationS includes cover charge For most Shows

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Sacramento comedian Johnny Taylor’s recurring gig “Comedy Kill,” which goes down every fourth Friday at Sacramento Comedy Spot, is quickly becoming one of the city’s premiere standup nights. Taylor started Comedy Kill to give him and his friends somewhere to highlight the type of stand-up they’ve been doing. “I thought it would be really rad to showcase smart, offbeat comedy on a consistent basis,” Taylor recently told Submerge. “It’s grown to a point that I get to bring some really talented friends up from the bay area as well,” he said. Taylor has been doing stand-up comedy for just over a year, but has already performed a number of times at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, Calif., a highly sought after venue. “You never know when you’re gonna be sitting in the green room and Robin Williams or Dana Carvey stroll in,” Taylor said. “I always leave that place feeling starstruck at least once.” Taylor also recently had his set from a gig at Pasadena Ice House recorded for Catch him hosting and cracking jokes at the next installment of Comedy Kill on Friday, April 27 at 9 p.m. at Sacramento Comedy Spot (1050 20th Street, Suite 130) alongside headliner John Ross and featured performers Nick Aragon and Kiry Shabazz. “There are so many talented comics in Sacramento,” Taylor said. “People sleep on this city, but I’d put the top guys in our scene against any other city out there in a stand-up comedy battle royale and feel pretty comfortable with our chances.” Get your tickets for Comedy Kill for just $10 at

By the time you read this, hometown heroes Deftones will be working on their seventh full-length studio album, a follow up to 2010’s Diamond Eyes. While on tour with his new band Crosses, frontman Chino Moreno recently told Chilean website in an interview that Deftones had finished writing and pre-production on the new record and that they would enter the studio in early July. Something must have gotten lost in translation, though, because not long after Moreno cleared things up by telling Argentinian radio station Vorterix Rock 103.1 that the band will “start recording next week” and that a new album will come out “October, maybe September.” Nick Raskulinecz, who worked on Diamond Eyes, has been confirmed to produce the new album. About the record, Moreno told, “I know everybody says this, but I believe this is the best record we’ve made. I’m very enthusiastic, because it sounds futuristic in comparison to our last one, so it feels like a step forward. The songs are very different from each other, not heavier or slower, but more dynamic, going toward several directions; it’s heavy, but beautiful.” Keep an eye out at for updates.

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1815 19th st. sacramento

OPEN TUES-SAT 11-11 wEd APr 25 (8Pm) NERD NIGHT hosted by Drew Walker

fri APr 27 (8Pm) ADulT SpEllING BEE

hosted by Sacred City Roller Derby Girls funDRaiSeR foR the SaCRamento GenDeR health CenteR

SAT APr 28 (8Pm) lIVE MuSIC

SAT mAy 5 (8Pm) lIVE MuSIC

arts & leisure, Knock Knock, allen Clapp & his orchestra


Das finer Steps, fibers, Boron & the Grebes

wEd mAy 2 (8Pm) lIVE MuSIC

la fleur fatale mondo Deco, honeyock



fri mAy 4 (6-9Pm) ART OpENING

Electric City by michael hoffee & Jon Bafus

ThUr mAy 10 (8Pm) pOETRY AND lIVE MuSIC

in the floW feStiVal

hosted by Ross hammond

ThUr mAy 24 (8Pm) lIVE MuSIC alma Desnuda, Justin ferren

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Audio Express — Sacramento Submerge — 4/23/2012


Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

Your Senses ANKUR presents: SEE HEAR TASTE Touch

HEAR PT. BINAY PATHAK & "THE BEATS" IndianPathak Semi Classical Dance - Daksha & Gauree Pandit Binay and the Beats • April 29

of Indian Classical Pandit Binay Pathak isConcert the son of a legendary sitar player, the late Pandit Balram Pathak, and

from a very young age Binay studied under hisFlamenco father, deeply him in Indian classical music. A Fusion of Hindustani, &rooting Sardinian Melodies His musical lineage goes back over 500 years! “Pandit” is an honorific term denoting a level of expertise and respect, and the English word “pundit,” or expert, is derived from it. Binay Pathak hails from Mumbai, India, and has performed all over the world with India’s top ranking artists. The Sierra Center, 2791and 24th STcoming Sacramento, CA 95818 Now he divides his time between Mumbai California, here to perform across the United States and to teach sitar, tabla, voice and harmonium at a school he established in Sacramento five years ago called Sohini Sangeet Academy ( On April 29 at 24th Street Theatre General ~ V.I.P. from 3–5 p.m. you can see a rare performance that combines Binay Pathak’s masterful vocal and harmonium skills with the varying sounds of his band, called “the Beats.” The members " THE BEATS"of the Available Members : Beats, including from RobertoAnkur Corrias (composer, flamenco guitar), Ahmad (tabla) and Jose Binay,Siar Haseq Vocal & Harmonium Roberto, Guitar Manuel Blanco (flamenco guitar, producer, arranger, composer and “Cantaor,”Flamenco or flamenco vocalist) Dipankar Chattopadhyay 925 300 5898 Siar, Tabla Flamenco will join with Binay Pathak, to blend on one stage classical Indian music with Cante Jeet Poddar 916 705 0277 Jose, Tickets are Cante Flamenco, and Sardinian melodies grounded in the ancient old world traditions. $15 for general Sohini Sangeet Academy 916 217 3259 Flamenco Cajon admission and $50 for VIP and are available by calling Sohini Sangeet Academy at (916)Guitar, 217-3259. Expand your musical horizons, go see some world-class musicians playing a style of music you’ve likely never experienced. You’ll be glad you did.

24th ST





29th April 3 - 5 p.m.


Watercolor Still Life for Beginners at Crocker May 5–6

You’ve been pounding away at your keyboard for too long, get some paint on those clean hands on May 5–6 at Crocker Art Museum’s Watercolor Still Life for Beginners class. Taught by Kathy Lemke Waste, a Northern California native with tons of experience and positive press and praise for her work, this class will “dig deeper into creating volume and mass with spheres, cubes, cones and cylinders,” according to her website Lemkewaste. com. The five-hour course, which begins at 10:30 a.m. on each day, is $95 for Crocker members and $110 for nonmembers. Supplies are provided for $35, or you can bring your own. To enroll, call (916) 808-1182 or visit for more information.



Art Installations, Laser Shows and Projections Galore at SEMF • May 3–5 With heavy hitting headliners like Mux Mool, Lorn, Shlohmo, Death Grips and dozens of other killer musicians slated to perform at Harlow’s and Momo Lounge on May 3–5, Sacramento Electronic Music Festival will surely not disappoint in the audio and aural categories. Neither will it in the visual sense. After a little digging, Submerge got a better idea of what you can expect to see at SEMF when all those sounds are pulsating at you. One interesting installation piece that we got wind of from festival coorganizer Clay Nutting is being created by local artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel, collectively known as L/C Mural and Design. No doubt you’ve seen their impressive murals around town, whether you know it or not. For SEMF, the two are working with another artist, Jonathan Messerschmidt-Rogers, on a large installation for the back patio area at Harlow’s. “We really wanted to be able to use what we know about making a space cool and use it as a chance to for the first time combine what we usually do, which is outdoor murals or art installations, with something we’ve never done before, which is projection,” Lacin told Submerge. “So we are collaborating with Jonathan and he, Hennessy and I are going to create kind of a moving piece that’s all about connecting people through music.” The approximately 8-foot-by-8-foot piece is made of wood, is a weird “cluster shape” and will feature “projections coming in from all around the space and congregating on our canvas.” Sounds dope. Lacin further explained the duo’s concept: “You always have to have a really strong concept, and so we asked ourselves what is this festival about? What are music festivals?” she said. “We just kind of realized how unique it is to draw all of these people together from different backgrounds, different places, and then they’re all drawn together for their common love of music, so we wanted to make the piece about that.” On top of that piece from Jonathan and L/C, expect wild multi-angle projections from Creative Projections in Harlow’s main stage area, mind-bending laser shows from Double D Productions and more installation art from local Danny Scheible. “Together they are going to transform it with badass laser shows and visuals,” Nutting told Submerge. “It’s going to be bananas, it will not look like Harlow’s.” No doubt it’s going to be a wild weekend full of both aural and visual stimulation, so get your three-day pass now at for just $30. Learn more about Lacin and Christophel’s work at Learn more about SEMF at


Cinco de Old Sacto • May 5 Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in historic Old Sacramento this year where there are 12 bars all within two blocks of each other participating in a wild “Cinco de Old Sacto” party. Live music, DJs and dancing, stand-up comedy, great Mexican food and yup, you guessed it, plenty of margaritas and tequila shots to go around. Parties kick off at 4 p.m. and last all night. Learn more at Odelay, holmes!

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Capital Capture

The Heat is On Jenn Walker

Typically Capital Capture protocol involves photographing fashionable Sacramentans. We wanted to give the column a spin for this issue, so instead of the man-on-the-street approach, we chose five items that we hope you will try out on the grid as the weather gets warmer.

YOURAD 03 8 3 ERE H916) 441 (


sub @ o f n i



ag. rgem


Sheer tops:

It’s April and the skies brought us 90-plus degree weather this past weekend. That said, it’s not a bad idea to prepare for an early summer, and a hot one at that. Oftentimes dresses or shorts are looked to as a means to stay cool, but sometimes showing a bit of leg is not a comforting option, and no one should have to suffer the consequences of hot, sticky jeans. Fuzz, sundeprivation, skinned knees, whatever is deterring you from revealing those legs, fear not. Jumpsuits give you the best of both worlds: coverage and room to breathe. Sandals will keep you cool, but if you want to dress things up for the evening, match the suit with a chunky heel and a bolero or cropped lightweight jacket.

If skimpy tops don’t suit your fancy, but you still want to beat the heat and do your summer body justice at the same time, try throwing on a sheer tee or blouse. These are pretty easy to come by nowadays, and it’s no wonder considering how lightweight and versatile they are. If you prefer to be bold, try pairing a sheer tee with a printed or bright-colored bra and high-waist shorts. Otherwise, if you prefer to keep your sexy subdued, throw on a collared sheer blouse with a black bra underneath and your favorite skinny jeans.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Printed jeans:

Wide-brim hats:

Peplum silhouettes:

Jeans have evolved into the quintessential staple closet item, like the sandwich bread on the counter you can always count on when all else fails. These days a solid pair of jeans has the potential wear to last you through days at school, a night on the town, and sometimes multiple shifts at work. Wearing the same pair of multifunctional jeans throughout the week is understandable; it happens to the best of us. But if you want to break the mold, try wearing jeans with a print on them. Obviously you can’t get away with wearing these three days in a row, but they can certainly take your denim-wearing experience to a new level.

Want to keep the sun off that sweet facial complexion? For you romantics out there, summer provides a great excuse to wear oversized hats with big brims. You can make a dramatic statement by finishing off an outfit with one of these largebrim hats on a sunny day in Sacramento. If you are aiming for an edgier appearance, pair a black wide-brim hat with a long skirt and chunky jewelry, or with a fitted blazer and your favorite skinny jeans. If you prefer to keep things on the feminine side, then opt for a wide-brim sun hat to match with a collared button-down and slacks or a skirt and fitted blouse.

As counterproductive as it may be, some of us try our best to hide our curves beneath long tunics and drape-y tees. But if you are one of those vying for another opportunity to boast your bodacious curvature, then a peplum silhouette might be just what you need. Note that this waistline ruffle is not for a modest or shy woman, as it is meant to accentuate your figure 8. If you want to test your limits but remain relatively tame, try a dress or skirt with a subtle, flattened peplum that doesn’t flare outward. Heels are an obvious go-to for any sleek peplum dress or skirt, but if you care to be a little more daring, try pairing a peplum skirt or dress with some lace-up or ankle boots instead.

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

sac • t e e r t s e & am 14th 1400 • sh 0pm • sun 9

The Optimistic Pessimist

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Bocephus Chigger Once upon a time, a person would communicate with other people by stepping into their physical presence and speaking with them or by writing them a letter. This process was greatly simplified with the invention of the telephone, but the device didn’t cure the occasional need for physical contact. With all the effort involved in communicating, people tended to be a little more selective in the company they kept. That all changed with the dawn of the information age. Friendster, MySpace and ultimately Facebook help us choose our friends now. Today, “friends” can be anyone we vaguely recognize. Oh, we went to the same summer camp when we were 6? Friend! You know my sister, but have maybe spoke to me one time for five minutes? Friend! We went to the same high school at approximately the same time but never actually had a conversation with one another? Friend! We have a friend in common but we don’t know each other? Friend! Friend! Friend! Friend! When you look at all your friends, you will see behavioral patterns emerge. For example, we all have a Farmer Ted in our lives. He’s the guy who plays way too many Zynga games for anyone’s own good. You made the mistake of downloading whatever lame ass Facebook app Teddy sent and now your news feed looks like his 4H trophy room. Farmer Ted is a joy compared to our next buddy, Grumpy Gus. Gus has some complaints and he plans to air them out on Facebook day after day. On a great day, his status might read, “Meh.” He hates his job, his house, his car, his girlfriend, his dog, his life, etc., etc., etc., and apparently, you need to know about it. Of course, you also have Grumpy Gus’ polar opposite, Cheery McHappy. Everything is always roses, puppy dogs and chocolate cake for her. She likes to remind you that God does everything for a reason right after you suffer a particularly painful loss. This eternal optimist is quite possibly the most annoying person you know. Cheery is a lunatic, and one day she will crack, unless she finds something to focus her energy on. To save herself, she may want to take a lesson from our next cherished pal, Workout Jane. Janey’s running a marathon every other week. Her status updates include daily caloric intake and a BMI count. Every day she seems to reach a new personal best while you sit on the couch in your sweat pants

checking out Facebook. When you are feeling lazy, your boy, Reggie Reddit, has everything you need. He reads the news and breaks you off with the highlight reel. This cat knows things… news, religion, music, popular uprisings, macroeconomics, long division, you name it. His Spotify playlist is unrecognizable, but somehow you know it’s all dope. Reggie is full of great info, but sometimes you just need a distraction. When life is dull, our next compadre, Jamie Jet, can help. Jamie never stops traveling. One day she is in Anchorage, Alaska, eating salmon steaks and shooting grizzly bears, and the next day she is riding on the back of an elephant in the Congo. Who knows how she pays for all of this, but who cares? Jamie brings you the things that you don’t have the time/money/energy to see yourself. If the pictures in your feed aren’t Jamie’s vacation highlights, they probably belong to our next homey, Sherry Baby. Sherry can’t stops taking pictures of her kids. Sherry is very determined to show you what perfect little angels her babies are. You, of course, are obligated to occasionally comment favorably on her precious, precious cherubs. She never seems to run out of pictures and/or kids. Somebody has got to be paying for all of these kids. We all have that friend that is always on his grind trying to make ends meet. I call him Hustle Man. Hustle Man featuring DJ Wacky-Dee and the J Cat All-Stars have been sending you event invites every week for the past two years. Maybe your Hustle Man has a house to sell you. Hustle Man definitely has a business investment opportunity for you, friend. Hustle Man wants you to read Submerge and become our friends/fans on Facebook. I’ve even decided to make the leap from 1992 to the present and get into this social inter-webbing that you crazy kids do these days. Become a fan and make bets on how long it takes Zuckerberg and Co. to kick me off. Who knows, maybe one day we will even be hearted, super BFFs!

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en ts r y pe r ev tim es va

friday, may 4 7:30 pm • $5

wednesday, april 25

buckeye knoll, mango jennings, bethany cowan

poetry with legs

wednesday, may 9

jazz jam w/ jason galbraith

friday, april 27

friday, may 11


artemis marion, cute pup, kenni falls

gino & amanda videche, robin reyes, diana campos, jentin joe, ricardo anzaldo


8 pm • $5

7 pm • free

every tuesday • 8pm, free

Laugh All You Want, But They’re Your Friends


tues-fri: 8am

• sat: 9am-1

poetry with legs w/

james lee jobe & dan brenner

8 pm • $5

& friends

1st & 3rd thursdays

comedy night

8 pm • free

w/ sage alejandra & rachel leibrog

saturday, april 28

8 pm • $4

saturday, may 12

larisa bryski presents: north bound train & tj mcnulty

6-11 pm • $5 doce de mayo second saturday art festival w/ diciembre gris, walking spanish,

dj ivan g plus crafts, food, refreshments & more


th 29 April 3-5pm

24th Street


the Sierra 2 Center

2791 24th Street Sacramento

Tickets General: $15 / VIP: $50

ANKUR Presents

Pt. BINaY PathaK & “the BeatS”

Roberto Corrias, Ahmad Siar Haseq, Jose Manuel Blanco First Time in Sacramento, a Unique Combination of Indian & Flamenco Music

Tickets at the door or call: 916-217-3259

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Your Eyes May Deceive You

Havenside fights to project the right kind of image with its new album Nemesis Words Zach Ahern


ith a vision of creating a musical outfit, Havenside founder and vocalist Brandon Wells began the process of recruiting a group of musicians who shared the same desire of performing in a gritty hardcore metal band. In 2006, Havenside was born and began cutting its teeth with a full lineup intact. When asked about the inspiration for the name of the group, Wells mentioned, “I wanted a name that represented where the band was from. Before the band started, I was driving around one day and drove past Havenside Street in the Pocket area. I always liked the name and it stuck with me.” Six years later the band remains in tact with a few lineup changes over the past few years. One thing crucial to Wells’ personal ethic is to let the music do the talking. With two records already under its belt, the group has recently put out a third album, Nemesis. Released on prominent Sacramento-based hardcore metal label Westcoast Worldwide Records, the band drew inspiration by digging deep to describe pain, hatred and betrayal experienced in their lives. The rawness of Nemesis certainly speaks for itself. Songs such as “Dreamkiller” and “Vengeance” paint a graphic picture of how life can deal you a wicked hand and send a message that you must fight back at times in order to get what you want in this world. Guitarists Casey Mann and Nik Santos pump heavy down-tuned guitar riffs into the listeners’ dome, leaving your head banging on “Snake” and “Lowlife” while Wells’ mighty, aggressive vocals remain resonating in your mind. Tour experience combined with sharing the stage with bands like Evergreen Terrace and Earth Crisis has most likely humbled the group, keeping its members focused on their goal of playing heavy music without compromising an ounce of intensity and aggression. Submerge sat down with Wells to discuss Havenside’s new album, trends in the hardcore music scene and finding a home at their record label.


Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

What do you see as being some of the positive or negative trends in hardcore music today? I’ve seen a lot of young kids thinking of hardcore as a trend. But in few places kids are getting back to the roots. Not worrying about the “image” as much as the music and brotherhood that is supposed to go with hardcore. Trends come and pass but it’s the true passion that some will stick with and always keep hardcore in their hearts. We hope that really stays around. Where did you record the new album? Did the band try any new tricks in the studio this time around? We recorded Nemesis at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland with Zach Ohren. On this record we went for a deeper intense sound than the last record. With the rhythm guitar, we ran a [Peavey] 5150 II head through a Marshall cab and with the lead guitar we ran a 5150 II through a vintage 4-by-12 Fender cab. We tried different things with the drums as far as where the microphones were positioned. We ended up using Ohren’s crash ride because it just sounded better on the recordings than Jaramia’s [Bond]. On the bass we decided to run through a DI and mic’d up an 8-by-10 Ampeg as well trying a mix between live and digital sound

for the low tones. On vocals I went for a deeper yelling vocal style, contrary to the last album, to express a more angry and powerful sound than before. Have you found your permanent home at Westcoast Worldwide? Yes. We love it here. It’s a family. We all work together. You look out for each other; it’s what the hardcore music scene is about. Mikey Hood [label founder] pushes us to be a better band every day. He believed in us when no one did. We can’t thank him enough. How has it been working with a veteran like Hood? Great. He has been a great friend as well. He has been there for us through thick and thin. Shown us the ropes. He has been through it all on the road. So having a guy like Mikey Hood to keep us on target is amazing. We owe much respect to him and Westcoast Worldwide. Do you have upcoming tour plans? As of right now, no. We are taking care of some things at home that need attention at the moment. But hope to get back out on the road soon.

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

What is the most exciting show you’ve played and why? I would have to say Conducting from the Grave’s music video show last year. Some kids were crowd surfing and bouncing on their heads. It was a wall of intensity. What is the craziest thing you’ve witnessed at a show? Our friend Mike jumped off the stage at the Conducting from the Grave show last year and somehow broke his ankle. It was so bad that the bone was sticking out! What are the advantages/disadvantages of being a Sacramento based hardcore band? The advantage is having the privilege to be involved in the Sacramento music scene. Sacramento has always been great to us. We love it here. I believe anywhere you’re from there are disadvantages of being in a hardcore band, you just have to work hard, look past all the bullshit, be yourself and be respectful to the fact we are all here doing what we love. Music has a power like no other. Support each other. I love hardcore music. It has been there for me on my darkest days and will always be there for me no matter what.

What song on Nemesis do you personally connect with the most? Why? I’d have to say “Anguish.” There was a time in my life when everything was falling apart for me. I was drinking a lot, didn’t care how I treated others, made some wrong choices back then that I regret. Every time I hear the song it tells me that’s behind me. That song means a lot to me. What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the hardcore scene since Havenside began? Well fewer kids are going to shows these days. Shows prices have become more expensive. I wish we had more $5 shows again. Venues have shut down left and right. So many bands are getting together and then breaking up six months down the road. There is a new band starting up every day in Sacramento that sounds exactly the same as the next band. All I have to say is do it for the love of music not to get popular at your school, or to look cool in front of your girlfriend. Find something else to do with your life if that’s the case. It’s making our scene look bad. Really take the time to make things work as a band first if this is what you want to do before playing shows.

Outside of music, what are your hobbies and influences? I do Web design for bands/companies called BW Designs. I also do tattooing here and there. My mom is my biggest influence. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her. What are some of the biggest misconceptions or stereotypes of the style of music you play? Hardcore kids wear camouflage shorts and people thinking hardcore music is all about starting fights at shows, being the tough guy and that the music is always negative.

Havenside’s Nemesis CD release show will take place at The Boardwalk in Orangevale on April 27. Also performing will be Hoods, Hammerfist, Maya Over Eyes and Your Own Destroyer. Tickets are $10 in advance and doors open at 7 p.m. If you’d like to purchase a digital copy of Nemesis, go to havenside/nemesis.

“I’ve seen a lot of young kids thinking of hardcore as a trend. But in few places kids are getting back to the roots. Not worrying about the ‘image’ as much as the music and brotherhood that is supposed to go with hardcore.” – Brandon Wells, Havenside

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Stay Connected

A constant collaborator, indie rapper Murs remains strongly individual Words Blake Gillespie


os Angeles rapper Murs never sought to be different as an angle or platform to get his music heard. His moniker is an acronym that translates to Making Underground Raw Shit or Making the Universe Recognize and Submit. Now in his thirties, Murs is still out to make raw music, but with a grown man’s wisdom. Murs came up in the Living Legends collective, a group of eight rappers from the Bay Area and greater L.A. area. He’s put out seven records as a solo artist, on both indie and major labels, and worked on collaborative records with Slug of Atmosphere (as Felt), 9th Wonder, Terrace Martin, and his group 3 Melancholy Gypsys. Murs related that his openness to collaborate and exclude no one from his inner circle stems from moving a lot as a kid and an adult philosophy on acceptance. He brings this philosophy to his Paid Dues Festival, which he held last month in San Bernardino, Calif. He said he fielded some criticism from people who crusade for “positive rap” for including the L.A. collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All on the bill. “Just because they’re negative, doesn’t give you the right to say you’re positive, but fuck them,” he said. “As soon as you step outside of your positivity and say fuck someone else, you’re no longer being a positive person who listens to this progressive music you’re so proud of. The same philosophy on life has to be extended to your music and the same philosophies in your music have to extend to your life. There are a lot of people who don’t do both.” Murs’ latest album, Love and Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation, was released in October 2011, but he’s just now beginning to work on Vol. 2. In the following interview, Murs speaks more about the Paid Dues festival as well as his slate of upcoming projects, including a collaboration EP with Fresno-based rapper Fashawn.


Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

What I’ve enjoyed about the Paid Dues Festival you throw, is that there never seems to be exclusion or allegiance to a certain sub-genre of hip-hop. You have no problem inviting Mac Miller and Dipset, along with Boot Camp Clique and Brother Ali—people who probably would never share a bill together. What’s your mindset in curating? It’s started with me trying to get all my friends together. I was the guy that was friends with Aesop and El-P and down with the Legends. We all knew of each other, but I was the one who’d sleep at their houses and know everyone’s wives and girlfriends and kids. That kind of stuff. So I was able to bring everybody together. In the same groove, I did a song with Kendrick Lamar—like before Dr. Dre knew who he was. So I was in with those guys. I was at the first Odd Future Christmas show. My former assistant is now their road manager. I have a genuine connection to so many people. Growing up I realized that people aren’t all that different. I seem to be in the center of this web. Five years before the Based God was born, Lil’ B was coming to my shows at Berkeley. I don’t have any borders in my life. So the festival has always been a reflection of me bringing my friends together.

Living Legends just rocked Paid Dues together. You guys still make music together. Not a lot of groups can say that about their careers over the passage of time. What keeps everything tight knit amongst the crew? I don’t know, man. Everybody is who they are. We’re a group of eight individuals. The name and the crew existed, and we didn’t even think about making a record together until Almost Famous in 2001. We’d been living together and touring together for years and never even thought about it. Then, it was three or four years before we thought about making another one. As much as people say it, it was never Wu-Tang Clan or Odd Future or Hieroglyphics. It was something different. It works for us, but the individuality for other crews may not work. Love and Rockets Vol. I is obviously part of a series. How is Vol. 2: The Emancipation coming along? It’s not on a deadline. I think about it every day, write little notes for it, but I don’t think it will come out until like Paid Dues [Festival] 2013.

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas


Will it be produced by Ski Beatz again? Umm, probably not. It could always change. I know certain things about it I’m not ready to reveal yet. It was never intended to be Murs and Ski Beatz Present Love and Rockets. There will be another book with it. I can say that. It may be an electro record for all I know. It may be a symphony. I don’t know who I might meet next. I don’t want people read this article and say, “Aww, he said it was going to be Araabmuzik producing soft jazz shit.” I don’t want that down the line. What are you looking at releasing before that? I saw on your wiki page that you’ve got an EP in the works with Fashawn. We’ll hopefully have that done by the summer. These two producers, K-Salaam and Beatnick, we’d talked about doing something together for a while. My solo albums, up until my last one didn’t seem to be working out, so we’d been trying to find away to work together because I’m a big fan of their music. They suggested collaboration with someone, threw out possible members of The Lox and went through all these musicians and connections we both have. Then, he brought up Fashawn, and Fash is a kid I’ve seen around and talked to, had him on Paid Dues, but we didn’t ever vibe or kick it. I’m a fan of Fash though, like I have his album [Boy Meets World] and the Grizzly City mixtapes. But it seemed like it might make sense as an outsider option. Randomly, Fash’s manager called me just asking for advice and just update on business. I told her it was crazy she called me. But I had to ask if Fashawn was even a fan of mine. I didn’t want to assume anything.

“Growing up I realized that people aren’t all that different. I seem to be in the center of this web.” – Murs

Have you recorded any songs yet for the project? We recorded a song that was completely funny. We have a lot of similarities. He goes through the same things I go through. I’m associated with the backpack crowd like Aesop Rock and Atmosphere. He’s associated with The Alchemist and Evidence. But, we’re in a middle ground together of rapping about inner city and at-risk youth—but we’re both non-traditional with it. Things are naturally coming together. We’ve got way more in common ground than I expected. K-Salaam and Beatnick have this really midto-late ‘90s sound they’re giving us. It’s sounding like, what I hope will be the West Coast version of [Only Built 4] Cuban Linx [Raekwon’s solo debut]. That’s ambitious, but you set the bar high to shoot for the stars and land on the moon, type thing. It will be for people who genuinely love Raekwon and Ghostface and Tha Dogg Pound. Have you and Fashawn had the opportunity to record together or is it a project that’s emailed back and forth? Every time we’re both in L.A. we’ll hang out for four or five hours. We got the name of the album, while hanging out with Maseo of De La Soul. Maseo basically named the record. As long as there’s an understanding or friendship between the two it works. I used to think that we have to be sitting there and looking at each other. But, the more I’d talk to people like DJ Quik and hear about how he recorded All Eyez on Me, people can tell if there’s a true connection or if it’s forced. Have there been projects you’ve turned down from a lack of connection? Definitely. I wouldn’t name those projects though. There’s people I’m good friends with, but we haven’t made good music together. Brother Ali and me are the best of friends, but we’ve never made a song together. We’ve toured together. That’s my homie. That’s my brother. We’ve just never recorded a song together. It’s never even come up. There are people I’ve tried to record stuff with and we both just let it sit there and nothing happened with it. Have you considered updating the MURS acronym? No. I’m not doing anymore. No more of that shit.

See Murs live at Harlow’s in Sacramento on May 6. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased through Harlows. com. Doors open at 8 p.m. Also performing is Dee-1 and Who Cares.


Rockin’ Northern California Since 1987 9426 GreenbacK



THURSday, apRil 26

SaTURday, May 12


sMile eMPTy sOul

FRiday, apRil 27

SUnday, May 13

The DRP, CyCoTiC / TRoll, NiNeClouDs NiNjaloC, KiCKuiNDaTeef

buRN halo, The VeeR uNioN, TRaCK fighTeR, soMe feaR NoNe, foRCe of habiT



cd ReLease show

haMMeRfisT, Maya oVeR eyes, youR oWN DesTRoyeR SaTURday, apRil 28

DoWNToWN bRoWN, Thea sKoTia, ouR eNDless obsessioN, Chaos iN MiND THURSday, May 17

sPine! FRiday, May 18

KeePinG scOre DRu DoWN, lee MajoRs, WoRK DiRTy, RegiMe, iNfaMous Kaboo, MaC Reese, Doe The uNKNoWN, CRiTiCal & CoMPlex, feliCia KiNg, bueNo, boss biz, babNiT, suaVe DeboNaiRe

The MoTh aNaToMy, TWo Nooses, bullTRue, PuRifiCaTioN by fiRe SaTURday, May 19

sPaRKs The ResCue, NaMesaKe, MeRCeDes aVe, self-PRoClaiMeD

THURSday, May 3

feat. Ross Lynch fRom tV shows “austin and aLLy” (disney) and “GLee”

TaKiNg’s NoT sTealiNg FRiday, May 4

THURSday, May 24


CheRRy ReD, j. PoiNT, youNg shoTTy, T-MaDNess, aCie of sMashMouf eNT FRiday, May 25

PriMe D

youRs foR a NighT, CRossRoaDs, oNe MoRe NighT, The sKy CoMMaND

GOOD ThOuGhTs fRee boys, KNox, Celly Ru

SaTURday, May 5

SaTURday, May 26

The War WiThin

a hOly GhOsT revival

TauNis yeaR oNe, slaVes of MaNhaTTaN, Chaos iN MiND, legioN’s RequieM

WedneSday, May 9

beCoMe The oRaCle, WuRM flesh THURSday, JUne 7


CalisTa sKy, e squaReD iCe NiNe Kills, foR all i aM, PaiNT oVeR PiCTuRes, beyoND all eNDs, sTRaighT uP gRizzly

SaTURday, JUne 16

THURSday, May 10

vanishinG affair


THURSday, JUne 28

TuRf TalK, To 3, youNg gasz, biNK, Reggy b, MoNey Mo, NeW eRa FRiday, May 11


siDe fx, 2hK, queN, suNNy b, NeW eRa, Cell, slR gaNg


lifefOrMs coMing Soon 6/29: 7/5: 7/6: 7/7: 7/21:

WeSley aveRy lace leno MR. RogeRS alaceR BeFoRe yoU Fall

ALL SHOWS ALL AGES • 21+ BAR AREA TicKeTs available aT all DiMPle recOrDs lOcaTiOns, bOarDWalKrOcKs.cOM anD bOarDWalK bOx Office DOOrs @ 7PM /shOW @ 8PM fOr MOsT shOWs. checK bOarDWalKrOcKs.cOM fOr uP TO DaTe TicKeT Prices, DOOr & shOW TiMes

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


1417 r street

all shows all ages


tickets available @ dimple records, the Beat, armadillo (davis) Online: Babnit By Phone: 1.877.Gnd.CtrL Or 916.443.9202


May 12

sat u r day BaBnit

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Presents LOw dOuGH sHOw

Kayavibe • Official RespOnse DOgfOOD • Eazy Dub

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May 16

april 25 wRings • the cOsmOnauts

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sat u r day

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sat u r day

May 19

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May 4

t u e s day

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PUnKo de drUnKo Unwanted droid the VicioUs Kenits noBeatings From holly the Bar Fly eFFect one more last try

Playboy School

s u n day


april 29

sat u r day

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

May 5



ill effect • Quette DaDDie+OptimiztiQ a-maD g • 53zipbOyz

f r i day

May 11

M O n day

May 21

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

Tyler Rich whisKey anD stitches

May 24

t H u r s day

Kill the pReceDent

f r i day

June 1

sat u r day

June 16 f r i day

May 25

June 29



f r i day

Incredible Me

faiR stRuggle • OveRwatch

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gODDamn gallOws

t u e s day ellipsis salythia

May 26

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July 17

they call it meRcy

June 3

s u n day

June 19

t u e s day

plus special guest

DRy cOunty DRinKeRs

sat u r day Massive Delicious

s u n day

May 27

t H u r s day

May 31

July 21

CatCh Without arms

will be playeD in its entiRety

f r i day

June 8

sat u r day

June 9

f r i day

June 22

t H u r s day

June 28

f r i day

august 17

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


TONGUE & chic photo nur Kausar

From Thailand, With Love Thai Basil

2431 J Street • Sacramento





Words Nur Kausar | photos mike ibe


The corner of J and 25th charmed Suleka Sun-Lindley when she moved to Midtown Sacramento 17 years ago. She fell in love, so much so that she leased the three stories the first chance she got, then spiced up the neighborhood by bringing in homegrown Thai cuisine that offers a different, regional influence to local customers. Thai Basil on J Street is now celebrating its 10th anniversary, but it took several years in the making. Sun-Lindley’s family has also owned Thai Basil establishments in Roseville and Elk Grove since 1996 and 1999, respectively. The idea first started when Sun-Lindley’s mother arrived from Thailand, where she and Sun-Lindley’s aunt have owned a restaurant for 40 years. “When my mom came, she helped me and my two sisters with the idea,” Sun-Lindley says. “I wanted it to be in Midtown originally, but my older sister lived in Roseville and wanted it there, and you know, she was older.” The first Thai Basil proved successful. Three years later, a second sister opened a location in growing Elk Grove and focused on more traditional dishes and design. (A fourth location also opened in Lincoln in 2008 but failed in its first year.) In 2002, Sun-Lindley’s luck changed and that charming corner building became available for lease. Along with her sisters and their mother (the source of Thai Basil’s homespun recipes), Sun-Lindley used her background in architecture and design, as well as the waitressing experience she earned while working her way through college, to come up with her own modern twist to the Thai Basil empire.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

The result stands as a testament to Sun-Lindley’s culture, creativity and neighborhood. The ground floor holds the restaurant, designed with a casual café experience in mind. Light wood chairs with eggplant-colored seat covers, green curved ceilings and minimalist light fixtures juxtapose traditional masks and metalwork on the walls. Patrons sit comfortably indoors and out and order from a shortened menu as compared to the other locations. Though core items are the same at all three locations, using recipes from the family matron’s restaurant in Thailand, almost everything on the Midtown menu is also available as a vegan or gluten-free option. “We have more clients who request those options in Midtown,” Sun-Lindley says. “Everything is made to order so we can customize the dishes.” The second floor brings another twist. Thai Basil’s lounge Level Up combines nightlife with traditional Asian street foods to create an unexpected after-hours experience. Sun-Lindley says the lounge started because Thai Basil was chosen in a liquor license lottery, but she had run out of room downstairs for a bar. “My mom and sister lived on the third floor and the second floor was just storage,” she says. “We planned to rent it out as offices, but it was a beautiful space and then this opportunity just presented itself. And my mom was moving back to Thailand anyway.” Sun-Lindley says the upstairs menu takes a “small bites” approach with options that sound atypical but exist at street vendors in late-night Thailand. Some offerings make sense, like

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

Cab ride or DUI. You choose.


Thai beef jerky served on sweet rice and vegetable samosas. Others are unexpected, like spring rolls filled with corned beef and cabbage or steak and cheese. More traditional ingredients follow through to the aperitifs, like a ginger lemongrass tea using sweet tea vodka, or a Thai Zest using chili-infused syrup. Thai Basil also takes full advantage of local produce, and Sun-Lindley says California has an abundance of traditional Thai ingredients that help keep the restaurant’s dishes authentic. “It’s fresh, just like how you get it in Thailand,” she says. “We get a delivery four times a week, and it’s 100 percent local.” Clearly, there is no shortage of lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves and fresh basil even when ordering specialty dishes like the Hoi Tom Kha (sautéed mussels in a coconut curry), or Midtown’s special pineapple fried rice with chicken, shrimp and unconventional, bursting cranberries. I had a pleasant first experience at Thai Basil, feeling comfortable in the laid-back setting, yet well taken care of by the gracious servers. The Two Rivers blood orange hard cider sounded refreshing and a good pairing with Asian spices so my significant other and I ordered two bottles. Our waitress also brought us a huckleberry flavor so we could try both, a thoughtful gesture.

For dinner, I ordered the Hoi Tom Kha, mostly because I’d never seen the dish at a Thai restaurant. My significant other loves tofu and eggplant, so the spicy eggplant dish was an easy decision. For $13, I was surprised to receive a heaping platter of plump mussels. We each had a serving and still had plenty of leftovers. My only complaint, which was the same for the eggplant dish: scant sauce. Perhaps it’s not Thai protocol, but I like to douse my jasmine rice in curry sauce because it’s brimming with flavor. The vegetables had been prepared well—the eggplant soft and creamy, not chewy. The tofu tasted fine, if a little plain. I prefer to pick my spice level, and the waitress provided a rack of spicy oils, homemade chili powder and chopped peppers that I admittedly had to temper with rice after sweat appeared at my temples. Considering the abundance of Thai restaurants in the area, it’s sometimes hard to judge authenticity without asking someone who knows. Sun-Lindley says it all depends on your influences and your region. “It’s like spaghetti—there are different recipes and different ways of making it, and it’s the same with Pad Thai,” she says. “Authentic to me is when you use the real ingredients, not stuff from a can.” Those at Thai Basil hope to extend the Thai experience when they celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Midtown location this summer with a neighborhood festival, filled with Thai dancers, a Thai boxing ceremony sans the fight, food, jewelry and fabric vendors. Sun-Lindley says once she receives approval from the city to hold the event, the festival will be a fundraiser for the local Buddhist temple. Keep a lookout for more information on Thai Basil’s Facebook page or by calling the restaurant at (916) 442-7690.

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Affordable. Effective.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Powerhouse Pub College Night w/ DJ Rigatony, DJ Alazzawi, 10:30 p.m. Press Club FFFreak w/ CrookOne, DJ Hailey, Dogtones, 9:30 p.m.

music, comedy & misc. Calendar

april 23 – may 7

use a qr scanner on your smart phone to view calendar online

4.23 Monday

The Boxing Donkey Open Mic Variety Night, 8 p.m. Davis Bike Collective Bonfire Madigan, Evan Greer, 8:30 p.m. Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m. Fox & Goose Open Mic Night, 7:30 p.m.

Luna’s Cafe Nebraska Mondays hosted by Ross Hammond w/ Chad Stockdale & Kevin Corcoran Duo, Signifiers, 7:30 p.m. Naked Lounge Downtown Jazz Session w/ the Joe Mazzaferro Quintet feat. Mike McMullen, 8:30 p.m. Old Ironsides Strapped for Cash w/ The Nuance, 7:30 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Karaoke, 9 p.m. Press Club Symphony of Distraction, The Porter Project, The Plastic Revolution, 8:30 p.m. Sol Collective Microphone Mondays, 8 p.m. UC Davis: Jackson Hall The Shins, Gardens and Villa, 8 p.m.

4.24 Tuesday

Cafe Mekka Shenandoah Davis, Ian Cooke, Coal Beautiere, 8 p.m. Dive Bar Le Twist w/ Sam I Jam, Adam J, Taylor Cho, 9 p.m. Marilyn’s Hot Club de Carmichael, 5:30 p.m. Mix Ryan Hernandez, 6:30 p.m. Naked Lounge Downtown Slaves of Manhattan, Fuel the Change, Incrusted Dust, 8:30 p.m.

4.25 Wednesday

Sacramento State: University Union Ballroom Native American Flutist Mary Youngblood, 7:30 p.m.

Ace of Spades Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, Krizz Kaliko, !Mayday!, Prozak, Stevie Stone, Brutha Smith, 6 p.m.

Shine Jazz Jam w/ Jason Galbraith & Friends, 8 p.m.

Club Car The Double Shots, 7:30 p.m.

T2 Nightclub & Lounge Karaoke, 9 p.m.

Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m.

Torch Club Quinn Hedges, 5:30 p.m.; Island of Black and White, 9 p.m.

Harlow’s Midnite, Xsample, 10 p.m.

Dive Bar Chris Clouse, 9 p.m.

Townhouse GRIMEY w/ Silkie, Kozee, Free Crush, DJ Whores, Crescendo, Spire, 9 p.m. Tropicana Mt Eden, G.A.M.M.A, ATOM O.N.E., Vincent Salas, TylerS[q]uare, 8 p.m. ZuhG Life Store Open Mic, 6 p.m.

Luigi’s Fungarden A Single Second, Cold Heart Repress, Ancient Astronaut, 7 p.m. Mix DJ Homicide, DJ Gabe Xavier, 9 p.m. Naked Lounge Downtown Erik Spencer, William Mylar, Delta City Ramblers, 8:30 p.m. Old Ironsides Open Mic, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Out of Place, Alyssa Cox & the Flatland Band, Blue Oaks, 8 p.m.

Old Ironsides Karaoke, 9 p.m.

Press Club Rat Damage, Freedom Club, Shambles,


Sophia’s Thai Kitchen KDVS Fundraiser w/ DJs Tangasaurus Rex, Mr. Glass, Dogtones, 9 p.m. Torch Club Acoustic Open Mic, 5:30 p.m.; Keri Carr Band, 9 p.m. Uncle Vitos (Davis) Boom Bip w/ The Flower Vato, 10 p.m.

4.26 thursday

The Blue Lamp Ty’Quan, Nick Bianco, Adder, Landon Wordswell, Garin Reese, 9 p.m. The Boardwalk Mars, The DRP, Cycotic/Troll, Nineclouds NinjaLoc, KickUInDaTeef, 7 p.m. Center for the Arts Chris Isaak, Brett Shady, 7:30 p.m. Club Car Songwriters Showcase, 8 p.m. The Coffee Garden Open Mic Night, 8 p.m.

Private Music Rehearsal Studios From

150 Square Feet To 500 Square Feet

MonthLy Lock-out from $365-$500 houRLy: Room w/PA 4 hours for $30 Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Sacramento State: Serna Plaza Nooner w/ Instagon, 12 p.m.

Acoustically Designed

1) Long Term Or Monthly Rentals 2) Air Conditioned and Have 12 Foot Ceilings 3) 24 Hour Access


Union Hearts, 8 p.m.

4) 5) 6) 7)

On Site Management CCTv Security System Free Wi-Fi / DSL Huge Gated Parking Lot (916) 923-2525 LIKE us on Facebook

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

District 30 Verdugo Brothers, Chelsea Bella, Diego Valle, Freddy Silva, 9 p.m.

Naked Lounge Downtown Emily Kollars, Omp, Abbey Rhode, 8:30 p.m.

Dive Bar Dueling Pianos, 9 p.m.

Old Ironsides Sans Sobriety, Black Mackerel, Rebel Punk, 9 p.m.

Harlow’s Skatalites, The Inciters, 8 p.m. Haven Underground Jonathan Wilson & Guests, 8:30 p.m. Jackson Rancheria Casino Little Anthony & the Imperials, 7 p.m. Javalounge Songwriters Club w/ Kelsea Little & the 78’s, Mikey Muffins & the Adventure Fun Squad, The Marble Faun, 8 p.m. Marilyn’s Rock On Live Band Karaoke, 9 p.m. Mix DJ Billy Lane, 9 p.m. Old Ironsides Gorgeous George, Bell Boys, Sutter Junkies, 9 p.m. The Park Ultra Lounge DJ Eddie Edule, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Honey Honey, Zac & Jay Band, 9:30 p.m. Press Club 50-Watt Heavy, The Foxtails, 8:30 p.m. Torch Club X Trio, 5 p.m.; Jelly Bread, 9 p.m.

4.27 Friday

The Blue Lamp Turbonegra, Rad, Beer Can, Urban Wolves, 9 p.m. The Boardwalk Hoods, Havenside, Hammerfist, Maya Over Eyes, Your Own Destroyer, 7 p.m. Capitol Garage Get Down to the Champion Sound w/ DJ Esef and special guests, 10 p.m.

Powerhouse Pub Inspector 71, 10 p.m. Press Club DJ Rue, 9 p.m. Shine Artemis Marion, Cute Pup, Kenni Falls, 8 p.m. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen Boca Do Rio, 10 p.m. Torch Club Pailer & Fratis, 5:30 p.m.; Kaye Bohler, 9 p.m. ZuhG Life Store Sariah, Random Abiladeze, Briefcases, 4 p.m.

4.28 Saturday

Naked Lounge Downtown Isaac Bear, Tao Jiriki, Clouds On Strings, 8:30 p.m. Old Ironsides T-Dubb & The Internationals, The Inside Story, Burnin’ Waves, DJ Fuzion Shaun, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Rolling Heads, 10 p.m. Press Club DJ Larry Rodriguez, 9 p.m. Shine North Bound Train, TJ McNulty, 8 p.m. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen Birds & Batteries, Foxtails Brigade, Shenandoah Davis, 9:30 p.m.

The Blue Lamp Wannabe Barnabe, South Lot, Street Urchinz, 9 p.m.

Townhouse Blow Up w/ Cellar Doors, Paul Tunkin, Roger Carpio, 8 p.m.

The Boardwalk Yukmouth, Dru Down, Lee Majors, Work Dirty, Regime, Infamous Kaboo, Mac Reese, Doe the Unknown, Critical & Complex, Felicia King, Bueno, Boss Biz, Babnit, Suave Debonaire, 6:30 p.m.

UC Davis: Jackson Hall Maya Beiser, 8 p.m.

Bows and Arrows KDVS Fundraiser w/ Boron & the Grebes, 8 p.m. Cache Creek Casino Smash Mouth, 8 p.m.

Golden Bear DJ Crook, 10 p.m.

Harlow’s The Aggrolites, 9 p.m.

Harlow’s Tainted Love, 10 p.m.

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Puddle of Mudd, 7:30 p.m.

Javalounge Former Animals, Desario, Barrel Fever, 8 p.m.

Haven Underground The Soft Bombs (CD Release), This Is Radiation, DJs Sam & Owen, 8 p.m.

Marilyn’s NimbleScrimbles, Relic 45, The Three Way, 9:30 p.m.

Marilyn’s Old Screen Door, Massive Delicious, 9:30 p.m.

Torch Club Johnny Guitar Knox, 5 p.m.; Laurie Morvan, 9 p.m.

Center for the Arts Bruce Cockburn, 7 p.m.

Luna’s Cafe Marty Cohen, Rocco, Loop 243, 8:30 p.m.

Luna’s Cafe David Houston & String Theory, Gabe Nelson, 9 p.m.

Ace of Spades All Shall Perish, Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Contortionist, Conducting From The Grave, I Wish We Were Robots, Awaiting The Apocalypse, 5:30 p.m.

Center for the Arts Ken Waldman, Kevin Carr & Ray Bier, The Evie Ladin Band (Album Release), 8 p.m.

Luigi’s Fungarden Secretions, Bobby Joe Ebola, Flip The Switch, The Bar Fly Effect, 8 p.m.

Luigi’s Fungarden The Strange Party, 9:00 News, Civil War Rust, Mad Judy, Urban Wolves, 7 p.m.

Javalounge The Hungry, Calendar Kids, Spencer Hoffman (of Honeyock), 4 p.m.; Human Toys, Cowboys & Indians, Man In the Planet, 8:30 p.m.

The Town Pump (Yuba City) A Single Second, The Left Hand, 8 p.m.

Jackson Rancheria Casino Mother Lode Hot Jazz Party, 11 a.m.

The Park Ultra Lounge Asylum w/ DJ Bryan Hawk, 9 pm. Powerhouse Pub Pinkie Rideau, 10 p.m. Press Club Sunday Night Soul Party w/ DJ Larry & DJ Hailey, 9 p.m. Torch Club Memorial Benefit for Steve Schofer, 2 p.m.; Crossing the River, 8 p.m. UC Davis: Studio Theatre UC Davis Baroque Ensemble, Davis High School Baroque Ensemble, 3 p.m. ZuhG Life Store Orange Morning, 2 p.m.




The Boxing Donkey Open Mic Variety Night, 8 p.m. Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m.

ZuhG Life Store Todd Morgan & The Emblems, Cory Norris, Ken Koenig, Mac Russ, 1 p.m.

Harlow’s Girl In A Coma, Pinata Protest, Sara Radle, The Honorable South, 8 p.m.

Quinn Hedges 5:30PM

island Of Black & WHite 9PM


acOustic OPen Mic 5:30PM 25 kericarrBand9PM X triO 5PM THURS 26 Jelly Bread 9PM FRI

Pailer & fratis 5:30PM

27 kaye BOHler 9PM

JOHnny guitar knOX 5PM




28 MOrvan 9PM SUn






MeMOrial Benefit fOr steve scHOfer 2- 6PM

crOssing tHe river

8PM dOug casH 5:30PM

diPPin sauce9PM acOustic OPen Mic 5:30PM HOWell devine9PM

Luna’s Cafe Nebraska Mondays hosted by Ross Hammond, 7:30 p.m.


Naked Lounge Downtown Jazz Session w/ the Joe Mazzaferro Quintet feat. Matt Robinson, 8:30 p.m.


X triO 5PM setH augustus 9PM


Pailer & fratis 5:30PM

24th Street Theatre Pandit Binay Pathak & the Beats, 3 p.m.

Old Ironsides Strapped for Cash w/ The Nuance, 7:30 p.m.

Ace of Spades Hyper Crush, Black Cards, Benzi, Silver Medallion, Playboy School, 6:30 p.m.

Powerhouse Pub Karaoke, 9 p.m. Sol Collective Microphone Mondays, 8 p.m.

The Blue Lamp WAXappeal, 8 p.m.


ginOMatteO 9PM

JOHnny guitar knOX 5PM SaT


cincO de MayO

cOn BriO 9PM

Capitol Garage Karaoke w/ Jeff Jenkins, 9 p.m. Distillery Karaoke, 8 p.m.


Dive Bar The Corduroys, True Mad North, 9 p.m.


Harlow’s Anthony Coleman II & the Simplistic Band, 7 p.m. continued on page 22

april 24 - may 6

Mix DJ Gabe Xavier, 8:30 p.m.

Fox & Goose Open Mic Night, 7:30 p.m.


Between I & J • Downtown Sacramento

Javalounge Mimosas & Melodies w/ Michael LaPlante, 10 a.m.; The Vampirates, The Community, Abandoned Generation, 8 p.m.

UC Davis: Studio Theatre Lyris String Quartet, 7 p.m.


904 15th Street 443.2797


aarOn king & friends 4PM

sOurterain & West nile raMBlers


Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


5.01 5.03




Ace of Spades Silversun Pickups, 7 p.m.

Ace of Spades E-40, Turf Talk, Bueno, M-Theory, 7 p.m.

Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m.

The Boardwalk R5, Taking’s Not Stealing, 6 p.m.

Cesar Chavez Park Friday Night Concerts in the Park Series Kick Off w/ Arden Park Roots, Island of Black and White, Storytellers, DJ Shaun Slaughter, hosted by Danny Secretion, 5 p.m.

Center for the Arts Yo La Tengo, 7:30 p.m.

Golden Bear DJ Crook, 10 p.m.

Club Car Songwriters Showcase, 8 p.m.

Harlow’s Sacramento Electronic Music Festival: Mux Mool, Jantsen, Little Foxes, Giraffage, Bad Looks, Tha Fruitbat, Tel Cairo, Boss Magic, CrookOne, Ini, Night Night, Seventh Swami, A|D, El Conductor, Bogl, Billy Lane, I Raq, 7 p.m.


Marilyn’s Acoustic Open Mic, 6 p.m. Mix Ryan Hernandez, 6:30 p.m. Old Ironsides Karaoke, 9 p.m.


Powerhouse Pub College Night w/ DJ Rigatony, DJ Alazzawi, 10:30 p.m.

TUE • APR 24 • 730P • UNIVERSITY UNION BALLROOM FREE: Native American flutist



Press Club FFFreak w/ CrookOne, DJ Hailey, Dogtones, 9:30 p.m. Shine Jazz Jam w/ Jason Galbraith & Friends, 8 p.m.



FREE: Garage jazz concert.

FREE: Latin concert. Co-sponsored with ASI, in support of Cinco de Mayo.

T2 Nightclub & Lounge Karaoke, 9 p.m. Torch Club Doug Cash, 5:30 p.m.; Dippin Sauce, 9 p.m. ZuhG Life Store Open Mic, 6 p.m.


Harlow’s Diegos Umbrella, March Fourth Marching Band, 8 p.m. Momo Lounge Life w/ DJ Epik & DJ Oasis, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub ENDofDAYS, GerAnimO, Some Fear None, Long in the Tooth, 8 p.m.

tony natsoulas: doing the basil.

Press Club Hot Tar Roofers, Mark Sexton Band, The Nick Von Kaenel Duo, 8 p.m. Sacramento State: Serna Plaza Nooner w/ Buyepongo, 12 p.m.

The University Union Gallery presents :

Torch Club Acoustic Open Mic, Howell Devine, 9 p.m.

YARNS: The Yowling Anthology of Random and Neato Stories.

UC Davis: Jackson Hall Members of the San Francisco Symphony, 8 p.m.

Featuring artists and Sac State Graphic Design alumni— Mario Estioko, Mark Yeager, Orysia Riesen, Michael Aurelio, Joe Fenton, Randy Peña and Rich Lee, who document the making of their new, limited edition graphic novel. exhibit dates wednesday, april 25–friday, may 18 reception wednesday, may 2, 6–8pm gallery hours mon–fri: 10:30am–3:30pm +special evening hours: wed & thur: 5–8pm location union gallery, 2nd flr–sac state, 6000 j street, 95819 |


Harlow’s Sacramento Electronic Music Festival: Lorn, Dusty Brown, Jonwayne, DJ Nobody, Dolor, Dibiase, Dials, Doombird, Satellites, Adoptahighway, Paper Pistols, Young Aundee, Master System, El Indio, DJ Whores, Ernie Fresh, 7 p.m. Javalounge Songwriters Club w/ Autumn Sky, Nat Lefkoff, 8 p.m.

Sacramento State: University Union Ballroom Hieroglyphics, Sleeprockers, 7:30 p.m.

Dive Bar James Cavern, 9 p.m.

exhibit dates monday, march 26–friday, april 20 gallery hours mon–fri: 10:30am–3:30pm +special evening hours: wed & thur: 5–8pm location union gallery, 2nd flr–sac state, 6000 j street, 95819 |

Dive Bar Dueling Pianos, 9 p.m.

Bows and Arrows La Fleur Fatale, Mondo Deco, Honeyock, 8 p.m.

Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m.

Hip-hop concert featuring Souls of Mischief, Pep Love, Casual, Domino & DJ Toure, plus special guests Sleeprockers and more TBA

The Coffee Garden Open Mic Night, 8 p.m.

5.02 Club Car The Double Shots, 7:30 p.m.



Marilyn’s Rock On Live Band Karaoke, 9 p.m.



Center for the Arts Rosanne Cash & John Leventhal, 7 p.m.

Uncle Vitos (Davis) Boom Bip w/ The Flower Vato, 10 p.m.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

The Park Ultra Lounge DJ Eddie Edule, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Mark Wills, Kelly McDonald, 9:30 p.m.

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen Two Man Gentlemen Band, 9:30 p.m. Torch Club X Trio, 5 p.m.; Seth Augustus, 9 p.m.


Ace of Spades Mr. P Chill & Trunk Of Funk, Brodi Nicholas, Suave Debonaire, Fr3e Boys, J Swagg, That Damn Crew, The ONFC, Light-Skinned Creole, 6:30 p.m. The Blue Lamp Katie Herzig, Andrew Belle, 9 p.m. The Boardwalk Prime D, Yours For A Night, The Sky Command, One More Night, Crossroads, 7 p.m. Capitol Garage Get Down to the Champion Sound w/ DJ Esef and special guests, 10 p.m.

Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Chickenfoot, 7:30 p.m. Jackson Rancheria Casino The Robert Cray Band, 6 p.m. Javalounge The Cry, Rad, The Enlows, Modern Kicks, 8 p.m. Luigi’s Fungarden Shannon Curtis, The Generals, 8:30 p.m. Marilyn’s James Cavern, Iconoclast Robot, The Bell Boys, 9 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Pop Rocks, 10 p.m. Press Club DJ Rue, 9 p.m. Shine Buckeye Knoll, Mango Jennings, Bethany Cowan, 7:30 p.m. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen Jake Mann & the Upper Hand, Quite Life, Fine Steps, 9:30 p.m. Thunder Valley Casino Resort DJ Alazzawi, 9 p.m. Torch Club Pailer & Fratis, 5:30 p.m.; Gino Matteo, 9 p.m.

5.05 Saturday

24th Street Theatre A Thousand Kisses Deep: The Songs of Leonard Cohen w/ Shay Dillon, Kimberly Bass, Paul Emery, Eleanore MacDonald, Anni McCann, Peter Wilson, Stephen Holland and more, 6:30 p.m. Ace of Spades Unwanted Droid, The Vicious Kenits, No Beatings From Holly, The Bar Fly Effect, One More Last Try, 6:30 p.m.

The Blue Lamp Sam Peligro (EP Release), Olmeca Desperados, La Noche Oskura, O Street Dub, Mahtie Bush, DJ Los, 8 p.m. Bows and Arrows Arts & Leisure, Knock Knock, Allen Clapp & His Orchestra, 8 p.m. Cache Creek Casino Jeon Young Rok, 8 p.m. Center for the Arts Rupa & The April Fishes, 7 p.m. The Cave Defyant Circle, Descendant, Erotomatics, GerAnimO, 8 p.m. Crest Theatre Dariush, 7:30 p.m. Harlow’s Sacramento Electronic Music Festival: Shlohmo, Salva, Light Year, Death Grips, B Bravo and Starship Connection, Raleigh Moncrief, James and Evander, Favors, Yalls, Melee Beats, D.A.M.B., Ryan Lindow, Eames, Wes Steed & Ross Hammond, Thriftcar, Chachi Jones, Al Lover, Adam J, Sam I Jam, Taylor Cho, 7 p.m. Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Chickenfoot, 7:30 p.m. Javalounge The Refuzniks, Maiden’s Sorrow, Dime Runner, 8 p.m. Luigi’s (Davis) Marlene Marlene, The Kelps, Honyock, 8 p.m. Marilyn’s ZuhG, Musical Charis, Monkey Flower (CD Release), Awkward Lemon, Ukulele Jake, 8 p.m. MontBleu Resort Casino Vokab Kompany, 10 p.m. Power Balance Pavilion The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, 8 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Spazmatics, 10 p.m. Press Club DJ Larry Rodriguez, 9 p.m. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen Random Abiladeze, 9:30 p.m. Torch Club Johnny Guitar Knox, 5 p.m.; Cinco De Mayo w/ Con Brio, 9 p.m.

5.06 Sunday

Ace of Spades Curren$y, The Jets, Smoke DZA, Fiend 4 Da Money, Corner Boy P, Trademark, Young Roddy, Babnit, 7 p.m.

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas


The Blue Lamp WAXappeal, 8 p.m. Capitol Garage Karaoke w/ Jeff Jenkins, 9 p.m.


Crest Theatre China Inner Mongolia and Hollywood Troupe, 6 p.m.

Ace of Spades Imagine Dragons, Wrings (formerly Early States), The Cosmonauts, 6:30 p.m.

Distillery Karaoke, 8 p.m. Harlow’s Murs, Dee-I, Who Cares, 9 p.m.

The Boxing Donkey Open Mic Variety Night, 8 p.m.

Haven Underground Breathe Owl Breathe, Victoria Williams, Aaron Ross, 7:30 p.m.

Distillery Karaoke, 9 p.m. Fox & Goose Open Mic Night, 7:30 p.m. Harlow’s AB & the Sea, Tommy & the High Pilots, 9 p.m.

Javalounge Mimosas & Melodies w/ Michael LaPlante, 10 a.m.; Didisdead, Escapement, 8 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Cafe R&B, 3 p.m.

Luna’s Cafe Nebraska Mondays hosted by Ross Hammond, 7:30 p.m.

Press Club Sunday Night Soul Party w/ DJ Larry & DJ Hailey, 9 p.m.

Old Ironsides Strapped for Cash w/ The Nuance, 7:30 p.m.

Torch Club Aaron King & Friends, 4 p.m.; The Souterrain, West Nile Ramblers, 8 p.m.

Powerhouse Pub Karaoke, 9 p.m. Press Club Street Urchinz, Matt Suarez & the Movement, Burnin’ Waves, 8 p.m.

UC Davis: Jackson Hall UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, 7 p.m.

Sol Collective Microphone Mondays, 8 p.m.

Comedy Laughs Unlimited Brett Walkow, Kevin Young, Apr. 27 - 29, Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m. & 10:30 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. Comedy Open Mic Showcase, Apr. May 1, 8 p.m. Daniel Dugar, Cheryl “the Soccer Mom,” May 3 - 6, Thurs., 8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m. & 10:30 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. Luigi’s Davis The Comedy Space Launch Show w/ Johnny Taylor, Jesse Fernandez, Dan O’Connell, hosted by Tim Morgan and Ray Molina, May 7, 8 p.m. Luna’s Cafe Keith Lowell Jensen’s Comedy Night, every Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Sacramento Comedy Showcase, May 2, 8 p.m. Corey Holcomb, May 3 - 6, Thurs., 8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m. & 10 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. Sacramento Comedy Sportz Mayhem Improv Comedy, every Thursday, 9 p.m. ComedySportz, every Friday & Saturday, 8 p.m. Sacramento Comedy Spot Top 10 List Podcast Live!, Apr. 24 & Apr. 27, 9 p.m. Johnny Taylor’s Comedy Kill feat. John Ross, Nick Aragon, Kiry Shabazz, Apr. 27, 9 p.m. Anti Cooperation League Improv, Apr. 28 & May 5, 9 p.m. Comedians with Disabilities Act, May 4, 9 p.m.

Naked Lounge Downtown World’s Worst Doctors Comedy Improv, Apr. 26, 8:30 p.m. Po’Boyz Bar & Grill (Folsom) Comedy Open Mic, every Monday, 9 p.m. Punchline Comedy Club Sheng Wang, Apr. 26 - 29, Thurs., 8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m. & 10 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m.

The Stoney Inn Comedy Open Mic, every Monday, 8 p.m. Tommy T’s Orny Adams, Apr. 26 - 29, Thurs., 7:30 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 7:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m. Shang, May 3 - 6, Thurs., 7:30 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 7:30 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m.

Misc. Blue Cue Trivia Night, every Wednesday, 8 p.m. Bows & Arrows Art Show: Fantastic Notion w/ Troy Mighty & Justin Lovato, through May 1 Nerd Night hosted by Drew Walker, Apr. 25, 8 p.m. The Grown Up Spelling Bee, Apr. 27, 8 p.m. Art Opening: Electric City w/ Jon Bafus and Michael Hoffee, May 4, 6 p.m. The Boxing Donkey Trivia Night, every Tuesday, 8 p.m. Crest Theatre Screenings of Mondo Sacramento feat. Q&A w/ Filmmaker Jason Rudy and Cast, Apr. 24 & 25, 7:30 p.m. & 9:15 p.m.

The Guild Theatre Movies On A Big Screen presents: Short films by the students of Mira Loma High School, Apr. 29, 7:30 p.m. Hot Italian The Urban Bike Adventure, Apr. 29, 12 p.m. Javalounge Art Reception w/ Justin Buell, Apr. 27, 5 p.m. Laughs Unlimited The Sweet Spot Sacramento: Erotic Poetry, Burlesque, Fashion, Body Paint, Apr. 26, 7 p.m. Luna’s Cafe Poetry Unplugged, every Thursday, 8 p.m. Old Sacramento Cinco De Old Sacto, May 5, 4 p.m. Powerhouse Pub Sac Pong Circuit, every Monday, 8 p.m.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Screening, Apr. 27, 5 p.m.

Shine Poetry with Legs, Apr. 25, 7 p.m.

Fox & Goose Pub Quiz, every Tuesday, 7 p.m.

Surf Xtreme (Elk Grove) Grand Opening, May 1

Golden Bear Random Knowledge Trivia Night, every Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Tommy T’s Girls Night Out, Apr. 25, 7:30 p.m. William Land Park Sacramento Multicultural Festival, May 5 - 6, 10 a.m.

Keepin’ It Real * at $249 Anytime

Adults $249* Young Adults $219* College $219* Child $99* Super Senior $99* PLUS ski/ride FREE the rest of this season! *Valid any day of the 2012-13 season *Limited quantities available through May 15, 2012 530.659.7453

S I E R R A AT T A H O E . C O M continued on page 22 Submerge Magazine Ad April 2.indd


>> Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


4/1/12 10:48 AM

Listen Up, Sacramento!

Sol Peligro’s Sam Peligroso puts forth a solo EP Words Jenn Walker | photo Ali Karim


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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

he frontman of Sacramento’s most renowned Latin bands wasn’t planning on making a solo rap album, but it just sort of happened. Age 40 seemed like as good of a time as ever to do it, says Sam Peligroso, the frontman of local bands Sol Peligro and Blazing Hangovers. One day in the recording studio, he just started flowing in Spanish, and everything spiraled from there, he explains to Submerge over the phone. Blazing Hangovers is like a Tex-Mex tribute band, Peligroso says, while Sol Peligro blends the sounds of reggaeton, cumbia, salsa and alternative rock. In the same vein, Latin beats are the backbone of Peligroso’s seven-track album, the Sam Peligroso EP, engineered, mixed and produced by Reckless Reaction. The accordion dominates one track, another is woven into an intricate guitar solo. Peligroso makes it clear, however, that the raps and the choruses are all him. The way he sees it, this album is a fusion of everything he has learned about music up to this point. For him, the EP is a celebration of his 20-plus years in the local music scene, he says. “This is me,” he says. “This is the best representation of who I’ve become and who I am.” The album may not feel like a celebration per se, though it most certainly sheds light on understanding what Peligroso is about. True, in person and over the phone he is charismatic. He’s got a slew of jokes up his sleeve, and he’ll laugh at each one of them. In exchange for getting this story on the cover of Submerge, he offered to give donkey rides and park a taco truck in front of the office. But the Sam Peligroso EP exposes not the jokester but someone angered by what is taking place around him, like people being wrongfully accused of crimes, the unsettling treatment of immigrants and the “system” in general. “I’m not a political person, I’m not trying to say I am a revolutionary,” Peligroso says. Yet immigration and border laws are enough to get his blood boiling, particularly considering his roots. His father migrated to California from Jalisco before he was born, where he met Peligroso’s mother. Later the family moved to Woodland, Calif., where Peligroso grew up. Mexican American pride has always played a major role in Peligroso’s life. “I’m not hate whitey at all,” he says with a laugh. “[But] I’m proud of my culture and I feel that I represent it really well.” His mother had a lot to do with fueling his musical tastes, starting with when she took him to see Saturday Night Fever when he was 8. “When I saw John Travolta on the damn screen, I thought, ‘That guy’s fucking cool, I want to be that guy right there,’” he remembers. “He’s not a musician, but all eyes are on him.” Throughout Peligroso’s childhood, his mother would play anything from The Beatles to mariachi music around the house. “When I was growing up, it was me and radio,” Peligroso says. “That played in the kitchen every time [my family] was cooking breakfast and stuff.” Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

His first recording was on a 45 record when he was 8 or 9 years old. His mom bought him the 45 with the song “Pacman Fever” on one side and the instrumental recording the other. “My first recording was my own version of ‘Pacman-fuckingFever,’” he says. “I wish I still had it,” he adds with a laugh. In seriousness, his music career began in 1992. Influenced by the likes of Run DMC and Easy Boys, around age 21 he formed a rap trio called BRC. After his stint with BRC he decided to revisit his Mexican roots, and formed the Latin-based band Raigambre. After that project folded, he then formed Sol Peligro and Blazing Hangovers, both of which he still performs with. Staying true to his Mexican roots, Peligroso’s solo album release is set for Cinco de Mayo. As someone who considers himself an ambassador of Sacramento’s local Latin music scene, this would only make sense. “I’m going to be honest with you, my show at Blue Lamp that night is going to be the only show where you’re not going to hear one single cover tune,” he says. “I’m not trying to talk down to these restaurants like Vallejo’s, where they’re hiring people to play Santana the whole night,” he adds. “[But] that’s not how I want to be described, that’s not how we want to be described. We have originality.” For his live performance, expect old school simplicity, Peligroso says—an accordion player, a hype man, a DJ, a conga player and Peligroso himself. In an interview with SN&R back in 2009, Peligroso griped about what a shoddy job Sacramento media has done giving local Latin music any exposure. In his eyes, little has changed three years later, and he is still fighting to change that. “Sacramento media sucks when it comes to giving the Latin music scene its due,” he says. “You can print that. I don’t give a shit.” For instance, both Sol Peligro and Blazing Hangovers have been nominated simultaneously for Sammie awards. “Why is it that both my bands [get nominated] all the time when we play like, once a fucking year?” he laughs. “I’m in both bands, what are you doing?” “Basically what I’m trying to say is that they’re so out of tune with the music scene as far as Latin music [goes],” he adds. Peligroso views local radio stations with equal distaste. As pivotal as radio was in his upbringing, he no longer listens to it, namely because the radio doesn’t promote local acts, he explains. “The media is a big influence man, that’s it, [and] I don’t want to have to start a revolution here,” he says. If there is any positive outcome of all this, it is that this lack of exposure has intensified Peligroso’s drive to put his music in the spotlight, and he has seen a lot of success. He is grateful that Sol Peligro has won three Sammie awards and will be inducted in the hall of fame, he says. When asked why he chooses to stay here given the media’s skewed taste, he answers simply, “Well, I don’t run away from things.” “Trust me, I can easily go to L.A. [or] I can go to New York and probably be more prosperous in doing what I do,” he adds. “But my thing is, this is my home. So if I do that, it’s almost like I’m being run out of my own home. I would never just pack up and leave because I’m not getting my way.” Thus, Sacramento continues to serve as Peligroso’s home base. Meanwhile, his message to Sacramento remains: listen up! Now is as good of a time as ever.

Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

“When I was growing up, it was me and radio. That played in the kitchen every time [my family] was cooking breakfast and stuff.” – Sam Peligroso

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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

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Bonfire of the Vanities Childish Gambino, Danny Brown Ace of Spades, Sacramento • Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Words Blake Gillespie • Photos melissa welliver Childish Gambino’s Camp Gambino Tour sold out Ace of Spades months in advance. The line to get in stretched the length of the R Street block and wrapped down 14th, halfway to S Street. Inside it was a patient wait through one opener to see a young Hollywood actor from NBC’s Community, Donald Glover, take the stage as a rapper. There’s no use hiding it. The opener was Detroit’s Danny Brown. A recent signee to Fool’s Gold Records and the artist I anointed as Rapper of the Year 2011 in another publication. As for Childish Gambino’s debut record Camp… I gave it a few listens in November and deemed it overrated. Glover’s Camp record is not as painful as Brian Austin Green’s One Stop Carnival album in the ‘90s, but if he’s serious about rapping over acting he’ll live in the shadow of Drake. But what the hell do I know? Danny Brown had a few pockets of fans in the first row shouting his gratuitous lines from his XXX album back at him. Childish Gambino had wall-to-wall admirers reciting every word to a song that shares its title

with a TV show, canceled after 12 episodes. It was his show for the taking and it’s easy to revel in the limelight with such positivity electrifying Ace of Spades. No songs faltered or lulled the set. It was hit, hit, hit for Gambino and even the time lapse for an encore seemed insignificant. He was impressive, but I did not leave converted. My struggle with Glover/Gambino does not stem from questioning his talent as a performer or even as a songwriter. He’s a clever rhyme writer, interspersing wit culled from his standup like, “I sound weird, like nigga with a hard R” and references to Invader Zim. His balance between nerding out and sneaking in sentiment testifies to his mass appeal. He tours with a talented backing band, half of which look as though they toured with Travis McCoy, while the others possibly play violin behind Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. His stage presence is not the issue, and the giant screen displaying lyrics, forest landscapes and scenes from the streets of

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New York City were not the issue. It lies in not knowing how to perceive his craft. The name Childish Gambino was conceived through the use of a Wu-Tang name generator, making it difficult to assess it as genuine or satire. The campy name paired with Glover’s notoriety as a stand-up comedian, his far superior talent in my opinion, and presence on a sit-com, lean towards the notion he’s a parody. So why weren’t we all laughing? Why was everyone singing along in earnest? There were opportunities to laugh—plenty of them. Danny Brown exposed himself as an avid participant in cunnilingus by performing “I Will” and wagging his oblong tongue between his missing front teeth. He earned a few laughs beyond the front row by letting his followers deliver punch lines from “Monopoly” like, “Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos.” Childish Gambino is not short on humor either. He and Brown are contemporaries in rap humor as both love bragging about their sexual virility and their haters’ lack thereof. Guess which line is Danny Brown’s and which Childish Gambino’s is: “I fuck bad bitches to Stacy Lattisaw, while y’all niggas got blue balls like an Avatar.” “My dick is like an accent mark, it’s all about the over Es.”

The first quote is Brown on “Adderall Admiral.” The second is Gambino on “Bonfire.” Did you get it correct? I could split fine hairs like this for paragraphs and end up with an even part resembling the top of Crispin Glover’s head, but what’s the use? Danny Brown doesn’t have a television presence, which is still more powerful and influential than being critically lauded on the Internet. Glover’s an act worth the price of admission. Place him in the recent crest of celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson, who’ve earned successful recording careers. The trend could be gruesome and transparent, were the named figures less talented. It’s undeniable that their recording triumphs are assisted by their TV and film notoriety. Glover is privileged, but his closing statement on “Bonfire” (“Man why does every black actor gotta rap some?/ I don’t know, all I know is I’m the best one.”) hints that he’s aware. It could be worse. The actor/artists could cover Celine Dion instead of Tom Waits, perform alongside Sugar Ray instead of M. Ward, and bring Mac Miller on tour instead of Danny Brown. They should always be commended for their fine taste.

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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

The grindhouse Done with Mirrors The Cabin in the Woods Rated R

Words James Barone Before vampires sparkled, they were crawling out of a Hell Mouth and getting their asses slain by a buxom high school cheerleader with mystical powers. Those were simpler times. While Buffy the Vampire Slayer may not have been highbrow, it hinted at the promise of a young writer still cutting his teeth (pun intended) in the realms of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Today, Joss Whedon is one of the most interesting creators those genres have to offer, and with his latest film (directed and co-written by Buffy/Lost alum Drew Goddard) Whedon’s place in the horror pantheon seems pretty well assured. In the months leading up to The Cabin in the Woods, I was advised to go into the movie knowing as little about it as possible. Interesting, considering another film Goddard cowrote—the mind-altering monster-eat-city flick Cloverfield—was as much about the wide-reaching alternate reality game strewn across the Internet as it was about the actual film. As it turned out, going into The Cabin in the Woods without any clear expectations—other that there would be some blood and gore and college-aged kids getting stalked in the woods—certainly enhanced my enjoyment. The film starts not with the stereotypical group of kids, but with a group of apparent scientists scuttling around what appears to be a mysterious research facility. Our group of cookie cutter slasher flick protagonists do show up shortly thereafter, bearing all the established guises: There’s the squeaky clean heroine (Kristen Connolly), her promiscuous blonde best friend (Anna Hutchison), the brawny man’s man (Thor’s Chris Hemsworth), the somewhat nerdy nice guy (Jesse Williams) and the Shaggy-like stoner dude (Fran Kranz). They all pile in an MV and head to a cabin in the woods for what would seem to be a weekend of lakeside fun in the sun, but turns out to be a frightful bloodbath.

It’s basically every story of its ilk that you’ve seen since the first Friday the 13th movie, yet completely fresh and original. I’d tell you more, but it would kind of ruin the fun. It’s actually difficult to write this review without giving too much away. Luckily, what makes The Cabin in the Woods so much fun is that it’s so keenly self-aware. The multitude of twists and turns in the plot certainly enhance the experience, but knowing them wouldn’t necessarily destroy your enjoyment of the film (a la anything M. Knight Shyamalan has ever done). The writing is clever, serving up just about every horror cliché you can think of and turning them into a goodhumored slurry of blood and guts. Unfortunately, its own cleverness is also its undoing. As the story of the five youths becomes a sort of play within the play, some of the horror of their situation is dampened as the plot’s slier elements begin to take precedent. The stakes of our heroes’ plight seem diminished. Also, The Cabin in the Woods seems to be making a valiant effort to make a point. Is it shining a light on the blood lust of moviegoers who have made the woeful schlock like the torture porn series Saw into a six-film franchise? Does it indict the audience for delighting in seeing young people shredded into lumps of goo by supernatural killers? I suppose it could, and perhaps it should, but if that’s what the film was striving for, it seems to back off and instead opts for a heavy-handed (literally) conclusion. There’s plenty here to like, though. It’s smart, silly, sometimes scary (though not as much as I’d hoped), sexy and bloody. Film nerds will clamor to out-geek one another in picking out The Cabin in the Woods’ many well-placed horror pop culture references. Veteran actors Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford turn in memorable performances as key figures in the mysterious conspiracy that is at the heart of the film, combining sinister disregard with wonderfully dry humor. It may not be Whedon at his best, but it proves that he’s one of the most progressive voices in what is usually a very conservative genre.

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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012

There was this movie I used to like called Natural Born Killers. I guess I still sort of like it. I saw it again recently for the first time in years, and I thought it had some cool parts, but when I was like 18 or whatever, I was pretty sure it was the best movie that ever was or ever would be made. I mean, they took ‘shrooms in it, bro. Well, there was this one scene in the movie that still sticks with me. Mallory (Juliette Lewis, who was in every movie in the ‘90s) and Mickey (Woody Harrelson, who totally owned in The Hunger Games (don’t even pretend that you didn’t love it)) were in an Indian sweat tent totally ‘shrooming balls and seeing all kinds of crazy shit. The Indian guy starts telling them this story—a sort of proverb—about a woman who takes in a wounded snake. She nurses it back to health, and once it’s feeling better, it lashes out at her, biting her with its venomous fangs. As she lays dying, she asks the snake, “Why?” The snake answers, according to the film, “Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake.” I have no idea if this is an actual piece of folklore or some bit of bullshit that writer/ director Oliver Stone and co-writers David Veloz, Richard Rutowski and Quentin Tarrantino made up during some epic coke binge in the Hollywood Hills. It doesn’t matter, because it’s a line that has stuck with me for the better part of 18 years. And it more or less sums up how I feel about anyone who deals with Mel Gibson at this point. I have to admit that the Aussie action star was one of my screen icons growing up. I had him ranked up there with Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis. I remember watching the TV premier of The Road Warrior when I was just a munchkin and thinking it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Years later, I saw the surreal and frightening prequel Mad Max, and was pretty much guaranteed to sit my ass down for anything Gibson starred in. There was plenty to like. He was funny and Australian—just like koala bears and Crocodile Dundee. Also, he was in some really good movies. I still rank Braveheart as one of the best films I’ve seen in a theater. But as is often the case, being good at what you do doesn’t necessarily make you a good person. And Gibson, as we’ve come to learn in recent years, through his rampant misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism, all caught on various recording implements, is anything but.

We all know he’s a piece of shit. But it’s not like it’s a secret. In the age where everyone knows everything about everybody, there really aren’t any of those any more, and if you’re a celebrity, that statement is magnified tenfold. Case in point, I’ve seen Vanessa Hudgens naked (oh please, like you haven’t), and I’ve never met her. I’ve had lifelong friends that I can’t make the same claim about. (Thankfully.) It surprises me that anyone would still work with Gibson, given that it’s common knowledge that he’s a raging lunatic. Still people do. He’s still a name, I guess, for better or worse, and he’s got a ton of money to get projects green lit. I understand that it’s not necessary to like everyone you work with. It’s a very professional attitude to have. But don’t be surprised when Gibson gets all Linda Blair-in-The Exorcist on you. I mean, bitch, he’s a snake. Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who had accused Gibson of making anti-Semitic remarks in the past (imagine that), recently released yet another tape of the Lethal Weapon star going ape shit (imagine that). In this latest audible treat, reportedly recorded by Eszterhas’ 15-year-old son, Gibson berates the screenwriter for not delivering a draft of a script for a forthcoming project called The Macabees. He also calls his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, the subject of other Gibson greatest hits, a “filthy little cocksucker.” He continues, flashing a glimmer of vulnerability, that Grigorieva “takes advantage of me, just like every motherfucker,” which I think is sad and sort of sweet. Aw. Eszterhas released the recording, which dates back to Dec. 2011, because Gibson had called him a liar. Eszterhas had written a nine-page letter to the polarizing movie star accusing him of being an anti-Semite and of making death threats toward Grigorieva. In his response, Gibson called the accusations “utter fabrications.” “My interest isn’t to damage [Gibson] with this tape but to prevent damage being done to others, starting with Jews, including Oksana and now, I’m sure, me,” Eszterhas told The Wrap. “I strongly believe that unless he seeks and receives some kind of psychiatric help, someone is going to get hurt.” He’s just figuring that out now? I think most of us heard that rattler from a mile away.

Dive Into Sacramento & Its Surrounding Areas

Wednesday april 25

luigi’s Fungarden sacramento

With cold Heart repress, ancient astronaut

all ages | 7pm $5

saturday april 28

tHe toWn pump yuba city

With the left Hand the porter project

21+ | 8pm $5

Friday may 11

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With rob Wynia (of Floater), the sound

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Friday may 18

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Friday July 13

concert in tHe park sacramento

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Issue 109 • April 23 – May 7, 2012


Dive into Sacramento & its Surrounding Areas April 23 – may 7, 2012


murs The Center of It All

Thai Basil Midtown staple

Celebrates 10 years

sam Peligroso home cookin’


Essential Items for a Cool Summer Wardrobe

+ The Cabin

in the Woods Joss Whedon Strikes Again what’s the deal with

Childish Gambino?

Death Grips Believe the Hype

Havenside Hardcore from the Heart

Your Facebook Friends Deconstructed


Submerge Magazine: Issue 109 (April 23-May7, 2012)  

Features on local latin hip-hop artist Sam Peligroso, Murs from the Living Legends crew, local hardcore group Havenside, Thai Basil in Midto...

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