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Internal Verification requirements for BTEC programmes


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Guidelines and Documents


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This guide includes: •

Instructions and compulsory documentation for completing the internal verification of all BTEC programmes at ...Name of Centre....

Detail of the other checks IVs should make on BTEC assessment requirements. These requirements include: (i) (ii)

Assessors’ attendance at a documented assessment standardisation meeting Assessors’ use of appropriate Observation and Witness Statement pro formas

• Pro forma documents for assessors to record the above-mentioned standardisation meetings, Observation and Witness statements. These are included at the end of this guide.

Instructions for IV of BTEC Programmes The ...Name of Centre.... Internal Verification (IV) process for BTEC QCF/NQF programmes is necessary to meet the requirements of centre approval, qualification approval, lead internal verifier status, standards verification (if required) and the Quality Review and Development (QRD) Process. There are three stages of IV, which must include: 1 IV of all assignment briefs prior to issuing to students 2 Sampling the formative assessment of assignments 3 Sampling the summative assessment of completed units The IV documents listed below must be completed by all course teams delivering BTEC programmes and made available to their Standards Verifier. The documents include: •

BTEC Internal Verification/IV Planner The plan of the units to be IV’d and the assessor and IV names, also indicating unit(s) included in the IV Planner in the forthcoming year, if known.

BTEC assignment briefs - IV feedback To be completed before assignments issued to students

Mapping BTEC unit assessment opportunities Ensures opportunities for all the necessary grading criteria are provided across the assignments that make up the unit

BTEC Assessment decisions – IV feedback To record IV outcomes of sampled assignments and completed units.


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The Lead Internal Verifier

There should be ONE Lead IV for each programme area; this covers entry level to level 3. For NQF (New Specification 2012/2013) Level 2 BTEC Programmes the Lead IV for QCF can be a different person to the QCF Lead IV. You can also have one Lead IV for the QCF and NQF programmes. The Lead IV needs to ensure that the programme team is adhering to the Internal Verification process The Lead IV should not be undertaking all of the Internal Verification The Lead IV should sample IV assignment brief and assessment decisions from the programme team The Lead IV is responsible for: assessment planning, assessment monitoring and the Internal Verification Schedule. The Lead IV should be: Familiar with the BTEC process of verifying assignments and assessment decisions Involved with programme delivery and assessment Familiar with the specification Where the above is not possible (mainly in a new programme delivery team or a new assessor that is the only person delivering the programme), the Lead IV should be: Familiar with the BTEC process A subject specialist A supportive colleague


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Key Responsibilities


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Other important IV checks on BTEC assessment requirements 1 Assessment Standardisation Internal Verification should check that the course team holds a documented assessment standardisation meeting each year, involving all assessors. This is an Edexcel requirement of continued qualification approval. Standardisation meetings are usually organised by the course leader or lead IV. This applies to both QCF and NQF programmes. (Separate meetings are not required for QCF/NQF however) See pro forma for recording standardisation outcomes provided later in this guide.

2 Observations and Witness Statements Where assessment methods include Observations or Witness Statements the Internal Verifier must check that the BTEC requirements are followed and appropriate assessment recording documents are being used. See the separate Edexcel recording documents for Observations and Witness Statements provided at the end of this guide. Course teams should use this Edexcel documentation. If any other format is used it must provide the same information.


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BTEC Internal Verification The Excel file includes the units students are working on this academic year. The internal verifier must collect the work to be cross-marked from the subject tutor as soon as it has been assessed. All internal verification must be completed prior to the deadline date set for standards verification, and allowing time for any action points to be addressed. For SV sampling purposes, the unit should be varied and all assessors sampled from year-toyear, wherever possible. (This is essential for NQF qualifications) All sites from the centre must be involved in the IV process and the SV sample.


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BTEC Lead Internal Verifier Resource Pack 2nd Edition  

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