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Con todos los j贸venes

Subir al Sur A program of the SES Foundation, Subir al Sur promotes peace and intercultural education through voluntary service without distinction of cultural or social differences. The objective of Subir al Sur is to educate about "global citizenship" and increase awareness on the values of co-responsibility, respect for cultural diversity and solidarity. Every year we mobilise at least 250 volunteers from Argentina, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. They participate in intercultural volunteer projects organized by Subir al Sur in various parts of Argentina. We facilitate volunteer experiences for dozens of Argentines with our partner organizations worldwide. Subir al Sur 1

Subir al Sur understands that a travel experience can be deeply educational. We believe that individuals can help build a better world by practicing solidarity through volunteerism and celebrating cultural diversity together with human beings from distant parts of the globe.

We are inspired by‌ Popular education is at the core of our intercultural encounters, which focus on dialogue and emphasize the understanding that we are all different people with equal rights and equally valid worldviews. Subir al Sur also promotes the acquisition and enhancement of fundamental values such as mutual respect, solidarity, cooperation, tolerance, freedom, equality, justice and responsibility. Our intercultural encounters include daily activities focused on nonviolent communication, tolerance, and solidarity. Subir al Sur projects are rooted in Service Learning and we strive to respond to the unique the social, political and economic context of every place we work. Our methodology provides opportunities for learning through participation and action-learning. As volunteer groups use collective knowledge to address real local problems this gives way to a profound, contextually-situated learning experience. We know that intercultural volunteerism is a deeply enriching experience for many people who – despite language barriers – share common goals, common values, and common commitment to a project. For that reason, Subir al Sur works to generate a supportive context in which individuals can meet, share, and discover one another.

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Intercultural Volunteers Being an international volunteer is an option for anyone in any moment of their life, regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality or professional qualifications. Volunteerism is one of the ways people can exercise their free will, make choices, discover new activities and life spaces, and express their commitment to a more just and fair society.

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Our partners:

Local and International Networks At international level, Subir al Sur is a member of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS).

in Argentina. In every corner of Argentina, Subir al Sur partners with youth organizations which are active members of SES Foundation network enabling youth activism and collaboration. These organizations propose service

This global network promotes intercultural education through national, regional and international volunteerism under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We are also associated with the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations (Alliance), and other universities and international nongovernmental youth organizations which promote peace through voluntary service.

projects and recruit local community members to work side-by-side with international volunteers during intercultural encounters. During the year, Subir al Sur’ team provides support to youth partners strengthening their capacities for project planning and helping them gain more visibility in their communities, through media and campaigning work before, during and after the international projects. This provides youth with a practical opportunity to gain recognition and promote community transformation.

We collaborate with these global partners to share knowledge, developing seminars, courses, magazines, specific papers on topics related to cultural diversity, poverty, the environment, active participation, and social integration, among others. Within Argentina, we work closely with youth organizations from around the country. Subir al Sur is one of the various programmes within the “Youth Empowerment Programme� at SES Foundation. Thus, Subir al Sur projects reinforce and support SES Foundation national efforts to create educational and economic opportunities for the most disadvantaged young people Subir al Sur 5

Basic English skills are required for Intercultural Encounters, but Spanish proficiency is not. The Encounters are led by experienced facilitators who speak both languages.

What we do

Intercultural Cooperation Encounters The “Intercultural Cooperation Encounters” organized by Subir al Sur are two-week gatherings centered on voluntary service. They bring together young volunteers from Argentina and around the world to carry out specific community service projects designed by local organizations affiliated with Fundacion SES and Subir al Sur. Intercultural encounters promote tangible social change and individual transformation for every person involved. The main goals are:

Community service and intercultural exchange as a learning experience. Intercultural cooperation through implementation of a simple and concrete project. Enhancing communication skills, including words and body language, among people with different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. Promoting respect and mutual understanding, by discovering other cultures, and diverse ways of thinking, living and feeling. Developing life skills, promoting education on the values of cooperation, peace, responsibility, and stimulating horizontal communication as inspired by “popular education” (Paulo Freire) which is well integrated with global education. Exploring concepts like democracy, human rights, social and economic exclusion, the environment, and discrimination, based on real situations and dynamics. Generating concrete results which improve the quality of life of the local community and everyone who participates in the voluntary service project.

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Medium and Long-term Volunteering Subir al Sur creates opportunities for Medium or long-term volunteer experiences, through which people from around the world can collaborate with Argentine youth organizations for a month or more. Our partners carry out diverse types of projects, related to art, communication, civic participation, and social inclusion, among others. We work hard to match our volunteers with the right project, based on their interests and expectations. In turn, we require commitment and day-to-day participation. Volunteers work closely with the local community so they must be reasonably proficient in the language spoken there, generally Spanish. Unlike Subir al Sur internships (below), medium and long-term volunteering experiences are not attached to a specific academia curriculum. The learning experience evolves in the day-to-day work and exchanges with the local organizations, families and communities. During the volunteer experience Subir al Sur team and a local coordinator maintains regular communication with the international volunteers while supporting a remote reflective process (regular Skype – email evaluations) which aim to order to increase the opportunities for cultural adaptation, mutual learning and skills developments in contexts of diversity. Subir al Sur 9

Internships Subir al Sur organizes internships for international students. We do this by coordinating more focused learning experiences with partners and global educational institutions. We integrate university students into action-learning solidarity projects, taking into account university curricula. Thus, internships are another way of promoting holistic education based on participation. Subir al Sur internships generally include the following:

Organizing tailored activities such as, community service in a social organization, visits to venues that fit the academic profile. Conducting Intercultural Education Workshops where young people discuss the social, political and economic context of Argentina, in relation with the specific characteristics of the youth organization which they will work for. On-going monitoring to address potential challenges faced by young international students during the internship. All activities are defined beforehand with the institution and the participating local youth organizations. Evaluation and analysis: the participating members of the Project undertake different evaluation stages during their internship, with a final evaluation which involves the local group, the student and Subir al Sur and results are used to consolidate mutual learning

Intercultural Facilitators Training

Subir al Sur holds an annual seminar to train new local facilitators. We give them the skills they will need to lead intercultural cooperation encounters and education workshops.

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Con todos los jóvenes

Contact information 1156 Mayo Avenue, 2º Floor. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: 0054-11-43814225/43813842

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