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Dorothy Dora



please With its sinuous shapes and its distinctive character, PLEASE design deserves to be listed among the best item in your house. Its sophisticated design, the embracing and harmonious lines, the love for details, make a little masterpiece, which can be used for a wide range of projects, from residential to cafe’, for a sophisticated target with contemporary taste. The collection includes chair and armchair, with upholstered shell. The upholstery, in high quality fabric or leather create an elegant game of curves.


Arm Chair

C 0021 Dimension 55x45.5x69.5 cm

10,500.00 Baht

Arya-na Chair

C 0020 Dimension 55x45.5x69.5 cm

9,500.00 Baht

[1/29/2559 BE, 3:59:39 PM] LETRATURE @ CDC: C0019 = 14800 [1/29/2559 BE, 3:59:55 PM] LETRATURE @ CDC: C0020 = 9500 [1/29/2559 BE, 4:00:06 PM] LETRATURE @ CDC: C0021 = 10500

Arya-ec easy chair

this is a comprehensive collection of chair, armchairl, in essence or upholstered, is fixed on a light, though solid, copper plated metal structure. The wide choice of colours and materials make a highly flexible product to reach all tastes and to satisfy stylistically different environments. The versions on sled base are stackable to ease the use in contract.

C 0019 Dimension 65.6x72.5x59.5 cm

14,800.00 Baht



Dining table

the distinctive marks are an elegant structure in which the legs are lightened by the steel frame, available in copper plated finish. A formal simplicity and a deep attention for details make this table suitable for a wide range of enviroments. T 0067 Dimension 80x150x75cm

dressing shelve the unit has designed to display and contain dressing accessories. The structure achived by using copper plated metal, leather wrapped shelves with full height mirror. S 0121 Dimension 35x 85x170 cm

38,700.00 Baht

19,800.00 Baht


Dining table



Arya-wa bench

Arya-wa Arya-ottoman Como side table



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2016 spring letrature leaflet  

2016 spring letrature leaflet