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Introduction Welcome to Gateway 2 Wealth! The prime object of this book is to make you, the reader, wealthier than you were before you had read the book and I make no excuses for that! I know that at the moment you’re sceptical. I mean, hey you’ve looked and there is definitely no Gateway 2 Wealth. Well, maybe, you might have been looking in the wrong place! • Discover the MOST POWERFUL two letter word that will save you a fortune • Discover the ONLY TWO THINGS that will make you wealthy • Discover EASY WAYS to stop money flowing out of your Bank account • Discover EASY WAYS to start money flowing in to your Bank account • Discover how to SAY ‘GOODBYE’ to your loans, credit card debts and mortgage • Discover how to program yourself to find WEALTH every day • Discover & ELIMINATE the biggest obstacle to you becoming wealthy • Discover how this free book will, by itself, EARN YOU MONEY I’m going to help you by giving you simple easy ideas & options to do – but I can’t do it for you! Now if you think it’s all going to happen overnight without any effort on your part then just stop reading right now! Don’t waste your time - leave the book to gather dust in cyber space. I don’t mean to be rude or upset anyone but you know nothing happens without someone actually doing something. Listen, I’m the same. I don’t want to ‘break my back’ either so I promise the steps that I’ll show you to find ‘WEALTH’ are soooo easy! So stick with it until the end of the book. Good luck on your path to WEALTH!

Motivation & Goals -motivation n. that which makes person act in particular way -goal n. object of effort To achieve the things that you want, you need motivation. Motivation spurs you on to achieve your goals. You need a BIG WHY? You need BURNING DESIRE. What motivates you to act in a particular way? Is it…

Needing more time to be with family & friends Not wanting to be tied to a 9-5 job A new car, boat, caravan, house Spending more time at your sport – fishing, football, golf, sailing Retire early

Well, whatever it is I want you to write down what motivates you! Be realistic, don’t put down that you want to make a million pounds by next month if you’re not even on the way to your first £100,000. Take that motivation and convert it into a monetary target. For example: 1. If you want to give up your job you need to earn at least as much as you do now 2. If you want a new house you need to earn the cost of that house I think you get the idea. When you have done that, make a list of steps that will be needed to be completed in order to achieve that motivational target & beside each step put down when you want to achieve that step. Those are your goals! It’s easy! For example,

If you can break the above goals even further it will be easier to achieve as I find little steps are the best & are more realistic. You will get satisfaction by achieving and ticking off your little steps one by one & then, hey-presto, look around and you’ve achieved a giant leap.

This is how to program yourself to find WEALTH every day! Print this page & start listing.

The Power of Belief & Imagination.

Belief: regard as true Imagination: faculty of making mental images not present We are exactly who we are, simply, because we believe we are who we are. Our minds are made up of millions upon millions of beliefs. Basic beliefs like the sky is blue, grass is green, and air is needed to breath. There are also the personal beliefs like self appearance, self worth and self health. Now the difference between these two types of beliefs is that the basic, universal beliefs are just that. We believe the sky is blue because all people of the world believe the sky is blue. We believe that we need air to breathe because that is what we were taught. Even though we can not see air, we believe it is there. Now personal beliefs are quite different. These are beliefs based entirely on the experiences we have throughout our lives. These beliefs make up our physical appearance, our personalities and our state of health. Each experience we have forms a new belief or compounds an old belief that we already have. You see, all beliefs that we store in our minds are stored in the subconscious level of our mind. Once a belief is stored, the subconscious wants nothing else but to achieve this belief as a goal. The subconscious mind is completely goal driven. So a belief like “I am rich and successful” becomes a goal for the subconscious mind to achieve. The subconscious mind takes every belief literally. What this means is, that all though the subconscious mind is extremely powerful, it is also very simple. Any statement that is taken into the subconscious mind as a belief is taken exactly how that statement is worded. The subconscious mind will not try to examine every statement you make and discuss it with you to be sure it is all exactly what you believe. It will just basically say “I can feel that you believe this statement, so now I will set a goal to achieve this.” For example, let’s say that a person goes to a job that they are bored with. This person does not look forward to going to this job five days a week. Well, this person may make a statement like “I am so sick of this job” and really believe this statement. Then the subconscious mind just says “Yeah you believe this. You really are sick of this job. I can feel this”. So then the subconscious mind sets a goal to achieve this statement. Except the goal it is set to achieve, is to make this person feel sick while at this job, which could cause all kinds of illnesses. You see, the subconscious mind can not interpret this belief to actually mean “I am bored with this job. I would like something more challenging”. So please give your subconscious positive beliefs to work on. The thing that separates humans from the rest of the animal world is the power of our brains. In our brains we have many ‘tools’. The reasoning tool, the thinking tool, the understanding tool and many more. We also possess the power tool of ‘imagination’. All the authors of ‘how to be successful’ type of book agree on one thing. That is, that you have to think, imagine & really believe in something to make it happen! For a long time I thought that this was all psychological mumbo-jumbo, just as you might be thinking right now, but it really does work to believe strongly in the object of your desire to make it happen! So now we are working with the subconscious level of the mind. We can overpower all the negative beliefs we may have and build strong and positive structures with the beliefs we do want. Let me illustrate the power of the subconscious mind.

Have you had a problem that you have wrestled with & just could not come up with the answer to solve that problem? Of course you have, we all have! Try as you may you just couldn’t find the answer. Have you then woken the next morning to find that the answer to that problem came whizzing into your head as if by magic? Well, that’s the power of the subconscious mind! You found the answer in your sleep. Now let’s use that power & imagine. Imagine that your Bank balance is in the black. You have savings. You have an expenditure level less than your income. You have no outstanding loans. You can pay off that credit card bill every month, no problem! Your mortgage is reducing. The car is paid for and you’re thinking of buying a new/newer one for cash. You look smart in your new clothes as does your spouse/partner & children. You can afford to take exotic holidays more than once a year. You can eat out more regularly. You can entertain your friends at home more regularly. You’re offered promotion in your career or your business seems to be picking up. People seem to want to be in your company. They seem to be asking your advice on matters more now than in the past. All this is possible if you really believe, live it, feel it and it will happen. The biggest obstacle to you becoming wealthy is YOU! But it’s NOT your fault. You see, ever since childhood, we’ve all been told the same things: 1) Study hard at school 2) Pass your exams 3) Get a good job 4) Save for the future You get the idea. We’ve been programmed. So if anybody tells you anything different you, quite naturally, reject it. You make excuses, you say “I’ll think about it” or “Let me ask my partner, mother, brother, best friend, dad”. You’re suffering from EXUSE-ITIS! And how about the Dream Stealers? The Dream Stealers are your best friends, your partners, your relatives. They are well meaning individuals that tell you ‘that’ll never work’. Why, because they have been programmed just like you, they’re scared of trying and they don’t want to see you hurt or fail. Live your dreams and when opportunity comes knocking - OPEN THE DOOR!

Only two things affect wealth I have found that THE ONLY TWO THINGS that affect wealth are increasing income & reducing expenditure! I know it sounds obvious but that is it, increase income & reduce expenditure. Large, successful multi-national companies do it, and the CEO gets paid bucket loads for doing it! YOU COULD TO! Let me illustrate. Let us assume that this is your present financial position: Net income per month from all sources Less total expenditure per month Surplus

£1000.00 £ 990.00 £ 10.00

Now let’s set a target to double the Surplus to £20.00. There are two ways to achieve that. Question: Do you think that you could increase your income by just 1% - just one measly percent? Sure you can & probably a lot more when you implement the suggestions made later on in the book. OK, let’s see what happens if you increase your income by just 1%. Net income per month from all sources Add 1% increase Less total expenditure per month Surplus

£1000.00 £ 10.00 £1010.00 £ 990.00 £ 20.00

Target achieved! Let’s look at achieving the same thing another way. Let’s reduce expenditure by just 1% - one measly percent. I will show you ways to reduce expenditure later in the book. OK, let’s see what happens if you reduce your expenditure by just 1%. (For the purposes of illustration I’ve rounded up the saving). Net income per month from all sources Less total expenditure per month Add 1% saving on expenditure Surplus

£1000.00 £ 990.00 £ 10.00 £ 20.00

Target achieved! Now just imagine the power of combining increasing income and reducing expenditure! Net income per month from all sources Add 1% increase Less total expenditure per month Add 1% saving on expenditure Surplus

£1000.00 £ 10.00 £ 990.00 £ 10.00 £ 30.00

Surplus trebled! You might now be thinking that this sounds too easy – it does and it is! Just imagine saving £10 here & £10 there and then making £10 here & £10 there & then using that surplus to save a bit more here & there & making a bit more here & there. It’s as simple as that – only no one has told you that before! Believe it and you will be one step nearer to shedding your debt and gaining pounds£££!

Where does the money go? This is a frequently asked question. Most people just don’t know where the money goes – it just slips through their fingers. If you’re serious about getting out of debt and making money you should know where every penny of your money goes. There is an excellent ready-made Budget Planner available from for under $10.00 which you can modify & which saves you an awful lot of time. Ask for the £ or $ version and the expanded version with the option that allows the Daily Expenditure figures to directly input into the Budget. “A penny saved is a penny earned” – Benjamin Franklin.

The MOST POWERFUL two letter word In this section I’m going to invest you with the ability to use the most powerful two letter word known to man! The power of NO! Say it out loud - say NO! A lady I once used to give advice to on investments said that she hated going ‘shopping’ now because of me. When she wanted to buy new clothes (her passion) she told me I was there on her shoulder saying “Do you really need that?” Well of course she didn’t neeeeed that new dress or shoes, she desired them. From now on, I’ll be there for you, on your shoulder, and every time you want to buy something, I’ll be asking you “Do you really neeeed that?”

Don’t throw your money down the drain!

Bills I don’t know about you but I’m impatient. I like to see results quickly. There are areas where you could see an immediate gain and I recommend that you devote a little time to this chapter and then you can forget about it. With the money you save you can start paying off your loans and debts. This has got to be the easiest section of the lot. All it needs is for you to spend some time on the Internet & the phone (look for 0800 freephone numbers). 1. Gas/Electricity. Suppliers are queuing up to give you special deals. There is usually a discount if you get both utilities from one supplier. They even offer free advice on cutting your energy bills. One word of warning - The comparison sites only get paid when you switch suppliers and not all suppliers are represented because they are the ones that won’t pay the comparison site fee. ‘Utility Warehouse’ came out top for ‘bundled’ services in September’s 2007 ‘Which?’ magazine. 2. Water Rates. Find out if your supplier installs water meters free. Then it’s up to you to monitor consumption. Beware teenagers sometimes use/waste a lot of water. In fact, we all do. Once again, the Water Authorities do offer free advice on saving water, go to a site like this & navigate to their saving water/water efficiency features, click here. 3. Telephones/Broadband. Again, suppliers are queuing up to give you special deals. Check that the charges are per second & no minimum applies. Do you really need that mobile? If your usage is low, go for a Pay as you Go deals. If you have a mobile then do you really need a land line as well? Have you looked at VOIP – Voice over internet protocol? A lot of suppliers are offering to ‘bundle’ telephony – check out ‘Utility Warehouse’ again. 4. Television. Have you got Sky or cable TV? How much does it cost? Is it worth it? We all watch far too much TV anyway; can you do without spending that extra each month? Couldn’t that money go towards paying off your debts instead? How about having Freeview instead? 5. Car Insurance. Check that your cover is correct*. 6. Home Insurance. Check your cover & shop around*. 7. Life Insurance. Make sure you understand what the cover is for this type of Insurance*. *If in doubt, seek independent advice. Never cancel cover before the new cover is in place.

Are your bills getting you down?

Other ways to reduce expenditure Here are some ideas on reducing expenditure: In this chapter, I’m not implying that you should give up all that you enjoy in life. Merely, that you should ‘look after the pennies’ until you can comfortably carry on with your chosen lifestyle. 1. Rule. Don’t carry a lot of cash around because you’ll only spend it, believe me. It’s even worse if you carry your Credit Card around! Leave your card/s at home and just have a few pounds in your wallet. Don’t succumb to impulse buys, plan your spending ahead. Ask yourself, “Do I really neeeed it? Can I afford it?” Think SCROOGE say NO! 2. Takeaways. How often do you buy takeaways like an Indian or Chinese from a Takeaway shop? Instead, why don’t you go to the local supermarket & buy it there, much cheaper? Think SCROOGE say NO! 3. Beer & wine. Do you go the pub? Expensive? You bet. At roughly £2.50 a shot you could easily get rid of a tenner. A tenner a week works out £520 a year. Will that pay one of your credit card debts? Drink at your club or better still, buy from a supermarket & drink at home or with friends. Think SCROOGE say NO! 4. Food. Do you buy ready-meals? Why? You could eat better, healthier and cheaper by cooking with fresh ingredients. Rotten cook? Then learn! Try eating vegetarian for a month – it’s great (for a month). Tip. Supermarkets are expert and relieving you of your hard earned cash. Make a list before you go and don’t be tempted into buying anything else even if it’s a real baaargain. Isn’t it always a shock when you get to the checkout? Better still shop on line & watch the checkout total. I know there’s a delivery charge but it might ‘save’ you from spending twice that. At lunchtimes, do you buy food? Make sandwiches – it’ll save you money! Once upon a time I had a competition with myself to see how little I could spend on lunch. I bought a couple of rolls, some ham & some fruit. It amounted to 38p. It was some time ago! Think SCROOGE say NO! 5. Clothes. Don’t buy new, you can’t afford it. Check out the Charity shops for some bargains. If you must buy new, check out the supermarkets. Recently I bought some jeans for £4 & shirts for £3 each! But don’t sacrifice quality on purchases, that does not work. Think SCROOGE say NO! 6. Smoking. Despite Health Warnings on the pack & warnings on television etc. people still smoke. I can’t believe it! But it also damages your Wealth. How much is a pack of cigs now? £5.50. How many do you smoke? A pack a day. How much can you save??????? £38.50 a week! £166.83 a month! £2002.00 a year! No wonder you’re broke! Quit while you still can & not when you have to. Use the money to reduce your debts & get your ‘fix’ that way. Think SCROOGE say NO! If you need help to quit smoking please contact your doctor or other organisations – your health & wallet will benefit! 7. The obvious. Don’t take a bath have a shower, it will save you a lot of money. Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms, it will save you a lot of money. My wife hates me turning the lights off because she recently tripped over our all black labrador who was lying across the floor in an unlit room. Luckily, she managed to save herself from falling. Old habits die hard! Only heat rooms that are occupied & make sure the doors are shut on unoccupied rooms, it will save you a lot of money. I still do that as well! Wash up in a bowl, don’t use the dishwasher, it will save you a lot of money. Don’t overfill kettles, boil what you need, it will save you a lot of money. I do that too! Think SCROOGE say NO! 8. Dining out. Most people on average incomes cannot afford to go out to eat. For an average meal & bottle of wine you are looking at somewhere around £25.00 a head. Add taxi fares there & back at £20.00 & the costs for the night out rack up. If you must go out then avoid the aperitifs & digestives – that really increases the bill. Look for a restaurant that has special ‘2 for 1’offers or ‘eat as much as you like for £X’, ‘2 course specials’, etc. Better still,

invite friends over, buy a decent bottle of wine from the supermarket & cook yourself an ‘expensive’ special meal. I guarantee that you will save at least 50% and probably enjoy the evening more. You might even get a return invitation, ‘2 for the price of 1’! Don’t say to yourself “Oh, it’s only 50p, or £1” it mounts up and as you fill in the daily expenditure sheet you’ll see the totals daily and at the end of the month. Then you’ll know where the money has gone! Once it’s spent you will never ever get it back! Really look after those pennies because, as the saying goes “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. Remember – ask yourself every time “Do I really really neeeed it?” Think SCROOGE say NO! say NO! say NO! say NO! say NO! say NO!

Have you been affected by the credit crunch?

Mortgages The best way to tackle this section is to read & understand the options listed & then go and see your independent Financial Advisor or independent Mortgage broker. The latter might be best as they specialise. Don’t try to DIY – you will end up, confused, frustrated & you might end up choosing an unsuitable product! Your biggest single debt is usually your mortgage! 1. If your mortgage debt exceeds 3.5 X Single Gross Income or 2.75 X Joint Gross Income you are over geared. That means that you have borrowed more than your Income can comfortably support. Think seriously of downsizing – smaller/cheaper property – different area etc. 2. Rent a room. This was suggested in ‘Increasing your Income’, but it’s worth mentioning it here again. If you decide on this option you should notify your Mortgagee (Lender) & your property Insurer. 3. Change your payment method. If you are paying back your mortgage using the Capital & Interest (Repayment) method then ask your Lender to change your mortgage to an Interest only method temporarily. Don’t succumb to paying unreasonable extra fees to them for this facility. You should bear in mind that this is only a temporary solution to release extra cash to pay off other debts such as loans & credit card debts. The other thing to bear in mind is to make sure your Life Insurance cover is still adequate especially if you have a Decreasing Term Insurance policy. 4. Interest only mortgages. If you have an Interest only mortgage supported by an endowment policy or other investment products you might consider the following option. Most endowment policies will not meet their target growth so you might consider selling the policy on the open market or surrendering the policy. With the proceeds you can pay off some of your other debts or reduce the capital amount owed on your mortgage subject to redemption penalties. At least then you are guaranteed to save the interest that you would normally have paid. In most cases the guaranteed saving of interest far outweighs the risk of growth! If you decide to do this, change paying your mortgage to the Repayment method and replace the Life cover lost with the sale of the endowment policy. Above all, seek independent advice. 5. Re-mortgage. This option is usually a favourite. With re-mortgaging you can perhaps get a lower interest rate for a period but you will have redemption penalties & you may have to pay fees. You could also consolidate your loans & debts but all you are doing is converting short term debts into long term debts, so think carefully before you act. Remember to seek independent advice. 6. Current account mortgages. This type of mortgage is growing in popularity. The way they work is that they seek to combine all your debts, savings, Bank current account and mortgage. The idea being that if you are in overall credit, the credit amount reduces the amount of interest charged on your mortgage at the mortgage rate without any Income tax implications. However, your credit amount should be considerable if it’s going to offset the higher interest rates that these mortgages normally charge. But, if you are that much in credit you probably are not reading this book! If, on the other hand, you are in overall deficit, that amount increases the interest charged but only by the mortgage rate. Pretty good all round! BUT, the mortgage rate is normally higher than other deals that you may be able to get by shopping around and it does encourage you to borrow more & increase your overall debt which is not what this book is all about. Don’t forget to seek independent advice. 7. Before you act. Once you have decided on the various options make an appointment to see the advisor of your current Lender. Tell him/her what you aim to do & ask whether the Lender can match or better the options. If they value your custom they will, but don’t be swayed by any of their counter arguments necessarily because they are not independent and acting in your best interests. This option might save you hassle & cost, because you

are not changing lenders. Don’t pay excessive fees to them for changing the terms of your mortgage. A lady who did that just recently was asked to pay £250.00 & when she refused & threatened to move her mortgage the amount asked suddenly dropped to £50.00!

Tackling credit card & loan debts The first step is to find out what your credit standing is like. Get your FREE on-line Credit Report by Experian, one of the two biggest credit reference agencies, which is offering a free 30-day trial of CreditExpert. Note that you have to give them your credit card details and there is a monthly charge of £5.99 after your free trial ends. It's a good idea to send off for your credit files occasionally to make sure the information they hold is correct. The second thing to do is to itemise all credit cards on one list & loans on another. Sort the separate lists by amount owed order with the largest amount owed in each list at the top. The problem with credit is that you’ve spent the money & probably forgotten what you spent the money on. Now you are paying interest on top! Some advisors say cut up your credit cards – DON’T, you might need them. But if you have store cards – cut them up – NOW! Their interest rates are always sky high. Right let’s start with a few suggestions. Credit cards 1. There are several schools of thought on how to manage credit card debts. You can pay as much as you can afford on each card, but it seems like the debt never seems to get any smaller and over time you lose heart. My suggestion is that you tackle the smallest debt first. Pay the minimum on the rest but the maximum on the smallest debt. That way you can see an appreciable amount coming off each month not to mention a lower interest charge on that card. It follows, that eventually you will have no debt on that card. It also then releases the minimum amount that you would have had to pay on that card which can be allocated to the next smallest debt and so on. Psychologically this will give you encouragement when you see the progress you are making. You’ve heard about compound interest? That’s where interest is charged on the interest and it amounts to a considerable debt which is good for the lender but not the borrower. Well, this is using the power of compound interest in reverse – I call it ‘compound saving’! The next section suggests a way of finding that extra payment so that the interest charge is reduced. 2. How do you pay for your everyday food, petrol, etc.? Some people pay by cheque & the money leaves their Bank account without benefiting them. Isn’t it better if the money you have budgeted to spend on these everyday items went first to reduce or eliminate your smallest credit card debt? Then you can use that same card to pay for the everyday items having saved the interest charge, on the card, that you would have been charged. In other words, the money paid in ‘earns’ the interest that is charged by the credit card companies. Further, if you then spend less than the budgeted figure the benefit shows in the lower credit card balance. This option needs iron will power! Don’t overspend otherwise the exercise is useless. 3. 0% interest on transfers. Many credit card companies are offering 0% interest on transfers & lower initial interest rates. The credit card/s that’s charging you the most interest is the one to pay off with this method. Check the terms out very carefully before you apply. Bear in mind that this action alone won’t make the debt disappear; you still have to use the ‘free’ period to reduce or eliminate the debt. Most people don’t & the spiral of debt continues. It really makes me laugh when I hear some ‘hooray Henrys’ boasting that they keep

transferring their debts from one to other 0% interest providers. All that says to me is they can’t afford to pay them off and it’s certain as ‘eggs is eggs’ that they will come unstuck one day! Because, every time they apply for a new credit card they leave a footprint on their credit record which, eventually, goes against their rating! Now, of course, most companies charge an ‘up-front’ interest fee which defeats the object of moving the debt! 4. Rainy day savings & investments. Have you got any rainy day savings? How much interest, net of tax, are you earning on those savings? Whatever the figure you come up with won’t be as much as the interest that is charged by the credit card companies. I have news for you – it’s raining now! Use the money to pay off your credit card debt & get it ‘earning’ the interest that is charged by the credit card companies! You can always borrow it back if the roof falls in! The same applies to other investments, check how they are performing or whether the money could be put to better use. Always check with your independent advisor if you are thinking about ‘surrendering’ your policies or investments. There is no magic solution. Use the ‘extra’ cash you might have generated in the first three steps to pay off these debts. Are you up to your limit?

Personal loans The first thing you need to check is “are there any early repayment penalties?” There normally are and, if not, then start to accelerate payment on those loans without redemption penalties. 1. Car loan. Think about selling the car, paying off the loan and buying a cheaper one. I’m not kidding – do it! 2. Home improvement loan. This borrowing is better suited to being included within a mortgage. See the section on re-mortgaging. 3. Consolidation loan. If you have one of these, you have fallen for the biggest cons in the world of finance. All you probably did was convert short term borrowing into long term borrowing & frittered away the so-called ‘extra cash’ it generated each month. Nasty! It’s probably costing you interest at a higher rate & usually comes with onerous early redemption penalties. There’s no easy solution to this one you’ve just got to grin and bear it and put it down to experience. The moral of the story is “don’t use a consolidation loan”. 4. Furniture/Household appliances loans. These are probably the small loans that you should attack first and pay off because once paid they then release more cash for other debts. Consider using a credit card to pay them off because even though the interest charge may be higher you release that ‘extra cash flow’ it generates when you consolidate which should be used for accelerating payment off the credit cards as shown in the above section. The consolidation in this instance makes sense because you are not extending the time period necessarily. The problem with personal loans are the penalties for early repayment. Psychologically it might be better to just pay them off & swallow the bitter pill called ‘penalty’.

Increase Income Have a look at the list of things I am suggesting to increase your income. 1. Clear out your loft, cupboards, garage, shed. The stuff you have hoarded over the years has value. There’s money tied up in those unused items. There’s money lying about all around you. All you have to do is collect. Sell them in the free newspapers or boot sales. Do not, whatever you do, take them to the tip. Ask others if they need any of their stuff clearing out – for a fee! Buy from charity shops & re-sell. Some people get so hooked on this idea that they end up being regulars at boot sales. All CASH! 2. Have you got a skill? Apart from your regular job, can you do something else to earn income? I encouraged a lady I knew in my youth, stuck at home with a little baby, to do sewing & alterations by placing a small ad in the local paper. She was inundated with jobs. Can you bake cakes, make jam, make chutney? Have you got green fingers & grow flowers or vegetables? Can you paint, etch or sketch? Can you fix cars? Is your passion tinkering with motorbikes? Get the idea? Sell your produce at boot sales, craft fairs, farmers markets or advertise in the freebie newspapers. All CASH! 3. Special interest. Do you like children? Fancy child minding? Would you like to work with/for the elderly? Social Services & Care Homes pay good money for people to come in each week for a few hours and ‘entertain’ the elderly. Check it out, phone them up, do it now! ALL EXTRA INCOME! 4. Have you got a hobby? Can you qualify as an instructor? You can get paid for teaching people what you like doing or to write a book LIKE THIS! I know a lady who keeps a couple of horses, one for her and another for the kids. Now, horses cost quite a bit to keep. Hay, woodchips, feed & regular shoeing all mount up. This lady also has a wood-burning stove and lives in a rural area but on a busy road with lots of passing traffic. So, what’s the connection between horses, stove and busy road. Well, I’ll tell you. What she does is buy logs by the ton load, rebags them into smaller lots & sells them for a profit on the roadside. No, she doesn’t sit there all day, she has a collecting tin for the cash which she empties regularly – people are basically honest. The profit goes towards heating her house and some for the upkeep of the ponies! In addition, there’s a by-product. Horses produce manure & gardeners buy it by the bagful. So, this lady sells that as well –talk about recycling! Her next door neighbour sells surplus vegetables from his garden. The two trades compliment each other. Another guy I know owns a large sailing yacht which he uses regularly in the summer for club racing. He needs crew which he gets to pay a small amount each time they come and sail to defray the cost of keeping a yacht. 5. Can you do odd jobs? People are always crying out for plumbers, electricians, gardeners, babysitters, dog walkers, house sitters, ironing clothes. Look in your Yellow Pages for a vast variety of ideas for possibly earning extra income. What about painting & decorating, anyone can do that! The funny thing is that you do a small job for someone & then they ask you to do another while you’re there and so and so on. Before you know it, you’re inundated. All CASH! In the 80s recession I had a chat with a builder client/friend over a cup of coffee. He was complaining that, because of the recession, many builders were cutting profits to the bone to get jobs. I asked him whether he ever got asked to do extra jobs that he hadn’t quoted for, whilst he was fulfilling a contract? “Yes, always”, he said. The penny dropped – that’s where his profit was! But, if he never got the job in the first place because of his pricing then he never would get the ‘extras’ at full price or more!

6. Are you claiming benefits? If you are, make certain that you are claiming everything that you are entitled to by going down to your local benefits office & asking or visit . Don’t ask, don’t get! 7. Tax Code. Have you got the correct Tax Code? Are you claiming all the allowances that you are entitled to? Go down to your local Tax office & ask or visit . Don’t ask, don’t get! 8. Get a part time job. Look for a job that might offer an extra earning opportunity besides your wages. Don’t be a barman, you won’t get tips – be a waiter. Do you know how much a good waiter earns in tips alone? Do they have porters at railway stations & airports anymore? All CASH! 9. Rent a room. I’ve saved this till last because it’s by far the most lucrative. You can get £50 £60 per week for a room in the South East – TAX FREE! A neat & tidy house attracts neat & tidy lodgers. No forms to fill in and if you don’t like them, you can ask them to leave. For on-line help and information visit .All CASH! 10. Internet home based opportunities. BEWARE, BEWARE,BEWARE. Most of the providers just want your cash – say NO! But, let’s face it, the internet is the one BIG medium to reach a target audience. If you are keen to work from home then there is an excellent article you can visit 11. Stock market trading. I don’t recommend this until you are reasonably debt free but if you are interested then I’ve written a free course & you can have a look here Have I given you enough ideas? Don’t watch Deadenders, get busy. I know people who have ‘earned’ a couple of hundred pounds or more in a weekend, which is nearly as much as they do working at their regular job all week! All CASH! There are hundreds & hundreds of opportunities out there – go on get your share!

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Internet Marketing Internet marketing is evolving daily and it is the process of growing and promoting your business using online media. Internet marketing is about attracting visitors to your web site with a well designed web site, optimised for search engines and can be a highly cost-effective way of marketing your business. Most people think, as I did, that all they have to do is have a web site and upload it to the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that and a successful marketing campaign involves hard, technical and detailed work. Your first step is to design your web site. Web Site design must reflect your business and offer genuine help to your potential customers with continuous growth and development once the site is live. These days there are web design programs that can be used by the most novice of users & are usually included in hosting packages. I’ve tried several but the most comprehensive package I have found at the lowest possible cost is provided by The cheapest Domain Name provider I’ve found is To promote your web site you must provide quality information related to the product or service that you are involved with. You need to research and write your ‘content’ which can be very time consuming often resulting in ‘writer’s block’. Fortunately, there is a superb software solution in Instant Article Wizard Pro that more or less writes the article for you. I use it all the time. Email marketing campaigns can be another successful aspect of an Internet marketing campaign. Email marketing essentially involves sending out emails to a group of individuals who may be interested in your products and services. Email marketing is a very effective way of quickly increasing sales for your business by pointing them to your web site. This method of Internet marketing is used by almost all major companies throughout the world. Another way of advertising your web site is by using a Google Adwords campaign but it can be very expensive and not produce the necessary results. Now that video technology is within everyone’s grasp, promoting your business on YouTube provides a fabulous link back to your web site at no cost. By far the best way is to create a ‘viral’ effect and get your customers to recommend your site to others. In Internet marketing it is usual to reward those customers who take the time & trouble in recommending your business. There are many other aspects to Internet Marketing which cannot be covered in this section but once you learn how to use these Internet marketing tools in an effective way, you could be the next Internet success story. Success is doing until you find what works. 1. Find your product or service 2. Build & host your web site 3. Drive visitors to your web site But wait - modern technology to the rescue! How about a ready-built, hosted, crammed with products personalised web store site that you can have up and running in 15 minutes? Costs less than £20 pa and, in addition, gives you over 30 Bonus items free to sell on and keep 100% of the sale price. It’s constantly updated and when someone buys a product it’s auto delivered and you get the commission. No work - no brainer! Click here to see a sample store site and get all the info.

Network Marketing Network Marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is one of the most profitable and effective ways to distribute products and services. It's ironic that people still mistakenly accuse all M.L.M.'s of being pyramid scams when it was actually the reputable M.L.M. companies that first petitioned government authorities to have pyramid scams outlawed. With Pyramid selling there was no need to sell the product/service to the end user. All you had to do was to recruit distributors who had to buy their way in to the business at various levels. Those who did so were usually left with a garage full of stock. On a more technical level, once in the pyramid matrix you could not get to a higher level than the person who sponsored you. For these reasons, it is now illegal. In my personal opinion, Network Marketing & MLM should not be associated as meaning the same thing. To me MLM has nothing to do with ‘marketing’ & everything to do with the pay structure of the business. Whilst, Networking has everything to do with ‘marketing’. Most of us ‘network’ every day but not necessarily in a business context. In fact, in recent years Business Networks (Breakfast Clubs) have grown exponentially. There are many examples of respected Network marketing companies such as Kleeneeze, Amway, Herbalife and Shaklee who amply reward their distributors. In fact, Donald Trump is reputed to have said that if he had to start all over again he would use the Network Marketing route. By marketing products and services through independent affiliates you eliminate the need for wholesalers, shippers to wholesalers, retail advertisers and retailers. It makes sound business sense for anyone wishing to start a home-based trade. There are two ways of making money in Network Marketing: Selling and Recruitment. Huge profits can be made because commissions are paid to you on your personal sales and override commissions paid to you on sales made by ‘your team’ of willing, enthusiastic business partners. Let’s face it, by working for someone else; you will not become wealthy, never! Nor does Network marketing have to rely on a face to face approach with your potential customer. With the explosion of the Internet, the business can now be accomplished through effective Internet marketing techniques. Network marketing has always been a great way to get the word out about any business. No matter if you are selling a product or a service, with network marketing you can increase your sales in no time at all. It is a proven business system, which has been in existence since the 1940’s. Network Marketing is a legitimate business and not a get rich quick scheme. It is really a team effort and gives you the ability to leverage other people's efforts for mutual benefit. Network marketing prospecting is about building people, not your business opportunity. Once you become the attraction then people will follow you into whatever business opportunity you promote. If you want to know more about this form of attraction marketing then you could do no better than refer to the recognized expert, Mike Dillard, who promotes his system Magnetic Sponsoring. Let me give you an example of a home based business opportunity than can easily be run from home starting part-time.

Company status: London quoted PLC dealing in a regulated environment. Well managed Company with excellent reputation in the City. Articles in national press and Which? consumer magazine. Product/Service: Utilities such as gas, electricity, telephone, mobiles, broadband. Market: Everyone uses these services & pays for them by Direct Debit. Good recession proof business – no selling required! Competition: Very competitive environment so prices and service have to be excellent. Job: Distributors complete one form & Company does the provisioning. No need to resell as on-going Direct Debit collected by the Company. Pay structure: Bonuses on direct orders & residual income on infinite levels paid monthly. If you’d like to know more about this down to earth solid UK based business opportunity that you could be involved in today please click here.

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Viral Marketing Viral marketing is so powerful that it makes the search engines look small and insignificant in comparison. Even link exchanges, as powerful as they can be, wilt into oblivion in comparison. Viral marketing is 'self-perpetuating' advertising which compels people to share it via e-mail or word of mouth. This allows the message to spread (like a virus). Viral marketing is not related to computer viruses which infect computers automatically and cause problems; instead the point of viral marketing is that computer users who are exposed to it choose to pass it on. In some ways, viral marketing can be thought of as the online equivalent of ‘word-of-mouth’. Viral marketing is beneficial in that it has the potential to reach large audiences very quickly meaning businesses will potentially get their message to their target audience and beyond in hours. If people find content or an offer useful, they will tell others. In my opinion it is the most powerful FREE technique on the Internet. Viral marketing is a great way to reach a wide audience and get them looking at, talking about and interacting with your products and brand. It’s an ideal way to communicate a message, increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your site or just to make people smile. Viral campaigns can come in any shape or form, but they must all use existing social networks to spread whatever message they are trying to get across. It is most often used for email & internet based campaigns but can include blogs and seemingly amateur web sites. All these techniques are aimed at creating and developing word of mouth ‘credibility’, consumer interest and demand for a product or service. Viral marketing is dependent on passing information on to multiple others via online social networks. When executed well a viral campaign should spread rapidly and become referenced and talked about across multiple internet channels. Viral marketing is an email campaign technique that engages recipients in such a way that they want to pass on the message to this network of friends and colleagues. Just as viruses can be far reaching, so too viral marketers are able to disperse marketing messages beyond a target audience by exploiting the ease of email forwarding. Viral marketing, simply defined, is getting recipients to do your marketing for you by forwarding your message to their friends and associates. This can allow for exponential growth in the number of people who are exposed to your email marketing campaign. A prime example of this, and one which is often sited as the first viral marketing campaign, is the huge growth of the free email provider Hotmail. Hotmail was originally launched in 1996 and it grew faster than any other company in the history of the world. Within the first eighteen months of its launch it had already signed up over 12 million subscribers and continues to gain more than 100,000 subscribers every day. What would you give to have a product that you can pass onto your friends & colleagues via a simple email? What if that simple action resulted in a never ending income stream for you? Would you be interested or not? Read on ……… If you’ve been implementing the suggestions and techniques in this book you should have by now reduced your expenditure, reduced or eliminated your debts and increased your income and savings. The implication is then that you found the book useful!

If that is the case, you would recommend this book to your friends & colleagues, wouldn’t you? Yes! Well, as you know, you have the Distribution Rights so you can pass this book unaltered on to people that you know. But, what if you had the Master Distribution Rights? What could that mean to you? That could mean that with very little effort you could be earning a lot of money. Let me explain… Included in the book are various links. Those links could help you promote whatever business you are currently involved in and would lead to commissions earned from that business or businesses. With the Master Distribution Rights you are able to alter those links, if appropriate, to point to your enterprises. If you are not involved in any enterprises and don’t want to be that’s OK! Because, with the Master Distribution Rights you are automatically entered into a multi-level pay structure. This is how it works. When you distribute the book there will be others that will take up the Master Distribution Rights. For each one that does, you will earn £1.00! Not only that but you will earn £1.00 from each distributor up to 5 levels deep. Let me show you what that can add up to! Let’s presume that 5% of invitees take up the Master Distribution Rights and to make the math simple we’ll presume that each distributor only distributes the book to 100 people. In other words, you get 5 Distributors that get 5 Distributors each and so, and so on. That means that each level is multiplied by a factor of 5. Your First level – 5 Distributors = £5 Your Second level – 25 Distributors = £25 Your Third level – 125 Distributors = £125 Your Fourth level – 625 Distributors = £625 Your Fifth level – 3125 Distributors = £3125 Each Distributor on your First level has a potential to earn you £781 or more! And, as per the example above, if you didn’t get any more Distributors on your First level it still means that you could potentially earn a total of £3905! What would earnings on that scale mean to you? How much am I going to charge you for the Master Distribution Rights? But, first, let me tell you that the plan is completely anonymous. No one will know whether you have taken up the Master Distribution Rights or not AND you won’t know which of your friends & colleagues have taken up the Master Distribution Rights either! Mind you, with the potential earnings that the Master Distribution Rights plan could produce, people might have a sneaking suspicion.

So here it is – the cost. £9.99 Yes, it is tiny isn’t it? But, if you feel that you are not able to invest that amount in yourself then it only remains for me to say thank you for reading the book and I hope that you have derived some benefit from it. Please feel free to pass it on to your friends and colleagues. Those of you who can see the potential in obtaining the Master Distribution Rights can just click on the buy now button below. Important Please make sure you enter the code below when you make payment. After the payment process you will be directed to a page containing further information on how to proceed.

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Gateway 2 Wealth  

FREE Book to save money & make money in easy steps.

Gateway 2 Wealth  

FREE Book to save money & make money in easy steps.