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GIRLS OF THE NEW GUARD GET UP It’s almost time, once again, to recognise and celebrate the most inspiring young women in Australia through the Young Woman of the Year Awards! Introduction The Young Woman of the Year Awards is a one of a kind annual event, well on the way to becoming one of the most significant initiatives for women in Australia. The YWYAs celebrate the most progressive women under the age of thirty-five in Australia. We’re all about the new guard; super-creative ‘It-girls’ of supreme substance and style that are breaking boundaries today and setting the agenda for the future. Supported by an A-list of high achieving Australian women, the event is inspiring, exciting, unique and aspirational; celebrating the exceptional achievements young, boundary-breaking women are making at home and abroad and their ability to be individual, self confident, young professional women of style and substance. Awards are determined by leading female role models, industry peers and the general public. The YWYAs provide inspiration, recognition and support to young Australian women and highlight credible and valuable role models to aspire to. Sponsorship and Alignment The YWYA’s offer an unprecedented opportunity for select brands to align with a unique vision; to be part of this exceptional initiative and to position themselves as supporters of Australia’s most cutting edge young women and their aspirations. This is a rare sponsorship opportunity to create an emotional connection with a significant audience via a credible and respected initiative and to become an integral part of the environment. This document is designed to provide an insight into the main elements of the YWYAs, details the sponsorship packages on offer and the many ways your brand can be involved. We look forward to discussing this opportunity further in the near future.

AMBASSADORS The YWYAs has worked with an extensive list of the most exciting women in Australia as ambassadors of the event - all successful and inspiring women in their fields. These women are respected and admired for their work and achievements in their own industry, and were invited to participate on various levels including judging, presentation of the awards, testimonials, publicity and mentoring of the winners. We are proud to have such significant support for the YWYA’s from these notable women who all share our vision for inspiring and supporting young women via this much need initiative. We are thrilled to have gained the support of the following inspiring women via the YWYAs who have paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps:

Torah Bright Abbie Cornish Miranda Kerr Rose Byrne Sarah Murdoch Layne Beachley Kathryn Robinson Michelle Bridges Erica Packer Heidi Middleton Sarah Jane Clarke Del Kathryn Barton Mink Sadowski Kate Ceberano Gigi Edgley Maya Jupiter Liane Rossler Carolyn Hardy Belinda Seper Bridie Carter Camilla Topper-Freeman Emiy Barclay Janine Allis Gracie Otto Lindsay Rodrigues Jayne Wild Leanne Whitehouse

Lindy Lee Lisa Gorman Lynne Bradshaw Pia Miranda Sophie Lee Sibylla Budd Maz Compton Kate Mac Belinda Jeffrey Lisa Ho Julijana Trifunovic Georgie Parker Megan Spencer Sarah McLeod Alice McCall Michelle Jank Liz Ann McGregor Nicola Beynon Shelley Barrett Jane Flemming Saskia Burmeister Victoria Thaine Sonia Amoroso Amiel Daemion Rebecca Dawson Jade Mcrae Tanya Ha

“I am honoured to be part of the YWYAs . It’s an exciting, innovative and passionate initiative, promoting some of the most exemplary attributes of all: confidence and capability. As young women, we all need encouragement in these areas and to provide such a wonderful platform is completely inspiring.” ROSE BYRNE, ACTOR



01 Music 02 Fashion 03 Film, TV & Theatre 04 Art & Design 05 Community Vision 06 Business 07 Hair Design & Direction 08 Sport 09 Journalism 10 Photography

The YWYAs brings together the Australian community to recognise and celebrate the new guard of inspiring young women who are breaking boundaries.

Young Woman of the Year KEY DATES

3 September 2012 Nominations open online 30 September 2012 Nominations close 1-8 October 2012 Judging 15 October 2012 Finalists announced – online voting opens 5 November 2012 Voting closes 8 December 2012 Winners announced at black carpet event

The YWYAs lead a national effort that fosters the recognition and support of the most cutting edge Australian women across all categories and an initiative that provides inspiration to the generations following in their footsteps. The YWYAs are dedicated to injecting positive energy, ambition and the opportunity for Australian women to connect as a community. The ability to bring together the best of the best young professional women in Australia; industry experts, category leaders, famous faces, notable organizations, exceptional individuals, the media and the community is what makes the YWYAS so unique. The YWYAs provide an exciting avenue for your brand. Involvement will not only showcase the brand and bring it to life with a very crucial audience, but would also give your brand exceptional credibility and cut through; increasing its awareness with this target audience significantly. We look forward to the possibility of working more closely in the near future via the YWYAs.

“We all need a little support and encouragement sometimes in order to follow our dreams and reach our fullest potential. We often forget what we are capable of and depend on the people around us to give us a little reminder. I believe the YWYAs give young women that support and encouragement and am really excited to be supporting the awards.” MIRANDA KERR – AUSTRALIAN SUPERMODEL & DAVID JONES FASHION AMBASSADOR

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 2012 The YWYA’s offer a unique sponsorship platform for brands that wish to communicate effectively with a highly desirable and aspirational audience The YWYAs provide a unique multidimensional approach to marketing your brand and an early point of contact with the nation’s most inspiring young women. This is a rare opportunity to align your brand with this exceptional audience and to create an emotional connection via a highly respected annual initiative. Sponsorship opportunities with the YWYA’s are strictly limited and category exclusive and provide numerous benefits and entitlements. Building on the tiered platform, we will work with you individually to continue to develop a tailored suite of integrated ideas and executions that best represent your objectives and brief.

MAIN BENEFITS Main benefits of YWYA sponsorship packages are: Align your brand with the most inspiring and achieving young women in the country Build awareness via significant exposure Be part of a movement dedicated to a strong female community Territory ownership within a unique, credible and respected event Engage with your target market via integration, not just logo exposure Position your brand as innovators ahead of your competitors Entertain staff, retailers and your key customers/clients Access content to fuel your advertorial and editorial executions on and offline SPONSORSHIP LEVELS Sponsorship benefits differ in line with the level of commitment. Following is a guide to each of the sponsorship opportunities that make up the commercial structure of the 2012 YWYAs. Presenting Partner - $125,000 Major Sponsor - $50,000 Category Sponsor - $25,000 All prices quoted exclusive of GST.

“I’m extremely honoured to be part of the YWYAs. They are an inspiration to young women and reflect the good work being done to educate, support and celebrate the success of young women today. I encourage everyone to support this amazing initiative.” TORAH BRIGHT, SNOWBOARDER

“We’re so happy to support and celebrate young women achieving their dreams. It’s such a beautiful thing to have so many of us together to support the next generation of gifted and inspiring young women.”

Five ingredients young women need for success: 1. Originality 2. Passion 3. Motivation 4. A positive attitude 5. Perseverance



“The YWYAs is an extremely unique and inspiring way to acknowledge and celebrate the often unrecognised talents of exceptionally talented young women across many fields. I’m extremely honoured to be an ambassador for the event and particularly excited about the addition of the journalism category.” KATHRYN ROBINSON, TEN NEWS

“It’s so important for women to celebrate and support each other. The YWYAs, which aims to recognise women who have worked to achieve their goals, provides a wonderful opportunity to empower other young women to strive towards fulfilling their ambitions.” Pia Miranda – Actor

“There’s something about the drive within women that is personal. Their achievements tend to be more about selfsatisfaction than success from the outside. It’s wonderful to see the YWYAs publicly recognise the achievements of Australia’s young and talented women that will in turn encourage innovation, adventure and determination in the young girls of today, the women of tomorrow.” LISA GORMAN – FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR, GORMAN

“I am delighted to be a part of the YWYAs that highlight and celebrate creative and inspiring young women in Australia. As director of a museum that thrives on creativity, I am interested in supporting the amazing young talent around us.” ELIABETH ANN MACGREGOR – DIRECTOR, MCA

“I think the importance of inspiring and supporting the next generation is of paramount importance in life and work. Positivity and inspiration is the greatest gift you can give. What a great initiative to be a part of - and an honour. I hope it gives the nominees wings to fly.” MICHELLE JANK - DESIGNER

“The Young Woman of the Year Awards is such a great opportunity to celebrate women chasing their dreams and achieving their goals. I am honoured to be a past winner of the fashion category and am excited to see what great women are nominated this year.” Marnie Skillings – Fashion designer “I’m really proud to support the YWYAs which are recognising, encouraging and celebrating talented women who have the strength and determination to achieve incredible things.” Emily Barclay – Actor “I come from an industry which is predominantly about women looking after women. Strangely, so often it is the guys who grab most of the glamour. Sometimes we are a little too humble. There is no shortage of talented young women in Australia. The YWYAs is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and celebrate this fact.” Jayne Wild – Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year “I believe the YWYAs shine a welldeserved spotlight on a diverse range of talented, successful Australian women. What a wonderful showcase for the younger generations of Australian women to look up to.” Saskia Burmeister – Actor


“I am constantly inspired by the passion, drive and creativity of young women, who somehow manage to balance a multitude of personal demands and yet still give their professional lives the care and attention they require. I believe as women we should support and nurture each other whenever possible. SOPHIE LEE – ACTOR & WRITER

“The YWYAs provides support and recognition to young women in Australia, acknowledging both their talent and success in their chosen career paths... a wonderful inspiration.” ABBIE CORNISH – ACTOR

“I work in the music industry where males are the clear majority. On occasion we have toured for weeks where the only females working are Alana and myself. I’d love to see this change and with the help of initiatives like the YWYAs I don’t see any other way but up. It is my absolute pleasure to support, encourage and cheer on all of the brilliant women nominated in each category this year. Good luck!” PATIENCE HODGSON – SINGER, THE GRATES

“I’m thrilled to be part of an award that recognises the many varied achievements of young women Australia-wide. It’s always exciting to see the women of my peer group pursuing and achieving their dreams.” CAMILLA FREEMAN-TOPPER – FASHION DESIGNER

“When I was a young girl, a school friend conveyed a vital piece of information to me. Her father had told her that ‘a woman could be a good cook, but never ever a great chef. Women fundamentally did not have the creative spark that generated true talent’. That remark haunted me throughout my youth. I only ever wanted to be an artist, but according to my friend’s father, my gender already predetermined that I would fail. Well, he was wrong. I shook off this prejudice and eventually I became an artist of standing. So a big cheer to the YWYAs, it proves unequivocally that women can succeed enormously in absolutely any endeavour they put their hearts and minds to.” Lindy Lee – Artist “This is a wonderful initiative. The YWYAs is an opportunity to celebrate young women in Australia whose burgeoning success is grounded on hard work and integrity. The contribution of strong, talented women is vital to the future of the world’s communities.” Carolyn Hardy – CEO, UNICEF Australia “As design becomes increasingly important in not only improving the aesthetics of our world, but also striving towards improvements in areas such as sustainability, I am dedicated to be nurturing young designers and recognising them for their contribution to the future of the design industries in Australia.”

“I congratulate the YWYAs in its continuing quest to support Australian women. The Australian Government is committed to developing and supporting women’s leadership. I look forward to the unveiling of the young women nominees in this year’s Awards.” HON. TANYA PLIBERSEK MP – FEDERAL MEMBER FOR SYDNEY. FEDERAL MINISTER FOR HEALTH.

“What a fantastic initiative to celebrate clever, determined and talented young Australian women at the start of their unique adult journeys. It is with great pleasure that I can be involved with a group of extraordinary young Australians who will lead and inspire this country.” JANE FLEMMING – FORMER OLYMPIAN, TRACK AND FIELD

Leanne Whitehouse – Managing Director, Whitehouse Institute of Design “I had always taken a strong interest in animal welfare and environmental issues, but was motivated to take action and subsequently became involved with the RSPCA in Western Australia after seeing a particularly horrific animal cruelty case on television. I am proud to support these awards which recognise the achievements of Australia’s talented young women.” Lynne Bradshaw – President, RSPCA

“The YWYAs is a great initiative that inspires young women to believe that they can achieve anything by having confidence in their individuality and by embracing their uniqueness. The world needs innovation not stereotypes and we must continue to uncover new talent. ” JANINE ALLIS – FOUNDER, BOOST JUICE BARS

“The YWYAs is a celebration of young women pursuing excellence with courage, determination and passion. It is an honour to support the awards, and be surrounded by women of all generations who continue to live and create this way.”

“I think as women we are great at making things work while being able to manage a variety of priorities and identify what needs to get done. Success comes through advancement; this program recognises the advances made by successful young women.” BELINDA SEPER – OWNER & BUYING DIRECTOR, BELINDA INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD


“As an artist and a mother of two small children, I am keenly aware of the importance to nurture and encourage the creativity of our young. It gives me great pleasure to support the YWYAs. It is a celebration of the creativity and determination of young women.” DEL KATHRYN BARTON – ARTIST

“As a young, passionate filmmaker endeavoring to establish an identity (and earn a living) in a global industry, I am encouraged by the determination to promote and celebrate the achievements of young Australian women via the YWYAs. It is inspiring and empowering to read the stories of other women who have strived for success within their industries.” GRACIE OTTO – WRITER, DIRECTOR, ACTOR & FILM EDITOR

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YWYA 2012  

Media kit for the 2012 Young Woman of the Year Awards. For further information and contact details go to

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