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length = breadth * 10 }

init(frombre bre: Double) { length = bre * 30 }

init(_ area: Double) { length = area } }

let rectarea = Rectangle(180.0) println("area is: \(rectarea.length)")

let rearea = Rectangle(370.0) println("area is: \(rearea.length)")

let recarea = Rectangle(110.0) println("area is: \(recarea.length)") When we run the above program using playground, we get the following result: area is: Optional(180.0) area is: Optional(370.0) area is: Optional(110.0)

Default Initializers Default initializers provide a new instance to all its declared properties of base class or structure with default values. class defaultexample { var studname: String? var stmark = 98 var pass = true } var result = defaultexample() 141

Swift is a powerful and instinctive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS....