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For the love of T R A


Students open up about the kinds of art that inspire them - from travel photography to game design, the love of creating art survives. Interviews: Katherine Skippon

Travel Photography I call myself an explorer-traveller. I like to deliberately get lost in a city where I can freely wander around and explore. My trips can be quite spontaneous - I often hop on a train to London or a random bus around Guildford- or more organised, like when I travelled to Zurich or Malta by myself and enjoyed some me time. The best thing about travelling is getting to enjoy the world of wonders and then capturing amazing scenes to keep as a memory. I’ve met so many things on my way, from a blooming cherry blossom tree on a sunny day to the marvellous Azure Window on the island of Gozo, and they have been

photographed into a special collection that reminds me of my adventures every time I look at it. Travelling and photography is an extremely joyful combination. So go out there, explore and learn new things, even if it means going to a new city or just wandering around your neighbourhood – so many wonderful things are waiting to be discovered. You’ll never know what is ahead of you! Follow @ julieythe1st on Instagram for more of my travel photos. Juliey Pham

Left and below: photography by Juliey Pham


SUBCULTURED. Issue 3: (for the sake of) LOVE - May 2016  

Our third issue - for the sake of love <3