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june 2009

the one-liner issue

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after the lights go out...

19 lines about one. Especially written by Steve Korver and Jaro Renout for this fresh and beefy oneliner issue. - So whatever happened to the good oldfashioned two-liner? - MTV killed it. Squashed it as if they were that ocean non-liner Titanic. - Nice two-liner, buddy! - So make me laugh so I don’t notice I’m laughing until I am actually laughing. - Sorry. I’ll probably only be able to come up with something tomorrow in the shower when it’s too late. - That’s OK, just call me then. - How about if we try to mishear each other? - What you saying about your bitch mother? - Yeah like that. But funny. - So then let’s stick to the subject of your mother. - At least my mother can fit into a one-liner. - Not bad. You would have blinded me with that one, but luckily my eyes were rolling. - Meanwhile how about if we do something with vertrutting? - Zo direct is mijn moeder de eenige hoer in Amsterdam en daar ben ik niet zo blij mee. - Yeah well, last week my cousin was arrested for smoking eel. - Hmmm. Writing down one-liners is like buying them on Ebay: the delivery is too slow. - So shall we just return to the oral tradition? - Yes. That’s much sexier. - One thing is for sure: with a good one-liner you don’t need the rest of the song. - And that’s exactly how the blues were born. - Da naa na na.

toP 5 / inBox . . . . . . . . where it’s at? / win . . namedropping . . . . . . things that matter . micachu . . . . . . . . . . . . featured artist . . . . . elle bandita . . . . . . . . fashion statement . . pink mountaintops . film . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . shooting stars . . . . . spekkie big . . . . . . . . . . agenda . . . . . . . . . . . . . after midnight . . . . .

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h oly fu ck (b rian bo rc herdt, keyb oard and effe c ts ) 21/04, melkweg, ams terdam

Photographer Daniëlle van Ark takes photos of musicians right after they come off stage. Every month we publish one of her photos.

on the cover The special face of Micachu From the video Introducing Micachu. 5


last month at our office


Party: Magazine Party ft Telepathe at OT301 Great band, great DJs, great new location and lots of all you cool cool hipsters.


Music: Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle Mister Bill Callahan is back in style, combining his dark humour with heartbreaking songs of love, death and devotion.

3 4

Book: The Moi Non Plus Remixed Bright and shiny new products at the Subbacultcha! office. Music: Johnny Cash: The Last Great American (BBC 2) Some of us here at the office were not quite sure if Johnny Cash was dead. After seeing this documentary we are now quite sure that Johnny lives.


Gardening: Trumpet Vine Good guy Ernest Mistiaen brought us a trumpet vine to spice up our brand new garden. ...And you thought we were hipsters!



Re: Send us your favorite one-liner Submitted by Steve Hi! Though it’s not used in a song. It’s a live announcement of Steve Albini on the live-bootleg 7’’ Live in Leicester 1988 preceding the song ‘Steak and black onions’. Steve: “We don’t hate vegetarians but we think it’s a shame they can’t enjoy barbeques like regular people” With that nasal cynical voice! 6

Subject: Revolutie? Submitted by Ante Hey Subbacultcha! Net het artikel in Subbacultcha! mag over P. Watkins gelezen. Zonder te veel moeite de meest geslaagde tekst in dit issue. Alleen een opmerking. Ik dacht toch dat de Franse revolutie in 1789 was, bijna een eeuw eerder dan de Parijse Commune van 1871, of zie ik het verkeerd? Volgens mij zit er dus een “timeline” foutje in dit stuk

Classic one-liners: Going bald is the most manly thing I’m ever gonna do (Jeffrey


Your Photo: Where

it’s at?


it’s in my garden with joris the fake turtle Submitted by John Prop

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Lewis) // You ain’t a baby no more baby (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) // na na na na na na na




By Bob van Heur


ello everybody. First off, I Farm, Regina Spektor drops Far want to mention that this will and, as probably mentioned bebe the last Namedropping piece fore, Sunset Rubdown release the I’m writing. After this, I will lay my amazing Dragonslayer this month. ass down on a beautiful beach and Tweak Bird will tour in July, and drink Margaritas in the sun. Yes, will finally put out a proper album You Can Have What You Want. I’m after the summer. So Many Dynainspired by the new Papercuts al- mos release The Loud Wars in early bum at the moment, which is prob- June – it’s nice American songwritably one of the best and emotion- ing with weird electronics. Subbacally strongest albums released this ultcha! favourites Health are set year. Please check it out, as it will to release their second album after make you weep. More cry-baby-cry the summer. The label is yet to be music: Serena Ryder’s cover of confirmed, but you can imagine it Band of Horses’ biggest hit ‘The will be a big one. The legendary Funeral’ is ten times better and Oblivians and Gories will record more intense than the original. And a split at Jack White’s studio to coonce we’ve cried enough, it’s back incide with the upcoming tour. Yes, to some good old guitar songs. First- they’re playing Paradiso on 11 July, ly, the EP by the Brooklyn-based together with a lot of other nice lo fi-rocksters Sisters is out now. rock bands, including !!!. The night So is the amazing album by Mika is simply called RAWK so you can’t Miko, called We Be XuXa. Poppier, miss it. Cymbals Eat Guitars but still a nicely weird bunch: Port- from New York will release their land’s Nurses, who are now signed album on Utrecht label Beep Beep. to Dead Oceans. And Japanther’s Asthmatic Kitty have found a new Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt is al- very charming band called Helado ready out. The still amazing Wilco Negro. And did I tell you about Rohave finally got a new album again, ken is Dodelijk? A charming indie which is simply called Wilco (The pop group from Lille, France with a Album). Dinosaur Jr will release funny name. I guess they’ve crossed


na na na na (Kylie Minogue) // Lick my lips I’m on fire (PJ Harvey)  // Hit me baby

job wouters /


the Dutch border quite a few times. And lastly, there’s the new Bowerbirds album Upper Air. It’s less lofi than the first album and the songs are way better. Yes, it’s cry music as

well...I know... so, bye everybody and thanks for reading my piece of shit every time (or not). And now it’s Margarita time! bOb

one more time (Britney Spears) // I thought you were the moon in the sky, but

end 9



Subbacultcha!’s personal realm of things, friends, sounds and objects that have surprised, annoyed and rocked us lately.

Things that Matter




A on e -lin e r i n t e rvi e w

Micachu is the pseudonym of Mica Levi (22), whose band is one of the most exciting acts of this moment. It is pop but it is not. It is unconventional but it is catchy. It is dark but it is light. In a chat session with Subbacultcha! she talks about her super sounds while taking photos of the rubbish in her room. By Bas Morsch


as Morsch: Hi! Micachu: HI great you can do this no prob thanks for having me. I’m bad at typing tho me too, but we’ll look good in print or illegible even better [Note: For your reading pleasure and for us to not look too illegible, we decided—after long deliberation—to take out most of the typos] Can I send an mp3? That is a good start. Micachu posted file 07 Spectral Canon for Conlon Nancar-

row (1976 version; piano roll punched by Nancarrow).mp3 This is excellent Can’t wait. I listened to your mixtape earlier. I liked it. Oh thanks. There’s a new one out like next week Nice. The interview already started ok Does it make a difference if it started or not? Don’t know... this is weird It’s the first time I’ve done an interview like this as well Ah ok cool. That’s good to know

it turns out you were just a street light (Chad VanGaalen) // Are you punk or are

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Feature: micachu

How are you today? I’m well. u? I’m great thanks What did you have for breakfast? It’s Josh’s (flatmate) stepdad’s birthday, so I had sparkling wine and a huge fry up. The works. It was lovely Sounds good It was Sparkling wine for breakfast... livin’ it large For sure I am listening to the mp3 now. [the mp3 can be downloaded at] It’s by Nancarrow who wrote for player pianos. He punched the holes in the piano etc. This is a piece performed maybe by James Tenny. It’s lovely Did he make drawings with the holes? I mean, were the holes figurative? I don’t think so. But I’m sure it was aesthetically pleasing! I can imagine The sound is beautiful. In what way does this influence you as a musician? Or better, what is 14

it that you like about this? Dunno. I think it’s got a good shape to it. It builds up nicely and it’s exciting because it accelerates. It’s just good music and interesting sounds, especially when you know it’s essentially a piano. Isn’t it also because the composer is taking control of the instrument in a very personal way? Sure that’s another great aspect of it. He takes a different approach and in turn creates something impossible to achieve by playing it, errr, normally It is also something that you do, right? Taking an instrument and using it in a different way? Not particularly, but listening to music like this definitely encourages me to think about how to approach playing. Especially on established traditional instruments, but only if it is to benefit a good bit of music in the end. But what about your prepared guitar and home-made instruments? Oh yeh, I guess so. A bit! Extended techniques, prepared guitar, that kind of thing.

you drunk? (Malle Pietje en de Bimbo’s) // Mother, you had me, but I never had

That’s what I was aiming at... Ah ok cool. So yeh, in the band we try to limit the use of electronic pre-recordings, so we try to imitate or recreate sounds on what we’ve got... What have you got? We have acoustic guitar with distortion, synth, snare cymbals and kick one tom with raisa cow bells. What’s more important to you, sound or composition? That’s a question, both go hand in hand... use sound to make the composition I think. What is the weirdest sound you ever produced? My friend coughing reversed. Pretty weird. Lots of flem. Flem? Yeh, errrr, if u smoke too much. Ah. I have also seen you singing through some sort of a large tube. It’s a hoover. The bain of my life! It distorts your voice Is it on when you sing through it? Yes. But I don’t do it much anymore; we wanted to see if people

came to hear the songs despite the hoover. And? You didn’t need the hoover I assume. Yeh, I guess so. I hope so! In what direction do your new songs go? Are they more experimental... more hiphop? darker? Errr, more beatsy at the moment. A bit more out as well, more interesting harmony, more boring melodies. What do you mean with out? more weird. I don’t really know yet tho. Got lots of sketches How do you sketch? On logicon guitar, on paper… whatever’s around... logic [sound recording software] Do you use kitchen utensils? Yes I do, but it’s quite cliché I reckon. There is some great metallic percussion in a kitchen set though, right? Definitely, nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not ashamed dude! Just best to try and make it not sound like you fell into yr washing up pile... or maybe that’s what to go for?

you (John Lennon) // I love you like a fat man loves his donuts (Ghetto Cross)  //

continue 15

Feature: micachu

That would save some washing up. Do you like to cook? I’m shit at cooking. No patience Really? Somehow I figured you like to cook Oh no. I like to eat though. What do you like to eat? Free food May be I figured you like to cook because you seem to like creating stuff That’s thoughtful of you. Sorry to disappoint! That’s ok... free = good? No, not all the time It helps Exactly I am always curious what people like to eat, it’s a funny habit. Somehow it tells me something. Ok well er er er er er, I like Italian food and seaweed and big on sweets. My favourite at the moment is a haribo rainbow swirl hmmmmm sounds delicious Yeh, it’s magic What’s a Haribo rainbow swirl? It’s like a chewy swirl thing multi coloured... doesn’t really have a flavor! 16

What do you see when you look on your left? A wall... with a pic of my mum And right? So much crap I know the feeling. But crap can make noise Not this crap. It creates stress A hoover won’t help? Not now. I’m afraid it’s too late for even those measures You make me curious. A real interviewer would ask about it Lucky for you this is an interview So tell me... what’s with the crap on your right? And why does it stress you out? micachu posted file Dud003. jpg wow Yeh, too much crap That does not look so stressful that’s just one corner! What stresses you about it? Just no shelves to put stuff on. If I want something the pile collapses Do you feel you need to give it all a place? Yes

We’re not those kids, sitting on the couch (Moldy Peaches) // Some girls are bigger

There’s a chainsaw in there at the moment, but it’s plastic. I think the stuff is normal. It is just accumulated and untidy and homeless!


Maybe this is the place Yes But I see your point though. I like it that you took a photo I’m glad, I thought it was more articulate than any description of mine. Do you know Paul Wall? No sorry. Who is Paul Wall? He did this ace tune called Sittin’ Sidewayz a while back

Did the pile make you think of the tune? No, just in my head. Great bass line I’ll go find it Cool What is the weirdest thing you have laying in that pile? Well, there’s a chainsaw in there at the moment, but it’s plastic. I think the stuff is normal. It is

than others (Morrisey) // The most remarkable thing about you standing in the

continue 17

Feature: micachu

just accumulated and untidy and homeless! Will you do something about it any time soon? I just tidied it yesterday... that’s the thing. It was spread out all over the floor and into the corridor I couldn’t walk So you are sort of halfway ....I think I’m done actually. Unless I throw it out the window this is the smallest it goes. This chat sorta looks like that pile now. I think so too But I will give it all a place... I was thinking about photos with the article. Could you make some more? Yeh ok. Will do some of my room micachu posted files Dud020.jpg,

18 end

Dud021.jpg, Dud001.jpg I hope that’s ok It is great. I like the one with the M and the one with the sleeve It’s from Japan. Matthew Herbert gave it to me! Hey.... thanks so much for this. It’s been a pleasure Likewise! Have lots of fun in Rome. Good food there! Thank you. Have a nice day You too! Thanks and bye Bye!

doorway is that it’s you and that you’re standing in the doorway (John Darnielle)

featured artist

F e atu r e d Art is t:

je roe n b lankert



e wereld is slecht en de mensen over het algemeen ook. Maar soms is er iets moois en goeds, en dat moet dan geschilderd worden. Leuk is anders maar iemand moet het doen. Jeroen exposeert samen met Marc van der Holst (ja, van Spekkie Big) in de Chiellerie in Amsterdam, van 12 t/m 14 juni.

// I saw your girlfriend and she’s eating her fingers like they’re just another meal

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Featured artist: Jeroen Blankert



(Stephen Malkmus) // Niggaz my height don’t fight! (Eazy E) // If you could only

Amerika is een beetje te groot

stop your heartbeat, for only one heartbeat (Bill Callahan) // There’s gonna be a

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Featured artist: Jeroen Blankert

Blauwe vrachtwagen


lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing (Biggie

Voor de schutting

Smalls) // If you see your mom this weekend, be sure to tell her SATAN SATAN

end 23

Interview with self

i n t e rview w it h sel f

el l e b andita G l a mpunk di va El l e Bandi t a in t e r v iews g la mp u n k div a E lle B a n d i t a


lay a lot of bricks. With these bricks I want to build a castle, which will take years to complete. So I travel the world and the seven seas to gather all these bricks and bring them back to my construction place. In a few years my castle will then be completed, and I will sit on the high seat and watch over my Why do you still live in Hol- lands and people. land? That’s a good question. Now here’s Ok, That was some symbolic the answer: Throughout the world bullshit coming from you there. never actually got to do an interview with myself. Maybe that’s why I still don’t really know who I am. Problem is, what do I want to know about myself? What are the right questions to ask? I guess I’ll just ask about things that never come up in regular interviews. For instance:


SATAN (Butthole Surfers) // She’s a real left winger cause she been down south

Do you consider yourself special then? Yes I do. The day I was born, my placental afterbirth was transplanted into the brains of a small group of Caucasian men. In their brains, it divided itself into a small army of me’s. This army fought their way to the very cortex of these brains, and destroyed every last bit of rationality, sympathy, sense and sensibility. As years passed by, these men took part in my master plan of destroying the modern world. On my sixteenth birthday I was having a drink with some friends, when suddenly I started feeling really sick. I went to the toilet and threw up. When I looked at my vomit, I saw a warm, comforting light glowing from it. The light transformed into an image. The two towers fell. It was done. Have you been watching too many Sci-fi and fantasy movies lately? No, I never watch TV. Television is the opium of the masses. That’s why I invented it. I wanted to create the image of a perfect human

being for the herd to strive for. It’s like a Rubik’s cube: they spend all their lives figuring it out, but they never solve it. Except for boy wonder Will Smith maybe. Ok, seriously, what’s up with Elle? Me and my band will be playing a lot of festivals this summer. And we just made a new video for the song ’Barbies & Zombies’. Google that bitch! It’s on YouTube too! Furthermore we’ll be playing an acoustic set for the very first time evah!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Gonna POWN that shite! And I hope to get something done about my crack addiction this year. I got hooked while touring with Voicst last year. These guys are real bad asses. I hate them now. THANKS HA! This was a great idea. I hope to do this more often. My soul feels more at peace right now. Thanks for letting me do this SubbaBubbassss… Elle Bandita plays at Metropolis festival in Rotterdam on 5 June.

and held peasants in her arms (Black Francis) // All I know is you got no money

end 25

Adidas Adilette Sandals and peeling sponge for feet from Kruidvat

Fashion Statement By Denis Koval


thoughts and opinions

fact check: pink

mountaintops - outside love

door oscar smit



utside Love is ten songs about love and hate that read like a Danielle Steel romance novel”, aldus het persbericht bij het derde album van de Pink Mountaintops dat zojuist verschenen is. Ik vraag me af wat hier bedoeld wordt. Na wat gegoogle blijkt Steel een wereldberoemde Amerikaanse romanschrijfster te zijn, die vooral door


but that’s got nothing to do with a good time (Thurston Moore) // The idiot wind,

thoughts and opinions

vrouwen gelezen wordt. Zou deze CD het muzikale equivalent van een keukenmeidenroman zijn? Geen goeie aanbeveling, lijkt me. Tot zover de literaire bronnen van Outside Love, maar hoe klinkt de plaat? Danielle Steel Direct bij de begintonen van het eerste nummer slaat de opwinding toe. Dit doet denken aan het intro van ‘Be My Baby’ van The Ronettes! De hitsingle uit 1963 kwam uit de koker van de revolutionaire producer Phil Spector. In de jaren zestig verzamelde Spector een kring van muzikanten om zich heen die onder namen als The Ronettes, The Crystals of Darlene Love vele hitsingles met hem maakten. Phil Spector (1940) was een van The Ronettes de eerste producers in de popmuziek met een eigen, kenmerkende sound. Zijn handelsmerk was de zogenaamde wall of sound: een georkestreerde muur van geluid die voornamelijk bestond uit (veel) elektrische en akoestische gitaren met daartussen wat tamboerijn of percussiegeluidjes. De producer creëerde op deze manier korte popsymfonieën, die perfect klonken op de middengolf(transistor)radio’s en jukeboxen uit die tijd. Spector hield niet van albums, desondanks heeft één van de weinige langspelers die hij maakte, A Christmas Gift For You uit 1963, inmiddels een klassieke status verworven. blowing everytime you move your mouth (Bob Dylan) // Just because it’s fun,

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thoughts and opinions

fact check: pink

mountaintops - outside love


Er waren ook vele gerenommeerde artiesten die Spector in de arm namen. Zo produceerde hij in 1966 de single ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ van Ike & Tina Turner en werkte hij met John Lennon en Leonard Cohen. Ook produceerde hij de Beatles-LP Let It Be (1970). (Paul McCartney was overigens zo ontevreden over het resultaat, dat hij het album in 2003 opnieuw uitbracht, zonder de productionele toevoegingen van Phil Spector). En in 1980 was Spector verantwoordelijk voor de enige hit van de Ramones in ons land: ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Highschool’. Meer recentelijk werkte hij even met Starsailor, maar door zijn grillige karakter zijn uiteindelijk slechts twee songs van het album Silence Is Easy uit 2003 door hem geproduceerd. Spectors moeilijke persoonlijkheid speelde hem al eerder parten. Zo zou hij eens een kogel boven het hoofd van John Lennon hebben afgevuurd en ook Leonard Cohen, Stevie Lana Clarkson Wonder en The Ramones met een wapen hebben bedreigd. Op 3 februari 2003 werd het ontzielde lichaam van actrice Lana Clarkson in zijn huis aangetroffen. Ze bleek te zijn doodgeschoten. Spector werd aangeklaagd voor moord en na in eerste instantie te zijn vrijgesproken, werd hij in april dit jaar toch schuldig bevonden aan doodslag. Ook de Britse band The Jesus And Mary Chain (19841998) gebruikte het intro van ‘Be My Baby’. Luister maar eens naar ‘Just Like Honey’, het openingsnummer van hun


doesn’t mean you have to do it (Blues Brother Castro) // Last night I dreamt I

thoughts and opinions

debuutalbum Psychocandy uit 1985. Stephen McBean, alias Pink Mountaintops, heeft blijkbaar goed naar de Britten geluisterd, want tussen de Amerikaanse klinkende blues- en countrysongs zitten ook nummers als ‘The Gayest Of Sunbeams’, die refereren aan de ruige distortion van Psychocandy. Drijvende krachten achter de Mary Chain waren de broers Jim en William Reid. Een ander bandlid uit de begindagen dat ook al niet bekend stond om zijn aangepaste gedrag was drummer Bobby Gillespie, nu zanger van Primal Scream. De post-punkgroep was in de jaren tachtig berucht om haar ultrakorte optredens (meestal nog geen twintig minuten). De band gedroeg zich nogal provocerend en moest daarom vaak onder een regen van flesjes en glazen voortijdig het podium verlaten. Ook werden de Britten nogal eens gearresteerd wegens drugsbezit. En in 1985 veroorzaakten ze een relischandaaltje: fabrieksarbeiders weigerden hun tweede single te persen, omdat op de achterkant een nummer stond met de titel ‘Jesus Fuck’. In ons land genoot The Jesus and Mary Chain enige bekendheid dankzij de VPRO-radio. De toenmalige DJ’s Fons Dellen en Jan Donkers hebben zelfs een fanclub opgericht. De band bracht zes albums uit en stopte in 1998. In 2008 werd een nieuw album aangekondigd, maar dat is tot op heden niet verschenen. Toch hebben Spector en de Mary Chain—gelukkig—hun stempel weten te drukken op Outside Love. De invloeden van Spector en de Britse noise-pioniers geven het album net de ballen die het nodig heeft.

kissed Neil Young, if I was a boy I guess it would be fun (Kim Gordon) // If I could

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GOED PLAN festival concert expositie theater crossovers

check je plan op de site of bel voor info 020 - 5200520

thoughts and opinions

film: 3

films en een emotionele stoplap

door gert verbeek



at Power is meer kattig dan kittig. Slechts ĂŠĂŠn keer was haar optreden een feestelijke aangelegenheid, toen de singer-songwriter haar verjaardag vierde op een zondagmiddag in Paradiso. Meestal stond echter een beschroomd meisje met gitaar op het podium, haar gezicht van het publiek afgewend en de ogen verborgen achter lang donker haar, net als het spook in The Ring. Ze tokkelde verstrooid over akoestische snaren, mummelde onaffe tekstregels en staakte veel liedjes halverwege. De zangeres deed het voorkomen alsof ze geen idee had waar ze was of ze nam geen enkele moeite haar desinteresse te verbloemen. De laatste keer

fuck a mountain, lord I would fuck a mountain (Will Oldham) // I got a dick for

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Film: 3

films en een emotionele stoplap


hoorde ik haar met een suffe coverband zonder ironie Proud Mary vertolken. Cat Power doet het beter op het witte doek. Ze was de reddende engel in de mislukte eerste Engelstalige productie van regisseur Wong Karwai. Haar rol in My Blueberry Nights (2007) beslaat slechts één dialoog met Jude Law, maar daarin straalt ze meer charisma uit dan hoofdrolspeelster Norah Jones in een hele carrière. Enkele liedjes van Cat Power, waaronder ‘The Greatest’, maakten de film genietbaar zonder er daadwerkelijk naar te hoeven kijken. Maar ‘The Greatest’ ligt sindsdien in de uitverkoop: begin mei draaiden in Nederland maar liefst drie films waarin dit liedje voorbijkomt op de soundtrack, in twee gevallen als een kers op een drol. In het drama Mammoth (Lukas Moodysson, 2009) staat ‘The Greatest’ op de compilatie die chirurg Allison (Michelle Williams) voor haar echtgenoot Tom (Gael García Bernal) heeft samengesteld. Het echtpaar is voor 98 procent van de film van elkaar gescheiden, omdat hij vanwege zijn succesvolle gamesite in het buitenland zaken doet. Tom luistert minstens twee keer naar Cat Power om de afstand tussen hem en zijn vrouw gevoelsmatig te verkleinen. Allison en Tom zijn door hun eigen schuld 125 minuten filmtijd lang diep ongelukkig, terwijl de oplossing voor het paar en hun dochtertje zo simpel is: stop onmiddellijk met werken en ga lekker rentenieren. Helaas werd mijn wijze raad niet opgevolgd. De relatie tussen de ongelukkige veertiger


a brain, and my brain is gonna sell my ass to you (Greg Dulli) // Look at all that

thoughts and opinions

Tom luistert minstens twee keer naar Cat Power om de afstand tussen hem en zijn vrouw gevoelsmatig te verkleinen. Mike (Matthew Perry) en zijn vrouw Scarlett (Leslie Mann) komt in de grappig bedoelde puberfantasie 17 Again (Burr Steers, 2009) via een kronkelige omweg wel helemaal goed. Mike verandert namelijk tijdelijk in het zeventienjarige basketbalwonder (gespeeld door Zac Efron) dat hij ooit is geweest. Hij kan door een mirakel de droom verwezenlijken die hij als tiener heeft laten liggen en tegelijkertijd dichter bij zijn vervreemde dochter en zoon komen. Na de allerbelangrijkste confrontatie tussen de jonge Mike en de volwassen Scarlett krijgen de waterlanders dankzij ‘The Greatest’ alle ruimte. De doorleefd acterende Efron was echter al voldoende om de weekdieren onder de toeschouwers aan het schouderschokken te krijgen. ‘The Greatest’ is ideaal als liefdesverklaring, zoveel is duidelijk. Zo ook in de aandoenlijke luchtbel Ricky (François Ozon, 2009). Het is niet alleen de film die door de muziek vleugels krijgt, want het zoontje van Katie (Alexandra Lamy) is een bijzondere baby. Dankzij de zacht zingende Cat Power kost het de moeder minder moeite haar kind vroegtijdig los te laten. Het liedje maakt het afscheid dragelijk. Helaas dreigt ‘The Greatest’ door veelvuldig gebruik in films een emotionele stoplap te worden, oftewel: the greatest cliché.

water (Hospital Bombers) // Don’t fuck with sex (John Cees Smit) // Sometimes

end 35

thoughts and opinions

horoscoop: shooting


door brenda bosma

Wat voorspellen de sterren deze maand voor de muziekminnende...

gijs deddens


21 mei– 20 juni 36

the big get you, sometimes the small (Henk Koorn) // We’ve got the finger on the

thoughts and opinions


ieve Tweelingen, deze maand ben je enorm in contact met je innerlijke wederhelft. Alle zeven chakra’s zijn eindelijk lekker ingedaald. ‘t Leven lacht je hard in je gezicht toe. Je voelt je zelfverzekerd en flirt er flink op los, jij troetelbeertje. De zon straalt, de afritsbroek gaat tot boven de knietjes. Je bent een inspiratie. Een wit T-shirt van Crowded House voor net dat extra beetje brutale flair? Don’t mind if you do! Die broertjes Finn zongen zo fraai over het weer, en nu zingt zoonlief Liam over onweer. Wedden dat jij minstens tien weer-gerelateerde liedjes kunt opnoemen? Je bent een huppelende Wikipediadatabase. ‘O Katrina’ van de Black Lips natuurlijk. Die zullen ze vast spelen in de Melkweg. Deerhunter, in Paradiso, heeft net een EP uit over regenwater. Jij hebt ‘t echter wel even gehad met die tsunami van hip zogenaamd onaangepast indiegejank. Dat is ook gewoon een suf format. Is Maria Mena niet in ‘t land? Gavin DeGraw wel. Die zong zo leuk over dat hij iets niet wilde. Waarschijnlijk het syndroom van Marfan. Even geen dramatische capriolen voor jou. Jij laat je godver niet Suzuki Swiften, zoals Kim van duo Matt & Kim in hun blote-billenclip. Ja, hoeveel boy-girl duo’s kun je eigenlijk opnoemen? Nu goed. Die nieuwe cut-my-wrists-plaat van Eels is niet aan jou besteed. Geen dip voor jou, tenzij je een discodip bedoelt. Jij smelt lekker weg bij al je oppervlakkige bezigheden. Zo heeft de vrouwelijke Tweelingen al een H&M-poster van Vincent Gallo uit een bushokje gejat. Je gaapt echter bij zijn pretentieuze bandje RRIICCEE. Hee, een deluxe re-issue van Grace van Jeff Buckley! Hopelijk heeft moeder Mary ditmaal zwembandjes bijgevoegd. Want je weet: als het golft, dan golft het goed. Optimist als je bent, dein jij gezellig met Billy Ocean mee: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

pulse of America (Liars) // It was a train that took me away from here, but a train

end 37

thoughts and opinions

spekkie big


door marc van der holst




In june subbacultcha! hosts a.o.

karl blau titus a n d ro n i c u s and basketball If you join now you get to go to all these and other concerts for free. plus you will receive a great subbacultcha! t-shirt to look your best. See page 4 for details

Highlights in june:

titus andronicus, basketball, the pains of being pure at heart, dan deacon, wavves, chad vangaalen Plus: summer festival tips 39


Subbacultcha! shows in JUNE

Titus Andronicus

Monday 1 June, Ekko, Utrecht Leave your Shakespeare notes at home as we’d hate them to get ruined by all the beer and sweat flying around the room tonight. Yeah, this New Jersey bunch sure are slippery when wet but thankfully have the energy levels to throw a bounding rock show. There’s elements of a bar band taking on both Springsteen and The Hold Steady here, but the quintet play it louder, harder and faster. In fact, it’s lo-fi punk rock that’s so so full-on and just plain fun that you’ll walk outside ready to form a new band with your friends. +Suicidal Birds Notorious Garage punk from Friesland. +Pony Pack Indie & noise & punk

Karl Blau

Wednesday 12 June, De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam From Anacortes, Washington comes multi-instrumentalist Karl Blau. The Pacific Northwest has produced a guy who is married, an advocate for all-age venues (he’s a father you see), and upon his entry into the music business, Blau gave the industry the middle finger by releasing his music via snail mail to subscribers through his website KLAPS (Kelp Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society). With the essence of Bill Callahan in his 40

voice embellished by the fragility and urgency of Bon Iver in his songs, Blau is a perfectionist in sounding beautifully flawed. (Sinéad Burke)


Wednesday 17 June, Studio 80, Amsterdam Subbacultcha! has started booking bands for the Katapult night at studio 80. Tonight Basketball. Basketball serve up an alternative tribal offering that we’ve never heard the likes of before. Double dribbling Croatian/English vocals over Persian pipes and hammered home with big beats, and it gets better as it gets louder. This tribal trio have roots in Vancouver, Croatia and Barcelona and music doesn’t get any more exotic than this, sounding like a street carnival in Eastern Europe with electronic fusion. Our scoreboard reads slam dunk. (Sinéad Burke)

The Wooden Constructions Wednesday 20 June, De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam The Wooden Constructions are here to save your life. This Amsterdam based post-punk quartet produce two-minutesomething songs. Think early Gang of Four combined with vocal elements

can’t bring me home (Tom Waits) // My brother had confessed, that he was gay it


finally punk

that remind of a young Mark E. Smith. Another raging young band with no official release just yet, but hear-hear when they do. For now, they kick ass and should be seen. In their own words: ‘If you don’t dance, we’ll beat you up’. Better bring a helmet. +Eva Braun Punk hysteria from Amsterdam. Word is out that they aim for their new songs to be even more unsettling.

Finally Punk

thursday 25 June, Db’s, utrecht What’s sexier than punks? Punkettes.

Finally Punk are four femme fatales who hail from Austin, Texas. Their vocals range from droll to frantic yelps, creating sounds of light drum tapping and heavy pounding bangs that are at times embellished by itchy, even scratchy guitar. Influences from girl punk band The Slits and X-Ray Spex permeate their sound, and while no other grrrl band has managed to live up to the modern-day legacy, elements of early Sleater-Kinney are in here too. Already selling out pressed LPs and EPs, these punkettes sure mean business. (Sinéad Burke)

took the heat off me for a while (Belle and Sebastian) // There are problems in



MA 15 VR 19 ZO 21 ZO 21 WO 24



VR 3 15-19



ZO 2 VR 14



ZA 12



things to do in aMSterDaM This is a selection of shows in Amsterdam that we think are worth a visit. So get out there and indulge.

the pains of being pure at heart

the paiNS of beiNG pure at heart monday 8 june. paradiso, kleine zaal, 20.00, €10 + membership Ah, the simple joys of noise pop. This indie pop quartet from New York have proved a bit of a hype sensation this year, but deservedly so. Their self-titled debut emerged on Slumberland, drumming up memories of My Bloody Valentine and the classic shoegaze movement. But their sound is joyous, pure and simply delicious indie pop that’s perfect for

dan deacon

summer lovin’. Just don’t be surprised if it sells out in advance.

DaN DeacoN monday 8 june. paradiso, kleine zaal, 21.00, €10 + membership For the past five or six years this American electronic composer has been dazzling fans with numerous EPs and albums, veering from wonderful electro pop to quirky noise experiments. He regards new album Bromst as one of his most playful and ‘live’ efforts, but even that won’t have

these times, but ooooh, none of them are mine (Lou Reed) // I’ve got 99 problems



Warmoesstraat 131 Amsterdam









Things to do in AMSTERDAM you prepared for his live shows, which typically have him performing from within the audience, interacting with fans and executing as many jokes as songs.

Brent Arnold, DJ Rupture & Andy Moor Tuesday 9 June. OCCII, 21.00, €5 An intriguing double bill on two levels. Solo singer-songwriter Arnold is of the looping persuasion, recording his cello and creating loops to overlay with electronics. He sings on top too. Then there’s the release party for the avant-garde electronica of DJ Rupture and Andy Moor of The Ex. Grime-y rhythms and fun fretboard antics collide in a project that really does sound original.

Chad VanGaalen Wednesday 10 June. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 19.30, €10 + membership Another indie great who’s kept us enthralled in recent years, this Canadian singer-songwriter is full of charm and lo-fi creativity. Whether he’s strumming away solo on his acoustic or kicking up indie rock grooves with full band, he won’t let you down.

Chester French Wednesday 17 June. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 20.00, €10 + membership See Rotterdam listings.

Wavves Friday 19 June. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 20.00, €8 + membership This sunshiny California duo already blew away Subbacultcha! followers earlier this year, and now they’re back to celebrate Dutch summertime with us. Since that last visit they’ve been blogged to death, got the Pitchfork seal of approval and re-released their self-titled album on Fat Cat. The distortion pedals are overworked, the vocals distorted beyond comfort, but at the heart of the project are buoyant pop melodies and boundless energy, so we dare you not to fall in love with them.

Gone Bald Friday 19 June. OCCII, 20.30, €7 They’re the epitome of independent music in Amsterdam, and now celebrating their 15th anniversary, seem fairly unstoppable. In fact, these experimental noise rockers fronted by Razorblade Jr pretty much have a fresh line-up every two or three years, but the juggernaut still keeps rolling. What’s more, their anniversary parties are a thing of legend in the noise rock scene, with masses of special guests and great surprises.

Finally Punk Wednesday 24 June. OCCII, 21.00, €6 See Subbacultcha! listings.

but a bitch ain’t one (Jay-Z) // In 27 years I’ve drunk fifty thousand beers and they


thoughts and opinions

subbacultcha! picks holland festival From June 4 until June 28 the Holland Festival hits Amsterdam with loads of cutting edge music, theater and art. Subbacultcha! picked some highlights.

Eine kirche der angst vor dem fremden in mir


baby dee

Eine kirche der angst vor dem fremden in mir

Louis Andriessen 70 Years Old

5-8 June. Westergasfabriek Zuiveringshal West, 20.00, €30 A very personal piece in which director Christoph Schlingensief (1960) uses a crucial event in his life (he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008) for a ritual that brings together extreme contradictions. A church will be constructed in the Westergasfabriek’s Zuiveringhal, whereby the performance will take on the character of a Requiem mass. Schlingensief’s body and his ‘life’s art’ needs to be comforted, his demons confronted with rituals taken from the Catholic church and performances by the Fluxus movement.

Saturday 6 June. Muziekgebouw, 20.30, €17.50/€27.50 He may well be the oldest person ever to be written about in Subbacultcha!, but this Dutch master is still as innovative in the modern music scene as our fave young punks with guitars and electro-heads with samplers. A key experimental composer since the late-’50s, he’s recognised internationally for his musical contributions, he co-founded STEIM in the ’60s, and is still producing monumental and challenging compositions. Tonight his ‘La Passione’ is central, but there’s also earlier performances in Concertgebouw that celebrate his oldest and newest works.

€5,- off for Subbacultcha! readers Go to for more information on how to pre order your tickets with a €5,- discount. 46

Varèse Symposium Friday 12 June. Artis Planetarium, 20.00, €10 In 1957 and 1958, the French composer Edgard Varèse worked on the ‘Poème Électronique’ – a composition

just wash against me like the sea into a pier (David Berman) // I walk 47 miles of

thoughts and opinions

Teenage Lontano

for audio tape – using thousands of sound recordings. This piece involved pioneering work in the areas of electronic music and audio recording technology. In 1958, it was combined with a light and slide show to be performed at the Brussels World Fair in the Philips Pavilion – a cathedral of modernity designed by French architect Le Corbusier – in which the visitors underwent an immersive experience merging sound, images and space. Restored and heard with 360° projections in the planetarium, leading international experts on Varèse will discuss the multimedia aspect of his work and the significance of the composer in the 21st century.

Sunday 14 June. Westergasfabriek, 16.45/19.00, €15 Forty youngsters stand side by side in a long line listening to their iPods, alone or in pairs. A rotating speaker installation above their heads radiates unearthly electro-acoustic sounds by the New York composer and turntablist Marina Rosenfeld. As the teenagers begin to sing along with the sounds feeding into their ears, Rosenfeld’s cover version of György Ligeti’s 1967 orchestral masterpiece ‘Lontano’— known from the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining—emerges from the combined voices of the young performers.


Baby Dee

Saturday 13/Sunday 14 June. Westergasfabriek, various times Kristal—created and staged by the music theatre ensemble De Veenfabriek— is a homage to Edgard Varèse. Defying strong opposition and condemnation, Varèse spent his whole life trying to liberate sounds from their historical confines, adding new musical instruments, including the siren, to the existing orchestral instrumentation, thereby modernising music. The piece is narrated, sung and instrumentally performed by actress Yonina Spijker and De Veenfabriek’s tenmember siren orchestra.

Saturday 20 June. Bimhuis, 20.30, €20 The American singer-songwriter Baby Dee won the admiration of Dutch audiences while singing her own work as a solo performer and also when sharing the stage with her buddy Marc Almond. For a long time, the two formed part of the same New York scene that also produced Antony. With her unique singing voice this transgender artist is attracting a growing group of fans. Her recent CD Safe Inside the Day, produced by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, has received rave reviews across the globe.

barbed wire, I use a cobra-snake for a necktie, who do you love? (Bo Diddley)


highlights up next >>> 02-06 You

Me At Six 03-06 The Maccabees 03-06 For A Minor Reflection 10-06 The Gaslight Anthem 10-06 Vivian Girls 18-06 Oi Va Voi 19-06 Five Finger Death Punch 21-06 Edan + Dagha 27-06 Kid’s ‘n Billies: Triggerfinger e.a. -------------------------------------------------------------------------









more events, info & tickets:

info & tickets:


things to do in rotterDaM This is a selection of shows in Rotterdam that we think are worth a visit. So get out there and indulge.

for a MiNor reflectioN thursday 4 june. rotown, 21.00, €7.50 Why is this band so special? Firstly, just being from Iceland is a great start, unless you’re someone looking after our money. But more crucially, they make ethereal, soothing and at times explosive instrumental post rock music. Not enough? Well, they’re currently on their second European jaunt, having toured with Sigur Rós in 2008, and those guys described them as ‘a band with the potential to out Mogwai’. Even if that doesn’t mean Mogwai are secretly gay, expect an exciting and spellbinding live show. titus andronicus

tituS aNDroNicuS wednesday 3 june. rotown, 21.00, €8 It’s a good thing that Titus Andronicus are suburban New Jersey kids who practice in their friend’s basement, because that’s exactly how they sound. Equal parts Springsteen, Clash and Andrew WK, these boys shred good time anthems of shaking, luke-warm beer-soaked noisiness guaranteed to make you smile like a fifteen-year old at his first punk show. Check out their amazing tour video online for further evidence.

the peroNiStS, SoNiDo Del priNcipe thursday 4 june. worm, 21.00, €tbc Fantastic Argentinian electronic cumbia madness from The Peronists. Grab their free EP Nacionalismo Electronico from net label Mamushka Dogs and prepare to dance your South American socks off. Dutch counterparts Sonido del Principe spice it up with dubstep and Afro-beat influences.

MorriSSey saturday 6 june. watt, 20.00, sold out Among Morrissey’s nicknames are The Moz, Mozza, Mozfather and Pope of

// Are you pretending to love, well I hear it pays well (Tom Waits) // You have to




things to do in rotterDaM

ariel pink

chester french

Mope. If you don’t know who he is then chances are you shouldn’t be reading this magazine right now. Tickets are sold out, but true Moz devotees know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

body paint and far more cute. Nedelle Torrisi’s sweetly quivering voice and the hint of ‘doo wop’ in their playful sing-songy tunes are heart-warmingly familiar.

ariel piNk, cryptacize

cheSter freNch (uS)

monday 8 june. worm, 21.00, €tbc The inimitable Ariel Pink is known for his homebrew recordings of lonely LA nights and wily misadventures of the endless hangover known as California sunshine, but for some reason people tend to hate him live. Sure, his performances can be avantgarde and just plain weird, but wonderful isn’t out the question either. Cryptacize are a California-based trio who exhibit far fewer screeches and

thursday 18 june. rotown, 21.00, €10 Nevermind the heavy burden of hype floating around this Harvard grad duo, signed by Pharrell Williams to his Star Trak/Interscope Records. Just put your trust in an exquisite manifestation of innovative and refreshing pop music, that will have you raise your eyebrows, close your eyes, smile with relief, and indeed, as the title of their debut album suggests, Love the Future.

learn how to die (Jeff Tweedy) // Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean








thoughts and opinions

summer feStiValS Festivals are hitting the fields. Or rather... Too many festivals are hitting the fields. And to make things a bit easier on your already flustered brain we made a sweet selection. Tents out, head numb, ears open, eyes closed and go!

MetropoliS feStiVal 5 july. rotterdam ‘New Music First’ is the new motto, although it doesn’t differ dramatically

from their old motto. Running for more than 20 years now, organisers are always proud to boast of sets from The Prodigy, Smashing Pumpkins, The Strokes etc, all before they hit the big

they’re not after you (Kurt Cobain) // You’re pretty good looking for a girl (White


thoughts and opinions

summer FESTIVALS time. Compared to a few years back, when venues and programmers from all over Holland would work to bring the best new acts to this country for the first time, this gathering has certainly downsized due to funding problems. But there’s still a good bunch of people working here and attempting to give a shot to lesser-known bands on the way up. Tips: The Budos Band | Fucked Up | Rolo Tomassi

De Affaire

5 Days Off

Haldern Pop

15-19 July. Amsterdam Samplers, laptops, drum machines and even guitars get utilised at this five-day gathering—so long as the end result is you and me dancing. Tips: Jamie Lidell | Crystal Castles | Diplo | Santigold

13-15 August. Haldern (Germany) A true sweetie of the festival calendar that’s worth venturing over the German border for. It’s not as small as it used to be, but organisers are still refusing to cash in on its growing popularity, so hurrah. There’s always some cracking bands too, but Paolo Nutini? Well, you’ve gotta crap sometime. Tips: Grizzly Bear | The Thermals | Loney, Dear

dour Festival 16-19 July. Dour (Belgium) A fair price, cracking bands and an atmosphere that’s worth leaving Holland for. It’s early days yet, but the line-up already announced is enough to make even the most hardened anti-festival person think long and hard about living in a field for five days. Tips: Fuck Buttons | Animal Collective | Boss Hog

18-24 July. Nijmegen Every summer Nijmegen becomes famous for folks walking, walking and walking a bit more. But alongside the walkers are some pretty cool parties and festival sets. Just be sure to forget the jazz and skip the pop, ’cause De Affaire caters perfectly to the indie hipster crowd. Tips: Deerhoof | The Dodos | Caribou | St Vincent

Lowlands 21-23 August. Biddinghuizen Sold out! Tough shit! Wait, Faith No More have been confirmed and there’s no tickets. Bollocks! Tips: Resist the temptation of touts and do something more fun.

Stripes) // I’ll never get out of this world alive (Hank Williams). End.


The Moi Non Plus Remixed 60 Pages + 9 Tracks. Out Now on Subbacultcha!

With contributions of About, Aux Raus, Machinefabriek and These are Powers

concertagenda juni Het complete programma vind je op www. 04-06 Gringo star (usa) 06-06 For a minor reĂ&#x;ection (is) 07-06 The pains of being pure at heart 13-06 Annihilation time (usa) 18-06 Wavves (usa) 19-06 Dengue fever (usa) 20-06 Lucy and the popsonics (bra) 26-06 White rose movement (uk)

kijk v c o moor h et pro p l e t e gra op mm ekk a o.n l

post 00:00 submissions


Submitted by titia hahne

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Please feel free to email us, call us and send letters, drawings and photos. In other words....

get involved If your submission is published you get good goodies. Like CDs, t-shirts and free tickets to great concerts.

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overview SUBBACULTCHA! shows june 2009 Monday Ekko

June 01

starts 20.30 | cover 9 euro

Titus Andronicus (XL Recordings, USA) + Suicidal Birds + Pony Pack

Friday June 12 De Nieuwe Anita

Magazine Party!! Ft. Karl Blau (K-Rec, USA)

Wednesday June 17 Studio 80

Basketball (Can/Spa)

Saturday June 20 De Nieuwe Anita

Eva Braun + The Wooden Constructions + DJ’s 100% Party Girls

starts 20.00 | cover 6 euro Free For Mailinglist Members

starts 23.00 | cover 6 euro

starts 20.00 | cover 6 euro

Thursday Db’s

June 25

i.s.m. Katapult

Finally Punk (USA)

starts 21.00 | entrance free

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It doesn’t get much worse than this

holland festival 4 – 28 juni 2009 selectie van hoogtepunten:

Eine Kirche der Angst vor dem Fremden in mir Theatermaker Schlingensief bevecht zijn demonen met dodenmis. westergasfabriek zuiveringshal, vr 5 – ma 8 juni


Steven Cohen mixt beeldende kunst met dans en travestie. theater bellevue, za 6 – ma 8 juni

Teenage Lontano

Installatie van New Yorkse turntablist Marina Rosenfeld voor veertig jongeren en hun iPod. westergasfabriek zuiveringshal, zo 14 juni

Baby Dee

Golgotha © Marianne Greber/VBK Wien

Singer-songwriter die niet in een hokje te plaatsen is. bimhuis, za 20 juni


subbacultcha! magazine june  

This is the one-liner issue. With interviews with Micahcu and Elle Bandita

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