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Unruly Music Magazine. July and August 2014

The Wastelands Issue

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© Kaat Flamey - Fotografie Steven Decroos

© Kaat Flamey - Fotografie Steven Decroos

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Info &Info tickets vanafvanaf 16 juni / Uitloket in ccinDGP, H. Serruyslaan 18A, 18A, Oostende / 059/ 33 & tickets 16 via via / Uitloket cc DGP, H. Serruyslaan Oostende 059903300. 90 00.

Subbacultcha! Magazine July and August 2014

The Wastelands Issue

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to let your creative endeavours run wild amidst all the barbecuing and rain showers, isn’t it? For the third year in a row, we’ve chosen to roam the worldwide sonic wasteland in search of some of the most exciting acts around and bring them together for a day to remember. Come the ninth of August, you’ll be able to shake it to Mykki Blanco’s bouncy tunes, cool it down to the sound of Amen Dunes’ fuzzy folk ballads, trip out with Belgium’s Weird Dust – and there’s many more performances to look forward to. This special issue is all about the line-up, so read up, save the date and come feel the Wastelands love on a warm (fingers crossed) summer day.


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Joni Sheila

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Freddy Loco



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July and August recommendations Each month our staff provides you with a selection of the finer things in life. Enjoy!

Music: Spooky Black

Music: DJ Marfox

If there’s one record we keep putting on repeat in our bedroom, it’s Spooky Black’s Black Silk. More often than not rocking a turtleneck and a stocking as a cap, this Minnesota teenager (aka Lil Spook) is taking the word ‘sensual’ to the next level. The tunes are slow R&Bstyle numbers, with relaxed beats and one hell of a smooth voice. Undoubtedly, ‘Without You’ will be your immediate favourite. Definitely check out the vid, featuring Lil Spook as a modern pilgrim in the snow, on a quest for your heart alone. Now go dance in front of your mirror, you’ve never felt sexier.

The neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Lisbon are not only home to social housing, but also to Europe’s most thrilling new music scene. An adequate name to describe this frantic mix of high-tempo African dance music, techno and trance, mainly made with early ‘00s software FruityLoops, remains elusive. But it might be the new grime, and 25-year-old DJ Marfox is undoubtedly one of its masters. His recent Lit City Trax Lucky Punch EP is pretty waistwinding. When in Lisbon, experience the trance at the monthly Noite Príncipe.


July and August recommendations Music: Vaghe Stelle

Art: Phases

You might want to check out Visconti’s 1965 film Vaghe stelle dell’Orsa, an interesting retelling of the Electra story, but this is another Italian Vaghe Stelle. Although he might state he’s only interested in football, Daniele Mana has been hitting it off under a new moniker, after projects as the Nice Guys duo and the solo project The Pure. His Out Of Body EP on new French-Swiss label Danse Noire features strange atmospheres and unsettling vibes that forcefully direct you to the dance floor. Using Google Maps’ cathedral interiors for his ‘Video Game Paraphernalia’, what’s not to love?

Curated by Jérôme Montagne and Alexis Vasilikos, Phases is an online magazine focusing on contemporary photographers. They’re always open for submissions and state they haven’t got any guidelines. Though one can only guess what their selection criteria might be, quality is at the top of the list. You’ll find interesting series of images, such as Sharon Ya’ari’s Expectancy, Peter Watkins’ Surface Tension, Alishia Farnan’s Leafy Dreams and Jaejin Hwang’s Wonderland. Swing by any time. vaghestelle?ref=profile


July and August recommendations

July and August recommendations Drink: Cold-brew iced coffee

Bar: Me and My Monkey

So we know all you caffeine addicts out there know it. But honestly, have you ever tried making it yourself? True, you have to wait overnight for this perfect cup of joe, but it’s so worth it. It’s less acidic, the taste is smoother, you don’t need any fancy equipment at all, you can store for it up to two weeks in the fridge and your wallet will be pretty happy about it. For two drinks, you stir together 1/3 cup of coarsely ground coffee with 1 1/2 cups water. Cover and let rest at room temperature for 12 hours. Strain twice through a coffee filter or sieve. Add water to the coffee concentrate to taste and serve with ice. BOOM, you handsome, fancy barista!

Me and My Monkey is this lovely small café and, as we’re guessing, most aptly named after a Beatles song. Behind the counter you’ll find Noah, the drummer boy of Bed Rugs, and his father. The bar opened last September in Antwerp, just in between the Hoogstraat and the Kloosterstraat. Swing by for everything that’s yummy for your tummy. While you’re enjoying the juices, coffee and cake, you can browse the record section at the back, with Mac DeMarco, Chris Cohen and The Oh Sees.


We Visit You: TL Collectief Photo by Adriaan Hauwaert

made from radio shows by my parents. I listened to the same one for over five years. I was just singing along, using my own made-up lyrics. ‘Seduce me tonight’ became ‘Sudusti tonite’. What does an ideal lazy Sunday look like to you? L: Anything, if it’s away from the computer. Mainly reading, spinnin’ records. And going for a random bike ride, having a picnic. Any guilty pleasures? T: The thrill of quickly biking in between cars. I’m a pretty reckless cyclist. What kind of music makes you cry? T: When I was young, I often biked home late at night listening to Joy Division. I would sit on the doorstep until the record was finished. What’s your favourite part of your apartment? T: The chair, awkwardly balancing on our balcony railing. A throne, looking out at this abandoned sewing atelier. L: The hammock!

Name: Louise Gevaert & Tijs Van Canneyt Together: TL Collectief Ages: 23 & 22 Home: Ghent Zodiac signs: Pisces & Aquarius Site: Tell us about your projects. Tijs: We unite different art-related projects under one moniker, TL Collectief. Our TerrasFestival in Waregem will show work that artists made on location, with concerts and workshops. Woorddans will be a (slam) poetry, dance and performance competition. And in the meanwhile we’ll be touring with our office like a band, so people can get to know us better. What kind of music are you listening to at the moment? Louise: Grimes, MØ and Chairlift. Playlists on YouTube are an easy way to get to know new stuff in the same genre. But one way or another, Jake Bugg always appears... What’s the first record you bought? T: A record by Salem. It’s dreamy and avant-gardist. But I like loads of genres. I just have to feel it. Your first ever music-related memory? L: I’ve got this box full of mixtapes

Every month we visit a subbacultcha! member’s place. If you want us to visit you, please send an email ​to




The Wastelands Issue. Interview Love may be Damon McMahon’s fourth release as Amen Dunes, but it marks the first time he’s turned the page on his improvisational, solo affairs. Steeped in traditional song and recorded with

Amen Dunes Interview by Anna Berkhof Photos shot by Cait Oppermann in New York, USA

Colin Stetson and members of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, it’s an album crafted with precision and purpose. We talked to Damon about the ultimate devotional love, punk mentality and Japanese aesthetics 15

Amen Dunes. Continued You put the lyrics of the first song of your new album on Facebook so that people can read along while listening. Why is that important to you? Every little part of Amen Dunes to me is important. Even if the music sounds simple, the only reason it works is because I’m so careful with all the details. Lyrics for me tell you what the song means, and it’s a chance for people to get their own meaning out of it as well. So I wanted to make sure people read the lyrics. The word that is the title of your new album is used in so many ways, it’s both kitschy and very serious. Despite being so boundless, ‘love’ hasn’t lost its meaning. What do you mean by it here? Well, I picked it for a real reason and then I picked it for a cheeky reason. The cheeky reason is that I’m on this label with all these kind of dark bands; everybody is trying to show that they’re more dark and more weird. I love the punk mentality, so I thought, What is the most punk thing I can do? The most punk thing I can do is to call it Love. It’s the least dark thing you can possibly say. So fuck all these people, I’m just gonna call it Love and see how it makes them uncomfortable. That’s why I chose it at first. And the real reason? I think the real reason is the music – and like you said, it’s a very serious word. This is a very serious album for me. So for me love is not about having a crush on a blonde girl; for me it’s the kind of love that happens when you extinguish yourself. That’s what I’m interested in. I think there’s a certain kind of love that is ultimate. A love of selflessness, devotion and self-sacrifice, like an empty cold force. What are some of the things you love most? I love to eat. And I love going somewhere else. I love to travel. When I’m travelling a lot I feel like I’m free of a lot of my old ways of thinking. I’m free of my normal self.


The Wastelands Issue

‘I think there’s a certain kind of love that is ultimate. A love of selflessness, devotion and self-sacrifice, like an empty cold force’

Speaking of travelling, have you ever been to Japan? I’ve been several times. I used to live in China, and every time I went there I had to stop off in Japan, and I would take a few days to hang out there. I’m a big admirer of Japanese music and literature. Japanese people express that same idea of love I’m talking about. They have this devotional and selfless power in their art.


XXX. Continued


The Wastelands Issue

‘If I lived in Japan I would make really, really quiet music. Because everywhere around me there would be simplicity and elegance’ What kind of Japanese music and literature are you into? In general I’m just really fond of the Japanese aesthetic sense. There’s this book that I love called In Praise of Shadows [by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki red]. You should check it out. It’s about the idea of negation or limitation of beauty to reveal true depth. The golden Buddha is placed in the corner of the monastery, where there’s no sunlight. Things like that. I take that same approach in my music. Also there’s one Japanese band in particular that I really like: Les Rallizes Dénudés. They make the most incredibly free and vicious music – cold, devotional and spiritual. Also they’re really loud. Do you think living in Japan would change the kind of music you make? What would it sound like? If I lived in Japan I would make really, really quiet music. Because everywhere around me there would be simplicity and elegance. In Japan there’s aesthetic elegance and there’s emotional elegance. There’s just grace to people. I think if I were in that environment I would learn to compose myself.

Amen Dunes plays our Wastelands Festival on 09 August at 019, Ghent. The festival is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Branding. Interview

patten Interview by Brenda Bosma Screen shots taken from music video Drift


The Wastelands Issue. Interview With his latest release, elusive London producer patten, who obscures his face in press shots, foregrounds his visionary and otherworldly style. ESTOILE NAIANT is an album that doesn’t shun baffling juxtapositions. Dense in layers of sounds, it offers intricate, constantly changing patterns without end. When visualised, it would be deeply stroboscopic in nature. Though patten wants to keep the focus on the materials he produces, he sat down with us and shared his thoughts on linguistic cul de sacs and what it means to be human ‘I don’t see a distinction between working on a piece, looking at the wind rushing through autumn leaves or even this conversation’ Most products have slogans. Do you have a mantra you live by as a musician or maybe as a human being? You describe a split between roles; a self as musician and a self as a regular human in the world. One of the many things I hold close


patten. Continued in my thoughts and actions would be trying to avoid putting out too many barriers between different roles and modes of thinking in the world that we engage with. In trying to remove those boundaries and the idea of fixity, like notions of order, of sense and value systems, one could potentially open up a space for a more liquid and dynamic way of being in general, as a person in the world – musician or otherwise. That almost seems to exceed most existing mantras. I don’t see a distinction between working on a piece, looking at the wind rushing through autumn leaves or even this conversation. It’s important to consider all of these things with equal value; there’s no hierarchy. That sounds hard to me. I wouldn’t say it is easy, no. The other day I saw a woman holding a newborn baby. Every time there was a change in the environment, it got upset. This child didn’t know the difference between the tram riding by or feeling hungry, a deeply confusing situation. As people it pays to have some sense of understanding, to know, ‘This is my own hand’, ‘This is how gravity works’. But there’s also danger in preconceived ideas in that they can allow you to miss what’s actually there. Are you saying you’d like to be like the baby? That baby’s way of experiencing is a good analogy for a kind of openness, but in a very extreme sense. People are frightened by things they don’t understand. There’s a lot in the world that demands a bit of thinking about. It’s complex, crazy, beautiful and magical. It’s a shame we don’t allow ourselves to engage with that whole range of complexity and dynamism that exists in the world. You said ‘magical’. Yes, though it’s a funny word. ‘Magical’ is one of those terms: as soon as you start on that path, you’re in a space that’s already


The Wastelands Issue. Interview


XXX. Continued


The Wastelands Issue. Interview

‘One of the many things I hold close in my thoughts and actions would be trying to avoid putting out too many barriers between different roles and modes of thinking in the world that we engage with’ heavily mapped out; it’s so widely used as a sort of shorthand for lots of things, that there’s little space left for open thinking. A sort of linguistic cul de sac. Magic is truly an illusion? If we talk about adding to the world, like performing music live, it would hopefully be not to prevent people from being able to engage fully with the world as it is. Do you consider your music to be a product or service, a brand? I wouldn’t describe it like that. One thing that is really important to me is mental freedom to engage in that whole range. Life isn’t that long. The experiences you accumulate when engaging with other people and so on give you insight. That keeps things moving. And that’s what it’s all about: communicating, sharing ideas, trying to understand what it is to be human, expanding and exploring what that could be.

patten plays our Wastelands Festival on 09 August at 019, Ghent. The festival is free for Subbacultcha! members.



The Wastelands Issue. Photo essay


by Kelly De Block Although you can only guess at how many he has, there may be a direct correlation between the number of tattoos etched on Ghent producer Slobster’s body and the greatness of his talent. Having found his love for making music through dancing and playing the drums, the 21-year-old Ghent black raven recently made the world a better place with his Jinchuuriki EP. It’s trippy as a wet dream – although he does occasionally rejoice over a Destiny’s Child, P!NK and Miley Cyrus remix. His next release will see the light (of night) in September. 9MILITIA is the promising collective he’s a part of – about which you will definitely be hearing more in the ever-so-near future 27

Slobster. Continued


The Wastelands Issue. Photo essay



Slobster. Continued

Slobster plays our Wastelands Festival on 09 August at 019, Ghent. The festival is free for Subbacultcha! members.


The Wastelands Issue. Stills

Palmistry - Protector SE5




Aerial shot


Palmistry. Continued



The Wastelands Issue. Stills

R6 Lift

Palmistry plays our Wastelands Festival on 09 August at 019, in Ghent. The festival is free for Subbacultcha! members // July 15 -


Featured Artist

Brenda Brenda may look like the girl next door but she has a secret life behind the facade. She’s an alter-ego of the girl who is passionate about scallops and who remembers the pleasures and dreams of the past and tries to translate them into stories of the present and future. What started out as an under-the-radar ocean Pisces party in a deserted squat in 2012 grew into a collective of three girls eager to transform any kind of celebration into an eclectic, utopian playground. Brenda is an art-direction collective, working polyvalent by creating scenography, decoration, installations, visuals, artwork and publications 36



Featured Artist: Brenda



Featured Artist: Brenda

Brenda will be spicing up our Wastelands Festival. Selected and approved by Subbacultcha!


Books Text and artwork by Gabriela González

The Dirt by Mötley Crüe with Neil Strauss Mötley Crüe were big years before I was cognizant, and all I knew about them – Tommy Lee’s notorious Baywatch hijinks notwithstanding – was that they resembled a shambolic roll-up of cocaine, hairspray and LA crud playing glam metal with fake blood embellishing puckered lips. Still, I shouldn’t have been so blasé. The Dirt, the band's famed collective autobiography, dragged me into a two-week stupor where reproachable behaviour and total debauchery suddenly became the norm. In a rather Dickensian fashion, perfunctory introductions in verse give way to first-hand accounts of the creation, ascension, undoing and atonement of a band that defined rock'n'roll stardom for an entire generation. Known for their peculiar take on the meaning of 'hedonism', Mötley Crüe’s reputation was chiefly shaped by their demons: Nikki Sixx’s psychotic drive and subsequent slide into heroin oblivion; Vince Neil’s pen-

chant for screwing waitresses and chugging Jack Daniel’s; Tommy Lee’s treacherous, unyielding case of puppy love; and Mick Mars’s honest passion for music and musings regarding our alien ancestors. At heart, The Dirt is a story of redemption. In this case, the road to redemption is mined with leopard-print bikinis and kamikaze shots, sleazy riffs and totalled cars, death and resurrection, broken marriages and thousands of broken bottles. Looking at the band now, all fading tattoos and ill-advised soul patches, it’s tempting to write them off as washed-up puppets juicing their notoriety for a quick buck. But that would be a mistake. There is too much soul in these guys, too many lives lived in too short a time. Too hot to stop, even 30 years on.



Films Selected by Sabzian -


A few months back Sabzian was asked to write these film pages. Time to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Sabzian curates a collection of online reflections on cinema, and maps cinephile events in Belgium and surrounding countries. We offer an agenda, an often incomplete yet always personal guide, shunning material replicated elsewhere in favour of seeking out that which occasionally goes unnoticed. If you’re looking for summer reads on cinema, Sabzian has just the thing. We offer new and old articles, authored by ourselves, guest writers and those filmmakers and critics we admire. Though a multilingual platform, most of the texts are in Dutch, with new articles and notes appearing regularly. At Sabzian we wish to be thought of as in flux. A slow, considered pace, midstep – one foot on the ground, the other in the air. Writing as an inward movement, as an endless encounter with images, sounds, thoughts and worlds. Visit



Don’t Look Now

Winter Sleep

Don’t Look Now

Winter Sleep

Nicolas Roeg - 1973

Nuri Bilge Ceylan - 2014

A couple retreats to Venice to deal with the loss of their daughter, who drowned. Portraying Venice as a wet and grey labyrinth, director Roeg enters the couple’s grieving minds through the conventions of the Gothic ghost story and the very tools of his trade. The film thrives on mistaken identities, misinterpretations and confusion – perhaps most vividly conveyed in a brilliantly edited love scene. Roeg described his film as an ‘exercise in film grammar’. 26 July (20.00) - Cinema Zuid, Antwerp

Winter Sleep is the new film from the Turkish ‘Bergman’, and much like his previous work, this film also speaks of his love for the landscape of Ancient Anatolia and the psychology of the tormented man. Echoing Bresson’s Au hasard Balthazar through the use of Schubert’s famous Piano Sonata N° 20 is just one of the many references revealing Ceylan’s incurable cinephilia. When he was honoured with this year’s Palme d’or, it seemed a long time coming. Belgian release: 13 August


MORE @ WWW.BOTANIQUE.BE | 02 218 37 32


Scan deze code en check onze website op jouw smartphone !



Subbacultcha! events. Free for members

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Music, art and film in July and August Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

New Music: Solar Year

Film: Lydia Ainsworth

Including all Subbacultcha! events 47

M us ic

Solar Year (Ben Borden and David ErBrooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth tel) have become part of the eponyis simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re readmously cool Montreal music family with ing this, come and have pizza with me! a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks Come and have pizza with the world! under their belt, not to mention some This former student of Joan La Barbaguest vocals from the Grimes goddess ra has composed for filmmakers, visual herself. The duo have been heard to artists, poets and contemporary dance call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something groups, putting her at the epicentre probably said tongue-in-cheek but imof artistic expression, making her the mediately pounced on by rabid music coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldjournalists like myself – all because of a ly vocals are accompanied by a string Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out quartet, drummers, keyboards and this their Brotherhood EP, available for free brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage download on the Arbutus Records webanimation. Listen and be happy. self-desite and be on the lookout for their fullvouring fast-food collage animation. Mykki Blanco: 09 August - Wastelands Festival at 019 in Ghent. The festival is free for length, Waverly, which is due to appear Subbacultcha! members at the end of June on Splendour.

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. (Coco Chanel)

A two month focus on transformations, changes, metamorphoses.

Fr 3.10 – Fr 28.11 A whole bunch of artists (like) Miet Warlop, Dennis Tyfus, Nicolas Provost, Tristero, Hito Steyerl, Vincent Riebeek & Florentina Holzinger (and Those Foreign Kids: 01 September many others)

transform the human body transform reality transform space around us. Those Foreign Kids: 01 September

Performance – Theatre – Film – Video – Visual arts – Music


New Music: beursschouwburg Solar Year Lydia Ainsworth

22 – 26 JULI 2014



Brooklyn music lady Lydia Ainsworth is simply thrilling. Lydia, if you’re reading this, come and have pizza with me! Come and have pizza with the world! (U S) This former student of Joan La Barba(D E ra)has composed for filmmakers, visual artists, poets and contemporary dance groups, putting her at the epicentre of artistic expression, making her the coolest lady everrr. Lydia’s otherworldly vocals are accompanied by a string (U S) keyboards and this quartet, drummers, brilliant self-devouring fast-food collage animation. Listen and be happy. POWERED BY

S H a u s co n L u x G i r l s ih k a n H aw ai M E a g u l a d e n s u yi ls u / T e & man e y m o rn e…


ic us M



Solar Year (Ben Borden and David Ertel) have become part of the eponymously cool Montreal music family with a bunch of new-age electro-pop tracks under their belt, not to mention some guest vocals from the Grimes goddess herself. The duo have been heard to call their music ‘psalmgaze’, something probably said tongue-in-cheek but immediately pounced on by rabid music (U K ) journalists like myself – all because of a Gregorian chant sample, ha! Check out their Brotherhood EP, available for free download on the Arbutus Records website and be on the lookout for their fulllength, Waverly, which is due to appear at the end of June on Splendour.

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Expo: Wiels

Lowup & Rebel Up! present: Frikstailers

until 17 August - Wiels, Brussels €8 | Free for members Just like last year, Wiels provides some fresh airco coolness for your bod, whilst stimulating your mind. Because sometimes you do have to leave that little plastic pool you fabricated on your apartment building’s roof, without the the superintendent knowing about it. What’s on till 17 August? The fascinating work of Robert Heinecken, one of the most influential post-war American photographers. Self-dubbed ‘pulp artist’ Allen Ruppersberg’s multiform work, with his sweeping survey of American vernacular recorded music, from folk to rock, passing through gospel and blues, is also on show. Meanwhile, with a selection of interwoven narratives in relation to the architecture of memory, dreams and ideas, Rossella Biscotti shows the ability of the human mind to resist oppression.

05 July - Salle Rogier (LAC), Brussels 23.00 | €8 | Free for members


M us ic

Out of the fusion of Native Colombians and Panamanians along the Caribbean coasts grew the cumbia genre. Pronounced ‘freak stylers’ and based in Mexico City, Frikstailers turned the old genre, initially a courtship dance, on its head, mashing it up with neon dance. After the successful Bicho de Luz EP and last year’s En Son De Paz debut LP, duo Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona will now make our heads spin. The concert of these emperors of tropical futurism will be followed by a steaming bass party with all the local heroes. Powered by REBEL UP! and LOWUP, the Brussels-based collective of bass addicts with a soft spot for exotic rhythms.

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Communions + First Hate + Ping Pong Tactics

be out of the question, so 10 Days Off is proudly dancing its last waltz. And of course, we can’t but join in. Heading from bass-music hotbed Bristol, Julio Bashmore will make you bust your ass off. Of Grenadian descent, Brit Funkineven shakes and stirs reggaeand soul boogie-induced basses.

19 July - Het Bos, Antwerp 20.00 | tba | Free for members

Over the last few years a thriving noise/ punk/electronics scene has developed in Copenhagen, with bands like Iceage, Lower and Lust for Youth plus label Posh Isolation at its epicentre. Though recent Posh Isolation signees Communions hail from this scene and even share a practice space with Iceage and Lower, in general their soaring post-punk is significantly sunnier than the music of their bummed-out brethren. Teenage duo First Hate’s super minimal, super lo-fi tracks have the potential to someday pull off a Lust for Youth-style transformation into joyous dancefloor bangers.

Festival: Rock Zerkegem

26 July - Schooiweg, Zerkegem, Jabbeke 15.00 | €7 | Free for members You’ve never heard of it, you say? Well, it’s a real festival. The grass is green, the beers are cheap and there’s a guy with a moustache selling burgers. The main goal for the first edition of 2008 was to give local bands the opportunity to play on a truck trailer. A trailer! From a truck! But it got even better. Because this year Alpha Whale, Night Beats and Yawns are on the bill and because… there’ll be a surprise act!

10 Days Off: Day 7 ft. Julio Bashmore + Kowton + Velour + more 24 July - Vooruit,Ghent tba | €20 | Free for members

Mdou Moctar

We might be wearing a crown of spiky pineapples, going for a contemporaryyet-summery and exotic Jesus look, deploring the fact that it’s the final edition. A joyful resurrection seems to

30 July - Het Bos, Antwerp 20.00 | tba | Free for members The Tuareg guitar scene may be crowded, but Mdou Moctar stands out, push-


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Film: Wasted Youth Film: Europe in 8 bits

ing the boundaries of the genre. The tunes from his psychedelic and somewhat electronic debut Anar, featuring autotuned vocals, went viral through cell-phone music trading networks, becoming ever-so-popular once Sahel Sounds released them on the Music from Saharan Cellphones: Volume 1 compilation. 2013’s Afelane captures the raw and intense energy of Moctar’s live sessions back in his hometown in Niger.

blends skateboard slackers with oldfashioned domestic drama and comes up with a fascinating portrait of ‘wasted youth’ of all ages in the modern-day Greek capital.

Film: Europe in 8 bits

Film: Wasted Youth 31 July - Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

With the mini festival Skreenskaters, for the month of July, every Thursday night provides some filmic adrenaline for the kickflip and ollie lovers. The exciting Greek drama Wasted Youth, previously one of the opening films of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is a breath of fresh Athenian air as it


M us ic

01 August - Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members With SOUND/track/, Cinema Zuid gladly provides the soundtrack for your summery Friday nights. Director Javier Polo’s Europe in 8 bits explores the world of chip music. Reusing old videogames hardware, the stars of the genre show how they create a new, innovative sound. Too big for Pokémon but want to hang on to your GameBoy for a little longer? Well, this is the way to go. The Atari ST, NES and Commodore 64 won’t fail to surprise you either.

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Amen Dunes: 09 August / Wastelands Festival

Festival: Wastelands 09 August - 019, Ghent 16.00 | €20 | Free for members

The Growlers: 02 August

Festival: Micro Festival

For the third time, Subbacultcha!’s finest are taking over the depths of the wastelands of Ghent. And quite frankly, the festival line-up is so good it’ll make you want to slap your momma, as a Southern belle gone bad would phrase it ever so delicately. Count on Mykki Blanco, aka the face of ‘queer rap’, for sharptongued flow and hard-hitting beats, while Amen Dunes brings the heartwrenching love. With his schizophrenic ear, patten delivers knob-twiddling ‘IDM’, while Palmistry’s hypersensual tunes are smoother than the shiny rims of a pimped-out car. Slobster might remix P!NK and sounds like a wet dream, whereas Weird Dust is all about hazy and tantric psych jam.

01-02 August - Espace 251 Nord, Liège (JauneOrange) tba | €12 | Free for members The Micro Festival is all set for its fifth edition. They key elements remain the same: in the green surroundings of Espace 251 Nord, right in the heart of Saint-Léonard, Liège, all kind of genres get mixed up – from indie pop to experimental electronic music, through garage, noise, kraut and grunge. On the bill: the surf-stone-psychedelic outfit The Growlers, Baths, the Japanese girlpower of Nisennenmondai, FùGù, BRNS and many more.


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Woods: September 06 Different Fountains: 30 August

Woods + Ben & The Saints

Different Fountains + Ignatz & De Stervende Honden + more

06 September - Atelier 210, Brussels 20.00 | €13 | Free for members Brooklyn folkies Woods once again corkscrewed their way into your memory with their seventh LP, With Light and With Love, being ever more likeable. In between campfire folk and lo-fi rock, the melodies take you on a sunny trip, with some noisy distortions in between. By the way, unmissable singer and founder Jeremy Earl is also the mastermind behind the Woodsist label – which has released material from Sic Alps, Sun Araw, White Fence and Excepter over the past few years. Ben & The Saints play tracks like ‘When I’m on my bike, with my dog by my side, there’s like a breeze in the air’, all in between folk, rock and surf.

30 August - Jünglingshaus, Eupen tba | tba | Free for members

In between Liège and Aachen there’s this place you should go to: Eupen, the informal capital of German-speaking Belgium. That’s exactly where you’ll find the collective Meakusma, to whom you own numerous club nights, events and workshops. This time they’re treating you on one fine summery open-air event. Different Fountains present their Shrimp That Sleeps record, accompanied by Ignatz & De Stervende Honden – wonderful as always – plus Bear Bones, Lay Low and DJs.


What else is on. July and August

Festival Guide You missed Primavera Sound and you’re on a week-long hunger strike to knock out the ever-so-nagging guilt? No worries then, Subbacultcha! comes to the rescue. You won’t be overlooking all that musical tastiness the next weeks have got to offer any time soon, since we’re treating you to our special festival overview. So yolo it up again by making yourself some tapas and a strawberry daiquiri and start mapping out your summer agenda!

Down The Rabbit Hole 27-29 June - Groene Heuvels, Beuningen, NL This festival’s well-chosen name should be reason enough to convince you to come. You’ll especially like it here if you feel associated with nature and slow living. It’s a unique opportunity to hear MGMT in the woods and after a joyful day, you can get your beauty sleep in a tipi, a bungalow or an army tent. Bands to watch: The Soft Moon, LONE, Frikstailers

PITCH 04-05 July – Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL Producing nothing but creative energy, the Westergasfabriek is the perfect location for the fourth edition of PITCH. Pitch in for Slow Magic, Ta-ku, Trippy Turtle, Cloud Boat and Darkside. For the ultimate summer feeling, the main stage will be open-air this edition. Bands to watch: Ryan Hemsworth, Tinariwen, Shigeto Les Ardentes 10-13 July – Parc Astrid, Liège Explore some new terrain at Les Ardentes – especially since Flanders coloured all yellow in the recent elections. Sleigh Bells, The Horrors, Palma Violets, Milky Chance and loads of hip-hop and pop heroes will keep you satisfied. Bands to watch: Giorgio Moroder, Panda Bear, Earl Sweatshirt

Vama Veche 01-07 July - Astridpark, Bruges Bruges is alive and kicking. In between the old city walls and the greenery of the Astridpark, pretty tunes will make themselves heard. You don’t pay a thing yet will still feel all royal in the shade of the cute lil’ pavilion. This free summer fest also features a Give Away Shop with all kinds of stuff and interventions by the happily crazy bunch Bij Gebrek Aan Beter. Bands to watch: Italian Boyfriend, Double Veterans, Alpha Whale

Gent Jazz 10-19 July - Bijloke, Ghent You usually listen to it late at night in a bar that’s about to close whilst finishing


Festival guide

The Soft Moon


Earl Sweatshirt

Julia Holter


What else is on. July and August that fifth glass of red wine. But jazz gets even better in the warm glow of summer’s evening air, two long weekends in a row, with an intriguing and well-balanced line-up. Don’t miss out on the Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke duet. Bands to watch: Julia Holter, Olafur Arnalds, Dans Dans

the hot spot hitting our soft spot. Bands to watch: Future Islands, Blonde Redhead, Pional 10 Days Off 17-27 July - Vooruit, Ghent Has it ever been so easy to fill ten consecutive nights in your agenda, without going on a holiday? We might be wearing a crown of spiky pineapples, going for a contemporary yet summery and exotic Jesus look, but we deplore the fact that it’s the last edition. Since it’s the last-waltz edition, be prepared for a serious dance off. Bands to watch: Dave Clarke, Carl Craig, Plaid

Cactus Festival 12-14 July - Minnewaterpark, Bruges Hop in your rubber boat and row your way to Cactus. Factoid: the festival was named after Bruges’ revolutionary café from the Eighties, so don’t expect an exhibition with your granny’s hundred favourite cactus breeds, nor a desert setting. No, just tasty musical delight by some exciting names. Bands to watch: Banks, Caribou, Austra, Bombino

Boomtown Festival 22-26 July - Kouter, Ghent Together with the one listed above – and the obligatory Irish coffees at the Vlasmarkt – Boomtown is what makes the Gentse Feesten ever so worth it. Don’t panic: even though it’s the 13th edition, the pop and rock fest still offers you loads of free gigs at the Kouter, next to the paying ones in the Handelsbeurs. Best summer-in-the-city vibes! Bands to watch: Eagulls, Son Lux, The Chills, Teen

Ptit Faystival 12 July - Petit Fays It’s small, sweet and special and it’s pretty close to Luxemburg: it’s the Ptit Faystival. We only know The Durian Brothers, Usé and Benoit Lizen and two other bands are coming for now, but that’s enough knowledge to start that hitch-hike, right? Bands to watch: Senyawa, Phil Tyler

Rock Zerkegem 26-27 July - Jabbeke Whoop – this one’s free for members! Check out page 50.

Dour Festival 17-20 July – Dour We dare you: four days, seven stages, more than 150 bands: how many can you handle? Even if there’s tons of mud, a fantastic atmosphere is guaranteed. The line-up is so densely packed with goodness, it makes our heads spin. See you at La Petite Maison dans la prairie,

Theater Aan Zee 31 July-09 Augustus - Ostend For those who love their plays and gigs served with a twist – and with a bit of sandy seaside – TAZ is the way to go.


Festival guide Feeërieën 2014 25-29 August - Warande Park, Brussels Five days of cosy free musical deliciousness in the open air, beneath the trees of the Warande Park. With the ever-sosweet Ólöf Arnalds and the ever-so-nostalgic Sun Kil Moon. Further: banjo player Frank Fairfield, Douglas Dare, Jessy Lanza and, from the Hyperdub label roster, Inga Copeland. Bands to watch: Miaux, Perfume Genius, Inga Copeland

This edition is hosted by national theatre pride Ontroerend Goed. Under no circumstances to be missed: The Smile Of Your Face, Audience and the OMG première. But also Jan Martens and our friends Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert. Actually, with so much talent – old and new – we can’t begin to discriminate. Music wise, you’ll be equally pleased. Bands to watch: Ignatz, Glü Micro Festival 01-02 August - Espace 251 Nord, Liège Whoop – this one’s free for members! Check out page 52.

Big Next Festival 13 September - DOK, Ghent (Democrazy) Big Next is Democrazy’s well-known label for all the bands who’re on the verge of their breakthrough. After all the separate Big Next-labelled concerts, it’s time for a real festival. We can’t give away too much yet, but with multiple stages, the thrill of a new exciting discovery will be multiplied as well.

Absolutely Free Festival 01-02 August – C-Mine, Genk Absolutely Free Festival really is absolutely free. All you have to do is bring three empty batteries and you’re in. And you probably have enough lying around to bring ten friends, right? Go see Yuck, De Staat and Robbing Millions. Bands to watch: Yuck, Fanfarlo, Thurston Moore

Incubate 15-21 September - Tilburg, NL Remind us again why our language contains superlatives? Right, Incubate! The names of the line-up pretty much say it all: Chad VanGaalen singing about his Diaper Island, Woods’ enchanting melodies, James Pants’ ultra-danceable tunes, Chicaloyoh, Sun Glitters... Are you in your car yet? Bands to watch: Woodsman, Juan Wauters, Magik Markers

Yellowstock Festival 08-09 August - JH De Bogaard, Geel An international combo of doom, sludge, rock, space, kraut, space… You name it, you’ll find it at this musical orchard. Haul your way to Yellow City for Electric Moon, The Woken Trees and Dÿse. Bands to watch: Monomyth, The Cosmic Dead, The Black Waves Wastelands Festival 09 August - 019, Ghent Whoop – this one’s free for members! Check out page 52.


Ghost Culture . Daniel Avery . Plaid . Perc . Black Asteroid Truss . Funkineven . Robag Wruhme . Elekfantz . Velour Franรงois K . Julio Bashmore . Erol Alkan . Mano Le Tough Kowton . Mind Against . Matias Aguayo . Joe Claussell ...


What else is on. Agenda On the following pages you’ll find a selection of concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place during July and August Expo: David Lamelas until 19 July - Jan Mot, Brussels Jan Mot joins Micheline Szwajcer’s (among others’) bid for Brussels and introduces a new space in a renovated warehouse at rue de la Régence 67. Mon Amour. Reading Films., by conceptual art pioneer David Lamelas, is the opening show.

’90s; duo N.M.O. makes militant, awkward electro-acoustic funk; Ripit switches between beat micro-surgery and orchestral bombast; and Frederic Alstadt is all about drone. Film: L’Heure d’Eté 04 July-10 August - Cinéma Galeries, Brussels Brussels film summers would not be the same without the Galerie’s outdoor film festival L’Heure d’Eté. After last year’s Texan screenings, the 2014 edition will bring a fine selection of 20 Italian films mirroring the Galerie’s indoor programme.

Expo: Ann Veronica Janssens until 26 July 2014 - Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels Often based on technical or scientific facts, Ann Veronica Janssens’ projects explore the thresholds between two states of perception, where the image reabsorbs itself. Check out her work at the brand new Szwajcer’s space.

Music: Floris Vanhoof + Ssaliva + more 11 July - An Vert, Liège It’s gonna be one pretty night in Liège. There’s electronic mastermind Ssaliva (‘Black Soul’- you spun that track at least 150 times too, didn’t you?) &apos, Lowcommittee and DJ sets by Meakusma Soundsystem and Ryus. You pay as much as you please!

Expo: Coming people until 14 September - S.M.A.K., Ghent A biennial exhibition of work by artists who have recently graduated from a Belgian school of art. As opposed to previous editions, the project is now opened up to art schools across Belgian, instead of just those in Ghent.

Music: Guardian Alien 12 July - Het Bos, Antwerp The NY avant-garde musicians of Guardian Angel push their sound in all directions. Taking inspiration from Milford Graves and minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien

Music: Kjetil Brandsdal + N.M.O + more 03 July - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels Bassist Brandsdal has been a prominent figure in the Norwegian experimental music circuit since the mid-


What else is on. Agenda strikes a unique note with Spiritual Emergency.

metal and even doom techno, mixing it all together in a thrilling cocktail that’s blacker than black.

Music: Meakusma Night 25 July - Recyclart, Brussels Ready for a ‘soirée bourrée’? Provided by DJ Sensu; techno boy Anno Stamm – the new alter ego of dubstep producer Lars Stöwe, the mystic house of Svengalisghost and Sofa’s blend of hip hop, jazzy sadness and Asian grooves.

Theatre: Festival international des Brigittines 22 August-06 September - Les Brigittines, Brussels This festival has been promoting contemporary performing arts since the ’70s. This edition's theme is ‘Guides and pirates in troubled waters’. You’ll be drifting back and forth between imaginary worlds and worlds of the imaginary in the baroque Brigittines chapel.

Music: Bruksellive 26 July - Groentheater, Brussels Hydrogen Sea, Vuurwerk and Hiele will make your day in the Osseghem Park in Laeken. Four stages, free entry, with the Atomium watching over you.

Party: Vicuna #10 23 August - tba, Brussels Since the Vicuna crowd is getting the hang of this, so are we. DJ Akî and his crew will treat you with every beat. Over and over. Again and again. Stay tuned via their website.

Music: Chelsea Wolfe + Lower 13 August - Le Brass, Brussels Allow yourself a glimpse into the soul of a visionary, and go stare at Chelsea Wolfe’s raven black hair. As we all know, Pain is Beauty, beauty is pain.

Music: Chad VanGaalen 04 September - Democrazy, Ghent Jeez Louise, do we love Chad. A notorious artistic homebody, he sometimes does leave his rickety house in Calgary. That’s when we come in, singing the beloved chorus from the Celine Dion-inspired song ‘Shave my Pussy’.

Music: Sinergia Elettronica 16 August - Het Bos, Antwerp Sinergia Elettronica is the result of Jooklo duo and Umwurf – the electronic department of Metabolismus – teaming up. They state that they’re capable of opening new spaces in the universe of human perception, with their ancient synthesizers, magnetic tapes and processed acoustic instruments.

Party: Brüxsel Jardin tba - tba, Brussels When and where? We don’t know. But what we do know is that this openair madness will take over the streets of Brussels again. Expect cool tunes in cosy suburban surroundings transformed into a musical playground just for you.

Music: Prurient + Orphan Swords 21 August - Le Brass, Brussels On his latest album, Through the Window, Dominick Fernow (Cold Cave, Vatican Shadow) embraces noise,


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WIELS WIELS, Brussels €8 | Free for members

05 July

Frikstailers + many more Salle Rogier (LAC), Brussels 23.00 | €8 | Free for members

19 July

Communions + First Hate + Ping Pong Tactics Het Bos, Antwerp 20.00 | tba | Free for members

31 July

Film: Wasted Youth Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

01 August

Film: Europe in 8 bits Cinema Zuid, Antwerp 20.00 | €5 | Free for members

01-02 August

Festival: Micro Festival Espace 251 Nord, Liège (JauneOrange) tba | €12 | Free for members

09 August

24 July

Festival: Wastelands

10 Days Off: Day 7 ft. Julio Bashmore + Kowton + Velour + more

30 August

Vooruit,Ghent tba | €20 | Free for members

26 July

Festival: Rock Zerkegem Schooiweg, Zerkegem, Jabbeke 15.00 | €7 | Free for members

30 July

Mdou Moctar Het Bos, Antwerp 20.00 | tba | Free for members

019, Ghent 16.00 | €20 | Free for members

Different Fountains + Ignatz & De Stervende Honden + Bear Bones, Lay Low Jünglingshaus, Eupen tba | tba | Free for members

06 September

Woods + Ben &

The Saints

Atelier 210, Brussels 20.00 | €13 | Free for members

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