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January 2011

SUBARU 4WD NEWS Meetings of THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB of WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC. are normally held at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the

Rotary Hall, 55 Sandgate St., South Perth Subaru 4WD Web Site: SUBARU 4WD CLUB of WESTERN AUSTRALIA INC P.O. BOX 434, SOUTH PERTH, W.A. 6951



2011 COMMITTEE Tony Richards



John Cahill( Acting)

0439 922 338


Keith Wilcox



Tom Minto



David Peck


Joy Unno




Rob Griffiths Jim Wilcox Keith Low Ian Johnson

0411249933 6467-7063 9459-3358 9448-5419


Tony Richards



Karl Boeing/ Rob Griffiths

9341-5087 0411249933

4WD ASSOC DELEGATE: David Peck/ Tony Richards

0402177886 9386-7705



PROPERTY OFFICER: Peter Andruszkiw/Simon Newton Club member of the year 2010: Rob Griffiths LIFE MEMBERS Fred Offer, Keith Anderson, Jonel Householder, Ray Stewart, Ian Johnson, Peter Andruszkiw and Ron Caunce. Page 2


PRESIDENT’S REPORT January 2011 Fellow Members, By the time you get this edition of the mag, I will have completed the 3 Bights trip, which will hopefully have been trouble free. I will organise a slide night of the trip for the February or March general meeting. I would also like to organise a speaker, or two, or three in 2011. If you have any suggestions for a speaker, please let me or a Committee member know. DON’T FORGET that the January meeting on 11 January is at our new venue – Rotary Hall, Sandgate Street, South Perth. There are lots of great trips coming up in the New Year. Check out the calendar. And, if you are looking to take an extended camping trip in 2011 and are looking for some company, why not think about turning it into a Club trip. The Club remains committed to its relationship with DEC Mid-West and our Easter trip will be to a DEC station, probably Warriedar. We are still looking for a new Station to “adopt”. Rob Griffiths continues to work on the website – thanks again. “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better best”. Or so it seems! I hope you all had a safe and very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Regards, Tony Richards

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TRIP CO-ORDINATOR’S REPORT January 2011 December has been a quiet month for trips with only the extended trip along the Great Australian Bight from Caiguna to Esperance hopefully we will hear some good stories with a slide show at a future meeting. The annual beach run on Jan 9th is a great chance for new or prospective members to find out how capable the Subaru is in the sand, and for more experienced members to have some fun. February is also a quiet month for trips with only the Captain Fawcett track trip on Sunday 20th If you have any ideas for trip destinations please let me or a committee member know. Cheers David Peck 26Dec-3 Jan th

Three Amigos trip to the Bight – two vacancies

Sun 9 Jan

Beach run – Myalup and Tim’s Thicket

26-30 Jan

Nornalup – Money is need by Dec GM.

Sunday 13 Feb

Picnic lunch – Promo in Dec Magazine

20 February

Day trip - Fawcett Track to Quindanning - Dave Peck TL

March LWE 2011

Weekend trip for a camping trip, north up the coast. Suggested Hill River. Trip leader John Cahill – Promo needed.

Saturday 19 March

Curry Night – where – ask at GM.

Sun 27th Mar

Day trip – Darling scarp – South – TL Keith low

Easter 2011

DEC Station Trip –Warriedar/Lochada. Limit to 10 cars on station at any one time – TL Jim Wilcox

Saturday 9 April

Social – 10 Pin Bowling

Sun 15th May

Pinjar/Gnangara/Wilbinga pines – TL Dave Peck

May 21st

Social - The Maze??? - Ideas

Wet Winter Trip

Port Kennedy Scientific Park – TL – Joy Unno

Queens Birthday LWE – 1 to 3 October

Fitzgerald NP – Quaalup – up on Website. Promo in mag.

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NEW VENUE JANUARY 2011 GENERAL MEETING Rotary Hall, 55 Sandgate St., South Perth

NEW VENUE CHANGE IN CLUB MAGAZINE DELIVERY METHOD From March 2011, the Club magazine is going to become mainly an emag (see General Meeting Minutes) available on the Club website: If you do not have Internet access and require a posted magazine, contact any Committee Member to ensure that you will continue to receive your monthly magazine by Australia Post mail. Members will also have the option of receiving an email link to the magazine when the editor places the finished magazine on the website. Detailed instructions of how to access the magazine on the website or get the email link will be published in the February magazine.

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SOME LIKE IT HOT Curry Club Night Many camp menus feature curries of various types. So, explore the possibilities at the Club Curry Night! Don’t worry, it won’t be too hot – since you will be bringing the dishes. Sat 19 March from 7pm Home of Thea O’Brien: 50 Jellicoe Rd, Glen Forrest. Plenty of parking. You’ll find a mudmap on the Club website. Please bring a dish – with food on it (see below) and your drinks. As usual, also bring your own plates, glasses & cutlery Each household of 2+ people One of these: Curry dish - Choose from: Chicken, Fish or seafood, beef, lamb, pork, egg, lentil or bean, paneer, tofu. It doesn’t have to be called a curry, e.g. rendang, Indian dhal, fish moolee OR Rice - plain or “enhanced”


Dessert or fruit platter

(continued next page......) Page 7





One of these: Curry accompaniment e.g. chutney (home-made or from your local Asian grocer), cucumber, yoghurt & mint raita, nuts, sambal, pappadams OR Asian vegetable dish OR Any salad All Please make a simple label for your dish, with its name, main ingredient (if not obvious) and a chilli rating (0-5). We’re aiming for a range of dishes from mild to moderately hot. Nothing too hot. There’ll be sambals and pickles to spice it up - if that is your desire. RSVP Register on the website by 16 March indicating what you’ll be bringing and ensuring there’ll be a good variety. Contact us for ideas or recipes. Thea O’Brien E T 9252 0132 Jenni Ibrahim E T 9382 4678 Page 8


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TRIP PROMOTIONS / INFORMATION RIVERSIDE PICNIC/BBQ This Social event offers the opportunity to share a convivial lunch/drinks with other club members at a terrific spot in Bassendean. Visitors/prospective members are most welcome. Similar events have drawn excellent numbers in past years. This is self catering so you are not going to get a more economical lunch than this. The site has multiple “press to operate” BBQ’s, parkland, mature shady trees and is located on the Swan River bank. You can watch the vineyard cruise boats glide past as you quaff a crisp white (or whatever is your fancy). David will bring a couple of kayaks and a Canadian canoe so you can have a go at canoeing if you wish. DATE: Sunday 13 February TIME: From 12 noon LOCATION: Sandy Beach Reserve, BASSENDEAN (entry from West Road to the car park) BRING: Food, drinks, chairs, plus anything else you feel you need for a picnic or BBQ. QUESTIONS? Tom Minto (9382 4678) or Dave Peck (9275 5617) Page 10


TRIP PROMOTIONS / INFORMATION Quaalup Quest – Fitzgerald River National Park September 23, 24 and 25, 2011 – optional extra day Sept 22 Here is your chance to visit the Fitzgerald River National Park, with over 1,800 known plant species - 250 of these being rare and 62 only occurring within the park. There are a greater number of flora species in Fitzgerald River NP alone than exist in the whole of the The weekend will have a wildflower theme, as the season should be in full swing with the rare Quaalup Bell and stunning Royal Hakea in flower. There will be several guided walks, including a wildflower walk, a bush sundowner, and an easy climb up West Mt Barren. There is also excellent kayaking in the Gairdiner River - access just 2k from camp - as well as whale watching from Pt Ann. Please note that this trip will NOT be on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend as originally planned, as that holiday has been moved to the end of October – no good for wildflowers! So you may need to arrange a day off to make the three day trip – why not take two days off and really relax? It is outside of school holidays so there shouldn’t be any crowds! Unpowered Camping Accommodation: Please register with trip leader Nina McLaren or club website; first night’s camping fee as deposit by Aug 2011. Other Accommodation: Apply direct to Quaalup Homestead at or 98374124 (please do not ring before 10am). Accommodation (other than camping) is limited, so if you don’t want to rough it, please book as soon as possible. Page 11


CLUB CALENDAR January 2011 S Tue 4th: Committee Meeting Sun 9th: Beach Run 30 31 1 Tues 11: General Meeting 22 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wed 26th-Sun 30th: Nornalup LWE 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Thurs 27th magazine articles deadline S






16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

February 2011 S







Tues 1st Committee Meeting 1 22 3 4 5 Tue 8th General Meeting Sun 13th: Picnic by the river, page 10 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sun 20th: Fawcett Track, page 13 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Thurs 24th magazine articles deadline 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

March 2011 S










13 14 15 16 20 21 22 23 27 28 29 30 Page 12




Tues 1st Committee Meeting Tue 8th General Meeting 3 4 5 Sat 5th-Mon 7th Wedge Is., page 5 10 11 12 Sat 19th Curry Night, promo pp7-8 17 18 19 Sun 27th Darling Scarp South Day trip. Trip leader: K. Low 24 25 26 Thurs 31st magazine articles deadline 31


April 2011 S Tue 5th: Committee Meeting 1 2 Sat 9th: 10 Pin Bowling, Morley Tue 12th: General Meeting 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Fri 22nd-Mon 26th: Easter at Warriedar/ 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Lochada. Trip leader: J Wilcox 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Thurs 28th magazine articles deadline S






24 25 26 27 28 29 30

May 2011 S Tue 3rd Committee Meeting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tue 10 General Meeting Sun 15th Pinjar Pines/Wilbinga day trip 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Sat 21st Social details tba 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Thurs 26th magazine articles deadline S






22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

SCHOOL AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS School Holidays: Dec18 - Feb 2, 2011, April 20 - May 4, Jul 9 -Jul 25 Public holidays: Jan 26, March 7, April 22-April 25, April 26, 6 June Potential members are most welcome to come along on any Club activities before joining. Please phone the Trip Leader for further information. Register with the trip leader if you are wanting to join a trip or social. Also contact the trip leader if you have to cancel, as we don’t want to wait for someone who does not turn up! Some trips are ideas only and may be subject to change. Some of the later trips need trip leaders – volunteers please.

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TRIP PROMOTIONS / INFORMATION Wedge and Beyond 5-7 March, 2010

Come join us as we travel all the way along the coast using the new Indian Ocean Drive as we take in Wedge Island, Leeman and Dongara on the way to our camp up at Ellendale Pool on the Greenough River (a closely guarded secret of Geraldtonians). The plan is to drive all the way along the coast up Marmion Avenue through Two Rocks and up along the New Indian Ocean Drive to Wedge Island which is now easily accessible. After that we will amble up to Leeman for lunch (and another swim if you would like) . From there we will head up the coast through Stockyard Gulley (which we have not been to for a couple of years) and a little bit of heavy sand driving on the way out on the way to Dongara for afternoon tea. From there we will go on to Ellendale Pool which is about 40km inland on the Greenough River. The Pool is about a good kilometre long and about 10-20m wide. It is suitable for kayaking, swimming and even has a Tarzan swing. Also being a large body of water in the region it promises to be a haven for bird and animal life as well. We have not done many trips into this area other than passing through on the way to somewhere else so should provide a whole new set of sites to see. There are ample campsites along the river, toilets and BBQs. We will stay there Saturday and Sunday nights and explore the region around. You will need to bring tents or trailer for camping, fresh water and gas stoves for cooking and drinking. If you have a kayak why not throw it

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SUBARU 4WD CLUB of W.A. INC on the roof and paddle down the river or in the sea as we go up. Bring your binoculars and camera as well. We will meet at the Currambine Shopping centre car park, corner Shenton and Marmion Avenues at 8:00AM for an 8:15AM departure on Saturday morning.If you would like to join the trip give me a call on 0439 922 338 or if a club member, join the trip through the web site.

Captain Fawcett Commemorative 4 x 4 Track Day Trip Sunday 20th Feb 2011 The easy to medium grade 4WD section starts within Lane Poole Conservation Reserve, Dwellingup. Much of the track runs along old rail embankments where the timber trains once hauled the forest trees into various mills. Remnants of an old rail bridge stand adjacent to the track. Other sections may be on tracks made by timber cutters to access the forest. There are places along the track where you can pull off and enjoy a picnic on your way. Trip Leader: David PECK phone (home) 9275 5617 Meeting Details When: 8:45 for a 9.00am start on Sunday 20th February 2011 Where: Cnr of Baldivis and Safety Bay Roads, Rockingham (at the Caltex Petrol Station) Bring: Full tank of fuel, food, drink. CB radio Page 15



Photo: Brad & Jane O'Neil (more at

Sunday the 28th of November dawned bright and sunny. The club met at the 10th Light Horse Heritage Trail just North of Joondalup Drive on Wanneroo Rd at 8 am. It was a very big turn out with lots of new faces including some members who have not been seen for a while. With seventeen cars including a hail damaged Forester dubbed the “Green Golf Ball� by its owner Tim, a new diesel Forester and two distinct yellow L Series Subaru's. The club split into two convoys for the 90 km trip up to Lancelin. It was a pleasant drive as Wanneroo and Lancelin roads were lined with flowering christmas trees. Arriving just after 9 am we all stopped to the obligatory bakery stop, consuming much needed caffeine and carbohydrates in it's various forms for the day ahead. Peter Andruszskiw then introduced and discussed the days activities. There would be two groups divided into Novice and Experienced Drivers. My wife and I have only been club members for about 4-5 months with Page 16

SUBARU 4WD CLUB of W.A. INC no sand driving experience so naturally we joined the Novice group. We made our way into the dunes area and lined up for a photo shoot and to let our tyres down. At this point both groups went their separate ways. The experienced group, following in Tony's wake, left for an adventure packed day. While the novice convoy, led by Peter, was introduced to the Subaru's capabilities under the sceptical eye of a Land Cruiser stuck on the crest of a dune a few hundred meters away. My wife and I were also very grateful for air conditioning on the hot day, especially watching heavily leather clad trail and quad bikers roaring around. The convoy started by slowly making it's way between the big dunes across an undulating sandscape. Peter provided excellent commentary and tips while allowing time for my wife and I to change drivers. Peter slowly increased the difficulty of the challenges from gentle undulations to small 45 degree slopes progressing onto ones that seemed close to vertical as we braced ourselves against the steering wheel and dashboard to stop our faces being planted in the windscreen. Extreme apprehension was soon replaced by jubilation and confidence as we successfully reached level ground. Tips on how not to do it were demonstrated by us including. Do not change gears going up hill Do not stop going up hill Do not park in soft sand on the side of a hill Do not rev the engine and spin the wheels while stuck. We made a valiant effort at breaking the Guinness World record for

Page 17

SUBARU 4WD CLUB NEWS stalling a car going down a sand dune. In saying this it was very easy to get unstuck. Quick work with a small shovel, gentle clutch and accelerator action along with some very kind elbow grease from Brad, Peter and other club members (ie. My wife); the car was soon down the hill to a level spot for another attempt. Peter's Diesel Forester was a joy to watch as he demonstrated how to ascent a slope and safely reverse down. He also made climbing big dunes and scouting for suitable terrain to practice on seem effortless. At about 12:30 we started searching up hill and down dale, for the lunch spot on the Eastern side of the sand dune area. I suspect it was a type of graduation drive because it finished off by going down some slopes that needed careful navigation. We caught up with the other club members for a well deserved lunch break and took the opportunity to talk about our experiences. The others seemed to have a great time judging by the amount of sand that poured out of the bumpers as we made our way back to the entrance into the recreational area. Once in town we stopped at a park to re-inflate our tyres. There we said our thank you's and farewells as people headed in various directions for swim, ice cream and home. Thank you to Peter and Tony the trip leaders for a great day and to all who helped get cars out of trouble. We would also like to nominate Peter for the most patient teacher of clueless novices (ie. us). Quote of the day: “A Subaru can go to all the same places as a big 4wd drive, we just have to do it a bit differently sometimes.� Phil and Liz Read

Page 18


GENERAL MEETING MINUTES The Subaru 4WD Club of Western Australia Inc. Minutes of the General Meeting held on Tuesday 14 December 2010 Venue: Joan Watters Community Centre, Wembley Meeting Opened: 7:38pm. Present: 18 members and 1 visitor, as per attendance book. Apologies: Joy Unno, Simon Newton, Gary Gleeson Visitors: Travis Maskey Previous Minutes: Acceptance of the minutes of the November general meeting proposed by Josan Moss and seconded by Roz Carey. Agreed. Business Arising: None. Correspondence in and out: Town of Cambridge – Hall Hire November - $66.00. Westpac bank Statement balance: $4205.72. Membership Renewal – Ray and Molly Russel - $40.00 Membership Renewal – David Combe - $50.00 Trip Participation Form – Quentin and Erin Donald Letter from Rotary South Perth Burswood seeking confirmation of booking Letter Australian 4WD insurance – please promote to members. Toyota Land Cruiser Club WA “Twin Diffs” – November 2010 edition Drive Torque December 2010 edition Bull Sheet December 2010 edition Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria November 2010 edition Page 19


GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Suba News October 2010 edition Toyota Land Cruiser Club WA “Twin Diffs” – December 2010 edition Expo Invoice December magazine - $132.00 Membership Renewal – John and Coralie Magor - $40.00 Membership Renewal – David Combe - $50.00 Membership Renewal – Stuart and Barbara Knott - $50.00 Earth Solutions – Avon Valley Inc – Request for Expressions of Interest for participation in the Historical, Agricultural and Environmental Festival. Email from John Cahill to the Rotary South Perth Burswood reconfirming permanent booking of Rotary hall, Sandgate Street, South Perth. Email from Tony Richards Mark Edmunds Subaru Australia advising of change of Presidency Email from Tony Richards Andy Diamantis Subaru Osborne advising of change of Presidency Various WA4WDA notices. Email WA4WDA – change of club officers Email: Non Financial Club members encouraging renewal Email: Exploroz updating club contact details Invoice Subaru Australia – free offer membership Tomassens Business Arising: Nil Treasurer’s Report: Actual bank balance:


Unpresented cheques:


Reconciled balance:


Page 20

SUBARU 4WD CLUB of W.A. INC Acceptance of the Treasurer’s report proposed by Jim Wilcox and seconded by Keith Low. Agreed. Change of signatory form lodged with Westpac Business Arising: Nil. Membership: Total memberships – 39 Ordinary memberships + 7 life members = 46 Carol Poole and the Morrisseys have responded saying that they will not be renewing their membership Merchandise: Unit Value


Hats (4M and 7L)



Polo Shirts Blue (no pocket)*



Polo Shirts Blue (pocket - 1L)



Polo Shirts Yellow (2M)



Club Jackets (new - 3L, 1M & 1S)



Club Jackets (old - 2L)



Club Beanies (new)




[*2x2XL, 2xXL, 1xM and 1xS]

The Web Shop is currently being tested. Rob noted that nothing on the site will be very cheap. Keith Wilcox advised that he has a copy of the stitching file for the club logo. 4WD Association: Dave Peck and Tony Richards attended the November meeting: 9th tent at 4WD Show for $220.00 – no power – looking for refund? Off Road Advisory – John Howard appointed. Wedge Island/Grey – demolition of shacks on hold. Looking to buy reverse cycle air conditioner for Kaarakin. Page 21


GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Sat phone – not viable – insurance an issue. Will approach rental companies for discounts. Found new Secretary – Tony Down. Jan will still be Minute Secretary. Thanks to 13 Clubs at 4WD show. Association fees not paid – All Tracks, Off Roaders and Rockingham. Darling 4WD Track – Mundaring to Collie – in Nic Underwood’s book, but track no official. TrackCare – Warriedar – it seems they have agreed with DEC to take it over. Have persuaded DEC not to demolish buildings. Jim? The Department of Agriculture is to present to the March meeting of the Association on weeds. RFDS Kalgoorlie closed down. Derby is to close down soon. Now all VKS737. Can get through to RFDS using VKS737 selcall. Editor: The committee has made a decision that, since we have such a capable web site and magazine viewer on line, that with effect from the February magazine continued despatch of a printed magazine to members would be by an “Opt In” by members logging in online and selecting the send printed magazine option against their membership details or, by contacting a committee member to do so for them. Rob Griffiths agreed to add a function to the web site which would enable a link to the magazine to be mailed to members when the editor places the finished magazine on the site. The trip reports submission date is the last Thursday of the month, 30th December, 2010. Trips/Socials: See Trip Co-ordinator's report Page 4 for list of upcoming trips. Page 22



1. Concept of an active and Inactive trip added to site to enable promos and content to be developed before the trip is published to the world.

2. Rob is working on a new trip template 3. Files uploaded to the site still available as a link to a text files 4. A suggestion was made to email the editor that content has changed. GPS track upload is available and is viewable through Google. General Business: The Xmas party RFDS collection amounted to $195 and has been sent to the RFDS. Due to most of the committee being on the Three Amigos trip it was suggested that the committee meeting should be cancelled. (Subsequent to the meeting the cancellation was confirmed.)

Meeting Closed: at 20:25

THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS MAGAZINE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE HELD BY THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB OF W.A. INC. Please send articles and photos to the Editor by the Thursday before the end of the month (earlier is better). Email: in Word format or plain text Subaru 4WD Club WA Website: Page 23


Subaru 4wd mag Jan 2011

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