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PLEASE BRING A PLATE OF SUPPER TO SHARE!! OUR WEBSITE ADDRESS :- EMAIL US ON :- POSTAL ADDRESS:- PO Box 310, UNLEY SA 5061 Email articles to the editor— Edited by Elizabeth Sloper Published by the Subaru 4WD Club of S.A. Inc. The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher. Copyright remains the responsibility of the author.


Un-Edited Bullsheet Hi there fellow Subaru heads, Thanks for volunteering to tow a float in the Fringe Parade. Please send to me your tow ball height (to the top of the ball) and if you are fitted with electronic brakes (not mandatory by the way) asap. Here’s the information about the floats and participation that I currently have:

- 5 x ‘wagons’ – 7m long by 4m wide – between 1t and 1.2t - 1 car trailer – approximately 750kg - 4 ‘pods’ –wooden structures approximately 3m x 3m x 3.5m high – approximately 500kg - 1 large ‘pod’ – large wooden ‘boat’ with a large generator and equipment, approximately 3.5 x 5m x 3m – up to 1t The parade travels at 2kph, the organisers have talked to Vehicle Standards, who do not think there will be an issue with a 4WD towing a wagon of 1.2t at such a slow speed. The Subaru Club is providing the drivers, and families/friends to be sitting in the vehicles with them. We are happy to include you on the list of parade participants on our website, giving you special thanks, and I will look out for any other opportunities that we might have to promote your involvement. Also the organisers will give the drivers and their families’ passes to the Parade After-Party in the Fringe Club on Rymil Park. As a driver you can come along to the briefing on Sunday 9 th February at 11am. All drivers are welcome to come along, but not required as I will be going to the brief if you can’t make it and will pass details on. On the event day (14th February), the drivers and their vehicles will be required from 6.30pm at Torrens Parade until your float reaches the end of the parade (9.40pm at the latest). If your drivers would like to have a drink or two at the Parade After-Party they are welcome to drive their vehicles back to Torrens Parade Ground and park them there overnight. Cheers and Merry Christmas Paul Shinks


The Editors Bullsheet Welcome to the first edition of the magazine for 2014 I’m sure its going to be a suberific year This issue brings you trip reports on our family fun/kids Christmas day at Carrisbrooke park and the lovely beach day at Aldinga silver sands, along with photos of our fundraiser at Bunnings mile end on new years day. This fundraiser will be repeated on Saturday February 8th, more info inside. How many of my subymen did you manage to find in last months issue??? There were 10 in all one on pages 1;3;4;9;10;15;18;22;25;28

We also have the second instalment of the continuing story The colour of Jade Upcoming trips is looking a little light on at the moment with just a few in the works at the moment but I’m sure that will change once everyone is back to routine again. The committee page is going to be redesigned shortly so bare with me while I work on that. The March General Meeting will be held on the 14th not the 7th so as to not interfere with the Adelaide cup long weekend Can I please remind everyone that I need any correspondence for the bullsheet to be emailed to me by the 20th of the month so I have time to edit it before going to press. HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL Liz Sloper Ed.s4wdcsa 3

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BUNNINGS February 8th We need YOU Volunteers needed

FUND RAISER FOR CLUB SEE NEXT PAGE Clare Valley Riesling Trail Bike Ride Saturday 8th – Monday 10th 2014 (March Long Weekend) Trip Leader – Grace Gent Contact – 0433 792 474 Degree of Difficulty – Easy/Medium Likely to meet at and stay at Clare Caravan Park or similar – TBA The Riesling Trail runs for 36 kilometres along the old Riverton to Spalding railway line between the towns of Auburn and Clare, with a new section terminating 9km north of Clare at Barinia siding. The Riesling trail was one of the first rail trails to be developed in South Australia. The trail travels past many cellar doors and other attractions (bring your pannier bags). Autumn is an ideal time to visit. The trail is generally quite flat and is suitable for all fitness levels. You would be surprised at how far you can actually ride. I did this ride years ago while very out of shape in hot weather and went quite a distance so if you are thinking you are too out of shape for this – you are not! *Please let me know if you would like to attend as I am looking to book sites in the park very soon as it is a long weekend*

Distances on the trail: Barinia to Clare: 9km Clare to Sevenhill: 7km Sevenhill to Penwortham: 5km Penwortham to Watervale: 5km Watervale to Leasingham: 2km Leasingham to Auburn: 8km 5

Little Dip Conservation Park September/October 2014 TBA Trip Leaders – Grace Gent and Paul Ewins Contact – 0433 792 474 or 0457 569 868 Degree of Difficulty – Variable Meet – Beachport – TBA Sand and beach driving. We may stay at Beachport in the Caravan Park and do day trips to the park or just bush camp in Little Dip. Stay tuned for more information as we plan this trip. Hope this finds you all safe and well, Here's hoping you have all had a great Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Firstly, to all of the helpers we had on Wednesday for our Bunnings BBQ fundraiser a HUGE

Thank You!!!!

Although we did not have the crowds we might have expected or hoped for the day still proved to be profitable. We raised around $500.00 for the day. Due to the day not being as successful as both Bunnings and the Club had hoped we have been allocated another day to make up for it.

SATURDAY 8th FEBRUARY - Bunnings Mile End 7.30am to 5.00pm. Once again we will need to know who will be available to help out on the day and the roster will be a little larger as Saturdays are the busiest and the hours are longer. We will be looking for a start-up crew to help get everything set up and sorted and we will need them from around 7.30AM, much earlier than our last one. We will then need shifts of around two hours to continue all through the day. Hopefully you will be able to support our efforts in some way and if you cannot man the BBQ perhaps you could make some ice for the cooler box or even do some baking to sell as well. Please reply with any help you may be able to provide. Thanks Your committee. 6


Family Fun Day

Bruce McLean

Elizabeth and I were childless Saturday night thanks to friends who we’d invited to the fun day which meant we could load the Pajero up. All the chair, tables, b.b.q, eskie and food stuff all went on the floor or back seat , and all the ice went in the back. Elizabeth and I arrived at the park early to ensure we had a good spot close to the hill, which we did and set ourselves up. First to arrive where Wayne, Marina and family with our boys in tow, all excited about what to expect. I took 3 ice sleds out and with Wayne’s help started the kids off. The first run down the hill for each sled was a little slow, but as the ice became slippery the faster they went, and before long the boys and Jemilla were flying down the hill. Wayne was the first adult to give it a try and really picked up some speed. I couldn’t let him have all the fun so I had a go, it really was a lot of fun. The more confidence the kids got the more they tried other ways to ride the ice sled down the hill. One popular way was on your tummy scooting down the hill like the rocketeer, and the other was to stand on the sled and try and surf it down the hill. Ethan was the first to make it all the way down surfing without wiping out. It wasn’t too much longer when Paul, Theresa and family arrived with Theresa’s brother Justin and wife Katie and two kids. I took out another two ice sleds which were buried under tarps and blankets in the back of the car, and the fun just kept on coming. Paul and Justin were into it soon after they arrived and I had a few more rides. Once I started going sideways into patch of dirt, the ice sled stopping abruptly and I was thrown off and tumbled off into the dirt. I picked myself up and pulled the sled back up to have another go. .


That was one thing, it was great fun riding it down, it seemed like a long way to pull it back up the hill, but the kids went up and down all day long. Of course, the more the sled melted the lighter it became. Some of the stacks were pretty spectacular but no injuries where had. Elizabeth decided that she had to give it a go, so she sat on the ice brick and to my eldest son’s credit gave her a gentle push off. The whole park could hear Elizabeth scream as she flew down the hill, unable to control her laughter and thrill of the ride. Robyn and Jacky arrived before lunch with their little dog being towed along in a basket on wheels. Both Robyn and Jacky were excited about giving it a go and once they’d tried it once they had to go again because once was never enough, it was just too much fun. Soon after Grace arrived and joined us for lunch. Before the day was out, apart from Grace and Katie, all children and adults had had a go at least once, the kids too many times to count. After a while the ice sleds became thin and started to break. This just added to the fun, because now the kids had two ice sleds and weren’t so heavy to take back up the hill. Scott, Jane and girls arrived just after lunch so I took the last two sleds out from the back of the car which were still solid, so their girls had the opportunity to experience ice sledding. Jemilla and Aiden kept going up and down the hill all day, if the ice was big enough to sit on they would ride it down the hill. I watched Aiden come down the hill one time and it looked like he was scooting down on his bum, he had the smallest piece of ice underneath him but it still worked. Once most of the ice had melted or broken up a game of cricket started, and I think we have a couple of junior cricket stars in the club. We had everything including tantrums and tears which were quickly forgotten because the only thing anyone will remember is how much fun they had at the Family Fun Day. There were smiles, laughter and good cheer all day long. Thank you to everyone who attended and making it a successful day, and thank you to our visitors to make up numbers and for paying for an ice sled each.


EXECUTIVE Number 13 08/01/2014


SHORT VERSION: Volunteer across the state in some of the most beautiful places on earth Volunteering as a Campground Host is a fantastic way to see magnificent parks from the ocean to the mountains to the desert, while at the same time providing a valuable volunteer service. To find out more, contact Lynn Newman on 8124 4841 or email

LONGER VERSION: Enjoy camping in our wonderful parks regardless of the season

If you love camping and want to share your passion for the great outdoors, then become a campground host. Campground hosts are volunteers who are stationed in national park campsites and support the park rangers with the management of the park and its visitors throughout the year. Campground hosts generally: welcome campers assist visitors to select a camp site share information about campsite rules, facilities and attractions provide visitors with general information about local flora, fauna and natural/cultural attractions regularly check on facilities and ensure the campground is kept tidy liaise with the rangers regarding site conditions, facilities and any visitor issues. Do you know anyone who may be interested? It could suit your family, friends, or maybe even you? To find out more, contact Lynn Newman on 8124 4841 or email

Lynn Newman Project Officer Volunteers and Partnerships Unit | Regional Coordination Branch Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources P (08) 8124 4841 | M 0467 777 972 1 Richmond Road Keswick 5035 | GPO Box 1047 Adelaide 5001 | |


EXECUTIVE Number 14 17/01/2014


TO ALL FWDSA CLUB DELEGATES AND CLUB MEMBERS The Annual General Meeting of FWDSA will be held at Cavan on Thursday the 20th March 2014 at 7:30 pm

There are three positions that need to be filled as the current position holders have advised the Executive and Delegates that they are


continuing on in their respective roles.

FWDSA therefore needs the following three (3) positions filled if FWDSA is to exist. (1) FWDSA Secretary (replacement for Ken Paget) (2) FWDSA Treasurer (replacement for John Newman) (3) FWDSA Assistant Secretary (replacement for Kai Heinsen)


The Colour of Jade Chapter 2 New Blood “Come on Jade you are going to make us late” Sarah called out down the hall from the front door annoyed at her daughter, “Your father and Michael are already in the car” “Why do I have to go, can’t I stay home, Pleeeease” replied Jade finally stepping out into the hallway from her bedroom, her shoulders slumped, a brooding dark look, her displeasure apparent. “No you are not staying home alone, you are coming with us and I won’t hear another word about it, now get in the car” Sarah scolded her, her frustration almost at breaking point from having this conversation far too often. Jade was a fiery red head, her hair cut short and shaggy, her green eyes piercing, a throw back from her Irish heritage. Jade was only 12 years old and although she was very intelligent and did well at her school work, the teachers, and her parents had trouble with her attitude, and constant back chatting and arguing. Jade had a slim build, mostly because she hardly ate, but that didn’t stop her from fighting with boys, climbing trees and in years gone past nothing thrilled her more than going home filthy dirty and seeing the expression on her mother’s face. Jade slid into the back seat of the car, her brother giving her a sideways glance of disapproval for wasting his time. Michael didn’t want to go either, but he was older and realized he had no choice, well that was the impression he gave outwardly, inwardly he was a little interested what four wheel driving would be all about. Michael was 15, stood a respectable 5 foot 10, slim build, had jet black hair and also had green eyes; his face was almost a mirror image of his mothers. Sarah had green eyes and jet black hair, though had red and gold high lights reflecting through her hair. Sarah was short and fat, which are her words, but even though she carried a little weight, she carried it well and she wasn’t really that short at 5 foot 3. David, her husband, has a receding hair line and was showing signs of a bald patch on the top of his head. David was 6 foot 1 and what hair he had left was a dark ginger colour with an ever so slight splattering of grey. Is eyes were a green blue which made his eyes at certain times, or in certain light, a wonderful silvery grey, green blue. He had the kind of eyes it was hard not to notice. The drive to the meeting was quiet. Apart from Sarah and David exchanging the occasional brief conversation, the radio was the only sound other than the sound of the motor and other cars. They arrived at the meeting fifteen minutes early, parked on the street not far from the old hall, and as a family walked into the hall. Even though most times Jade was very vocal and self-assured, she stayed close to her father and even considered holding his hand, though she didn’t. All four of them felt a little uneasy as they walked through the foyer and into the main hall that first time, although their apprehension soon past once Jack introduced himself. “Giday, you must be David, I’m Jack, I spoke to you on the phone.” “Hi” replied David, “this is my wife Sarah, and these two are Michael and Jade” “Welcome to the meeting” he responded brightly shaking their hands. “Now before I introduce you to anyone else I’ll just get a few details from you, like the type of four wheel drive you drive, the colour, and all your names. Bruce McLean 12

Subaru Levorg Subaru Levorg in action Subaru takes the Levorg for a run on road and track.

Subaru Levorg STI planned DESCRIPTION Date December 20, 2013 Japanese brand to debut high-performance turbo wagon at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Reprints & permissions Subaru Levorg. Subaru is planning on creating an STI version of its Levorg. Subaru’s new Levorg station wagon is set to get the high-performance STI treatment. The Japanese car maker has confirmed it will unveil an array of Levorg concept models at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2014, including one that will boast STI credentials. For the uninitiated, STI is Subaru’s most potent performance category - kind of like what HSV is to Holden. Subaru Levorg. Subaru Levorg. While the Levorg has already been confirmed to be offered with the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine as is offered in the new-generation WRX, the STI will likely see performance enhancements and more dynamically-focused chassis componentry including a flexible tower bar. The car will also feature STI’s trademark bodywork, including a rear spoiler. Advertisement As Drive has previously reported, an STI version of the recently revealed WRX model is due to debut at the 2014 Detroit motor show in January, boasting at least 227kW of power. We’d expect the Levorg STI to follow suit. Other versions of the Levorg to be shown include Subaru’s own concept called the Levorg Premium Sports, and three examples tuned by parts suppliers - the Levorg Corazon Sportier, Levorg Syms and Levorg Prova. Subaru Australia has put its hand up for regular versions of the oddly-named Levorg wagon, though there’s no word yet on whether it will be offered locally. If it is, the car would likely be seen as a wagon body version of the Impreza, filling the gap between the small hatchback and the larger Liberty models.

Sent in by Bruce Mitchel



South Australia 5000



Ph: (08)

8278 7000

insurance ar-overs F3)“ (03) 8278 8555 Free 1800 633 745 Email — Toll




20 January 2014 "|'|'“i||iiiii|li||i'i'i|'i'|'ill"

Dear Valued



TCIS Insurance Brokers proud

to join

OAMPS Insurance


After many months of planning I'm pleased to announce TCIS has joined forces with the largest wholly Australian owned insurance broker, OAMPS Insurance Brokers.

We've joined OAMPS to ensure good long term security for both you, our clients, and the employees of TCIS. OAMPS was the obvious and best choice due to their national footprint, aligned values,

expertise and most importantly their Importantly all of our employees are

commitment engaged

to clients. servicing

your insurance needs, and you will continue to get the support you have from the people you know, backed up by the strength of one of the country's largest broking organisations. As a result of this acquisition the licensee responsible for providing you with insurance broking and related financial services is now OAMPS Insurance Brokers Ltd. As a client of OAMPS, your insurance solutions and broker relationship will not change. You will receive a note welcoming you as clients from OAMPS Chief Executive Mike Cutter, enclosing a copy of their current Financial Services Guide. If you would like to find out

more about OAMPS,




would encourage you to check out their website and follow them on LinkedIn

and Facebook. Our phone numbers, emails and most other contact points remain. The main change you will see is the transition from TCIS branding to OAMPS branding on all documentation. TCIS SA is moving into OAMPS SA - 180 Greenhill Road Parkside, all other offices

remain unchanged.

TCIS has been providing insurance solutions

to our clients for over 20 years, the strength of OAMPS will ensure we can continue our service to you for many years to come. If you have any questions please give me a call 1800 633 745 or 0418 807 934. Yours sincerely,






1800 240 432 Our




Insurance Brokers



Wesfarmers company with over 700 employ-

26 locations across

We serve over 100,000 clients and broker to over 60 Australian association groups. OAMPS was established in i976 out Oi’ a need to Having grown to bi‘ci)niC the largest Australia.

Australian owned innovate the insurance requirements of the Australian OAMPS was acquired by



in Australia.

fuel distribution iriclustry. Members oithe association Wt-‘SlHlI‘il(-Yrs irrirterl in 7.006. respririsihle for distributing petroleum products across l

Australia r




difficult to

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to provide our

with accessto

leading edge

risk rrianagerrieril arid lll$Lli3l'1C‘:‘ prorlucts arid

OAMPS was formed to source find tliern, we create tliem.


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better deal for association services

was an unprecedented

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Professiorial lllSUl'i‘)l’l(€ Hosprtalityinsurancc - Propt'.rtyirisui'ariie l‘l0l1lClil'>LlT3l‘lCC

and cyber risk insurance - Sports insurance Landlord insurance ~ Transport and logistics insurance Life insurance Wholesale and retail insurance ii -


OAMPS work


focused on getting closer to the Clients



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right across Australia.

UlTr16c§fI'6fis' Adelaide Forbes Sydney Alice Springs Hobart Parramatta Ballarat Horsharri Toowoorriba Brisbane Katherine Townsville B roorne La u nce ston Wagga Wa gga Cairns l\/lelbourne Wangaratta

Canberra Newcastle Warragul

Darwin Perth Wollongong


Beach Day How do I begin to describe what a wonderful day it was. We woke up later than we should, got ourselves organised and drive the hour and a bit to Silver Sands Aldinga. The wind was blowing and when we arrive, all but Debbie’s gazebo was erected and Paul and Deb were having trouble holding it down so it wouldn’t blow away. A few shopping bags of rocks and sand as weights and the job was done. The boys were sun screened up and were eager to get in the water, so after 10 minutes to allow the sunscreen to soak in they were off to join the other kids in the water. Once there they hardly ever came out and I did wonder what the water temperature was like. Helen spoilt us again with homemade treats, thanks. After half an hour of sitting and chatting Paul and Marcia came back after their walk and Paul told myself and anyone else listening how wonderful the water was. He said it was a little fresh getting in as it usually is but once in it was really nice. Well I had to try myself, so down the long walk to the water, and it didn’t seem that far to walk, but it seemed a long way when I walked it. Maybe I’m just getting soft. I waded out into the water and a wave hit me midsection and I had to catch my breath and remind myself I wasn’t a big girl. I went down under the water and acclimatized to the water and Paul was right on the money, once in it was fantastic, in fact it was warm once you acclimatized. This part I’d like men to skip over and not read, please gentlemen go to section 2A/B, thank you. Now my darling gorgeous wife set up the bar.b.q and cooked up the sausages and did a great job. What could I do, she had it all set up and cooking before I got out of the water. We tried to get the boys in to have something to eat, but they were having to much fun and we figured they’d eat when they were hungry. 2A/B The kids kept trying to catch a ride on waves which seemed to come in 15 minute intervals. Five or six nice size waves would roll in and then nothing for a while and then a few more would roll in. Werner and I tried to do some body surfing, I caught one which was a nice ride, but the second one dumped me and hit the sand hard. I ended up with sand everywhere which was most uncomfortable, and it was at that point I decided that body surfing was for the young and fit, well maybe just the fit. Mid-afternoon a game of beach cricket started up and was started and to begin with was attended by the majority of club members. There were of course, and a game of cricket cannot go on without them. The ladies in the members underneath the shade sipping there wine, watching the game unfold. Everyone had a bowl and a bat and some numerous innings. It was a great day and on behalf of everyone I would like to thank Grace and Paul for organising it. At the end of the day, the cricket pitch was being washed away by the incoming tide, so we packed up and all went home. Sorry we didn’t get to see Trevor’s new home, but by the time we left it was close to 8.00 by the time we got home. Both boys, Elizabeth and myself were exhausted, so we all had an early night reflecting on a wonderful day at the beach. Ps. I was lovely to meet Werner’s friend Sharon, and look forward to seeing you a lot more. 16


MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING HELD AT ADELAIDE HIGH SCHOOL 6th December 2013 MEETING COMMENCED 8.05pm Finally we are here, crisis averted, our usual room under construction. Apologies: Bernie & Kevin Voglesang, Sue Temple, Greg Galatis Liz Sloper, Kyra Miller, Anita, Wayne Fidler, Andrew Oakley President went through Christmas Raffle prizes tickets $1 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Accepted Bruce McLean seconded Bruce Mitchell All in favour SECRETARIES REPORT Club magazines, Zoo magazine, ARB 4x4 action Emu Wing – Access for cargo barrier Volunteers required for Caravan & Camping show Maralinga Access Changes to Woomera prohibited area, check before entering TREASURERS REPORT COMING TRIPS Family fun day picnic in the park. Ice bricks to slide down a hill in Carriesbrook Park. Block $15 ea 19th Jan Beach Day Silver Sands $6 to get on the beach after 10am. Beach Driving on the day. BBQ at Trevor Harris after the beach day. 8th 10th March LWE Riesling trail Clare bike ride. Unpowered sites please book ASAP. Border Track 29th 30th March Bruce Mitchell leading Peak June LWE Little Dip Sept Oct EDITORS REPORT Bumper issue Elizabeth hopes everyone enjoys it, she has inserted a little Subaru man, can you find them? Apologies for spelling and omissions. Keep sending stuff. MEMBERSHIP Not much to report. New Member accepted Gerard O’born, Bruce will ring him and welcome him to the Club. PROPERTIES nothing to report 4WD ASSOCIATION End of year function. Located our properties missing (minute books). Question on Insurance for non members leading trips – not on as they are not insured. DTU has got someone from Queensland to sign off driver training WEB CO-ORDINATOR. Its there, Bullsheet is on the site. Apology to Liz, Richard compressed people in the photo. The Bullsheet also compressed the photo, we all look slimmer. The Committee have discussed web sites, Jacky would like to get together with Richard to make changes, he is happy to do this but does not want to revamp the site himself. New Subaru on the website. Removed Steve’s old vehicle. FACEBOOK nothing new to report, add information as it comes. INSURANCE GENERAL BUSINESS Steve Burgess has sold Rising Sun business. He will be building buggies. Paul had a contact from The Fringe Parade, which is on 14 th February. Subaru sponsoring the parade, wants dark coloured cars to tow floats. To do this there will be links to the Club on their web site. Email will be sent out, towball height and electric brakes. Bruce to fill out insurance notification. They would pay excess if a claim is made. TRIP REPORTS Goolwa beach Christmas Dinner Walkerville Thanks to those who gifted for the raffle. Fire extinguisher for sale Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Raffle prizes drawn Meeting closed





$60.00 $50.00 $30.00 $15.00

Memberships were in default if not paid by 30th September and Bullsheets are discontinued until renewal is received. Membership cards will be issued at meetings upon presentation of a receipt. If you require your card to be posted out to you please let us know. Thank you.

Closing date for Bullsheet material The closing date for all entries and advertisements into the Bullsheet is the 20th of each month, to ensure that the magazine is collated and dispatched on time for your viewing prior to the next meeting. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you

The location of the next Committee meeting is at Paul and Theresa Shinks’s place Friday February 21st 2014 Please be ready to start the meeting at 7:30 pm sharp. Please bring a plate of supper to share. IMPORTANT NOTICE IF YOU ARE TAKING PART IN ANY CLUB EVENTS, YOU MUST PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TRIP SHEET TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE COVERED BY THE CLUB’S PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE. YOU CAN DO THIS AT A MEETING OR BY RINGING THE CLUB TRIP CO-ORDINATOR AFTER THE LAST CLUB MEETING BEFORE A TRIP, PLEASE INFORM THE TRIP LEADER OF ANY ADDITIONS OR CANCELLATIONS PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE TRIP THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION AND OURS! Did you know that it is in the club constitution that your car must be maintained in good roadworthy condition with a minimum of 3rd party property insurance? Do you have a fire extinguisher with you on club trips? It’s a club rule that you carry one. What about a first aid kit, the club has quite a good one to borrow at any time. All we ask is that you replace anything that gets used or removed from the kit. 20

Bullsheet 2014 02  
Bullsheet 2014 02