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Berita Subang January – March 2012 Management Committee 2011/2012 PRESIDENT

YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Khas Chairman - Membership Sub-Committee


Pattis Naidu Chairman – Finance Sub-Committee


Dr. Ronnie Yeo Chairman - Golf Competitions/Rules/Handicapping & Club Team and Tender Board Sub-Committees


S. Kuldip Seine Vice - Captain Chairman - Buggies/Caddies/ Driving Range & Junior Golf Programme and Club Affiliations Sub-Committees Ahmad Faiesall Bin Abd Karim Chairman - HR & Admin Sub-Committee Hj. Muhd Zain Bin Hj. Yusof Chairman - Course and Grounds Sub-Committee Yeo Tat Chew Chairman – House/ Maintenance Sub-Committee Mat Nawi Bin Ibrahim Chairman - F&B Sub-Committee Faiz Aly Bin Abd Rais Chairman – Social & Recreation Sub-Committee Jaswinder Singh Chairman – Disciplinary Sub-Committee Supt. Meyor Hamdan Bin Meyor Mohamad Chairman – Internal Audit Sub-Committee

LADIES GOLF CONVENOR Norlida Binti Anis EDITORIAL BOARD Dr Ronnie Yeo Captain/ Chairman Juliana Cheah Brian Martin Lau Chee Hong

Management Staff GENERAL MANAGER Chandrasekaran Thangavelu GOLF MANAGER John a/l Chettipala Mathew Naidu COURSE SUPERINTENDENT Shamsul Bahrin Bin Abd Karim F&B MANAGER Zariha Bin Hamid (Zari) SOCIAL & RECREATION EXECUTIVE Siti Aminah Binti Datu Bachtiyal (Sharmin) MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT Azaman Bin Mohd Razuki FINANCE MANAGER Fazlina Binti Fuad HR & ADMIN MANAGER Syafinaz Binti Shamsuddin ICT MANAGER Irene Tan MEMBERSHIP EXECUTIVE Lili Salwana Binti Ikhsan


Berita Subang

Contents 3 CAPTAIN’S NOTE 4 CLUB UPDATES New Appointments Fire Fighting Training In Memory of Nordin Kari E-Statement and Auto Debit Safe Deposit Box Car Stickers 2012 Golfers’ Insurance Obituary 6 INTRODUCTION NIGHT NOTICE 8 SOCIAL & RECREATION Fun, Fun, Fun! Yes … it’s The Family Day and Swimming Carnival Chinese New Year KGNS Open House Squash Ends 2011and Begins 2012 with a Bang 12 COURSE & GROUNDS Bunker at Hole No. 10 Putra Course Hole No. 5 Putra Course KGNS Tree Planting Campaign Upgrading of Landscaping 15 JUNIOR GOLF KGNS Juniors Do Club Proud Klang Valley Junior Golf Circuit 2012 KGNS Junior Golf Clinic 16 CLUB DIARY 18 GOLF UPDATES Building Bonds of Friendship Inaugural RSGC AmBank Junior Amateur Open Golf Championship 2012 Hole-In-One Achievers Caddies Best Performance Reward REMINDER 20 COMPETITIONS & RESULTS 24 TRAVEL A Diving Trip worth its Weight! 26 F&B PROMOTIONS KGNS KARAOKE COMPETITION 2012 27 AFFILIATED CLUB Lakewood 29 CLUB DIRECTORY & FACILITIES Driving Range Course Control 30 Your Private Functions and Corporate Events Venue 31 AFFILIATED/RECIPROCAL CLUBS

Captain’s Note

On Being Better Members Sometimes I felt ashamed to be a part of this club even though for the entire 25 years since I joined KGNS, I have always felt like it is a part of me. So much so, that I gave up many other golf clubs to spend more than half my time here. What shames me is that we have amongst us some “Chowkas” or “Smelly Feet” (Cheapskate) members. Firstly, they STEAL. From bath towels to liquid bath gel, mouthwash to shampoo, as they feel it is their right to take these items home. Then they SWEAR. In the presence of ladies and children, not controlling their words. They MISBEHAVE. Dress codes are not followed and they question the Bye-Laws. They LITTER. Cigarette butts are thrown everywhere, on the roads, in the clubhouse, along the corridors and also on the golf courses. Why? Because it is not their home and not their job to clean up. So who cares? They are IRRESPONSIBLE. They do not make a report with the club when they knock into parked cars. They throw the club’s towels on the floor to wipe their feet and even wipe their golf shoes. Where do these people come from? Do they not know that it is in giving that you find the most joy? And it is also the care of others that is most important and not “Care of Oneself?’ If the culprits read this, I hope they feel ashamed and sorry. Frankly, the club does not need people like them as members! On a brighter note, there are members who are magnanimous. They embody the true spirit of forgiving and forgetting. Dangerous play offenders are forgiven by the complainants over a cup of tea and apologies. This spirit was best indicated in the recent donation collected for our late marshal En Nordin Kari. In fact over RM45,000 was raised for his family. With regard to the ongoing tree planting campaign, there are hardly any takers. When the storm brought down more trees in February on the Putra Course, there were many concerned members but not many gave a thought to replanting. We need more action and not words, and I thank those of you who made the move to donate trees after the storm. As for the rest, please come forward and show that you care. To the donor of the ducks Mr. Mok Ku Loy, I say ‘thanks’ on behalf of the club. It is not lip service we need but more active participation. Some outstanding issues in golf! A new bye-law will be added that will compel all golfers in the club to have golf insurance coverage. Golfers who purchase their own golf insurance must register with the Membership Department. Those purchased through the club will automatically be logged in. Unless the computer shows that you are in possession of a valid golf insurance, you will be charged RM3.00 each time you register to play. Please register at the Membership Department and NOT at the Golf Counter. The RM3.00 charge will start in June 2012, so do not delay your registration. Golfing on weekends and Public Holidays will revert back to the old practice of “no new flights beyond the official booking times, except after 4.16 pm.” This came about because the club is encountering too many complaints over the cross-over timing and the new flight timing. To avoid friction, the MC has decided to revert to the old practice. Teeing off in the dark is not allowed in the mornings. The Bye-Law states that “tee off on the Kelana Course is at first light but not before 6.45 am.” This does not mean that golfers can tee off at 6.45 am sharp. It just means that the course must be opened by the Starter at first light when he deems it safe. Members please co-operate with the starters and wait until the “Course Closed” sign is removed from the tee-boxes.

Cigarette butts and litter are beginning to re-appear on the golf courses. Unless this is curbed, there may be a total ban of smoking on the golf courses in the near future. Divots and pitch marks are also getting rampant. Golfers who use buggies but do not employ caddies please bring your sand bottle along to fill up your divots. Please love your course for we do not have workers to fill up your divots or remove your trash. Let the spirit of clubbing thrive in this era where almost everything is “SELF-DRIVEN.” Work on Hole 5 on the Putra will commence soon. A consultant has been appointed to oversee the earthworks on the fairway that will be replaced with Bermuda mixed with cow grass. Drainage will be improved with sand capping and the ponds will be lined with partially donated membranes. It will take a month of labour and members are urged to be patient and play that hole as a par-3 until completion. Hopefully, the hole will be ready for play in May for the Club Championship. Hole 9 on the Putra will also see some pond lining to prevent the current erosion. The same company is also donating the membrane for that purpose. Again golfers, please be patient and be careful while work is being carried out. Hole 10 had the old greenside bunker renovated and is now posing a real challenge should you enter it. More greenside bunkers and tee-boxes will be renovated during the rest of the year. Again I seek members’ patience. It is all for the good of the course to improve not only aesthetically but also the difficulties. Golfers of Kelana Course please do not lose heart. I promise more will be done on that course to maintain the beauty and the playability throughout the year. I know that the bunkers are lacking sand and the fairways a little soggy during the wet months, but all these will be looked into in time. Meanwhile, I urge all golfers to play with care, with good etiquette and most importantly with good sense. This may be the last issue for my Captaincy since the next issue will be out only after June and after the AGM. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members for placing their trust in me and I must admit I enjoyed every minute of my time contributing to the welfare of the club and the members. And finally, to all members attending the AGM - “VOTE WISELY, NOT BLINDLY” Dr. Ronnie Yeo Club Captain Berita Subang


Club Updates

NEW APPOINTMENTS KGNS appoints New General Manager We are delighted to announce that as of 5 March 2012, Chandrasekaran Thangavelu has joined the club in the capacity of General Manager. He is a qualified Accountant who moved from his hometown, Penang in 1975 to work in Kuala Lumpur with an audit firm for eight years. Following that, he joined The Royal Selangor Club in 1982 as the Finance and Administration Manager where he developed a passion for working with clubs, golf clubs and the industry at large. Since then, he has worked continuously in the club industry and has served as General Manager of KRPM from 1997 to 2001. Chandrasekaran, then took his passion further, by venturing overseas with Malaysian companies engaged in the construction of golf courses and setting up of new golf clubs and club management systems from 2001 until his current posting at KGNS. He is proud that, to date, he has successfully overseen the construction of four golf courses. He aims to bring this broad spectrum of experience he has in finance, club administration and golf course management to continue in raising the status of KGNS to the heights the club fully deserves. Jamilah Sulaiman from Kuala Kangsar, is our new F&B Executive. She has 11 years of working experience in the F&B and Hospitality industry. Her career started with Genting Malaysia Bhd as a server until she was promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager. Prior to her joining KGNS, Jamilah was Assistant Restaurant Manager in Urban Fine Dining at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. She said, “I believe and hope that with my experience, knowledge and expertise, I will be able to contribute my service in meeting the objectives and performance of the Club. Nor Hashimah from Kuala Lumpur has been appointed Junior Membership Executive to the Membership Department. She has a Bachelor Degree in Corporate Administration (Hon.) and a Diploma in Public Administration. Nor Hashimah worked for Jazatech Management Sdn Bhd for more than a year in a secretarial/ administrative capacity before moving to Mahmood Security (M) Sdn Bhd as a Planner Executive where she gained two years experience and finally to Mutiara Smart Computing Sdn Bhd as a Sales Executive for another two years. She hopes her new position with KGNS will bring the benefits of creating a work environment and culture that increases opportunities for internal and external motivation where she can feel challenged to do her very best and establish a professional connection with each person in the organisation. Nor Hashimah’s philosophy is that, the more she knows about the organisation, the more productive, positive and innovative she can be. She looks forward to the opportunity to learn and to have her contributions recognised. 4

Berita Subang

Fire Fighting Training Fire fighting training was held at the club for KGNS staff on 20 February 2012. The training session was organized by the Security Department and conducted by Bomba & Penyelamat, Bahagian Petaling Jaya. It was attended by Mr John Van from the Admin Sub-Committee together with other management staff, HODs and our newly appointed security team. During the training, staff were briefed by the officers on the precautions and safety measures to be taken to avoid any fire outbreak along with the importance and maintenance of fire extinguishers. The officers also demonstrated and trained staff on how to use a fire extinguisher to put out an initial fire. Prior to this training, an earlier in-house fire fighting training using the Hose Reel was organized and conducted by our Security Department for the newly appointed security team in January.

In Memory of Nordin Kari When Nordin Kari passed away on 2nd of February this year at a still young age of 49 after 21 years of service with the club, everyone knew him as a course marshal. But, there is more to it, because Nordin initially didn’t start working for the club in any department related to the golf course. Having a qualification in scuba diving, Nordin obviously joined the club as a lifeguard on 1 January 1991. He arrived with qualifications in various stages of the trade. His scuba diving qualification came from the National Association of Underwater Instructors and he also had qualifications in drowning rescue as well as, a similar qualification from the Royal Association of Drowning Rescue. On 15th July 2003 he was transferred to the Golf Department as a Course Marshal. Nordin is survived by his wife Zaiton binti Ismail (44) and three sons. Members and staff have gallantly contributed generously to lighten the hardship of Puan Zaiton. RM45,368 was contributed by members while the staff provided RM1,740 making it RM47,108 altogether.

E-Statement and Auto Debit

Members are encouraged to subscribe to E-Statement and Auto Debit (Credit Card). Kindly contact Ms Puva, Finance Department at 03-7876 0381/ 7876 0388 Ext. 208

SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Ladies Golfer Changing Room

Safe Deposit Boxes are now available at the Ladies Golfer Changing Room for members and their guests (when accompanied by a member). All safe deposit boxes are fitted with dual locks for added security. Your key will open one set of the tumblers and must be used together with the attendant on another set of tumblers in order to release the lock. This facility is provided for free but subject to the Terms & Conditions.


Car Stickers 2012/2013 Effective 1st April 2012, it’s a FINE!

New Car Stickers are available at the Membership Service Counter. Members are advised to replace their old Car Stickers as soon as possible to avoid a penalty for parking at Members’Car Park.

GOLFERS’ INSURANCE Starting June 2012, our system at golf registration will pick up all those who have not purchased golfers’ insurance or those who have not registered their individually purchased golfer’s insurance with the club. A new bye-law has been added into the Golf Bye-Laws stating that all golfers in Kelab Golf Negara Subang must have Golfers’ Insurance, failing which RM3.00 will be charged each time the golfer registers to play golf on the club’s courses.

USE OF SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Terms and Conditions 1. The safe deposit box is available for use by members and guests (accompanied by a member) to keep their valuables while within the Changing Room. Each member is entitled to use only one safety box at a time. 2. Before issuance of the Safety Box Key, a user is required to fill up a form. The user is responsible for the safe keeping of the Key. 3. The Key is not to be taken out from the Changing Room. It must be returned to the attendant after use. 4. A penalty of RM 50.00 will be imposed on the member if she or her guest takes the Safe Deposit Box Key out of the Changing Room. 5. If the Key is lost, the user will need to pay RM 330.00 on weekdays and RM 480.00 on weekends. This is to pay for labour charges to force open and replace the locks. 6. A member shall be liable if his/her guests lose their Keys. 7. The Club reserves the right to force open the box and remove its contents without liability if the Key is not returned upon the member/guest’s departure from the Club.


8. The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to items kept in the Safe Deposit Box.

Dato’ Lee Kee Hock (R083) Date of Death: 23/02/2012 Date Joined: 01/03/1981

Dato’ Hj Yusuf Abdullah (Y208) Date of Death: 04/02/2012 Date Joined: 01/01/1985

Dato’ Syed Sidi Idid (S175) Date of Death: 02/02/2012 Date Joined: 10/03/1976

Golfers who purchase their Golfers’ Insurance through the club will automatically be registered into the system. All members who purchase their own Golfer’s Insurance MUST registered their insurance with the Membership Department in order to be registered in the system. Unless the system at the registration counter shows that you are in possession of Golfer’s Insurance, you will be charged RM3.00 without any excuse. All non-member golfers will be charged RM3.00 accordingly regardless. This notice to all golfers is served three months in advance to allow members to comply. MEMBERS, PLEASE FOLLOW THE AMENDED BYE-LAW TO AVOID ANY EMBARASSMENT OR ARGUMENT AT THE REGISTRATION COUNTER. THANK YOU.

Lee Soon Lee (L079) Date of Death: 12/12/2011 Date Joined: 01/10/1968

James Liew Peng Siew (L502) Date of Death: 06/11/2011 Date Joined: 01/10/1985

Tan Guan Keng (T405) Date of Death: 24/10/2011 Date Joined: 01/05/1988

Berita Subang


Introduction Night

Welcome to the Club The wait is over for 34 who have become new members of KGNS and at the traditional Introduction night on 16 February 2012, they got to meet Club President Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Najmuddin Megat Khas and members of the management committee. To give the new members a sense of belonging, a video presentation outlined the club’s history, its growth over the years and where it stands now with facilities that are a far cry from what they were at the start way back in 1968. As a members’ club the quality and standing of those invited to join had to be maintained since the club, or any club for that matter, is as good as its members. The club has been at pains to continue and preserve this prerequisite for its well-being. Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin in addressing the newcomers reminded them of their rights and responsibilities. He highlighted that there are rules to be followed and the Disciplinary Committee is there to enforce them without fear or favour. How much the newcomers got from the club would depend on members themselves. The facilities were there, and he urged them to make use of them. He also welcomed feedback for improvement.


INTRODUCTION NIGHT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 6

Berita Subang

Amar Raj Sharma (A1154) Faisal Bin Mohd Mazlan (F203) Erin Lee Kit Wei (L980) Lim Yin Jean (L983) Nik Amir Azafiq (N442) Shalini Julia John (S764) Andrianna Hani Hussein (A1245) Arasalingam A/L Sangarapillai (A1247) Abdul Halim Bin Abdullah Sani (A1249) Abu Zarym Fidzry Bin Sulaiman (A1250) Chan Yue Mun (C825) Chan Su-Yen (C826) Jonathan Cheah Ui Huat (C831) Chee Sook Yin (C832) Christine Ghanasothy (C833) Govindaraju A/L G Retnavelu (G206) Hong Chin Chai (H444)

NOTICE New Feathered Additions MR. MOK KU LOY donated RM330 for the purchase of nine white ducks for the pond at the 1st Hole Putra Course. This was to replace the 22 ducks that mysteriously disappeared over the last two years. Members are urged to refrain from hitting the ducks while playing golf. At the same time, members are also urged to feed the ducks by bringing along some breadcrumbs. However, feeding the ducks should be done only at the pond and not in the clubhouse, to discourage the ducks from coming up to the clubhouse to seek food. Another member has also pledged to donate to the cost of four geese for the ponds. However, we are facing a problem sourcing for the geese, as this livestock is rare in the market. The club welcomes any members who wish to donate livestock suitable for the golf course such as peacocks, turtles, rabbits, chameleons, deer or fish.

Golf Bag Tag Members are required to display their KGNS Membership Tag on their golf bag for identification purposes. If you do not have a tag, kindly contact the Membership Service Counter during office hours.

ON 16th FEBRUARY 2012 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Stevie Heong Beng Hoong (H445) Jas Bir Kaur A/P Lol Singh (J195) Dato’ Mohd Hasnulhisham (M1229) Mohd Afrizan Bin Husain (M1235) Mok Siew Wah (M1236) Ng Ah Kiew (N478) Ooi Lee Hoon (O283) Quah Wee Fing (Q015) Rosdin Bin Mohd Yusup (R332) Syed Zulkarnain Syed Abu Bakar (S833) Tajudin Bin Supian (T802) Vijayakumar A/L Ratnavelu (V065) Wan Sazrudeen Bin Wan Zaid (W354) Yap Soon Huat (Y463) Yusuf Bin Jamil (Y467) Yong Hin Siong (Y468) Suhaimi Ismail (S829)

DO’s And DONT’s in Men’s Changing Room The following bad practices were observed at the Men’s Changing Room: 1. Smoking in the toilet 2. Taking newspapers to the toilet and placing them on top of wall after reading 3. Throwing towels on the floor to wipe feet or to wipe shoes 4. Taking home shampoo, hair cream, mouthwash, newspapers etc These practices must stop. Be a proper member – treat the facilities with respect.

Berita Subang




Yes‌ it was Family Day and Swimming Carnival time! Recently, the KGNS poolside area was abuzz with plenty of shouting, splashing and laughter as children and parents gathered for our annual Family Day affair. The occasion saw more than 200 members and their families have a smashing time participating in water games which included a parent/child race, Tug of War, Water Scrabble, Water Polo and Treasure Hunt. Children screaming with excitement could be heard around the pool for nearly every minute of the well-received event. There were also Go-karting activities, an Obstacle Slide activity, a Tele-match where children, aged 16 years and below were required to use teamwork as part of their strategy as they attempted to win. Side activities such as food stalls, games booths and drink sampling added to the merriment and who could forget the clown who performed balloon twisting and the giving of his final creations to begging kids.


Berita Subang

Berita Subang



Chinese New Year KGNS Open House

On 11 Feb 2012, the clubhouse had a surprise visit from a pair of lions followed by a dragon amidst all the din of the Chinese drums and cymbals. It was the celebration of the Chinese Lunar Year to welcome the Year of the Dragon. The lion dance and dragon show were performed by a group of enthusiastic youths from an association. Surprisingly, there were a couple of non-Chinese in the performing group. Members slowly gathered at the front porch when it began and soon the crowd grew to a packed audience, all enjoying the artistic moves performed by the lion dance with members’ cameras and hand phones flashing away. This was followed by the performance of a long dragon carried on stilts and handled from head to tail by some 12 members of the performing team. It was amazing, that they never got entangled throughout the beautifully performed act of the dragon, twisting and turning high and low in the air, back and forth within the confines of the main porch. The lions then visited all the offices and outlets in the club to bring luck and success to all before ending up in the Dewan Presiden for the final performance. More than 500 members and their families gathered at Dewan Presiden for the Chinese New Year Open House after the performances. Highlight of the day was a live performance of Chinese Classical Music by a 4-piece group. In a club of multi-racial members, it was heartening to note that the Chinese New Year Open House was attended by all races. It is the spirit of co-existence that matters and KGNS is proud to be one club that shows so much inter-racial appreciation with high respect and values. This is something that other clubs cannot boast of nor take away from us. Congratulations to all members of the sub-committee in the Social and Recreation Department for all their hard work to make sure that the occasion was a success and a proud moment to the club that we all call HOME. 10

Berita Subang


Squash Ends 2011 and Begins 2012 with a Bang

There were activities galore for KGNS Squash members in 2011 and it was only natural that our Squash squad ended the year with a bang. Our Squash team competed in the prestigious Tiger Trophy Squash Tournament 2011 hosted by Royal Selangor Club. For the first time in three attempts, the boys lived up to the occasion and played their way to the semi-finals of the Plate event before losing to seasoned campaigners, Kelab Sri Damansara. It was a hard fought journey, where the format of play made it compulsory to have a veteran player in the team. Along with two new and young university undergrad members, our KGNS Squash team overcame the odds by beating some of the more reputable opponents in the tournament. To kick off 2012, KGNS Squash team competed in the ‘13th International Jumbo Doubles Squash Tournament’ held at Tanglin Club, Singapore on 23 February. Three pairs of our players were sent to this highly rated doubles event. KGNS 2 Team players, George Lee and Ramesh outfought many higher ranking opponents to reach the semi-finals of the Plate event. Throughout the games, they played well and managed to outdo even some of the more notable pairs like, HKFC 4 (Hong Kong), UCSC 3 (Singapore) and BMen 1 (Malaysia). However, KGNS 2 was finally defeated by two teenage lady players (members of the Singapore national Junior Team) and lost in the Semi-finals. Our top team, KGNS 1 comprising Raymond Phoon and K. K. Chua did their best to reach the Quarter Finals of the Plate event before succumbing to Singapore’s UCSC 1. Meanwhile, KGNS 3 Team players, Jimmy Saw and Tan Chin Teik lost in the first round of their game. After having played our best in the last tournament in Singapore and with our improving performances, we will be competing in more social tournaments. For those who are interested and wish to join KGNS Squash, please contact the Squash Convener at or Social & Recreation Executive, Ms Sharmin at reception.

Berita Subang


Course & GroundS

Bunker at Hole No. 10, PUTRA COURSE Upgrading of Left Hand Side Green Bunker The objectives for upgrading the greenside bunker is to make it more visible from the fairway by providing a higher bunker face, stop soil erosion and improve drainage to avoid bunker ponding.







Berita Subang

Hole No. 5,

PUTRA COURSE When Hole No. 5 on the Putra Course was renovated a couple of years back, it was not very well planned. The pond on the right of the tee box was dug out to be a storage pond in case of hot weather. In the first year, it looked good and a lot of water was stored in the pond. However, after a year, problems started to show. Seepage from the bottom of the pond started to appear on the fairway. The fairway was raised more than three feet from the original using the soil from the dug up pond. The soil from that area was almost totally clay and, when used to make the fairway of the hole, it appeared good. The true nature of the soil only appeared after a year, when the ‘clay’ soil settled on the fairway and seepage started from the pond. Together with frequent wet weather and a lot of rain water collecting on top which could not seep down into the drainage under the fairway, the entire area turned into a soggy field. The sides of the nearest pond on the left are also being eroded by rain water every time it rains. No vegetation can grow, since rain and other water keep washing down the sides of the pond. This will erode further unless something is done to stop it. The fairway on the same hole, after the 100m marker, that was left untouched during the previous renovation, poses no problem at all. The MC has decided that all these problems should be addressed at once. 1. The pond to the right of the tee box to be lined completely so that it will not leak into the fairway. 2. The pond on the left to be lined on the sides to prevent further erosion. 3. The fairway that is water logged to be dug up and redone with sand capping and re-turfing with Bermuda grass that can grow easier. 4. The subsoil drainage of the fairway to be opened and checked for better flow. A golf course consultant has been engaged to oversee the entire inhouse work on the fairway. The lining of the ponds will be done in-house with supervision from the company providing the membrane, which is partly purchased by the club and partly donated by the company. In return, the company will be allowed to place a signage advertising the membrane at pond sites. The same company is also donating the membrane for the lining of the pond on Hole 9 of the Putra Course. The entire exercise may take over a month. However, Hole 5 will probably remain as a temporary par 3 for a little longer. By starting work early, we hope that Hole 5 of the Putra Course will be ready for our Club Championship event. Golfers on Putra, please be patient and be careful while playing at that hole.

Berita Subang


Course & GroundS

KGNS Tree Planting Campaign On 18 January 2012, KGNS Tree Planting Campaign was launched by the Management Committee with the President, Vice President, Captain and Vice Captain planting their respective trees at the surrounding of Hole No. 9, Putra Course. In order to make this campaign a success, members are invited to participate by sponsoring the different species of trees designated for each hole in the golf course. (Please refer to the master plan at the club). Sponsorship fee for a tree is RM500.00. In return, your name will be displayed at the tree/trees sponsored and you will also receive One (1) Complimentary Weekday Green Fee for each tree sponsored.

Upgrade of Landscaping Beautfication and upgrading of the golf course by building new flower beds and the addition of new plants at Holes No. 7, 11 and 18, and an additional pergola on the Hole No. 7 on the Putra Course has been completed.


Berita Subang


KGNS Juniors Do Club Proud Eight KGNS youngsters acquitted themselves pretty well in the first Klang Valley Junior Golf Circuit competition played at KGNS and the Royal Selangor Golf Club last year. A total of 83 players took part, 19 of them from KGNS. The eight were Adam Mohd Jamil, Ryan Vong, Lim Dao-Houng, Shaiful Azri bin Shaiful Kamar, Muhamad Safuan, Sheikh Abdul Razak, Saphana Ravichandran and Warda Amira. The circuit comprised three rounds at the two host clubs in March, September and December. The boys and girls, divided into six categories according to age, vied for individual honours but there was also an Order of Merit title up for grabs in each category. The final round played at the KGNS’s Kelana Course on 4 December 2011, saw Adam Mohd Jamil (Boys 16-18 years) winning with a oneunder 71 (gross) to beat Joshua Gibbons (Kelab Rahman Putra) by two shots. Ryan Vong, also of KGNS, came fourth on 77. Adam had an identical gross total when he came second in the first

round, also played in KGNS on 20 March 2011. He was in Group C Boys (13-15 age category) then. In Group C (Boys 13-15) KGNS’s Lim Dao-Houng came third on 90, four shots behind the winner Mohd Ashraf Hazik. The round was at RSGC on 25 September and in the same category, but played at KGNS on 4 December last year, Shaiful Azri bin Shaiful Kamar was fourth on 80 and Muhamad Safuan just a shot behind for fourth. In Group E (Boys 10-12) in the same round Sheikh Abdul Razak came third on 89 gross, six shots adrift of the winner Khavish Varman Varadan of Monterez Golf Club. In Group D (Girls 13-15), the round played at RSGC on 25th September saw Warda Amira winning with 84 gross. In Group B (Girls 16-18) Saphna Ravichandran came third on 111 gross, a hefty 41 shots behind the winner Pang Sue May of KGPA. Warda Amira was Order of Merit winner in Group D (girls) on 370 points while Sheikh Abdul Razak won the Group E (boys) category with 285 points. KGPA took the overall Order of Merit title on 45 points.

Klang Valley Junior Circuit 2012 4 legs will be held this year, starting with the 1st leg on 1 April 2012, followed by the 2nd leg in July, 3rd leg in October and the final leg in December at KGNS. In addition to the above, KGNS Juniors can look forward to the following Medal events which will be held on the following dates: • 1 April 2012 • 30 June 2012

• 1 September 2012 • 10 November 2012

Junior Golf Clinic Takes Flight The KGNS Junior Golf Clinic 2012, undertaken by pros from Transview Golf under the supervision of KGNS, went into full swing on 8 January and continued through until 25 March 2012. The first intake comprised 13 juniors in the Beginners category and another 13 in the Intermediate/Advanced category. The age range of the juniors spanned 5-18 years old who are either children or grandchildren of members. Lessons took place every Sunday from noon with a comprehensive syllabus for beginners comprising the following: • Introduction (posture, grip, set-up and ball striking) • Swing Building (Take away, backswing, weight transfer and balance) • Downswing (release, impact and follow-through) • Short Game (pitching, release, bunker play, putting, chipping) • Mid-iron play • Fairway wood and long iron play • Driver play • Ball striking from different lies and recovery shots • Game planning and golf course approach • Golf course • Competition preparation

Intermediate and advanced players were drilled on the following: • Fundamental check • Identifying swing planes • Downswing (weight transfer, release point, follow through) • Distance control • Short game • Mid-iron play • Fairway wood and long iron play • Driver play • Ball striking from different lies and recovery shots • Game planning and golf course approach • Competition preparation The second intake will start by early April 2012 and interested parties can get the form from the reception counter or from the Golf Office. Berita Subang



APRIL 1 Sunday

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April Remarks

MAY 1 Tuesday

Wesak Day 13 Sunday

14 Monday

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May Remarks

JUNE 1 Friday

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24 Sunday AGM

25 Monday

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June Remarks


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8 Sunday

9 Monday

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11 Wednesday

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13 Friday

14 Saturday

22 Sunday

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27 Friday

28 Saturday


Hollow Tine - Kelana (Sultan)


Senior Golfers Medal


Hollow Tine - Kelana (Sultan)


KGNS vs RSGC (Men) (Home)



Hollow Tine - Kelana (Tun)

KGNS vs KRP (Ladies) (Away)



Hollow Tine - Kelana (Tun)


KGNS vs RSGC (Men) (Away)



A,B & C Monthly Medal


Rules of Golf Seminar (6.30pm to 8.30pm)



Putra AM

Putra AM


Ladies / Junior Medal


Putra AM


Piala Tun Ghafar Baba


Putra AM

6 Sunday

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Labour Day


Club Championship (Day 1)


Wesak Day

Social Night


Senior Golfers Championship





Club Championship (Day 2)


Senior Golfers Championship




Closed Karaoke Competition


Ladies/Junior Club Championship Stroke




Club Championship (Day 3)


Ladies/Junior Club Championship Stroke



• Mid-Year School Holidays: * 26th May to 10th June










• Singapore School Holidays: * 26th May to 24th June

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17 Sunday

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1st 2nd 3rd 9th 10th

KGNS vs RSGC (Ladies) (Away) AGONG’S BIRTHDAY KGNS MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (Men & Ladies) - Round 1 (Home) KGNS vs Warren GC (Men/Ladies) (Home) KGNS MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (Men & Ladies) - Round 2 KGNS MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (Men & Ladies) - Round 3 KGNS MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (Men)-Final Captain’s Prize Stroke


RSGC AM Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM

12th 13th 14th 16th 17th 20th 24th 28th 30th

5th KGNS-MAZDA LADIES AMATEUR OPEN 5th KGNS-MAZDA LADIES AMATEUR OPEN 5th KGNS-MAZDA LADIES AMATEUR OPEN A,B & C Monthy Medal Stableford KGNS VS AKCC (Men / Ladies) (AWAY) Inter-Committee Golf KGNS AGM Senior Golfers Medal Stableford Ladies / Junior Medal Stroke Snooker Competition

Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM AKCC AM Putra AM Putra AM Putra AM


Building Bonds of Friendship An inter-committee game, comprising all committees/ subcommittees of KGNS and Tropicana, was initiated by Tropicana Golf & Country Club and organised by KGNS on 30 March. Twelve committee members from both KGNS and Tropicana took part in this friendly match that was organised with the objective of further strengthening the relationship between the two clubs. After a pleasant round filled with competitive banter team KGNS beat team Tropicana 8 to 4 with KGNS’s best pair - Faiz Aly Abd Rais and Handan Nawi - racking up 45 points to Tropicana’s 40 points by Leow Siew Cheng and Kelvin Matthews Jacob. The event was such a success that all the participants look forward to a rematch in the future.

Inaugural RSGC AmBank Junior Amateur Open Golf Championship 2012. A total of 92 junior golfers from Malaysia, Philippines and Canada participated in the inaugural RSGC AmBank Junior Amateur Golf Open Championship 2012. Held on 13-15 March at Royal Selangor Golf Club, seven KGNS sponsored junior golfers participated in the event with five of them making the cut after 36 holes for the final round. The juniors were Adam Mohd Jamil, Affifudin Abd Aziz, Muhammad Faiz Mahzan, Lim Dah-Houng, Shaiful Azri Shaiful Kamar, Sheikh Abd Razak and Warda Amira.

Caddies’ Best Performance Reward


(Oct – Dec 2011)

1. (B076) Kerlua Lizan Ngadimin - 89% 2. (A021) Zulham Sulami - 83% 3. (B 057) Abdul Hakim Pindaton - 82% 4. (A003) Haizul Hamzah - 80% 5. (B030) Kamarudin Sulaiman - 79% Members are encouraged to do Assessment on Caddies. 18

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Tropicana G&CR 4


Overall Best Pair Tropicana G&CR

H’cap 1st 9 2nd 9 Points

1st Pair 2nd Pair 3rd Pair

22 15 8 12 10 19

Leow Siew Cheng Kelvin Mathewa Jacob E H Lim T K Sunder Tengku Makram Mohd Noor









38 ocb









43 ocb


1st Pair Faiz Aly Abd Rais Hamdan Nawi 2nd Pair Nasib Sarpin Tong Chin Woo 3rd Pair Hj Muhd Zain Hj Muhd Yunus Abd Razak Harun

15 7 12 20 13 12

Hole-In-One Achievers Zulkifli Omar M’ship No. Z221 Date: 12 February 2012 Hole No. 7 Putra Club used: Rescue 3 Ball used: Titleist Pro V1 Tan Shiun Tar M’ship No. T686 Date: 5 February 2012 Hole No. 13 Putra Club used: 7-Iron Ball used: Titleist Pro ViX Husni Taib M’ship No. H099 Date: 15 January 2012 Hole No. 13 Putra Club used: 7-Wood Ball used: Srixon 3 Dato’ Dr Mohd Roslani M’ship No. R239 Date: 5 January 2012 Hole No. 13 Putra Club used: 7-Iron Ball used: Noodle

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Competitions & Results KGNS Morgan ABC Medal – Stableford Saturday, 17 March 2012 @ Putra Course

Tun Dr Ismail Trophy – Strokeplay Saturday & Sunday, 24 & 25 March 2012 @ Putra Course Results Gross

H’cap Day 1 Day 2 Score

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

0 2 5 7

Mohamad Hisyam Abd Majid Zairul Hisham Datuk Zubir Aidil Zuhairy Azman Zaidon Omar Baki

74 76 78 77

73 73 75 76

147 149 153 ocb 153

67 67 69 69 69 65 65

70 70 69 69 69 73 43

137 ocb 137 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 ocb 138


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 5th

Roslan Ismail 9 Nik Areez Dato Hj Ariffin 8 Abd Majid Yusof 16 Sheikh Jamal Sheikh Mohamed 11 Parantaman Ramasamy 9 Jilani Mirza 14 Mohd Noriyualsaid 14

Nearest to Pin : Hole #13 Nearest to Line : Hole #8 Eagle Achievers : Hole #12 Hole #8

- - - -

Abdullah Ibrahim 2’ 2” Abd Majid Yusof 1’ Parantaman Ramasamy Zairul Hisham Datuk Zubir

Results A Medal 1st Dato Mohd Ali Mohd Tahir 2nd Dato Mazlan Dato Harun 3rd Gooi Liong Kee 4th Mohamad Nor Abas 5th Shariman Abdul Halim 6th Teoh Ewe Aik B Medal 1st Wong Jack Jong 2nd Gen (R) Mohamed Yusoh 3rd Gen (R) Dato Ghani Yunus 4th Thye Heng Ong 5th Abd Wahab Haron 6th Mohd Badry Jaafar 7th Mohd Roseli Mohd Shah C Medal 1st Dato Rashid Yusof 2nd Dato Abu Kassim Tadin 3rd Chan Kok Keong

H’cap 11 11 9 12 10 9

Points 40 ocb 40 ocb 39 38 ocb 38 37 ocb

14 14 14 17 13 13 13

38 37 36 ocb 36 ocb 36 ocb 36 35 ocb

23 19 19

37 ocb 37 36 ocb

Grand Lucky Draw Winner: How Wan Hong Lucky Draw Winners: 1st Faizal Zaharudin 6th 2nd S Ravichandran 7th 3rd Burhan Lasa 8th 4th Mohd Razali Harun 9th 5th Hashim Adnan


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Ismet Omar Michael Choo Hashim Harun Alvin Kwan Wing Yew

Ladies Inter-club Match KGNS vs Kelab Rahman Putra (Home) – Best Ball – Stableford Friday, 16 March 2012 @ Putra Course Results

Kelab Rahman Putra (KRP)

15 KGNS 13

Overall Best Pair KRP

H’cap 1st 9 2nd 9 Points

Carol Chua Suzy Teoh

26 24




24 25 15 25 32 26




















1st Pair Elaine Chiam Jinny Wong 2nd Pair May Anne Tiong Josephine Chow 3rd Pair Doris Lim Amy Chan

Tun Hussein Onn Trophy – Strokeplay Saturday, 3 March 2012 @ Putra Course Results Winner 1st Siti Azman 2nd Rosmimee Abbas 3rd Siti Zahrah Sheikh Abdullah 4th Datin Salmah Long

Nearest to Pin: Hole #13 Nearest to Line: Hole #8

- -

H’cap 14 15 20 19

Tham Yok Mui Datin Salmah Long

Score 72 ocb 72 73 ocb 73

12’ 1” 1’ 4”


1st Pair Datin Valarie Yap Annie Yew Lee Ling 2nd Pair Alice Chooi Joyce Heng 3rd Pair Chee Sook Yin Datin Rasimah Mohd Pilus

14 25 21 24 15 22

Tun Dr Mahathir Trophy – Strokeplay Sunday, 19 February 2012 @ Putra Course Results GROSS Winners 1st Wahid Mirza 2nd Zairul Hisham Datuk Zubir 3rd Eric Foo Hwa Peng 4th Ann Wan Tee 5th Mohd Chudi Hj Ghazali 6th Mahrome Mohamad 7th V Ramalingam 8th Nik Areez Dato Hj Ariffin

H’cap 6 3 4 6 5 6 7 7

Score 73 75 76 77 78 ocb 78 79 ocb 79

NETT Winners 1st Zaidi Mohd Kamal Azmey 9 70 ocb 2nd Zaidon Omar Baki 8 70 ocb 3rd Zahari Hj Mahfudz 7 70 ocb 4th Khoo Kim Chai 16 70 ocb 5th Roslan Mohd Yusof 14 70 ocb Nearest To Pin : Hole #4 – Dato Ong Kim Huey Nearest To Line : Hole #8 – Falziah Idrus Bull’s Eye : Hole #13 – Haslan Hussain

6’ 2” 1’ RM500

KGNS Morgan ABC Medal – Strokeplay Saturday, 11 February 2012 @ Putra Course Results A Medal 1st Hj Hamdan Zambahari 2nd Mansor Abdullah 3rd Mohd Din Mohd Noor 4th Zaidi M K Azmey 5th Shamsul Kamar Ibrahim 6th Abdul Aziz Harun

H’cap 7 12 12 9 12 12

Score 66 68 70 ocb 70 71 ocb 71 ocb

B Medal 1st Dato Amran Hj Ibrahim 2nd Dato Mohd Ali Mohd Tahir 3rd Abdul Jalil Yaakob 4th Michael Choo Peck Koei 5th S Ravichandran 6th Nazri Othman 7th Harith Ibrahim

14 13 17 13 17 16 18

67 68 69 ocb 69 70 ocb 70 ocb 70

C Medal 1st Dato Abu Bakar Hj Mohamed 2nd Hasdi Shahnizam Hashim 3rd Razak Yahya

20 22 19

70 72 ocb 72 ocb


: Hole #6 – Ahmad Fauzi Zen

Lucky Draw Winners: 1st Mas Habi 2nd Che Nordin Yieh 3rd Dato Tan Seng Chee

4th Hamdan Nawi 5th Azlan Abu Bakar

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Competitions & Results Results

KGNS vs SIGC Inter-club Match


It was a tight finish but in the end host squad, KGNS were able to defeat Seremban International Golf Club (SIGC) by four Stableford points when SIGC came over on 26 February for the annual inter-club match played on Putra Course. KGNS has won 27 matches to 23. Over a four-ball best-ball Stableford format the KGNS pair of Foo Kuet Keong Ronald (17) and Liang Hein Sek (11) were the overall pair. They finished with 49 points, 25 points on the first nine and 24 points on the back. The next best pair was Allan Tan Shye Chong (16) and Salleh Nulub (11) who contributed 46 points, 25 points on the front and 21 on the back. From SIGC, the best pair was Tan Boon Hock (12) and Chen Chee Han who carded 21 points on the first nine and 24 on the back nine. A total of 25 teams from each side took part comprising 40 men and 10 ladies, led by Dr. Ronnie Yeo for KGNS and Chan Yong Seng for SIGC. The game ended with lunch and prize presentation. Next year’s match will be held at the SIGC. KGNS Morgan Senior Golfers Medal – Strokeplay Thursday, 23 February 2012 @ Putra Course Results A Medal 1st Mohd Chudi Ghazali 2nd Dato’ Mohd Ali Tahir 3rd Hj Hamdan Zambahari 4th Salleh Nulub

H’cap 5 12 7 11

Score 69 71 ocb 71 72 ocb

B Medal 1st Muhd Hafidz Nuruddin 2nd Asrul Sani Alias 3rd Muhammad Marzuki 4th Wan Yahya Mohd Salleh 5th Hanipah Yop 6th Dato Baharom Nunjadah 7th Dato Abdul Razak Hussain

15 15 16 18 17 16 15

66 70 ocb 70 ocb 70 71 ocb 71 ocb 71 ocb

C Medal 1st Michael Chong 2nd Dato Mohamed Nor Abu Bakar 3rd Dato Mohamed Hj Md Said 4th Dato Dr Amir Abbas

20 22 22 19

69 72 ocb 72 ocb 72

Lucky Draw Winners: 1st Dato Mohd Fahmi Ibrahim 4th Chan Chat Lai 2nd Dato Kamaruddin M 5th Kamaruddin Ahmad 3rd Shariff Mohd Shah


Berita Subang

Overall Best Pair KGNS

H’cap 1st 9 2nd 9 Points

Foo Kuet Keong Ronald Liang Hein Sek

17 25 11




















43 ocb


1st Pair 2nd Pair 3rd Pair

Tan Boon Hock Chen Chee Han Hamzah Abu Chin Chui Weng Lt Col Mohd Nasri Jani Lt Col Hashim Ali

12 10 22 15 8 16


1st Pair Allan Tan Shye Chong Salleh Bin Nulub 2nd Pair Datin Rahmah Arshad Isa Bee Bt Hj Hussian 3rd Pair Kho Boon Lian See Sek Teng

16 11 7 15 12 19

KGNS Ladies & Junior Medal – Strokeplay Saturday, 18 February 2012 @ Putra Course Results Silver 1st Datin Rahmah Arshad 2nd Dr Mastura Mohamed

H’cap Score 7 71 18 74

Bronze 1st Sandy Nor Aziah 2nd Rafeah Salim 3rd Wan Roziah Che Wan

23 21 24

74 74 75

Junior Medal 1st Lim Dao-Houng 2nd Shaiful Azri Shaiful Kamar

15 14

66 75

Mazda Senior Golfers Monthly Medal – Stableford Thursday, 26 January 2012 @ Putra Course Results A Medal 1st Dato Mohd Ali Mohd Tahir 2nd Zahari Hj Mahfudz 3rd Abdul Malek Hormat

H’cap 12 8 12

Points 38 ocb 38 37 ocb

B Medal 1st Che Nordin Yieh 2nd Anthony Narayanan 3rd Dato’ Mustafa Mohd Ali 4th Dato’ Zaharudin Jaafar 5th Mohammed Abdul Malek 6th Tung Nai Choy 7th Tan Hock Beng

16 16 15 18 17 17 18

42 40 39 ocb 39 ocb 39 38 ocb 38

C Medal 1st Khairuddin Sidek 2nd Ahmad Murad Jailah 3rd Datuk Othman Yusof 4th Kandiah Subramaniam 5th Jeremy Nasrulhaq

20 21 20 21 20

43 38 37 36 ocb 36 ocb

Lucky Draw Winners: 1st Dato’ Khalid Alias 2nd Liew Ah Kiew 3rd Hanipah Yop 4th Zulkifly Sulaiman

Mazda ABC Monthly Medal – Stableford Saturday, 28 January 2012 @ Putra Course Results A Medal 1st Shamsul Bahari Ahmad 2nd Abd Malek Omar 3rd Zaidon Omar Baki 4th Mohd Razali Harun 5th Azlan Abu Bakar 6th Mansor Abdullah

H’cap 12 9 7 11 10 12

Points 40 ocb 40 39 38 ocb 38 ocb 38 ocb

B Medal 1st Jasni Zain 2nd Hj Mohd Sofian Mohd Ali 3rd Ahmad Khalid 4th Hj Yusoh Mohd Hashim 5th Shaiful Kamar Abu Kassim 6th Ronald Foo Kuet Keong 7th Mat Nawi Ibrahim

18 15 15 14 14 18 17

45 41 ocb 41 38 ocb 38 ocb 38 36 ocb

C Medal 1st Dato’ Allen Tan Keng Hoon 2nd Sulaiman Salleh 3rd Hamdan Mohd Salim

21 19 22

38 37 36

Bull’s Eye Hole #13: Dato’ Alang Zari Ishak – RM500 Lucky Draw Winners: 1st Liu Kim Sooi 5th Syed Khalil 2nd Johan Aly 6th Tong Chin Hoo 3rd Gan Eng Tian 7th Mohd Razzdee 4th Cheah Leong Chew

5th Hj Yusoh Mohd Hashim 6th Hamdan Bintang 7th Tan Poh Kok

Subang Classic 2012- Best Ball – Strokeplay Saturday & Sunday, 14 & 15 January 2012 @ Putra Course Results Daily Medal

H’cap Day 1

1st Pair 2nd Pair 3rd Pair 4th Pair 5th Pair 6th Pair 7th Pair

9 14 9 18 11 9 7 14 15 7 8 18 5 16

Jaswinder Singh Md Daud Abd Gapoor Hamdan Nawi Dato’ Alang Zari Ishak Mohd Nazir Kassim Sheikh Jamal Sheikh Mohd Dinie Zikri Mohd Zaki Mohamed Nasir Mustafa Dr Roslan Mahamud Adnan Mansor Zahari Hj Mahfudz Dato’ Zaharudin Jaafar Mahrome Mohamad Jilani Mirza

Day 2 Score















128 ocb



128 ocb



128 ocb

Day 1

1st Pair Jaswinder Singh Md Daud Abd Gapoor 2nd Pair Dinie Zikri Mohd Zaki Mohamed Nasir Mustafa

9 14 7 14

61 ocb 61 ocb

Day 2

1st Pair Jaswinder Singh Md Daud Abd Gapoor 2nd Pair Azharuddin Ismail Ranee Bakri Zakaria

9 14 10 14


Subang Medal / Wooden Spoon – Strokeplay Sunday, 8 January 2012 @ Putra Course Results Subang Medal 1st Mohd Chudi 2nd Mas Habi Baullah Khan 3rd Azlan Abu Bakar 4th Abd Malek Omar Wooden Spoon 1st Dato’ Baharom Nunjadah 2nd Tong Chin Hoo 3rd Mohd Isa Daud 4th Abd Malek Hormat 5th Imran Ismail 6th Tunku Dato’ Sri Kamel 7th Razak Khalidon 8th Dr Soo Boon Jee 9th Stanley Ong 10th Zamli Abdullah

H’cap 6 13 11 9

Score 65 66 69 70 ocb

19 21 15 13 14 14 14 11 18 18

65 66 67 68 70 ocb 70 ocb 70 ocb 70 ocb 70 ocb 70 ocb

62 ocb

Bull’s Eye Hole #13 RM500 Winner: Zaidon Omar Baki

Puan Sri Mahani Trophy – Strokeplay Saturday, 7 January 2012 @ Putra Course Results Winner 1st Datin Valerie Yap 2nd Siti Azman 3rd Laila Hafida 4th Rafaeh Salim

H’cap 17 15 16 23

Score 71 ocb 71 73 ocb 73 ocb

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A Diving Trip Worth its Weight! by Juliana Cheah

Safety Precaution: 1. Choose fins that are snug. Avoid choosing a fin that slips on easily because as the fins get wet, they will come off when kicking and that will cause one to be unbalanced in the water. 2. If the need to swim with one fin does occur -- place the foot that has no fin on top of the other foot and kick to move dolphinlike. 3. If that is not possible, just kick it off the remaining fin and swim to the boat and have the boatman locate the fins later. 4. Stay close to the boat when the current is strong or else you will drift afar. Note: Next diving outing organised by Scuba Symphony (email: 26 Aug - 1Sept Nabire-Papua Whale Shark trip 31 Aug - 4 Sept Bali Manta/Mola Mola trip

Photo credit: C. C. Ong

Photo credit: C. C. Ong

Scuba diving is an appealing leisure activity in much of Southeast Asia. And, KGNS members who are certified divers surely have experienced the breathtaking underwater wonders found in both Peninsular and East Malaysia. But, for those who have not taken any all-inclusive program to nearby Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia to enjoy multiple days of diving under controlled conditions that often culminate with a 30-metre drive, it’s time to start planning! Recently, I joined a seven-day diving trip organised by Scuba Symphony Sdn. Bhd., to the enchanting ocean blue waters off the east coast of Bali, near Denpasar. Using advanced equipment and techniques the divers had a gala time in their wetsuits and fins (flippers) exploring shipwrecks and seeking walls of coral and sponges that abounded with a myriad of fish and other sea creatures to photograph. The cold waters, while rich in nutrients, allow the sun’s rays to light the underwater world revealing its magnificent, brilliant colours. Our first stop was at Nusa Penida, a rocky, rugged site of southeast Bali which is virtually uninhabited but famed for its Mola Mola, also known as the Oceanic Sunfish. Looking rather peculiar as they are without dorsal fins, the Mola Mola can weigh over 1,000kg and measure some three metres from head-to-tail. Another popular dive site at Nusa Penida is the Manta Point - a popular spot for manta rays. Additional sites include Tulamben Bay (where the UAST Liberty shipwreck can be found), the Seraya Slopes, and Amed each of which are outstanding macro-photography destinations. Pricing of these professionally planned trips depends on the number of dives, the type of boat for the week and the shore package can range from RM600 to RM2,000 per person excluding accommodations and dive equipment. The price typically covers taxes, scheduled events, usually three dives a day with set lunches, and includes tanks and weights plus guides. For non-divers who go just for snorkelling, you would be amazed by the sight of colourful fish below you. Also on any trip that includes physical activity, the need to pamper becomes an option and there are plenty of soothing Balinese spas to be found. Their cost ranges between 65,000 to 120,000 rupiah (RM28 to RM48) for an hour of bliss. Diving, massages, good food and plenty of time to relax in Bali is a trip worth its weight in gold!

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F&B Promotions

April – June 2012

Golfers’ Terrace

s l a i c Spe

Grilled Lamb Cutlets @ RM16.00 + 6% Served with Black Pepper or Mushroom Sauce

A Choice of Porridge @ RM8.00 + 6% Chicken, Beef or Fish

BILIK BUAYA Come and Chill with us.

Enjoy our latest state-of-art music system and be entertained by our Live Band performances.

D’ Fabulous Wednesday from 8.30 p.m. onwards

The Faith

Thursday from 8.15 p.m. onwards

The Blue Berries

Friday from 8.30 p.m. onwards

NEW OPEN HdsO& UPubRlicSHolidays

Rhythm N Soul

Saturday from 8.30 p.m. onwards


Weeken midnight 2 1 – n o o n 12

Sunday from 6.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

KGNS Karaoke Competition 2012 Such was the night when more than 120 members, fans and supporters turned out to cheer for their favourites at the Karaoke Competition held on 31 March in Dewan Presiden. In addition to the participants singing their hearts out, the audience were entertained by our very own KGNS members: Datin Maria Jadi, Sharifah Khatijah, Hj Nazri, A Razak Ismail, Gen. Mohd Mohd Yusof and Khalid Abu Hassan.


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It was also a memorable night to remember when we turned off the lights for an hour, in conjunction with World Earth Hour Celebration while the judges had a tough time deciding on the winners.

affiliated club


By Brian Martin

The first hole was a classic example. This par-4 is pretty straightforward and reachable in regulation, but once you’re on the elevated green, the fun starts. The superfast greens ensured that all in our foursome either three-putted or four-putted! The downhill, par-5, 6th is the signature hole at the Mountain Course. Accuracy is important off the tee as deep bunkers guard the landing area along the left and right. The second shot is a lay up short of the stream and bunkers at the right side. The third LAKEWOOD Golf Club is currently the only club in Mainland shot must find the green surrounded by sand on the right. China which is affiliated to KGNS. Even though the changing rooms are relatively small, the clubhouse itself has a feel of five-star resort. After a round of golf, Located in Zhuhai and easily accessible via either Hong Kong or you can look forward to some excellent Cantonese-style food Macau, Lakewood consists of two 18-hole courses on a 337-acre served in the club’s restaurant. site. The club has proven to be a popular destination for even nonKGNS members because of its Malaysian connection - Lakewood is Lakewood offers full reciprocal status for KGNS members. owned by the LBS Group and its longtime General Manager is also The club is located about one hour and 15mins by ferry from a Malaysian, Raymond Cheah. Hong Kong or if you’re flying in to Macau - about 30mins by “Both our courses are pretty full on weekends because we have car. Zhuhai is also about an hour and a half away from the three a large Hong Kong membership,’’ Cheah said, adding that it was large Southern Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen. essential to make a booking for weekend golf. Lakewood’s two 18s have distinctive characteristics - the Mountain course is pretty hilly and offers spectacular scenery with a mountain range as a backdrop while the Lakes Course is littered with a number of water hazards in the form of streams and lakes. The club is located right next door to the Zhuhai racetrack and you can’t fail to hear the revving of engines and the screech of tyres on racedays.

Zhuhai Lakewood Golf Club South Mountain Jing Ting Zhuhai City Guangdong Province, 528234 Tel: 86 (756) 3383666

On our recent visit, we managed to play the J. Michael Poellotdesigned Mountain Course. The elevation changes here are pretty dramatic and most holes will find you playing either uphill or downhill shots, requiring a fair amount of course management. The caddies at Lakewood are a knowledgable bunch, and you would be wise to take their advice (the majority of them can speak basic English) especially on the greens. The overall winner of this year’s Karaoke Competition was Eleena Khalid, Pn. Zainol Emilia was second and Dzul Akbar third. Congratulations to the winners who won various complimentry vouchers from KGNS (weekday green fees) and RM100 Jaya Jusco cash vouchers. After the prize presentation, the audience were seen enjoying themselves, dancing away the night. The Organising Committee would like to thank the Music Machine and judges: Datin Maria, Pn Sharifah Khatijah, Mr T. C. Yeoh, Ms Nadia Nasution, emcee Hj Nazri and all participants for making the event a successful one.

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Club directory& facilities

Club Directory RECEPTION

Telephone General Fax Golf Dept. Fax Email Website

: : : : :

03-7876 0388 03-7875 5267 03-7874 9796


General Manager : Ext. 203 HR & Admin Manager : Ext. 205 Membership : Ext. 215 & 216 Accounts : Ext. 212 & 213 F&B : Ext. 222 & 266 Golf : Ext. 233, 234 & 235 Social & Recreation : Ext. 220

Driving Range Leveling and returfing of the upper and lower tees at the Driving Range A has been completed. In order to preserve the turf, the lower tee is open for play Thursday to Sunday and from Driving Mats on Monday to Wednesday from the cement tees.

Golf Golfing Reception Open Daily BOOKING PROCEDURES Bookings are open 7 days in advance A member is allowed to sign-in a maximum of 3 guests per session on any day FEES (subject to 6% Govt. Tax) Guests introduced by members: Putra Course & Kelana Course (18 holes) RM150.00 (weekdays) RM210.00 (weekends/public holidays) For an additional 9 holes, the charge is 50% off the above rates. Members of Senior Golfers Society of Malaysia: Weekdays morning session – 50% off the above rates. (last tee off at 8.59 a.m.) Green fee for 9 holes after 4.00 p.m. is 50% off the above rates. GOLF PRACTICE RANGE Operating Hours – 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Practice balls – 8.5 sen+ each Guest introduction fee – RM10.00+ per person GOLF LESSONS Junior Golf Clinic on Sundays Time: 2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. - Beginners @ RM250.00+ 3.40 p.m. - 4.40 p.m. - Intermediate & Advanced @ RM300.00+ NOTE: Insurance @ RM3.00 per day. For other golf lessons, please contact the Golf Pro at the Driving Range. CADDIE FEES st 1 Class 2nd Class

Course Control PUTRA COURSE Effective 1st March 2012 Commencement of play on weekends and Public Holidays will only be permitted during these official tee-off times as follows: Morning: 7.00 am to 8.59 am Afternoon: 12.00 noon to 1.59 pm Evening: 4.16 pm onwards The golf course will be closed for crossovers and new flights will not be permitted. 28

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9 holes RM17.50* RM15.00*

18 holes RM35.00** RM30.00**

The competition rate @ RM35.00 for all classes. Members who wish to book caddies will be charged an additional RM10 + 6% on Weekdays or RM20 + 6% on Weekends/Public Holidays, as an administration fee. The amount of tips to caddies is at the sole discretion of golfers; however, tips charged to members’ account shall not exceed the equivalent of the caddie fee for the number of holes played. * Inclusive of RM2.50 contribution to caddie fund ** Inclusive of RM5.00 contribution to caddie fund

BUGGIES (inclusive of 6% Govt. Tax) Hours: 6.45 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. daily 18 holes Rate: RM42.40 Weekdays Weekends & P. Holidays RM47.70

9 holes RM21.20 RM23.85

Senior Golfer: 10% discount Use of buggies is subject to ground conditions.

Recreation Facilities GYMNASIUM (No guests allowed)

CARD ROOM Opens from 12.00 p.m. to 12.00 midnight

Opens from 6.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. The gym is closed from 6.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. for maintenance every first Monday of the month.

MACHINE ROOM Opens from 12.00 noon to 1.00 a.m.


: Mon - Thu - 12.00 p.m. - 12.00 midnight Fri - Sun & Eve of P/Holidays - 12.00 p.m. - 1.00 a.m.


Opens from 6.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m. Guest fee : RM5.00 per person NOTE: Members are advised to use non-marking rubber soled shoes and non-marking balls only.

SWIMMING Opens from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. daily Guest fee : RM5.00 per person

Swimming Lessons

(45-minute sessions per week x 4 per month) Day/Time : Sat - 4p.m. to 6.15p.m. (Group lesson - 3 classes) - 6.30p.m. to 7.30p.m. (Competitive) Sun - 9.30a.m. to 10.30a.m. (Group lesson - 1 class) - 4p.m. to 6.15p.m. (Group lesson - 3 classes) - 10.30a.m. to 11.30 a.m. (Competitive) Fees for Lesson : Group - RM55.00 Competitive - RM70.00 Swimming Coach : Mr. Cheng Heng Jui Contact No. : 03-7983 2503 (Mon-Fri) 019-226 7909 NOTE: Members are advised not to engage any unauthorised coaches.

YOGA Venue : Aerobics Room Days/Time : Tue - 7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Fri - 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Fee : RM60.00 per month (1 session per week) Instructor : Ms. Kathy (012-287 9692)

DANCESPORT Line Dance Venue : Dewan Presiden Fee : RM50.00 (4 lessons per month) Day/ Time : Mon - 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Fri - 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Instructress : Ms Aylicia Long Contact No. : 012-392 9133 Latin American Dance Day/ Time : Tue - 9p.m. - 10p.m. Fee : RM40.00 (4 lessons weekly) Instructor : Mr. Shane (012-2082175)


AEROBICS LESSON Venue : Aerobics Room Fee : RM70 per month for 2 sessions a week RM85 per month for 3 sessions a week CARDIO HI-LOW Wednesday : 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Instructor : Janet (016-2513558) Sunday Instructor

: 4.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. : Jonathan (012-2330618)

COMBO STEP Saturday : 2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. Instructor : Daniel (012-2969142)

SNOOKER Opens from 12.00 p.m. to 12.00 midnight Guest fee : RM5.00 per person

Opens Guest fee

: 6.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m. : RM5.00 per person

Junior Coaching Programme (6 – 16 years old) Sun. : 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Fee : RM120.00 (4 days per 2 hour/session)

TAI CHI CLASS Venue Days/Time Fee Instructor

: Dewan Presiden : Tue & Thu : 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. : RM40 per month (8 times a month) : Mr. Patrick Chong (019-215 2863)

TAE-KWAN-DO Venue Day/Time Fee Instructor

: Dewan Presiden : Sundays / 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. : RM50.00 per month : Mr. Low Koon Lin (03-7876 4370)

Please give ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN ADVANCE NOTICE to the coach and Accounts Department if you wish to terminate any lesson. The coach has to submit claims (to debit your account) by the first week of the month. All rates are subject to Government Service Tax and change without prior notice. Berita Subang


Your Private Functions and Corporate Events Venue Seminar Room 1 @ RM350.00 (Member)

Seminar Room 2 @ RM300.00 (Member)

(inclusive of basic PA System with Microphone)* Additional hour at RM50.00 per hour or part of an hour

(inclusive of basic PA System with Microphone)* Additional hour at RM50.00 per hour or part of an hour

Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity

Theatre Style Classroom U-shape Boardroom Workshop Round Table

– – – – – –

100 persons 40 persons 40 persons 20 persons 40 persons 60 persons

Theatre Style Classroom U-shape Boardroom Workshop Round Table

– – – – – –

60 persons 20 persons 20 persons 20 persons 30 persons 40 persons

Other Charges Microphone

@ RM60.00 each

CD player

@ RM80.00 each

White Screen

@ RM50.00 each

DVD player

@ RM80.00 each

LCD Projector

@ RM250.00 each

Printed Backdrop @ RM250.00

* PA system is only for the purposed of speech and public speaking and cannot be attached to any other audio equipment

For Bookings, please contact the F&B Department Tel: 03-7876 0388 Ext: 222 or 266 30

Berita Subang

International Golf Clubs

Domestic Golf Clubs

affiliated/reciprocal clubs

*Ayer Keroh Country Club Km 14.5, Jalan Ayer Keroh, P.O. Box 232, 75750 Malacca, Tel: 06-233 2000 / 06-233 2001 Fax: 06-232 2007 Email: Home Page: Darulaman Golf & Country Club Bandar Darulaman, P.O. Box 24, 06007 Jitra, Kedah Tel : 04-917 0001 Fax: 04-917 7890 Email: Home Page: *Johor Golf & Country Club No. 3211 Jalan Larkin, 80200 Johor Bahru. Tel : 07-224 2098 / 07-223 3322 Fax : 07-224 0729 *Kelab Golf DiRaja Pahang P.O. Box 53, 25700 Kuantan, Pahang. Tel : 09-567 5811 Fax : 09-567 1170 Kelab Golf DiRaja Perak Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak. Tel : 05-547 3266 Fax : 05-547 9266 Kelab Golf Kudat Jalan Urusetia Kudat, W. D. T. 18, 89059 Kudat, Sabah. Tel: 088-611002 Fax: 088-611003 Email: Kelab Golf Putra P.O. Box 6, 01700 Kangar, Perlis. Tel : 04-976 9660 Fax : 04-976 1203 Kelab Golf Sarawak Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak Tel: 082-440 966, 082-443 398 Fax: 082-441 733, 082-311 935 Email: Home Page: Note: *With signing facilities *Kelab Kedah Darul Aman DiRaja Pumpong, 05250 Alor Setar, Kedah Tel: 04-7319405 AUSTRALIA Emerald Golf & Country Resort Yarra Valley Dandedongs, Victoria, 48, Lakeside Drive, Emerald 3782, Victoria, Australia Telephone: 03-59684211 / 03-59684211 Fax: 03-5968 4949 Email: Home Page: Lake Karrinyup Golf Club North Beach Rd, PO Box 83, Karrinyup WA 6018, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9422 8222 Fax: +61 8 9422 8282 Email: Home Page: The Grange Golf Club White Sands Drive, Seaton, South Australia, PO Box 22, Findon 5023, South Australia Tel: 08 8355 7100 Fax: 08 8355 7199 E- Mail: Website: www. Waverly Golf Club Ltd 82 Bergins Road,, Rowville, VIC 3178,, Melbourne, Australia Telephone: +61 3 9764 5144 Fax: +61 3 9764 3044 Email: Home Page: Western Australian Golf Club Hayes Avenue, Mount Yokine, Perth, WA 6060, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9349 1988 Fax: +61 8 9344 4424 Email: Home Page: BRUNEI Pantai Mentiri Golf Club KM 15 ˚, Jalan Kota Batu, P.S. 1646, Bandar Seri Begawan 1916, Negara Brunei Darussalam Telephone: +67 3 279 1021 / +67 3 279 2014 Fax: +67 3 279 0773 Email: Home Page: CHINA Lakewood Golf Club South Mountain Jin Ding, Zhuhai, China Telephone: +86 (756) 338-3666 Fax: +86 (756) 339-3898 Email: Home Page: HONG KONG Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club 139 Tai Au Mun Road , Clearwater Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2335 3888 Fax: +85 2 2719 4102 Email: Home Page: The Hong Kong Golf Club P. O. Box 1, Shek Wu Hui Post Office, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2670 1211 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7070 (Deep Water Bay) Fax: +85 2 2679 5183 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7111 (Deep Water Bay) Email: Home Page: INDONESIA Bukit Darmo Golf Jalan Bukit Darmo Golf Blok G-2, Surabaya 60226, East Java, Indonesia Telephone: +62 31 732 5555 Fax: +62 31 731 6666 Email: Home Page: Jakarta Golf Club Jalan Rawamangun, Jakarta, Indonesia Telephone: +6221489 5107 /+6221489 0009 Fax: +62 21 489 1208 Southlinks Country Club - Batam J1 Gajah Mada KM 9, Sei Ladi - Sekupang, Batam - Indonesia, 29421 Tel: +65 778 324128/168 Fax: +65 778 323288 Website: NEW ZEALAND Mount Maunganui Golf Club (Inc) 15 Fairway Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3030, New Zealand Telephone: +64 (07) 575 3889 Fax: +64 (07) 572 0341

*Kelantan Golf & Country Club 5488 Jalan Hospital, 15200 Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Tel : 09-774 7474 Fax : 09-774 5798 Kinabalu Golf Club P. O. Box 10654, 88807 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Tel: 088-251615 / 234904 / 263162 Fax: 088 - 240166 / 232162 Email: Home Page: Miri Golf Club P.O. Box 101, 98107 Lutong, Sarawak. Tel : 085-416787 Fax : 085-417848 *Penang Turf Club (Golf Section) Jalan Batu Gantong, 10450 Penang. Tel : 04-226 6701 Fax : 04-226 6535 Sabah Golf & Country Club Reservoir Road Bukit Padang, P.O. Box 11876, 88820 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel: 088-247533 Fax: 088-225243 Sandakan Golf & Country Club P.O. Box 541, 90706 Sandakan, Sabah. Tel : 089-660557 Fax : 089-660584 *Seremban International Golf Club 3rd Mile, Jalan Kuala Pilah, P.O. Box 88, 70710, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Tel : 06-677 5787 / 06-677 5277 Fax : 06-677 2309 Tawau Golf Club Jalan Kukusan, P.O. Box 697, 91008 Tawau, Sabah. Tel: 089-765 555, 772776 Fax: 089-762904 Email: Note: *With signing facilities

The Grange Golf Club 2 Grange Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 278 9777 Fax: +64 9 278 6017 Email: Home Page: Home Page: PAKISTAN NEW Effective March 2012 Islamabad Golf Club Main Murree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan Telephone: 0092-51-2829321 Fax: 0092-51-2829320 Mobile: 0092-51-3008551953 Website: Homepage: Email: PHILLIPPINES Baguio Country Club P.O. Box 8, South Drive, Baguio City 2600, Phillippines Telephone: (63-74)6192050 to 64 Fax: (63-74) 4426501 / 4427674 Email: Home Page: Valley Golf & Country Club Antipolo 1870, Rizal Phillippines, P.O. Box 706, Manila, Phillippines Telephone: 6658565- 7 Fax: 6651640 SINGAPORE Jurong Country Club 9 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609078 Telephone: (65) 65605655 Fax: (65) 65671900 Email: Home Page: Keppel Club Bukit Chermin Road, Singapore 109918 Telephone: (65) 63755569 to 71 Fax: (65)62781448 Email: Home Page: Raffles Country Club 450 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 639932 Telephone: +658617649 Fax: +658615293 Email: Homepage: Singapore Island Country Club 180 Island Club Road , Singapore 578774 Telephone: (65) 64592222 (Island), (65) 64662244 (Bukit) Fax: (65) 6458 3796 (Island), (65) 6466 9709 (Bukit) Email: Home Page: Warren Golf & Country Club 81 Choa Chu Kang Way, Singapore 688263 Tel: 65861245 Fax: 65861235 Website: General Manager: Ian Gray SRI LANKA Royal Colombo Golf Club PO Box No 309, Modal Farm Road, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka Tel: 2695431 / 2691401 / 2675952 Fax: 2687592 E-mail: Website: General Manager: Neville Paul THAILAND The Royal Bangkok Sports Club 1 Henri Dunant Street Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand Telephone: (662)02652500014 / 0225514207 Fax: (662) 0 2255-4158 Email: Home Page: VIETNAM Song Be Golf Resort 77 Binh Duong Boulevard, Lai Thieu Townlet, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, S. R. of Vietnam Tel: 840650755802 / 3 Fax: 840650-755804 Email: Website: Home Page:

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Berita Subang Jan-Mar 2012