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Contents April - June 2009

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Captain’s Note Club Updates KGNS New Family 5 Social Sub-Committee Members 2008/2009 6 37th KGNS Annual General Meeting 7 Love Thy Course Rules of Golf Ball Land on Loose Soil/Divot 8 Course & Grounds Course & Grounds Sub-Committee Reports 9 Notices Transfer of Membership Movie Nights Schedule 10 - 11 Social 12 KGNS Open Day Carnival 2009 Want to Speak Mandarin? Computer Class Schedule Recreations 13 What’s Cooking? 14 - 15 Spotlight KGNS Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship 16-17 Golf Diary 18-19 Junior Golf In Search of Malaysian Tiger 20 - 23 Competitions & Results 24 Golf Updates Hole-In-One Achievers Revision in Caddie Fees 26 Club Directory & Facilities Obituary 28 Affiliated / Reciprocal Clubs 29-31 Food & Beverage New Faces in KGNS F&B Promotions Buffet Ramadhan at Golfers’ Terrace Poolside Terrace Buffet Ramadhan Whet Your Appetite at Eagles Nest Wine Tasting Night @ Bilik Buaya

KGNS - Best Private Members’ Club 2 Berita Subang

Captain’s Note

Dato’ M. Harris Kudus

KGNS New Line-Up

My tenure as the Captain of the Club ended on 28th of June 2009 and I am glad to report that the Club’s financial position showed a positive balance mainly because of the membership transfer arrangements. As at the end of June, we managed to transfer 123 memberships, of that, 26 were to next of kin and 97 to third parties, with a total collection of RM1,100,000.00. On 28th June 2009, the Club held its 37th Annual General Meeting to elect the President, Vice-President, Captain and four Management Committee Members for the 2009/2010 term. I am glad to report that the following were elected:PRESIDENT YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas (returned unopposed) VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. Pattis Naidu won over Prof. Dr. Jalani Sukaimi CAPTAIN YBhg. Dato’ Harris Kudus Mohd Yunus won over En. Abdul Majid Md.Yusof FOUR (4) MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS Of the six (6) candidates who contested, two (2) were elected into the Management Committee and they were Mr. Tan Aik Mong and Lt. Col ( R ) Lim Ong Hong, while the balance two (2) more seats are to be filled by co-opting members in the service of the Federal Government (Federal Serving Officers) who are members of the Club.

On behalf of the outgoing President and Management Committee Members for 2008/2009, I take this opportunity to thank members for their support during its term of office. The incoming Management Committee will also face a challenging year ahead and we hope to perform well with, as always, your fullest and unselfish cooperation. Members please note that Hole No. 5, Putra Course was opened for play on 25 th June and the record shows that members were pleased with the new layout. Furthermore, the two irrigation ponds constructed earlier this year have served us well for the first two months of the current dry spell. “For now, I take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim members “Selamat Berpuasa” and ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’, till we meet again.”

Management Committee 08/09 PRESIDENT Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas Membership VICE-PRESIDENT Prof. Dr. Jalani Sukaimi Discipline CAPTAIN Dato’ M. Harris Kudus B. M. Yunus Golf Competitions Rules / Handicapping / Club Team COURSE & GROUNDS Lau Ang Khim FINANCE Pattis Naidu


EDITORIAL BOARD Dato’ M. Harris Kudus (Captain/Chairman) Chandra Perumal Bernard Yong Janet Lee Sharifah Khatijah


Berita Subang 3

Club Updates

KGNS New Family In what stands as the largest membership intake ever for the club, 80 new members were inducted into the KGNS family at the Introduction Night 3 on Monday, 22 June 2009 at 7.30 p.m. Of this number, 54 were admitted via the transferability of membership mechanism, while 26 came from the ranks of applicants-in-waiting and upgraded junior members.

Syahirah Intan bte Dr. Mohd Shafie (S 786)

Dr. Roslan bin Mahamud (R 311), ENT Surgeon

Subang is an old traditional club, which I have been waiting to join for the last 16 years! The food is good and reasonably priced, plus I have friends here!

I hope to contribute to the good work and dedication of my late father (former Club Captain, Dr. Mohd Shafie), whose membership is transferred to me and with whom I share the same passion for golf. As he did, I too believe that golf is a gentleman’s game. For me, KGNS has always been a fraternity club with ample occasion for social interaction.

I’ve been a member of Royal Pahang GC since 1990, got transferred to Kuala Lumpur 5 years ago. KGNS members are friendly compared to any other club that I have been to; convenient, food is good and reasonably priced and facilities for the family are good!

Prior to this, a similar ceremony, Introduction Night 2, was held a month ago, 12th May to be exact, but with a lesser number of new entrants (42) being formally introduced. The breakdown then was 22 transferees and 20 drawn from the earlier-mentioned list. On both occasions, KGNS President Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas was in attendance, accompanied by members of the Management Committee. In his welcoming speech, Tan Sri reminded the new members and their families that they are obligated to observe the KGNS ideals of discipline and decorum when enjoying its facilities and amenities. Golfers, in particular, were cautioned to go through the mandatory rules seminar and handicap test before teeing up for a game! After formal introductions to members of the Management Committee and the KGNS Management and Staff, a video presentation on KGNS followed, where the newly-enrolled acquainted themselves with all that KGNS has to offer! Here are some of the candid comments from our new members.

George Manharlal Ratilal (M 1168) Vice-President, Petronas

Besides being a renowned and convenient club, the golf facilities are excellent for a keen golfer like myself and the children, not to mention the indoor amenities like gym, swimming pool and library. The other attraction is that the members are friendly, regardless of age, therefore ideal for networking.

Dato’ Prof. Dr. Roziah Omar (R 309) Executive Director, Asia Europe Institute

KGNS is more prestigious and exclusive than others, a decent place with more quality members. Also it is convenient, near my house! The food quality here is good and at reasonable prices.

To all who have joined our ranks, Berita Subang bids you a warm “Selamat Datang”! 4 Berita Subang

Dato’ Hussamuddin bin Yaacub (H 426) CEO/Group Managing Director, Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd

Social Sub-Committee Members 2008-2009 Introduction Night 2 1. Amylia Binti Mustapha 2. Azlan Hanif Bin Mohd Yusof 3. Dr Afendo Bin Dahlan 4. Chin Yoon Tak 5. Chin Jann Siew 6. Che Azizuddin Bin Che Ismail 7. Chung Kok Hong 8. Edlin Bin Ghazaly 9. Fadzli Bin Abdul Wahit 10. Goh Ching Chee 11. Hadaffi Hanif Bin Samad 12. Ibrahim Bin Maidin 13. Jan Ghani Binti Abd Ghani 14. Khoo Boo Boon 15. Lim Hoong-Teng 16. Lim Chung-Heng 17. Raymond Leow Sun Kong 18. Mohd Izhan Bin Ayob 19. Man Fuk Lim 20. Mohd Mazanni Bin Mazelan 21. Muhammad Imran Abdullah

(A1170) (A1172) (A1173) (C661) (C728) (C775) (C776) (E066) (F210) (G191) (H423) (I246) (J185) (K588) (L990) (L991) (L992) (M1152) (M1158) (M1161) (M1162)

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42.

Mohd Suffian Bin Suboh Mazlan Bin Muhammad Steven Junior Ng Kwee Leng Norizham Bin Abdul Razak Rosman Bin Abdullah Shamshul Bahari Bin Ahmad Shu Lee King Sharin Bin Abul Hasan Ybhg. Datuk B. Sahadevan Sulaiman Bin Abdul Manap Peter Tan Soon Thean John Tan Hong Guan Tan Kim Tun Alan Tong Wai Leong Tan Cheng Teik Tan Beng Kong Sharon Wong Mei Fong Yong Way En Gweny Yong Mei Lan Desmond Yeow Daw Heong Yong Fan Shing

(M1163) (M1164) (N445) (N449) (S760) (S774) (S775) (S776) (S777) (S778) (T737) (T744) (T745) (T756) (T749) (T750) (W333) (Y435) (Y436) (Y437) (Y438)

Mr. Peter Murray – Chairman

En. Wan Aziz Hj. Ali

Pn. Sandy Nor

Ms. Evanna Low Fei Ting

Ms. Ederlina Katzengruber

Dr. Junaidy Abdul Wahab

Ms. Julia Katan

Introduction Night 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Ahmad Akmal Bin Hamzah Datin Azelina Binti Ahmad Arrasu @ Thrinakarasi A/l Munisamy Ahmad Rizal Bin Ibrahim Abdul Aziz @ Zulkifli Bin Dato’ Ismail Abdul Rahim Bin Ismail Azlan Bin Johar Cheong Chun Ming Sunny Chin Tai Ying Chng Yang Eng Dev Kumar A/l S. Athi Kumar Elias Bin Yusoff Faisal Bin Mohamed Ali Faizul Shariff Bin Mohamad Zainudin Foo Woon Leong Gobinathan Kumaran Nair Dato’ Gan Boon Khuay David Goh Kim Too Gunasekar Veerappan Haizam Bin Abu Hassan Ho Shu Keong Dato’ Hussamuddin Bin Yaacub Jeevan A/l Selvanathan Johari Bin Abdul Rahim Dr Kartar Singh ACP Khaw Kok Chin Eugene Khoo Kong Hooi Dato’ Kamarudin Bin Jaffar Dato’ Low Boon Eng Lum Chee Kin Loon Lai Yee Luth Bin Abdul Hamid Datuk Jennifer Low Moi Ing Lau Eng Shinn Lee Boon Kiong Serena Lee Sook Kwan Danny Low Kok Hung Mohd Azlan Bin Mahmood Mohamad Ridzuan Bin Abdahir Mohammad Azahan Bin Mat Seddek

(A1171) (A1174) (A1175) (A1176) (A1177) (A1178) (A1179) (C778) (C779) (C780) (D127) (E067) (F211) (F212) (F213) (G193) (G194) (G195) (G196) (H424) (H425) (H426) (J187) (J188) (K589) (K590) (K591) (K592) (L1000) (L1001) (L1002) (L1003) (L994) (L995) (L996) (L998) (L999) (M1129) (M1156) (M1165)

41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

Meor Azalan Bin Meor Mahmod Mohammed Yusof Bin Embi( George Manharlal Ratilal Mohd Yusof Bin Latib Nur Liyana Binti Khalid Patrick Ng Gan Hooi Ng Suet Kuan Ng Say Keng Ong Moon Shiang Purusotman A/l Ramasamy Prof. Datuk Roziah Binti Omar Dr. Roslan Bin Mahamud Rosli Md Top Siew Yeow Lung Selva Kumar A/l Veerappan Shaiful Kamar Bin Abu Kassim Sasidharan A/l K. Harichandran S.V. Shanta A/p Vadivale Mohd Shukri Bin Hussin Dato’ Saiful Bahri Bin Zainuddin Syahirah Intan Binti Dr Mohd Sheffie Siew Man Wai Sharmila A/p P A. Canaganayagam Toh Ah Wah Aleck Tong Chai Tee Tham Sum Weng Tang Tze Chin Teoh Guay Yen Toh Ah Lou Tamilselvam A/l Velusamy Vikram Menon Vishnu Kumar A/l S. Athi Kumar Wan Mohd Zain Bin Wan Ismail Yeow Daw Swee Yoong Fon Yen Andrew Yong Arn Nee Yoong Fon Yen Imelda Yong Jun Nee Yap Soon Nam Zarif Bin Zainul

(M1166) M1167) (M1168) (M1169) (N424) (N446) (N447) (N450) (O269) (P192) (R309) (R311) (R312) (S779) (S780) (S781) (S782) (S783) (S784) (S785) (S786) (S789) (S790) (T747) (T752) (T753) (T754) (T755) (T756) (T757) (V058) (V060) (W335) (Y439) (Y440) (Y441) (Y442) (Y448) (Y445) (Z226)

TERMS OF REFERENCE 1) Operational Systems & Procedure – adequate documentation, review and, where applicable, dissemination. 2) Preparation of annual budget and control thereof. 3) Regulate related by-laws. 4) Organise and conduct all social events and activities, including indoor and outdoor activities for members and their families. 5) Regulate fees and conditions on the use of all recreational facilities. Berita Subang 5

Club Updates

37th KGNS Annual General Meeting The 37th Annual General Meeting of Kelab Golf Negara Subang got underway at the Dewan Tunku on Sunday, 28 June 2009 at 10.00 a.m., though with a lesser attendance registered than in 2008. The order of ordinary business began with the outgoing President’s address, followed by elections for the posts of President, Vice-President, Captain and four members to the Management Committee, When the vote count came in, the following were returned to office for the ensuing 2009/2010 term: President Vice-President Captain Committee

: Y.Bhg.Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmudin Megat Khas (unopposed) : Encik Pattis Naidu : Y.Bhg. Dato’ M. Harris Kudus : Encik Tan Aik Mong Lt. Col. ( R ) Lim Ong Hong 2 appointees to be made by incoming Management Committee from amongst members who are in the service of the Federal Government in accordance with Article 27.

The assembly then went on to deliberate on (a) Statutory Financial Statements for the financial year ended 31 December 2008 and (b) the Report of the Management Committee 2008/2009. As special business, the Meeting resolved and approved the following resolutions that were tabled for consideration: Ordinary Resolution 1 : supplementary budget of RM 450,000 for a Sewage Treatment Plant. Ordinary Resolution 2 : that on the letter of demand from Perbadanan Golf Subang (PPGS) dated 14 January 2009, Option 3 be adopted, i.e., the Management Committee to negotiate with PPGS for an amicable solution in the best interest of the members of the Club. Special Resolution

6 Berita Subang

: proposed amendments to the Constitution (withdrawn)

Love Thy Course

Kelana Course Sultan’s Nine


he 12th challenges golfers to plan ahead plus be accurate. Players start from an elevated tee that presents a panoramic view of the entire hole, particularly the welldesigned landing area for the drive. Big hitters will look to hit a tee-shot that will get them close enough to the distant green to go for it in two. Shorter hitters will be planning the drive to give them an easy second shot that will take them close to the water that protects the entire front of the green to pitch onto the sloping putting surface in regulation.

Rules of Golf

Ball Lands on Loose Soil/Divots Through the green, loose soil or a sand-filled divot and the cast that surround the golf ball, are not loose impediments. A player is prohibited from improving his line of play by eliminating an irregularity of surface. Under Rule 13-2, A player may not remove or press down sand or loose soil before taking his shot except on the teeing ground. A divot, which is not completely detached, is not a loose impediment. A player may not remove or press down a replaced divot. Through the green, the rule also prohibits players from removing or brushing away sand or loose soil from the area in which he is preparing to drop a ball. Berita Subang 7

Course & Grounds

Course and Grounds Sub-Committee Report

New Maintenance Building is On

History The Course and Grounds Maintenance building, located behind the more visible car wash area, is an isolated place that is seldom, if ever, frequented by members but that is where all the machinery and course maintenance equipment are stored. However, there is not enough existing storage area and floor space to accommodate the number of machines and/or facilitate manpower movements, and provide security thereto, which prompted the C&G Sub-Committee to propose the building of a new maintenance building to solve these problems. During the 2006 EGM, the proposal to construct a new maintenance building was approved by the Management Committee and the KGNS membership with the budget of RM1.2 million, consisting of consultant fees and construction value. For the whole of 2007, the consultants waited on approval from the authorities but, in the end, with escalating material costs, the original budget of RM1.2 million was deemed insufficient to cover construction costs. The C&G Sub-Committee then tendered out the job, with the price quoted by the contractor used as guide to seek additional funding for this project. A revised budget of RM2 million was proposed at the 2007 AGM but was rejected by the House.

Position to Date Undeterred, the C&G Sub-Committee, led by chairman Mr. Lau Ang Khim, appointed a consultant, CKY Consultant, to handle this 8 Berita Subang

project with the following course of action: a. Appointment of Consultant b. Input by Mr. Lau Ang Khim c. Preparation of drawings d. Site Visits e. Issuance of Tender Document f. Appointment of Contractor g. Commence Preliminary Works Starting early 2009, every preparation was made by the consultant, working closely with Mr. Lau, with both parties contributing ways, means and ideas to save as much as possible. As a result of their untiring efforts, the C&G Sub-Committee is pleased to inform members that the project to build a new maintenance building is now a reality, approved for construction at a reduced cost of RM421,654.

Revision in CADDIE FEES Please be informed that caddie fees have been revised as follows: 9 Holes 18 Holes A Class RM17.50* RM35.00**   B Class RM15.00* RM30.00** * inclusive of RM 2.50 contribution to the Caddie Fund ** inclusive of RM 5.00 contribution to the Caddie Fund The above revised rates will be implemented effective

Golf Etiquette



Transfer of Membership

We wish to bring to your attention that there has been reported incidences of “MEMBERSHIP RE-SALE AGENTS” calling on Club Members such as yourself with offers to transfer your membership. Please be advised that the Club has not appointed any person or company to handle any membership-related matters including Transfer of Membership. Please call the Membership Department should you need any details, clarification or information relating to membership.

Movie Night Schedule July 11-07-09 Narnia 1: The Witch, The Lion & The Wardrobe U 25-07-09 Narnia 2: Prince Caspian U

August 08-08-09 Ink Heart 22-08-09 Dragonball Evolution 29-08-09 Push


September 12-09-09 26-09-09

Transformer 1 Transformer 2


Berita Subang 9


Merriment at KGNS Open Day Carnival Held in conjunction with the Annual Club Championships and, for the first time ever, open to the public, the KGNS Open Day Carnival kicked off with a big bang at 9.30 a.m. on Sunday, May 17! The festivities began with the Master of Ceremonies announcing, to the delight of participants, all the attractions in the day’s fun-filled programme which included: Golf Goodies Working together with pro shop operator Transview Sdn Bhd, the Social Sub-Committee set up booths at car park 5 where golf enthusiasts and interested onlookers tried their hand at a number of activities, e.g., Golf Demonstration, Crazy Putting, Longest Drive and Chipping Contest.

Fun for Kids Specially for kids, several fun games were organised; such as Colouring Contest and Sand Art Competition. Yet another crowd-pleaser was the inflatable bouncing castle that was set up, much to the excitement of the children. Elsewhere, the young, and young at heart, took the opportunity of having their faces painted by professional artists for a minimal fee of RM 5.00 whereas, the portraits drawn on the spot by the caricaturist were going for only RM 7.00 a piece! 10 Berita Subang

Eats and Taste At the Seminar Room, a bazaar was set up with booths hawking children’s apparel, cookies, health products and what-have-you. Many had fun having their hands and legs, forearms even, dye-painted in beautiful and intricate designs by Rev Henna Creation. In the same confine, Forest Secret ran a stall selling their cosmetics and skin products, created especially for people with sensitive skin. As in all gatherings, food lovers were not left out. There were stalls to indulge in Nasi Dagang, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Tosei, Briyani and other delicious items including kiddies’ delights such as

Cup Cakes and Keropok Leko. An enterprising KGNS member even ventured to set up shop selling thirst-quenching Bubble Tea!

Hand-in-glove with the Social Sub-Committee and contributing to the day’s festivities, the Recreation Sub-Committee pitched in with: Fun Water Games To the glee of the children, several swimming activities were carried out in the main and toddler’s pools at RM 5.00 per activity. Amongst others, one of the most popular was “Treasure Hunt”, where participants were tasked with retrieving (and getting to keep!) coins which were thrown into the respective pools. Prizes in form of coupons were given out to all those who won in the other games.

Other swimming events held: Main Pool • Swim 50 m Race (Front Crawl, Breast Stroke, Butterfly Stroke, Back Stroke) • Water Scrabble • Kick Board Race • Water Polo • Tug of War Toddlers’ Pool • Spelling Bee • First Bite of the Apple • Fishing • Spoon & Egg Race • Dressing up Baby At the end of the day, everyone had their fun. Our appreciation goes to the Committee for a wonderful job done. Syabas!

Berita Subang 11


KGNS is organising classes for members who are interested to learn Mandarin. Classes will be conducted by a well trained professional as follows: Every Monday @ 7.30PM – 10.00PM, Seminar Room 2 (Charges: RM10.00 per person per session) Date 15 June 2009 22 June 2009 30 June 2009 06 July 2009 13 July 2009 20 July 2009 27 July 2009 03 August 2009 10 August 2009 17 August 2009

Session Introducing Yourself Greetings Courtesy Counting, Shopping and Bargaining Describing Things and Actions Learning Languages Direction, Learn To Give Directions Ordering Food Expressing Love, Romantic Words Family Members

For more information, please contact Ms Pamela Looi at 03 7876 0388 ext 66. Kindly register at the Reception counter or the Library.

Computer Class Schedule

Want to Speak Mandarin?








Own Laptop Required




Desktop Provided




Own Laptop Required

September 15/09/09


Destop Provided



Own Laptop Required

November 17/11/09


Desktop Provided

December 15/12/09

Google Search Own Laptop Required with wifi




Desktop Provided




Own Laptop Required with wifi




Desktop provided




Own Laptop Required with wifi




Desktop provided




Own Laptop Required with wifi



What’s Cooking? Portuguese Nyonya Cuisine The Social Sub-Committee recently organized two cooking demonstrations on Portuguese Nyonya and Italian Cuisine which proved to be of great success and were well-responded by members of the Club. The first demonstration of Portuguese Nyonya Cuisine was held on the afternoon of Sunday, April 19 at the Multi-Purpose Hall. Conducted by Chef Sylvia who, incidentally, once cooked for Hong Kong movie star, Chow Yuen Fatt and his crew during the filming of “Anna and the King” in Ipoh, the menu were the infamous Portuguese Nyonya “Devil Curry” and “Chicken Vindaloo”. To add to these interesting delights, Chef Sylvia also showed how the Nyonyastyled “Sambal Udang” and “Sambal Terong” were prepared.

Italian Cuisine

Chicken Vindaloo

The Italian Cuisine was presented by Chef Philippe during the school holidays on June 4 also at the Multi Purpose Hall. Among the menu that he demonstrated to the audience for the day were: 1. Poach Salmon with Crab Meat, Avocado, Garlic, Anioli, Pesto 2. Smoked Chicken Pizza with Calamata, Olives, Mushroom and Tossed Rock Salad

Devil Curry

3. Chicken Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce, Tomato Coulisse and Gathered Greens At the end of both sessions, the participants had a delightful opportunity of savouring and enjoying the dishes presented for the day and look forward to the next cooking demonstration.

Chicken Lasagna

Smoked Chicken Pizza Poach Salmon

Berita Subang 13


KGNS Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship Kelab Golf Negara Subang successfully staged its 2nd KGNS Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship recently. 98 eager ladies took part in this exciting event, one of the most awaited tournaments with both local and foreign participants lining up to take part.

14 Berita Subang

The darling of KGNS, Ainil Johani Abu Bakar (+1), managed to defend her title in style for the second time in the gross event for the A Division. She returned with 3 strokes less than Michele Low (5) of Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC) to best the rest of the field with 74 and 74 for a total of 148. Michele settled for second place with 75 and 76 for a total of 151. Iman Ahmad Nordin (4), a team member of the Malaysian Ladies squad, won third place on countback with a 77and 75 for a total of 152 against Michelle Koh (1) from Royal Pahang Golf & Country Club, who played 75 and 77. Isza Fariza Ismail sat alone in the fifth spot with 80 and 76 for a total two-day of 156. In the nett category (A division), club member Alyah Tan (11) grabbed first place on countback with a nett score of 74 and 70 for a total of 144, to win over Datin Rahmah Arshad (5) and teenager Nur Diyanah Damian (12) of Kundang Lakes Golf & Country Club. Shirley Sim (12) of Bukit Jambul G & CC settled for third spot with a 77 and 69 for a total of 146 nett. The Team event (gross) was won by a trio from KGNS 1, which comprised Ainil Johani Abu Bakar, Datin Rahmah Arshad and Norzian Joya, with a total score of 302. Team Royal Pahang, which consisted of Michelle Koh, Iman Ahmad Nordin and Sharon Lau secured second place with total of 303. Third place went to team SICC with 318 points. They were manned by Stephanie Loi, Deborah Lee and Deanna Lee. The Organising Committee of the KGNS Ladies Amateur Open would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to corporate sponsors, individuals and well-wishers who contributed towards the success of this Championship. The Committee also looks forward to the continuing support of the aforesaid sponsors to build and ensure the traditions of the tournament.

KGNS Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship – Strokeplay Tuesday & Wednesday, 9th & 10th June 2009, Putra Course Results

Overall Gross Winners A Division (0-12) 1st Ainil Johani Bakar (KGNS) 2nd Michele Low (RPGC) 3rd Iman Ahmad Nordin (Royal Pahang) 4th Michelle Koh (Royal Pahang) 5th Isza Fariza (Staffield) B Division (13-18) 1st Kim Joo Yeon (Korea TGV) 2nd Roselind Klok (KDE) 3rd Patricia Lai (Glenmarie) 4th Annie Chin (KLGCC) 5th Laila Hafidah (Danau) C Division (19-26) 1st Noor Aziah (Saujana) 2nd Jacqueline Cheong (KDE) 3rd Jennifer Loh (KGNS) 4th Annie Chew (Tropicana) 5th Sandy Nor (KGNS)

H’cap +1 5 4 1 1

1st. Day 74 75 77 75 80

2nd. Day 74 76 75 77 76

14 13 14 15 14

84 80 85 87 84

82 87 85 85 89

166 167 170 172 173

19 20 20 19 21

88 94 92 92 90

94 89 91 93 96

182 183 ocb 183 185 186

74 71 70 77 70

70 73 74 69 76

144 ocb 144 ocb 144 146 ocb 146

68 75 77 75 73

72 69 68 71 74

140 144 145 146 147 ocb

73 65 70 64 75

63 73 69 76 70

136 138 139 140 145 ocb

Overall Nett Winners : 36 Holes – Nett Event A Division (0-12) 1st Alyah Tan (KGNS) 11 2nd Datin Rahmah Arshad (KGNS) 5 3rd Nur Diyanah (Kundang Lakes) 12 4th Shirley Sim (Bkt Jambul) 12 5th Nur Durriyah (Kundang Lakes) 5 B Division (13-18) 1st Polen Leong (KGNS) 18 2nd Aminah Othman (S. Harbour) 18 3rd Thoo Lee Wah (KRPM) 17 4th Tunku Datin Annie (KGNS) 18 5th Fatimah Rosli (Impian) 15 C Division (19-26) 1st Christy Chai (KDE) 25 2nd Wan Roziah (KGNS) 23 3rd Kyoko Chang (Tropicana) 22 4th Zuhana (Nilai Springs) 24 5th Datin Anisah Khadar (KLGCC) 22 Team Event Nett Winners Winner Runner-up Third Gross Winners Winner Runner-up Third

Super Doll (KGNS) Datin Salmah Long (14) Sandy Nor (21) Wan Roziah (23) Eagle-Eagle (KGNS) Alyah Tan (11) Viji Anantharajah (16) Polen Leong (18) Powerpuff Gals (KDE) Rosekind Klok (13) Jacqueline Cheong (20) Hew Fei Fei (24) KGNS 1 Ainik Johani Bakar (+1) Datin Rahmah (5) Norzian Joya (9) Royal Pahang Michelle Koh (1) Iman Ahmad Nordin (4) Sharon Lau (4) SICC 1 Stephanie Loi (1) Deborah Lee (1) Deanna Lee (14)

Score 148 151 152 ocb 152 156

Scores 282

284 ocb

284 Scores 302



Special Prize – DAY 1 (9 June 2009) EAGLE Achievement - Hole #1 - Irene Hong (KGNS) Most Senior Lady Golfer 1.Datin Johariah (KGNS) 74 years old 2.Datin Salmah (KGNS) 71 years old

Berita Subang 15

Golf Diary


July 2009

Saturday - 4 Tun Abdul Razak Trophy Preliminary Round 2 Putra Course - AM ABC Medal (Stableford) Kelana Course - AM KGNS Closed Karaoke Competition 2009

Wednesday - 8

Sunday - 12

KGNS vs RJCC (Home) Stableford Putra Course AM

Thursday - 16

Monday - 20

Friday - 24

Tuesday - 28

August 2009

Wednesday - 1

Thursday - 2

Friday - 3

Sunday - 5

Monday - 6

Tuesday - 7

Tuesday - 4

Wednesday - 5

Thursday - 9

Friday - 10

Saturday - 11

Tan Sri Abdullah Salleh Challenge Trophy Stableford Putra Course

Saturday - 1

Jurong CC vs KGNS -Men (Away) Jurong CC PM

Saturday- 8

ABC Medal Strokeplay Putra Course AM

Sunday - 9

Tun Abdul Razak Trophy Quarter Final Putra Course - AM KGNS vs RJCC - Men (Home) Stableford Putra Course - AM

Monday - 13

Tuesday - 14

Wednesday - 15

Wednesday - 12

Thursday - 13

Friday - 17

Saturday - 18

Sunday - 19

Sunday - 16

Monday - 17

Tuesday - 21

Wednesday - 22

Thursday - 23

Thursday- 20

Friday - 21

Saturday - 25

Sunday - 26

Monday - 27

Monday - 24

Tuesday - 25

Wednesday- 29

Thursday - 30

Friday - 31

Friday - 28

Saturday - 29

Tun Abdul Razak Trophy Final (Putra Course - AM) Ladies/Juniors Monthly Medals + Junior & Parents Partnership Stableford Putra Course - AM

Tun Abdul Razak Trophy Semi Final Putra Course - AM President Trophy - Ladies Strokeplay Putra Course - AM

KGNS vs SGSM - Men (Co-Host) Stableford Putra Course AM

Piala Agong Strokeplay Putra Course AM

Senior Golfers Partnership Medal Stableford Putra Course AM

KGNS vs Sabah GCC - Men (Home) TBC Strokeplay Putra Course AM

Hollow Tining Putra Course (Agong’s Nine)



Inter-Sub-Committee Golf Game Stableford Putra Course AM

16 Berita Subang

KGNS vs SGSM (Home) Stableford Putra Course AM

Senior Golfers Monthly Medal Strokeplay Putra Course AM

Hollow Tining Putra Course (Agong’s Nine)

September 2009 Sunday - 2

Keppel Club vs KGNS -Men (Away) Keppel Club AM

Monday - 3

Tuesday - 1

Hollow Tining Kelana Course (Sultan’s Nine)

Wednesday - 2 Hollow Tining Kelana Course (Sultan’s Nine)

Thursday- 3

Hollow Tining Kelana Course (Tun’s Nine)

89 Thursday - 6

Friday - 7

Friday - 4

Saturday - 5

Sunday - 6

Monday- 10

Tuesday - 11

Tuesday - 8

Wednesday - 9

Thursday - 10

Friday - 11

Friday - 14

Saturday - 15

Saturday - 12

Sunday - 13

Monday - 14

Tuesday - 15

Tuesday - 18

Wednesday - 19

Wednesday - 16

Thursday - 17

Friday - 18

Saturday - 19

Saturday - 22

Sunday - 23

Sunday - 20

Monday - 21

Tuesday - 22

Wednesday- 23

Sunday - 27

Beginning of Ramadhan

Hollow Tining Kelana Course (Tun’s Nine)

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hollow Tining Putra Course (Tunku’s Nine)

Hollow Tining Putra Course (Tunku’s Nine)

Thursday - 27

Thursday- 24

Friday - 25

Saturday- 26

Sunday - 30

Monday - 31

Monday - 28

Tuesday - 29

Wednesday - 30


Monday - 7

Nuzul Al-Quran

National Day


Wednesday - 26

Ladies Monthly Medal Strokeplay Putra Course AM

Berita Subang 17

Junior Tournament

In Search of Malaysian Tiger

KGNS hosts 4th Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Golf

KGNS was a hot venue for junior golfers, their parents and supporters during the 4th Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Golf (TSMCG), held on the club’s challenging Putra Course from 18-20 June. The event, the brainchild of Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, saw 80 competitors (50 boys and 30 girls) below the age of 21, who had been invited based on their achievements during recent amateur tournaments across Malaysia. Overnight leaders of the Boys and Girls divisions, Gavin Kyle Green and Ainil Johani Bakar respectively, were crowned the 2009 champions. Gavin won a RM40,000 golf scholarship grant by firing an evenpar 71 on the final day to finish with a three-day aggregate of 210 to win by four strokes over Kenneth Christian De Silva. “I am happy with this victory and I thank KGNS for a well-organised tournament,” said the 16-year-old Gavin, who had three birdies to erase his dropped shots that included a bogey on the 14th and a doublebogey on the 17th. Kenneth’s claim to second spot did not come easy as it required a sudden-death playoff with Mohd Iylia Jamil Mohd, after both finished tied after 54-holes at one-over 214. “I felt pressured a couple of times when Iylia got near the pin,” said Kenneth, who won RM10,000 in golf vouchers that can be used for coaching and training fees. Iylia, who won a RM3,500 grant, said: “In the playoff, I pulled my shot 18 Berita Subang

again just as I did before the last one. I managed to hit a decent one out of the woods and got a nice chip to 6-feet past the green. I figured I might as well as go for it because at the worst it would go past the pin, which it did, but I putted too hard and had to take a bogey while Kenneth made his par for outright second.” A further two strokes behind was defending champion Akhmal Tarmizee Mohd Nazari, who finished on 216, for fourth, with Nicholas Fung taking fifth at 217. In the Girls’ competition, Ainil was never threatened by the field, her closest competitor being Kelly

Tan, who claimed second position two strokes back, when she fired a two-over 215 over the three-day tournament. “I started the day perfectly,” said the 19-year-old Ainil, referring to her five-stroke lead at the start of the final day. “I was hoping for a grand finish. I was leading, and feeling very comfortable when it rained in the morning, but as soon as the rain stopped, my game got bad. My game plan was to play par as I did over the last two days. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, because I kept missing the greens on the home nine.” This KGNS lass, who now has

Tournament Ruling

Over the three days, these players often called for Rules options, particularly for water hazards, dropping and relief from sprinkler heads and buggy tracks.

- Fritz the TSM Referee.

Girl Caddie

I am pleased with the support given to this tournament in its fourth year “In Search of Malaysian Tiger” that has been hosted three times continuously at Kelab Golf Negara Subang

- Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Results Boys: 210 214 216 217 218 219 220 222 224

Girls: 215 217 223 226 229 232 233 235 236

Gavin Kyle Green Kenneth de Silva Mohd Iylia Jamil Akhmal Tarmizee Nazari Nicholas Fung Kumaraesan Shanmugam Ashraf Ahmad Mohd Hisyan Abd Majid Mohd Iszaimi Ismail Abel Tam Kwang Yuan Farhan Syarif Dato Yasin Shawn Liew Hoa Yan

73-66-71 71-73-70 74-71-69, 74-71-71 71-72-74 74-72-72 76-70-73 75-72-73 74-77-71 76-70-76 72-76-76 74-73-77.

Ainil Johani Abu Bakar Kelly Tan Isza Fariza Ismail Michelle Koh Lay Sia Iman Ahmad Nordin Tan Min Yean Ardilla Ali Rahman Joanne Akep Siran Lagan Nurul Shima Vivienne Chin Ven Yi

72-68-75 74-71-72 73-75-75 77-72-77 77-73-79 73-73-83 75-78-79 80-74-79 77-80-78 75-79-81.

Kenneth, my brother, has a bag filled with 14 clubs and junk. It is heavy, but it didn’t matter because I enjoy caddying for him. We are a good team. He trusts my line reading. Unfortunately, the only complaint he has is I walk slow. Now that he has won, I will be waiting for my big tip! - Debra Jane De Silva

won this event for her third straight title, collected RM20,000 to be used for golf training. Kelly was awarded RM5,000 in vouchers. Isza Fariza Ismail finished third on 223, followed by Michelle Koh Lay Sia at 226. The tournament also witnessed a hole-in-one by 16-year-old Nurul Shahirah Alfiqah, from Sandakan, on the 13th hole during the first round. Tan Sri Muhyiddin, the patron of TSMCG, complimented the event,“I am pleased with the support given to this tournament in its fourth year ,“In Search of Malaysian Tiger” that has been hosted three times continuously at Kelab Golf Negara Subang.”

Berita Subang 19

Competition & Results

1st Leg Klang Valley Junior Golf Circuit 2009 - Strokeplay Sunday, 12th April 2009, Putra Course Gross Winners H’cap Score Group A 1st Lee Hyun Yong (Bukit Beruntung) 2 72 ocb 2nd Mohamad Hisyah Abdul Majid 3 72 3rd Ashraf Ahmad B Shakil 4 74 Group B 1st Nur Diyanah (MSSMKL) 12 71 Group C 1st Ethan Jeremiah Chitty (KRP) 5 73 2nd Park Kyung Chun (Bukit Beruntung) 6 76 3rd Sin You Wei 10 78 Group D 1st Nur Durriyah (MSSMKL) 6 72 Nett Winners H’cap Score Group A 1st Amirul Ariff (Bukit Unggul) 32 63 2nd Max Chuah 10 69 3rd Ahmad Afiq Azman 15 72 Group B 1st Nur Dahiyah (MSSMKL) 12 69 ocb 2nd Yong Mei Khuan (MSSMKL) 5 69 Group C 1st Muhammad Afzal (KGSAAS) 17 64 2nd Ranil Sunanda (Bukit Kemuning) 24 68 3rd Mohd. Aiman(KGPA) 9 70 ocb Group D 1st Elisha Naz Shakil 32 59 2nd Saphna 33 63

Senior Golfer Monthly Medal – Stableford Thursday, 23rd April 2009, Putra Course A Medal Results Winner Zahari bin Idrus Runner-Up Minhat Mion 3 Abdul Hamid bin Mohd. Nor 4th Gooi Liong Kee 5th Dato’ Zaharuddin bin Jaafar 6th Tan Aik Mong B Medal Winner Dr. Kamal Adzham bin Kamaruddin Runner-up Roslan bin Md. Yusoff 3rd Datuk Othman bin Yusoff 4th K. Anandarajah 5th Omar Abdul Aziz 6th Wan Yahya bin Mohd. Salleh 7th Dato’ Tan Seng Chee 8th Mohamad Badry bin Jaafar 9th Harith bin Ibrahim C Medal Winner Gerard Rozells Runner-up Dato’ Abu Kassim Tadin 3rd Haidar bin Othman 4th Zainal Abidin bin Long

Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba Trophy – Strokeplay Sunday, 19th April 2009 Results H’cap Gross Best Pair: Nasrudin Omar 5 Liyackat Ali Mohd. Sultan 9 2nd Best Pair: Muhd. Ghiathuddin Zainal Abidin 10 Johan Aly Abdul Rais 11 3rd Best Pair: Dato’ Ir. Muhammad Imran 7 Hamdan Nawi 10 Nett Best Pair: Kamarudin Mat Yunus 10 Stanley Ong Sing Ing 14 2nd Best Pair: Choke Kwan Yong 13 Tam Chiew Meng 16 3rd Best Pair: Dato’ Abu Kassim Tadin 19 Yussof Ahmad 22 4th Best Pair: Abd. Talib Mohd. Yatim 14 Sulaiman Salleh 18

Ladies Classic Trophy, Sunday, 25th April 2009 Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap Score Score Gross Best Pair: Alice Soong 10 87 Alyah Tan 11 83 170 2nd Best Pair: Irene Hong 4 74 Rosemary Keong 15 97 171 Nett Best Pair: Julia Katan 9 81 Sandy Nor Aizah 25 64 145 2nd Best Pair: Datin Salmah Lon 15 71 Hani Abdullah 15 75 146 3rd Best Pair: Datin Maria Jadi 13 71 Siti Aishah 14 77 148 4th Best Pair: Alice Chooi 10 76 Joyce Heng 23 73 149 Novelties - Bull’s Eye – Hole #13 Siti Aishah


Score 153 159 161 134 137 ocb 137 138 ocb

Tengku Na’aim Tengku Abd. Aziz

H’cap 10 9 11 10 10 4

Points 36 ocb 36 ocb 36 ocb 36 ocb 36 35 ocb

15 13 13 15 18 15 17 17 18

41 40 38 ocb 38 ocb 38 ocb 38 37 ocb 37 ocb 37 ocb

22 19 22 20

39 37 ocb 37 34 ocb



Junior Club Championship 2009 Saturday & Sunday, 9th & 10th May 2009 - Kelana Course, Strokeplay Results Gross Champion Runner-up Nett Champion Runner-up

H’Cap Day 1 Day 2


Daniel Loh Ming Wei Gavin Fung

2 7

78 83

82 80

160 163

Muhd Faiz Mahzan Danil Asyraf

23 11

71 78

67 72

138 150

Left: Junior Club Championship 2009 – Gross Champion, Daniel Loh Ming Wei Right: Junior Club Championship 2009, Nett Champion, Muhd Faiz Mahzan

20 Berita Subang

Daily Medal Results DAY 1 Gross Champion Daniel Loh Ming Wei 2nd Afiffuddin Abdul Aziz Nett Champion Muhd Faiz Mahzan 2nd Gavin Fung DAY 2 Gross Champion Gavin Fung 2nd Daniel Loh Ming Wei Nett Champion Muhd Faiz Mahzan 2nd Best Nett Danil Asyraf



2 6

78 80

23 7

71 76 ocb

7 2 23 11

80 82 67 72

Senior Golfers Club Championship 2009, Monday & Tuesday, 11th & 12th May 2009 - Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap Day 1 Day 2 Score Gross 1st Hj. Ir. Hamdan Zambahari 5 73 72 145 2nd Mohd Chudi Hj Ghazali 4 72 75 147 3rd Hamizan Mohd Derus 10 78 77 155 ocb 4th Mahrome Mohamd 3 75 80 155 5th Dato’ Mohd Aini Taib 10 80 77 157 ocb Nett 1st Mohamed Razali Mohd Salleh 13 66 65 131 2nd Anwar Ismail 13 67 68 135 ocb 3rd Dr Loh Tak Seng 23 67 68 135 4th Dato’ Zaharudin Jaafar 11 72 64 136 ocb 5th Roslan Ismail 12 67 69 136 ocb 6th Abdul Rahman Dato Yahya 17 67 69 136 7th K. Anadarajah 14 73 65 138 ocb 8th Datuk Wan Awang Wan Yaacob 23 71 67 138 ocb 9th Dato’ Nik Mohammed 18 70 68 138 ocb 10th Eric Woo 17 68 70 138 ocb 11th Col (R) Harbans Singh 12 67 71 138 ocb 12th Gerry Rozells 21 62 76 138 13th Wan Ahmad Radzi 10 72 67 139 ocb 14th Dato’ Zainal Azmi 15 69 70 139 ocb 15th Mohd Razali Harun 10 69 70 139 ocb

Senior Golfers Club Championship 2009 – Gross Champion, H j . I r. H a m d a n Zambahai

Ladies Club Championship 2009 Wednesday & Thursday, 13th & 14th May 2009 Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap 1st Day Gross 1st Datin Rahmah Arshad 6 75 2nd Norzian Joya 10 77 3rd Alyah Tan 12 81 4th Alice Soong 10 81 Nett 1st Viji Anatharajah 18 72 2nd Ederlina H Katzengruber 15 72 3rd Sylvia Wong 19 65 4th Tunku Datin Annie 19 71 5th Wan Roziah 24 70 6th Sandy Nor 21 68 7th Datin Salmah Long 16 76 8th Hani Abdullah 15 75 Daily Medals Results DAY 1 Gross 1st Datin Rahmah Arshad 2nd Norzian Joya 3rd Falziah Idrus Nett 1st Sylvia Wong 2nd Wan Raimah 3rd Sandy Nor DAY 2 Gross 1st Datin Rahmah Arshad 2nd Norzian Joya 3rd Alyah Tan Nett 1st Viji Anatharajah 2nd Datin Salmah Long 3rd Ederlina H Katzengruber

2nd Score Day 78 78 81 83

153 155 162 164

68 68 75 71 72 74 68 70

140 ocb 140 ocb 140 142 ocb 142 ocb 142 144 145



6 10 8

75 77 79

19 22 21

65 67 68

6 10 12

78 ocb 78 81

18 16 15

68 ocb 68 ocb 68 ocb

Super Senior Golfers Club Championship 2009 (65 and above) Results H’cap Nett 1st Anwar Ismail 13 2nd Dr Loh Tak Seng 23 3rd Dato’ Zaharudin Jaafar 11 4th K. Anadarajah 14 5th Datuk Wan Awang Wan Yaacob 23 6th Dato’ Mohammed B nik Abdullah 18 7th Eric Woo 17 8th Col (R) Harbans Singh 12 9th Gerry Rozells 21 10th Wan Ahmad Radzi 10 Daily Medal Results DAY 1 Gross 1st Mohd Chudi Hj Ghazali 2nd Hj. Ir. Hamdan Zambahari 3rd Mahrome Mohamad Nett 1st Gerry Rozells 2nd Md Razali Mohd Salleh 3rd (R) Harbans Singh DAY 2 Gross 1st Hj Ir Hamdan Zambahari 2nd Mohd Chudi Hj Ghazali 3rd Wan Ahmad Radzi Nett 1st Dato’ Zaharudin Jaafar 2nd K. Anadarajah 3rd Md Razali Mohd Salleh

Day 1 Day 2 Total 67 67 72 73 71 70 68 67 62 72

68 68 64 65 67 68 70 71 76 67

135 ocb 135 136 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 ocb 138 139

H’cap Score 4 5 3

72 73 75

21 13 12

62 66 67 ocb

5 4 10

72 75 77 ocb

11 14 13

64 65 ocb 65

Ladies Club Champion 2009 – Gross Champion,Datin Rahmah Arshad

Berita Subang 21

Competition & Results

Club Championhip 2009 Friday – Sunday, 15th – 17th May 2009 Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap Day 1 Gross 1st Eric Foo 3 73 2nd Danial Azwan Suhaime 2 75 3rd Adam Malik 4 80 4th Mohd Chudi Hj Ghazali 4 77 5th Raymond Tan 3 75 6th Hakim Nordin 5 75 7th Wahid Mirza 5 78 8th Tan Aik Mong 5 78 9th Mahrome Mohamad 3 77 10th Wan Abd Aziz 3 75 11th Zairul Hisham 3 80 12th Zaidon Omar 7 78 13th Jaswinder Singh 9 77 14th Tan kai Lim 9 83 15th Victor Lean 2 82 Nett 1st Mohd Amri Mohd Sofian 11 76 2nd Mohd Rafiq Rasheed 11 68 3rd Col(R) Harbans Singh 12 70 4th Brig-Gen(R) Mohd Yusoh 12 70 5th Samsol Saynan 9 72 Daily Medals Results DAY 1 H’cap Score Gross 1st Eric Foo 3 70 2nd Danial Azwan Suhaime 2 75 ocb 3rd Hakim Nordin 5 75 Nett 1st Roslan Yusoff 10 66 2nd Puspalingam Krishnan 12 68 ocb 3rd Jaswinder Singh 9 68 ocb DAY 2 Gross 1st Adam Malik 4 68 2nd Loo Chee Chen 6 69 3rd Wahid Mirza 5 71 ocb Nett 1st Dato’ Amran Hj Ibrahim 12 68 ocb 2nd Mohd Amri Sofian 11 68 ocb 3rd Melvin San 11 68 DAY 3 Gross 1st Eric Foo 3 72 2nd Hakim Nordin 5 75 3rd Mahrome Mohamad 3 76 ocb Nett 1st Mohd Rafiq Rasheed 11 66 ocb 2nd Mohd Amri Mohd Sofian 11 66 3rd Tan An Lim 9 69

Club Championship 2009, Gross Champion, Eric Foo

22 Berita Subang

Day 2 Day 3 Score 76 78 72 77 79 82 76 79 84 81 79 81 79 79 80

72 76 78 77 77 75 78 79 76 81 79 79 83 78 78

211 229 230 231 ocb 231 232 ocb 232 236 237 ocb 237 238 ocb 238 239 240 ocb 240

68 76 70 72 71

66 66 71 72 72

210 ocb 210 211 214 215

Club Championship 2009 – Nett Champion, Mohd Amri Sofian

Home Inter-Club Match RSGC vs KGNS (Best Ball Stableford ) Saturday, 23th May 2009, Putra Course Match Away KGNS 14 RSGC 38 NOVELTIES KELAB GOLF NEGARA SUBANG Nearest to Pin Hole 4 (Old Course) Sulaiman Salleh 11ft 11 inches Hole 12 (New Course) Zaidon Omar 9ft 8 inches Nearest to Line Hole 6 (Old Course) Dr. Soo Boon Jee 8ft Hole 18 (New Course) Md Ramly Singah 1ft 3 inches NOVELTIES ROYAL SELANGOR GOLF CLUB Nearest to Pin Hole 4 (Old Course) Chang Ham Long 11ft 5 inches Hole 12 (New Course) Mohd Reza 5ft 2 inches Nearest to Line Hole 6 (Old Course) Shahrir Roose 3ft Hole 18 (New Course) Hoh Wing 1ft 10 inches Home Inter-Club Match KGNS vs RSGC (Best Ball Stableford) Sunday, 24th May 2009, Putra Course Match Points Away KGNS 14 RSGC 38 Home KGNS 33 RSGC 27 TOTAL KGNS 47 RSGC 65 Overall Best Pair H’cap Points S. K. Bhadra 16 49 Wan Rasdi 23 KGNS Team Best Pair Chooi Yu Chong 15 47 Chooi Chee Chiew 18 2nd Best Pair Zaidon Omar 7 46 Ahmad Faiesall 13 3rd Best Pair Liew Kim Sooi 16 45 ocb Lim Boon Ka 16 RSGC TEAM Best Pair Dato’ Justpall 10 47 ocb Col (R) Harbans Singh 12 nd 2 Best Pair M. Chudi 4 47 Dato’ Zainal Azmi 15 rd 3 Best Pair Cheah Song Kang 22 46 ocb Hyder Ali 23

Captain’s Prize Sunday, 31st May 2009-07-01 - Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap Score Gross 1st Dato’ Maarof Hj Abd Rahman 4 75 2nd Mohamed Shafeii Abd Gaffor 6 78 ocb 3rd Adam Malik Ismail 4 78 Nett 1st Dato’ Abu Bakar Hj Mohamed 18 64 2nd Yeo Tat Chew 9 66 ocb 3rd Hj Mohd Sofian Mohd Ali 14 66 4th Burhan Bin Lasa 9 68 ocb 5th Dato Zainal Azmi Zainal Arrifin 15 68 6th Ahmalu Rajah Rajagopal 17 69 ocb 7th Ramli Bin Arshad 16 69 ocb 8th Col (R) Harbans Singh 12 69 ocb 9th Shaharuddin Abd Rahman 16 69 10th Mohamad Badry Jaafar 17 70 ocb Novelties Nearest To Pin Hole 13 Dato’ Azizi 2’ 5” Nearest To Line Hole 8 Aziz Peru 2’ Right: Nett Champion, Dato’ Abu Bakar Hj. Mohamed

Lady Golf Captain’s Prize – Strokeplay Sunday, 30th May 2009, Putra Course Novelties Nearest To Line – Hole # 8 Joyce Heng 6” Gross H’cap 1st Alice Soong 10 2nd Irene Hong 5 3rd Alyah Tan 12 Nett 1st Janet Thong 21 2nd Wan Raimah 22 3rd Viji Anatharajah 18 4th Lee Lay Choo 17 5th Cynthia Lim 21

Inter-Club Match (Away) AKCC vs KGNS – Best Ball Stableford Sunday, 14th June 2009 Results KGNS 3 1/2 AKCC 141/2 Overall Best Pair Points Isham Mohammad 43 Sulaiman Tompang KGNS Team Best Pair Dato Zainal Azmi 41 ocb Dato Naim Mohd nd 2 Best Pair Johan Aly 41 Faiz Aly AKCC Team Best Pair Moran Hasan 43 ocb Dzul Azam 2nd Best Pair Mohd Shami 43 Ibrahim Abdul 3rd Best Pair Lim Seng Cha 42 Francis Ong

Score 69 76 77 66 68 69 ocb 69 ocb 69

Gross Champion, Alice Soong

Inter-Club Match (Away) RSGC vs KGNS (Best Ball Stableford) Friday, 19th June 2009-07-02 Results Match KGNS - 11 RSGC – 11 Overall Best Pair H’cap Points Fauziah Latiff 19 51 Ainon Aznam 22 KGNS Team H’cap Points Best Pair Isa Bee 18 47 Wan Roziah 23 nd 2 Best Pair Jennifer Lo 20 44 Noor Nahar Osman 31 rd 3 Best Pair Alice Chooi 17 43 Rita Lee 23 RSGC Team H’cap Points Best Pair Kim Long 22 46 ocb Anastasia Scheide 28 2nd Best Pair Zuraidah Ismail 22 46 T Nakazawa 22 rd 3 Best Pair Chris Atalla 21 45 Joyce Lee 35

Ladies Monthly Medal, Strokeplay Friday - Morning 26TH June 2009 Putra Course Novelties H’cap Nearest to Pin Hole 7 Sylvia Wong 17 9 Ft Nearest to Pin Hole 15 Alice Soong 9 13 inches Gross H’cap Score Best Gross Score Datin Rahmah Arshad 5 80 2nd Best Gross Score Alice Soong 9 82 Silver Division H’cap Score 1st Alyah Tan 12 71 ocb 2nd Norlida Anis 12 71 3rd Rosmimee Abas 16 72 4th Siti Azman 16 74 ocb Bronze Division 1st Wan Roziah 23 72 2nd Datin Johariah 27 73 ocb 3rd Tunku Datin Anne 19 73

Nett Champion, Janet Thong

Senior Golfers Monthly Medal .Thursday, 25th June 2009, Putra Course, Strokeplay Results H’cap Score Gross Champion Mahrome Mohamad 3 78 Runner-up Syed Khalil Syed Mohamad 7 80 A Medal Winner Wan Ahmad Radzi 10 66 Runner-up Mohd Nadzir Mahmud 10 68 3rd Dato Hamzah Abdullah 12 70 4th Abdul Hamid Mohd Nor 12 73 ocb 5th Dato Anuar Jaafar 12 73 ocb B Medal Winner Datuk Mahpor Baba 18 69 Runner-up Harun Ismail 17 70 ocb 3rd Ahmad Murad Jailani 16 70 4th Dato Mohamed Hj Md Said 16 71 5th Shamsuddin Hussain 14 72 ocb 6th Zulkifly Sulaiman 15 72 ocb 7th Dato Fuad Jaafar 15 72 ocb 8th Mohd Din Mohd Noor 16 72 ocb 9th Yap Choong Beng 16 72 ocb 10th Zainal Abidin Ismail 16 72 C Medal Winner Dato Kamaruddin Mahmood 22 71 ocb Runner-up Ismail Mohmood 22 71 3rd Dato izham Mahmud 22 72 4th Mohamed Nor Abu Bakar 20 73 5th Gerard Rozells 21 74 ocb 6th Datuk Zubir Hj Ali 23 74

(Left to right) Alyah Tan, Alice Soong, Norlida Anis, Viji Anatharajah, Rosmimee Abas &Siti Azman

Silver Division - 4th winner, Siti Azman

Bronze Division – winner, Wan Roziah

Berita Subang 23

Hole-In-One Achievers

Hole-In- ne Achievers Burhan Lasa 12th March 2009 Hole No: 12 at Impian G&CC Club used: Hybrid 4-Iron Ball used: Bridgestone

Afiffudin Abdul Aziz 22nd March 2009 Hole No: 11 Tun Nine Club used: 5-Iron Ball used: Srixon

Peter William 29th March 2009 Hole no: 15 Tunku Nine Club used: Utility Wood Ball used: Bridgestonr

Hasdi Shahnizam 19th April 2009 Hole no: 5 Agong Nine Club used: 8-Iron Ball used: Regrande

S. Kuldip Seine 25th April 2009 Hole No: 7 Agong Nine Club used: 5-Wood Ball used: Heat

Ahmad Faiesall Bin Abd Karim 1st May 2009 Hole No: 13 Tunku Nine Club used: Honma 10-Iron Ball used: Soft Feel Ball 3

Siti Sabariah Bt A Shukor 20th May 2009 Hole no: 5 Agong Nine Club used: 9-Iron Ball use: Dridgestone

Mahmood Bin Abd Latiff 7th June 2009 Hole No: 7 Sultan Nine Club used: 4-Iron Ball used: Srixon Soft Feel

Syed Zafilen 10th June 2009 Hole no: 4 Agong Nine Club used: 7-Wood Ball used: Bridgestone

Melvin M. K. San 27th June 2009 Hole No: 5 Sultan Nine Club used: 8-Iron Ball used: Precept

Lim Yuet Chow 30th June 2009 Hole No: 4 agong Nine Club used: 5-Wood Ball used: Titliest

Quotes A ball will always come to rest halfway down a hill unless there is sand or water at the bottom. - Henry Beard

24 Berita Subang

Club Directory & Facilities

Club Directory RECEPTION

Telephone General Fax Golf Dept. Fax Email Website

: 03-7876 0388 : 03-7875 5267 : 03-7874 9796 : :


General Manager : Ext. 49 Deputy GM/Admin Manager : Ext. 12 Membership : Ext. 16 & 20 Accounts : Ext. 21 & 79 F&B : Ext. 70 & 71 Golf : Ext. 61 & 62

Golf Facilities Golfing Reception - Open Daily BOOKING PROCEDURES A member is allowed to sign-in a maximum of 3 guests Bookings are accepted on day of play only FEES (inclusive of 5% Govt. Tax) Guests introduced by members: Putra Course & Kelana Course (18 holes) RM126.00 (weekdays) RM189.00 (weekends/public holidays) For an additional 9 holes, the charge is 50% off the above rates. Members of Senior Golfers Society of Malaysia: Weekdays before noon – 50% off the above rates. Green fees for 9 holes after 4.00 p.m. is 50% off the above rates. For Weekends and Public Holidays: Bookings for golf on weekends and public holidays can be made from the Sunday prior to the weekend, or public holiday, beginning at 6.45 a.m. Bookings must be made personally by members. Only 1 guest is allowed per member and bookings are limited to 10 guests per nine. GOLF PRACTICE RANGE Operating Hours – 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Practice balls – 7 sen each Guest introduction fee – RM10.00

Recreation Facilities GYMNASIUM (No guests allowed) Opens from 6.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m. The gym is closed from 6.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. for maintenance every first Monday of the month.

SQUASH COURTS Opens from 6.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m. Guest fee : RM5.00 per person

SNOOKER Opens from 12.00 noon to 10.00

CARD ROOM Opens from 12.00 noon to 10.00 p.m.

SWIMMING Pool opens from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. daily Guest fee : RM5.00 per person

Swimming Lessons

(45-minute sessions per week x 4 per month) Fees for Lesson : Child - RM40.00 Adult - RM65.00 Swimming Coach : Mr. Cheng Heng Jui Contact No. : 03-7983 2503 (Mon-Fri) 019-226 7909 NOTE: Members are advised not to engage any unauthorised coaches.

26 Berita Subang

AEROBICS Fee Attire Contact Person Contact No.

: : : : :

Once a week – RM60.00 Twice a week – RM80.00 Suitable sports attire & shoes Ms. Ambika 016-680 6814

YOGA Venue : Days/Time : Fee : : Instructor : Contact No. :

Aerobics Room Every Friday - 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. RM60.00 per month (1 session per week) RM150 (3 month package - 1 session per week) Ms. Kathy 012- 287 9692

DANCESPORT Line Dance Fee : Special package of RM120.00 for beginners for a 3-month course Instructress : Ms. Rozalynn / Aylicia Long Contact No. : 012-200 0234/012-392 9133 Ballroom Latin Dance Fee : Special package of RM120.00 for beginners for a 3-month course Instructor : Mr. Eric Tan / Ms. Lynn Contact No. : 012-321 2083

Recreation Activities (Lessons)

GOLF LESSONS Junior Clinic on Sundays from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. at the Driving Range (RM30.00 per person / per month inclusive of practice balls) FOR OTHER GOLF LESSONS, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE GOLF DEPARTMENT. CADDIE FEES 9 holes 18 holes 1st Class RM17.50* RM35.00** 2nd Class RM15.00* RM30.00** The competition rate of RM35.00 for all classes is inclusive of tips. Members who wish to book caddies will be charged an additional RM10 for 18 holes and RM5 for 9 holes as administration fee. Tips for normal play and club competitions are not compulsory and are at the discretion of members but should not exceed the respective caddy fees. * Inclusive of RM2.50 contribution to caddie fund ** Inclusive of RM5.00 contribution to caddie fund

BUGGIES (inclusive of 5% Govt. Tax) Hours: 6.45 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. daily Rental: 18 holes Weekdays RM42.00 Weekends & P. Holidays RM47.25 Senior Golfer: 10% discount Use of buggies is subject to ground conditions.

9 holes RM21.00 RM23.63

TAI CHI CLASS Venue Days/Time Fee Instructor

: : : :

Multi-Purpose Hall Tue & Thu / 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. RM30 per month (8 times a month) Mr. Patrick Chong - 019-215 2863

: : : :

Multi-Purpose Hall Sundays / 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. RM30.00 per month Mr. Low Koon Lin - 03-7876 4370

: :

6.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m. RM5.00 per person

TAE-KWAN-DO Venue Day/Time Fee Instructor

TENNIS Opens Member’s guest fee

Junior Coaching Programme (6 – 16 years old) : 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. or Sat. & Sun. 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon : RM100.00 (4 days per Fee 2 hour/session) Adults Coaching Programme (by appointment only) : RM50.00 per hour (individual) Fee : RM70.00 per hour (2 persons) : Mr. Ong Chit Lai Instructor : 019-213 1588 Contact No.


Day Activities Mon Latin Ballroom Dance (MPH) 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. Tue

Line Dance (MPH) 9.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. Cardio Lines (MPH) 2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Tai Chi (MPH) 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. Latin American - Beginners (MPH) 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.


Aerobics (GYM) 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Latin Ballroom Dance (MPH) 7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Line Dance (MPH) 8.45 p.m. - 9.45 p.m.


Tai Chi (MPH) 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. Ballroom Latin Dance (MPH) 8.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.


Yoga (MPH) 9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. Cardio Lines (MPH) 10.30 a.m.- 11.30 p.m. Line Dance (MPH) 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Line Dance - Beginners (MPH) 6.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. Latin Ballroom Dance (MPH) 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.


Line Dance (MPH) 1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Aerobics (GYM) 2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. Swimming (Main Pool) 5.00 p.m. - 5.45 p.m.


Tennis (Tennis Court) 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. Latin Ballroom Dance (MPH) 10.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. Line Dance - Beginners (MPH) 2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Latin American - Kids (MPH) 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Swimming (Main Pool) 4.30 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. Tae-Kwan-Do (MPH) 4.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.


Name: Ari @ Mohamed Ali Aziz M’ship No: A344 Passed: 5/4/2009 Date Joined: 1/12/1978

Name: Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahid M’ship No: M059 Passed: 8/12/2008 Date Joined: 1/9/1971

Name: Ahmad Sallehuddin Ahmad Jalaludin M’ship No: A324 Passed: 20/4/2009 Date Joined: 1/4/1978

Name: Oen Tjin Fo M’ship No: O095 Passed: 6/6/2009 Date Joined: 1/1/1978

to the coach and accounts department should you wish to terminate any lessons. The coach has to submit claims (to debit your account) by the first week ofthe month. All rates are subject to Government Service Tax and change without prior notice.

Name: Bernard Thomazios M’ship No: T245 Passed: 25/1/2009 Date Joined: 1/7/1978

Berita Subang 27

Domestic Golf Clubs

Affiliated Club

*Bukit Jambul Country Club 2, Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang Tel : 04-644 2255 Fax: 04-646 0224 Email: Kelab Golf Putra P.O. Box 6, 01700 Kangar, Perlis. Tel : 04-976 9660 Fax : 04-976 9660 *Kelab Kedah Darul Aman DiRaja Pumpong, 05250 Alor Setar, Kedah Tel: 04-7319405 Darulaman Golf & Country Club Bandar Darulaman, P.O. Box 24, 06007 Jitra, Kedah Tel : 04-917 0001 Fax: 04-917 7890 Email: Home Page: *Penang Turf Club (Golf Section) Jalan Batu Gantong, 10450 Penang. Tel : 04-226 6701 Fax : 04-226 6535 Kelab Golf DiRaja Perak Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak. Tel : 05-547 3266 Fax : 05-545 5046 *Seremban International Golf Club rd 3 Mile, Jalan Kuala Pilah, P.O. Box 88, 70710, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Tel : 06-677 5787 / 06-677 5722 Fax : 06-677 2309 *Ayer Keroh Country Club Km 14.5, Jalan Ayer Keroh, P.O. Box 232, 75750 Malacca, Tel: 06-233 2000 / 06-233 2001 Fax: 06-232 3578 Email: Home Page: *Royal Johor Country Club No. 3211 Jalan Larkin, 80200 Johor Bahru. Tel : 07-223 9130 / 07-223 3322 Fax : 07-224 0729

International Golf Clubs

Note: *With signing facilities

Western Australian Golf Club Hayes Avenue, Mount Yokine, Perth, WA 6060, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9349 1988 Fax: +61 8 9344 4424 Email: Home Page: Lake Karrinyup Golf Club North Beach Rd, PO Box 83, Karrinyup WA 6018, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9422 8222 Fax: +61 8 9422 8282 Email: Home Page: Waverly Golf Club Ltd 82 Bergins Road,, Rowville, VIC 3178,, Melbourne, Australia Telephone: +61 3 9764 5144 Fax: +61 3 9764 3044 Email: Home Page: The Grange Golf Club 2 Grange Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 278 9777 Fax: +64 9 278 6017 Email: Home Page: Mount Maunganui Golf Club (Inc) 15 Fairway Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3030, New Zealand Telephone: +64 (07) 575 3889 Fax: +64 (07) 572 0341 Email: n.a Home Page: Pantai Mentiri Golf Club KM 15 ˚, Jalan Kota Batu, P.S. 1646, Bandar Seri Begawan 1916, Negara Brunei Darussalam Telephone: +67 3 279 1021 / +67 3 279 2014 Fax: +67 3 279 0773 Email: Home Page: The Hong Kong Golf Club P. O. Box 1, Shek Wu Hui Post Office, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2670 1211 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7070 (Deep Water Bay) Fax: +85 2 2679 5183 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7111 (Deep Water Bay) Email: Home Page: Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club 139 Tai Au Mun Road , Clearwater Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2335 3888 Fax: +85 2 2719 4102 Email: Home Page: Jakarta Golf Club Jalan Rawamangun, Jakarta, Indonesia Telephone: +62 21 489 5107 /+62 21 489 0009 Fax: +62 21 489 1208

28 Berita Subang

*Kelantan Golf & Country Club 5488 Jalan Hospital, 15200 Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Tel : 09-748 2102 Fax : 09-747 2918 *Kelab Golf DiRaja Pahang P.O. Box 53, 25700 Kuantan, Pahang. Tel : 09-567 5811 Fax : 09-567 1170 Kinabalu Golf Club P. O. Box 10654, 88807 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Tel: 088-251615 / 234904 / 263162 Fax: 088 - 240166 / 232162 Email: Home Page: Sabah Golf & Country Club Reservoir Road Bukit Padang, P.O. Box 11876, 88820 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel: 088-247533 Fax: 088-225243 Sandakan Golf & Country Club P.O. Box 541, 90706 Sandakan, Sabah. Tel : 089-660557 Fax : 089-660584 Tawau Golf Club Jalan Kukusan, P.O. Box 697, 91008 Tawau, Sabah. Tel: 089-765 555, 772776 Fax: 089-762904 Email: Kelab Golf Kudat Jalan Urusetia Kudat, W. D. T. 18, 89059 Kudat, Sabah. Tel: 088-611002 Fax: 088-611003 Email: Miri Golf Club P.O. Box 101, 98107 Lutong, Sarawak. Tel : 085-416787 Fax : 085-417848 Kelab Golf Sarawak Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak Tel: 082-440 966, 082-443 398 Fax: 082-441 733, 082-311 935 Email: Home Page:

Bukit Darmo Golf Jalan Bukit Darmo Golf Blok G-2, Surabaya 60226, East Java, Indonesia Telephone: +62 31 732 5555 Fax: +62 31 731 6666 Email: Home Page: Valley Golf & Country Club Antipolo 1870, Rizal Phillippines, P.O. Box 706, Manila, Phillippines Telephone: 6658565- 7 Fax: 6651640 Baguio Country Club P.O. Box 8, South Drive, Baguio City 2600, Phillipines Telephone: (63-74) 619-2050 to 64 Fax: (63-74) 442-6501 / 442-7674 Email: Home Page: Keppel Club Bukit Chermin Road, Singapore 109918 Telephone: (65) 6375 5569 to 71 Fax: (65) 6278 1448 Email: Home Page: Singapore Island Country Club 180 Island Club Road , Singapore 578774 Telephone: (65) 6459 2222 (Island), (65) 6466 2244 (Bukit) Fax: (65) 6458 3796 (Island), (65) 6466 9709 (Bukit) Email: Home Page: Jurong Country Club 9 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609078 Telephone: (65) 6560 5655 Fax: (65) 6567 1900 Email: Home Page: The Royal Bangkok Sports Club 1 Henri Dunant Street Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand Telephone: (662) 0 2652-5000-14, 0 2255-1420-7 Fax: (662) 0 2255-4158 Email: Home Page: Lakewood Golf Club South Mountain Jin Ding, Zhuhai, China Telephone: +86 (756) 338-3666 Fax: +86 (756) 339-3898 Email: Home Page: Song Be Golf Resort 77 Binh Duong Boulevard, Lai Thieu Townlet, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, S. R. of Vietnam Tel: 84-0650-755802/3 Fax: 84-0650-755804 Email: Website: Home Page:

Food & Beverage

New Faces in KGNS F & B Manager - Zari bin Hamid A new addition to the Management team effective 8 May 2009, Zari bin Hamid, who hails from Kelantan, brings to KGNS an impressive track record and extensive working experience in the field of F&B. A Diploma holder in Hotel Management (1994) and later a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (2004), Zari‘s illustrious career began, appropriately, in the hotel business, in Shangri-La, to be exact. After an 8-year stint there, he moved on to yet another 5-star establishment, i.e., the Equatorial, for 3 years. The leisure industry was next, i.e., the Mines Golf Resort, where after 3 years, he returned to the hotel trade for 3 more at the Mandarin Oriental KL. The lure of working in a golf club may have caused his next move, to KL Golf & Country Club, where he stayed for 7 years. Thereafter, it was yet another short year at the Eastin Hotel PJ before finally landing in KGNS! The tally, then, is 15 years in top-notch hotels and 10 in golf clubs! Married and father of one (daughter), Zari recently celebrated his 45th birthday in June and, to date, finds life in KGNS no less demanding or hectic than his other workplaces. To a query by Berita Subang, he reckons that he has his work cut out for him here in KGNS where his own aspirations are to “improve products, services and overall sales in F&B.” Very much into the swing of things at Subang, Zari is contactable at 03 - 7876 0381 / 0388 Ext 70 and 71, as is his assistant, Wahid bin Ali.

Assistant F & B Manager – Wahid Ali For Sabahan Wahid bin Ali, 49, it has been a lifelong involvement in F&B and a vocation that has seen him through a mixed variety of establishments, i.e., hotels and resorts, golf clubs, events promotion and management and even on a cruise liner on the open seas! With a Diploma in Hotel Management from the American Hotels and Motels Association and in a colourful career spanning two decades, he spent his early years on home soil, i.e., Kota Kinabalu, to be exact, starting with a 6-year haul as Chief Steward, Bar Supervisor and later, Café Restaurant & Room Service Manager at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort. The appointment as Banquet Manager, Shangri-Lar Rasa Ria Resort at Tuaran (1996-1999) came on next, followed by short stints at Nexus Resort, Mengagatal (Café Restaurant & Banquet Manager), Karambunai Resort Golf Club, Menggatal (F&B Manager) and Manager at Sinar Harumi Sdn Bhd, an events management company. In 2005 he moved to KL, having landed the job of Banquet & Convention Manager, Hotel Istana and left in 2007 as Beverage Manager. Then, Wahid set his sights offshore and sailed with Star Cruise Lines (“Superstar Virgo”) as F&B Ops Manager. Landlubber that he is, it was back to shore to serve as F&B Manager at Seri Cempaka Service Suites before the dining outlets of KGNS! A father of 3, Wahid’s family is back in Sabah which, however, does not deter him from his aims to “focus on increasing revenue, improving services and establishing good contact and relationships at KGNS”.

Banquet Manager – Ishamdi bin Mohammad Moulded in much the same fashion as his colleagues in KGNS, Ishamdi’s start in the business began with job placements in top-end hotels located, principally, in the Klang Valley. These include the Regent, the Crown Princess, Renaissance, the Flamingo and the Eastin which, collectively, account for the 15 years of experience he has garnered thus far in his chosen profession. As the new Banquet Manager, Ishamdi is charged with catering and banquet operations in KGNS at all our dining outlets and elsewhere on our grounds, e.g., poolside. The 36-year old from Puchong, Selangor is married with 3 children and developed expertise in his craft largely from “ on-the-job” training and courses thereof. Preferring a “hands-on” approach in carrying out his responsibilities and functions, Ishamdi’s own aspirations whilst in service at KGNS are for continued self-development and to broaden knowledge in his line of work. When asked by Berita Subang, he stated that his aims and objectives for Subang are “to maintain the high standards already set”, for which he felt there was need “to improve service skills” of the general staff. At the same time, coming from the hotel industry, from a work environment that is markedly distinct from that found in a leisure establishment such as KGNS, Ishamdi is hopeful that he would be able “to bring in new ideas” so as to make a positive difference here. Ishamdi is contactable at 03 - 7876 0381 / 0388 Ext 70 or 71.

To all the New Faces in KGNS, Berita Subang wishes you the very best and every success in your endeavours!

Berita Subang 29

F&B Promotions

Buffet Ramadhan at Golfers’ Terrace For reservations, call 03-7876 0388 ext. 69.

Share the spirit of Ramadhan with family and friends in breaking fast (buka puasa) with a variety of dishes from its buffet spread featuring Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western and Thai cuisine. Golfers’ Terrace and Pool Side Terrace at Kelab Golf Negara Subang cordially invite members to indulge their gastronomic fantasies in what has been KGNS’s tradition for many years. From a choice of rice and/or noodles, add on your favourites such as Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak, Ikan Masak Asam Pedas, Black Pepper Kambing, Ikan Bakar dengan Air Asam, Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi and Sotong Sambal Petai. Also available with some other dishes are Ulam-ulam with Sambal Belacan and Cencalok. Specialities like Roast Leg of Lamb with Mushroom and Black Pepper sauce, will also be served daily at Buffet Ramadhan. For desserts and other treats, diners can pick from a wide selection of Malay kueh, pudding, bubur, Ais Kacang and fresh mixed fruits. The Ramadan Buffet at Golfers Terrace is priced at RM35.00+ per person and half price for children aged 5 to 12 years, It is available from 22nd August to 18th September from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Poolside Terrace Buffet Ramadhan Authentic Malay and Nyonya favourites

At The Poolside Terrace, Kelab Golf Negara Subang will also be serving a Ramadhan Buffet with a kampung ambience. The traditional dishes, highlighting typical Malay dishes like Acar Rampai Sari, Terung Goreng Bercili, Rendang Daging and Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api. Variety of noodles such as Mee Rebus, Mee Curry and Asam Laksa plus Satay, Ikan Bakar with sauces can all be found cooked to perfection. As for desserts, the outlet is offering a selection of Kuih muih, Bubur, Ais kacang, fruits and more. The buffet is priced at RM35.00++ per person and half price for children aged 5 to 12 years. 30 Berita Subang

For reservations, call 03-7876 0388 ext. 28.

est N e Eagl ture a Sign es Dish

Whet Your Appetite

Steamed Village Chicken

Roast Duck

Pot Luck - Seafood Hakka Style Clay Pot Chicken

Pan Fried Lamb Chop with Mongolian Sauce

Yam Basket with Chicken Chunks

Braised Mushroom with Sea Cucumber Buttered Prawns without Shell

Roasted Chicken

Wine Tasting Night@ Bilik Buaya Everyone had Great Fun! Hope to see you again next year.

For reservations, call 03-7876 0388 ext. 55.

Thirty-one KGNS members came and enjoyed a special Wine Tasting night, jointly organised by Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd and the Club Management, at Bilik Buaya. The former graciously sponsored the selection of smooth and full bodied wines on offer, which were a big hit with these wine-lovers. Members were also able to purchase any of the following brands. Salisbury Semillon Chardonnay RM 54.00 Salisbury Cabernet Shiraz RM 54.00 La Rosa La Palma Sauvignon Blanc RM 58.00 La Rosa Palma Cabernet Sauvignon RM 58.00 Trapiche Rose RM 60.00 Berita Subang 31