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Management Committee 2010/2011 PRESIDENT YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas Chairman - Membership Sub-Committee VICE-PRESIDENT Datuk Ruslin Hj. Hassan Chairman - Administration Sub-Committee CAPTAIN Dr. Ronnie Yeo Chairman - Golf Competitions/Rules/ Handicapping & Club Team and Tender Board Sub-Committees COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ahmad Faiesall Bin Abd Karim Chairman - Finance Sub-Committee Hj. Muhd Zain Bin Hj. Yusof Chairman - Course and Grounds Sub-Committee Deputy Chairman - Displinary Sub-Committee Mat Nawi Bin Ibrahim Chairman - F&B Sub-Committee S. Kuldip Seine Chairman - Buggies/Caddies/ Driving Range & Junior Golf Programme and Club Affiliations Sub-Committees T. C. Yeo Chairman - House and Maintenance Sub-Committee Rosmimee Abbas Chairman - Social & Recreation Sub-Committee Dr Chua Hong Teck Chairman - Internal Audit Sub-Committee Jaswinder Singh Chairman - Disciplinary Sub-Committee LADIES GOLF CONVENOR TBA EDITORIAL BOARD Dr Ronnie Yeo Captain/Chairman Juliana Cheah

Management Staff GENERAL MANAGER Major(Rtd) Azmi Abdul Rahman HR & ADMIN MANAGER Wan Suhaila Wan Shamsulbahrin FINANCE MANAGER (ACTING) Chung Toh Lek GOLF MANAGER John Naidu COURSE SUPERINTENDENT Shamsul Bahrin MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT Azaman Razuki ICT MANAGER Irene Tan F&B MANAGER Zari Hamid MEMBERSHIP EXECUTIVE Siti Amirah Ali SOCIAL & RECREATION EXECUTIVE Sitti Aminah Datu Bachtiyal (Sharmin)



24 Berita Subang April - June 2011

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Introduction Night Captain’s Note Club Updates Extension of Golf Bag Storage Upgrading of Poolside Terrace Expansion of Administration Office Obituary New Appointment An Appeal to all KGNS Members E-Statement Course & Grounds Safety Netting Hole #3 Kelana Course New Bunker Sand Cigarette Buds Green Speed Pond Edge Rules of Golf Feature Isza Fariza’s Big sweeps at KGNS-Mazda Ladies Amateur Open Club Championship KGNS Club Championship Sets Records Personality Spotlight Mohd Chudi Ghazali Club Diary Competitions & Results Caddy Rating System Hole-In-One Achievers Social & Recreation Inter-club Karaoke Competition 2011 Our Squash Enthusiasts Performed Well Tae-Kwan-Do Travel Exploring Angkor Wat and Golf Club Directory & Facilities F&B Promotions Bilik Buaya Golfers Terrace Poolside Terrace Eagle’s Nest Affiliated Clubs/Reciprocal Clubs

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New Members at Introduction Night on 18th May 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51


4 Berita Subang

(A1144) (A1227) (A1229) (A1230) (A1231) (C809) (C814) (C815) (C816) (D123) (D136) (F219) (F221) (G204) (H438) (H439) (H440) (I252) (J193) (K064) (K611) (K613) (L1040) (L1041) (L1042) (L1043) (L1044) (L1045) (M1215) (M1219) (M1221) (M1222) (N463) (N470) (N471) (N472) (O280) (R607) (S754) (S755) (S819) (S821) (T783) (T788) (T789) (T790) (T791) (W347) (Y451) (Y457) (Z240)

An Introduction Night with an intake of 51 new members was recently held at Dewan Tunku. The President, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas accompanied by members of the Management Committee was in attendance to welcome the newly-enrolled into the family of KGNS. In his welcoming speech, the President urged new Members to observe the KGNS code of conduct and discipline while enjoying the club’s facilities and amenities. In particular, golfers were cautioned to go through the mandatory rules seminar and handicap test before teeing up for a game. Upon formal introductions to the members of the Management Committee, a video presentation of the club was screened where everyone acquainted themselves with all that KGNS has to offer.

ANNOUNCEMENT At the MC meeting, the following were implemented

1. Members proposing new candidate

Proposer and Seconder can nominate 6 candidates in a year. (MC meeting 11/02/2011)

2. Additional Refundable Deposit for Reinstatement of Membership

An additional refundable deposit of RM 2,000 shall be paid together with the outstanding amount in full within 3 months of the appeal period of deregistration before the appeal for reinstatement is made. (MC meeting 04/05/2011)

3. Existing Member who failed to attend Members Introduction Night

The Proposer and/or the Seconder of a candidate for membership are responsible for the Candidate of membership in that, they are required to attend the introduction night together with the candidate. ailing which, they will be subjected to disciplinary action if they fail to attend more than 3 times. (MC meeting 04/05/2011)



Congratulations Winners!

The club’s most prestigious event for 2011 produced a number of new Club Champions, and congratulations to all the winners! In fact to everyone who played in the Club Championship, thank you for making it successful. The Club Championship for all categories was about gross scores. Prizes for the winners were in the ratio of 1:9; i.e. one out of nine players were a winner and the prize value was not smaller than last year’s. Additional gifts were also given out, and the Hole-in-One prizes on offer were also greater than previous years. The sponsors and donors need to be thanked for their generous contributions without which, the spirited competitions would not have been possible. Please read our inside story on the Club Championship for additional details. This year’s tournament expenses was slightly higher since the culminating luncheon cost more than past years as food quality was upgraded and everyone went home with a loaded goody bag worth about RM200. I am happy to point out that the green speed for the KGNS’ Putra golf course was fantastic and the best it has been in over two years. Preparation for the Club Championship started early and with the assistance of Mother Nature, the course played beautifully with speeds reaching 9.9 feet on the Stimpmeter. Therefore, with this high standard set by the tournament, I would love to see the green speed remain for the rest of the year, so Course and Ground crews please stay on your toes and continue to maintain both courses in excellent condition.

Care of Our Golf Course Golfing members are urged to do their part in maintaining our course in super condition by filling divots, smoothing out the greens and raking sand bunkers. Please contribute, as your efforts would not only make it pleasurable playing for yourself, but for other club members as well. Buggy users, who do not hire caddies, please carry your sand pails into the fairways. If this is too much work and a problem for you, then please employ a caddy to do this needed task. The introduction of cans for cigarette butts, unfortunately, seems to be largely ignored, as many smokers still throw their butts anywhere they please on the course. We are appealing to the smokers to be more civic conscious and keep their cigarette butts with them until they reach a bin. The same goes for tissues, food wrappers, etc., etc., and etc. I am sure those who litter on the course do not do it in their own gardens at home, so why do it on our golf course? For that reason, with regard to the smoking issue, it should be pointed out that some clubs have banned smoking. So if the situation does not improve, the Management may be forced to consider implementing that type of banning rule, which as smokers, you surely will consider it to be an unpleasant rule. To avoid this, all we need is some form of cooperation and discipline from you when you are on the course.

Branding & Income I am sure most of our members have noticed the branding on the Hole Indicators at the Putra Course. The change has not only added colour to the course, but it has also put money to our coffer. For a year’s display, the club receives RM108,000. Thanks to Bermaz we have another RM100,000 for our golf competitions and junior programmes. The Waz Lian Group was not far behind with RM40,000 just for the Club Championships. To all our supporters, my special thanks to them, again. On another note, by selling our Putra Course for private competition once a month, we expect the golf department to also show a revenue increase.

General Election As you read this message, it is important to know that the General Election is just around the corner. After these elections you could be continuing to read my column or you may be reading one by a newly elected Captain. Whatever the outcome, however, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you in the club for allowing me to serve this tenure as your Captain. I enjoyed the work and I always strived to do my best for the club. My proudest setting up at the club was the introduction of the Big Spender incentive. The rest is history. While I may be sounding a bit like an old record, I must again stress that clubbing is a culture of mixing and tolerance with no self interest in mind. The club is a place for the releasing of tension from work, from home, and from the stressful outside world. It is a place for all to be on equal terms and to do whatever you like in accordance with the rules of the club. There should be neither personal agendas nor preferences. I can very safely state with total conviction that KGNS is the best club among all the clubs that I am a member of. Let us all strive to maintain it as the best for every member. Be happy and be thankful for what this club brings you. To quote a cliché: “Ask not what the club can do for you, but what you can do for the club.”

Thank you all and happy clubbing! Dr.Ronnie Yeo Club Captain Berita Subang 5



Extension of Golf Bag Storage The Golf Bag Storage Operator is unable to accept anymore golf bags for storage due to space constraint. A survey was conducted to gauge the extent of the demand in order for the Club to determine the size of the proposed extension of the storage space for golf bags. With an approved budget of RM60,000 work has commenced and is scheduled to be completed by 25 June 2011.

Upgrading of Poolside Terrace In an effort to provide better atmosphere and service to members, the Poolside Terrace has been renovated and given a new look. With the new colour schemes, it now looks brighter around the counter area. The back of the Poolside has also been extended into a larger kitchen area with the concrete roof slabs as the upper floor for the expansion of the Administration office. The new kitchen has provided the staff a larger place, healthier and better-organized environment to work on with, in the preparation of food and drinks. Other improvements include the extension of the seating area overlooking the golf course, plaster ceiling, totally new electrical wiring and lightings, new sanitary plumbing system and ventilation system.

Expansion of Administration Office

With the growing activities and the increased number of staff in the last few years, this has led to increased demand for a larger office and storage space. The Management has taken a number of measures in resolving the problem of insufficient office space. Realizing the urgency of additional office and storage space required, upon the approval by the Management Committee, the present Administration office has been expanded on the roof slab above the newly renovated Poolside Terrace with a total area of 1,266 sq.ft.. The completion of this project will provide the staff with a more conducive and better working environment. Departments such as the F&B, Purchasing, Social & Recreation, House & Maintenance which were originally located all over the clubhouse can now be located to the new extension.

Obituary Name:

DATUK DR ZAINAL AZNAM MOHD YUSOF M’ship No: Z013 Date of Death: 03/04/2011 Date Joined: 01/03/1971

6 Berita Subang

Name: YUSOF MAHADI M’ship No: Y402 Date of Death: 15/02/2011 Date Joined: 01/06/2000

Name: TENGKU ISMAIL MAHMUD M’ship No: I084 Date of Death: 10/12/2010 Date Joined: 01/09/1979

New Appointment Norshida Zid , 32, from Penang is our new HR & Admin Executive. She has a degree in Business Administration and had worked in Human Resource department for nearly six years at Minconsult Sdn Bhd previously. “ I want to contribute my knowledge and experience for KGNS’s growth, and at the same time, to learn and gain new experience with KGNS.” Vasuki Raja Segran, 26,

from Seremban has joined our club as HR & Admin Junior Executive. Prior to joining KGNS, the Business Administration graduate has two years of experience working in Metrojaya. “I will make sure that club’s Human Resource department run effectively, following proper procedures without neglecting the employee’s welfare and benefits.”

Rekiy Cipta Bin Madani, 26,

is our new IT Support Executive. Before joining KGNS, he has four years of experience working in the IT field. He had worked a year in Vpi International Sdn Bhd and another two years in V Class V Creative Sdn Bhd. Then he continued working in LBS Sdn Bhd for one year before joining our family early this year. “ I will ensure that the IT department is free of any problems at all times so that all other departments can run smoothly.”

Abdul Rizal Bin Razak, 29,

from Perak, is the new Junior Account & Finance Executive. He has three years experience in similar field, and was working with Kacamuda Resources Sdn Bhd for a year. After that, he continue working for one year at Setegap Ventures Corporation Sdn Bhd , followed by another year in Daffinity (M) Sdn Bhd before joining us. “ I am going to give my best to KGNS and hope I can gain many experience here.”

Sitti Aminah Datu Bachtiyal, 39,

from Sabah has joined the club as Social & Recreation Executive. She is determined to be a team player, resourceful, highly organised and a detail-oriented achiever. She worked for ten years in four companies and have learned skills in public relations, organizing event, branding strategies and product development. “ I am going to give my best to KGNS with solid commitment.”

An Appeal to all KGNS Members

WE NEED YOUR CO-OPERATION TO CREATE OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR BOOK Old Pictures, Old Journals, Old Newsletters, Old Newspaper Cuttings, Old Golf Items & Anything Old of KGNS – In fact anything old that is part of KGNS. Kelab Golf Negara Subang will be 50 years old in 2017. The Management Committee has decided to undertake to produce a Yearbook of the club to commemorate the coming of age of the club by gathering as much history as possible to compile a yearbook to celebrate the coming event in 2017. Through all the years of existence, there seems to be little record of what happened from the birth of the club until the present day. Records, pictures and all publication on the club had not been kept by the management over all these years. The yearbook for our 50th years will be the first to keep alive the history of the club since formation. Sometime in the future, our children and grandchildren will remember, ‘how, why and when’ of KGNS when they read our 50th Anniversary Yearbook. Visitors and guests to our club will be able to learn more of the club’s history and personalities of the past and present. They will view with pleasure all the old copies of pictures of our first Prime Minister, all our stalwarts of the club and all the past Champions in golf. It will be a book of who’s who in KGNS for the 50 years of our existence. In order to achieve this ambition, the Management Committee requires the assistance of all the members, especially the older ones, to provide us with as much materials as they can gather. All newspaper cuttings, old photographs, old magazines, old Berita Subangs and anything to do with KGNS will be most welcomed. We will make copies of all that you send us and return the original. We will commission a capable person to compile and write up with all the materials collected to mould it into a book of our achievements over 50 years. This is your club and you must feel proud to belong to KGNS. We have a history so let us not forget the past or let our memories slip away from us. Let us join forces and make this yearbook a reality. Come forth and contribute in any way you can. Relate to us the stories of the past, the incidences you happen to remember before they fade off. Nothing stays more permanent that words printed on paper. Please contact any of the Committee Members if you have contributions. Or approach the Club’s Administration Staff. You will be treated as a VIP for your contributions. Let us join forces and make this project a reality. Dr Ronnie Yeo (Club Captain)

E-STATEMENT In view of the recent increase in the postal charges from 30 sen to 60 sen the club has introduced e-statement of Accounts that is scheduled for implementation from June 2011 statement. With e-statement, the club will not only be able to save on postage charges but also reduce stationery and printing costs. The cost impact is quite significant and with e-statement, members will be able to receive their Statement of Accounts instantly online. At the same time it will also reduce filing work of hard copies. Response from members is encouraging where about 20% of members have subscribed to e-Statement that would assist in cost savings. For those members who are yet to sign up for the e-Statement, please fill the Application Form and submit it at the Reception Counter or Accounts Department or you may obtain the Application Form from the Club’s web site. For further information, kindly contact Ms.Puva at Tel.03-78760643 ext 208.

APPLICATION FORM FOR STATEMENT E-STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT I, …………………………………………. membership No.: ………..…... hereby support and agree to receive my monthly Statement of Accounts via e-Statement online in my email accounts as follows ___________________________. Signature


Berita Subang 7


& Grounds

Safety Netting Hole #3 Kelana Course As safety measure for the public, a new safety netting is necessary on the right side of Hole #3 Kelana Course starting from the red tee box to the fairway bunker. The length is approximately 210m with a proposed height of 20m. The approved budget of RM200,000 during the last EGM 2010 for improvement of Kelana Course will be used for this project. The scope of work shall include the planning and commissioning of the proposed design and construction of the 20m safety netting. Engineering consultants will be required to advise us regarding the safety on the construction of the pole and to avoid the pole collapsing for safety reason.

Proposed 20m height safety netting at the same area

The existing safety netting approximately 12m height

New Bunker Sand

The original river sand

The existing bunker sand used are the river sand for both courses. After certain period of time, the sand inside the bunker becomes thinner; sometimes, the underneath soil appears if new sand are not put in. This happened a lot at the Kelana Course. In conjunction with the construction bunkers, our Course & Grounds crew will, in stages, change the sand to the white mining sand, i.e. at Hole #9 and Hole #18 of the Putra Course. These works will be continuing at all bunkers for both the courses.

The new white mining sand

Cigarette Butt For the past years, the issue of smoking on the course and cigarette butts are causing headache to the Committee. Quite a number of cigarette buds are found on the fairways and greens surrounding especially on the sprinkler heads which made our courses looked dirty. To tackle these problems, the Captain, Dr. Ronnie suggested providing ‘pot ashtrays’ with hanger for smokers which they can carry with them during play. These ashtrays can be found at 1st tee and 10th tee for both courses. There will be no excuse from golfers in future as to where they throw their cigarette buds during play.

The pot that serves as ashtray for smokers

Green Speed What is the meaning of green speed? or “the green speed is slow”? And how do you measure the green speed? Here is the story - in 1936, a man named Edward S Stimpson invented a simple tool made of aluminium called ‘Stimpmeter’ which was named after his name. The pictures show the Stimpmeter(in circle) and other tools used for measuring the green speed ‘A’ point

‘A’ point

Roll the ball from 1st point (marked with tee) to ‘A’point

‘A’ point

Roll again from ‘A’ point to the 1st point (marked with tee)

Three balls will be rolled on the stimpmeter down to the surface of the green when we lift the one end of the Stimpmeter by 20˚. The average length of these balls will be marked on the green as ‘A’ point. (Refer to the picture)

8 Berita Subang

1st point The length between 1st point to ‘A’ point will be measured and known as the green speed for the individual green

The length from 1st point to the ‘A’ point will then be measured as the green speed for that individual green. Six greens will be measured and the average of all six green speed will be known as the green speed of the day.

Pond Edge Pond Edge 2

Pond Edge 1

Rules of Golf Decision 33-7/4.5 The R&A and the USGA have revised the above Decision effective immediately to solve some of the situations where a player is unaware he has breached a Rule because of facts that he did not know of the breach and could not reasonably have discovered prior to returning his scorecard. Under the revised decision, however, it does not mean you can be ignorance of the Rules. The R&A and the USGA confirm that the disqualification penalty still applies for scorecard breaches that arise from ignorance of the Rules of Golf. 33-7/4.5 Competitor Unaware of Penalty Returns Wrong Score; Whether Waiving or Modifying Disqualification Penalty Justified  Question: A competitor returns his scorecard. It later transpires that the score for one hole is lower than actually taken due to his failure to include a penalty stroke(s) which he did not know he had incurred. The error is discovered before the competition has closed. Would the Committee be justified, under Rule 33-7, in waiving or modifying the penalty of disqualification prescribed in Rule 6-6d? Answer: Generally, the disqualification prescribed by Rule 6-6d must not be waived or modified. However, if the Committee is satisfied that the competitor could not reasonably have known or discovered the facts resulting in his breach of the Rules, it would be justified under Rule 33-7 in waiving the disqualification penalty prescribed by Rule 6-6d. The penalty stroke(s) associated with the breach would, however, be applied to the hole where the breach occurred. For example, in the following scenarios, the Committee would be justified in waiving the disqualification penalty. A player makes a short chip from the greenside rough. At the time, he and his fellow-competitors have no reason to suspect that the player has double-hit his ball in breach of Rule 14-4. After the competitor has signed and returned his scorecard, a close-up, super-slow-motion video replay reveals that the competitor struck his ball twice during the course of the stroke. In these circumstances, it would be appropriate for

Pond Edge 3

the Committee to waive the disqualification penalty and apply the one-stroke penalty under Rule 14-4 to the player’s score at the hole in question. After a competitor signed and returned his scorecard, it becomes known, through the use of a high-definition video replay, that the player unknowingly touched a few grains of sand with his club at the top of his backswing on a wall of the bunker. The touching of the sand was so light that, at the time, it was reasonable for the player to have been unaware that he had breached Rule 13-4. It would be appropriate for the Committee to waive the disqualification penalty and apply the two-stroke penalty to the player’s score at the hole in question. A competitor moves his ball on the putting green with his finger in the act of removing his ball-marker. The competitor sees the ball move slightly forward, but is certain that it has returned to the original spot, and he plays the ball as it lies. After the competitor signs and returns his scorecard, video footage is brought to the attention of the Committee that reveals that the ball did not precisely return to its original spot. When questioned by the Committee, the competitor cites the fact that the position of the logo on the ball appeared to be in exactly the same position as it was when he replaced the ball and this was the reason for him believing that the ball returned to the original spot. As it was reasonable in these circumstances for the player to have no doubt that the ball had returned to the original spot, and because the player could not himself have reasonably

The existing pond edge slab at Hole #13 Kelana Course was installed several years ago as a sample for Course & Grounds Sub-Committee’s approval. That hard looking concrete slab was the reason why this job was not approved at that time. After several years, the erosion got worse and recently, the SubCommittee decided to continue this works in order to avoid further damage to the edge of the pond. The quotation and specification provided by the contractor showed that the affected areas are approximately 180m long and the installation of the slab are still the same. Based on the same specification, the Committee will be calling for tender by advertising in major newspapers soon. The overall project cost is estimated to be around RM150,000.

discovered otherwise prior to signing and returning his scorecard, it would be appropriate for the Committee to waive the disqualification penalty. The two-stroke penalty under Rule 20-3a for playing from a wrong place would, however, be applied to the player’s score for the hole in question. A Committee would not be justified under Rule 33-7 in waiving or modifying the disqualification penalty prescribed in Rule 6-6d if the player’s failed to include the penalty stroke(s) as a result of either ignorance of the Rules or of facts that the player could have reasonably discovered prior to signing and returning his scorecard. For example, in the following scenarios, the Committee would not be justified in waiving or modifying the disqualification penalty. As a player’s ball is in motion, he moves several loose impediments in the area in which the ball will likely come to rest. Unaware that this action is a breach of Rule 23-1, the player fails to include the two-stroke penalty in his score for the hole. As the player was aware of the facts that resulted in his breaching the Rules, he should be disqualified under Rule 6-6d for failing to include the two-stroke penalty under Rule 23-1. A player's ball lies in a water hazard. In making his backswing for the stroke, the player is aware that his club touched a branch in the hazard. Not realizing at the time that the branch was detached, the player did not include the two-stroke penalty for a breach of Rule 13-4 in his score for the hole. As the player could have reasonably determined the status of the branch prior to signing and returning his scorecard, the player should be disqualified under Rule 6-6d for failing to include the two-stroke penalty under Rule 13-4. (Revised).

Berita Subang 9


Isza Fariza’s Big Sweep

at KGNS-Mazda Ladies Amateur Open Isza Fariza Ismail shot a total three-day score of 223 to win the the 4th KGNS-Mazda Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship 2011 while Suzie Lee (18) of Tropicana carded a 213 to grab the nett champion. On top of that the MGA player Isza also seized the gross prizes for both the first and second day including the novelty prizes for all the three days. Another MGA player Nor Durriyah Daiman (3) grabbed the gross category with a 227. Datin Rahmah Arshad (6) produced 243 for second place, and Irene Hong (5) came third with a 246 and in fourth place, Falziah Idrus (10) with a 251. Norlida Anis (10) took the A Division (Nett) with total scores of 223 to win on a countback, followed by Catherine Clark (12)

KGNS Mazda Gross Champion

with 223 and Lim Ai Lynn (11) with 226 (74-78-71) for third place. In the B Division Gross Category, Alyah Tan (13) of KGNS carded a 262 to emerge champion followed by Sachiko Nakakarumai (15) with a 263 . The third place went to Ederlina K. (14) with a 265. In the B Division (Nett), Jessica Chan (18) was champion with a 219 on countback, while Aminah Othman (19) at 219 on countback is in second place and Datin Anisah Kadir (21) with a 219 was third. In the team event, MGA trio Isza Fariza Ismail, Nur Durriyah Daiman and Lim Ai Lynn won the Gross Category with 299. Wong Kam Yoke, Shirley Sim, and Catherine Clark were champions in the team Nett event with scores of 291 in total.


Results Gross Champion Isza Fariza Ismail


74 75 74


Nett Champion Suzie Lee Overall Gross Winners


75 70 68


B Division 1st Alyah Tan 2nd Sachiko Nakarumai 3rd Ederlina K. Overall Nett Winners

13 15 14

88 86 88 87 91 85 86 88 91

262 263 265

A Division 1st Norlida Ani 2nd Catherine Clark 3rd Lim Ai Lyn

10 12 11

74 78 71 77 70 76 77 76 73

223 ocb 223 ocb 226 ocb

B Division 1st Jessica Chan 2nd Aminah Othman 3rd Datin Anisah Kadir

18 19 21

76 72 71 71 75 73 69 74 76

210 219 ocb 219 ocb

A Division H’cap Day 1 1st Nor Durriyah Daiman 3 75 2nd Datin Rahmah Arshad 6 83 3rd Irene Hong 5 79

Team Event Gross Winners 1st 2nd 3rd


Isra Fariza Ismail (0) Nor Durriyah Daiman (3) 299 Lim Ai Lynn (11) Irene Hong (5) Datin Rahmah Arshad (6) 322 Alyah Tan (13) Ong Gim Hong (9) Norlida Anis (10) 341 Falziah Idrus (10)

10 Berita Subang

2 75 79 81

3 77 81 86

Nett Winners 1st 2nd 3rd

Score 227 243 246

Day 1 -Nearest to Pin Nearest to Line Day 2 -Nearest to Pin Nearest to Line Day 3 -Nearest to Pin Nearest to Line

Hole # 4 Catherine Clark Hole #7 Cecilia Yap Hole #13 Datin Anisah Kadar Hole # 5 Isza Fariza Ismail Hole # 8 Sally Yeow Hole #18 Janet Chong Hole # 4 Isza Fariza Ismail Hole #7 Chin Phet Ha Hole #13 Julie Chan Hole #15 Maggie Kok Hole #8 Siti Khadijah Hole #18 Polen Leong Hole #4 Low mun Kan Hole #7 Aminah Othman Hole #13 Datin Anisah Kadar Hole #15 Isza Fariza Ismail Hole #8 Wong Jay Lyn Hole #18 Loh Lai Kuen

5’ 5’ 4’ 2” 7’ 9” 1’ 4” 4” 17’ 2” 13’ 5” 7’ 10” 7’ 10” 11” 8” 5’ 8” 14’ 11’ 3’ 5” 6” 6”


Catherine Clark (12), Shirley Sim (12) 291 Wong Kam Yoke (16) Paricia Lai Pik Chun (16) Roziah Che Wan (24) 292 Christy Chai (24) Datin Maria Jadi (13) Polen Leong (17) 295 Siti Jauharah (20)

7 Berita Subang



KGNS Club Championship Sets Records When was the last time you heard of a golf tournament producing three hole-in-ones on the same hole? It has never happened on Pebble Beach’s famed tiny No. 7, or on Augusta National’s treacherous No. 12 that is a part of Amen Corner, or on the even more treacherous island No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass. But it did happen during the KGNS Club Championship 2011, as Dr. Loh Tack Seng, Sheikh Jamal Sheikh Mohamed, and Aidil Zuhairy each recorded a hole-in-one!


hile the trio’s accomplishment was record setting, it was a duo that produced a spectacular finish to the men’s division. After 54 holes of competitive golf on our beautiful Putra course under three days of great weather, two players tied at 14-over 230, which was four strokes better than the next closest players - the pair of Eric Foo Hwa Peng and Kevin Yeap Chih-Pin, who finished third and fourth, respectively on countback. Playing off a handicap of three, senior golfer Mohd Chudi Ghazali, who started the final day three shots behind the 36-hole leader and defending champion Sunil Abraham, with a spirited challenge caught the latter by posting a final round 79, as the rest of the field had faded in the heat of the day. The two men then produced perhaps the most exciting finish of our club championship history

12 Berita Subang

in the form of a two-hole sudden death playoff. Sunil’s three shot cushion was greatly damaged by an early double-bogey on the 3rd hole due to having found the rough and greensite bunker and a missed putt. But the 32-year-old lawyer also showed tenacity by settling done and playing the next six holes to maintain a two shot lead. Unfortunately, after the turn, he bogeyed holes 14, 15, 16 and 18 after recording a double-bogey on No. 10. Chudi, meanwhile, after pars on the 3rd, 4th and 5th coolly birdie on the 6th hole. With the poor play of Sunil and the steady play of Chudi, the latter was one off the pace going to the17th tee and a par on the finishing hole was good enough to draw him level because of Sunil’s bogey. On the first playoff hole, the 391-metre par-4 No. 18, Chudi put his second shot to about

20 feet from the pin and the defending champion responded his third shot out from the bunker brilliantly, which landed six feet from the cup and both players made par. Loud cheers and claps greet the pairing as they made their way to the 9th tee. The 399-metre par-4 is one of the more straightforward of the holes at KGNS, but over the years it has often proved to be a card slayer for some unknown reason and for this playoff it was to be no different. Chudi’s second shot found the green’s apron and Sunil choose to attack the pin, but to his horror he pulled his approach to overshoot the green. Then, a weak chip came up short and he two putted for a bogey. Chudi put his third shot close to the pin – to the 2-foot mark -- and then tapped it into the hole for the 2011 KGNS Men’s Club Championship title. The 67year-old golfer carried the day and in the process became the oldest player to claim the crown. Chudi, was understandably elated at not only what he had achieved but what the moment represented in the history of


the KGNS championship in the playoff. “The course played long today. The playoff makes the competition exciting and the members were so supportive,” offered the now four-time club champ who also owns crowns from 2002, ’05 and ‘07. “I knew I had to play well as Sunil had a great start, so I just tried to play away. I feel great because I didn’t expect to win, but I am glad I won and hopefully I can keep going for more”, he added. Wahid Mirza, who produced the best final day score at 77, finished fifth. The nett title went to Jaswinder Singh (11) who posted a three-day total of 216 with Gareth Ng (11) trailing oneshot behind for second. Dr. Ronnie Yeo, KGNS’ captain and the tournament director, was quick to point out that the championship holds an important place in the club’s history. “Especially with the two extra holes playoff, it commands the attention of everyone and we look forward to another championship of the highest quality next year,” he said.

Men’s Championship May 20-22 Gross - 54 Holes H’cap Champion: Mohd Chudi Ghazali 3 2nd Sunil Abraham 2 3rd Eric Foo Hwa Peng 3 4th Kevin Yeap Chih-Pin 6 5th Wahid Mirza 5 6th Zairul Hisham Bin Zubir 3 7th Aidul Zuhairy Azman 5 8th Zaidon Omar Baki 5 9th Ir Hj Hamdan Zambahari 5 10th Mahrome Mohamad 5 11th V. Ramalingam 6 12th Imran Ashok Abdullah *Won on the second playoff hole Nett - 54 Holes Winner: Jaswinder Singh 11 2nd Gareth Ng Shih Kene 11 3rd Imran Bin Ismail 12

Points 75 77 78 74 75 81 80 76 78 74 79 81 78 80 77 75 79 82 78 79 80 79 80 79 80 76 82 83 79 79 80 78 83 80 78 83

230* 230 234 ocb 234 235 236 237 238 ocb 238 241 ocb 241 ocb 241 ocb

70 73 73 216 73 69 75 217 72 75 71 218

Seniors Championship May 7-8

Veterans Produce a Tight Contest Results


he Senior Division was claimed by Hj Mahrome Bin Mohamad (5) with a 156 that put him a full five shots ahead of his competitors. An opening round 77 gave Mahrome the lead after the first round and a fine 79 kept a valiant threat from the pair of Dato’ Dahlan and Mohd Chudi Ghazali at arm’s length. After a countback, Dato’ Dahlan’s last ninth hole secured him the second place and push Chudi to third. Another close finish in this age group had Shariff Mohd Shah (17) and Dato’ Mohd Rosly (16) returning identical scores of 71 and 70 in the 36 holes Nett competition. After winning on countback, Shariff, revealed it was his maiden participation in the club championship. “The feeling of being a winner was just exhilarating! Especially after having stopped golfing for almost one year due to my painful leg, but I came back to practice for three months to warm up for the championship. I was lucky to be paired with some very friendly members who made me feel relaxed and they were also very encouraging,” said the 62-year-old, who was at first unaware of his triumph. “I went home right after the game. Then my friends rang me and said I won the Nett event. At first I thought they were doing a prank on me to get me excited so that they could laugh at me next day. But I came back to the club the following day and saw my name on the board. It was unbelievable.” The Super Senior Nett category victory went to Salleh Nulub (12,) as he finished two strokes better than Anwar Ismail (13). Salleh’s round was generally consistent with a few errant putts along the way.

Ladies Championship May 14-15

Another Trophy for Her Collection

Gross - 36 Holes Champion Hj Mahrome Bin Mohamad 2nd Dato’ Dahlan Bin Mohd Rashid 3rd Mohd Chudi Ghazali 4th Syed Khalil Bin Syed Mohamad 5th Dato’ Harun Ali 6th Zahari Bin Hj Mahfudz 7th Abdul Malek Bin Hj Omar 8th Salleh Nulub 9th Ir.Hj Hamdan Zambahari 10th Mohd Nazir Bin Kassim 11th Wan Ahd Radzi B Wan A Rahman 12th Dato’ Ayob Bin Mohamed 13th Anwar Ismail 14th Nasrudin Omar 15th Melvin San Mun Keet Nett - 36 Holes Winner Shariff Bin Mohd Shah 2nd Dato’ Ir Mohd Rosly Hj Hussin 3rd Dato’ Khalid Bin Hi Ismail 4th Ismail BinMahmood 5th Hj Mohd Sofian Bin Mohd Ali Super Senior (above 65 years) Nett - 36 Holes Winner Salleh Bin Nulub 2nd Anwar Bin Ismail 3rd Dato’ Khalid Bin Hj Ismail 4th Ismail Bin Mahmood 5th Dato’ Lee Eng Guan 6th Khalip Bin Abdul Raffar

H’cap 5 11 3 6 10 8 8 12 5 11 8 11 13 8 10

Points 77 79 156 80 81 161 ocb 79 82 161 81 82 163 ocb 80 83 163 82 82 164 ocb 80 84 164 ocb 79 85 164 84 82 166 85 82 167 ocb 83 84 167 ocb 79 88 167 88 80 168 ocb 86 82 168 86 83 169 ocb

17 16 15 21 15

71 70 141 ocb 71 70 141 ocb 73 70 141 73 70 143 ocb 71 72 143

12 13 15 21 18 17

67 75 73 73 70 72

73 67 70 70 75 74

140 142 143 ocb 143 145 146


atin Rahmah Arshad who carded rounds of 79 and 83 for a 162 again won the Ladies Division. Datin Rahmah posted two birdies, eight pars, four bogeys and four double-bogeys to overpower the late charging Irene Hong by four shots and finish six shots clear of the first day leader Alyah Tan. “We can’t match her anymore,” admitted Alyah who surrendered the lead after a triple bogey on the 14th hole. “I really wanted to get off to a good start, which I was able to do,” said Datin Rahmah, who added another trophy in her collection as she earned her eighth KGNS victory. “Both Alyah Tan and Irene Hong were giving me a run as they played very well. I told myself I must play to 80 or 81, but I finally finished with an 83.” Wan Roziah Bt Che Wan (25) who posted a 145 for the two days was the nett winner by two shots over Irene Goh.


Gross - 36 Holes Champion Datin Rahmah Arshad 2nd Irene Hong Nee Lam Kui Moi 3rd Alyah Tan 4th Falziah Bt Idrus 5th Siti Azman Nett - 36 Holes Winner Wan Roziah Bt Che Wan 2nd Irene Goh Meng Meng 3rd Dr. Mastura Mohamed

H’cap 6 5 13 10 17

Points 79 83 162 84 82 166 84 84 168 92 83 175 87 90 177 ocb

25 21 17

70 75 145 73 74 147 71 77 148 Berita Subang 13

Personality Spotlight

Competition &


Junior Championship May 14-15

Imran Captures the Title


or Muhammad Imran Shafiq, victory seemed unlikely after he shot a 9-over 45 on his first nine holes of the final day. He, however, played his next nine holes with a determination that rewarded him with a 40, which as enough to best Gavin Nicholas Fung Jian Han (9) and Benjamin James Tan (10) by two shots.


Gross - 36 holes Champion Muhammad Imran Shafiq 2nd Gavin Nicholas Fung Jian Han 3rd Benjamin James Tan

“I consider myself lucky,” confessed the 17-year-old youngster in relieved. “I was feeling pretty sick and almost quit after the 13th hole, because the weather was unbearably hot. Later, I asked an official if I can withdraw, but he encouraged me to carry on.” Imran, who won the KGNS Junior Championship’s Nett event in 2009, then added: “The official said I have three more holes to play and I was not out of the picture yet, so I should played on. It was a case of a bad day that turned out good.” Gavin, who was leading by three shots after the 15th hole, failed to hold the top spot and finished at 170 on rounds of 85 and 85. After a countback, he was declared the second place finisher over Benjamin Tan. “After a disastrous double-bogey on the par-3 No. 15, I went par, par, and a birdie for the win. I’m proud of the way I came back. I didn’t play well, but the last three holes somehow put me in the lead,” said the new champion.

H’cap 5 9 10

Points 83 85 168 85 85 170 ocb 85 85 170


Three Hole-In-Ones were struck at Hole No. 7. The lucky golfers were: 1) Dr. Loh Tack Seng achieved an ace on Day 1 of the Senior Golfers Championship (May 7) 2) Sheikh Jamal Sheikh Mohamed achieved an ace on Day 1 of the Men’s Club Championship (May 20) 3) Aidil Zuhairy Bin Azman achieved an ace on Day 1 of the Men’s Club Championship. Among the prizes offered for the aces were - Daikin Air Conditioner, Morgan Tower Fan, Morgan Vacuum Cleaner, Morgan Air Purifier and Honeywell Air Purifier, and an ENA iron set sponsored by Transview Golf. There was also an eagle being scored at the par 5, Hole No. 17, by Kevin Yeap Chih-Pin on Day 1 of the Men’s Club Championship.

Power Play - The Putra Course At the recently held Club Championships, members were treated to a great time on our fabulous golf course. The Putra, which is known for being in great condition throughout the year, was to say the least in magnificient condition for the competitions. During the final round of KGNS’ Men’s event, and under scorching heat, the 60 players who made the cut had to trade birdies for bogeys on the demanding layout . The length of the course was stretched to 6,500 metres (an addition of 250 metres) to give a balanced combination of strength and accuracy. And, the recent improvement of the course with the renovation of bunkers on holes 7, 9, and 18, added to the difficulty of play.

14 Berita Subang

But the biggest factor the players had to be contented with, came in the form of fast greens. The green speed was a slippery 9.9 for all and it was something members had not seen in the last few years.

An Early

Two months short of his 68th birthday, this four-time KGNS Club champion battled not only gentlemen of his age but golfers 30 years his junior, to emerge a champion once more. By winning the KGNS 2011 Club Championship, which was contested for 54 holes over the club’s challenging Putra Course, Mohd Chudi Ghazali is believed to be the oldest golfer in the country who defies expectation. Chudi, who was born and bred in Klang, made golf a priority when as a banker in his mid-fifties, he was posted to Terengganu and working on his golf game in his spare time. He quickly brought his handicap down to plus-1 and in the process sweep nearly every title in tournaments he entered to amass more than 75 victories. Ironically, this senior is a champion of the majority of golf clubs he is a member of. In a brief interview with Berita Subang (BS), Chudi who is noted for his lethal short game, confessed golf is in his blood. And, while that maybe the case, we should also tell you he is an athletic and is good in any kind of game that he sets his eyes on, an example being ten-pin bowling in which he was a champion for many years.

Birthday Present

At my age, I got to think philosophically, I don’t have high ambitions, I don’t have to please anyone, I am happy that I can still play competitive golf and be able to mix well with everybody.

BS: Do you have any hidden talent? Chudi: I suppose it is the speed in counting money. In those days there were no counting machines so you had to count by hand and after sometime you could feel and detect counterfeits. You had to be accurate and fast otherwise you could not go home. BS: What kind of sport are you weak at? Chudi: It’s really funny – I wonder why high jump is so tough. I can’t fly. I am good at long jump and running, but I simply cannot jump.

BS: Congratulations on being the 2011 KGNS Club Champion; surely you enjoyed the playoff. Chudi: Thank you. I did enjoy it and I noticed this year had the biggest crowd surrounding the greens, especially the last hole. That, in my opinion, made Sunil Abraham (the defending champion) tense. He is a good golfer and he won twice in RSGC. I also noticed the older fellows supported me while the younger ones were cheering for Sunil. Unfortunately, the next day, I lost in the Match Play. I wasn’t serious in my game and not too sharp either because of my painful gout. Put it this way, I don’t have anything to lose. At my age what do I have to fear even if I lose? BS: Tell us a bit of yourself and what prompted you to play this game? Chudi: Actually, my name is supposed to be ‘Zuhdi’ but during the Japanese occupation, the officer spelled it ‘Chudi’ and I never bothered to change it. When I was young, I applied to join the Navy, but I was rejected because I was colour-blind. Still, I consider myself lucky to be able to work with a bank until I retired in 1996. While I was based in Terengganu, I adored tennis and looked at golf as an old man’s game in the hot sun. Then my boss said: “Many of our clients are golfers why must you play tennis and who can you play with?” That spurred me to take up the game at Royal Terengganu Golf Club. During the test round, the tester who is a lawyer, was impressed at the way I played and after three holes, he straight-

BS: Did you go for any golf lessons? Chudi: No. I practice on my own at an open space before joining the club in Terengganu. I only picked up tips from a book called “Golf My Way” by Jack Nicklaus. That was the only reference book I ever had. Jack was my golfing idol and still is today. BS: How many victories do you have thus far and what kind of prizes do you think are appropriate to receive? Chudi: I lost count of my wins. There are so many of them, but I usually collect between ten to 20 trophies a year. I must have over 200 of them, but my wife does not like to see too many lying around the house so, only the nice crystals are in the cabinet, while the rest go to the storeroom. I think cash or shopping vouchers is a better way to reward the golfers because we are able to buy items that we want. When I got home with the championship trophy my daughter said: “Aiyah, no value, where’s the voucher?” BS: What are your memorable golf achievements and where? Chudi: One of them was winning a tournament equivalent to the KGNS Club Championship in Terengganu, because that was a grand event in a small town. Later, I joined the Royal Kedah Golf Club and won the Club Championship breaking the course record in the rain. It wasn’t easy to play on a flooded course. It prompted HRH Sultan of Kedah to say: “How come this guy is able to break the course record in the rain?” The record was around the 70s and it stood for a long

away gave me a handicap of 18. Twelve months later, I became a single handicap player. At my age, I got to think philosophically, I don’t have high ambitions, I don’t have to pleased anyone, I am happy that I can still play competitive golf and be able to mix well with everybody.

time. To me this was one of my most memorable highlights. When I was posted to Seremban in the early 80s, I won the first SIGC Club Championship followed by numerous tournaments until it became a routine. I joined RSGC in 2000 and won the club championship. Because I was able to win at my age I also considered it an achievement. I won more events after I became a senior, which includes the Asian Senior Golfer, maybe because I have more time to play golf. I have three hole-in-ones, several eagles and one near-miss albatross on KGNS’ Hole 6 during the Malaysian Amateur Open. The ball came to rest touching the flag but didn’t fall in. BS: How does it feel to be known as a most feared club competitor? Chudi: I feel honoured. Often, people see me play with the younger players and seldom with people my age. That’s because I am a competitive golfer, so when I am able to beat the youngsters, it creates an atmosphere where the older players feel uncomfortable when they are paired with me and the younger people create unnecessary pressure in attempting to beat me. At my age, I am neither stressed nor am I bothered if I play good or bad. I don’t have to proof anything. At RSGC, guys are telling me to stay away from smaller medals so that they have a chance. I have great physical fitness and I am able to maintain that. For me to remain competitive whenever I play there must be some sort of betting to play better. BS: What’s your game plan? Chudi: My drive is short at 260-270 metres, but I’m quite accurate. My strongest department is the long and middle irons. It is where I am able to beat most of them. I usually try to hit my second shot to the green and by doing so, my opponents are intimidated and so the pressure is on them. I cannot afford to miss the green but my weakness is putting. BS: What are the things that irritate you about golf? Chudi: Inconsiderate golfers and those with poor etiquette are the ones that irritate me most. Why is it so difficult to allow the fast players to pass through? Then three are people who complaint on ‘dangerous play’ when it was just a running ball that’s not dangerous. If they have apologised, accept it and don’t go on to lodge a report to prolong the issue. This is all about good clubbing.

Berita Subang 15



JULY. 2011

Friday - 1

Saturday - 2


Monday - 4

Tan Sri Abdullah Salleh Trophy Stableford Putra AM

Remarks Monday - 11

Tuesday - 12

Wednesday- 13

Thursday - 14

Friday - 15


Friday - 22

Saturday - 23


Monday - 25

Tuesday - 26


AUGUST. 2011

Monday - 1

Tuesday - 2

Wednesday - 3

Thursday - 4

Thursday- 11

Friday - 12

Saturday - 13


Monday - 15

Monday - 22

Tuesday - 23

Wednesday - 24

Thursday - 25

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Hollow Tine Putra (Agong)

SEPT. 2011 Remarks

Hollow Tine Putra (Tunku) Thursday - 1

Friday - 2

Saturday - 3


Monday - 12

Tuesday - 13

Wednesday - 14

Thursday - 22

Friday - 23

Saturday - 24


Holiday-In-Lieu Saturday - 10 A,B & C Monthly Medal Stableford Putra AM

Wednesday - 21

Senior Golfers Medal Stableford Putra AM

16 Berita Subang


KGNS vs PAHANG (Away) R.Pahang GC AM

Tuesday - 5

Saturday - 16

Wednesday - 6


Thursday - 7

Monday - 18

Friday - 8

Tuesday - 19

Saturday- 9




Wednesday - 20

Thursday - 21

A,B & C Monthly Medal Strokeplay Putra AM

Webnesday - 27

Thursday - 28

Friday - 29

Saturday - 30


Beginning Of Fasting Month

Senior Golfers Partnership Medal Strokeplay Putra AM

Friday - 5

Saturday - 6


Monday - 8

Tuesday - 9

Wednesday - 10

Tuesday - 16

Wednesday - 17

Thursday - 18

Friday - 19

Saturday - 20


Saturday - 28


Monday - 29

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Wednesday - 31

Selamat Hari Raya & Merdeka SUNDAY - 4

Monday - 5

Tuesday - 6

Wednesday - 7

Thursday - 8

Friday - 9

Thursday - 15

Friday - 16

Saturday - 17


Monday - 19

Tuesday - 20

Ladies / Junior Medal Stableford Putra AM

Tan Sri Chong Hon Nyean Trophy Strokeplay Putra AM

Wednesday - 28

Thursday - 29


Monday - 26

Tuesday - 27

Friday - 30 KGNS vs RSGC (Ladies) - Home KGNS AM

Berita Subang 17

Competition &


Tun Dr Ismail Trophy 2011 Saturday & Sunday Morning, 2nd & 3rd April 2011 Putra Course Results Gross H’cap Score 1st Mohd Chudi Ghazali 4 151 2nd Syed Khalil Bin Syed Mohamad 7 160 3rd Burhan Bin Lasa 7 161 Nett 1st Datuk Mahpor Baba 19 137 2nd Zaidon Omar Baki 7 140 3rd Wan Ahmad Radzi 8 141 ocb 4th Mahrome Bin Mohamad 6 141 5th Hj Muhd Zain Bin Hj Muhd Yusof 15 142 ocb Nearest to Pin Hole # 13 Abdul Malek Hormat –5’ 9” Nearest to Line Hole # 8 Mohammed Sharif – on the line

ABC Monthly Medal - Strokeplay Saturday, 9 April 2011- Putra Course Results A Medal 1st Abu Bakar Wahid 2nd Azizul Mahmud Aladad Khan 3rd Mohd Jamal Sulaiman 4th Dato Aziz Ayob 5th Mahrome Mohamad 6th Mohamad Nor Abas 7th Mohamad Rafiq Rasheed 8th Hamdan Zambahari 9th Zaidon Omar Baki 10th Ahmad Fauzi Zen B Medal 1st Dato Mustafa Mohd Ali 2nd Aminuddin B Mohammad 3rd Che Nordin Yieh 4th Hj Muhd Zain Muhd Yusuf 5th Bakari B Ishak 6th Dato Rohailan Mohamed 7th Abd Hamid Mohd Nor 8th Razak Yahya C Medal 1st Dato Syed Abd Rahman 2nd Yap Keng Lib 3rd Datuk Zubir Hj Ali 4th Faizal Zaharudin

H’cap 12 10 9 9 6 12 10 7 6 8

Score 69 ocb 69 ocb 69 70 71 ocb 71 72 ocb 72 ocb 72 ocb 72

14 18 15 15 15 18 14 15

68 ocb 68 69 ocb 69 ocb 69 70 71 ocb 71

20 22 23 19

69 ocb 69 72 73

Piala Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba 2011 - Strokeplay Sunday Morning, 17 April 2011- Putra Course Results Nett H’cap 1st Datuk Abdul Latif Mohd Som 12 Muhamad Zulazhar 15 2nd Mohd Nazir Bin Kassim 11 Sheikh Jamal Bin Sheikh Mohd 12 3rd Abd Azis Bin Mohamad 13 Abd Wahab Bin Haron 14 4th Salleh Bin Nulub 12 Mohamed Nasir Bin Mustafa 13 5th Nor Azman Bin Sabri 11 Mat Razali B Mohd Yassin 15 Gross 1st Maharome Bin Mohamad 6 Dato Muhammad Imran 9 2nd Zaidon Omar Baki 6 Mhd Noriyualsaid Shamsuddin 13 3rd Hamdan Nawi 9 Abu Bakar Bin Wahid 11

18 Berita Subang


} } } } }


} } }


143 145 147 ocb 147

170 171

Inter Club Match KGNS vs Royal Selangor Golf Club - Best Ball (Stableford) Sunday Morning, 24 April 2011- Putra Course Results Royal Selangor Golf Club 79 Kelab Golf Negara Subang 37 Royal Selangor Golf Club Team H’cap Points 1st Pair Faidz Razidfdf Izham 20 45 Zulkifar Hashman 21 2nd Pair Alex Song 24 43 ocb James Teh 12 3rd Pair Tg Ahmad Mudzaffar 24 43 ocb Thomas Chun 18 Kelab Golf Negara Subang Team Points 1st Pair Mohd Noor Bin Ismail 15 46 Imran Bin Aris 8 2nd Pair Jaswinder Singh 10 44 Mohd Jamal Sulaiman 44 3rd Pair Mohd Zuki Bin Abd Rahman 8 41 ocb Syed Zafilen Syed Alwee 9 Points Best Overall Pair T K Hor 20 47 Lee Kwok Weng 22

} } } } } } }

Senior Golfers Monthly Medal - Strokeplay Thursday, 28 April 2011- Putra Course Results A Medal H’cap 1st Minhat Mion 8 2nd Mohd Chudi Ghazali 4 3rd Shamsul Kamar Bin Ibrahim 11 4th Mohd Khairuddin Abu Hassan 12 5th Mahrome Bin Mohamad 6 B Medal 1st Dato Kalid Bin Alias 14 2nd Dato Syed Abdul Rahman 18 3rd Mohammed Abdul Malek 16 4th Dato Abdul Razak Hussain 15 5th Wan Yahya Bin Mohd Salleh 17 6th Dato Abdul Rashid Hj Ahmad 15 7th Ismail Bin Hamid 17 C Medal 1st Dato Abu Kassim Bin Tadin 20 2nd Mohd Jamil Yahya 19 3rd Datuk Hj Sarip Bin Hamid 22 4th Dato Nik Mohammed 20 5th Abdullah BinMohd Yunus 20 6th Kamaluddin Singah 22

Score 70 74 ocb 74 ocb 74 ocb 74 70 71 72 ocb 72 73 ocb 73 74 ocb 70 73 74 ocb 74 ocb 74 75

Ladies Inter Club Match KRPM vs KGNS (Away) Saturday Morning, 30 April 2011 Results Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia 8 Kelab Golf Negara Subang 3 Kelab Golf Negara Subang Team 1st Pair Wan Roziah Viji 2nd Pair Annie Yew Datin Valerie Yap 3rd Pair Wan Raimah Dr Mastura Kelab Rahman Putra Team 1st Pair Jan Chan Doris Lum 2nd Pair Kow Pow Gek Jane Koh 3rd Pair Laila Ali Sophia Liow Best Overall Pair Thoo Lee Wah Doris Ngeow

H’cap Points 24 46 23 40 24 6 22 39 16 H’cap Points 16 43 35 25 42 24 14 41 28 Points 16 46 31

} } } } } } }

Berita Subang 19

Competition &


Kelab Golf Negara Subang KGNS Matchplay Championship (Men) 2011 28th , 29th May & 4th , 5th June 2011- Putra Course Results Champion Victor Lean Runner-up Gurjeet Singh Third Zaidon Omar Baki Fourth Eric Foo Hwa Peng

Captain’s Prize - Strokeplay Sunday Morning, 5 June 2011- Putra Course Results H’cap Score 1st Mohamad Nor Abbas 12 68 ocb 2nd Lim Boon Ka 15 68 ocb 3rd Dato Baharom Nunjadah 17 68 ocb 4th Imran Ashok 8 68 5th Roslan Md Yusof 12 69 ocb 6th Jaswinder Singh 11 69 ocb 7th Zaidon Omar 7 69 ocb 8th Chan Chiow Boo 17 69 9th Faizal Zaharudin 18 70 ocb 10th Zahari Mahfudz 8 70 ocb 11th Mohammad Zuki Abd Rahman 9 70 12th Dato Imran Baharudin 10 71 ocb 13th Mohammad Noriyualsaid 15 71 ocb 14th Syed Elias Abd Rahman 16 71 ocb 15th Muhd Zain Yusof 13 71 Gross 1st Ann Wan Tee 5 77 2nd Siow Yoon Keong 6 79 3rd Burhan Lasa 7 80 4th Hamdan Zambahari 6 81 5th Syed Khalil 7 82 Nearest to Pin Chee Theam Siang - 7’6” Nearest to Line Zamli Abdullah - 2’2”

Hole-In-One Achievers Aidil Zuhairy Azman M’ship No: A1109 20 May 2011 Hole No: 7 Putra Nine Club used: 4 Iron Ball used: Penta

Sheikh Jamal M’ship No: J152

20 May 2011 Hole No: 7 Putra Nine Club used: 5 Iron Ball: Powerbuilt

Lee Lam Huat M’ship No: L585

24 April 2011 Hole No: 11 Tun Nine Ball used: Precep V

Rajah Birapan M’ship No: R326

23 April 2011 Hole No: 15 Tunku Nine Club used: Driver

Caddy Rating System In the quest for Caddy Excellent Service, the Management seeks the cooperation of all golfers to rate the performance of the caddy via a CADDY RATING CARD which is attached to the Score Card. Please submit the Card after the completion of each round of golf game into the Score Card Box. Your feedback will be important in our assessment of the Caddy Performance for their Grade and identifying the training needs.

20 Berita Subang

M.Kesavaran M’ship No: K483

19 April 2011 Hole No: 13 Putra Nine Club used: 6 Iron

Dr Loh Tak Seng M’ship No: L309

7 May 2011 Hole No: 7 Putra Nine Club used: Driver

Social &


Inter-club Karaoke

Competition 2011

It was a night full of stars and glamour at KGNS for hosting the 7th Inter-club Karaoke Competition 2011. As many as six clubs participated in the event held at Dewan Tunku on 4 June.

The six clubs, Royal Selangor Club, Royal Lake Club, Raintree Club, Royal Commonwealth Society, Selangor and Federal Territory Association (SAFTEA) and the defending club, The National Press Club together with their conveners sent their best singers to battle their way for the Challenge Trophy. Each club was represented by five participants respectively for both the Solo Category and Overall Club Category. In the Overall Club Category, Royal Selangor Club emerged as Champion with KGNS taking second place and Royal Lake Club was third. Royal Selangor Club again proved that they have the best voice for the night with Melissa Wang emerging as winner in the Solo Category followed by Christopher Lee (Royal Lake Club) and Khalid Abu Hassan (Kelab Golf Negara Subang). The Organising Committee would like to thank our panel of judges from the Malaysian Music Industry, Encik Adnan Abu Hassan, Encik Fauzi Marzuki, Ms Vicky Tan and our sponsor, Fusion Excel International Sdn Bhd for their contributions in making this event a success.

Overall club champion Royal Selangor Club.

Solo Champ- Ms. Melissa Wang from Royal Selangor Club.

Overall Club 1st Runner-up - KGNS.

Audience - National Press Club

Suppoerters of Royal Selangor Club

22 Berita Subang

Overall Club 2nd Runner-up, Royal Lake Club

Our Squash Enthusiasts Performed Well The club continues to celebrate the spirit of promoting squash among its members and participated in the Centurion Squash Challenge held from 25 – 27 March 2011 at the Lakeview Sports Centre. Led by team manager and KGNS squash convenor, Mr Tan Chin Teik, a team of five players including a reserve competed in the tournament. Centurion Squash 2011, is a newly invented social squash tournament where the point scoring system is, a race to 100 points played continuously by all four players in a team to reach the point.

KGNS Squash Team with World No: 8 squash player, Azlan Iskandar (centre)

With a fiery fighting spirit, KGNS team played well and managed to secure out 6th placing, out of 16 teams in the tournament. Squash enthusiasts who came to support the tournament also had a chance to watch our national players in action namely, the world no: 8, Azlan Iskandar and national no: 2, Ong Beng Hee and a slew of national juniors flexing their muscles in the fray. In continuing the positive momentum, KGNS will be competing at the forthcoming SICC/MARIGOLD 1st International Jumbo Doubles Squash Tournament at the Singapore Island Country Club as well, and other friendly matches with other clubs for the year.


Learn Tae Kwan Do to improve your physical well being and self-defense. Train yourself with our professional Tae Kwan Do instructor, Grand Master, Mr Low Koon Lin

Join the Class now on every Sundays from 4.00pm to 7.00pm (2 classes) at Dewan Presiden. Fee payable @ RM40.00 per month. Berita Subang 23


Exploring Angkor Wat and Golf

By Dr Ronnie Yeo

The ancient Kampuchean city of Siem Reap is where millions of tourists, from all over, flock to be a part of the past and bathe in the glamour of Indian Kings and Princes who ruled over the Kingdom hundreds of years ago. Known to the world as Angkor Wat, it is one of the world’s most visited historical sites.

Since their discovery, millions have walked the routes taken by the Hindu immigrants who built the marvelously erected temples and palaces of solid rock adorned with gorgeous statues of Buddha and carvings of dancing damsels. In addition to the gigantic moats surrounding the palaces, there is a huge manmade pool suitable for swimming and boating competitions. Hidden within thick tropical rain forest and camouflaged by dense vegetation, the ruins of Angkor have been linked to the similar temples of Bagan in Myanmar and most recently to those of Borobudur in Indonesia. Historians related the three sites as a line of migration of an advanced Indian civilization that spread Hinduism and Buddhism along the route. They left their mark in Bagan and then moved to Siem Reap in Kampuchea before spreading down the Peninsula of Malaya to finally reach Borobudur in Java. Malaysians can see similar relics in the Bujang Valley in our country on a smaller scale. Lovers of historical sites will not be disappointed with Siem Reap, because the ruins are so expansive that you simply cannot cover the entire region in a week. A tour of the ruins cost US$20 for a day pass, and a two-day pass is priced at U$30. The guides that come with the tours are very knowledgeable and they speak good English. The guides are also usually quick to point out that the ruins served as a backdrop for one of Hollywood’s popular Indiana Jones films. At sunset, the ruins are best viewed from the top of a hill in Angkor. Imagine the sight of multiple temple towers bathed in red, as the setting sun fades and darkness approaches. The sight is definitely a picture that even a thousand words cannot do justice.

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One can walk up and down the hill for free, which of course, is great exercise, but for the less adventurous, a small fee will get them an elephant ride. In fact, it is a different world when you step into the ruins at Angkor. The temples and palaces are truly magnificent and grand, and it is easy to imagine how it was, when they were alive with harems complete with indoor saunas and spas. If you are asking why I am focusing on Angkor Wat, in this edition of our Berita Subang, it is because Siem Reap is not only rich in history, rather, it is also associated with a hidden jewel for golfers. Few know that this remote area of Kampuchea with its lone tourist attraction being the ruins of Angkor, offer unforgettable golf. When one talks of golf in Kampuchea, you quickly think of Phnom Penh, as it is only logical that the game can only survive in the capital city where the rich and famous live. But no, it is not quite so. I have played in Phnom Penh before. The 18-hole golf course did not stir up any spunk in me. It was poorly maintained and weak in designed with little to no character. And to this day, it is still the only 18-hole golf course in the capital city. But, on my second trip to Siem

Reap last year (my first was in 1990); I was surprised to encountered three golf courses! Since I was on an official work trip under the International Olympic Council (IOC), I managed to play on two of the three layouts. At Angkor Resort, which was about 25 minutes from the city centre of Siem Reap, I enjoyed a round of 18-hole that cost me US$100 in a package that included transportation from my hotel, green fee, caddy and a new buggy (I may have got it at a reduced rate since I was an official representing the IOC). The golf course was clean and well designed. I was attended by the ever smiling, pretty, and well-trained caddies who were very polite. The layout is spread across flat land, but their strategically planted trees of numerous varieties often come into play for the average golfer. In addition, bunkers and lakes are everywhere at tactical locations and their fairways were like carpets. The greens were also in fine shape and because they were speedy, the subtle slopes they presented made them tricky for the unwary. The clubhouse, which contains a pro-shop, is rather small but modern and clean, with comfortable changing rooms and shower. The halfway drink hut was shared between the two nines and appeared modern too, with service handled by appealing Kampuchean ladies. Despite it being a hot afternoon, my round of golf was a nice break from my lecture schedule with my only complaint being the scorching sun. So golfers, take note – if you go, pack your sun block, sunshades, and carry an umbrella. Now that my golfing endorphin is stirred up, I was more than ready for the second course, which is the Lake Resort. It is a Korean-owned facility located about 40 minutes from the city. My limousine took me to this huge clubhouse that was absolutely empty of golfers, but manned by polite local damsels. It cost me US$120 for the limousine ride, green fee, buggy and caddie.

For me, this course was better than the first as it lived up to its name of Lake Resort. It features immaculate fairways and the greens were inundated with many stretches of water. I thoroughly enjoyed myself here and even my score was more than respectable since I played alone, which allows for many things to happen to one’s score! Three months after that trip I managed to rope in seven friends; and I returned to Siem Reap for a golf getaway. We played Angkor Resort, Lake Resort and the third course that I missed on my earlier trip – the Phokeethra Country Club. The latter is set a bit further from the city than Lake Resort, but it is well worth the extra time to reach it, as this is the course that hosted the Kampuchean Open tournament the year before. Again, I was amazed that a country like Kampuchea has courses that put most of our Malaysian courses to shame in terms of design, maintenance and playability. And, what else does Siem Reap offer in addition to ruins and golf? For the beer drinkers, Pub Street serves beer at US$0.50 per jug on occasion, but most

of the time it is at US$0.50 per tall glass. The variety of food along Pub Street is another marvelous part of Siem Reap. They cater to foreigners at local prices offering International cuisines, such as, French, American, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese. The eateries compete with each other for the foreigners that crowd the street from day to night, so an evening out here can be very reasonable. However, if cost is not a consideration for you, or you have a little extra money from a golf bet you collected earlier in the day, elegant dining is a grand option. One local favorite dish I found to my liking was barbecued whole frog, something I found deliciously satisfying. Karaoke lovers and the massage addicts will enjoy themselves in Siem Reap. From foot massage to full body massage, from singing to drinking, and plenty more, they are all available at a price, which I assure you, is well below what you pay in any other parts of Asia. A three-night and four-day trip is ideal to this destination. There is no need to stay in a high-end hotel, as the three-star hotels are able to provide you with just as much comfort and at a lower price.

Transportation around the city is by means of “tut-tut” that can sit up to four people and the price is always US$1.00 for any trip – but do remember to bargain before you climb into the tut-tut. Bargaining is half the fun when shopping in Siem Reap. You can get anything and everything -- from antiques, relics, stones, gems, replicas and duplicates with all deals depending on your bargaining power. A visit to the market place will also reveal to you how racially and religiously tolerant they are, as Muslim men and women sell beef and vegetable right next to Kampuchean pork sellers. All in all, the golfing trip only put me back RM2,500, which includes food and some shopping. I bet you won’t regret making a similar golf trip. Better still, if you go, bring your partner along to tour the ruins while you enjoy the fine golf courses!

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Golf Golfing Reception - Open Daily BOOKING PROCEDURES A member is allowed to sign-in a maximum of 3 guests Bookings are accepted on day of play only FEES (inclusive of 6% Govt. Tax) Guests introduced by members: Putra Course & Kelana Course (18 holes) RM150.00 (weekdays) RM210.00 (weekends/public holidays) For an additional 9 holes, the charge is 50% off the above rates. Members of Senior Golfers Society of Malaysia: Weekdays before noon – 50% off the above rates. Green fees for 9 holes after 4.00 p.m. is 50% off the above rates. For Weekends and Public Holidays: Bookings for golf on weekends and public holidays can be made from the Sunday prior to the weekend, or public holiday, beginning at 6.45 a.m. Bookings must be made personally by members. Only 1 guest is allowed per member and bookings are limited to 10 guests per nine. GOLF PRACTICE RANGE

Operating Hours – 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Practice balls – 8.5 sen + each Guest introduction fee – RM10.00 + per person GOLF LESSONS Junior Golf Clinic on Sundays Time: 2.30pm - 3.30pm - Beginners @ RM250.00+ 3.40pm - 4.40pm - Intermediate & Advance @ RM300.00+ NOTE: Insurance @ RM3.00 per day. For other golf lessons, please contact Golf Pro at the Driving Range. CADDIE FEES st 1 Class 2nd Class

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The competition rate of RM35.00 for all classes. Members who wish to book caddies will be charged an additional RM10 + 6% Weekdays, RM20 + 6% Weekends/Public Holidays, as administration fee. The amount of tips to caddies is at the sole discretion of golfers; however, tips charged to members’ account shall not exceed the equivalent of the caddie fee for the number of holes played. .* Inclusive of RM2.50 contribution to caddie fund ** Inclusive of RM5.00 contribution to caddie fund

BUGGIES (inclusive of 6% Govt. Tax)

Hours: 6.45 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. daily

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Senior Golfer: 10% discount Use of buggies is subject to ground conditions. 26 Berita Subang

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non--marking rubber soled shoes and non-marking balls only. SWIMMING Opens from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. daily Guest fee : RM5.00 per person

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(45-minute sessions per week x 4 per month) Day/Time : Sat - 4p.m. to 6.15p.m.(Group lesson - 3 classes) - 6.30p.m. to 7.30p.m. (Competitive) Sun - 9.30a.m. to 10.30a.m. (Group lesson - 1 class) - 4p.m. to 6.15p.m. (Group lesson - 3 classes) - 10.30a.m. to 11.30 a.m. (Competitive) Fees for Lesson : Group - RM45.00 Competitive - RM65.00 Swimming Coach : Mr. Cheng Heng Jui Contact No. : 03-7983 2503 (Mon-Fri) 019-226 7909 NOTE: Members are advised not to engage any unauthorised coaches.

AEROBICS Venue Days/Time Fee Attire

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: Aerobics Room : Tue - 7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. Fri - 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. : RM50.00 per month (1 session per week) : Ms. Kathy (012-287 9692)

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TENNIS Opens Guest fee

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Junior Coaching Programme (6 – 16 years old) Sun. : 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Fee : RM120.00 (4 days per 2 hour/session)

: Aerobics Room : Wed & Sat 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. : Once a week – RM60.00 : Twice a week – RM80.00 : Suitable sports attire & shoes

SNOOKER Opens from 12.00 noon to 10.00 p.m. Guest fee : RM5.00 per person


Venue Days/Time Fee Instructor

: Dewan Presiden : Tue & Thu : 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. : RM40 per month (8 times a month) : Mr. Patrick Chong (019-215 2863)


Venue Day/Time Fee Instructor

: Dewan Presiden : Sundays / 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. : RM40.00 per month : Mr. Low Koon Lin (03-7876 4370)

Please give ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE IN ADVANCE to the coach and accounts department should you wish to terminate any lessons. The coach has to submit claims (to debit your account) by the first week of the month. All rates are subject to Government Service Tax and change without prior notice. Berita Subang 27



Bilik Buaya

Come and chill with us. Enjoy our latest state-of-art music system and be entertained by the Live Bands performance.

D’ Constantly


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Thursday from 8.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.

Bella & Friend Thursday from 8.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.

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Appearing on Sunday from 7.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.

RAMADHAN PROMOTION Bring along your family to enjoy our Mixed Buffet Ramadhan to break your fast with our tantalising feast! Adults @ RM38.00 + 6% Children @ RM19.00 + 6%

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n o i t p i r c Subs y g g u B olf & s G e n s o i n t e c p n x E Fu s g Bookin B & F e l b a Charge in lings l i B signing ts s e u g f o For every RM1,500 spent member will receive 1 Green Fee Voucher. For every RM 3,000 spent member will receive 2 Green Fee Vouchers Green Fee Vouchers are awarded in multiples of every RM 1,500. The more you spend the more vouchers you will get. The complimentary vouchers will be valid for a period of six (6) months from date of issuance and no extensions will be given. These golf vouchers will be awarded from the 1st of the subsequent month after the billing is posted i.e. awarded vouchers for January billings will take effect from March and so forth. 29 Berita Subang



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Reciprocal Clubs Bukit Jambul Country Club 2, Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang Tel : 04-644 2255 Fax: 04-644 9345 Email: Kelab Golf Putra P.O. Box 6, 01700 Kangar, Perlis. Tel : 04-976 9660 Fax : 04-976 1203 *Kelab Kedah Darul Aman DiRaja Pumpong, 05250 Alor Setar, Kedah Tel: 04-7319405 Darulaman Golf & Country Club Bandar Darulaman, P.O. Box 24, 06007 Jitra, Kedah Tel : 04-917 0001 Fax: 04-917 7890 Email: Home Page: *Penang Turf Club (Golf Section) Jalan Batu Gantong, 10450 Penang. Tel : 04-226 6701 Fax : 04-226 6535 Kelab Golf DiRaja Perak Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak. Tel : 05-547 3266 Fax : 05-547 9266 *Seremban International Golf Club 3rd Mile, Jalan Kuala Pilah, P.O. Box 88, 70710, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Tel : 06-677 5787 / 06-677 5277 Fax : 06-677 2309 *Ayer Keroh Country Club Km 14.5, Jalan Ayer Keroh, P.O. Box 232, 75750 Malacca, Tel: 06-233 2000 / 06-233 2001 Fax: 06-232 2007 Email: Home Page: *Johor Golf & Country Club No. 3211 Jalan Larkin, 80200 Johor Bahru. Tel : 07-224 2098 / 07-223 3322 Fax : 07-224 0729

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Emerald Golf & Country Resort Yarra Valley Dandedongs, Victoria, 48, Lakeside Drive, Emerald 3782, Victoria, Australia Telephone: 03-5968 4211  03-5968 4211 Fax: 03-5968 4949 Email: Home Page: Western Australian Golf Club Hayes Avenue, Mount Yokine, Perth, WA 6060, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9349 1988 Fax: +61 8 9344 4424 Email: Home Page: Lake Karrinyup Golf Club North Beach Rd, PO Box 83, Karrinyup WA 6018, Australia Telephone: +61 8 9422 8222 Fax: +61 8 9422 8282 Email: Home Page: Waverly Golf Club Ltd 82 Bergins Road,, Rowville, VIC 3178,, Melbourne, Australia Telephone: +61 3 9764 5144 Fax: +61 3 9764 3044 Email: Home Page: The Grange Golf Club 2 Grange Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 278 9777 Fax: +64 9 278 6017 Email: Home Page: The Grange Golf Club White Sands Drive, Seaton, South Australia, PO Box 22, Findon 5023, South Australia Tel: 08 8355 7100 Fax: 08 8355 7199 E- Mail: Website: www. Mount Maunganui Golf Club (Inc) 15 Fairway Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3030, New Zealand Telephone: +64 (07) 575 3889 Fax: +64 (07) 572 0341 Home Page: Pantai Mentiri Golf Club KM 15 ˚, Jalan Kota Batu, P.S. 1646, Bandar Seri Begawan 1916, Negara Brunei Darussalam Telephone: +67 3 279 1021 / +67 3 279 2014 Fax: +67 3 279 0773 Email: Home Page: The Hong Kong Golf Club P. O. Box 1, Shek Wu Hui Post Office, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2670 1211 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7070 (Deep Water Bay) Fax: +85 2 2679 5183 (Fanling) +85 2 2812 7111 (Deep Water Bay) Email: Home Page: Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club 139 Tai Au Mun Road , Clearwater Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong Telephone: +85 2 2335 3888 Fax: +85 2 2719 4102 Email: Home Page: Jakarta Golf Club Jalan Rawamangun, Jakarta, Indonesia Telephone: +62 21 489 5107 /+62 21 489 0009 Fax: +62 21 489 1208 Raffles Country Club 450 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 639932 Telephone: +6586 17649 Fax: +6586 15293 Email: Homepage:

*Kelantan Golf & Country Club 5488 Jalan Hospital, 15200 Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Tel : 09-774 7474 Fax : 09-774 5798 *Kelab Golf DiRaja Pahang P.O. Box 53, 25700 Kuantan, Pahang. Tel : 09-567 5811 Fax : 09-567 1170 Kinabalu Golf Club P. O. Box 10654, 88807 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Tel: 088-251615 / 234904 / 263162 Fax: 088 - 240166 / 232162 Email: Home Page: Sabah Golf & Country Club Reservoir Road Bukit Padang, P.O. Box 11876, 88820 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel: 088-247533 Fax: 088-225243 Sandakan Golf & Country Club P.O. Box 541, 90706 Sandakan, Sabah. Tel : 089-660557 Fax : 089-660584 Tawau Golf Club Jalan Kukusan, P.O. Box 697, 91008 Tawau, Sabah. Tel: 089-765 555, 772776 Fax: 089-762904 Email: Kelab Golf Kudat Jalan Urusetia Kudat, W. D. T. 18, 89059 Kudat, Sabah. Tel: 088-611002 Fax: 088-611003 Email: Miri Golf Club P.O. Box 101, 98107 Lutong, Sarawak. Tel : 085-416787 Fax : 085-417848 Kelab Golf Sarawak Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak Tel: 082-440 966, 082-443 398 Fax: 082-441 733, 082-311 935 Email: Home Page: Bukit Darmo Golf Jalan Bukit Darmo Golf Blok G-2, Surabaya 60226, East Java, Indonesia Telephone: +62 31 732 5555 Fax: +62 31 731 6666 Email: Home Page: Valley Golf & Country Club Antipolo 1870, Rizal Phillippines, P.O. Box 706, Manila, Phillippines Telephone: 6658565- 7 Fax: 6651640 Baguio Country Club P.O. Box 8, South Drive, Baguio City 2600, Phillipines Telephone: (63-74) 619-2050 to 64 Fax: (63-74) 442-6501 / 442-7674 Email: Home Page: Keppel Club Bukit Chermin Road, Singapore 109918 Telephone: (65) 6375 5569 to 71 Fax: (65) 6278 1448 Email: Home Page: Singapore Island Country Club 180 Island Club Road , Singapore 578774 Telephone: (65) 6459 2222 (Island), (65) 6466 2244 (Bukit) Fax: (65) 6458 3796 (Island), (65) 6466 9709 (Bukit) Email: Home Page: Jurong Country Club 9 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609078 Telephone: (65) 6560 5655 Fax: (65) 6567 1900 Email: Home Page: The Royal Bangkok Sports Club 1 Henri Dunant Street Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand Telephone: (662) 0 2652-5000-14, 0 2255-1420-7 Fax: (662) 0 2255-4158 Email: Home Page: Lakewood Golf Club South Mountain Jin Ding, Zhuhai, China Telephone: +86 (756) 338-3666 Fax: +86 (756) 339-3898 Email: Home Page: Song Be Golf Resort 77 Binh Duong Boulevard, Lai Thieu Townlet, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, S. R. of Vietnam Tel: 84-0650-755802/3 Fax: 84-0650-755804 Email: Website: Home Page: Warren Golf & Country Club 81 Choa Chu Kang Way, Singapore 688263 Tel: 6586 1245 Fax: 6586 1235 Website: General Manager: Ian Gray Royal Colombo Golf Club PO Box No 309, Modal Farm Road, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka Tel: 2695431, 2691401, 2675952 Fax: 2687592 E-mail: Website: General Manager: Neville Paul Southlinks Country Club - Batam J1 Gajah Mada KM 9, Sei Ladi – Sekupang, Batam – Indonesia, 29421 Tel: +65 778 324128/168 Fax: +65 778 323288 Website:

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