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WELCOME University of the Arts London is the largest creative University in Europe – meaning SUARTS represents the largest body of creative students in Europe. Our aspiration is to truly live up to our vision Arts Union for Arts Students and in order to get there we will continue to build an organisation that reflects the priorities and needs of UAL students. This year was an incredible one for our student body as we led local and national campaigns; thousands of us fought against cuts to education, fee increases, and a government bias towards ‘STEM’ subjects (science, technology, engineering & maths). Although we lost on HE funding, our

work is not over and we won’t stop defending and extending arts education. We had a massive local campaign victory; the University wholeheartedly signed up to protecting and improving contact time between students and staff. One of our primary aims over the past few years has been to improve community at UAL and make it easier for students to make friends and network with one other. Those of us who have studied here know that there are both advantages and disadvantages to studying in such a large and diverse city. In light of that, SUARTS are delighted to announce that this year we publish

the findings of a 3 year study on community at UAL. The research will enable us, the University and the Colleges to adapt so that it is easier for communities to flourish here. This report highlights how we’ve impacted on students’ lives this academic year and reading through it made us realise how far our Union has come in the past few years. The student experience at our University needs to improve only a strong, creative and student-led Union will make that a reality.

Student Executive 2011-2012

Ben Butterworth, Tom Coxon, Billie Pearson, Fairooz Aniqa, Alex Rose, Ben Westhead, Lucy Killoran, Hafsa Shariff

CAMPAIGNING ON EDUCATION A generation of students and young people were let down on 9th December 2010 when 323 MPs voted in favour of increasing tuition fees to a maximum of £9,000 for undergraduates. That decision will radically change the nature of art & design education which is why we prioritised our resources, energies and time into maximising our impact as a student body on this issue. Our campaign focused on the issue we know students feel most passionately about – and that’s contact time with staff. We succeeded in getting UAL to commit to protecting and improving contact time, despite teaching budgets being cut by the government. Can’t Cut This was the biggest ever student campaign at UAL with 3,000 students involved. 700 UAL students protested alongside 50,000 others on November 10th 2010. Our campaign video got 33,000 views on YouTube.

There are nearly 3,000 students studying Art & Design Foundation at our University and it looked likely that their BA Top Up Year was going to cost them the new £9,000 fee. So we took action. 400 letters were sent to David Willetts MP – Minister of State for Universities & Science demanding that he back our campaign to allow FdA students to Top Up at the old fee rate. Our campaign forced the government to officially agree that current FdA students will be able to continue onto their BA Top Up year on the current fee levels. Over the next 2 years UAL students will save a total of £10million thanks to this campaign.

NETWORKING AND BUILDING SKILLS Students at UAL tell us constantly that they want more opportunities to make friends, network and have fun. The Sports and Societies Federation provides funding and support to student-run activity groups. This year 1269 students joined a Sports Club or a Society with 266 Sports Club memberships, and 1527 Society memberships. Congratulations to the Life Drawing and Indian Cultural Societies and to the Netball, Cheerleading, Men’s and Women’s Hockey Clubs who were awarded Silver in our STARS awards scheme – a scheme that recognises excellence in student-led activities. 151 Sports Club members enjoyed themselves at the Federation Ball, and the profit of £300 was reinvested into a Societies Dinner. Congratulations to Yoga, Photography, Fashion, and the Film Society who have exceeded 100 members each this year! The Islamic Society held a London-wide Artistic Jihad exhibition at CSM Gallery reaching more than 150 visitors.

It was another success for Urban Dance, Cheerleading, Capoeira, and Ballet & Jive this year as the Dance Extravaganza attracted a 100 strong crowd. Connect – the UAL buddying network has continued to grow and after a successful rebranding now attracts not just students looking for individual support, but also students who are looking to widen their contacts and networks. Buddies recruited were 268 - an increase of 133 students. Clients recruited were 425 - an increase of 44 students.

Sports Fixtures 2010-11 Played ...........................................62 Won ...........................................23 Drew .............................................8 Lost ...........................................31 Given away .....................................2

302 – no. of students on SUARTS trips


The scheme’s success has been noticed industry wide and we have been consulted by 9 different organisations (including Southampton, Kings and City Universities) for advice on matters such as starting mentoring schemes, recruiting and training volunteers.

“It was admirable that my Buddy took the time to give me a tour around the city of London. Being a first-timer in London, this tour was extremely helpful. I didn’t get lost afterward. The fact that we had similar interests in cinema also helped with breaking the ice. I would highly recommend Connect to anybody else who’s in UAL/London for the first time.” Esau Garza Cazares - Graphic Design - Moving Imagery CSM

422 – no. of individuals beaten by SUARTS clubs and athletes in 2010-11!

A PLATFORM FOR STUDENT ART The Students’ Union provides ever increasing opportunities for our students to exhibit their work and develop their ability to plan and execute creative projects. We provide students with free exhibition space, access to our flagship exhibition Xhibit, and exclusive collaborative opportunities with big players in the creative industries. New collaborations with high profile external organisations are increasing the exposure and recognition for our students. Relationships have been developed with the British Museum, Artsmart and Xhibit 2011 went on tour to The Core Gallery, Deptford where the private view formed part of the South London Last Friday project and attracted lots of the general public with over 150 attendees in total. “Having your work in Xhibit, especially when it tours to different galleries, puts a different perspective on your work and gives you more knowledge of where your work fits in” Bianca Tenga, CSM BA Fine Art – Xhibit 2011 exhibitor

Mahdieh Khodsetan

CHANGING THE COLLEGES With nearly 900 course reps registered and nearly 400 trained, we supported reps this year to take action on the issues they cared about the most.

This year Course Reps achieved.... • An extra day of workshop access for Foundation students at Wimbledon

• Extra support for student needs and concerns during CSM’s big move to Kings Cross • Extended Print & Photography workshop opening hours at Camberwell • Microwaves at LCC • New student-led degree show for Footwear, Jewellery, and Product courses at LCF • Improved Wi-Fi access at Chelsea • Space for a garden at Wimbledon • Longer opening hours for LCF’s Open Access • New social space for students at LCC

‘I feel like I’ve actually changed a lot of things for the better as a Course Rep, which feels great. Improvements have been made in the school, and things were fixed quicker. The library was revived and is a wonderful little reading zone now. Opening hours are now being discussed. Security is taken more seriously. I really feel like I can influence things.’ Sarah Lüdemann, Course Rep for MA Fine Art, CSM

MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR STUDENTS We know that University can be tough and our Advice & Support Service is here to help students all year round. We helped 801 students through appeals, academic misconduct allegations, making complaints about the University, and a few other bits and pieces too. We supported 10 students in exceptional scrutiny cases who have won a total of £100,000+ in compensation.

We lobbied the government on their regressive immigration proposals which would have significantly effected international students at UAL and were successful in most of our demands.

“Thanks so very much. That’s a great job you have done. I appreciate the good work you have been doing. Thanks so very much for the concern” BA Architecture CSM

Through a wide-reaching campaign (‘Do Not Ignore This’) students were more aware of the Extenuating Circumstances process and were able to alert the Uni of issues in their life affecting their grades.

“In my opinion, the most important thing an Advice Service can do for students is to help prepare and fight for students’ rights. To give instructions of what to do and how to do it, as students are usually panic when seeking for help. So it is very important to give them support, caring and hope.” International Undergraduate student

Our work doesn’t end there – we think it’s just as important to prevent problems from happening as it is to solve them.

Students have told us that they think our advisers are helpful and friendly - 100% of respondents said that they would recommend us to a friend. Some of the positive feedback we have received includes:

90 students were involved in our Disabled Students Experience research and as a result of our recommendations work is underway to improve training for UAL staff

“I found your advice very helpful and comprehensive. And a big thank you for your patience in relation to my OCD.” MA student from Wimbledon College of Art

After years of lobbying, we were finally successful in getting UAL to allow children in University buildings, making life easier for student parents Thanks to the SU’s Women’s Network, 60 students had the opportunity to network with each other at a joint event with Creative Careers

A STRONG STUDENTS’ UNION LISTENING TO STUDENTS In a record breaking turnout for our spring elections, 2,902 students voted for the new Executive Team from a total of 60 candidates. We recruited a new Director to lead our 60 strong staff team. Pari Dhillon joined us in February from a background in leading not for profit organisations, with a specialism in equality & diversity. Checks and balances To keep the Union strong, we have a Trustee Board who oversee the financial, legal and strategic health of the organisation. 2010-2011 Trustee Board Louis Hartnoll Robyn Minogue Richard Willsher Peter Johnson Lara Howlett Mark Paterson Jake Wiseman Sydney Fleming-Gale Adyam Markos-Okbazghi

2010-2011 Vice Presidents Luca Beckerson, VP LCF Benedict Butterworth, VP CCW Richard Schembri, VP LCC Jolyon Wardle, VP CSM

A tot al by UA of 6027 v ot L stud ents es were c this y ast ear.

Award winning! In addition to the awards we’ve already won, this year we achieved: Sound Impact (Silver) Investors in People (Bronze) Best Bar None (Bronze) Our Can’t Cut This viral won an NUS Award

How we spend our money Our planned expenditure for 2010-2011: Democracy & Representation Student Support Course Reps Student Activities Freshers Festival Marketing Governance & Legal

Contact the Union: 020 7514 6270 @SUARTS

SUARTS Impact Report 2010/11  
SUARTS Impact Report 2010/11  

SUARTS Impact Report 2010/11