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The Faces of St. Angela

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the president’s

message Dear St. Ursula Academy Friends,


elcome to the spring edition of the St. Ursula Magazine! If you looked at the cover, you may have noticed that many faces make up the portrait of St. Angela Merici, our foundress. If you take a few moments more, you will find the faces of 637 students, 56 faculty members, and 36 staff members.  The faces of these incredible people combine to create the face of St. Angela.  Each face, though of an individual person, represents the mission which binds us all together in our nurturing community that celebrates our common goal--to build a better world, just as St. Angela did centuries ago. You will see people of all ages.  Each “experienced” face reminds us that our vocation is to identify, appreciate, educate and nurture the diverse and unique talent of each St. Ursula student.  Each youthful face is a student who is encouraged to reach her highest potential, committed to becoming a woman of faith, integrity and courage. Faces you do not see, but who are symbolically represented here, are the 1,000’s of Ursuline sisters, alums, past and present parents, volunteers, benefactors and friends.  These are people who have lighted our way, entrusting to us the St. Ursula of today.  With this cover, we honor our past (beginning with St. Angela) and our present, and we look to the future, knowing that we all contribute in a special way to this awesome school! Take a look.  Do you see the faces of the freshmen? Each 14 year old begins her path toward becoming an Academy Alum.  In this process, she begins to understand what it means to be a reflective thinker, servant leader, prophet who lives her beliefs in the world, and nurturer. She looks at her peers and sees that each one is part of a community much larger than herself, made in the image of God.   Now that you are focusing on each face, do you see the faces of students who thrive in our Advisory Program? Each of these students explores and discusses important issues such as peer pressure and its effects, honesty in the classroom and beyond, and study skills for now and in the future.  More importantly each student shares her ideas and social time in the company of her peers from all grade levels.  Each Advisory Group, a mix of all grades 9-12, allows students to share, reflect, socialize and grow in a special and unique way.   Now it is time to look at our students’ faces who are National Merit Semi-Finalists and Commended Students, volunteers, club members, athletes, vocalists, musicians, academic team members, actresses, artists and more. These women of St. Ursula spread the goodness of St. Angela by volunteering in the community; making other people’s lives better. Our students tutor grade-schoolers helping them to do their personal best. Thinking broadly, our pupils join any one of our 40 clubs/ student organizations challenging themselves to explore areas of interest such as the Life Club, Animation, Harry Potter, or Healthy Cooking. They nurture their bodies by becoming members of athletic teams.  Of course, they develop their intellects. Within her four years at St. Ursula, each student selects from 118 courses where she will be stretched and challenged to do her academic best.   As I look at the cover, I see the faces of students who bless me with regular visits; truly the highlight of my day. They come to tell me about an incredible project they completed in class, a recital they participated in during choir, or a college


acceptance they have been awaiting. They also share the angst of growing up. These faces change with time. They mature with life’s highs and lows. Their faces take on the character of growing knowledge, empathy, mature faith, and, yes, wisdom. The faces you see on the cover are only one layer of the many faces that truly compose the beauty of St. Angela and St. Ursula Academy. It is people like you: our alumnae, our present and past parents, board of trustees, benefactors and friends of St. Ursula that truly make us the special place we are today. We want you to know that we take seriously our responsibility to pass a strong and vibrant St. Ursula on to those who will take it into our second 100 years.   We are in the process, therefore, of creating a comprehensive long-range strategic plan that will forge a strong foundation for St. Ursula Academy’s future. Approximately 60 members of the extended SUA family have joined the faculty and staff to help with this process. This month another 100 people will join us to finalize our plan during a two-day Convocation.  We are examining and discussing nine planning areas: Academics, Administration and Finance, Advancement and Marketing, Athletics, Buildings and Grounds, Faculty and Staff, Spiritual Life, Student Life and Technology. While it is a taxing project, it is humbling to see all of the people who so willingly assist us in continuing to make St. Ursula Academy a special community for generations to come. In closing, I want to share a personal story with you. Recently I was given the opportunity to have lunch with three of our recent graduates at Miami University. They were quick to ask about their high school teachers, tell me fervently how happy they are to be able to write a multi-paragraph essay, and marvel at the number of new friends they have met.  Each had faith that all will be fine as she experiences the ups and downs of college life and beyond. I quickly realized that while these faces have moved beyond the campus of St. Ursula Academy, each graduate, each Academy Alum, is still a part of SUA, and she will, indeed, take her faith, integrity and courage with her as she builds a better world! I am blessed to be one of the many faces of St. Ursula Academy, and I thank God each day for each of you who make St. Ursula Academy the special community it is today. In Angela Merici,

Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77 President

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Editorial Board Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77 President Judy Sandquist Vice President for Advancement Editor Jill Grever Cahill ’84 VP of Marketing Contributors Jill Grever Cahill ’84, VP of Marketing Judy Sandquist, VP of Advancement Paula Kistner, Advancement Services Manager Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, President Craig Maliborski, Principal Stephanie Schuckman ’92, Director of Annual Fund and Alumnae Relations Photos contributed by Jill Grever Cahill ’84 Julie Perry Samantha Grier ’01 University of Cincinnati

In conjunction with the publication of The Academy Alum in spring 2004, the SUA magazine has featured students, alumnae and topics that focus on the four roles that a graduate is ready to play in the world at graduation: thinker, leader, nurturer and prophet.

Contents Cover Story: Faces of St. Angela


President’s Message


In this issue, the feature article on page 2 shows how the students, faculty, an staff live the mission and embody the spirit and teachings of St. Angela Merici throughout the school each day.

SUA Ball


Alumnae News


All are challenged to become reflective thinkers, confident leaders, nurturers of others and prophets of the values and examples they learn at SUA.

Annual Fund


This magazine also features many accomplishments of our students and our alumnae.

Board of Trustees Cheryl M. Beach John B. Berding Michael Besl *Jill Grever Cahill ’84 Manuel Chavez *Jodi Clever Mary Ellen Cody Anne Dagenbach ’93 Paul Dorger Steven Dreyer Timothy J. Fogarty J. Scott Golan Mary Kay Pastura Hauser ’68 ** R. Peter Kimener Leila Keefe Kramer ’77 Paul Loechle *Craig Maliborski Michelle A. Mullee Richard A. Paolo Tony Perazzo Connie Perme Elizabeth Spraul Rogers ’82 *Judy Sandquist Timothy J. Schroeder Elizabeth Stautberg ’83 Mark J. Stepaniak Fr. William L. Verbryke, S.J. Maurice Williams *Staff **Ex officio member

Graduates Live Out The Academy Alum

The Academy Alum program is a model for alums as

Principal’s Message


School and Campus News


Class Notes


In Memoriam


New Endowment Committee


Upcoming Events

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they measure their success after graduation and well into their future.

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The Faces of St. Angela at St. Ursula Academy “With God’s help, you will do much good for others.”

- St. Angela Merici.


his is just one of countless numbers of quotes and inspirations shared with the students, faculty and staff at St. Ursula each school year. The guiding words come from the Counsels and Testament of St. Angela

Merici, the brave, young woman upon who’s wise and timeless words the mission, vision and values of St. Ursula Academy are based. St. Angela had amazing clarity in the words she spoke in the 1500’s as she started her company of women, which would become the Ursulines. Today, Angela’s words and her teachings continue to be relevant and reallife examples of strength, leadership, optimism, faith and kindness. Examples of teachings can be found at St. Ursula Academy each and every day. “St. Angela was a woman well ahead of her time,” said Liz Curran ’96, Coordinator of Ursuline Spirit at SUA. “She knew in the silence of her soul the gifts that women could offer. Her sense of leadership was humble and truly guided by God’s calling for her life.  We see this over and over in the stories of her life.” Bill Burnside, a longtime religion teacher at St. Ursula Academy added “Angela Merici was a woman of vision. The revelations and insights that came to her were a sign of her openness to the Spirit, her willingness to dream, and her courage to go boldly where no one had gone before.” Angela’s words reflected courage as she inspired her followers to be strong and courageous, promising good results for their confidence.

“Be Confident, risk new things, stick with it; then be ready for BIG surprises!” This statue of St. Angela Merici, created by SUA past parent Barb Trauth, resides in the Keller Student Center dining room.


- St. Angela Merici.

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Teachers and Staff welcome students in St. Angela style on the first day of school

Our core values state that the Christ Centered Spirit of St. Angela Merici inspires us to • Affirm the Dignity and Gifts of Women, • Inspire students to achieve Academic Excellence, • Develop the Whole Person, • Value the Uniqueness and Gifts of Each Person, • Build Family Spirit in our school, • Celebrate Difference and Diversity, and • Commit ourselves to lives of Christian Service, • With Optimism and Openness guiding our daily actions. These core values can be seen in the actions of students, teachers, and staff Sister Elizabeth Lang ’51 shares some words of wisdom with Priya Ram ’14, Shannon Markesbery ’14 and Grace Liesch ’13

each and every day. At different and unique moments each day, the members of our school community reflect the face of St. Angela in their words and actions. The students at St. Ursula begin learning about St. Angela as freshmen. Their

to building a better world. These messages and examples are present in

education about our history and its relevance to our future continues all four

classrooms, programming and activities.

years. New teachers and staff members also learn about St. Angela as part of their first year orientation, an education that continues each year. They soon realize that in addition to challenging the students academically, their role is to develop young women with self-confidence, high self-esteem and integrity, aware

Sister Elizabeth Lang ’51, O.S.U. has seen the school grow and evolve for decades. She is extremely proud to see the spirit of St. Angela so alive at St. Ursula today.

of their own unique gifts and the responsibility they have to use these gifts to

“I try to inspire the girls and assure them they are an important part of this world

benefit themselves and others.

and that they are here to do something to make the world a better place,” said

“I am constantly amazed by people’s ability to live out Angela’s example at SUA,” said Curran. “The faculty and staff’s love and concern for their students is

Sister Elizabeth. “They take it from there and it is really neat to watch them grow and develop as a whole person.”

foremost. But it also carries into the faculty and staff’s passion they bring to St.

Another example: the SUA Community Service Office especially strives to involve

Ursula every day.”

students in embracing diversity and inclusion as we celebrate the dignity of each

Mr. Burnside adds, “Angela was a woman of faith. She was a woman seeking to live the way of Jesus as best she could. She walked that walk exceedingly well. As a Catholic Christian, I am trying to walk that same walk. What an inspiration!” Teachers are living the mission and following the path of St. Angela in their work as they challenge students daily on their path to knowledge and self discovery.

person. The department also guides students to develop empathy for others both less and more fortunate than themselves, and emphasizes the importance of balance in their lives as they learn to make prudent choices. “When we promote our service events and activities, we take time to prepare the students and educate them about issues and the people served,” said SUA Community Service Director Rachel Kemper ’91. “This allows them to embrace

St. Ursula Academy senior and Student Council Co-president Carlile Willett ’13

diversity and helps them empathize without feeling pity. We always focus on

is inspired by what she sees each day at school. “Every teacher at SUA is living

building connections and relationships with those we are serving, trying to learn

by St. Angela’s example in their daily work and effort to engage their students

something in the process and being humble as we serve. In addition, we counsel

in their learning but challenge them at the same time. The teachers are pushing

students to look at their calendars and their lives and strive to be involved in their

the students to reach their upmost potential but they also are willing to work with

community in a way that is sustainable and makes sense based on their other

those who are struggling.”


“Be kind and compassionate.”

“Live in harmony, united together, in one heart and one will.”

- St. Angela Merici.

The St. Ursula Academy community leans upon the words of St. Angela for

- St. Angela Merici.

strength and inspiration. The mission of the school calls for us to educate

“I am so proud of our Ursuline values,” said Liz Curran. “The care for the

our students to become women of faith, integrity and courage, committed

individual, I find one of the most inspiring of the Ursuline values. The gift of the person. The gift of hearing, and truly seeing the gifted person in front of you,

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inspires me every day. We not only teach and guide our students but truly cherish

volunteering at Bethany House and also working at Christ Hospital for the summer.

them and help them become the person God created them to be.”

In working to become a prophet, I have strengthened my relationship with God by

Ms. Willett ’13 shares some specific examples from her own experience. “I live my Ursuline values at SUA by striving to be the embodiment of a St. Ursula woman. Over the past four years I have learned what it means to be a thinker, leader,

being a Kairos leader and inspiring my fellow sisters to engage in a friendship with God as well.

“Have confidence and strong faith the God will assist you in everything.”

- St. Angela Merici.

nurturer, and prophet. I have become a thinker by challenging myself

We see acts of kindness, compassion and appreciation for the value of all

to take rigorous

individuals among our current and past parents, our Board of Trustees members,

advanced placement

our volunteers, relatives, friends and many more who have been touched by the

and honors courses.

Ursuline values inspired by St. Angela.

As a leader, I have stepped up to the plate on several issues as student council copresident. I have been a nurturer by


The impact of St. Angela’s wise teachings doesn’t stop at the St. Ursula doors.

As a community, we believe that guided by St. Angela and our Ursuline heritage, we are truly building a better world. For that reason we will never “stop pruning the vine that has been entrusted to us” by the Saint whose poignant and meaningful messages continue to deeply impact our lives. “During my time here, I have experienced so much love and care,” said

helping those in

Ms. Willett ’13. “I can’t help to think about how proud St. Angela would be if she

the community by

were here to witness the St. Ursula community living out her words of wisdom.”

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Example of one face of ST. ANGELA: Carlile Willett, Class of 2013 “I saw an example of St. Angela’s words come to life at SUA when our president, Mrs. Kramer, gave the entire school blue and gold bracelets marked “WWAD”, meaning “What Would Angela Do?” As I walked through the hallways, I noticed many girls and teachers wearing these bracelets. Not only were we all connected together, but the bracelets served as a constant reminder that we should be living out the words of St. Angela in our daily lives. When we are faced with peer pressure or tough decisions, we can look down at our bracelets, and we are instantly reminded to do the right thing.“

2013: A Night on the Orient Express


ystery and intrigue surrounded this year’s SUA Ball, themed “A Night on the Orient Express”. The event, held on February

9, 2013 was a night filled with surprises, delicious food and lots of fun – all in support of St. Ursula Academy! Guests entered a completely-transformed and elegant Harold

SUAVE performed at the SUA Ball

C. Schott Gymnasium and Convocation Center on the St. Ursula

All proceeds from the SUA Ball go to the Academy’s

campus in East Walnut Hills. Greeted by students dressed in

general fund, which helps to support St. Ursula’s educational

costume, guests enjoyed an evening that started with cocktails and a silent

programming and provides aid for deserving young women from

auction followed by a gourmet dinner, live auction, and dancing. Some of the big items up for bid this year included Four Grandstand Tickets for the 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Pomodori Mobile Pizza Oven Party including 100 Pizzas, Four Reds Infield Box Seats and Batting Practice Viewing from the Field, vacations homes/condos in Park City, Utah, Siesta Key, Bonita Springs, Hilton

the tri-state area to attend St. Ursula Academy. “We are truly grateful for the support of everyone who makes this event possible,” said Stertz, SUA Director of Special Events, who plans all of the SUA Ball and related events for St. Ursula. “Without the

Head and Panama City, an internship with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe

donors, volunteers, bidders and

Deters, Bourbon Tasting for 12 at the Cork and Bottle, and much, much more.

attendees, we could not make this

Silent auction bidding was simple and fun due to the return of the high-

kind of significant impact for the

tech handheld bidding device called BidPal, made possible by the SUA Ball

students. We thank you all!”

Premiere Sponsor, Paycor. The personal devices were pre-loaded with every

Additional sponsors for the SUA

auction item – item description, value, bid increments, and donor information,

Ball include: Hisham H. Arar,

which made it possible to browse the silent auction area, view items, and bid from anywhere at any time during the event.

SUA President Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, Event Chairs Chris Canarie and Beth Canarie, Principal Craig Maliborski

M.D. - Cincinnati Eye Institute and LaRosas, Inc.

The Grand Raffle prize for this year’s SUA Ball was $10,000 cash. The winners this year: John and Nancy Silverman, parents of Olivia ’16.

Plans will soon get underway for

The event was a big success, thanks to

next year’s SUA Ball event. Lisa

the hard work and coordination by SUA

and Andy Castellini, parents

Ball chair-couple Chris and Beth

of Claire ’16, volunteered to

Canarie of Montgomery, SUA Director

chair the event next year. More

of Special Events Rose Stertz and dozens

details will be announced as the

of dedicated and talented volunteers.

plans develop.

Members of the St. Ursula Academy Ensemble Theatre (SET) greeted guests in Orient Express period costumes

Chairs for the SUA Ball 2014: Andy and Lisa Castellini, with SUA President Lelia Keep Kramer ’77 and Principal Craig Maliborski

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Alumnae and Friends Christmas Tea 2011 H

undreds of guests celebrated the upcoming Christmas holiday at the annual Alumnae and Friends Christmas Tea in December 2012. This longtime tradition continues to be a favorite as past, present

and future Bulldogs, their friends and families catch up with old friends and make some new ones. This year, the tea was held on Sunday, December 2nd. The parlors were decorated by parent volunteers and sparkled with the colors of the season. More than 200 guests attended the high tea, with more than a dozen student elves, members of Students for Advancement (SFA), volunteering to entertain the visiting girls and boys! While the grown-ups enjoyed the conversation, the little ones paid a visit to Santa, smiled for a photo and

The Alvarez children enjoyed their visit with Santa

shared their Christmas wish lists. They also enjoyed holiday activities and crafts with our student elves. Near the end of the tea, guests were treated to a concert in the Chapel where they enjoyed the beautiful sounds of Christmas performed by the St. Ursula Vocal Ensemble (SUAVE). Hope to see you next year!

SAVE THE DATE – Sunday, December 15, 2013

Students for Advancement (SFA) members helped the Tea run smoothly The members of SUAVE performed Christmas songs in the Chapel

Sisters Therese Cahill Bower ’90 and Laura Cahill ’93 attended with future Bulldog Nora Bower The youngest guests at the Tea enjoyed arts and crafts

SUA teacher Bertha L. Garcia de Burke brought her family to the Tea

St. Ursula Academy Women’s Club F

ormer parents, alumnae and friends of St. Ursula Academy are invited to join the St. Ursula Women’s Club. This spirited group has a lot of fun, camaraderie and stays connected through their common love for SUA.  Not only

do members make great friendships, but they participate in several fun and exciting events and programs. The Women’s Club offers two informative social gatherings each year - no boring meetings or fundraiser’s!  Yearly dues of just $25.00 contribute to an annual gift to the Ursuline Sisters, the SUA Scholarship Fund and the SUA Ball (formerly Victorian Christmas). Some past activities include a Midwest Culinary Institute Tour, outing to the Cincinnati Museum Center (Cleopatra Exhibit), a Jungle Jim’s Cooking Class and Tour, a Glenwood Gardens Nature Walk and luncheon, and this past fall a “Spooktacular” Wine Tasting in the SUA Parlors. Photo:  St. Ursula Academy Women’s Club President Joan Muto and Vice President Susan DuBrul

If you would like to learn more about the St. Ursula Women’s Club or to join, please contact Joan Muto (513) 321-4303 or jcmuto@hotmail or Sue DuBrul (513) 321-8496 or e-mail 


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St. Ursula Academy Long Range Strategic Planning Process


t St. Ursula Academy, we never stop reaching for the stars! St. Ursula Academy is nearing the final stages of an important

Long Range Strategic Planning process. The goal is to help St. Ursula Academy identify challenges and opportunities to raise the bar even higher on SUA’s standard of excellence. The administration, faculty and staff are working together with parents, educators, alumnae, donors, professionals in various fields, and members of the community to ensure that many perspectives and ideas are included to yield detailed and meaningful results. We are deeply grateful to all of the individuals who have so generously offered their time and their participation to help with this important process. Through this initiative, St. Ursula will develop a Strategic Plan that will lay out goals and strategies for the school for the next 3-5 years. To ensure we are addressing all of the important topics, St. Ursula Academy brought in experienced education Strategic Planning expert Frank Donaldson of the Institute of School and Parish Development. From there, we identified nine Planning Areas and Teams. These groups began meeting in November 2012 to discuss strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in each of their specific planning areas. The following meetings helped to narrow down the focus to ensure the biggest opportunities for SUA are identified and included in the Long Range Strategic Plan.

Long Range Strategic Planning Team Leaders: Front L-R: Anne Dagenbach ‘93, Mary Ann Meyer, Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, Craig Maliborski, Mike SipesMiddle L-R: Jill Cahill ’84, Mary Kay Hauser ‘68, Mary Massa, Lisa Baute Caito ’00, Sara Utecht, Jodi Clever Back L-R: Molly Roebker, Kathleen Armstrong, Paul Loechle, Frank Donaldson, Rick Paolo, Tim Wilking, Shelley Mullee, Fr. Bill Verbryke Missing from the photo are team leaders Pete Kimener, Sr. Mary Jerome Buchert ’63 O.S.U., and Rob Wildermuth

The designated Planning Areas and their team leaders are: President: Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, President, St. Ursula Academy Principal: Craig Maliborski, Principal of St. Ursula Academy Facilitator: Frank Donaldson, President, Institute of School and Parish Development Academics: Mary Ann Meyer, Assistant Principal, St. Ursula Academy Paul Loechle, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Administration/Finance: Jodi Clever, V.P. of Operations, St. Ursula Academy Mary Kay Pastura Hauser ‘68, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Advancement/Marketing: Jill Grever Cahill ’84, V.P. of Marketing, St. Ursula Academy Pete Kimener, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Athletics: Mike Sipes, Atletic Director, St. Ursula Academy Rob Wildermuth, Booster Board Chair, St. Ursula Academy Buildings and Grounds: Kathleen Armstrong, C.F.M, Director of Facilities, St. Ursula Academy Rick Paolo, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Faculty and Staff: Molly Roebker, Director of Guidance, St. Ursula Academy Fr. Bill Verbryke, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Spiritual Life: Lisa Baute Caito ‘00, St. Ursula Academy Religion Department Sister Mary Jerome Buchert O.S.U., ‘63, Ursulines of Cincinnati Student Life: Sarah Utecht, St. Ursula Academy Guidance Department Shelley Mullee ‘78, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees Technology: Tim Wilking, Chief Information Officer, St. Ursula Academy Anne Dagenbach ‘93, St. Ursula Academy Board of Trustees

St. Ursula President Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77 and Principal Craig Maliborski

LRSP Timeline: July 12, 2012:

St. Ursula Academy Selects Institute of School and Parish Development (ISPD) to facilitate the Long Range Strategic Planning Process

August 14, 2012:

Create nine Planning Area Teams and name leaders for each

September 28, 2012: Members of nine planning area teams named November 5, 2012: First Workshop for All Planning Area Teams December 4, 2012: Second Workshop for All Planning Area Teams January 10, 2013:

Third Workshop for All Planning Area Teams

January 31, 2013:

Final Workshop for All Planning Area Teams

March 1-2, 2013:

Community Convocation to seek feedback from additional stakeholder representatives

March 2013:

Begin Drafting Strategic Plan Priorities, strategies, goals and objectives

May 2013:

Present recommended Strategic Plan to Board of Trustees

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The St. Ursula Academy Young Alumnae Who Teach at SUA Explain Why It Is So Important to Give Back “Now that I have the privilege of working with the young St. Ursula women of today, I feel an even greater desire to pass on the gift which I myself received. I hope that alums can rise to the challenge of ensuring that the gift of an SUA education continues to be possible in the years to come,” said Jennie Mertens ’05, alumna and St. Ursula religion teacher. How did your St. Ursula education affect the person you have become? Did it help you in college? Did it shape your values and give you a foundation in your faith?  Our alumnae tell us all the time that their four years at St. Ursula helped shape them into the women they are today.   We want to share that same gift with tomorrow’s young leaders who are looking toward their high school years today and need some help from those who have come before them. “The young women I am teaching today are, in many ways, exactly the same young women that my friends and I were when we walked these halls,” said alumna and new SUA Religion Teacher Lisa Baute Caito ’00. “They need the same love, support, and well-rounded education that we received while students here. If it weren’t for the financial support of alums and other friends of SUA, I wouldn’t have been able to attend SUA, nor would many of my classmates. The same goes for the young women in my classes today. The SUA of today is just as amazing as the SUA of years past. We as alums are a huge part of that and need to remain active in that giving.” The cost of offering a top quality education, attracting and keeping the best teachers, maintaining the campus and supporting students who qualify for financial assistance continues to rise.  Everyone in the school works hard to keep our expenses low and is a good steward of every dollar, but did you know there is still a significant gap of more than $1,700 per student between the cost of tuition and the actual cost to educate a student at SUA. With more than 640 students, that’s more than $1-million per year we need to raise so we can keep tuition costs from climbing too high. St. Ursula offers as much financial assistance as possible to the families who qualify. Our efforts to build our endowment and scholarship funds are moving forward, but we still have a long, long way to go.  Right now, we can currently meet just over 47% of the financial need our students qualify to receive.


Jennie Mertens ’05, Alumna and Religion Teacher at St. Ursula

A gift to the St. Ursula Annual Fund can be felt by the students who need assistance, but it also makes a difference in the classroom, providing tools and resources for our educators and students. Caito explains, “Each class is unique and special; they have their own “feel”. Each young lady brings her gifts, her perspectives, her experiences that help to make the class what it is.  If even one of those girls is missing due to not being able to financially afford SUA, the class is inherently different.“ “After returning to SUA as a teacher, I have developed immense appreciation and gratitude for the effort, commitment, and dedication of all those who made my own education possible,” said Mertens.  “In a new way, I have begun to realize just how much SUA alums stand as testament to the St. Ursula women who came before us. Countless individuals worked hard to ensure we had every possible opportunity at our fingertips.“ “As an eighth grader at St. Gertrude, I wanted nothing more than to attend St. Ursula Academy.  Financially, it would have been nearly impossible for my parents to allow me to attend SUA.  Because of the generosity of alumnae and friends of SUA, I was able to attend this amazing school that I had dreamed of and then continue on to University of Dayton, teach and minister in Indianapolis for 8 years, and eventually return to the same school I so desired to be a part of when I was only 13 years old. God’s path has truly come full-circle.  We have no idea what eighth graders are out there having the exact same hopes and dreams that I had.” We realize that these economic times are tough and we are all making choices and sacrifices. We ask that when you consider where your charitable dollars will be spent, that you seriously consider St. Ursula Academy. Blessed

Visit “SUA Alumnae Association” on Facebook for news about SUA and our alumnae

Annual Fund

Mother Theresa said to do small acts with great love. Whether you can give an annual gift of $10 or you feel you can give much more, every single dollar makes a difference. St. Angela Merici said, “Never cease to cultivate the vine which has been entrusted to you.”  As St. Ursula women, we have not only been a part of this vine, but we are now left with the duty of cultivating it.  The young women of today need to have the opportunities that we had when we were SUA students. We are being called into action, to give to them what was given to us. It’s our time to give back.”

Lisa Baute Caito ’00 enjoys the benefits of teaching at St. Ursula thanks to generous support through the Annual Fund

Thank you for considering your support of the St. Ursula Academy Annual Fund

Your gift to St. Ursula Academy will give back for a lifetime. It will help plant seeds of faith, integrity and courage in the life of a young woman who will work to build a better world and will someday pay it forward herself.

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the principal’s message I

t took some time for Angela Merici to discern that she would devote her life developing the potential of women. Certainly, St. Angela’s love of God was evident at an early age and grew despite the many trials of her life--the deaths of her parents and sister, her temporary blindness and living a life of sacrificial simplicity. What wasn’t so apparent to Angela, at least until much later in life, was what exactly God was calling her to do. In the language of our current Church, Angela spent many years searching for her vocation. In 1525, Pope Clement VII, upon hearing of Angela Merici’s devotion and success with her guiding the spiritual lives of young women, asked Angela to stay in Rome and head an order of nuns there. Angela declined the Pope’s request and returned to Brescia, Italy, where she would found the Company of St. Ursula a few years later. I reflect on what was Angela’s reaction to the Pope’s request: Was she tempted by the offer to do something new, something more? Did this offer by the Pope cause her to doubt what she felt she knew about herself? I vividly remember the day I decided to become a teacher. I was a senior in high school and felt relieved and excited that I had made this decision prior to my enrolling in college. One of the first people I told of my decision was my high school math and physics teacher, Mr. Glyzewski. Glick, as my friends and I would affectionately call him (but never to his face), provided me with the first glimpse of what I could become. It was not until the end of the year, actually the last day of my senior year, that I approached Glick’s desk after school to tell him that I had decided on my future career. “I want to be a high school math teacher!” I thought, but did not say, “…just like you!” Following my proud announcement, Glick put down the red pen that he was using to correct an exam and said, in his usual deadpan-tone, “What a waste.” Fast forward a couple of decades or so. Today I often remind our teachers at St. Ursula that we are called to a vocation. I believe that individuals do not choose to be teachers; rather, they are inspired to be teachers. Like me, some teachers at St. Ursula recognized this call early in life. Looking eagerly ahead to the many students whose lives they will impact, Lisa Baute Caito ’00 and Jennifer Mertens ’05 have returned to St. Ursula Academy, each teaching in the religion department. Sandy Campbell and Geri Walsh, meanwhile, have taught hundreds of students in the 33 years that they have been part of the St. Ursula faculty. In contrast, for two of our St. Ursula faculty members, recognizing their vocation came later in their professional careers. Mark Dauner, who will be retiring at the end of this year, joined the St. Ursula faculty in 1991 after serving as an attorney for Native American tribes in the southwest. Dave Stickel, a member of our math department for the past two years, traveled the globe for Proctor and Gamble for over 33 years prior to enrolling in Xavier University’s School of Education to become a teacher. Regardless of when they entered the teaching profession or how long they have taught, faculty members like Lisa and Jennie, Sandy and Geri,


Mark and Dave have one thing in common: They responded to the call to follow in the footsteps of Angela Merici. And like St. Angela, once we decide to be an educator, it is difficult to think of any other decision being right. The community that Angela formed in Brescia after her trip to Rome continues to serve as a model for the faculty and staff at St. Ursula Academy. Angela’s Company of St. Ursula looked after each other, caring for each individual member of the Company. At St. Ursula Academy, faculty and staff participate in a mentoring program for faculty and staff new to the school. A majority of the faculty participate in a voluntary professional learning community. These groups, led by Assistant Principal Mary Ann Meyer, engage faculty in professional dialogue whose goal is to facilitate and improve student learning. Liz Curran, our Coordinator of Ursuline Spirit, offers lunch time book reviews and reflection opportunities to nourish our spiritual needs. By doing these things and more, we strive to continue the community of love, care and hope that has been part of the Ursuline sisters for over 500 years. After my first year of teaching math, I went back to my high school to visit Mr. Glyzewski. I remembered that I had had doubts about whether my decision was sound. Was this really what God was calling me to do? Perhaps my talents are better served doing something else? After exchanging updates of our recent endeavors, I reminded him of the day that I told him that I wanted to become a teacher. This time, though, I expressed how much he had influenced me and inspired me. Being the master that he was, Glick responded, “I knew that was the case; but I needed you to figure out who you are, not necessarily what you wanted to be.” I think Glick was echoing the words of educator and author Parker Palmer: “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must first listen to who I am.” True teachers listen. Sincerely,

Craig Maliborski Principal

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Academic Excellence T

he tradition of academic excellence continues this year as 23 SUA seniors are recognized

by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for 2012-2013. Nine (9) St. Ursula seniors earned honors as National Merit Finalists and 14 SUA students are National Merit Commended Students. The nine finalists finished in the top 1% of students nationwide who took that PSAT exam as juniors. These academically talented high school seniors will continue in the competition for more than $36-million in National Merit Scholarships. They are among 16,000 students who will have an opportunity to compete this spring for 8,300 Merit Scholarship awards worth more than $32-million. 9 SUA Finalists finished in the top 1% of students nationwide: Sarah E. Braley of Springfield Twp. Kathleen M. Coughlin of Anderson Twp. Elizabeth L. Kelly of Delhi Marissa J. Luft of Liberty Twp. Jordan M. Maier of Glendale Abigail C. Morgan of Pleasant Ridge Libby A. Nawalaniec of Kenwood Kristen A. Ochs of Union Twp. Kristen M. Smith of Ft. Mitchell, KY

St. Ursula Academy National Merit Students for this year L-R Front: Camilla MacKenzie, Marissa Luft, Libby Nawalaniec, Claire Goertemiller, Sarah Braley, Kathleen Guilfoyle, and Abigail Morgan L-R Center: Jordan Maier, Natalie Shoemaker, Kristen Ochs, Lauren Boeckermann, Kathleen Coughlin, Kathryn Marcellus, Cara Anderson, and Emily Sullivan L-R Back: Kristen Smith, Abigail Heyd, Katherine Paeltz, Samantha Anderson, Madeline Reilly, Brigid Connelly, Kathryn Wernke, and Elizabeth Kelly

Diversity Spotlight S

t. Ursula Academy’s vision to value the uniqueness and gifts of each person and to celebrate difference and diversity comes to life in many ways in the school. One way is through activities

14 SUA students are National Merit Commended Students, meaning they finished in the top 5% of students nationwide. The Commended Students are:

and programming planned by St. Ursula’s Diversity Director, Toilynn O’Neal ’90.

Brigid Connelly of Ft. Mitchell, KY Claire Goertemiller of Hyde Park Kathleen Guilfoyle of Edgewood, KY Abigail Heyd of Anderson Twp. Camilla MacKenzie of Symmes Twp. Kathryn Marcellus of Anderson Twp. Katherine Paeltz of Milford Madeline Reilly of Sharonville Natalie Shoemaker of White Oak Emily Sullivan of Anderson Twp. Kathryn Wernke of Mt. Lookout Cara Anderson of Anderson Twp. Lauren Boeckermann of Monfort Heights Samantha Anderson of North College Hill

American heritage. An impressive display was assembled in the east foyer of the school to educate

St. Ursula Academy teachers and students work together to

Ursula hosted Guest Speaker Jean Marie

participate in an educational process that promotes critical

Stophlet (Brightfire) from InterEthnic Council

thinking, problem solving techniques, and higher level thinking.

of Greater Cincinnati. Ms. Stophlet has been

All are necessary elements for success on the PSAT test, which

a cultural diversity spearker for 34 years. Her

determines those chosen for the National Merit Program as

programs on cultural awareness help share the

either Semi-finalists or Commended Students.

gift of understanding among all people.

In November, SUA celebrated Native American Heritage Month to raise awareness about our the students about Native American history through native dress and artifacts. Another popular Diversity program is the Salad Bowl Lunch series.  The Salad Bowl Series addresses issues related to race, gender, age, disabilities, physical appearance, nationality, and multiculturalism. Cultural food samples are also shared during this lunch time experience that is open to all students. The salad bowl concept suggests that the integration of the many different cultures and diversity factors combine like a salad, as opposed to the more traditional notion of a cultural melting pot. During the November 2012 lunch series, St.

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Jean Marie Stophlet Brightfire speaks to students as part of the Salad Bowl Lunch series 11

Fine Arts at St. Ursula Academy S

t. Ursula’s Fine Arts programs expose the students to a wide variety of arts 2012 St. Ursula Academy Christmas card design.

that enrich their high school experience and help them develop as a whole

person. From art and design, to music and theatre, SUA has a lot to offer! See below for a few examples of the fine arts projects happening this school year.

Christmas Card St. Ursula art students designed the St. Ursula Academy Christmas card this year. These four color pencil drawings, drawn by Saint Ursula students Leah Greiner ’14 and Megan Luiso ’14 feature different representations of the Virgin Mary and the Christ child throughout history. In the bottom row is a Mexican Madonna and a Byzantine icon. On the top are a contemporary

This is one of several posters designed for the event by SUA students.

rendition and a traditional European depiction of the Mother and Child.

Design St. Ursula design students created several unique items for the 2012 Cincideutsch Christkindlmarkt, a true German style Christmas market. Vendors at the November 2012 event sold authentic German foods and goods.  Among the items for sale were a series of mugs, totes and posters designed by students at St. Ursula Academy. The students, led by design instructor Alison Probst, researched German words that do not have a direct English translation. From there, inspired by the designers of the Bauhaus in Germany, they developed concepts and designed images with a holiday theme that were used to create the sets of mugs, the tote bags and the posters. St. Ursula Academy Students designed several pieces of original artwork to be displayed in the newest branch of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on Cincinnati’s West Side. Students researched west side themes like landmarks, restaurants, and icons that would be familiar to children visiting the hospital. They then created the works. May have a find and seek component that will make them interesting and fun for children and adults.

Kaela Shannon ’13, Breanna Beckmeyer ’13 and Sarah Kelley ’13 show off the design work they created for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center West

St. Ursula Ensemble Theatre (SET)


he St. Ursula Ensemble Theatre kicked off the 2012-2013 performance season with “The Odd Couple”, the Female Version in the fall. The talented cast

“We took a survey of westsiders and learned the most popular places people

and staff entertained audiences with humor and great skill.

like to go on that side of town,” said senior Kaela Shannon ’13. “I took photos of those places. Over the photos I drew colorful pictures that look like they were

The spring show is next on the horizon. SET will perform Leader of the Pack- the

drawn by children. My hope is that it will connect kids to their community by

Ellie Greenwich Musical on April 11-14, 2013. This is a great “jukebox” musical

incorporating things they like.”

that will showcase the musical talents of our St. Ursula students, celebrating some

Cast members from The Odd Couple Courtesy Rick Sofranko Photo

Haley Sherman ’14 and Katie Mitchell ’13 from The Odd Couple Courtesy Rick Sofranko Photo

of the most memorable pop songs of the 1960’s. The entire production staff of Anything Goes (vocal director, Sherry McCamley; music director, Charles Wilhelm; choreographers Maggie Perrino & Greg Underwood; set designer, Dan Dermody) will join director, Dee Anne Bryll on “Leader of the Pack”. If you would like to attend the show, please watch for details and ticket information on our website,


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Community Service: Canned Food Drive


t. Ursula students continue to make a big impact as they live the school’s mission to build a better world. This year the students collected 669

large packing boxes full of food to help the needy in Greater-Cincinnati and Appalachia. That’s more than one large box per student! The students also collected nearly $1,000 in monetary donations and over 200 blankets! This effort, coordinated by the Community Service Office, under the guidance of Mrs. Rachel Kemper ’91 and Ms. Peggy Platz ’84 was a huge success on many levels. Student leaders Grace Costello, Kaela Shannon and Darby Schwarz organized and publicized the drive. Student members of the ISSE Club (In-School Service Events) led within the Advisory rooms and performed the “heavy lifting.” The students distributed flyers prior to their collection dates in late October and early November in their own neighborhoods all over the tri-state. The flyers informed neighbors when the students would return to pick up the requested donations which include food items, new blankets and money contributions. The proceeds were distributed to local pantries including St. Vincent DePaul Society, MercyHOME Program, and Churches Active in Northside (CAIN). A group of students personally delivered a large supply of the food to 250 families Canned Food Drive 2012

through Lucy’s Mission in Harlan County, Kentucky in the heart of Appalachia.

Faith Formation


aith Formation is a key part of the St. Ursula Academy education. During all four years, students receive guidance in their faith in religion class and beyond. The

Academy Alum program guides the students each year to become reflective thinkers, leaders, nurturers and prophets. The annual Spiritual Journey Week helps the girls develop their faith and their understanding of themselves. Masses, prayer services and daily prayer also add to the faith formation. St. Ursula also has a Campus Ministry organization for students. One of the events they planned this year was a “Living Rosary” ceremony. Volunteers inflated biodegradable balloons and created a bigger-than-life rosary. The student body, faculty and staff were invited to join the group on the turf field at lunch for prayer, then the rosary was released into the air as a witness to our faith. It’s just one example of how faith is deepened and developed at SUA. Living Rosary at St. Ursula Academy


Athletics St. Ursula Academy Wins Coveted Award for Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity for Eighth Consecutive Year! For the eighth year in a row, St. Ursula Academy students and fans have been recognized for a strong commitment to good sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. SUA is proud to be selected to win the 2012 Harold A. Meyer Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award from the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Sportsmanship, ethics and integrity are part of the mission of the school and St. Ursula has taken steps to ensure these values are included as part of the St. Ursula education for all students, not just student athletes. This award is presented to schools who take significant steps to not only emphasize sportsmanship to students, coaches, parents and fans, but also to emphasize the values of ethical behavior and integrity. Winning this award takes a lot of effort and commitment. Applicants are required to complete an eight-part program in their schools and communities showing that they are promoting the SEI values. “It’s part of the culture at St. Ursula to treat people fairly and respectfully, so it’s just natural to carry that attitude into competition,” said Libby Nawalaniec ’13 of Kenwood, member of the Good Sportsmanship Committee.  “This committee makes sure that SUA continues to exceed

Digital photo “Harold A. Meyer Award” – From L-R: St. Ursula Good Sportsmanship Committee members and students:

expectations of good sportsmanship.”

L-R Front Row Lindsay Tatman ’14 of Madeira, Libby Nawalaniec ’13 of Kenwood, Carlile Willett ’13 of Hyde Park, Jill Foster ’14 of Loveland

SUA’s Ferrara Participates in Fall Athletic Signing Ceremony

L-R: Middle: Mike Sipes, Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, Heidi O’Connor, Tom Keefe 

Congratulations to St. Ursula Academy senior Kaitlyn Ferrara, who

L-R: Back Row: Julie Perry, Craig Maliborski, Allison Hinkel, Liz Curran ’96, Ann Gartner ’77

participated in a signing ceremony in November 2012 for her national letter of intent to play college sports. Ferrara of Anderson, daughter of Keith and Kathy (Jander) Ferrara ’85, has committed to continue her swimming career with The Ohio State University, a Division 1 school. Kaitlyn is a three year Varsity Swimmer at St. Ursula Academy and a three time Sectional Champion in the 500 Freestyle. She was a State Championship finalist in the 500 and 200 freestyle three consecutive years and is a six-time National High School All American. She’s achieving great results out of the pool too! Kaitlyn earns first honors, is a member of the National Honor Society and was selected as a Bulldog Star, a program that recognizes students who reflect the values of St. Ursula Academy and are Unstoppable.

Katelyn Ferrara ’13 with parents Keith and Kathy Jander Ferrara ’85 14

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class notes 1946 Mary Carole Walters, who passed away in October 2012, was honored by the class of 1946 through a memorial to St. Ursula Academy. 1976 Quavadus Kinney retired from the Walnut Hills Library, just up the road from St. Ursula Academy, after 32 years! She is now looking forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation! 1995 Members of the SUA Class of 1995 attended a holiday Happy Hour just before Christmas at Keystone Bar and Grill in Hyde Park.  Everyone had a wonderful time catching up with each other.  They missed everyone that was unable to attend this year and hope more classmates can join the fun next time!

Class of 1995 Christmas Happy Hour: Back Row L-R: Lee Keefe Posey, Elizabeth Heubi, Kate Berten, Diane Rigney Adams, Trisha Childs Cox, Barbie Hellmann Powell. Front Row L to R: Amanda Barton Nielsen, Jamey Pope Stout, Beth Locaputo Bradshaw (not pictured: Kate Cheeseman and Julie Dunphy).

Quavadus Kinney on her retirement day

1997 Laura Alfers received the 2012 Circle of Excellence Award - 1st Level from the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

Sara Sicking married Michael Mankus at St. Leo the Great Church in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 23, 2012

1998 Maeve Rochford Schulz’s bakery, Sugar and Scribe in San Diego, California, was selected as a top 50 Local Food Shop by Sunset Magazine and #1 in Pacific Beach as Best Bakery and Best Desserts this past fall. 2002 Sarah Korfhagen married Charles Kim on September 1, 2012 in Windham, New Hampshire. Sarah is a registered nurse and works on a Neuro/Trauma floor in Maine.

Allison Schulz

Sarah Korfhagen and Charles Kim Aiesha White

2008 Chelsey Lukens is a teacher’s aide at St. Williams in Cincinnati, working with autistic children and teaching swim lessons to special needs children.

Rebecca Matthews and Cara Hemmer are both in the Engineering program at the University of Cincinnati. Both visited in January to talk to SUA engineering students about their college program.

Emily Shelton was recognized by the College of Charleston for surpassing a milestone 2000 career digs in volleyball.

Emily Shelton on the volleyball court

Jessica and Kurt Husum

2009 Allison Shultz was named the team captain of the University of Toledo’s golf team for the 2012-2013 season. Ali also captured the Ohio Women’s Amateur this past summer and led the Toledo Rockets in the fall with a career-low 76.4 stroke average.

Aiesha White interned at the U.S. Department of Education, Hispanic-Serving Institutions Division in Washington, D.C. during the summer. In the fall, she interned in the White House with the National Economic Council.

2011 Andrea Vessel was elected as a Youth Trustee for National 4-H Council’s Board of Trustees. She is one of just 35 members on the Board. As a trustee, she will help set strategic direction for the future of the National 4-H Council while supporting the organization’s goal of promoting positive youth development. 2012 Heidi Lukens is in a doctorate in physical therapy program at St. Louis University and is involved in two service leadership organizations.

During a recent visit to Transylvania University in Kentucky, the first person SUA President Lelia Kramer ’77 bumped into was SUA alumna Courtney Smith, who is enjoying her first year as Transie.

Oliver Charles Steinert and Michey Mouse Barrett Daniel Arling

Evelyn Paige and Eliza June McCormick

New Additions

1994 Oliver Charles, born to Nicholas and Charlotte Imwalle Steinert, July 2, 2012 1998 Barrett Daniel, born to Jayson and Courtney Carey Arling, January 8, 2013 2001 Evelyn Paige and Eliza June, born to Kevin and Helen Cassedy McCormick, May 4, 2012

New Unions

1997 Sara Sicking and Michael Mankus, June 23, 2012 1999 Jessica Meyers and Kurt Husum, June 23, 2012

Weddings in the SUA Chapel

2003 Erin Crane and Kevin Dunigan, November 24, 2012 Colleen Kiphart and Michael Padgen, November 3, 2012 Lindsey Rutenschroer and Patrick Craft, December 29, 2012

Andrea Vessel Rebecca Matthews and Cara Hemmer

Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77 and Courtney Smith ’12


Ann-Marie Coors and Robert Smith Jr., December 31, 2012 Jill Eichelberger and Jonathan Joseph, October 6, 2012 Lizzy Heaton and Matthew Hill, December 1, 2012 Eileen Hughes and Brian Sabatalo, October 20, 2012 Mary Thomas and Stephen Busam, November 10, 2012

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Alumnae Marueen Morley Back ’39, sister of the late Patricia Morley Breen ’43 Marian Rickard Cutter ’45, sister of the late Gertrude Jean Rickard Winter ’47 Patricia Kress Froelicher ’64 Nancy Castellini Hecht ’82, mother of Erin Hecht ’10, sister of Madeleine Castellini Neuner ’88 and aunt of Barbara Castellini ’15 Mary Jane Kammeron ’41, sister of the late Barbara Kammeron Ruby ’54 Nancy Wright Linn ’49 Patricia Kane Paquette ’50, grandmother of Emily Paquette ’16 Martha Hildenbrand Perin ’38, mother-in-law of Tish Perin Gray ’75 Jane Metz Rich ’55, sister of Mary Metz Haines ’51 and the late Joan Metz Cahall ’55 Emmanuella Villari Saner ’60 Rita Newbold Taylor ’67, mother of Jessica Taylor Kepple ’96 and Megan Taylor ’99, sister of Lisa Newbold McClain ’77

In memoriam

Elaine Leisgang, mother of Nikki ’93 and Michelle ’95 Leisgang Edna Lohre, mother of Rachel Lohre Bellini ’94 Charles Magness, husband of Mary Jean Kuhlman Magness ’48 John Maycox, grandfather of Jamey Pope Stout ’95 Robert McCall, husband of Kitty Lawler McCall ’58 Robert McCarthy, father of Molly McCarthy Vollmer ’69, Christina McCarthy ’69 and father-in-law of Mary EllenWesterfield McCarthy ’76 William McNeal, brother of Rachel McNeal ’11 and grandson of Mary Ann Feldhues Sheatzley ’44 Donald Meismer, father of Denise Meismer ’91 and Jennie Meismer Gruber ’97 Edward Moran, grandfather of Colleen Pater ’03 Agnes Morand, mother of Sue Morand Schmidt ’67 and grandmother of Shari Schmidt Steinhaus ’91 Jeanne Murib, grandmother of Elise Sexton ’08 Andrew Murphy, brother of Julie Murphy ’77 Joseph Obermeyer, husband of Barbara Bail Obermeyer ’51 and grandfather of Claire Conarroe ’15 Mary Alexander, mother of Lisa Alexander Reilly ’78 and Margaret Alexander ’85 Harry Oelerich, father of Janice Oelerich Zimmer ’70 Celia Andrews, grandmother of Carling ’10 and Madison Andrews ’12 Kevin Ormond, brother of Maureen Ormond Dorsey ’62 and Chris Ormond Hoffman ’69 Marie Angner, grandmother of Meredith Angner Shepherd ’98, Meghan ’02 Betty Overberg, grandmother of Sarah Overberg ’16 and Kenzie Angner ’05 and Ashley Haskamp ’04 Gail Palazzolo, mother of Lynne Palazzolo ’81 and the late Marita Palazzolo Gerwe ’78 Peter Augsburger, grandfather of Hannah Augsburger ’13 Louis Perrino, grandfather of Sarah Perrino Priestle ’99, Margaret ’01 and Genny ’05 Perrino Dick Benken, grandfather of Claire Benken ’14 Auline Puckett, grandmother of Angela Visconti Harger ’00, Ashley Visconti Mackey ’03 Joseph Bochenek, father of Kate Bochenek ’90 and Andrea Visconti O’Brien ’05 Stanley Boemker, father of Terri Boemker Lewis ’80 William Rankin, grandfather of Ellen Habel ’11 Jerry Bollen, father of Heather Bollen ’90 and son-in-law of Regina Mills Kesterson ’41 Edward Redmond, grandfather of Nicki Redmond ’15 and father-in-law of Lynn Bonnett, mother of Susan Bonnett Haverland ’84 and Lee Bonnett Klinzing ’90 Jennifer Hogan Redmond ’84 Paul Brinker, grandfather of Krista Brinker ’09 Frank Reilly, husband of Toni Nicholas Reilly ’57 Edna Brinkman, mother of Amy Brinkman Whitaker ’78 and grandmother of Claire Whitaker ’09 Margaret Riehle, grandmother of Jena Moeller ’11 Barbara Jean Carlsson, sister of Joan Evans Clippinger ’63 BC Ciarniello, brother of Carol Ciarniello ’66, Maribeth Ciarniello Buskirk ’68, and Bea Ciarniello Jerry Ries, brother of Sandi Ries McIntosh ’69 Marie Riga, grandmother of Shannon Lively Byerly ’99 Souder ’71, brother-in-law of Lois Lipps Santangelo ’65, Connie Lipps Hertsenberg ’71 Kenneth Roat, father of Fran Roat Stinnett ’65 and Nancy Ritter Ciarniello ’77 and uncle of Lisa Ciarniello ’03 Frank Robertshaw, brother of Betsy Robertshaw Umhofer ’63 and Margaret Robertshaw Stern ’65, Anthony Comarata, grandfather of Emily Sammons ’08 uncle of Molly Robertshaw ’99, Shannon Robertshaw Carroll ’02 and Jennifer Foertsch Zepf ’01 James Czech, father of Debbie Czech ’84 and Adreinne Czech Gibbons ’88 George Rogers, husband of Mary Frances Meyer Rogers ’51, father of Anne Rogers Weinhold ’76, Richard Dehler, grandfather of Tina Stertz Cadavid ’00 Mary Claire Rogers Smoot ’79 and Ellen Rogers Redmond ’80 Vincent Diciero, father of Adele Diciero Ellery ’66 Robert Rosenfeld, husband of Jane Tabar Rosenfeld ’92 and father of Jenny Rosenfeld Jones ’93 Roger Dorn, grandfather of Maggie Dorn ’00 and Jill Rosenfeld Mokry ’98 Vivian Dunlap, daughter of Maria Lees Dunlap ’05 Richard Roth, grandfather of Sarah Roth ’05 and father-in-law of Tricia Larmann Roth ’77 John Dunphy, grandfather of Jamie Dunphy ’04 Alma Ryan, grandmother of Anne’10 and Ellen Ryan ’11, mother-in-law of Pat Fraley Ryan ’77 Anthony Durso, father of Trasy Durso ’79 Michael Sansone, brother of Julie Sanzone ’99 Robert Efkeman, brother of Sr. Margie Efkeman, O.S.U. ’64 Kevin Schlake, son of Donna Schubeler Schlake ’57, brother of Lisa Schlake ’99 Amor Emmert, grandfather of Betsy Emmert ’11 and father-in-law of Marianne Scott Emmert ’77 and nephew of Kay Schubeler Woebkenberg ’56 and Linda Schubeler Linde ’68 Barbara Evans, mother of Suzi Evans Lipps ’85 Dorothy Schoettinger, step-mother of Julie Schoettinger Chimenti ’79 and Tressa Schoettinger Jane Foertsch, grandmother of Jennifer Foertsch Zept ’01 Leahy ’82, step-grandmother of Kara ’04, Ellen ’08, Mary Margaret ’11 Habel and Leah Randall ’08 Hal Franke, grandfather of Ellen Franke ’11 Virginia Schuster, mother of Laurie Schuster Rennekamp ’71 and Lynn Schuster Jamison ’73 Theodore Gardner, grandfather of Ellie ’13 and Kate Gardner ’15 Margaret Shaffer, grandmother of Megan Shaffer ’15 and Daniele Conners Brown ’97, Robert Gehring, grandfather of Kate Gehring Erdel ’00 great-grandmother of Caitlyln Blair ’14 Frances Gray, grandmother of Kaitlyn Gray ’16 Walter Shaffer, grandfather of Daniele Conners Brown ’97 and Megan Shaffer ’15, Donal Griffith, grandfather of Kristin Jones Klemmer ’99 and Kara Jones Louis ’03 great-grandfather of Caitlyn Blair ’14 Walter Hadley, grandfather of Megan Hadley ’13 Carl Shinkle, father of Angie Shinkle Brock ’86 and Vicki Shinkle Zaya ’92, brother of Timothy Haggerty, husband of Barbara Hauer Haggerty ’57 Jaye Shinkle Frick ’62 Keshya Hammer, sister of Kelly Hammer Christian ’86 Augusta Silver, grandmother of Margo Coley ’95 Albert Hammoor, grandfather of Anne Marie Deye Wessel ’98 Jeanette Soellner, mother of Mary Jane Soellner Selph ’65, Nancy Soellner Federle ’70 Dewey Harden, grandfather of Sarah Harden ’06 and the late Anne Soellner Havekamp ’63 Helen Hartoin, grandmother of Denise Hartoin Reddy ’90, Kelly Hartoin Edmondson ’92, Nellie Steele, mother of Leslie Steele Tennyson ’89 Julie Hartoin ’98, Jennifer Hartoin ’99, Marisa Hartoin ’10, Nicole Hartoin ’03, Mildred Streitmarter, mother of Joyce Streitmarter ’65, Sis Streitmarter Winterhalter ’66, Becky Diers Harmon ’91 and Amy Diers ’00 Linda Streitmarter Corondo ’69 and Sue Streitmarter Shrontz ’71 Lyda Herzog, grandmother of Addie Von Den Benken ’09 Paul Sweeney, father of Katie Sweeney Magenheim ’86 Rita Heyob, mother of Joan Heyob Haynes ’67 Alice Tebben-Menke, grandmother of Ali Menke ’05 Helen Horn, grandmother of Carolyn Horn ’01 Mary Anne Hornung, grandmother of Shannon Hornung Barrow ’97 and Shelley Hornung Williams ’98 Anthony Tedesco, grandfather of Olivia Weyler ’11 William Thurman, grandfather of Francie Thurman ’09 Juanita Hussey, grandmother of Ashleigh Hussey ’01 and Johanna Hussey Mills ’94 Margaret Troescher, grandmother of Anna ’01 and Kate Troescher ’03 Pat Iacobucci, grandfather of Angela Iacobucci ’05 Olive Vance, grandmother of Kristin Vance ’98 Gladys and Samuel Ionna, grandparents of Jackie ’06, Jenna ’08 and Kelly Ionna ’11 Mark Vilaboy, brother of Michelle Vilaboy Palazzolo ’77 and Maria Vilaboy ’79 and Bethany Ionna ’04 Ralph Vilardo, father of Susan Vilardo ’73 and Judy Vilardo Hackmeister ’75 Albert Jackson, grandfather of Becca Habel ’03 Rose Mary Vollman, grandmother of Megan Wilson Kingdon ’02 Harold Jackson, grandfather of Emily Gruesser ’10 Mary Carol Walters, sister of Eileen Walters Gruber ’49, aunt of Mary Jo Gruber Haverkamp ’72 Albert Jacobs grandfather of Jennifer Hartoin ’99 and Jill Jacobs ’12 and Nancy Kemper Gruber ’72 Joseph Jeffcott, grandfather of Michelle Jeffcott-Pera ’96 and father-in-law of the late Dorothy Whetstone, grandmother of Monica ’05 and Jaime DeFazzio ’07 Deanna Beimesche Jeffcott ’60 Marvin Wing, grandfather of Amie Wing Haller ’89 and Carrie Wing Herron ’92 Harry Kaiser, brother of Jean Kaiser Slattery ’41, Gladys Kaiser Hartmann ’43, Patsy Wolverton, mother of Nicole Wolverton Iles ’95 Grace Kaiser Hartmann ’43 and Doris Kaiser Meyer ’47, grandfather of Rachel Kaiser ’14 Richard Youngpeters, father of Cheryl Youngpeters Caldwell ’93 Frances Kiehfuss, mother of Pat Kiehfuss Pulskamp ’67 Karl Zilch, grandfather of Betsy ’12 and Molly ’16 Zilch Howard Knueven, grandfather of Tori Knueven ’12 Jim Yost, father of Lynne Yost Farmer ’88 Stefan Kurzhals, father of Melissa Kurzhals Rucker ’91 Edith Yuellig, grandmother of Keight Yuellig ’11 Jerry Lane, father of Mary Jo Lane ’74

Family Members of Alumnae and Students


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Future Students and Donors to Reap the Rewards of Planned Giving T

he future is even brighter in 2013 for upcoming St. Ursula Academy students. Last year we reported in the spring magazine that we had formed a Planned

Giving and Endowment Committee. Through the dedication of this group led by Pete Kimener, a past parent and current board member, we have secured seven new planned gifts since July, 2012 which brings us to a total of forty-four planned gifts. These gifts will someday be a welcome addition to our Endowment Fund, which helps to provide financial assistance for students who qualify. This fund can and does change the outcome for young women who would not be able to attend SUA without financial help. Kimener said “This is a great beginning but there is much to do in the new year! In order to help our current families and those young girls who would like to attend St. Ursula, we will have to make even greater strides in the coming year.” The committee is tackling that challenge by cultivating friends, making calls and looking for interested people. The group meets officially two or three times a year

These individuals are among those who have stated their intention to make a Planned Gift: L-R Pat McCormick Buckley ‘68, Lelia Keefe Kramer ’77, Mary Kay Pastura Hauser ‘68, Pete Kimener, and Steve Dreyer

as a committee and its members meet individually and work via email with the Advancement team and specifically, Judy Sandquist, Director of Planned Gifts. What is a planned gift? A planned gift is simply the process of making a charitable donation in a manner that can financially benefit both the donor and the students of St. Ursula Academy. Planned Giving is a process of charitable, legal, financial, and tax planning that enhances your support of St. Ursula Academy and at the same time enables you to address other financial and estate planning issues while making a gift. Planned gifts include outright gifts, bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and life insurance just to name a few. One of the easiest gifts to make is a simple bequest and it takes no time at all. It is a matter of making an addition to your will adding St. Ursula Academy as the beneficiary of a gifted amount or a percentage of your assets. Is this something you would like to learn more about? Judy Sandquist at St. Ursula will be happy to assist you in exploring the various options and explain how you can leave a legacy or start a named scholarship fund. Please contact her at: Judy Sandquist at or call 513-961-3410, ext. 151 When completing any planned gift, you should always consult your own legal and financial advisors to help you determine if such a gift is appropriate for your own particular circumstances.

Visit “SUA Alumnae Association” on Facebook for news about SUA and our alumnae


Saint Ursula Academy

Non-profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE

1339 East McMillan Street


Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 Phone: (513) 961-3410

Cincinnati, Ohio Permit No. 1224

Fax: (513) 961-3856

You are invited as St. Ursula Academy welcomes nationally acclaimed author and learning disabilities expert

Anne Ford

Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 p.m. St. Ursula Academy Keller Student Center Bell and McMillan Streets - Cincinnati St. Ursula is proud to present a presentation and book signing by Anne Ford, an expert on raising children with learning disabilities. She has authored several books that address the issue and help parents with tools and strategies to help their children surmount their learning disabilities to achieve great success. She has great stories and great perspective because she has lived the experience by raising a daughter with a learning disability. Her presentation is from the point of view of a parent. Ms. Ford will give an overview of the issues involved with parenting a child with LD from the initial diagnosis through helping an adult child with LD.  She will reference her books, which address various issues and insights. She will answer questions after her presentation. A book signing is scheduled for the end of the event and books will be available on site. Please share this invitation with any friends or colleagues who may find the information helpful. The event is open to the public. Ms. Ford has co-authored three books with John-Richard Thompson. The first book was Laughing Allegra: The Inspiring Story of a Mother’s Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter with Learning Disabilities. Tom Brokaw called this book “a gift for all parents” and Barbara Walters said, “It’s an inspiring story that any parent can relate to.” Her second book, On Their Own: Creating an Independent Future for your Adult Child with LD and ADHD. On Their Own addresses a wide range of topics, including employment and interaction with employers and co-workers, social skills and dating, and estate planning. The book also includes exclusive interviews with prominent individuals who have surmounted their learning disabilities to achieve great success. Her third book, called A Special Mother: Getting Through the Early Days of a Child’s Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders. This book was written to help mothers deal with emotional upheaval and confusion of finding out their child has learning disabilities.

Jessica Linck ’92 and Alumnae Director Stephanie Schuckman ’92 at their 20 year reunion last fall.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for more exciting Upcoming Events at SUA

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 11a.m. Golden Grads Mass & Luncheon with celebrant Fr. Bill Verbryke, S.J. - welcoming the newest golden alums, the class of 1963!

Homecoming Reunion Weekend 2013 September 27-28, 2013 Friday Night: Bulldog Boutique Saturday: Homecoming Tours, Activities and Mass at 4 p.m. in the SUA Chapel. Class parties are encouraged after Mass.

Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 3 p.m. Alums & Friends annual Christmas Tea - please note Sunday date change due to late Thanksgiving in 2013. Homecoming weekend

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