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“SEXY is only as good as the woman using it.” Monica Chai, 2011

INTERVIEWING... The Interviewer!! Talking With ChanelRae McFadzean Well this is a rather exciting time!! The Maverick had just finished setting up a account, and was roaming around in it learning, reading, connecting... know, the norm. I came across a name that seemed so fimiliar to me..."pqchanel". "I know this name?! Why do I know this name?!" Then it hit me... "THE RED CARPET HERO!! CHANEL RAE!" Straight out of the BRONX, NEW YORK. N.O.E. TV did a 'Behind The Scenes' spot on her awhile back. This video popped up everywhere,,,, even!! Chanel Rae, Journalist, InTOUCH Weekly, LEGION Media Group and the Maverick has to say it, "Sexy As Hell!!" Okay, that was unprofessional, but true non the less. This is one of those ladies momma use to tell you to PLEASE bring home. Highly intelligent, Strong willed, Driven to be the BEST, Loving heart and 'WwoowW' will you marry me beautiful!! It doesn't get any better than this! Well, after about an hour of pondering the question, I took a chance and asked her to do an interview for STYLZ速 Magazine. SURPRISE!! She said, "YES". Now picture this... The Maverick interviewed, the interviewer. Think about it, how unique is this. I didn't want to take up too much of her gotta understand, this is a VERY busy lady. CAM: So ChanelRae, how is it hanging? ChanelRae: I'm good.. still on my quest to conquer the world. CAM: Were you born and raised in the Bronx? ChanelRae: Nope, born in the bronx, raised on long island in a small town named Central Islip.

CAM: You have interviewed a lot of well known individuals. I didn't see the interview, but my editor told me you went toe to toe with Uncle Rush (Russell Simmons)!! How did you manage that? No one has been able to do that, well, except his ex. ChanelRae: Yes.. besides all my marketing and PR endeavors, I still freelance for In Touch weekly and I've gotten to interview Russell on numerous occasions. He is a great guy, that doesnt take shit from anyone. kinda like me, lol CAM: No doubt! I read somewhere, that your name “The Red Carpet Hero� was given to you by the Black Entertainment Television. (BET) Any truth to that? ChanelRae: Yes.. it was because of an interview i did with Russell.. i was doing research on Madonna and A-rod during their alleged affair and i asked russell his take on it. he told me he didnt care.. then i asked if their was any truth to the $250,000 a month he had to pay in child support. he cussed at me and we had a little back and forth. was standing beside me and asked if they can use my interview in their write up and dubbed me the red carpet hero. CAM: You started your career at the top, for real! Who was your first interview? What was that like? ChanelRae: My first interview was of Hillary Clinton. It was soo scary. I always wanted to be in politics and here i am interviewing a Clinton. i was 15 (editor of my high school paper at the time) and nervous as hell. So much so I stood up to ask my question at the press conference and dropped all my notes. She was sooo great, she came over and helped me pick them up. I was too embarrassed, but the interview went well after all that! CAM: You keep it grounded as well. You don't just interview the BIGGEST names in the biz, you also interview those that are on the road to success. Tell me about a few of them. ChanelRae: hmmm im a cross over girl so i've interviewed everyone to Heidi Klum, to Akon, to Diddy, to Brody Jenner and Jadakiss.

CAM: Is there anything that you refuse to report about? ChanelRae: Definitely not. I am nosy by nature! CAM: Who is your HERO in journalism? ChanelRae: Wendy Williams. She is my former boss and mentor. She gave all of us the courage to ask what we really want! it is not the question you ask, but how! CAM: How did the Legion Media Group get established? ChanelRae: My partner, Ian Freeman, and I started a magazine at Pace University. We use to throw events for the magazine. We did a fashion show for the NAACP with Melyssa Ford that got great press for a college event. So much so they asked us to do a larger one for their centennial in times square in 2009. that show got national press from seventeen magazine, usa today, the new york post and more. two of the designers were so amazed, they asked us to do PR for them. Since then our 2 man company grew into a staff of 15 in NYC a west coast office in Vegas and now opening a division in LA. we are truly blessed as all of our clients have come based on referrals. CAM: I know you have a lap full of work on you, so is there anything that you would like to tell the readers and fans of The Red Carpet Hero? ChanelRae: People either love me or hate me. Some people take my assertive behavior as abrasive, but i'm just to the point and i'm always willing to help someone so dont be afraid to ask! CAM: ChanelRae McFadzean, a true journalist! ChanelRae is known to be a great asset in the world of REAL journalism. She gets the job done, she never gives up....EVER! Those that have spoken about her, say that she has a heart of platinum. Be on the look out for all things ChanelRae!! Keep It 200%, Anything Else Is A Crime!! - C.A.MAVERICK

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HIP HOP PRINCESS BE! MAGAZINE PHOTO SHOOT Written by Jazzy F. Baby Hip Hop princess Angela Simmons has got a new photo spread in BE! Magazine. The shoot is topless yet tasteful. Angela's photo shoot has been making headlines, where people are asking was it a bit too sexy for her image. We all know Rev Run is very hands on with his children so I am sure he had input about the photos. I do feel the shoot was very classy despite being topless, I mean there were no nipples popping out. I also wonder if Bow Wow and Angela are back together, since he made comments on twitter about being there because the camera man could have been a perv. The two could just be very good friends. Check out more of Angela Simmons sexy photo shoot in BE! Magazine:| The Blog Site Supporting African Americans & Our Supporters in Entertainment. Listen & Download Free Hip-Hop R&B Music, Videos, Fashion, Celebrity News, Twitter. @itsJazzyFBaby

Peace. Love. Unity.

Strength. Harmony.

Taylor Rose

“Beauty is not just looks, It comes from within as well as confidence. By being comfortable with myself I am secure with the flaws and all.� - Taylor Rose, 2011

Monica Chai

Isabella (Yang Qihan)

19 years-old Chinese actress Isabella (Yang Qihan) has been called the hottest soccer babe of history for this sexy photo shoot.

Isabella or Yang Qihan (chinese: 杨棋涵) is a Chinese actress born on December 22, 1991 in Shandong province.

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