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We’re Still in Business. Now What? by Jeff Pulford

Jan and Artie took their first weekend off in years. It was September of 2010 and they felt they needed to re-evaluate their salon PRoFESSIoNAL CREAM HAIRCoLoR business, and their life … a “retreat weekend” was in order. Te ch n o l o g y E m b ra c i n g N a t u r e ® They met as high school sophomores in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, a small PRoFESSIoNAL CREAM HAIRCoLoR community on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. They enjoyed life, hated school and didn’t much care about the future. They were smart, adventuresome, and as it turned out, very talented. Bill (Jan’s Dad), watched as Artie and friends celebrated with Jan on her 21st ™ Cost Effective 3.5 oz / 100g Tubebirthday in the usual, crazy way. The next day, he cautiously asked about their future plans. After a typical non-committal answer, • Cost Effective 3.5oz. - $5.50 he asked if they would be interested in the • Sulfate-Free Haircolor beauty business. All Nutrient Intro • Lowest Levels of Ammonia Jan’s Dad recommended a private beauty including 22 tubes of color college that specialized in training colorists. • Even Distribution of Color $159.00 Three years later, they were the proud Total Value $310.40 Deposit and Intensity owners of J & A Salon in Tucson, Arizona. Jan and Artie put their all into business, We Are Certifiably attracting good employees and booth renters. ™ Cost Effective 3.5 oz / 100g They Tubeleased a space in a neighborhood of Organic! middle class working families. The quality of their work was superb and they prospered. All Nutrient Try Me Deal includes 5 color and developer But then, the recession of 2008 hit, which Artie described as a disaster for them. How$20.00 ever, being tenacious, they worked harder, cut Offer Organic Haircolor in Your Salon. every possible expense, laid off unproductive Your Customers are Asking for It! employees, and kept their best booth renters. As their retreat weekend approached, they were tired, a little scared, and confused about Prolana what 2011 would bring. That first night, they Lacquer decided to try a fresh approach and called $2.95 Jan’s Dad, Bill. It was he who had recommended the beauty industry, helped a little Prolana Lacquer financially and they trusted him. Collections Colorful Seasons Flat Iron Bill owned an insurance agency dedicated 2 each of 6 colors to the beauty business and was thrilled to be $35.00 $36.00 each asked to provide the counsel they desired. He HerStyler knew Jan and Artie could use some business Iron Holder insights to be successful in the coming, dif$8.00 ficult years. The simpler ride of easy money Head Organics Black Box Deal from plentiful clients was over. It was back to all for only basics. He explained that their artistic skills Forever Flat Iron $45.00 were a given, but that good business practices, adjustable heat control up to 400° ethics, and a fail-safe insurance program $35.00 2000 Watt Dryer would help set their salon apart, and attract $50.00 and keep good clients. Bill flew out to Tucson, intent on helping Jan and Artie. He got right to work, reviewing their financials, business practices and Check Out Our Class Schedule for So.Cap. Certification procedures, and completed a salon inspection. The three started a list of things important to the business that included: So. Cap. Pacific Northwest Beauty Supplies • People: Themselves, salon workers, refer303 E. 2nd Ave. Spokane, WA • • 509.465.4795 rals, friends, distributors, and vendors. • Financial: Accounting, profit and loss, Open Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm pricing of services, costs of running a busi-


Te ch n o l o g y E m b ra c i n g N a t u r e



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ness, lawsuits, catastrophes, disability, and workers compensation. • General: Marketing, advertising, education, health and welfare. • Clients: They focused a lot of their discussions on their salon clients. Artie and Jan decided their clients chose their stylist because they liked them and their work, had pricing they could afford, and offered reliability, and convenience. They noted that in this down economy, their customers were watching every dollar; and in the wake of some local stories in which customers had been harmed by beauty services, clients were more mindful of safety concerns. The three of them developed a goal of offering an oasis of comfort and safety in their professional salon. They made a list and reviewed solutions to achieve this goal. • Pricing: A simple-to-understand menu, sensitive to what clients can afford to pay. • Money: Make it easy for clients to pay. Cash (change ready and safety precautions in place). Credit Cards and Debit Cards (make sure the salon’s credit card vendor is easy, safe, and inexpensive. Other (these are hard times, consider options such as trade and payment plans). • Insurance: Clients must and should know real protection is available. General Liability for slip and falls, products sold, and lease compliance. Professional Liability covering the salon and its employees, including off premises events like weddings. Booth renters must obtain their own insurance policies. They are independent business people. They need to protect themselves and their clients and not expect the salon to do so. Property and loss of income coverage is also important. • Health and Safety: Salons are full of plumbing, electrical devices, and chemicals. Inspect, clean and verify safety. Also, ensure the salon staff doesn’t transmit flu or colds to each other and/or clients. Within a week, every task on the list was completed. The electrical and plumbing issues were repaired. They updated their money procedures and insurance. The salon was clean and safe, well-marked with the bathrooms spotless. Aside from their time, the total cost was $522 including $318 for electrical and plumbing. Jan and Artie were elated, confident they would keep their current clients and excited about their next project. Looks like 2011 is going to be a great year! Jeff Pulford is the owner of Pulford Insurance headquartered in Salinas, CA. Thirty-seven years experience insuring salons and spas, independent stylists, beauty colleges, and barbers has given Jeff a unique perspective on the importance of business acumen that distinguishes the financially successful salon professional. Jeff can be reached at 831-758-9449 or

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In this issue... Reflection and Progression 6


Blue Highways

Beauty Business Buzz

Owning a business is like any other long-term commitment and you should be both nervous and excited about embarking on this journey. If you have not re-evaluated your business plan in the last few years – it is time.

The Nail Extension

It is important to know that basic skills provide the foundation for our services, as beauty professionals. Without mastering these basic skills, it is possible that our clients could do a better job, even as amateurs.

10 Esthetic Endeavors

Start-up businesses are much like raising a child from birth to adulthood with all the stress and challenges. Read Judith Culp’s article on tips to help your business endure and be more profitable.

We’re Still in Business, Now What? . . 3 Blue Highways . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Grow Your Passion . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Beauty Business Buzz . . . . . . . . . . 6 Mane Objective . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 The Nail Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Esthetic Endeavors . . . . . . . . . . 10 Washington Board News . . . . . . . 12 Oregon Board News. . . . . . . . . . 14 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 Off the Top. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 What’s New in the Market . . . . . . 19

On the cover... Wella Professionals Trend Vision 2011

With the outstanding talents of Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman and Josh Wood, Wella Professionals unveil Trend Vision 2011 – an exciting and dynamic portfolio of trends that will set the pace for next season. Renowned and respected as two of the industries’ shining stars, they make an inspiring and inspirational duo working alongside the Wella Professionals Creative Team.

Jerry Tyler

Towards the end of each year, I like to take a moment to reflect. The year always seems to wind down differently than how I had imagined at its start. One of my favorite quotes is, “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” – Bill Keane. Each new day or New Year gives us the opportunity to take stock of the lessons we have learned. We can apply these learned lessons today as a “pay it forward” toward a different future. Many of the tried and true ways of dealing with life and business have been forever changed by recent economic conditions. The key to realizing true abundance is to see the world around us through new eyes, and then to act on our vision to improve our world. To some, looking at things from a different perspective may seem uncomfortable at first. We may even experience some pain or uneasiness in this new process. After all, as we flex our new muscles and move in new directions, we may experience “growing pains.” I enjoy visiting beauty schools, colleges and salon academies. My experience in speaking and mentoring our new beauty industry professionals has helped me see a change in the landscape as who is entering our industry, and why. The largest growing portion is those who are leaving corporate America and are embracing our profession as a second or third career path. They can see, while we are not recession proof, we are definitely recession resistant. They also see our industry’s uncanny ability to adapt and even grow in these challenging times. What these new industry professionals add to our artistry and technical skills is their business and corporate backgrounds, as well

as their education. While this is a new and challenging next chapter in the book of their lives, they are not starting over, but taking the next big step in the path to a higher level. So many of them have become disillusioned by the lack of personal and professional fulfillment in corporate America. They see a potential for growth in our industry, as well as an opportunity for a more fruitful and meaningful result for their efforts. What they see in this career path is the result of years of hard work and evolution of our industry as a whole. They are benefiting from what many in our industry worked for years to attain. So much of what we do is driven by creativity and artistry, and this may be the one area that eluded them in their past pursuits. Allowing passion to drive them towards their desired goals is an attractive proposition, and, after all, it is passion that has always driven our industry. It seems that whenever we hit a dead end, it forces us to take stock of how we got lost in the first place. It is usually because of a lack or loss of passion for what we are trying to achieve. Possibly, we lost our love for the goal we were trying to attain. Passion is the purpose behind the true rewards we all seek. While the future remains unseen, we strive to reach the goals that lay before us. We can be certain that, if we treat each day as a new beginning and act accordingly, we will move towards our goals. By building on the lessons learned from the past, we, along with our new colleagues, can create an abundant present and future, both personally and professionally. Jerry Tyler’s column Blue Highways is his “Road Less Traveled” perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. Jerry Tyler has been a stylist since 1975 serving as the former artistic director for Vidal Sassoon Academy and currently as Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair salons. He is also a licensed cosmetology instructor and has served as President of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

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ISSE Long Beach 2011 International Fashion Theater The International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) will be held Jan. 29 – Jan. 31, 2011 in the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California. As one of the most popular aspects of ISSE Long Beach, the International Fashion Theater (IFT) brings together the industry’s top stars for some inspiring presentations. With an international emphasis on beauty and fashion, you will experience the work of hairstylists and creative teams such as: Charlie Price; Karg + Blackwell; Kim Vo, Martin Parsons; Nick Arrojo; the RUSK Creative Team; Sandra Yu; The Sassoon Academy Creative Team; and Japan’s Team J. ISSE Long Beach 2011 will continue to feature the Technical Theater, Hands-On Education and the Latino Fashion Theater. More than 160 Complimentary Education classes will cover everything from hair, nails, skin and business practices. Continuing Education credits will again be offered for licensed massage therapists (CE credits - $25.00). To purchase tickets and for additional information regarding ISSE Long Beach and ISSE Midwest (March 26 - 28, 2011 in Chicago) go to


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Challenge Yourself to Break the Routine and Grow Your Passion By Damien Carney Having a routine in both your professional and personal life is important, but too much of the same thing doesn’t keep your energy flowing. To keep my passion alive, I challenge myself to break my routines in different ways. I keep my creativity flowing by being aware of my surroundings. Slow down just a bit as you go about day-to-day activities and observe what’s around you. I turn to people, architecture, nature, objects and the media for inspiration. Really look at someone or something and “see” the shapes, lines and irregularities. Beauty is all around us – really open you eyes and mind. I stay current with fashion and trends by subscribing to a variety of hair and fashion magazines. The desire to stay current will keep you motivated. Remember fashion changes so quickly that if you blink, you’ll miss a decade. Use this information to stimulate yourself and your clients. All types of clients love to know what’s the “hot” new thing and you need to be able to tell them. Taking my observations, I then invest in what I feel is the most imperative way to stay passionate – continuing to learn. I learn from my colleagues and students

The e y to us As eas ryer d as a

every time I attend an event or teach. Invest in yourself. Spend money to make money – education, education and education. I take what I learn technically and give it my own spin using elements from my observations. To make education affordable, I make a plan. Find what works for you. For example, save some of your tips to invest in educational events at least twice a year. Attend events that motivate you to become better, both professionally and personally. In today’s economy, we all need to stay sharp and focused to be competitive. I have to do hair better than ever before. I enhance my skills through education at industry events and trade shows such as the International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, Cosmoprof North America, PBA Symposium, and the North American Hairstyling Awards. Seminars and classes from various media outlets, distributors and the professional associations are also great sources. I also turn to websites, magazines and social media from within and outside of the beauty industry for

ideas. The one thing I have learned is that if I don’t make the time, it will never happen. I always write down my plans and check them off when done. I feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I pass on to my clients. We are busy, but to be successful you have to make the time and invest in yourself. Once you have attended a show, go back and experiment with what you have learned. This will keep you moving forward. Sharpen your techniques and the way you view See Damien Carney at the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach (Jan. 29 – 31, 2011) and Midwest (March 26 – 28) shows as he emcee’s the International Fashion Theater.

things. It’s great to challenge yourself to change a little bit of something when your client sits in the chair. Clients leave a stylist or salon because they get “bored.” Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Talk to clients about staying fresh. They love it! Remember you’re the expert. That’s why they’re coming to you and not

the salon next door. Also, don’t be afraid to charge a little extra for the “new or special technique” you’ve learned. This is another way to cover your educational expenses. Continually apply your new ideas and techniques. There’s no point in learning, if you don’t apply what you learned. Don’t slip back into your routine ways of doing hair. Keep your favorite elements of design, but update them. Invigorate them with simple changes. Read and learn new ways of expressing looks and trends or develop your own language. That’s the sheer joy in being a stylist. You can cultivate your own signature looks and words to describe them. How fun! When the wheel of education stops, it can be difficult to restart, but not impossible. Continually exercise your mind and your hair skills regularly and then reap the rewards. Learning something different can be challenging, but when we master it with a bit of practice, it becomes easier. Practice makes perfect, and your passion will thrive with your courage and confidence. Damien Carney, celebrity stylist and International Creative Director, is one of the most accomplished hairstylists in the industry today. For creative ideas and educational events, visit Damien’s website at and follow him on

Next Big Thing for Salons e Befor


s Week 7 r e t Af

s Week 8 2 r Afte

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Breathe Life into Your Business Plan Beauty Business Buzz Charlene Abretske

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR LOCAL BEAUTY NEWS? NEW! Regional News Only Available Online • Local Salon Profiles and Events • Beauty School Happenings • Educational Events • Distributor News • and more...


Do you remember when you first sat down and created your business plan? You may have been a bit apprehensive. After all, this was a new business, and this was your first time creating this type of document. Considering “what ifs” that may crop up with any long-term commitment can be stressful. Owning a business is like any other long-term commitment and you should be both nervous and excited about embarking on this journey. If you have not re-evaluated your business plan in the last few years – it is time. Your business plans should be a living, breathing, workable document that you refer to often to keep you centered about decisions you make for your business. We all know other things end up taking precedence over pulling out paperwork and making sure to correct a plan when we are not sure we can adhere to it. In order to lead our businesses, we must be in charge of what the desired outcome of success is. If we leave our businesses to be run by day-to-day circumstances, we are doomed to become volunteer firefighters instead of business owners. We would continually only find time or the leadership capability to respond in crisis mode. Do you make your best choices when you are in crisis mode? True leadership occurs when you see yourself straying off track, but are able to adjust and stay on track. Achieve this by preparing and training yourself and your team to react to challenges correctly. Here are the key areas to evaluate to resuscitate your business plan: 1. What changes in the marketplace have affected you? If you wrote your plan five years ago, most likely everything is different now than it was then. Most small businesses ran on credit that suddenly dried up. Some of your customers are no longer able to purchase the services they would like to, or perhaps you find yourself having to work harder for less. All of these contribute to your ability to run an effective business and make a profit. Write a detailed list of the financial items that have contributed to you not having the success you desire. Until you get them on paper, they may not seem relevant. 2. What do you know now that you did not know then? Give yourself some credit and pat yourself on the back for this one. We all go into relationships with an optimistic outlook, and the relationship between you and your business is no exception. The experience of weathering adversity in a tough economic climate is not the lesson any of us wanted to go through. However, the lessons you have to

learn sometimes only become relevant when you have experienced adversity firsthand. Pull out that profit projection from your business plan, correct the items that were created when you had the “rose colored glasses” on, and see what has been occurring so you can make appropriate adjustments. 3. Where can you be more effective? If you are a salon owner and continue to produce the majority of sales from your chair, something needs to be changed. Does Bill Gates still make computers in his garage? NO. He effectively automated his operation and you can too. Effective leaders manage their teams and create standards for them, while giving them the tools to be successful. You cannot do everything yourself, and if you currently are, you are holding your business back. What happens if you or someone close to you has an illness that forces you to be less involved than you currently are? Illness and care giving to family members are two very common scenarios that will take you away from being the top operator very quickly. Critically important is designing your business plan to account for the proper amount of training and evaluation for your team to succeed. 4. Get the help you need. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, right? If you are not sure where to begin reworking your business plan, spend some time with a professional salon consultant or coach who will push you past your comfort zone. We all like to be comfortable, but success does not occur unless you try something new. Getting down to the basics of the numbers with a consultant you trust, and who knows what does work, can and will breathe new life into your relationship with your business plan. Seeking the answers you need from someone who is prepared to help you is something successful salon owners should always be doing. 5. What can I change easily to affect my bottom line? There are many opportunities to save on costs by using technology. Are you taking advantage of them? There is a lot of free education now offered via the internet for business as well as technical skills for salons. Training that may have cost hundreds can now be downloaded for use for much less. Cut your printing costs for marketing drastically by using email blasts and social networking. Clients can book online, cutting some of your labor cost, etc. Try several different strategies and see what works for your business. Getting to know and adapt your business plan is an ongoing process. We did not get into the beauty industry to write business plans, but adjusting yours to a changing world can help you flourish. Charlene Abretske is an independent business advisor. To reach her email or call (760)453-1882.

Turning Holiday Momentum into New Year Dollars The Mane Objective Marco Pelusi

Have you been experiencing a bit of New Year burnout from all the “holiday hair?” Yep, I get it. I have as well. It is the same big push every year, and it takes a lot out of us hairdressers. We put 100 percent of our energy into meeting our clients’ needs. We thoroughly commit ourselves to showing them our goodwill by supporting and celebrating them. This makes them happy, and happy clients translate into a profitable holiday season for us. I hope this worked for you in 2010. I hope you had a smashingly prosperous holiday season, even during this recuperating economic time. Now, here is the kicker. You need to sustain that holiday momentum, bringing new and exciting energy to your existing clients, and attracting new clients in this new year. Every one of your clients will probably tell you some version of the same thing. They ate too much over the holidays, or it was a stressful and possibly a sad or depressing time for them. They needed your help to get through the season by keeping them looking and feeling good. Now, they need your help and revival in the new year. Let’s do it - let’s “refresh and renew” each client in your chair this year. Any way you slice it, you really have to muster up the energy to rejuvenate your clients by re-beautifying them in 2011, and, you can do it. The key is to capitalize on successful, ongoing momentum from the recent holidays, so that you can remain profitable this critical first quarter of 2011. Start by talking to your staff or coworkers about sustaining the holiday buzz and maintaining the jubilation. Don’t let the energy fade. What you do in the first several days of January can set the tone for the bottom line of your business, lingering through what is considered “the blahs” in the industry, January and February. Coordinated with building up a rejuvenation theme is offering fresh, new services to your clients. It is a very good time of year to do so. To start, every single client who sits in your chair should receive some form of hair color service, even if it is just a few highlights accented around the face. This one revival strategy has really worked for me this time of year. In addition, stop and think about it; you have been working with some of your clients for years now. The real question is, are you worth making more money this year? If you

do not feel confident that you are, what is the problem? Is there a lack of self-esteem? Perhaps you have settled a bit too much. Whatever is holding you back, remember that being a part of the beauty business does steadily become more expensive to maintain. We have to offer new and different hair services that are worth more in order for us to keep up. Revitalize yourself and improve your color skills by enrolling in a hair color class in the start of the new year. Do not hesitate. Chances are if you are not doing it, someone else is, and they will reap the rewards. I would be glad to have you in one of my color courses. Maybe that something extra you learn means you are offering more services in your salon, such as add-on services like makeup or brow waxing. Whatever you have to do in order to revive and renew your clients in this new ayear is worth the investment of both your time and your money. Moreover, it will come back to you if you put in the effort. Another idea is to offer one late bookingnight each week to your clients. Thursdays seem to be the trend. An honest late night, in which you take your last color appointment as late as seven p.m. You will have to get the word out in order for this to be effective. Do not be afraid to call or email your clients to wish them a happy new year and inform them of your new late work night, and the convenience it offers. A great suggestion is to guide your Saturday clients away from Saturdays and get them into your salon on a weekday. This strategy begins to open up you and your stylists’ schedules on Saturdays, which can be an opportune day for you to take new client walk-ins or call-ins, even at the last minute. I hope your New Year’s Resolution is to renew and revive your clients and yourself, however you see fit. I have given you some suggestions that have been successful for me and can assist you in turning holiday momentum into new year dollars. You will find what works best for you. When you do, share your success revival stories with me on my Facebook wall; search – Marco Pelusi Hair Studio. We want to hear what worked. Allow me to personally invite you to attend my IBS and ISSE shows; I would love to see you there. Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform artist. Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Hair Color in Los Angeles 2009 by KTTV Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition. Pelusi created the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System, the collagen system developed for color and chemically treated hair. For more information, visit READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

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Salon Services Celebrates 30 Years Salon Services, a privately owned wholesale distributor of professional beauty salon products celebrates its 30th year of service in 2011. Led by owners, President Sydney Berry and Vice President George Learned, Salon Services was established with the goal of creating more than just a distributorship- but an industry resource to facilitate opportunities and strengthen industry standards. Now a multiline distributor representing over 19 major product lines throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah, Salon Services continues to provide salons, spas, stylists and skin therapists one-on-one consulting, coaching and an unparalleled level of education and support. Sydney Berry, owner and president of Salon Services, reflects on the legacy she has created, “To witness and behold the growth of the idea of a ‘hairdresser owned distributor serving the hairdresser,’ born thirty years ago, as it came to fruition, is a gift. A gift that you have given to us at Salon Services with your relationships and your business! We continue to pursue new opportunities to bring to the market and strive to preserve our commitment to encouraging personal mastery. Thank you and let the journey continue into the celebration of the next decade!” Located in Renton, Washington, Salon Services & Supplies was founded by hair designers in 1981 Find out more at or call 1-800-251-4247.

beau monde College of Hair Design 1221 SW 12th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97205 503-226-1427 FAX-503-241-2823

Instructor Master Designer Classes

Master Designer Classes Instructor Training Program Women’s Cutting Level 1, 2, and 3

designed for licensed professionals like you who want to take their skills to a new level! Approved for continuing ed by the Oregon Department of Education.

Men’s Cutting/Clipper Multi Cultural Hair Cutting and Finishing Perming/ Texturizing Hair Coloring Level 1, 2, and 3 Long Hair Design Level 1 and 2 Hair Additions Level 1 and 2

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503-226-1427 Financial Aid for those who quality. Institutional scholarships and Ace grants available to those who qualify. 8 | JANUARY 2011 | NORTHWEST STYLIST & SALON

Looking for Teachers to Join Our Team! Call (503) 226-1427 for more information.

Mastering the Basic Skills The Nail Extension Jaime Schrabeck

It is important to know that basic skills provide the foundation for our services, as beauty professionals. Without mastering these basic skills, it is possible that our clients could do a better job, even as amateurs. Before I became a licensed manicurist, I did better work than the professionals I paid as a client, and that‘s not saying much. We train for hours and practice for years; however, it is our mastery of basic skills that sets us apart from our clients and competitors. Regardless of the service, our primary concerns should be safety, quality and consistency. At a minimum, it is our professional responsibility to protect the health and safety of our clients. Consumer protection is the reason most states require licensing, a beauty school education, a written and / or practical examination(s), compliance with regulations, and in some states, continuing education. Without expounding on the efficacy of these requirements, let us agree that while the intent is admirable, in practice they do little to ensure consistent quality. The same is true of the restaurant industry; a restaurant can have an immaculate kitchen and meet the highest standards for food safety, and the food can still taste awful. Likewise, safety is only one feature, albeit the most important, of a quality beauty service. It is ironic that the most basic thing we do as manicurists can have the greatest potential for harm. Filing seems so simple: pick up a file, hold it against the nail and start stroking. However, we first have to decide which file to use. Will it be: paper, wood, Mylar, metal, ceramic or glass? Shall we use a standard seven by three quarter inch file, a block buffer, a custom-shaped file or a drill? How coarse or fine should it be? Disposable or reusable? If it is reusable, can you really disinfect it? How do you hold it? How do you hold the client’s finger? How much pressure should you apply? How fast should you file? How do you avoid the skin surrounding the nail? How do you know when you have filed enough? I could continue, but my point is that choosing the right file for the task, and knowing how to use it safely and efficiently is critical to our work. Remember, using a drill cannot replace our hand-filing skills any more than using a food processor can replace a chef ’s knife skills. Nothing helps develop filing skills faster than working on your own nails. Manicurists should know how it feels to have a friction burn on their nail plate, or a cut to their skin. It is painful. Careless or overly aggressive

filing can lead to serious damage, including infections. Special care is necessary, whether filing on natural nails or removing enhancement products. While in beauty school, students are asked to identify different nail shapes, as if we do not know the difference between round and square. What we do not learn is how to file the desired shape symmetrically and consistently, from the client’s perspective. That is why, when filing the end of fingernails, it is advisable to position the client with a bent elbow and the back of the hand and fingernails facing the manicurist. To save time, shape one nail first and ask the client to approve before proceeding to the remaining nails. The easiest shape to file is a square. As long as the file is positioned perpendicular to the nail at the end and parallel along the sidewalls, it should be straight. However, when the nail plate is not perfectly aligned with the finger, it is the manicurist’s job to file in such a way to make it look as if it were. For more rounded shapes, it is better to establish the length first at the end of the nail, and then shape the sides accordingly. Filing at an angle deep into the sidewalls will weaken the structure of the nail, and can make nails, enhanced ones in particular, look as if they are ready to launch away from the nail bed. In addition, what about nail structure, particularly after applying enhancement products? It is not enough to create a smooth surface. For strength, nail enhancements have to be structured properly to help the nails resist breakage. For a more sleek and natural look, the product should gradually taper toward the base of the nails until flush to the nail plate and taper toward the ends to avoid thickness. Ideally, we should strive to achieve proper structure through judicious and sparing use of product, not excessive filing. (Besides, the “pile and file” approach wastes time, labor, product and money.) Once the proper structure is achieved, it is easy and very time efficient to produce a smooth surface by applying gel top coat. This eliminates the need to graduate file grits from coarse to super fine in order to obtain a scratch-free, shiny finish. Knowing how to buff enhancement products is critical for nail competitions, but it is a completely impractical practice in the salon. To perfect your filing skills, I recommend consulting with nail competitors for file recommendations and procedures that will enable you to achieve great results efficiently and safely. Filing may be basic, but it is far from simple. Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. owns Precision Nails, an exclusive nails-only salon in Carmel, California. She can be reached at READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

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Ten Tips to Help Your Business Endure and Be More Profitable Esthetic Endeavors Judith Culp

People in the esthetics industry are drawn to the aspect of helping people, the artistic demands and the glitter of “owning your own business.” Many come to our industry either with no business background or from a business environment where they were employed. As a result, it is common for estheticians, and others in the cosmetology industry to participate in poor business practices. Small business administration and other studies reflect that small businesses are dif-

ficult maneuvers with high failure rates that mostly stem from misinformation or lack of business training. Start-up businesses are much like raising a child from birth to adulthood with all the stress and challenges. Here are ten tips to help your business endure and be more profitable. 1. Participate in accounting practices but rely on a professional. While it is a simple and important process to do the daily bookkeeping and know what is happening in your business, bypassing help with quarterly or annual accounting and review can be disastrous. Professionals in the accounting and legal professions act in your best interest. They have years of selective education. There are thousands of pages of tax laws and legal implications associated with running a business that change


dictate a change. Budgets for marketing, frequently. You don’t want to be on the wrong allowances for reoccurring debts and projected end of an audit, be charged with operating and realized income are all part of a plan for illegally or miss out on all the legitimate tax success. A good business plan is s pathway to deductions due you. 2. Be cautious about who you go into busi- reach your future goals. It can be modified as times change, but just as we have to make ness with. Much has been written about going into business with friends and family. Crossing plans for a successful vacation, so we have to make plans for a successful business. In either lines between personal and professional case a lack of planning will probably mean we relationships has proven to be detrimental to many businesses and ruined many friendships. end up staying home. 7. Dedicate yourself to continuing business There is an old saying that holds true: the education. If you toughest ship in are going to run a the world to sail company and lack is a partnership. Start-up businesses are much like the appropriate 3. Evaluraising a child from birth to adulthood educational credits ate financial to do so securely, moves based on with all the stress and challenges. sign up for business solid knowledge. classes. Often Owning and the Small Business Administration or your running a business comes with risks that must be taken to succeed. Even though risk-taking is local community college can guide you to an appropriate educational program. Having a never easy, there are calculated risks that must teacher in class to clarify issues and answer be taken to progress. The timing for business questions is critical. decisions that may be deemed risky is rarely 8. Tax-deductible activities require the perfect. What we have to do is evaluate the risk expenditure of money to gain the deduction; and make plans for managing it. they aren’t free. It is a common concept to 4. Use market research based on your spend and deduct. Different activities are unique business niche to determine the deductible at different rates and you have to most cost effective and business generating spend the money first regardless of the benefit devices to purchase. Technology can be a of a deduction. Evaluate the activities open to business builder but over-purchasing can be you and select those that best match your goals a business breaker. Instead consider using the and personal commitments. profits from one new device to nest egg and 9. Continuing education counts. This is purchase the next. Financing purchases can one of your best investments. Continuing be a challenge. Only use a credit card if you education, and/or certification demonstrates can pay it off when the bill arrives. Otherwise your commitment to your profession and is look for alternatives that involve lower interest becoming more recognized by consumers. rates. Be aware of leasing and the long-term People who do not take additional classes to impacts tied to this. Leasing is really long term hone their skills, or who do not belong to propurchasing, not renting. fessional organizations and acquire recognized 5. As a business owner the buck stops with and respected credentials are more likely to you. You can no longer call in sick, accrue vafail. Luck is rarely on the side of the entreprecation time, or have an employer pay half your neur. Luck is on the side of the planner. SSI burden. You are responsible for all of it. If 10. Follow all state and federal guidelines you are sick you should certainly stay home, for paying employees. Hiring office help or but no one will pick up the financial loss. You other staff and paying them under the table is are responsible for all outstanding debts and a recipe for disaster. While it may temporarily making sure the lights will be on when you save you taxes, it only takes one disgruntled arrive the next day. You’re in charge. You are employee to report you for illegal business your own employer. Inconsistent attendance practices to the IRS so they can obtain unemat work, failing to file and pay quarterly sales ployment monies. Dealing with the IRS for tax tax reports, ignoring big and small bills until evasion can ruin a company in short order and you get around to them all represent a recipe the liability for false business practices is high. for failure. You have the opportunity to incur Employ all of these business tips to move a profit or a loss. You are responsible for daily your business safely forward and avoid the marketing of your business and consistently all too common pitfalls based on lack of caring for it. Remember the analogy between information. owning a business and raising a child. You can’t neglect your business any more than a Judith Culp, a CIDESCO Diplomat has been in the esthetics industry since child can be neglected. 1980. A CPCP permanent makeup technician for over 20 years she served a 6. A business plan is the heart of a suc4-year term as a Director for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professioncessful business and it must be tended just as als, two years as their president. She is president of Culp Enterprises Inc. and that child must be. It must be reviewed and CEO of NW Institute of Esthetics. Judy Culp is available for consulting. For updated at least annually or if circumstances more information visit

Make a Resolution for 2011 to get a Perfect Inspection If you want to make sure your salon/ shop gets the best possible score on your next safety and sanitation inspection make sure that you read and put into practice all the requirements of WAC 308-20-110. These practices are for the safety of your customer and for your protection too. Here are a few tips to get you started off right in 2011. • Make sure you have the proper licenses, that they are current and posted correctly • Post the Notice to Customers in your reception area. You can print a new copy of the notice at cosmetology/docs/cosnoticetocustomers.pdf • Have a dispensing sink with hot and cold running water. The sink must be labeled “not for public use” • Your laundry area must be maintained in a sanitary condition • Use single use hand soap and disposable or single use towels for customers (no bar soap or common towel) • Do not work on clients with visible parasites, open wounds or signs of infection. If YOU have a contagious disease, visible parasite or open wound you must

not perform services on an client until you have taken medically approved measures to prevent transmission of diseases. • If a client is found to have visible parasites, open wounds or signs of infection sanitize and disinfect your work area • Dispense all products and cosmetics with a disposable or sanitized and disinfected applicator. Liquids must be dispensed with a squeeze bottle or pump. • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer after using the restroom and before providing services. Wash your client’s skin with soap and water or wipe with disinfectant or waterless hand cleaner before services on hands and feet • Empty and sanitize waste containers daily • Place hair and nail clippings in a closed and covered container after service on each client For a direct link to the entire safety and sanitation handbook please visit our website at DOL.WA.GOV and go to SafetySanitationbooklet.pdf

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The mission of the board is to develop recommendations to the Director of the Department of Licensing, which promotes protection of the consumer and addresses concerns of the licensees relating to RCW 18.16, within the authority granted by statute to the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Meeting and Workshop Schedule Advisory Board meetings and Workshops schedule for 2011 are listed below: Please note – due to budget considerations we have moved to quarterly board meetings. • February 14, 2011, 9 a.m. • May 9, 2011, 9 a.m. • August 8, 2011, 9 a.m. • November 14, 2011, 9 a.m. Location: Department of Licensing, Room 209 405 Black Lake Blvd SE, Olympia WA

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Numbers In Style Dept. of Licensing Active Licenses Operators . . . . Personal Service Instructors . . . . Salons. . . . . . . Schools . . . . . . Mobile Unit . . .

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. 56,509 . . . 238 . .1,363 . 12,078 . . . .84 . . . .14

Visit our Website! For the most current information on the cosmetology program, visit our web site at If you need to contact us, we can be reached at (360) 664-6626, or write to: Department of Licensing, Business and Profession Cosmetology Section, PO Box 9048, Olympia, Washington 98507


If you pay your license renewal fee through an automatic bill payer system please make sure that you include the code and license numbers with your payment so we can apply your payment properly.

Renew Online Cosmetologist, Manicurist, Estheticians, Barbers, Instructors, Salon/Shops, Personal Services Operators, and Mobil Services Operators can renew licenses online. Watch for your Notice to Renew in the mail and if you are eligible, you will receive a password and the website address. Visa or MasterCard are required for online payment.

Did you Know??? If you saved $12 a month over a two year period you would have saved enough money to pay for your operator renewal * and two years of salon shop renewals. *This amount applies to licensees with only one endorsement. To accommodate for additional endorsements simply add to this amount! $14 a month for two endorsements, $17 a month for three endorsements and $20 a month if you have all four endorsements.











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Central Issues in Cosmetology Taking License Kraig Bohot

Giving the Gift of Information The holiday season is over, but keep the tidings joyous by staying up to date on the regulations governing the practice of cosmetology in Oregon. After all, wouldn’t it be kind of a “bah humbug” experience to be cited during an inspection due to a lack of knowledge of health and safety? Worse yet, you could be putting customers at risk if you’re not fully aware of state statutes and rules established to protect the public. That’s why we have a jolly-good selection of resources to keep your holiday season smart and start your New Year off right. The Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) offers these resources as a public service. Visit the Board of Cosmetology section of OHLA’s website at www.oregon. gov/OHLA/COS, go to OHLA Resources and click on any of the links under Resources for Facility Owners and Practitioners and Agency Publications under News You Can Use. Resources for Facility Owners & Practitioners Facility Self-Inspection Checklist: Be ready for OHLA inspectors by conducting your own salon self-inspection using this handy checklist. Sample Client Record Form: Just the (required) basics for facilities and independent contractors offering nail and esthetic services. Estheticians providing laser hair removal services have additional client record requirements. Ventilation Requirements for New, Renovated Nail Salons: Did you know that if you’re doing any new salon construction or renovation requiring a permit you need to follow the latest ventilation standards for nail technology services? Regulatory Compliance: Responding to a Complaint or Citation: Hopefully, you are in compliance, but if you’re not and are cited, OHLA offers guidance. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Look here for specific answers to your licensing and regulatory questions.

News You Can Use Click on Agency Publications, OHLARegulated Professions and Cosmetology, Board of to find: • OHLA 10-Year Report: Board of Cosmetology • Cosmetology’s Four Fields of Practice • Nail Salons: Consumer Information • Facial Forward Focus: Laser Safety • Cosmetic Exfoliation & Microdermabrasion • Airbrush Tanning • Esthetics in Brief • Tool Safety for Nail Technicians* • Foot Spa Safety for Nail Technicians* • Stay Away from MMA: Prohibited* • Nail Technology in Brief • 2007-09 Career Schools Biennial Report • Barbering in Brief • Client Records: Required* • Hair Design in Brief • Practitioner May Treat Head Lice • Cosmetology Independent Contractors *Also in Vietnamese Wait, There’s More! Additional Resources Northwest Stylist Online: Would you rather read the latest regulatory news on your digital device? OHLA offers a link to the online Stylist under Current Topics at www.oregon. gov/OHLA/COS. Licensing Line: Catch the latest news from OHLA and the health and related professions it regulates by getting on board this online news digest. Subscribe by clicking on the link under News You Can Use. Safe Salons: OHLA’s popular public education campaign is front and center at Click on the link and learn how to keep your salon safe. Tools for Schools: Did you miss the memo? Brush up on what OHLA is communicating to the state’s cosmetology colleges and other resources for students, graduates and school owners and staff. Click on the link on the left navigation menu at www.oregon. gov/OHLA/COS.


For the second year, Taking License takes a sneak peak at what could be key issues in cosmetology licensing and regulation in Oregon for the upcoming year. Rather than resort to peering into a snow-globe crystal ball, I visited the Board of Cosmetology section of the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) Web site at www. and clicked on “Board Meetings” on the left navigation menu. There I found the agenda for the January 13 meeting of the board’s Legislation / Rules Committee. Board Chair Debora Masten, Vice-Chair Sharon Wiser and public member Herb Hirst took time out of their busy schedules to review proposed administrative rules that will be before the full board on January 24 to approve. I’m writing this column a few weeks prior to the Legislation / Rules Committee meeting, so I can’t say for sure what committee members will or won’t recommend to the full board. But, even without the aid of a snow-globe crystal ball, I can look at the committee meeting agenda, which lists the following bullet points: • Use of formaldehyde • Civil penalty schedule • Reduce fees for initial certification • Practical examination procedures • General maintenance to ensure consistency with agency and other program rules Let’s take a closer look to explore the issue behind each point. Use of a snow-globe crystal ball is not necessary, but at this point (in the past looking to the future), may be helpful. Use of formaldehyde The board adopted temporary rules referencing existing Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) rules on November 8. Unless new scientific evidence proves that formaldehyde is no longer a serious health risk, the board is likely to vote to approve proposed rules that will become permanent and effective May 5, 2011, five days before the temporary rule expires. Beyond formaldehyde, the potential risks from many chemicals in products continues to be an issue of concern. In nail technology, look for more activity from the Oregon Collaborative for Healthy Nail Salons (OCHNS) in reaching out to the state’s nail salons to address worker health and safety issues. OCHNS member organizations such as the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET) and Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA) have recently been awarded grants that will spur OCHNS’s mission to identify the impacts of toxics in the salon setting.

Visit for more information on formaldehyde. Contact P.K. Melethil at if you’re interested in participating in ZWA’s Assessment of Workplace Hazards and Health Needs among Vietnamese Nail Technicians project, funded by the Northwest Health Foundation. ZWA is particularly interested in hearing from Vietnamese salon owners and staff, cosmetology schools, students, and independent contractors working in nail salons. Civil Penalty Schedule Look for increases in civil penalty amounts, which have remained the same for several years. OHLA will continue to explore educational and other means to gain compliance from licensees, but the agency also needs an effective deterrent for any licensees who continue to disregard health and safety standards established to protect the public. Reduce fees for initial certification: Two years in the making, new applicants fresh from cosmetology college graduation will see a price break in application, examination and certification fees beginning July 1. Given the board’s fiscal stability, it’s expected that the fee reduction for graduates will occur as planned. Practical examination procedures: OHLA and the board continue to work with the Department of Education, Private Career Schools, and cosmetology college stakeholders to ensure the best practical examination possible, meaning that the practical examination is as standardized and objective as possible from college to college in determining a student’s qualifications for certification. Other Central Issues I would be remiss not to mention upcoming legislation to establish a “cosmetology” field of practice, and what about advanced esthetics? Stay tuned, read the Northwest Stylist, check the board section of the OHLA Web site or contact us directly with any questions or comments. More Central Issues By the way, Central Issues is a series of online publications focusing on key issues of OHLA-regulated professions. We don’t produce a Central Issues for the Board of Cosmetology because the regulatory news published monthly in the Northwest Stylist is free and available to all salons and independent contractors statewide, plus there is an online version we link to under “Current Topics” at: If you’re interested in the issues of other OHLA-regulated professions, visit www. and click on the Central Issues link at the top of the page. Kraig Bohot is Public Information Officer at the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA), a state consumer protection agency providing centralized regulatory oversight of multiple health and related professions. He can be reached at (503) 373-1939 or at


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ARABELLA SALON & SPA IS LOOKING FOR ONE TALENTED, EXPERIENCED LEASE STYLIST to join our incredible, collaborative team. Must have at least 3-5 years with a clientele. Arabella is the world wide Davines award winning premiere eco-salon for 2010! Only serious applicants apply. Reply to Attn: Amanda

LAKE OSWEGO - WELL ESTABLISHED SALON LOOKING FOR LEASE STYLIST Experience required. Contact Manager, Shannon Fisher (503)6368758 $1,000.00 HIRING BONUS! Outgoing & motivated Hairstylists & Nail Tech with full clientele wanted for a commission position in our upscale salon in NW PDX. We are a Bumble & bumble salon with Jan Marini & Dermalogica skincare. Receptionist, laundry & backbar provided. Position is 55/45% commission - you get 55%, plus 15% for retail sales & 100% of your tips. Join our team and we will pay you an additional $1,000.00 as a hiring bonus! Bonus contingent upon clientele. Contact (503)227-7750 Resume & references required.

JUNCTION CITY, OR ~ TATIANA’S HAIR SALON & SPA IS SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED, MOTIVATED HAIRSTYLIST WITH CLIENTELE to work as independent or on commission. Equal opportunity. To join our friendly team call (541)998-8877 / (541)321-2110 / (541)517-8902 WEST LINN - SEEKING A PROFESSIONAL, COMMITTED, LICENSED & INSURED STYLIST for work with Seniors in an Assisted Living / Nursing Facility. Wanted for 2 days per week. No space rental fees, must supply own products and supplies. Please call Kelly at (503)913-2310. PRIVATE, ONE PERSON, NW PORTLAND NAIL SALON LOOKING FOR PART-TIME LEASEE Available three days per week. Already furnished. $350 per month. Please call Kendra @ (503)740-7068 BRAND NEW, TRENDY SALON IN GRESHAM LOOKING FOR VERY TALENTED STYLISTS, MAKEUP ARTIST AND PART-TIME MANAGER Prefer Stylist who does odorless nails and Makeup Artist who does partial waxing. Clientele preferred. Lease or commission available. Eco friendly, specialize in Sidlab Haircouture products, etc. Call Carie (503)896-1240 (503)875-2422 (msg) or email resume:


DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY Mr. Oscar’s of Portland is looking for a professional, motivated Hairstylist and Nail Technician to join our Paul Mitchell Focus Salon team. Established or just starting out. Call Marie @ (503)252-3433

RED VELVET PARLOUR HAS CHAIRS AVAILABLE TO RENT! Located on very busy Hawthorne Blvd. Part time $375. Full time $600 per month. Call (503)756-4146 if interested! LAKE STEVENS, WA – HAIR STATION ($450), NAIL ROOM ($400) lease / retail opportunity at full-service salon / spa, high traffic, established, attractive interiors, cordial atmosphere, no shop owner on site. (425)334 1025 FREE TRIP TO MEXICO 5 stations for lease. $400 each. Sign a lease for 12 months and receive a free trip to Mexico. 3061 W 11th, Eugene Oregon. (503) 869-2926




1ST MONTH FREE TO JOIN OUR BUSY, FRIENDLY SALON Clientele needed. Some walk-ins. Great location in Salmon Creek. Call Kathy for more information (360)521-8171.

STYLES AT HART ~ BEAVERTON / COOPER MT. ~ LARGE, SEMIPRIVATE STATION One full-time station available. Must see to appreciate. Must have client base. Call Alice (503)789-6364 or salon (503)591-1998

SPECIAL! FT & PT HAIR STATIONS FOR LEASE ON SCHOLLS FERRY ROAD ~ $500 FT / $300 PT Excellent location (close to Washington Square Mall). Sell own retail. Call Goli (503)860-5196




PRIVATE HAIR STATION AVAILABLE AT SHEARS AHEAD IN TIGARD One part-time station available. Very accessible, between I-5 and 217. Sell own retail. Have clientele. First month 1/2 price. Call Jack (503)245-1381


BEAVERTON ~ JEANNE SALON IS LOOKING FOR STYLISTS TO LEASE STATIONS Good location. Nice, clean salon. Sell your own retail. Must have clientele. Two months FREE rent. For information call Tony (503)848-3491 MATISSE & PICASSO SALON ~ SEEKING MOTIVATED STYLIST TO JOIN OUR TEAM Great location with walk-ins available for new stylist or stylist wanting to build their clientele. Johnson Creek / 205 area. Amy (503)351-3196 CEDAR MILL AREA ~ SEEKING HAIRSTYLISTS AND NAIL TECH One Hairstylist stations and one Nail Tech station available now! Full or Part time leases, very reasonable! Please call Robin @ Silhouette Hair Salon for more information (971)344-7917.


ECLECTIC ENERGIES HAIR & BODY WORX OF SHERWOOD HAS LEASE POSITIONS AVAILABLE Bring your clients somewhere special! Quaint, funky, adorable location allows total artistic freedom and enjoyment! Be your own boss, sell your own retail!! Part-time nail room - $385. Private room full-time - $675, part-time $400. Hair station full-time-$585, part-time $385. Phone 503-4814167 for more information. VIA SOLFERINO SALON ~ DOWNTOWN SEATTLE - STATION LEASE OPPORTUNITY 1st and Vine. Well established, Remodeled European décor, supportive environment. Please call Nello 206-441-0304 START THE NEW YEAR IN A NEW SALON ~ THE OWNER OF MYA’S IN MCMINNVILLE IS LOOKING FOR A FULLTIME HAIRSTYLIST to sub-lease station. Call for more information. Myriah (971)2411429

SEEKING ESTHETICS AND NAIL TEACHERS / DIRECTOR AND COORDINATORS Seeking individual who is able to manage an entire spa area as well as teach. E-mail: - attn: Dianna Peterson or call (503)980-4701 for an interview.

Sell Organic!

HAIRDRESSER WANTED FOR A WELL ESTABLISHED AND BUSY DOWNTOWN PORTLAND SALON Full-time and part-time positions available. Start the new year right and become your own boss. You will be pleased with the increased income. Contact Ken today at (503)916-9926. We look forward to working with you. RED MAGNOLIA IS AN ELEGANT, FULL-TIME LEASE SALON, LOCATED IN THE ALBERTA ARTS DISTRICT We are looking for a true professional to join us in our friendly, upscale environment. We have created a unique space where our guests feel completely at home and pampered. From the fine china to the rotating art gallery, there’s no shortage of details here. Please send resume to FULL-TIME HAIR STATION FOR LEASE AT IOLITE SALON IN THE PEARL DISTRICT We retail Bumble & Bumble, Phyto and Pureology products. We provide full-time receptionist. Call (503)267-9492

SALARY / COMMISSION RAIN SALON IN BEAVERTON IS SEEKING EXPERIENCED STYLISTS High commission, full medical and dental benefits, product commission. Full and parttime available. Call (503)579-1500 COME JOIN OUR TEAM AT NEW BEGINNING SALON SPA! Fast-growing, high-end AVEDA Lifestyle Salon Spa seeking experienced, motivated service providers. Retail comm., education opportunities & more. Tanasbourne area. (503)645-2950.


STYLISTS & SALON MANAGEMENT needed for fast-paced hair salons in Medford, Grants Pass, & Klamath Falls. Hourly wage, bonus, commission, benefits, paid advanced training, clientele provided (541)891-2811

DISTRIBUTOR OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC HAIR CARE LINE LOOKING FOR SALES REPS Part-time / Full-time positions available. Sales experience helpful but not required. Pay Weekly, small gas allowance. Reps needed for Beaverton, Northwest PDX, Salem & Vancouver. Contact Michelle @ 503-754-1743

So.Cap. Pacific Northwest Beauty Supplies is looking for a salesperson to promote and sell All-Nutrient Certifiably Organic Hair Color to salons in the Seattle area. Requirements: experience in the beauty industry, computer literate, team player, self motivated, management skills a plus.

Send Resume to

SHOPS FOR SALE NORTH SEATTLE HAIR SALON FOR SALE Same location for 20 years. Seven stations / two tanning beds. Five Stylists who would like to stay. Great location. Great potential. $13,000. Call for more information. (206)930-8470 or (206)783-1284 MODERN AND UPDATED LARGE SALON FOR SALE IN SE PORTLAND Eight hair / one nail stations, facial / waxing room, pedicure chair, scheduling software and more! Asking $30K. For more information email: or call (503)893-8612 NEWLY REMODELED EUROPEAN BEAUTY SALON IN TIGARD On a busy corner by the light rail, good parking. Beautiful Italian décor. Five hair stations, one pedicure and two manicure stations. This is a turnkey opportunity for the right person. Only $1,900 per month for the space and all the equipment, 50% off first 2 months. Call Dave (503)747-5400 for more information or email to SKINCARE BUSINESS FOR SALE ~ PRIVATE SKINCARE STUDIO IN QUIET NW PORTLAND AREA Looking for experienced Esthetician to take in great clients, in a very nice room. Private parking space, will train. Please email:

USED EQUIPMENT KROMA CLOSING BUSINESS LIQUIDATION SALE ~ JANUARY 28TH & 29TH 12 Kaemark stations, RollAbouts/ Equipment, Lighting, Cabinetry, Appliances, Furnishings, décor. Some items available for presale now. Bill 503-347-7768 kromahair@ EUROPEAN TOUCH PEDICURE CHAIR FOR SALE Black - in good condition - $300. Large reception desk - best offer. Call for more information (503)338-2988 or (503)468-8622

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES MAKE $100 PER HOUR SHARPENING SCISSORS AND CLIPPERS. I will beat anybody’s price on any equipment and training. (408)439-9161




LEARN NEW TECHNIQUES THROUGH DVD’S - FREE CATALOG Hair cutting & styling, clipper & razor cutting, hair coloring, wedding styles & updo’s, makeup, facials, manicures and pedicures, waxing & hair removal, massage, and spa & body treatments. 800-414-2434



SHEARS SHARPENED Factory trained and certified Master Sharpener. On site service available in and around Portland, OR. Next day turn around by mail. (360)5219967 or Visa / Mastercard MASTER SHARPENING SERVICE WITH JAPANESE SHARPENING TECHNIQUE Onsite service or by mail. Distributor for Hikari, Kasho, Nakahara and COBO. Call Alex at (503)888-3906 or email:

WWW.TERRYBINNSCATALOG.COM or 800-909-7546. Promotional offers on Dr. Belter Cosmetics, Cirepil, Escentials, Satin Smooth, Gigi, Soothing Touch, Sacred Earth, Intrinsics, Miss Webril & a variety of other top quality salon & spa products. * FREE SHIPPING through January 31st * BUY FASHIONABLE, FUN AND AFFORDABLE JEWELRY online at Check out the newest fall collection of fashion jewelry from Cookie Lee. Most for under $40 each.


BARBERSHOP FOR SALE - STANWOOD, WA Same location for 40+ years. $7,000 OBO. Low rent - $500. Call for more information. (206)356-4489 or (360)629-2882

NEW EQUIPMENT ELEGANT NAIL SUPPLY: We wholesale and retail New & Used Salon Equipment, Salon Furniture and all brand-name products OPI, IBD, Gena, Creative, LaPalm… We offer online continuing education. Please visit our website for more information: W W W. E L E GA N T N A I L S U P P LY. C O M Phone: (937)258-0608 or 1-888-308-6308


Create a Plan for Financial Success Off The Top Kimberly Johnson

and narrow down the two to three critical elements needed for success. For my weight plan, the elements were caloric intake and daily exercise. With your financial plan, the elements will be guests and the service dollar (see chart). For this example, to achieve the daily gross pay, a stylist would need to service three to four cut / color clients per day. This is only 15-20 clients a week. With a plan in place, it is important to stay on course. Let’s go back to my 50-pound quest. After three weeks of sticking to the plan, I had only lost one pound per week and I felt exhausted. I had achieved very little success for a lot of work. At that time, I could have counted myself out and said the weight would never come off. However, through my tears, I dropped the brownie and continued through the following week, resulting in a three-pound loss. Success. It is definitely not easy to build from a zero client base or to lose 50 pounds. However, to make the financial plan work (or lose the weight) the first time, come ready to participate and stay on course. You do not have the luxury to choose to connect with only two out of the ten guests

Many individuals have found financial success behind the chair in the beauty industry; unfortunately, there are also many who have not. What is the reason for one stylist to have financial success and not another? Does it come down to talent, hard work or a sprinkle of luck? Does it depend on the salon they have chosen or the town they live in? There is not one correct answer, but I do believe there are a few simple steps that can help you begin your journey to financial success. Start by making a goal and writing down your desired annual salary (example: $40,000). The next step is to understand how to make the goal realistic and attainable. For most, reviewing numbers in a linear fashion can get boring quickly. So let us start with an analogy from my own personal experience. When I had my second child, Max, he was born at a whopping 11 pounds, five ounces. The baby was not the only Time Period Income = Actual Revenue x % Commission one who had Annual $40,000 $100,000 40% developed a hardy $8,333 40% Monthly $3,333 weight, as I was Weekly $833 $2,083 40% left with 50 extra Daily $166 $416 40% pounds myself. I could not fathom 4 clients (cut/color) = $520/day 10 clients (cut only) = $400/day how to begin to **Please note that the following assumptions are used for this exercise: lose the weight, commission based at 40%, $40 haircut price (1 hour service time), $90 so I wrote out a basic weave (1.5 hours service time), five-day work week at 35 hours, weight plan that not on a double booking scenario. was attainable. After consulting with my doctor, serviced that week, or you will be seeing the we decided that a loss of two pounds per same dismal numbers six months from now. week attained through a good diet and Write your goals today and outline your exercise was realistic. I took the 50 pounds financial plan. and divided it by two pounds per week: Your financial success will look different 25 weeks to achieve the desired outcome each day, week, month, and ultimately you (roughly six months). Six months and back will have the power to change your financial to my normal self? Okay, that sounds good. success on an annual basis. So, put down You can conquer the same type of overthe brownie, pick up the scissors, follow whelming feeling with your financial plan. the plan and celebrate your passion with a Take the desired $40,000 annual income and fiscally successful career. break it down into a month, week, and day. Annual: $40,000 Monthly: $3,333 Kimberly Johnson is a successful Cosmetology School owner in Portland, Oregon.  In addition, she serves as Director of Business DevelopWeekly: $833 ment, overseeing a local 12 million dollar salon spa operation with Daily: $166 250 employees with four locations.  To reach Kimberly email her at Broken down this way, it does not seem too difficult. Our next step: what are the READ IT! SAVE IT! PRINT IT! NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! critical elements needed to get to this sucView this article and more at cess? With every goal, you have to identify 18 | JANUARY 2011 | NORTHWEST STYLIST & SALON

JANUARY 2011 PP 15-17: ProKnowledge Workshop presented by Day Spa Assoc, Indianapolis, IN 1-877-851-8998 PP 17-18: Beauty Expo USA, Las Vegas PP 29-31: Long Beach International Salon & Spa Expo, Long Beach Convention Center

FEBRUARY 2011 PP 6-7: Empire and ARROJO present Masters of Beauty Skills

Certification Program, Kentucky - PP 7: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, San Antonio, TX 1-800-417-4848 PP 19-22: Bronner Bros. International Hair Show, Atlanta, GA, PP 26-27: The Makeup Show LA, PP 27: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Kissimmee, FL 800 SHOW-432 PP 27-28: Day Spa Expo, Las Vegas, NV

MARCH 2011 PP 6: 3rd Annual Reign of Style Hair Competition and Show at The

Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle, WA PP 6-7: Empire and ARROJO present Masters of Beauty Skills Certification Program, Nashville, TN PP 6-7: Prof. Beauty London, PP 6-8: IBS New York, Jacob Javits Center PP 6-8: International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference IECSC New York, PP 7: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop hosted by Shohba, New York City, NY 1-800-417-4848 PP 12-14: America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, IL 1-800-883-7808 PP 13: American Board of Certified Haircolorist Exam, Chicago, IL PP 13: Salon Services presents Kevin Murphy: Rock the Runway, Renton, WA PP 13-14: ABA Canada, Montreal, Quebec PP 13-14: The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, DallasArlington Convention Center, Arlington, Texas 1-800-471-0229 PP 18-20: Beauty International’s Worldwide Leading Trade Fair for Professional Cosmetics, Nail, Foot and Wellness Professionals, Düsseldorf, Germany (312)781-5180 PP 18-21: Cosmoprof Bologna, Italy PP 20: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Maxwell Hotel, Seattle, WA PP 20-21: Spectrum International Beauty Expo, Los Angeles, CA (310)680-7367 PP 21: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop hosted by Bellevue Club, Bellevue, WA 1-800-417-4848

JANUARY 2011 PP Fast Application Fusion Method Extensions, Classes Every Monday. Call for information (360)420-6939 PP 17: Maly’s presents Alterna Trend Up-Styling, Portland, OR PP 17: Salon Services presents ChromaWhite: A New Era in Skin Brightening, Portland, OR PP 18: Salon Services presents Age Smart: Investing in Your Future Skin, Portland, OR PP 23 or 24: Oregon’s Grand SalonSpa presents Innovative Hair Styling & Cutting Techniques Workshop with Award-winning Hair Stylist Tyson Daniels, Beaverton, OR (503)644-2800 PP 24: Maly’s presents L’Oreal INOA: Certification, Beaverton, OR PP 24: Ed Wyse Beauty Supply presents L’anza Leadership Class, Beaverton, OR PP 31: Maly’s presents Framesi HPAS Color Method, Beaverton, OR PP 31: Salon Services presents Davines Colorspace Intro, Renton, WA & Portland, OR

FEBRUARY 2011 PP 6: Salon Services presents Intro to Keune, Renton, WA &

Portland, OR PP 6-7: Salon Services presents Youngblood Train the Trainer & Update, Renton, WA

PP 26: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop Newport News, VA 1-800-417-4848 PP 26-28: Midwest International Salon & Spa Expo, Rosemont, IL PP 27: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Frederick, MD 1-800-417-4848 PP 27-28: ABA Canada, Toronto, Ontario

APRIL 2011 PP 2-4: ProKnowledge Workshop presented by Day Spa Assoc, Nashville, TN 1-877-851-8998 PP 3-4: The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, Miami Beach, Florida 1-800-471-0229 PP 9-10: Peel’s Spring Show, Council Bluffs, IA PP 10: American Board of Certified Haircolorist Exam, Denver, CO PP 10: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Vancouver, BC 1-800-417-4848 PP 10-11: Cosmoprof’s 64th Annual Spring Style Show, San Jose, CA PP 10-11: ABA Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba PP 17-18: BSG Cosmoprof Beauty presents Seattle Fashion Focus, PP Seattle, WA PP 17-18: Intercoiffure’s Spring Symposium, Miami, FL www. PP 17-18: ABA Canada, Vancouver, BC PP 24: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Holiday Inn: Soho, New York City, NY PP 29-5/2: Electrologists’ Association of California State Symposium aboard the Carnival Paradise Cruise Ship 860-678-1972 Email:

MAY 2011 PP 1-2: ABA Canada, Edmonton, Alberta PP 8-9: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Anaheim, CA 800 SHOW-432 PP 15-16: Galveston Fashion Focus Show, Galveston, TX www. PP 15-16: The Makeup Show NYC, PP 16: Neil Ducoff’s No Compromise Leadership Workshop, Cleveland, OH 1-800-417-4848 PP 22: Beauty School Forum, Barristar Productions, Minneapolis, MN 800 SHOW-432 PP 22: Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Makeup Workshop at the Riverwalk Plaza, San Antonio, TX

JUNE 2011 PP 5-6: Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event & Premiere

DAYSPA conference, Orlando, FL PP 12-13: The Makeup Show Chicago

PP 7: Ed Wyse Beauty Supply presents EZ Flow Intro to Design Nails Hands On Acrylic Class, Beaverton, OR PP 7: Maly’s presents Framesi HPAS Color Method, Medford, OR & Bellevue, WA; L’oreal INOA: Certification, Bend, OR; Matrix C.R.A.F.T. Wonder.Brown Experience, Salem, OR & Kent, WA; Redken Blow It Out, Portland, OR PP 7: Salon Services presents Intro to Keune, Renton, WA & Eugene, OR; Brocato Color Project, Spokane, WA PP 13: Ed Wyse Beauty Supply presents LiQWd Professional SalonSafe Q-Keratin Straightening Certification Class, Seattle, WA www. PP 14: Maly’s presents Matrix C.R.A.F.T. Wonder.Brown Experience, Portland, OR PP 14: Ed Wyse Beauty Supply presents LiQWd Professional Salon-Safe Q-Keratin Straightening Certification Class, Beaverton, OR PP 15: Ed Wyse Beauty Supply presents LiQWd Professional SalonSafe Q-Keratin Straightening Certification Class, Spokane, WA www. PP 21: Maly’s presents L’oreal INOA: Certification, Portland, OR; Sexy Hair Rock Your Up Style Demo, Medford, OR PP 21: Salon Services presents Brocato Color Project, Portland, OR PP 28: Salon Services presents Davines Colorspace Intro, Lakewood, WA, Eugene, OR & Spokane, WA

Educational events are listed free as space allows. To have your event listed, please email to or mail to Stylist Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd. #24, Portland, OR 97221. For more information call (503) 297-7010 x204.

WHAT’S NEW IN THE MARKET 1. New Products from Alissi Bronte Luxury Cream holds the secret to stopping time. This exclusive cream contains shark cartilage and winetherapy that acts like a potent antioxidant and anti-wrinkle agent. It contains proteins, collagen, calcium and phosphorus benefiting mature skin. A new bio-cosmetic based on DNA strands and protective molecules in the cell nucleus, Chronological DNA slows down the aging process in every cell of your skin and recovers elasticity, comfort and radiance, fading existing wrinkles and delaying the appearance of new ones. Purissimo Plus serum moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid with Sirtuins that lengthen cell life giving flexibility and elasticity to the skin. It retains water within the cells, increasing skin moisture and enhancing volume. Sirtuins prolong cell life and slow aging. Alissi Bronte high scientific and natural beauty from Spain specializes in the field of biochemistry research and the international beauty industry. Available in the U.S. for the first time exclusively distributed by L’Aquila Cosmetics, 1-866-806-6111.




2. Nothing Traditional about this Keratin Treatment Attitude For Hair Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary hair straightening method that softens, smoothes and dramatically straightens the hair. It is neither a traditional relaxer nor a straightener that can only be used on certain types of hair. There is nothing traditional about this product or service. The treatment doesn’t involve breaking down the hair and restructuring it. The unique ingredient is virtually “a liquid form of hair” and brings hair to what it is lacking and has lost over the years. The smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. While the larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental insults such as UV rays, smog and smoke for hair on the outside. The added strength, elasticity and moisture result in smooth, shiny, soft and straightened affect. For a limited time, Attitude for Hair is offering a free hair dryer and flat iron with purchase of the treatment per customer. For full details call (513) 533-1600 or visit

5 4

3. Industry Icon Introduces Legacy Line Introducing industry icon, Michael O’Rourke’s legacy line; created with passion, love and a fierce dedication to the artist and industry. Graced by his original heart icon, the line consists of simple yet innovative styling and hair care products that focus on art and inspire creativity. 3way Spray is the flagship product in the “Michael O’Rourke” Styling Line. This luxury hairspray incorporates breakthrough technology by utilizing an adjustable nozzle to deliver 3 spray strengths for 3 types of styling. This is a powerful lifting system that penetrates the entire hair and adds volume from roots to ends. Also included in the multi-functional styling line is Get a Lift leave-in volumizing conditioner, Fix it Up styling conditioner, and Work it Out, a concentrated detailing paste. Moisture Madness Shampoo and Conditioner contain wheat proteins that drench hair with endless softness and brings dry, brittle and chemically dependent hair back to life. While Leave It In tangle tamer provides weightless moisture, softness, strength and detangling ease. For more information call (310) 455-0285 or visit

4. OPI Collaborates with Pop Icon Katy Perry Katy Perry combines her love of music and nails to introduce a new line of lacquers with OPI, launching January 2011. Inspired by Katy’s cutting edge style and latest album, Teenage Dream, the Katy Perry Collection by OPI will include four fierce, irresistible colors for nails and toes. Complementing Katy’s already daring nail trends on and off the red carpet, a revolutionary Black Shatter formula will accompany the collection to create a cracked pattern when applied over dried bright lacquer. “We are thrilled to be teaming up with such a prominent pop music icon like Katy Perry,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Katy is known world-wide for her innovative style and is always surprising us with her wild nail designs. When we learned about Katy’s love for lacquers, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to work together to create this glamorous collection.” For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit

5. Indulge in Kitoko Oil Treatment Inspired by nature, Kitoko Oil Treatment by Affinage Salon Professional, combines the healing and therapeutic properties of Karité and Argan oils to revitalize, strengthen and condition the hair, leaving it smooth and radiant. It provides intense nourishment and its lightweight formula is perfect for all hair types as it helps restore shine and moisture balance. It helps tame frizzy and uncontrollable hair, alleviates scalp dryness, improves hair’s elasticity and offers instant absorption with a non-greasy feel and no buildup. A few drops help reduce dry time and replenish brittle hair and ends. The color-safe formula contains naturally derived UV filters to help protect hair from environmental damage. For more information, please call 877.597.2929 or visit Have your product considered for the Stylist & Salon’s What’s New section. Send press releases with a photo to Managing Editor Lisa Kind at or mail to Stylist & Salon Newspapers, 1750 SW Skyline Blvd., Suite 24, Portland, OR 97221.


Pure Aloe Vera

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