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What’s ahead for Osmen in the next five years?

In the current economic environment we’re in no rush to open more retail stores. The core focus will be on online sales. But first I need to understand online selling well. I don’t like to guess. We got good performance with a test, but I don’t leave things to luck. I need to know it will be successful just like we know which settings will sell best at each store on a really detailed level. In time, I would like to see the online business turning over the same level of sales as one retail store, but we are not there yet. Online sales will not replace the stores, but I expect it to be a growth area.

What is your business ethos and leadership style?

It’s not just about skill. Skill is important but it’s also about the heart. I’m not a perfect leader — sometimes I drive my team mad — and Michael always wants everything done yesterday, but my team knows we are good people and we look after them. At the end of the day, we know we care about each other, as well as the business. You need to be a leader, or your company will go broke. Sometimes we need to make the hard decisions to protect the company and the other families working in the company but, regardless of the decision, we need to be fair, to be open, and to look after each other. At Christmas, we have a party, we celebrate our success and we say congratulations to each other. There’s a real team spirit and we love our Osmen family!



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