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Plan a DIY bar.

Every great party needs a bar. An affordable L-shape creation of two small benches can be all you need to create a sense of style and chic. It’s a good idea to set your bar up in a different part of the room than your grazing table to give your space another eye-catching centrepiece. You can tie the two in together by making sure your bar and your table share a feature or two. Have a lovely succulent on the grazing table? Maybe another smaller one could sit on your bar too. These visual cues really help tie the décor together. Separating your drinks from your food makes a lot of sense. Both the food and the drinks can get a bit messy! And the



last thing you want to do is get food mixed in with your drinks, or spill drinks all over your food. But more importantly, it helps encourage your guests to spread out a little and socialise more, rather than just hover in one spot near the table. If you want to impress as a host, you can always start out behind the bar, maybe mix a few early cocktails for the first guests to arrive. But before long you’ll want to come out from behind the bar and start enjoying yourself. With a stocked DIY bar, you can watch your guests pop behind the bar themselves to serve a drink or two, and if you’re lucky maybe even show of their skills with that cocktail shaker!

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