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Transform your space.

A great party really leaves an impression. Once you’ve got a colour theme, you can start to change the space in your home. In your living room, push the dining table against the wall to clear some space. But don’t just leave it at that! Putting your food on an undecorated table makes it a flat feature. Think about your dining table like design space, with a foreground and a background. Creating depth to your eating area will really make it a striking feature of your party. You can create a simple feature by wrapping a box in material and setting it against the wall, then sitting a favourite piece of art on top so that it makes an eye-catching centrepiece. (Make sure the artwork fits your theme!) This creates a

casual but striking background. To add drama, you can flank the artwork with two tall lamps, add some contemporary foliage like some succulents repotted from your garden, and already you have a beautiful feature without spending much at all. Once you have a striking background to your table, you can think about what to put in the foreground. Don’t feel as though every piece of tableware has to match in style – all contemporary or all classic. A little mixture can be fun. The same goes with cost – you can mix more expensive items, like a luxe designer platter, with more affordable things like napkins that match your colour theme. Stick to your theme and you can get away with a bit of experimentation.



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