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Another year has flown by and it feels a little surreal that the silly season has landed upon us again so quickly! The run up to Christmas is always such a busy time of year, particularly if you have schoolaged children like I do. Getting through the final stages of school assemblies and performances, finishing off last-minute work commitments before the holidays, and finding the time to slow down to spend some quality time with family and friends is a challenge for us all. It does feel like it’s time to pat ourselves on the back for getting through another year! Personally, this year has been filled with some wonderfully happy times and some particularly sad times too. Having an extended break over the holidays will be a chance for reflection – an opportunity to take a step back and mentally and physically remove ourselves from the hubbub of life so we can reflect on the past and the upcoming year, with all its potential and excitement! I’ll be spending the holidays with my family from near and far, a perfect excuse to take a break from the endless deadlines and coordination of the magazine and more. We’ll be having some ‘slow’ family time to relax, make memories and regroup. I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some amazingly talented people over the past year, both in Australia and abroad, and to bring you Stylish Life Magazine and The Hamptons Masterclass. It’s been an amazing learning curve and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.



So, a heartfelt thank you to our contributors, our team, my family, and especially you, our readers, who help keep the magazine alive with fabulous ideas and support. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and hope you find time to slow down too, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy yourself!


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Stylish Life Magazine Issue 4 Christmas 2019  

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