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„ane aufs maul!“ (vienna slang for „a punch right into the face“)

After hopefully all of you survived the New Year’s Eve Wurstsalon rave - if some didn’t I could totally understand - the boys in town are ready to play again. Three months break are enough, now it’s time for something really rough: On March 6th 2009, “The Night Of The Raging Bulls” is finally also coming into Austrian realms. You probably haven’t heard about it yet, cause it’s coming straight from Germany’s underground scene - be prepared for something really bloody and moody, when in 4 fights, amateur boxers from Austria and Germany box the shit out of each other and fight for their lives and the inofficial title “Wurst Champ”. Night Of The Raging Bulls The boxing event Night Of The Raging Bulls is the first and sole professional amateur boxing gala of the world. From it’s debut in Cologne 2004 it has emerged to an international event and is held thoughout the capitals of Europe. The Night Of The Raging Bulls has revolutionised the international boxbusiness, no judge but the audience names the winner of the fight by applausing for their favourite boxer. The boxers fight for the World Championship Title of the International Raging Bull Federation (IRBF). The Night Of The Raging Bulls is a parody of the dubious boxbusiness, the managers of the boxers, their trainers and the audience are dressed in a shady and cool style which makes the NOTRB to a cool combination of a boxing event and an epic party night with bad boys, stunning girls and sensational fights.

„ohne richtige wäsch, ka dresch!“ (vienna slang for „without the right dress, no fight!) Oh Goodness gracious me, I was as if struck by lightning, when I chanced to hear the recent tidings “Weimar Republic and corporative state are all over!” on the radio a few days ago. The mere thought of it was something like immemorial for me, as we still live in a period of arrant contrasts, say starvation, distress and existential destitution of the common run of mankind, contiguous to tremendous wealth, decadence and dissolute luxury. We are all unable to mind the gap any longer, due to we’ll get send right into this sort of limbo, called hedonism, which is much more ruthless than any ecclesiastical doctrine ever used to be. If you ask me, the awaiting of these anticipate developments is rather suspenseful and makes one’s flesh crawl, but on the other hand it means being little in a fix, because the question arises “how to spend my fucking time, if I hate caviar, Ernst Fuchs’ harem, that is always troubling me whenever I try to peep inside Ringstraßen Gallerie, and French pastry shops at its highest level?” – In fact, a pushover, as bethinking of the glorified good old days isn’t that hard and most of the people I know like to be nostalgic, now then: Let’s nose The Night Of The Raging Bulls with all its lewd butch sweat, blood and spit! In order that Friday, 6th, is also going to be an overwhelming feast for the eyes, there’s an indispensable need to dress up like one’s coming out of a clandestine and illegal 1920’s private bar, giving a fuck about prohibition. So that’s further to say, I’m banging the gong for the first round of Viennese underground boxing fight, “WIENER BLUT”, and clarify the dress code now. My dear Mesdames! As you may never had the chance to become a real prom queen, I’m delirious with joy to tell you the good news about how to get chatted up the whole evening and still have the free choice to vanish whenever you want to, making a lasting impression on the folks:

„gwoand für die oide“ (vienna slang for „stuff for ladies“)

silk & skin

Motto number I contains half-silk evening attire; for instance some rakish and tenuous Chiffon dress with sliding straps or subtle bows. That’s most notably pretty glamorous, when taking a Siberian tiger-baby as an accessory, but of course I know there’s certain arduousness to obtain it.

black & gold Whatever, remember Ian Fleming’s “Goldfinger”? Since the second motto is about the typical “Black and Gold”style, masquerade as a glistening Amazon with plumes and tenebrous make-up or pretend being Lotte Lenya in the Threepenny Opera.

movie & stars The third and last maxim for the ladies is “Movie and Stars”, which may means to embody “Un chien Andalou” together with your hands down favourite, respectively to loom as dapper but simultaneously exhausted such as Candy Darling. This comes off best, putting on a pearl necklace, dark red lipstick and using a nacre-cigarette holder all the time.

„ziag die gscheit an, hawara“ (vienna slang for „stuff for guys“)

The gentlemen are very well advised when turning your chavvy inside out, though that’s not say to burp or to do disgustful stuff like that, but rather to show off your macho-attitude, as Brad Pitt did it in “Fight Club”. These manners certainly include ponderous golden chains, faded tank tops, freshly ironed suit pants, colour-coordinated suspenders and an ivory stick as well as a precious hat. A big cigar completes your outward appearance indeed. Otherwise, it´s the Pimp Style of Snoop Dogg or Pimp Daddy or Puff Diddy or Diddy Di which you should Imaginge and most Important: A big cigar completes your outward appearance indeed.

Wiener Blut StyleBible & wurst entertainment inc presents: the Wiener Blut Night of the Raging Bulls StyleBible