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„Welcome. We are a boutique record label in New York City and we release 7” vinyl singles by bands we think need to be heard.“

This was not the beginning of the Neon Gold World Domination. It was just the next step, from a well known Blog to a Record Label. As for the Kids of Neon Gold, it was the point when they start to put out their favorite Music and for me it was the point to ask them for an interview. Two years later, two of their Artists are on the Top of the BBC Sound of 2010 list and they are almost dominate the World.

Obsessions/Mowglis Road from Marina and the Diamonds was Gold 002 Go to and see the future of music. This was the right advise from 2006 til 2008, since them, some german freaks took this Domain but can‘t fit the big footprints of their ancestors. Anno 2010, you shouldn‘t go to GWFA because they talk about Acts like Tokio Hotel etc there. So fuck off, german guys. If you really want to see what happened before the germans took over the domain, check out this adress:

„We are aesthetic whores, so basically anything that has a good vibe visually. And music, obviously music is the source for all inspiration.“ (Lizzy Plapinger Interview with

Derek Davis and Lizzy Plapinger

used their Blog to shared their love for so much Acts over three years, and decided to quit the GWFA and became Neon Gold. (Which sounds much better, by the way) I don‘t know if it was because of the groundbreaking The Notwist Album (this would be a question in an Interview with them) or because they love Neon and Gold. However, in the worst Decade for the Music Industry ever, Derek and Lizzy proved founded the Label in 2008.

their A&R Skills often, since they‘ve

Neon Gold specializes in 7“ records, which they produce in limited runs, often of 250 to 500 copies. And according an Interview, the Stuff is getting Sold Out fast and once it is, they close the Project and move on to the next one. They Economy Crises had no effect on their Company and it seems that the old fashion way was the right one for these two twenty somethings. There is no doubt that the recently published BBC Sound of 2010 is dominated by Neon Gold Acts. Three out of 15 at the Longlist and with Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds, they claim the top spots in this years emerging talent rundown. Sounds like a fairytale for youngster, doesn‘t? Or the American dream in a time when it‘s nearly impossible to live it. However, it was hard work to became the next best Superstars in the Music Industry. With GWFA they start to put out their views on music and made the first contacts. And every time when they were in London it was to meet new people and hang out at shows and record stores like Purgeroove Records. So, it sounds like they need to to loads of work before they shit came together. Derek and Lizzy are still at College in New York City, but if they keep their good work, their sense for great music and talent, it will be just a matter of time before Neon Gold become a Global Player. Or, they get hired as A&R. The future will be with them, and we will keep on trying to catch Derek and Lizzy for an interview.

Pieces of You, from Wolf Gang was Gold 005

Neon Gold releases since 2008

- Passion Pit „Sleepyhead“ - Marina and the Diamonds „Mowglis Road“ - Yess Giantess „Tuff n Stuff“ - Marina and the Diamonds „Crown Jewels EP“ - Wolf Gang „Pieces of you“ - Your Twenties „Billionaires“ - GOTYE „LEARNALILGIVINANLOVIN“ - Little Red „Coca Cola“ - The Sound of Arrows „Into the clouds“ - Ellie Goulding „Under the Sheets“ - Penguin Prison „Animal Animal“

produced by text: stefan urschler aka sirdorian

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