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t is difficult, almost

uncomfortable, to talk about fashion these days, especially since we are all collectively feeling

vulnerable from the stress and uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 virus. This pandemic has definitely brought out the best and worst in each of us, but has also inevitably refined our character and strength along the way. When thousands of lives are lost each day worldwide, we are all collectively grieving, consciously and subconsciously. We are, after all, part of the human race—made of collective emptions that make us who we are.

FASHIONABLE BAYANIHAN: How fashion designers used their craft to help during pandemic


How SAGA Events and Rajo Laurel are giving the fashion scene a fresh transition

It is easy to fall for the misconception that fashion is just a shallow concept of vanity, but we would like to believe that the art of it has always provided reflection of we who we are as humans at a certain time period, individually and collectively. And in this day of pandemic, the very industry that we call shallow is the same selfless industry which has been hard at work in creating literally the only protection for our medical heroes today. While the work of fashion professionals can never be tantamount to the sacrifice of our medical professionals, we would like to think that fashion has reflected and documented this day and age in our

country when we Filipinos stay true to our spirit of bayanihan as the industry developed, created and donated medical-grade protection suits for our frontliners. Mich Dulce, and a number of fashion designers, patternmakers, sewers and fashion volunteers in the country have transformed their own studios and ateliers into instant factories of quality, medical-garde personal protective equipment (PPE) suits for our doctors and nurses. So much so that the pattern Dulce’s team had created has reached the standards of by Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies headed by Gui Cavalcanti in Berkeley, California. This design has been copied by designers from different countries such as Algeria, Thailand, Bolivia, Michigan, Egypt, Indonesia, Australia, Botswana, Nepal, Belarus, and Morocco. The Filipino fashion industry has indeed not only helped our local community, but also the global ones who also need protection suits for their frontliners. Aside from medical protection clothing suits, the local fashion event industry has stood up and led the country in boosting its morale by staging a virtual fashion show amidst the pandemic. This is to remind us that while global reports say that the event management industry is dead, we do have options to transition our fashion show experience through the power of technology. Event industry leader SAGA Events knows too well how to uplift our hopeless spirits and uninspired creativity when the group staged #RajoRunwayOnline with fashion designer Rajo Laurel. Together, we all witnessed that there’s a small spark of hope left in both fashion and event industries. It is impossible to start the story of Stylish e-Magazine without telling its history. We have been producing content for an upcoming fashion-based TV show since

Team STYLISH August 2019. The show is called Stylista TV, hosted by our cover girl Katarina Rodriguez. We are highlighting her own story of fashion, self-discovery and purpose in this issue. With our original timetable and plans, all these should have been a glamorous press event launch introducing you the new cable show Stylista TV hosted by Katarina. It will still happen, but later in the year. The pandemic has shown us that there should be new ways to communicate our message of documenting the brilliance of today’s Filipino fashion industry. While we would love to have a fashion press party, or launch the TV show with you, we deem it more important to do what is most needed in this time of collective pain and sorrow--- and that it to send a message of hope and empowerment. Thus, giving the sudden birth of this digital platform: Stylish e-Magazine. We would like to go to the basic message of hope, and that is to uplift ourselves despite the darkness of days, to encourage ourselves despite hardships, and to love ourselves authentically and deeply even when it is challenging. And sometimes, loving ourselves is as basic as going back to our own creativity in nurturing ourselves: through good food, well-being, preening or style. We want to welcome you to a whole new meaning of being stylish. And that definition is all about self-love, creativity, inspiration and empowerment. And more than anything, we are never alone. We have been trying to protect each other, we have been uplifting each other, as we have been there for each other in these dark time. We are hoping you are still with us once we see the other side of this pandemic.

Much love, Marane Plaza Editor-in-Chief


Marane A. Plaza Art Director: Niel Santiago Tayao Web Developer: Alex Viray Writers Anna Pangalangan Kai Macabata Stylist Keith Angelo Styling Assistant Dominic Moreno Make Up Artist Janina Dizon Hair Artist MJ Rone

“Kapag parang hindi maganda ang tubo ng plants mo, maghalo ka uli ng soil. Magdagdag ka lang ng berkas soil,” he said. “If you think your plants are not growing well, reformulate your soil. Add some berkas soil,” he said.)

SELF-LOVE A Beginner’s Guide to Urban Farming By Marane A. Plaza


hen lockdown had been announced in almost every corner of the world due to pandemic, we rushed to grocery stores to get our stock of fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs and other food essentials. No one thought of acquiring jewelry, gold or car--- and that’s when it all suddenly hit us that what we need in our lives are in fact grown and found from rich soil, and nurtured by our dear farmers. While it would be nice to have our own farm, that concept is not always realistic for everyone as we hope it to be. But fret not. You might think that you need swaths of land to grow your own vegetables and fruits. But the truth is, you can start with a pot of soil, a couple of garden scraps and a few seedlings to make your urban

farm fantasy come true! Kick off your very own little cute garden or farm right at your home with these simple tips: 1. Start with pot gardening. Pot gardening, or container gardening, is the practice of growing plants including edible ones exclusively in containers, instead of planting them in the soil ground. A pot or container is the general term used in gardening for a small enclosed and usually portable object used for displaying live flowers or plants. It may take the form of a pot, box, tub, pot basket, tin, barrel or hanging basket.

kayong lupa sa bahay, siguro naman may wall ang bahay niyo na mapagsasabitan ng pots,” he shared. “Pwede po tayo makabuhay ng vegetables sa pot gardening. One to three weeks, you can have your own vegetables.” (Container gardening is perfect for backyard gardening for your personal food consumption. If you do not have soil ground, I would bet you have walls at home where you can hang your pot of plants,” he shared. “You can grow vegetables through pot gardening. In one to three weeks, you can have your own vegetables.”) The secret is in the soil “A healthy garden has soil that is a treasure chest,” Sanchez said. The expert said that it is better if you learn to experiment and formulate your own soil that can work for the vegetables you want to grow. The Agrofarm founder shared his own formulation of rich soil perfect for urban gardening right here: 1 part rice hull 1 part carbonized rice hull

Joni Sanchez, owner of Joni and Susan Agroshop Inc., shared that pot gardening is the best way to start and learn the basics of growing plants, and it is perfect for personal food consumption purposes.

1 part coco peat

“Pwede ang container for backyard gardening for your personal food consumption. Kung wala

= organic mixed soil

1 part vermicast 1 part ordinary soil

0. Choose seeds that you really see yourself eating once they grow. The point of having your own little farm at home is to have easy access to vegetables and fruits that you actually enjoy consuming. Aside from considering your personal food preference, choose seeds that will grow in your area, and seeds that complement each other when you grow them together. “Choose seeds that taste better fresh when harvested. Consider heirloom, organic and non-genetically engineered seeds,” Sanchez said. He also advised to keep a record of the growth of your seeds in your little farm. He suggested to start with vegetables that are easy to grow. “Lettuce, pechay and mustasa-- you can harvest in 30 days. While if you want to grow eggplants, you would need bigger containers,” he said. 0. Gardening is a flexible learning experience. “There are many ways to do it, and there are a lot of things to learn in gardening and farming,” Sanchez said. While you may use pots to start growing your own veggies, you might also put soil in seedling trays, egg trays or even egg shells. Just poke small holes of about10 to 15mm or 1.5cm to your container of choice. You can also use old plastic bottles and simply punch holes in the lid. Now here goes the basics. Put the seeds of your choice in the right environment. Start by placing one to two seeds in each seed cell in your chosen container to make sure that one seed will germinate. If both seeds end up germinating, discard the weakest looking seedling and keep the best looking one. Create a label where you can put names and dates.

Most seeds don’t need sunlight to germinate. Placing the seeds in a room with a temperature between 15-26 degrees Celsius is a safe bet, but some seeds need special treatment and require very cold or hot temperatures to do well. Do not place them in an open area as birds will eat the seeds.

Feed the seedlings after a few weeks. Since the growing medium doesn’t contain nutrients, you’ll need to fertilize the seedlings with plant food after they’ve gotten a few inches tall. Foliar feed should be applied in the early morning before the sun becomes hot or late in the afternoon. Spray plants until you see the mixture dripping. Applying fertilizer directly to a plant’s leaves as opposed to putting it in the soil. A plant takes nutrients through the leaf much quicker than it does through the root and stem.

Wet the organic mixed soil, by using a spray bottle or knapsack sprayer. Do not use hose because it will wash away the seeds. You may need to go back and add organic mixed soil to some cells after they settle down a bit.

0. Start your urban farm because of passion. Probably the best piece of advice you can take is do urban faming with passion.

Keep growing medium moist. Make sure the moist never get the chance to dry out, or they won’t germinate properly.

“Start by having fun with it. Some people are quick to invest in huge lands because they’re thinking of business right away. You should start small. You should develop your passion for urban gardening first. When you see the magic of growing your own food for yourself, then that passion will definitely grow, and you will see the fruits of your passion,” Sanchez concluded.

Water only when needed, which is usually every morning and every afternoon. Do not overwater the seeds. If they get waterlogged, they won’t grow. Remember to focus on the roots when watering. Next phase is post-Germination, or the process of moving the seedlings to a sunny place. Different seeds have different days. When you see the first green shoots poke through, move the seedlings to a sunny area. Make sure the room temperature is above 21 degrees celsius, but provide a bright space so they can grow strong and healthy.

For more tips on urban farming as well as agricultural products and supplies, you may like and follow the official page of Joni and Susan Agroshop, Inc. on Facebook.

FASHION IS copy_link

T We are documenting here the Philippines’ relentless spirit of bayanihan, and a fashionable one at that.

he horror of the COVID-19 virus has been impactful for all of us, but the exhausting challenges of the illness have been too real for our doctors, nurses, medical professionals and overall frontliners all over the world. They have been literally risking their lives in the fight against the corona virus. And in these selfless battles they’ve been facing every single day since the pandemic broke, the only protection they’ve had against the invisible enemy are personal protective equipment (PPE) suits.

1. Medically-Approved PPEs Filipina fashion designer Mich Dulce first started the call for donations for our frontliners’ PPEs. On March 20, during the country’s first week of lockdown. The milliner has been known for her designer hats that have been worn by female pop icon Lady Gaga, Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester, English fashion model Georgia May Jagger, and Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo. Her efforts to inspire creating PPEs for frontliners have led to creation of PPE suits for doctors accepted as medical grade, and have been adopted since by other countries such as Algeria, Thailand, Bolivia, Michigan, Egypt, Indonesia, Australia, Botswana, Nepal, Belarus, and Morocco. These countries have adopted Mich Dulce’s PPE suits using Taffeta Silver Back Lining (SBL).

The initiative started on March 20, 2020, when Mitch posted that she and Cynthia Diaz had rolls of 75gsm non At the time of global pandemic when thousands of lives woven fabric that Diaz would like to donate that can be are lost each day, it’s easy to dismiss the importance of made into protective suits, masks, and shoe covers. fashion in the greater scale of things. Some would go far Dulce first used the Taffeta SBL donated by family and as to calling fashion useless, and another thing of vanity. friends of Dr. Reina Diane Tajonera in her design. But in a thought-provoking paradox of it, Cynthia Diaz, co-founder & logistics head of Manila designers, patternmakers and sewers are the very people Protective Gear Sewing Club, and Mich Dulce’s who have actually been developing and creating these collaborator in the PPE project, says the Taffeta SBL basic protection suits for our medical heroes, and these material for PPEs is ideal because it is waterproof, are the same people who compose the fashion industry. reusable or rewashable, and can withstand autoclaving. “My belief is, everybody has skills that can be used to And in the Philippines, bayanihan in the fashion scene do something good, to help their country. So if someone has been very much alive. These are some of the brilsays there is a need for something and you know you liant efforts of our Filipino fashion designers and profescan make it, why won’t you volunteer to make it?” sionals who have sparked the light in us that has inspired fashion designer Mich Dulce tells in an interview with us to give selfless donations for the development and ANC, in light of the lack of personal protective creation of PPEs for our modern heroes: equipment (PPE) for local medical frontliners.

Dulce and the people behind the Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club, formed to address the lack of PPEs in the country, share the same mindset: “We need to find innovative solutions to what’s going on.”

detailed guide on how to create the suit design. The tech pack has been translated into the Indonesian language. 2. Customized PPEs Across the Country

Their prototype was approved by Infectious Disease Specialist and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jesus Julio Ancheta of Medical City Sta. Rosa. On March 25, Dulce announced on her Facebook that the protective suit has been medically reviewed by Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies headed by Gui Cavalcanti in Berkeley, California. She offered her prototype as an open-source gown design. copy_link web_copy_link

Fashion designer Renan Pacson, who has been known for his fashion-forward ladieswear and edgy yet feminine streetwear, had also been creating face masks, giving them free to those in need.

3. Free Protective Face Masks web_copy_link

Bridal designer Chynna Mamawal has not only been known for her whimsical, dreamy bridal couture creations, but as well as for her sleek, stylish menswear. The designer’s team, as of April 10, was able to donated more than 1,150 PPEs to more than 35 hospitals. “My original target was to produce 100 PPEs only. I can’t believe we’ve produced more that 1,000 PPEs already,” Chynna Mamawal shared on her Instagram account on April 10.

“We are excited to announce that we have our first medically-reviewed open source suit design!!! The Open “To our dear frontliners, this is for you. Thank you for Source Medical Supplies medical team has reviewed your service and all the sacrifices you do for all of us,” this gown design, and suggests you make it out of the Chynna said. Tyvek 1433R (i.e. thin and flexible covering) you would find in any hardware store.” Gui Cavalcanti posted. Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club released the Open Source Protective Suit Technical Pack and Patterns

Michael Leyva, known for his high fashion yet wearable couture pieces, had also done his share to extend help. He had sewn hundreds of washable face masks, personally delivering them to the frontliners in Rizal along with meals.

Fashion designer Santi Obcena, known for his very Filipino sensibilities in his couture masterpieces, had made protective masks for frontliners and volunteers. He shared how he used eco-bag material and excess cotton and denim for a waterproof outer and breathable inner of the masks. His team had a full blown production of protective masks for frontliners. The pandemic in the country is, as of this writing, far from over. While it is hard to see the brighter side of things, we have to push ourselves to remember that the goodness in people still exist. And a good deed will always be in style.

FASHION TRANSITION SAGA Events and Rajo Laurel Inspire Fashion Visionaries Amidst Pandemic By Admin

A industry.

s the novel corona virus spread throughout the world, the effects have been particularly devastating for the event industry, and of course, that has impacted the fashion

After a number of reports have circulated in the Internet that the event industry would never come back to normal, not until at least 2022, the event industry leaders have been feeling uninspired and hopeless, and fashion designers had prepared to bid farewell to staging spectacular fashion shows. But just like darkness in the middle of the night, a small of spark of light is all we need to have hope. Locally, that first spark of light was #RajoRunwayOnline, a digital fashion presentation by renowned Filipino fashion Rajo Laurel in collaboration with SAGA Events, the Philippines’ leading event management agency headed by the leading fashion show director in the country, Robby Carmona. Robbie Carmona shared with Stylish e-Magazine how he came up with the concept behind Rajo Laurel’s first ever virtual fashion show. “It happened one morning when I woke up and saw model Ria Bolivar’s message to me which was a post. After seeing it, I had this eureka moment,” the runway visionary said. “I called up Rajo at 6 in the morning and asked if he wanted to do his first virtual show on his birthday which was on May 19.” Robby further shared with Stylish e-Magazine, “My vision is to inspire the fashion and live events industry to explore different possibilities in this time of pandemic. I want us to think of creative innovations, and experiment with the different platforms available to be able to start strong again.”

“The event industry has always been about human connection. This pandemic is the time that we should help each other, so more blessings will come our way. I am looking forward for us to be stronger in human connections more than ever,” the director said. The SAGA Events leader mentioned that it only took them two weeks to prepare for the monumental virtual fashion event. “I’ve been doing events for 25 years, and this is something completely different. The way we made our content were all online, the pre-production meetings, the approval process were all virtual. Even that day, we were all in different areas, doing the live fashion show. We were all sharing this moment,” Robby said. The fashion designer shared his thoughts on this first virtual fashion show during Facebook live, “The story behind #RajoRunwayOnline is essentially a way to start strong, a way to communicate and keep in touch with our colleagues and friends . This is the brainchild of my friend Robby Carmona. Two weeks ago, he called me at 6AM and he was so excited, he said, ‘’I have an idea on how to begin, an idea to inspire everyone out there in this brand new world of ours’,” Rajo narrated. “The process of this project was not easy. Our industry lies in communication. It lies with the fact that we come face to face with the people that we work with. However, no matter what the challenge is, I believe that some good things do not come easy.” Rajo further said that fashion is a “collaborative art”. It is like an orchestra, working piece by piece, heart by heart,” Laurel said.

Rajo expressed his gratitude towards all the models of Mercator modelling agency, Jing Monis for the hair design, and music director Byran Cua who created an original music for #RajoRunwayOnline Rajo’s new collection dubbed as ‘Hacienda’ was first conceptualized by the designer six months ago. He was starting his country life at his rest house in Batangas then. “As I was literally planting seeds in Batangas that inspired the ‘Hacienda’ collection, I am figuratively also planting seeds on the runway through my first virtual fashion show.” The ‘Hacienda’ collection is made with wearable yet fashionable pieces in nude, neutral and nature-like colors. Most of the ensembles are in nude hues, while some are in neutral and light colors of green, white and blue. Hacienta was inspired by “serenity, blissful times admiring nature”. The digital fashion show highlighted some of Laurel’s muses through the years. Stunners like Charmaine Lagman, Divine Lee and Duday Tuason, actors Iza Calsado, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillio, and Ruffa Guttierrez as well as socialites Stephanie Zubiri, Tim Yap and Liz Uy took part at the historic fashion event by wearing Rajo during the show’s audio-video presentation. “Just like any artist, the art and fashion industries are inspired by muses. I’ve clothed these women during special moments in their lives, almost like creating windows of special memories with them,” Rajo said.

Robby further said that RajoRunwayOnline is all about keeping human connection alive. During the Facebook Live event, celebrities like Lea Salonga, Raymond Guttierrez , Bianca Gonzales and Rina Benipayo were seen joining and watching the special event”. “The events industry has always brought people together, allowing them to share beautiful stories. This human connection that we share have allowed us to build a community. So to keep this human connection alive, we must continue to inspire. We must continue to harness creativity and support one another,” Robby said. “We are given this unique opportunity to experiment with unique platforms by new ways of engaging audiences, and hone more of the undiscovered paths so we can continue to create significant human connections and experiences. With the the resources we have and the creativity that fuels us, we will continue to move forward to the future together. Our businesses will evolve and our industry will thrive. This is where we start, and this is how we start strong,” Robby concluded. When Stylish e-Magazine asked how does it feel to uplift the morale industry, and what can we look forward from SAGA Events, fashion show director Robby had this to say: “We will be announcing our next project very soon. At that moment, we were already creating digital contents and planning live-streaming events for some clients. Our focus is to strengthen the digital aspect of the business by equipping us with the right technical and creative people and of course the technology needed to run these kinds of events,” he said.

Filipina Beauty Brands That You Would Be Proud to Support

considered a pioneer in single-brand ecommerce and cosmetics ecommerce in the Philippines. Today, Ellana Cosmetics is in over 50 stores nationwide and enjoyed by over 250,000 customers.

By Kai Macabata


ilipinas have always been celebrated not only for their beauty, but for their famous hardworking and goal-oriented nature. In today’s landscape of beauty business, it is no surprise that home-grown Filipina cosmetic brands are getting more and more popular among beauty fans across the world. After all, makeup is still one of the most effective tools to uplift a lady’s morale and mood. And in this age of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, one factor you can control is how you feel about yourself—and thank goodness for these beauty brands below, you might empower yourself little by little to pick up pieces of yourself from this pandemic, and also support the Philippine economy by patronizing beauty brands that we can call truly Filipina. 1. Colourette Established in 2015 by young Filipina entrepreneur Nina Ellaine Dizon, Colourette is a home-grown brand based in the Philippines. The beauty empire specializes in multi-functional makeup that may be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. In the past years, Colourette has built a community of Boss Babes, advocating for women

empowerment, acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity. Colourette Colourtint in Bambi (Matte)

Colourette Colourtint in Bella (Fresh)

Colourette Colourtint in Gigi (Fresh)



The cult favourite from the brand is its Loose Mineral Foundation, due to its lightness on skin and flawless final touch. Buy it now on to enjoy free jar.

This beauty brand’s newest products are its Colourtint in seven shades Bambi, Bella, Bree, Dione, Gigi, Lily and Summer. Our personal favorites are Gigi with its rose mauve color, and Bella, with its brick red hue.

3. Filipinta Beauty Filipinta is an indie beauty brand that celebrates the Filipino culture. Beauty fans were stunned at its first collection called Diwata, as the artwork of the packaging and the eye palette formulation itself were truly distinct Filipina aesthetic. The cosmetics line aims to inspire love for the country, as Filipinta is a portmanteau of “Filipina” and “pinta” which, when loosely translated, means “face paint for Filipinas”. It was designed to encourage Filipinas to embrace modern makeup looks as well as cultivate appreciation for our local culture. The brand was founded by New Yorkbased visual artist and indie singer Hana ACBD; former model Jasel Donato and TV celebrity and host Joyce Pring.

You may order online thru its website 2. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Ellana, which means “light” or “bright” in Greek, was founded by proud Filipinas Theresa Carbonel and Coney Avellana in 2007. At the time, mineral makeup was the best thing cosmetics had to offer. In the Philippines, it was expensive, not widely available and had limited shades. The result was the Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation. A foundation formula that uses gentle on skin mineral ingredients to create long-wearing poreless perfection, while keeping the skin healthy. Since then Ellana has grown to be loved by tens of thousands of women in the Philippines and Asia. Ellana Cosmetics first began selling online via forums and eventually as a top Multiply shop and quickly set up its own ecommerce in 2007. is

Aside from having a penchant for cosmetics, the high school best friends created the brand to promote the distinctive Philippine culture through beauty.


Stylist Keith Angelo Styling Assistant Dominic Moreno Make Up Artist Janina Dizon Hair Artist MJ Rone


his cover story goes beyond what happened that day when we had our fashion editorial shoot with Katarina Rodriguez. This narrative, for me, is a story of how I’ve thoroughly discovered that indeed, Katarina is the perfect choice for a project that aims to epitomize the definition of stylista in this day and age. I first met Katarina at a press event for Sperry, when I was heading the Philippines’ marketing communications for the global shoe brand. We were launching Sperry’s Eco-Collection at the time, the brand’s selection of sneakers created from plastic bottles gathered from the sea. During the event, she passionately shared with me how she personally loved the idea that Sperry was making amazing shoes that were not only fashionable, but were doing good for the environment. She shared that plastic bottles could really do some harm to the environment, and how she herself would pick up plastic bottles by the shores of Siargao, an island in the Philippines that she calls her second home.

KATARINA RODRIGUEZ: Epitomizing The Word Stylish By Marane A. Plaza

She was the Miss World Philippines 2018 title-holder that time. With her effortless grace, intimidating poise, and mesmerizing beauty, it was almost easy to forget that after all, Katarina first caught the world’s attention in the fashion side of things. In 2014, Katarina entered the global fashion scene as an aspiring top model in the second cycle of the reality TV show Asia’s Next Top Model. She finished the competition as a third placer, behind Filipina model Jodilly Pendre and Malaysian winner Sheena Liam. The prestigious modelling competition dubbed her as the show’s model version of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, wherein she got to don high fashion pieces from plush brands Dior, Gucci and Prada. One of her challenges as a top model contestant was that she was “too pretty” for the common mould of a high fashion model. But just like the real winner that she is in life,

Katarina overcame these barriers and made it on top 3. She described the show as her entry opportunity to the world of fashion. “I definitely learned a lot about fashion from Asia’s Next Top Model. In fact, this was my introduction to fashion and styling. Meeting and knowing fashion designers, and understanding what their brands stand for, and where their inspirations derive from taught me a lot of lessons about fashion. I’m blessed that I’d gotten to work with some of the legends in the Asian fashion industry because of the show,” Katarina narrated. “When you model, you’re modelling a brand and what that brand believes in and stands for. The more you want to get casted, the more brands you’d have to understand from their very core,” she added. Katarina shared that being part of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 “almost feels like a dream ago”. “It was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about a whole new world-- the world of modelling and fashion. I learned more about other cultures, and of course, I’ve learned so much about myself,” she said. Katarina found a whole new side of herself after the competition. Not everyone could transition from a top model to a mainstream beauty queen, but Katarina did just that--- successfully and seamlessly. Beauty and Purpose After giving pride to the Philippines with her high-profile run on Asia’s Next Top Model , Aces and Queens founder Jonas Gaffud encouraged Katarina to train for beauty pageantry. Katarina thoroughly trained under Gaffud’s wing. She then entered the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 competition, and won the Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 title.

She represented the Philippines at the Miss Intercontinental 2017 pageant held in Hurghadam Egypt, wherein she won first runner-up to Mexico’s Veronica Salas Vallejo. She also bagged the Miss Media Popularity award and first runner-up in the Best in National Costume segment of the competition. “I would compare my transition from model to beauty queen to the transition of a girl becoming a young woman,” Katarina shared. “Modelling teaches you to be raw, to be the very core of yourself. To act on instinct, be spontaneous, and let your personality shine. It’s about being who you are, naturally, and effortlessly.”

“Being a beauty queen, however, is much like being a professional athlete. It’s a lifestyle. You have to be a refined version of yourself. You have to be prepared for anything, and you have to be able to stand firm to your values and beliefs without offending anyone else,” she said. In 2018, Katarina had yet again made headlines when she won the Miss World Philippines2018 title. She once again represented the country abroad, this time in the Miss World competition in Sanya, China. She was one of the favorite contestants, but she failed to place in the semi-finals. Mexico’s Vanessa Ponce won the title.

The Anatomy of a Korean Skincare Routine By Kai Macabata


e have the Koreans to blame for making us obsessed over their weather, fashion, dramas and of course, their beauty products. What started out as many thought would be just a fad, turned out to take the global beauty industry by storm. Armed with the Korean beauty philosophy, kbeauty brands are geared towards long term effects as opposed to overnight results that do not last. If you haven’t heard about their (in)famous 7, 8, 9 or even 10 step skincare routine, your girl is here to help you out! To be honest, it sounds a bit daunting, but there’s no harm in trying! Or if you already have, I’m here to share some products that you oughta try. Making that much coveted radiant, glowing, glass skin closer everyday. 1. First Cleansers – (PM

routine) no matter how busy our day had been, no matter how tired (or drunk!) we get, the first thing that you have to remember in achieving clear skin is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove your make up before going to bed. Kbeauty brands offer a variety of product types for first cleansing (cleansing balms, cleansing oils, cleansing water, etc.), to cater to every skin type and whether you’ve had a full face on or just sunscreen). Another notable thing is that, their products designed to the job, but at the same time, be gentle enough on the skin. Now who said we can’t have the best of both worlds?

2.Second Cleansers – (AM and PM routine) The first cleanse is to ensure that the foundation and the mascara is melted down, now the second cleanse ensure that it is all washed off; even the deep seated dirt. Second cleansers are the t ypical facial washes, but what makes the kbeauty cleansers special? Part of their beauty philosophy is maintaining a healthy skin barrier – it is the outermost layer of our skin that keeps the moisture in and damaging elements and irritants out. It does its job effectively by being naturally acidic (pH level anywhere between 4.2 to 5.6). That’s why it is very important to maintain the balance so as to not disrupt the skin barrier’s function (irritation, dryness, acne, etc.). 3. Toners/Mists/Essences – (AM and PM routine) Basically a toner’s job is to remove any left-over residue from your face, while mists are for hydration throughout the day, and essences are mainly to prep your face for all the other products in your routine. But of course, innovation has been key to kbeauty’s success, they upped the game once again. Not only did they create a wide selection to cater to your skin’s every wish and whim (function: hydration, exfoliation, brightening + main ingredient: aloe, snail mucin, glycolic acid), they also made products that are multifunctional (toners to be used as mists, toners that doubles as an essence), making your purchase a bang for your buck. *Disclaimer: remember that skincare is not a one-size fits all, it’s more of a trial by error run, so it’s possible that the effects of product/ingredient may vary from person to person. However, if you have skin conditions, please consult a dermatologist.*

4. Serums/Ampoules – (AM and PM routine) Oh you’ve reached this part? Then you’re into deep. LOL I’ve discovered a new-found relationship with dropper bottles in my kbeauty journey – mainly because they are the typical packaging of serums and ampoules. These babies have a higher concentration of active ingredients to target your skin concerns (hyperpigmentation? We don’t know her. Plump skin? Yes, please!). To circle back on kbeauty’s philosophy, they use ingredients that work but at the same time does not do further damage, giving you results that last.

5. Masks – (PM routine) This step isn’t done on the daily, but if you need some extra pampering, then go on right ahead. Sheet masks, clay masks, wash-off masks, eye masks, lifting masks, lip masks what have ya! Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but when I say that there is a kbeauty product for each skin type and concern, it is 101% true. As for sheet masks, their main function is to nourish the skin and restore moisture. Clay masks are typically to remove excess oil and dry out any active pimples, while wash-off masks can be either.

6. Eye Cream – (PM routine) the skin around the eyes are thinner compared to other parts of the face, given that, it needs some (targeted) TLC. It is more prone to dryness, sagging, or worse, wrinkles (so next time you want to scratch your eyes, give it another thought). It’s best to start early on lathering some eye cream, to prevent damage due to age and free radicals.

7. Moisturizer/Sleep Pack - (AM/PM routine) okay before you get confused with hydration vs. moisturizing let me explain it to you: hydration is increasing the skin’s water content or helps it attract water, while moisture is to lock it in, therefore, preventing water loss. In the market currently, there are moisturizers that are good for daytime and nighttime use. The difference mainly lies in the texture (nighttime moisturizers are thicker), so you don’t look like a glazed donut while you’re out and about. Again, kbeauty products have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from; so aside from doing its main job, it also aids in your other skin concerns.

8. Sunscreen – (AM routine) oh you’re still here? Good! If you’ve reached this far, then congratulations. You’re about to step into the dark side LOL anyhoo, this is probably the most crucial part of this lengthy routine. We all know what sun damage can do in the long run, so it is important to start putting on sunscreen as early in your life as possible. Sun protection is key – need I say more?

How Therapy Changed Me By Anna Bettina Pangalangan

Here’s why and how you can take care of your mental health this pandemic, as shared by one of Stylish e-Magazine’s writers Anna Bettina Pangalangan


he year 2020 is such a handful. This is certainly true for me as I weathered dark days before and during the pandemic. I knew I needed to seek professional help before I go off the deep end. It was somethingthat saw me through my crisis. It’s not that I tried hard not to fight the goblins in my head. I did put up a good fight. I tried to journal, prayers and writing on my journal. Those things helped me but things were just not the same. I seem to be more fragile now, more immune to mood swings and anxiety attacks. Growing up, I used to be able to wing it. I am not as sensitive, but maybe that was the folly of youth. Now that I am a bit older I feel more than I should. And I start to realize that the nuances in my personality have an impact on the way I live and make decisions. These thoughts were intensified with a severe case of pandemic blues. There are things outside my physical body that I cannot control and which my mind cannot accept. You see, my mom works as a nurse in New York, the epicenter of the virus outbreak. The constant fear of her contracting the disease affected me deeply. Sleep eluded me. Peace of mind was hard to find. I could not fall apart just yet. My siblings are counting on me to take control of the household. It was a good distraction. There were endless things to do: Paying the monthly bills, doing the weekly grocery shopping, spearheading the daily cooking. The domestic grind gave me a sort of reprieve. But the gloomy feelings remained. After a while, I finally succumbed to seeing a psychiatrist after getting the blessing from my parents, who were also reeling from the effects of the virus in their city and livelihood. Meeting my shrink I had my first appointment with Dr. Z via Zoom. Doing remote consultation was my only option since this was during the height of the pandemic. I was nervous because it was my first time to see a psychiatrist after a long time. I used to talk to psychiatrists in my former workplace

but that was sporadic. And I was not as comfortable because the psychiatrists there were mostly old men. I want a psychiatrist whom I can talk to like a good friend. Thankfully, Dr. Z fit the bill. When Dr. Z’s face appeared on the screen, I immediately took a liking to her. She seems friendly and interested in what I had to say. Of course, you will say that it is her job to listen. But regardless, I felt it safe to open up during our hour-long consultation. She asked about my history and what I do in my present life. My reflections fell on sympathetic ears. There was no judgment at all, which made me heave a sigh of relief. I could not bear to trouble my friends and kin about things that run through my head. But Dr. Z took everything in without flinching. She helped me to see things from a different perspective. I imagine my brain being ironed out with every session. The crazy kinks have since gotten smoother since my first session. It’s a long journey Dr. Z said that we would need more sessions so she can know me better. I feel no shame in accepting this reality-- that something is amiss in my disposition. But I do not despair. It only makes me want to become a better person.

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