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Reflections from the artist

“ Pe r f u m e i s a my t h a n d a f a i r y t a l e. Fo r a r t i s t a n d p o e t s, b l e s s e d w i t h a rich imagination, frag rances are a never-ending source of inspiration. What scent orginates from the moon’s reflection in a puddle? What about a dewdrop, a tiny tear-drop of light, caught rapidly before it vanishes? Consider olfactory masterpieces with the power to move you... If a picture is wor th a thousand words, the ar tistperfumer can use this power to create scent paintings in which fully developed ideas and shapes emerge.Jasmine becomes a wave of feeling... Turkish rose transforms into gold dust and passion berries evoke star r y heavens...Scent tur ns into image”

Look at these delicate aromas and ‘listen’ as their music envelops you...”



Styling magazine by Coty Farquhar, Australia. Celebrating our 1st birthday and Christmas. This issue is dedicated to magical dreamtime and i...