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The Mary Poppins books later published in the 1930s and 40s were immensely popular, in many ways akin to the Harry Potter books of the modern era. The 1964 Disney movie added a worldwide multimedia dimension to the character’s fame. More recently, the Cameron Mackintosh-produced stage musical has once again reminded many millions around the world of the delight this character brings to young and old. Today’s chapter in the ongoing Mary Poppins story began 10 years ago when another 12 yearold Bowral girl, Melissa McShane, imagined the same Mary Poppins character but in a different way – this time as a life-size bronze statue as a commemorative tribute to the author’s association with her town that fills a gap in the national literary history. On another level, it was a ten-year partnership between a teenage daughter and her father to complete the project, an opportunity the young Lyndon Goff never had due to the premature death of her own father.


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