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Dearest Readers, Welcome to the July issue of Styling magazine, an issue dedicated to fine details and the search of wonderful vintage treasures. Inspiration for this issue comes from a world that many of us live in, especially stylists, ‘the world of collecting’. The thrill of finding a hand made object, a vintage dress or an artwork. This beautiful hand painted dress from Mill Street, 1stdibs, is from a time when “pretty things” were an important part of our world. Every woman knows to wear a dress like this or to see someone in this dress fills you with the warmest of feelings. Imagine, over 60 years ago on a summer’s day a young girl arrived at an afternoon tea party, carrying her hat, wearing soft raffia sandles and dressed in this soft organza artwork. But now imagine the thrill of finding this dress many years on and lifting it up out of a box. That’s what this issue is about, finding beautiful old treasures and looking closely at the fine details. I collect many things from vintage clothes to china, some of my pieces have a chip here and there, and some of the gowns are unwearable, but never the less, they inspire me in so many ways. I love to look closely at how they were made and I try to imagine where the idea for the design originally came from. I always think of the artist and I can almost see the designer, the sewer or the hat maker in their studio. Their hands have moulded these items, their hands and their energy are a part of each piece. Creativity begins with a thought, an idea then it becomes a reality. I am about to de-clutter and down size my collections, it is one of the hardest things for me to do. I have to keep telling myself as I sort through racks of frocks, that to be in the universal flow, I must let go and the more I let go, the more will arrive, something even more beautiful is on it’s way. At least that’s what they say, and that’s the thrill of collecting. May we all live each day with an open heart that sees, feels and connects the rich beauty around us. Xx Coty


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