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Let’s look at an example of creativity expanding and eventually becoming a major part of life. My friends children went off to University, she was a bit bored and decided to redecorate her home. In the midst of that, she remembered how much she used to love decorating and giving decorating advice to anyone who would listen, and also reading anything she could find on decorating. She began offering her services to friends who wanted something different in their homes and that expanded to her friend’s friends homes. People began to insist that she actually take money for doing what she loved. As her journey progressed, she gained confidence and experience, and her creativity flowed. One day she had business cards printed up and now is a sought after decorator. It all starts with one step – that step is from a dream to actually doing something which has the effect of grounding that dream and taking us in a new direction. Sometimes that direction changes midstream and we end up in a place other than where we thought. It’s as though we grow antennae as we move along, somehow feeling where to turn next. The key is to remember or find something you love doing and in exploring that, your passion is likely to ignite, and you may find yourself on an amazing journey you never thought could be yours. Creative expression starts with an idea and the courage to somehow ground that idea. It can be a very tiny step that begins that journey.


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