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Are you creative? You’d be surprised at how many people answer that question with an absolutely sure of themselves, “NO.” The truth is we are all creative. We just may not be creative in the particular way we think we should be. And that is something we can change. We all have a unique, creative expression - the extraordinary - within us. Our unique creative flow is waiting to be tapped into, to be released and to be expressed. This may sound like a notion that’s little more than a pipe dream, but time and time again, we hear about people who have been very successful in ways that are ground-breaking. We learn that they started by having a dream, and when they followed that dream, they entered their creative flow and they realized that dream. Why can some people accomplish this and others get lost along the way? Perhaps they get caught up in trying too hard to make it happen rather than allowing, also people often have fear about either succeeding or failing – or both. Those fears can help sabotage ourselves and our efforts to lead an authentic life. Thinking is very different to imagining. Imagining loves daydreams, times where we allow rejuvenation by taking time out, meditating, even doing nothing. There is a good chance that thinking would criticize all that. Thoughts such as, “You should be Doing something,” are common when we actually give ourselves the gift of stopping. The mind replays our beliefs as thoughts and often wants us to “toe the line” instead of trusting where we are and what we are drawn to. What you imagine contains a connection to self, a source of creativity, add love to the equation and it can explode into the creation of something that is important to us on all levels, including our souls.


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