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Christiane de Bièvre

Belgian born, Australian has had a diversified career in public relations, marketing communications and special events with a great interest in incorporating all forms of art in her unique way of creating her concepts.

S h a r o n

S a n t o n i

English author of blog, MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME. Daily creativity is absolutely vital in Sharon’s life and she has found an outlet for that through writing and taking pictures whilst living on her farm and taking guests out and around the countryside of France antique shopping and brocante hunting. - A reflection of the way we like to live.

Jeanne Skinner MsE Soul Centred Astrologer - Jeanne is a workshop facilitator, conducting workshops helping people connect with their creative passion, she also does personal astrology readings.


Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar - The Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. This month we share stories about collecting vintage objects...

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