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JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011

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Think, formulate and when the momentum is in your favor make your move. Turning of the Tide It is said that when you struggle against the tide you reach the shore exhausted. But when you plan with the tide, it will lift all boats. We all have ambitions and goals that sometimes it feels that it will never come to life. We must not give up on ourselves but change our approach alone to get a different out come. Think, formulate and when the momentum is in your favor make your move. Don’t complain but rather dare to be the change you want to see in the world. The ‘Turning of the Tide” issue is inspired by the free thinkers in all walks of life that are strategically planning to lift their voices and be heard. Remember no matter how long and hard you try to fight a wave, the tide will always come in.

Nik Barnes Editor In Chief


JUNE 2011

LASTREVIEW Get your tweets in our magazine. With each issue release, just tweet on our stylezine page and you just may see your quote in the next issue! @Nevia_Bah Georgette Nivia Im lovin @STYLEZINE new issue especially “gym days” gotta get the body right! @brooky242 Brooklyn West Carter looking at the new @STYLEZINE issue str8t off the ipad2 yes the site is apple friendly :) check it out! @RIDDIMONYACASE Michael Cooper RT @MistaSmyth: @STYLEZINE I was watching the video with the chick from Cable 12 > their ratings bout to go up @iRock_uDont Melissa Wilson @ScharadL @STYLEZINE love the new issue! @_DeJay DeJay Knowles @STYLEZINE one of the best issues yet guys!! @TheTanMamba Christina McNeil in a ninja turtle shirt on a bed eating ice life is now complete @mryagga Mr Yaggo Yo @STYLEZINE I am here when ready like a Marine! Very interesting read in the new issue! @matt_da_model Matthew Bain @STYLEZINE once again proves !! That there is too much talent in such a small country ! Fashion , Art and Entertainment WE DO It ALL ! 242! @snowtreco Candice Treco @scharadlbrand @iamnikbarnes and everyone involved the issue is FIRE! Love Sannie’s should consider putting it on the shelves ;)




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iPhone after receiving a subscription notification keeps me on top of the Stylezine game. It’s the way I read all of the top music, fashion, technology and financial publications. Being simply viewable online is not enough in 2011 as portability, offline access and share-ability are MANDATORY! I, along with my business partner US based producer/songwriter Donnie Scantz, applaud Nik Barnes, ScharadL and the entire Stylezine staff for bringing it new and fresh every single time and congratulate you on 5 years of accomplishment. As a full service music agency we are deeply appreciative that DS3 Entertainment’s clients like TaDa, Sami Starr, Julien Believe and RappQuelle have been so fortunate to be highlighted on several covers and showcased in your features over the years. Moving toward your 20th issue, “big up” to Stylezine Magazine for keeping “DS3 all up in yuh earhole” as we take quality Bahamian music worldwide. One love!

Over the last 5 years Stylezine Magazine has matured in quality, content and character, but this latest “Girl Next Door” Spring 2011 issue truly raises the bar of digital publications. It conveys artistic expression from a Caribbean vantage point while existing as a ground-breaking, creative platform for emerging businesses, artists, fashionistas and writers bringing to the international fore the talent we have in The Bahamas. Stylezine’s international distribution and download capability is groundbreaking and a breath of fresh air. As a busy entrepreneur running an entertainment firm (The DS3 Group), a celebrity event planning company and specialty store (A Design For Destiny) and constantly pursuing new ventures across the globe, I am on the “go” constantly so immediate download access to my iPad and


JUNE 2011

Ms PJ Douglas Sands Co-Founder, The DS3 Entertainment Group @theDS3group (twitter)

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JUNE 2011

MAKING THE COVER It took us about 4 weeks just to catch up with ‘Bran’ and being the impatient artist I am, my flags were already raised wondering if this man would be a good shoot for the magazine. Albeit his schedule was 10 times crazier than mine, I had a sense of challenge to photograph arguably, the most sought after public figure in The Bahamas (today). Lady lucked shined upon Nik and I, being granted an audience with Mr. McCartney at his office and this was going to be the only chance I had to ‘sell’ him on the idea of putting him and his family on a public stage. Fast forward a few weeks (of course he said yes!) countless emails, phone calls and story boards, and me and the team are at the private home of Branville and Lisa McCartney setting up to photograph them for this issue which you are reading right now. With make-up, hair and accessories all set up, the grips and my assistant scouted locations around the property for us to photograph the family against. It was an amazing home, decorated by a woman of course with the typical bells and whistles. Of course I immediately spotted the BOSE surround sound system and speakers mounted all over the home, inside and out. I asked if I could plug in my iPod and once I got the answer I was looking for, I connected my music, turn it up and we were ready to go! (Fist pumps)

Once each look was completed, we photographed throughout the day, by the pool, by the couch, in the yard, on the stairs, pretty much; everywhere I could make use of. I remember Lisa McCartney asking me why my shoots take so long. My response being simply; “Because I’m a perfectionist” The kids had no problem getting use to their home being turned into a fashion shoot set as my playlist consisted of Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Willow Smith, Victorious, and a few other songs that were ‘kid-bop’ approved. The eldest daughter even made a comment, “Mummy, we should play this music in the house all the time!” Bran was great to photograph, being quite the image conscious man he was and Lisa, a former Miss Bahamas jumped right back into her character once she saw the camera. They were a joy to shoot together as Bran spit some serious ‘game’ in Lisa’s ears making her, smile, giggle and blush giving me incredible candid frames that conveyed love and family. At one point I found myself calling them ‘kids.’ At the end of the day, I was in a euphoric state of satisfaction. I was happy with the images and I know you will be too.


Great clients like Tommy Hilfiger, Fine Threads and House of Couture, Kedar Clarke, stylist was able to compile some really amazing looks for the family, even down to the infant, and everyone was fashionably ‘current.’ Lucy Lu, make-up, Cashera, hair and Lerielle, accessories worked together incredibly to bring all the looks together. The entire team was excited as I was and this aided in a positive environment with good energy, great music and food!



JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011

w w w. c o n c h i e n c e . c o m 24

JUNE 2011

{HOTT COUTURE} Check out some of the trends that are heating up the runways this summer‌.

WHITE HOT This summer brings forth a new fashion staple - the LWD (little white dress). Just wearing this non-color makes you feel clean and crisp all summer day long.

IT’S IN THE JEANS! Denim reigns supreme this season, from head to toe in a vast array of blue shades.

THAT 70s SHOW From wide leg trousers to peasant blouses to disco glam, the 70’s has inspired this summer biggest fashion theme, showing up on just about every runway this season.


JUNE 2011

ALL TIME LOW Talk about a sign of the times! FYI, the rise and fall of the hemline has a direct correlation to the rise and fall of our economy. The midi and maxi length dresses and skirts made popular again this season are no exception to the rule

BELLE OF THE BALLERINA Chiffon, lace and blush to shocking pinks bring out the urban ballerina in all of us.

STRIPES AHOY! Nautical stripes, candy stripes – you name it, we’ve got it on the runways this summer.

Government Name: Dyaria Knowles Age: 18 Horoscope: Sagittarius Nationality: Bahamian Current Location: Nassau, The Bahamas Vacation spot: I enjoy any place really! Anywhere that is relaxing and that is a get away from home, where there is tranquility and serenity, and I can enjoy the simple moments of life. A

pre se nt at io n




What’s in your iPod: Honestly my genre of music is very large, from sweet and smooth jazz music to rock music, depending on my mood and how I feel, it can vary. Defining career moment: I would have to say Project Runway LA, I had the chance to share the runway with international models, and it was absolutely amazing. Everything about that show was amazing, in terms of the producers, hair and make-up, most importantly the designers, also I fell in love with the stage, it was absolutely fascinating. Star you’re compared to: I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone; I think I have my own style in everything I do. But I admire Selina Ebanks, she is beautiful and appears to have a very strong character and also seems to be very humble. Turn On-s: Loyal, Confident, Funny, Down to earth, Intellectual Turn Offs: Big Egos & Arrogance What inspires you? I would have to say my mother inspires me, ever since she passed away I want to be the best at anything I do, she always taught me to be the top in everything I do. So I try to be the best I can be, because I know she would be proud if she were still alive.


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011



JUNE 2011

s a true optimist, I can easily recall vivid memories of good triumphing over evil. However, pessimistic thoughts were whispering loudly in my ear as I felt more and more displaced by my current situation. Damn…Even the worst superheroes, and moreover the oblivious mortal ones, seemed to always win in the end. But I’ve never had such luck. The day was as picturesque as the cover of one of those cheesy Harlequin romance novels. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping on cue, and there was a hint of love in the air. Yeah it was one of those days. The bouquet of flowers was delivered at the precise time as she was enjoying the surprise lunch that Chef had made for us at the restaurant. The blackened snapper was cooked to perfection and the pickled tomatoes had an amazing balance of sweet and savory, just the way she preferred it. But none of that made the ride home any more enjoyable. The conversation was blunt and the smiles were as precise as the edge of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s sushi knife. My mistake had been made three days ago and the consequences were likely to surpass their golden years before being forgotten. No amount of chivalry, romance and kindness could morph the glaring stares into the laughter and smiles of yesterdays. This woman was pissed.

We were grid locked - stalled behind a big rig truck headed to town when we passed Lake Cunningham. The waters seemed to mirror the sun and cast a perfect reflection of everything around it. I realized she noticed the lake’s beauty as well because a hint of softness crept on her face. Then out of the blue Anthony Hamilton’s “The Point of it All” flowed through the cars speakers. Someone was smiling down on me because this was our song. I mean our “I’ll love you no matter what” song. Then it happened; the Berlin wall started to crumble. Even with what seemed to be a mile of space between us, I could see a subtle smile. This was it the moment I had prayed for. So I did it. With the lake as our back drop, I pulled the car over and turned the radio up and glided from my side to hers and opened her door. “May I have this dance ma’am?” I asked, hoping for the best, but bracing for the worse. “Please?” At this point the traffic had created an audience who were unknowing witnesses to my confession. But I didn’t care. This was high school senior prom all over again and I closed my eyes tight and held her tighter. Only we knew the extent of my indiscretion, but the entire Nassau would witness my apology. I refused to let the heckles, the beeping horns, the immediate “BBM” posts or the cell phone pictures headed for Facebook to stop me. This was my chance and I was taking it. Thank you Lord. Thank you Anthony Hamilton. Forget you haters.

At this point a selfish indiscretion or an unexplainable “BBM” would be easier to defend than what I was up against. The last of the apologies had been met with a litany of all the possible foul words recorded in both the English and French dictionaries. I was all out of verbal and suggestive reparations until the gods of perfect timing confronted the gods of men that make stupid mistakes and won.

Blackened Snapper BLT & Pickled Tomatoes In support of local farmers and fisherman, I suggest that you purchase local fresh snapper and have the fisherman skin and portion fillets into 6 oz. portions. Five ‘Dining in the Bahamas’ questions I can’t even answer! 1. How do restaurants serve “fresh seafood” after three or more days of inclement weather? 2. Why do all restaurants have a 15% gratuity charge? And do you have to pay it if the service was poor? 3. If it’s ‘imitation’, then what is imitation crab meat really made from? 4. What truly is the Bahamian national dish? 5. Are there any sit down restaurants owned by Bahamian chefs? Extra Tips: When buying fresh fish, 1. Never buy fresh fish fillet. If possible filet your fish personally or purchase whole fish and have it butchered on the spot. To the untrained eye fillets of fish can be switched very easily 2. Fresh fish and seafood ALWAYS smells like the ocean and never like fish. 3. Always by fish and seafood that is being properly stored in live –wells or on ice! 4. Fresh fish always has bright red gills, clear eyes and firm flesh.

5 Questions about Romance & Food: 1. When was the last time you prepared a meal for your significant other? 2. If you had a choice which would you choose? An A+ lover or a B- lover with serious cooking skills? 3. Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach or is it more of the route to a woman’s? 4. Have you ever dated a professional cook? Were the meals as frequent and delightful as you anticipated? 5. When you hear the term “choco late dipped strawberries” what thoughts come to mind? JUNE 2011 34

STEP 1: Choose 6 ounces of your favorite firm texture fish such as hog snapper, red snapper, or yellow wing grouper. (The Nassau Grouper is endangered so I don’t recommend buying that species of fish). STEP 2: Season with traditional minced goat pepper and salt mix. In a hot non stick pan add 3 tablespoons of EVOO then add the fish to the skillet. Do not move the fish for at least one minute so that it gets a crispy finish. STEP 3: Add 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter and 3 sprigs of thyme and a clove of garlic. These elements will flavor the oil and can also be used to baste the fish for a richer finish. STEP 4: After about two minutes on a good medium flame turn the fish over and cook for about three minutes more basting the fish as it cooks. Meanwhile take three strips of your favorite bacon and cook in a separate pan. STEP 5: After the fish is cooked place it on a paper towel-lined plate to absorb the excess fats. STEP 6: Then take two pieces of sourdough bread (any Euro style bread can be substituted here) and toast in the same pan that the fish was cooked in. For a perfect crisp, remove the majority of fats from the pan. STEP 7: For this sandwich, the dressing here comes naturally from the natural juice of the tomatoes and the EVOO on the toasted bread. To assemble, place 2 oz. of Lucayan farm tomatoes and 2 oz. of Lucayan Farms mixed lettuce. Add the seared fish and cooked bacon for a true tasting of a classic BLT redone! We hoped you enjoyed this article. Let us know what dishes you want Chef to create in the next issue. Tweet us @stylezine and let us know your opinion!


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JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011 Welcome to the all new Full of innovative features and interactive media, we hope that viewing this site will give you an appreciation for our magazine. Please enjoy.



JUNE 2011

#1- RIGHT UNDER YOU NOSE No good. Dog. Triflin’. Sorry. Loser. Yes unfortunately these words have become very synonymous when describing the average male. So intertwined in our vernacular that it is almost becoming commonplace. As in my previous articles I’ve address the man shortage as emphasized everyday by women from all walks of life. Now what I am going to focus on in this article is simply, are there any good Bahamian guys left? Are there any guys that have not yet yielded to the temptation of ‘sweet hearting’? Are there any guys that have not embraced the “dog” persona or have been engulfed in their ego that has been fed by low self-esteem women? Well I’m no expert so I can’t answer that question (note: I’m not going to say if I’m considered good or bad to avoid any danger to myself once again). However I can tell you where you may find them. No not the deep jungles of the Amazon, the trenches of the Grand Canyon or the peaks of Mount Everest. They are in fact in local places that you are not. First you definitely won’t find them is the club. Ladies let’s be honest if a guy does not come to the club with his girlfriend chances are he is looking for his prey. Facebook, Twitter and all social media sites at large are another definite no, no! This opens too many avenues for honest guys and all it takes is an inbox message to spark this fire. So I will do you a favor ladies I will let you in on a little secret I’ll give you the top five places to find a good man and yes it’s for FREE. No strings attached no catches and no 2-year activation. WARNING *Don’t walk along the beach alone this summer*

What you thought I was going to say church? No ma’am! Some of the church fellas can get a little wild out here (insert church joke here). But honestly that nice guy who sends you minutes, washes your car goes diving for conch to make you conch salad, yup him. The one you have been ignoring your whole life and have to listen to you talk about the fellow Vado “Scarface” Knowles who you’re in love with he’s actually one of the good guys left and if you don’t jump on it he will definitely get snatched up.. #2 THE PROFESSIONAL It’s all about ambition with this guys ladies. You won’t see him at the hype parties because he has to be up early in the morning to get to that desk. He’s not in the freshest car because he’s actually invested in his future and is spending his money wisely and certifying himself for greatness. The guy might be a little lame right now but boy when he blows up, ladies he’s going to blow big. You basically need a sixth sense or intuition to detect these guys. Stick with him at this stage of ‘lameness’ though; because when he’s big and you are removed you will get NO love. #3 ENTREPRENEURS Ok you would think this is the same as number 2 but it’s definitely not. I’m not talking about a “Wall Street” suit and tie kind of guy. I’m talking about the guy with the stall selling phone cards, juices, papers etc. The guy who has a little electronics business. I’m talking about the door-to-door guy promoting his little innovative business that you might just snub. I’m talking about the guy you walk past everyday on the street and scoff at his jeans and t-shirt. Ladies trust me when I say this nobody will love you like this man and be as faithful as this man. If you can prove to be

a good woman and help him build from the bottom up he will not go anywhere. He values the simple things in life and can turn out to be actually fun, different from the norm. #4 “MR. OOGLYMAN” aka UGLY Hey they say beauty is only skin deep right, well this guy probably is really, really beautiful inside (laughing to myself). Seriously these guys might not be something you would put on your profile pic but he would definitely be hands down the most dependable. These guys usually are blessed in other areas to make up for the ‘mash up face’ (wink, wink ladies) and you will be treated like a queen. #5 “MR. NO SPEK-A EN-GA-LIS” Okay I might be a little wrong for this last one but ladies take a note from the guys handbook. You know the little foreign ladies (big shout out to Cuba) straight off the boat who speak between two percent to no English walking downtown with the loser? Yeah, this guy was smart to get them before they get too familiar to the peep game and leave your butt for something better. I’m encouraging you do the same ladies, when them fellows hit down, grab you up one quick. Keep him out of sight and don’t let him watch too much cable because that’s when they start seeing how these things go. “I can get 3 beers for six dollars I’m outta here”, said the random non-English speaking guy. Keep him under ‘lock and key’ and he will have no choice but to be the good We hoped you enjoyed this article. Let us know what you thought and it might end up in the next issue. Tweet me @smittyfromcity and let me know your opinion!


JUNE 2011

guy. But make sure keep your female friends at a distance with this one cause that will be major trouble. Well ladies the myths about “no good guys left” is all wrong. You listen to your boy Smitty and you wont be led wrong you will be hitting up Kelly’s bridal and jumper brother’s cakes in no time (I think that was a free advertisment. Now if this “fool-proof” plan doesn’t work, I think the problem might just be you so kindly give up at this point.


Branville McCartney


JUNE 2011

The moon affects the high and low tide on earth and is also believed to dictate one’s destiny and human affairs. Today we take a look at a man that intends to keep the full moon in his favor and control the tides of his life. story: nik barnes photography: scharadl hair: cashera rolle makeup: lucena sawyer lisa’s accessories: lerielle cole of F.A.B. styling: kedar ckarke styling assistant: philicia barnes grips: leo creary / torrell glinton

Seven minutes to ten on a Monday morning, I am patiently waiting in the law offices of Halsbury Chambers. Five minutes into my wait, around the corner flashes Mr. Branville McCartney seemingly gliding across the floor greeting with a smile and a handshake. Dressed in a tailor made gray designer suit accented with lavender silk shirt, the most talked about man in the country invites me into his office to conduct our interview. ‘Bran the Man’ motions to his receptionist to hold all of his calls and sits down with his hands clasped and jokingly with a smile say, “Is this being recorded”? What influenced you to go into the field of law? The legal profession has always fascinated me. As a child and a young adult, I envisioned assisting people who are unjustly accused. How can we preserve the massive amount of history that is not being documented or passed down from the baby boomers, as the youth today care more about creating their own lane rather than remembering their fore fathers? It is necessary that a concerted effort be made to record and/or document the lives, trials and tribulations and good times of our forefathers. Pairing our younger generations with our seniors is a tangible way of preserving and documenting our history. When did you know it was the right time to step out on your own and form your own political party? The weeks leading up to my resignation from The Cabinet of The Bahamas led me to begin thinking about the possibility of changing the way we go about the business of our country. Further, subsequent to the BTC sale, my peers and I found ourselves fueled by the desire to create a vehicle by which Bahamians could be empowered and feel ownership in our country and the governmental process.


JUNE 2011

“I don’t consider myself a sex symbol. I’ve only recently gotten rid of my ‘pot belly’ by playing tennis 4 times per week!!” BRAN McCARTNEY

“Parenting is an ongoing process. It does not end at a certain age or juncture in life.” LISA McCARTNEY

When does change become necessary and not just doing it for changing sake? Change is necessary when the end result of the status quo is detrimental to the masses. With crime at an all time high with murders and or robberies taking place every 3 to 4 days. What measures do you think we can take to help curb crime and preserve our country? Crime is a very complex issue affecting our country. The solution is multifaceted. We must educate and in turn empower our citizens. We must ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE LAND!!! We must address the administration of justice, knowing that justice delayed, is justice denied. You have also been a victim of the aggressive nature as you received some very serious death threats. What actions are being taken to not only protect yourself but also your family? I have employed the services of a private investigative team and receive information daily. Justice will be served to ALL involved. Some believe that for us to exist there must be an even balance of good and bad. Do you agree? No. I believe that all things good and right eventually prevail. With the Internet becoming just as destructive as it is helpful, how do you protect and preserve your children from the dangers lurking? We hold family meetings and discuss the dangers of social media, we also formulate as a family, with the input of the children rules and guidelines that govern our use of the Internet. This way, the children feel ownership in the decisions we make and don’t consider restrictions punishment. What is a perfect date with you? Cooking for my wife (because she doesn’t know how) and then having a very unique, interactive desert…wink, wink!!! Seen by women at large as a sex symbol, how do you preserve your sexy? I don’t consider myself a sex symbol. I’ve only recently gotten rid of my pot belly by playing tennis 4 times per week!! Also, my 20-month-old son keeps me running around the house, the yard, the playground, and the beach.


JUNE 2011

“I cook for my WIFE… cause she doesn’t know how!” BRAN McCARTNEY


I am of the view that education ought to be more of a priority, a priority of the government, of parents, of educators and of students. LISA McCARTNEY


JUNE 2011

You have not only an intelligent but beautiful counterpart, which seems like a rare commodity. How did you meet and woe your wife? My cousin, Kim Carey-Gibson at a gathering at my condo, introduced us. After building up the nerve, I asked Lisa out on a date. We had a world wind 6 month courtship before I asked her to marry me in the wine cellar at Greycliff Restaurant, as a violinist looked on and played ‘Mona Lisa’ in the background. She said yes! How do you plan on spending your summer? We plan on spending time together as a family. On the agenda is boating, fishing travelling, grilling and cooking. Finish off this sentence. Every man should know how to... Listen to his wife! Unlock his talents, contribute to his community and be the best man he can be. What would a pilot episode for your very own reality show be like with you and your family? Our reality show would probably resemble The Cosby Show meets the Fockers! What music is on high rotation on your iPod? Songs of inspiration and 80’s hits. Artists such as John Legend, Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Ronnie Butler. The songs of Les Miserables, Aida, Wicked and Mama Mia! are also favorites. Any last words? Is this being recorded? Seriously, it has been a pleasure meeting so many talented young Bahamians in preparation for this issue. Congratulations on the way you conducted the shoot and your collective level of professionalism. Well at least, these are the last words from Branville, we took a few minutes to sit down with the wife of arguably the most sought after politician in The Bahamas, Lisa McCartney. So behind every good man is a good woman. Right? As a former Miss Bahamas, are there any lessons learned in the organization that you apply to your everyday life? I don’t know

“No, I am the wife of an incredible husband who puts his family first. This is what is important!” that I learned a lot! The expectation is that you are chosen because of what you bring to the table, what you have to offer. What I offered was encouragement for our young women and proof that preparation is the key to success. Do you think anything can be done to improve the education system in our schools? Yes…I am of the view that education ought to be more of a priority, a priority of the government, of parents, of educators and of students. A comprehensive, effective educational system is a collective effort and requires all players to work together in order to achieve success. Being the wife of a notable public figure, do you find yourself faced with any issues? No, I am the wife of an incredible husband who puts his family first. This is what is important! As long as we (our family) remain his priority, then all else pales in comparison. I am a firm believer in the power of careful thought. I am aware that involvement in public life means that there is a possibility that we will be exposed to public scrutiny, but we have always conducted ourselves in a manner which, is above all, modest and pleasing to God: so while scrutiny may come, truth and right always prevail. You run a highly heralded lower school, but your oldest daughter has now moved on to another level of education. With her being removed from your every day eyesight does it leave you with any concerns? No. Parenting is an ongoing process. It does not end at a certain age or juncture in life. I am convinced

Government Name The Honourable W. A. Branville McCartney Birth City Nassau, The Bahamas Notable Events: Admittance to The Bar of England, Wales and The Bahamas -1990 Formation of Halsbury Chambers- December 2000 Chairman, Crime Prevention Committee Bahamas Chamber of Commerce – 2004-2006 Member of Parliament – May 2007 Cabinet Minister – May 2007 – March 2010 Honorary Doctorate Degree- Sojourner Douglas College June 2010 Leader – Democratic National Alliance May 2011 Currently working on: Establishing the next government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Celebrity Comparisons: Chevy Chase Robert De Niro


JUNE 2011

“My cousin, Kim Carey-Gibson at a gathering at my condo, introduced us. After building up the nerve, I asked Lisa out on a date. We had a world wind 6 month courtship before I asked her to marry me…” BRAN McCARTNEY


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011

that Kasia has been given the best foundation possible. She proves daily that she is equipped to make sensible, social decisions. We continue to have the conversation about what it means to be an outstanding human being. How do you think re-introduce morals into our society and relationships? A national initiative to guide our young people towards understanding their individual value is perhaps a great place to begin. Dysfunctional relationships are usually fueled by one or both of the parties not fully understanding their worth, and subsequently settling for less than desirable situations. Additionally, the introduction of a strong characterbuilding program would certainly benefit our society as a whole.

a group of children in the music room. You may find children upset that their parents are at school to collect them, but they are not ready to go home yet. If you come between 8:30 and 9:30 am on any morning, you will find a unique community of parents having coffee and enjoying each other’s company. What is your specialty dish to cook? What is a cook again? After a long day at work how do you wind down? Sleep! Finish this sentence. I’m addicted to... My husband and my music!

If we were to pay your office a surprise visit, would we find anything interesting? Probably. You may find children sitting in my office very confidently presenting proposals on things we could do to make our school, country and the world a better place. You may find me singing with

“Our reality show would probably resemble The Cosby Show meets The Fockers!” BRAN McCARTNEY


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


Sunny days and haute shades, the summer months are finally here! By my calculations, we’re gearing up for the most eclectic and exciting fashion season! The greatest style challenge now is having to look your best, with less. As always, I’ve been on the search for the seasons top trends and style options, best worn by style mavens and public figures around town and gave my seal of approval to the top looks for this issue.

{TREND PICKS} Bald Bombshell- This Hollywood “it girl” famously know for her tresses (or the lack thereof) is never mistaken for a guy with a shaved head. In fact, her femininity increased as people focus more on her gorgeous face. Kedar Says: It takes a confident woman to make such a bold move. Great makeup and large earrings help maintain femininity, even if you have more masculine features. Kedar’s Picks Dr. Alia Campbell, Dentist Ianthia Smith, Journalist

{HEADS HIGH} @ Kovah Duncombe 2011

Heads High- Back in the 80’s, women rocked the sweatbands. In the 90’s headbands were the rave. Bahamian designer Theodore Elyette has revisited the “head gear” revolution and this year introduced some into his spring/summer 2011 collection. Kedar says: I love this trend because during the hot months when women loose their hairstyles due to heat, they’ll still look great with this hair accessory. Kedar’s Picks Fashionista’s Villiere & Aneka


JUNE 2011


{PERFECT PRINTS} Perfect Prints- Designer Theodore Elyette released his 2011-spring/summer collection to raving reviews and the most dramatic prints. Captivating and simply gorgeous, bold prints are this summer’s hot trends. Kedar says: Remember when wearing bold prints, pair them with solid fabrics. Too many bold prints can cause a fashion fail! @ Kovah Duncombe 2011

Kedar’s picks Ianthia Lerille Philly




{BANGIN’ BODIES} This summer it’s all about the BODY!!!! Before hitting the beach, be sure to work on getting your body in the best shape possible.


Kedar says: Growing up a chubby kid, I’ve seen how loosing weight has not only increased my confidence but it has also allowed me to overhaul my “fat fashion style”.



Kedar’s Pick Donovan Ingraham Mr. Caribbean International


{ FA S H I O N FA U X PA S }


Neon/bold Lipstick- I get it, bright lips came back in style sometimes last year. Unfortunately, most women are not eligible for this trend. If you’ve got full lips without lipstick on, adding an aggressive color only brings major attention that you’ve got big ole’ lips! Kedar’s Recommendation: Chose neutral lip glosses, with a hint of color to accentuate your makeup not make them the only thing people see on your face.

{ O U T D AT E D T R E N D S } Outdated Trends- Nothing irks me more than to see someone with a tasteless past trend in a new fashion season. I think some people get word of certain trends a bit too late and wear them as though they were the latest craze. Kedar’s Recommendation: Whenever you don’t know current fashion trends, hold onto classic trends and you’ll never go wrong. But always remember to learn to let go and get style! - Cargo jeans, High waist pants, rosary

Think you’re a fashionista? You can message me on twitter @Infamouskedar and let me know your opinion!


JUNE 2011

Left Out: iPhone 4. To all of you that just spent a grip on the new iPhone 4 (the white version just came out) guess what, the iPhone 5 is due this fall. Steve Jobs is a genius and you’re a sucker.

Right In: Rectangular Frames. Females will probably think ‘cute’ more than ‘queer.’


JUNE 2011

Right in: Basketball Jerseys. With the retroed CB34s, Michael Jordan getting the cover of NBA 2k11 and the onslaught of Retro Jordan sneakers lately, it is only right to dress appropriate for the occasion.

Left out: Peyton Hillis Madden 12 cover. Michael Vick had the best comeback in football last season, word to Kanye West!

Right In: Colored Chinos. Its summer, give the jeans a rest please. Pair with a plain tee, a polo or a plaid/ plain oxford for occasions both day and night.

Right In: Toms. Judge your mother! Good shoe, great initiative, quality after wear and tear not so good. We did proper research before we expressed our opinion.

ADRIEN SAUVAGE Stylist turned designer Adrien Sauvage blesses the world with his first collection. The black and white viral videos entitled, “This Is Not a Suit” created much hype and set the stage for the collection which did not disappoint. The line blends influence of London’s famous Savile Row with modern cuts that shows a natural progression for the experienced sartorialist and tailor.


JUNE 2011

Boxers (2 pairs) These can last 4 days, think about it. Desperate times call for inventive measures (Rio cotton boxers)

HYGIENE KIT Toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, body spray/cologne. Hotels options either suck or are nonexistent. (Go Smile Travel Kit $28)

HEADPHONES Tune in and Tune Out. (Power beats by Dr. Dre $179.95)


Canvas Shoes: Easy to pack, lightweight and no socks required (Keds Champion Washed Canvas $55)

SMARTPHONE CHARGER Stay connected (Blackberry Travel Charger $5.95)

POLO SHIRT Roll, pack, unpack and wear. No ironing required (Cachemir by H.E. for Mango $59.90)

After packing, rushing to the airport, stripping for TSA, waiting in the always noisy departure lounge, paying a 250% mark up for alcoholic beverage during the flight you finally arrive at your destination, ready to play and vacay. However you reach the baggage terminal only to find out your luggage didn’t make it. #@<? around! Even though new restrictions mandate that every airline has the luggage on board for each passenger en route during international flights, today is not your day. Phresh has compiled a contingency kit that will hold you over until your bag gets to you.

DUFFLE A decent overnight screams, “I do this on the regular.” ( 47 Gun Salute duffle by LRG, $95)

A pair of khakis: Cuff ‘em, roll ‘em, wear ‘em plain… (Dickies X Stussy slim fit work pants $75)

WHITE SHIRT (2) Dual purpose, under shirts or t shirts for the more temperate days (Hanes White Tee)

{THE GREAT APOLOGY} From the inception of Phresh we went a little too hard on the local male’s dress code. However recent times have shown us maybe they are pioneers in their own right. They’ve been on some things that are just being trendy and even some sartorial classics. Therefore kind sirs, we salute you. Now please take your jeans out of your damn socks!

Clarks®- Desert boots are staple casual footwear for the sartorialist. Custom New York shoe designer Ronnie Fieg has taken his spin on the classic Wallabe and Weaver Boot. [Clarks Desert Boot $110, Clarks Wallabe Boot $140]

Boat shoes- We complained about the excessive amounts of boat shoes being worn, but nothing works best for most occasions. So much that high end designer houses are deciding to cash in (see Excessive) [Aldo Boat shoes]

Dickies ®- Forgive us for not acknowledging that this American workwear brand has a legendary collaboration with legendary premium street-wear brand Stüssy. [Dickies x Stussy work pant $85]

Camouflage tactical vest- We still don’t get the point behind it however the likes of T.I., Chris Brown, Kanye West and Pharell do.

Polo with matching hat- Trends lately have led to men looking sweeter than Richard Simmons at a Rainbow Coalition Convention (no pause needed). Bring it back to the manly side with a tried and true classic most women will adore, a man that looks like a man. [Polo by Ralph Lauren Classic Fit weathered Polo $75, Polo by Ralph Lauren Signature Pony Hat $38.00] 76

JUNE 2011

Here’s what we think are the next hot gadgets on the market. This will satisfy any tech’s tastes buds and keep you “in” on what’s hip.

You know summer is fast approaching and everybody wants those beach bodies in order. Every week, it seems like there is some new exercise product out there and its supposed to be the BEST there is at sculpting and toning, burning fat and calories. In a perfect world, everyone would have a trainer like Freddie Lightbourne to get them 6-pack abs but sadly we live in a world where we don’t. We know some of you are guilty of buying every product there is under the sun and never seem to see results. That’s because they are all guilty of one thing...FALSE ADVERTISING! But wait! Finally, we’ve actually discovered a product that actually works. The “Perfect Sit-up” from the makers of the “Perfect Pushup” has now created a device that will give you results in a few weeks. Now the perfect pushup actually works because we’ve tried and tested it, so we are firm believers that this device will give us guaranteed results. So at the end of summer, after everyone and their mothers have bought this product, everyone should be walking around bareback! What is supposed to make this thing so cool is its ergonomic design, ideal neck support feature and interchangeable ability to target and blast both the abdominals and oblique muscles.


We’ll let you know if we see any results!


( W E A P O L O G I Z E A H E A D O F T I M E … W E K N O W S O M E O F Y O U A C T U A L LY B O U G H T T H E S E ! )


JUNE 2011

gly Sneakers. Ugly shoes. Ugly footwear. The scourge of the poor feet stuck in a pair’s existence. The footwear that give flashbacks to your childhood when your mom bought you those “air nothings” that had no looks and you looked up to the sky and asked “Why ME Lord?” To this day it boggles my brain why ugly footwear even exists. I know some are saying, “well it looks good to somebody” or “this shoe is about function”, I know those arguments. STILL. I don’t see ANY reason at ALL for UGLY footwear! I sometimes wonder; do they sell??? Who designed these? Who approved these???? Do they still have a job? How did these make it on to a production line? RRRRGGGH!!! My head hurts! I do understand its “different strokes for different folks” but we all know some footwear is ugly to EVERYBODY! To sit here writing and discussing all the ugly footwear in every footwear arena would be crazy. We could do an entire issue of Stylezine off of that. No, I’ve focused on Kicks main subject Sneakers. Ugly Sneakers to me are such a major violation. I honestly feel that every person regardless of social status, gender or age deserves to have nice looking sneakers. Ugly Sneakers are just wrong man. Though for some reason I’ve noticed a lot of Ugly Sneakers are like Ugly Women, not much to look at, but they make you feel good. VERY comfortable! Yes. I do realize that is the most SEXIST thing I’ve ever said. My apologies ladies...just made an observation (I hope my editor let’s that stay in!). That said, I sat back and too a long time thinking. Remembering all the ugly sneakers past and present. I’ve compiled my personal list of Top Ten Ugliest Sneakers of All Time. Before my list though, I put the question to the masses;

What is the ugliest sneaker you have ever seen or can remember? (The responses were colorful to say the least! Here go a few;)

Remember those old Shaq sneakers that looked like hypnosis? Yeah! They was UGLY bey! - Gavin S. Dwayne Wade converse kicks and his kicks now with Jordan Brand... ALL his sneaks were ugly! - Jordan C. ANY PATRICK EWING TENNIS!!! And Puma made some green and brown sneakers well Holy %$#^!!! Look like somebody took spoiled chocolate mixed it with Hulk’s radiation gamma poo and made a pair of sneakers! - D. Pinder Adidas Kobe’s were horrible - A. Moxey Them new Reebok’s Peyton Manning advertising (Zig Tech), they look stink! - D. Outten Anything that looks like Duck Boots. Man those are ugly - Nik Barnes

Though for some reason I’ve noticed a lot of ugly sneakers are like ugly women… not much to look at, but they make you feel good.


10. Adidas “Kobe” Crazy 8. What can be said about this mishmash that was supposed to resemble a foot other than; “Huh?” Adidas had a big signing in Kobe Bryant a young rising talent. Sadly they allowed him too much input into the creation of his sneakers. The result? This “hodge podge” of roundness and bumps that outside of a basketball court looked extra awful.

9. Nike Air Maestro. Prior to being signature by Scottie Pippen, Nike slapped us with this ugliness to remind us they would continually make sneakers that our mother’s could embarrass us with if we did not behave ourselves.

8. Nike Air 2 Strong. I won’t even lie, When these first came out I saw these and instantly thought; “Nike ya’ll better stop ya’ll s*&^ now!” Looking Like some CB94’s on steroids, Nike Air 2 Strong had to be designed for “roided” up bodybuilders who wanted sneakers that looked like them. Two gym visits and four pumping iron re-runs later, Nike gladly obliged them.


JUNE 2011

7. Converse “Larry “Grandmamma” Johnson”. I have a personal beef with these shoes. My mom bought me the knock offs to these as a “peace offering” back when she bought my lil’ brother Jace the Air Jordan VII Bordeaux’s. Needless to say “WAR” is still on. Larry Johnson the player was exciting to watch. Even these commercials. But goodness his shoes were as ugly as he was. The knock offs were WORSE. My “cool” still hasn’t fully recovered from that.

6. Nike Air Moc/Air Woven. Originally released as the Nike Air Ida, as in Idaho. The place they grow potatoes, Nike’s Air Moc is for all purposes some nubuck and an ACG sneaker bottom. Considering that its name was originally a nod to the place potatoes are from, I guess this was their way of giving potatoes their own “signature shoe”. Well Yuck. Air Woven is just the same crap with a woven pattern. Woven Yuck.

5. Air Jordan 18. I don’t even know what Jordan Brand was thinking. I know Mike’s nickname is “The Black Panther”, but making a sneaker that literally looks like a panther’s paw is just atrocious.

4. Reebok Shaqnosis signature shoe. Shaq’s sneakers have never been anything to look at. These however were just plain awful. Hypnosis rings as a sneaker design? Really? People got more than a little dizzy looking at these bits of horror. Add to the fact that their namesake wore a size 23” in sneakers and these were a HUGE obnoxious reminder that ugly sneakers have no rules. They will stunt on ANYBODY!!!! Goodness I hated these. Still do. Reebok would be wise to just let these die. No retro-ing necessary.

3. Fila Skele-Toes. Basically a shoe molds to go around each toe and look EXACTLY like your feet. I guess Fila made these for the people looking to be barefoot without being barefoot. Well I cry UGLY! What this ends up making the wearer looks like is they either stepped in tar or got their feet painted for a science project. These may catch on with the “earthy, practicality over style” crowd, but with a person like me who’s style-minded? I just want to burn them. These look more like something to wear at the beach for foot protection. Sadly all the dudes at the beach wearing shoes like this or Nike’s aqua sock usually end up looking like douchebags.

2. CROCS. The BANE of my existence on this earth has since their inception above all ugly sneakers been...CROCS. The epitome of function over style design Crocs burst onto the scene and never looked back! Originally designed to be a spa shoe they took the feet of middle America, then middle aged women, then middle aged men, then children, then everybody who just “wanted to say they had crocs” by storm! Crocs can be seen on all kinds of feet. Simply for their incredible comfort. I cannot lie, they are incredibly comfortable. However for all their comfort, they are equally as ugly. They look like plastic clogs in neon colors. The worst thing is seeing grown men in these shoe horrors. WITH COLOR COORDINATED OUTFITS TO MATCH. A crime in shoe-dom I cannot forgive. Yeah I know they are making nicer designs now, but for me Crocs will forever be these ugly rubber clogs, now excuse me as I slip on my pair that I never wear outside my house.

1. ADIDAS KOBE TWO... FAT. BULBOUS. UNINSPIRING. VACUOUS. MISERABLE. All words that describe how the Adidas Kobe 2 looks. After dropping the “Crazy 8” logo from his signature shoe Kobe Bryant’s first “Adidas Kobe” was not the best looking but still sleek and it looked like a basketball shoe. Apparently however, Kobe decided he wanted sneakers that looked exactly like his favorite car at the time, the Audi TT Coupe. While as a car the design is a sneaker it was PURE COMEDY. I thought Kobe was being punked by Ashton Kutcher (though these came out prior to punked lol). Once I learned that these were a design that he himself approved of greatly I was flabbergasted. I know he was competitive with Shaq in wanting to outshine him in every way, but he could have left Shaq with the ugly sneaker wins. Every time I look at these I’m reminded how off Kobe’s sense of design is. Professional “Laker Hating” aside, I truly was floored at these. Being a fan of Adidas as a brand I was hurt to my core. How could Adidas do such thing and allow such ugliness to enter the shoe arena. I mean look at them! NOTHING about these sneakers even resembles a basketball shoe much less their namesake.

Well folks there it is. My Top Ten Ugliest Sneakers of all Time list. Agree or Disagree? You can message me on twitter @JimmyCutlass and let me know your opinion! UGLY/COOL Not all ugly sneakers are un-wearable and unbearable! Some are that just-right mix of ugly and cool. These are those rare sneakers that your mama would NEVER buy you because to common “decent” sensibilities they are ugly! the realm of cool they are killing it! This is just my way of saying...”Hey Ugly-Cool sneakers, I see you and I love you!” Foamposites, Air Carnivore’s, A lot of Jordan designs, All the Nike CB’s, them Supra Skytop 2’s, Those Pippens with the big “AIR” on the side and a host of others! All reside in the realm of UGLY sneakers, yet somehow transcend their ugliness and are as cool as they come!


JUNE 2011


June 1st Swizz Beats x Reebok Kamikaze Making its rounds on the Internet image-wise for quite some time now (maybe a year and some change?), and constantly seen on his feet. Most recently in an appearance on 106&Park, Swizz Beats will officially release his collabo-sneaker with Reebok “The Kamikaze” on June 1st 2011. There will be a few launch colors. What do ya’ll think? Does Swizz Beats have Kanye “beat” with these in terms of their sneaker-design game?

June 4th Air Jordan 2 Max Probably the most, if not THE sleekest fusion of Nike/Jordan lines to date, The Air Jordan 2 Max has the sneaker world abuzz. Their appeal lies in the subtle tweak to the AJ2’s original design. Posts up at you’re nearest retailer for a pair or miss out and drool at the feet of those who get them!

Sept 21st Jeremy Scott x Adidas Panda Most of you probably saw the Teddy bear tongued sneakers Lil Wayne sported on a 106 & Park performance a while back. Well they were the creation of Adidas collaborating with designer Jeremy Scott for some cool and outrageous footwear. We’ve already seen what he did with a teddy bear. Now check out what he’s done with a Panda Bear! This is for the sneaker-head that’s more “out there” than the regular guy on the block.


JUNE 2011

There are so many artists today that are regarded as greats and said to have “amazing” flows & lyrical ability, but there are few that actually deserve these titles. In the same vein there are also a few artists that do not get their due. Heavy hitter Fabolous has been around a while, having his fair share of hits, but rarely being viewed as the supreme lyricist that he is. Fab has been holding his own with the best for years, but continues to be overlooked; though some do realize his talent and capabilities. On April 21, Fab released “The Soul Tape” and as far as other mixtapes that have dropped this quarter, so far not one can even compare to this tape.


As you listen to Tupac give a little philosophy at the beginning of the opening track “Pain”, you can pretty much tell the direction that the tape is heading in.

Fab and Paul Cain take Kanye’s “Devil In A New Dress” instrumental for a ride on the tape’s second THE SOUL TAPE track “Wolves In Sheep Clothing” and Fab continues FABOLOUS the rest of tape in the same way, riding each beat with precision and exhibiting the “soul” of his music. A few favorites from the tape are “Leaving You” & “Phone Numbers” a track for which Fab brings back an old Diplomat beat. He also uses J. Cole & Drake’s “In The Morning” for his own song by the same name (Love the way this song ends). The tape has a few notable features like Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks & Trey Songz among others. The Soul Tape also includes a bonus track called “Look At Her (You Be Killin’ Em Pt. 2)”, which is the remix to “You Be Killin’ Em” a track from a previous mixtape of his. The remix features Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie and is just as much of a hit as the original. The Soul Tape shows that Fab has no problem being true to himself and putting his soul into his music.


JUNE 2011



Remember back in the day, when everything was on cassette? Before everyone had iPods and cell phones that could play music and ringtones. When everyone had a “Walkman” tape deck, even before CDs. Seems like so long ago but the 80’s & 90’s weren’t that far back. TDK, a well known company, probably best known for their cassette tapes and radios has decided to release a line of speakers and radios with that tape deck kind of feel but a more modern look. The TDK company enlisted the services of Portland based “Ziba Designs” for the designs for this project. The TDK “Life On Record” line are a sleek 3 speaker

boom box, 2 speaker boom box, belt drive turntable & a compact sound cube. Each piece “refining the best aspects of the originals” according to the people over at TDK. The TDK 2 Speaker Boom box features two powerful 6 inch coaxial drivers capable of delivering a full range of sound and

various audio inputs for iPods, iPhone and just about any other handheld mediaplayer; which makes it more than just another cool dock. TDK spokespersons state, “Like it’s predecessors, the 2 Speaker Boom box is made to move”. It’s leather shoulder strap and soft-touch handle are made for comfortable carrying. The 2 Speaker’s power source is one of the things that bring back memories. It takes 10 ‘D’ sized batteries but also includes an A/C power supply. The batteries take it back awhile but most people remember needing batteries to get their audio fix. The 2 Speaker can read directly from storage devices like flash drives and external drives making it easy to always have your favorite music there for the world to hear. Equipped with input options that allow for mixing and jacking in your favorite instrument.

Rotary dials and a front facing screen reminiscent of the past are perfectly detailed and placed for AM/FM audio tuning, which are pretty much the features that make a radio a radio anyway. The 3 Speaker system includes two 6-inch coaxial drivers, just like its smaller counterpart, but between these two speakers it carries a 6-inch subwoofer increasing this radios capabilities. This 3 Speaker also allows you to plug in your guitar or microphone for a good karaoke or jam session like both the 2 Speaker & the Sound Cube are capable of. Besides the one subwoofer the only difference between the 2 Speaker & 3 speakers is that instead of the 10 D’ batteries the two speaker takes the 3 speaker takes 12. I know the 12 D’ batteries seem like the only downfall and might sound rough but when you think about it, didn’t radios always need that? TDK’s Sound Cube also runs on 12 D’ batteries like it’s 3 Speaker counterpart, has the same AM/FM presets and au-


JUNE 2011

dio jack for instruments and mixing & also comes equipped with iPhone, iPod & iPod Touch capabilities. What makes the Sound Cube different from the other boom-boxes is it’s cube shape and powerful 5 and a quarter inch coaxial drivers on al sides, built specifically to send what ever sound your blasting just about as far as you want it to, delivering 360 degrees of sound and it’s also a very interesting showpiece. Sticking to their “bringing it back” kind of feel, TDK’s Belt Drive Turntable, is simply a revamped version of what the turntable used to be. The single turntable is capable of playing any form of record, from your 45RPM to you 33 RPM’s and comes in a USB version as well, for those of you that want to transfer your vinyl collection into digital formats. The streamline design makes it an awesome eye-catcher in any room. Each piece from TDK’s Life On Record set will set you back between $300 & $500 but the quality and usage you’ll get out of them are well worth the hefty fee. Check out these and other TDK Products at


Probably best known for his work on Kanye West’s “Never Let You Down”, off of Ye’s College Dropout album; James Ivy Richardson II, better known as J. Ivy is one of Chicago’s most talented Hip-Hop poets. According to J, he performed a piece he had written for an English assignment in front of one of his classes and by the time he was done, he was in the midst of a standing ovation. This first performance of his propelled him to continue on with his poetry and to pursue it throughout his college years at Illinois State University. Regularly writing and performing during his college life, his skill level as a poet continually grew. After college a mutual friend of both J and Kanye’s informed West of Ivy’s poetic talents, which in-turn led to Ye calling up J for a feature spot on his then forthcoming debut album and on a track that also featured Rocafella Records label head Jay-Z. Since his breaking moment in the industry,

Ivy has worked with dozens of well-known artists from the hip-hop & R&B communities and continues to make a name for himself where ever he goes. Ivy’s talents have been featured in television shows and movies as well. You may have spotted him a few times on Russell Simmons’ well-known poetry show Def Poetry Jam, were he was a regular performer. Ivy’s career is a blossoming and youthful one and with his talents and positivity it’s almost certain he won’t let anything get in his way. He is a role model if ever there was one for you men. He stands for something. His poetry speaks about life as a young black man, social qualms, economic problems & all things that he sees that just made need a little changing in the world. He has released an album of his poetry called “Here I Am” & two mixtapes titled “Voice Of The City” & “Voice Of The City 2”, all of which exhibit his poetry just as it is meant to be heard. Ivy’s website, “” is continuously replenished with fresh info and poetry for his fans and also has all of his videos tour dates & music. The website also has a few fan extras like photos and a store for gift items. What makes Ivy’s music & poetry feel so right is the fact that you can tell that each word is coming from a soulful place somewhere deep in his heart and he means everything he says.


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011


JUNE 2011

you ever heard the saying that “thoughts become things”. Once a thought is constantly on your mind, chances are you’ll find a way to pursue in some way form or fashion.


In a time when technology offers us a million ways of communicating with out even hearing another persons voice our fingers have become our primary form of communication. With constant access to the Internet through our mobile devices, which now all come equip with cameras, we are connected to the world as never before seen. So texting as we know it, has now been kicked up a few notches and boy do we all take advantage of it. Updating our friends ever so often with a few pictures and videos or just a line of what you are thinking. But no matter the age of technology where there is easy communication there will be easy temptation. The new vice of the world is “Sexting”. “Sexting” is using SMS texting to stir sexual emotions through visual and mental communication. Both communicators are in relationships with other people, but there is no physical interaction. 96

JUNE 2011

Is this considered cheating??? This was really a hard one for me at first. Call me old fashioned but it is said once you have been there in your mind, you have already sinned, or better yet in this case you have already cheated. The saving grace

Is” Sexting” Considered

Cheating? YES IT IS!

There has always been mention of the strength of an emotional driven friendship, and even though the two people might not be intimate it can still interfere with their relationship. Sad to say but amongst people polled more than 50% of the time, the emotional friendship will lead to a physical encounter of some sort. How can a person not want to taste the forbidden when explicit words, pictures or video words are texted with the intention of stirring up raw sexual emotion? We won’t talk about being drawn together especially if the person in your present relationship isn’t doing what your “SEXTING” partner is offering to stimulate your senses.

about your thoughts is that 99.9% of My advice to anyone who is “sexthe times they are exclusive to you ting” a person that you are not inuntil you disclose of them yourself. volved with - prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure. Plus don’t put Most persons asked on social me- yourself in a situation that can posdia websites think that they are lead sibly be damaging to the relationto be more forgiving to “SEXTING” ship you are involved in. and what once there was no physial interac- is the logic in sending sexy texts to tion involved. someone, that will only read it, reply to it and at the end of the day have “SEXTING” is however still very you feeling hot and bothered, thinkdangerous to a relationship! Have

ing about them and can’t do anything about it. Or maybe you can just pleasure yourself for relief and even that gets old. At the end of the day someone will get frustrated and

“Things like this are meant to be exciting and add spice to the relationship, not complicate or destroy it.”

or married to. Things like this are meant to be exciting and add spice to the relationship not complicate or destroy it. So “SEXTING” might not be considered cheating “officially” – but it can and will open the door to it, so lets be smart about this. Peace.

just end the “SEXTING” seeing how senseless it is or it will end with a one time fling or an affair, where in the end, someone will only get hurt. You know what, I see nothing wrong with “SEXTING” I see nothing wrong with, sending those little sexy texts through out the day or even sending a killer sexy voicemail. I would even go as far as saying sending pictures and videos, but in a time when things can end up on the internet in a heartbeat, I say unless you know your partner well enough to know, that your very personal pictures will be protected at all cost, try not to send too many pictures and videos, especially if your face can be clearly seen on them, but I say have a blast with your partner. And when I say partner I mean the person that you are either in a relationship with

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