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“As for when the smoke clears we are allowed to know where to place our footing and what to stand for.” When our vision is obscured by deceit, lies, revenge and pain sometimes we only have to take a moment and wait for the dust to settle. As for when the smoke clears we are allowed to know where to place our footing and what to stand for. The “When The Smoke Clears” Love/Hate issue was inspired by the vast amount of us that seemingly have our judgement and morals clouded in these last days. Remember not to inhale.

Nik Barnes Editor-in-Chief



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COVER SHOT Photography by ScharadL for Stylezine Grips: Leo Creary Clothing by Fine Threads Shot on location: Premier Auto Centre




Government Name: Sherice Camille Major



Age: 25




Horoscope: Leo


Nationality: Bahamian


Current Location: New York City Vacation spot: I do love Vegas and South Beach, but I’d love to go to the French Riviera. What’s in your ipod: Jay-z, Kanye, Beyonce, Rihanna, Fabolous, Alicia Keys, Vybz Kartel! Defining career moment:  I was walking across my campus when some guy stopped me to ask me if I was ever in The Bahamas. Apparently he saw a poster of someone that looked like me. He was on vacation in Freeport and had a few beers. Recognition outside of The Bahamas was a pretty proud moment for me. Star you’re compared to:  Jada Pinkett Turn Ons: Humor,

What inspires you? My family and friends. SOCIAL NETWORK LINKS




Turn Offs: Bitchassness, Insecurity, Selfishness, Laziness



















is mind and heart could not accept what his ears were hearing. Like an angel hovering above, he watched her counterfeit tears trying to convince him that she was sincerely apologetic. But to him there was no fixing the “BBM” picture texts that his best friend had sent him of her and her ex having lunch at their favorite restaurant. Adding fuel to the fire, the pictures showed the lovely late couple eating what seemed to be their favorite dessert of Molten chocolate and cayenne pepper lava cake topped with tons of smiles, reminiscing and laughter. To him, the pictures clearly told the story of, “boy who likes girl and breaks her heart and leaves the country, then comes back for the holidays only to unsettle the new life girl has created!” It had been a tough journey of rebuilding the damage heart that he met her with after the break-up. All the challenges and the confusion seemed to be worth it until this point. His values had kept him for years from hating that man, but today that all seemed to change. He hated Mondays. He hated that café and that overrated dessert. He hated those pictures. Now mostly, he hated him and was on the verge of hating her! He had sincerely hoped that her explana-

tion had included innocent conversation about custody of their child, then he remembered she had no children. He also hoped that they were discussing property business; but the bum had never worked a day in his life and from her words had no social or economical value. Numb from the endless possibilities, he decided to actually listen to what she had to say. Blind folds were not usually apart of his dress outfit, but she had promised a pot of gold at the end of this mysterious rainbow. She had dressed him in a Theodore ‘E’ tailored suit that she had bought the day before. And by the way the suit made him look and feel, she was well on her way to forgiveness. Moments away from their destination, his heart raced with a mélange of emotions. She had obviously understood his pain and was making a thoughtful gesture to fix it! Leading him through what was obviously a door she removed his blindfold to reveal what was probably the most amazing setup he had ever seen. Just three days after their fight, she had commandeered the entire restaurant on a busy night and turned it from a 100 seat café to a single deuce palace. It was like something out of his favorite movie. She had given the chef carte blanche with the menu but he decided to make a 6 course meal of all their favorites including the dessert. The dessert he loved, but not nearly as much as he loved His Woman.

Directions: Firstly, preheat your oven to 370°F

Molten Chocolate and Cayenne Pepper lava cake w / Campari berries & Chocolate ice cream!

Melt one pound plus two ounces of bitter sweet chocolate and one pound plus two ounces of unsalted butter, 60% in a metal bowl over simmering water, making sure that the butter is incorporated fully. Add one half teaspoon of cayenne pepper for the kick needed. In a separate kitchen aid mixer or using a hand blender mix ten medium eggs with seven plus three quarter ounces of sugar until the mix has doubled in volume and has a lighter color. Then measure out seven plus one quarter ounces of all-purpose flour. Being very gentle, fold in the chocolate and butter mixture into the egg and sugar blend. Finally incorporate the flour without deflating the mixture. This mix can be baked immediately or held in your refrigerator for up to a week. Simply remove the mix about two hours before and bake according to the baking steps. Using 4 ounce baking vessel, cupcake tins or silicon baking molds place three plus one half ounces into the baking cup and bake for exactly 7 minutes. Remove and immediately serve.

5 tips when dining out, from the kitchen’s point of view! 1. Never call the chef out of the kitchen if you do not intend on tipping him! This often puts you on the “don’t give extra portions list.” 2. Never give tips for the kitchen to your waiter. We never seem to get it! 3. Never ask for prime cuts of meat to be cooked well done, we dislike guests that don’t respect the product. 4. If you’re allergic to everything except water, “COOK AT HOME!” 5. If you have problems with your food speak to the chef directly, so that we can fix it!



For the berries rinse one quarter cup each of quartered strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and add to a mixing bowl. Then add one cup of Campari, one half cup of cranberry juice and one quarter cup of grenadine. Set aside and allow to marinate overnight. To plate this dessert, unmold the warm cake and add one scoop of your favorite brand of chocolate ice cream on top of the cake and finish with a heaping tablespoon of the macerated berries. The secret of this dish is the fact that the outside of the cake will be fully cooked and the inside will flow like “lava.”



I am a single woman (by choice). Maybe my standards are too high or the pickings in Nassau are just way too low/slim?. Whatever it is, it has caused me to become settled and quite content in my ‘singledom’ (yes I made up a word). And to be completely honest, I love it here. I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can do as I please, when I please, with whom I please, with no questions, answers or explanations needed. I will be the first to admit however that I get lonely at times for male companionship. At different points I crave different types of men. This is where my five boyfriends come in. Don’t look so confused. By boyfriends I mean Men in my life…who are still stuck in the friend zone and will be probably be there for good. In a perfect world I’d be able to merge all my hunnies together into one perfect man. When that day comes, I will gladly give up the crown to my “Single Throne”. And before all ya’ll women look at me cross-eyed please don’t front, I’m sure you do the exact same thing I do (even if you have a man) ... you just aren’t woman enough to admit it.

BoyFriend #1 (Mandingo)

Let’s call him Steven. He is my sex guy. He only gets calls at 2 am and after. On special occasions like if it’s raining or if I had a few too much, he will be called. But the calls are short and text messages consist of “Can you come over?” Steven can put it down in the bedroom and his body is to die for. I mean he knows just how to make a boxspring squeak and a headboard bang. He knows just when to hit it ...where to hit and for how long. This fine specimen has the potential to be the main guy in my life … except for the fact that he is dumb as [censored]. I mean the boy cannot hold a conversation with a pre- schooler. It baffles me how he has made it to 27 without knowing who the Prime Minister is or even knowing anything other than – who won the game last night. His idiocy annoys me ... but his sex appeals me. LOVE – SEX WITH HIM HATE – HIS IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY

Boyfriend #2 (Mr Money In the Bank)

Let’s call him Smith. No first name. Smith is the guy I keep around because he pays for everything. No strings attached. We have never slept together. Never even so much as kissed. But he is intelligent, funny and charming. I call him when I want to go to a nice restaurant and want to be treated like the queen God intended me to be. Smith however, is old as Moses. As a matter of fact, I think they went to the same high school. He likes the company of young beautiful woman and I like being wined and dined every now and then. Don’t judge me!! Yes, I have dated for dinner and I’m sure you have too. Smith somehow finds comfort in taking care of a woman and I like being taken care of. There is not attraction between us. It’s an arrangement we both are fine with. LOVE – HIS MONEY HATE – HIS AGE Boyfriend #3 (The Gay Guy) Tony. I love Tony, I swear. I could talk to him all day. He makes me laugh, knows how to listen and knows the right things to say at just the right time. Of all the men in my life, we hang out the most. That’s primarily because I love the company of men and so does he. Yes, Tony is my Gay friend. However, he has yet to admit that to the world. He claims he likes women. However, he is always in the company of men strangely feminine men, who wax their eyebrows and wear clothes 3 sizes too small. I call him when I need a good cry, when I want to go shopping or when I wanna bitch about what some man has done to me. He listens. Cries with me. And we come up with revenge tactics together. He’s the one I call when I want to be in the presence of a man. Without actually being the presence of a man. (If you know what I mean).

LOVE – HIS SENSITIVITY HATE – WE “BOTH” LIKE MEN Boyfriend #4 (The Bodyguard) Michael. I call him Big Mike. Mike is around when I wanna feel like a helpless woman. He does all the manly things I need. He can f ix my car when it breaks down, cork my tub ( ha ha ha cork) … grease my hinges and be my security guard. He walks behind me when we go out to ensure that no one messes with me. He is 6’22” and 225 pounds of pure manliness and muscle. The problem with Mike is he is a big man with a *cough cough * small “ego”. He is not well endowed and doesn’t know how to navigate his boat. He is also a male chauvinist pig and thinks that a woman should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. All day EVERY DAY!!!!!! LOVE – HIS SIZE HATE – HIS *COUGH COUGH* SIZE Boyfriend #5 (Insurance Policy) James. I like James. He is funny. Makes me laugh. Stimulates my brain and my body and is one of the sexiest things I have ever laid eyes on. I’m getting excited just thinking about him. But James? He likes a little too much man for my good. I mean … really? Seriously? Are you gonna leave me to go hang out with your boys? The same n*ggas you been with all day? SMT ... James calls, I can admit that. But he is always surrounded my MAN. I think I may have to reconsider James’ significance in my life. I will never understand the need for a man to hang out with other men … over a woman. ALL THE TIME. LOVE – EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM HATE – HIS BROMANCES So there you have it. The 5 men I keep in my life that all make me happy in some sort of way. Now if I could just find a way to merge them into one perfect man. Any suggestions?



Now with that said and as I slowly wipe my brow from the nervous beads of sweat I will dive right in. Fellas lets face it our slogan and theme song should be “WE WINNIN” over the last 2 or so years. The economy has been down and man shortage has been at an all time high so you know what this means right? From an economical stand point the demand for a man has increased two-fold (in my scientific professional voice). Yes the standards of ladies are dropping faster than a Honda tire in a Nassau Pot-hole. No longer the days when the list of pre-requisites was a mile long and a lady would require you to be financially intact, handsome, stable, intelligent, gentleman qualities its all out the windows. Presently if you can read, bathe at least once a week and can sell a phone card YOU ARE IN MY BROTHERS. So with that said our options are skyrocketing. Nassau has become better than a Wal-Mart where you can get any and everything under one roof. Pick, choose and refuse is the order of the day so with that being said here are the things that you (notice I did not say I as I like my life) can LOVE / HATE about a woman.




Now this goes without saying most fellas would automatically click the like button on this one but hold on one second. We all love a woman who can slap on a little tight fabric and the curves would make a fella dizzy. When she walks you can hear the Saxon bass drum lick with each step (shameless plug saxonnnsss) and this is something to absolutely love but at the same time this can be a hate issue. Come one ladies there is a point when you know you gatta’ be sexy and when to conserve. The tights and 6 inch heels at a Sunday Morning –mass just don’t help our case to our mother of our classy girl. Going to the fry in pearls, louboutin shoes and all a satin mini-skirt is just a bit over the top not to mention the shotgun you have to carry just to escort the woman so this definitely would be the hate aspect.

Yes baby, make love to my mind. Feed me with “wittiness” and educate me grow with me lets have a decent conversation. Now this is all well and good until she turns into the boring 3rd grade math teacher. The endless boring lectures at dinner, home in the bed where you have numerous “Camole bumps” from diving conch hoping that sleep would be a way out of this dreadful conversation. Like who cares that a cat hair causes 3 out of 5 deaths in Cambodia like have a balance baby. Play dumb for me you have to even it out before you put someone in a coma we hate that.


Yes yes purely a love right? All men love a woman who can do her own thing grab a bill once in a while and not call you every week to get her “hair” done or she will look like a hurricane. But guess what people YES there is a hate aspect to it as well. Men are masculine beings (well most of us) and we like to feel in charge and be the boss. So ladies it doesn’t help when the slightest argument springs up the comments “I don’t need no man I pay my bills you don’t do nothing for me yada yada yada” bottom line is YOUR LYING TRICK lol. If you didn’t need a man you would not be here in the first place trying to sound like a Trina song. Insert quarter here get a man to sleep next to.

LOVE: A woman who is down to earth who can hang with the fellas. Everyone loves a woman who can tell you what the basketball score is, drink a cold one and being stuck up isn’t even an option for her. She can ride in the back of a truck if need be or “prowl” without any reservations. HATE: A woman who hangs all the time with the fellas. Like how many male friends you have? Vardo and Cardo calling your phone at all hours to tell you to “move” to the club or the next event every weekend just doesn’t sit well with the average male. Your Facebook is lined with Pokes and wall messages clearly flirting but the phrase “that’s my boy” is all you say? No sir not for us.

We LOVE the fact that we can rest peacefully at night knowing that our “Good Girl” is wrapped up in her “house coat” sleeping the night away getting ready for church. Always keeps her head straight in public and absolutely frowns at the sight of alcohol and that “boogety boogety” music. Come on lady we hate this if you do it 100% of the time. First of all you aint fooling no one we know the hidden freak is in there is will just take a Joe grinds to slip in and bring her out. We need a little passion the pat hug on the back and the no holding hands in front of my Grammy’s yard wont work all the time. Throw on a cat suit and pull out the whip don’t let that jungaless sneak in there and take your man.




assisted by: leo creary model: cara saunders bike owner. obi knowles clothing: fine threads shot at: premier auto centre


jacket, shirt and tie by fine threads jeans from fine threads sunglasses, ray ban, watch, guess.



shirt and jeans by fine threads. necklace by guess shoes, puma

Government name: Teko McKinney        Age: 27 Birth City: Nassau, Bahamas  Notable Events: (no answer) Currently working on:  Developing and executing an Islandwide/ Nationwide tour, completing first album, songwriting and recording. Celebrity comparisons:  I don’t compare myself to anyone. I love what I do and  do what I love.

Um, to make a long story short, that bit of air time laid the corner stone, set the foundation and eventually opened many doors for me to meet and work with some of the country’s best.

How would you describe the genre of music that you produce? My music is a collaboration of hip hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall and culture. What difficulty did you face as a teen growing up? Ghetto violence. Do memories from your past haunt you? Haunt me? No. Motivate me? YES. Not until recently did fans find out you were not only a DJ but a very good song writer and performer. How did you get your start as a recording artist? When I was 15, I won a song writing and “chatting” competition that was hosted by 94.9. Radio Personality Reality, who was with them at the time, invited me to the station to be on one of his shows. Um, to make a long story short, that bit of air time laid the corner stone, set the foundation and eventually opened many doors for me to meet and work with some of the country’s best. Studio producers, performers, crowd pleasers and performance DJ’s such as FUSSA D (RIP), Charlie Brown, Zoltan, D.J. Majesty, Dion da Butcha, Padrino Cartel and Big E. At which time did you know it was right to jump into being a performer seriously? It wasn’t a specific movement really. There came a time when i realized that if I could get a crowd, a movement started/going with someone else’s music, why not give the world a view of another side of Chronic. My DJ’ing abilities make people move, reminisce and puts them in a different place. Why not let my music do that too? From the many Bahamian artist working hard on their talents who would you

rank as your top 3 for you to collaborate with? Porter da Poet, M. Deez, Blessed Which global acts would you say influences your craft? Bob Marley (Just Bob Marley) Since Randy C left the airwaves artist have complained about not getting the support and shine that they use to. What can artist do to help as a platform to get their music to the listeners? Local artists can come together and host local showcases, displaying their talents and abilities. Some second to none, better than internationally acclaimed recording artists. And involving themselves in local events, being seen and being apart of the movement. What would you say at this point in time would be your biggest regret in your career?  I have no regrets. EVERYTHNG that has happened has happened for a reason. How do you think the world wide web helps and destroys the Bahamian music industry? Music has no boundaries. The web seems to have few limitations so I think it has helped to build the music industry by making local talent accessible, anywhere, anytime. What other areas in the music arena would you like to tap? Producing The Federal Bureau of Investigation is cracking down on popular hip hop sites. Do you think this is going to help music sales get back to the status of the glory days? No, I don’t think it will make much of a difference... What was the last song that you downloaded? My song: “SYSTEM” on the System Riddim If your iPod was stolen, who would come up on high rotation? Mmm... Cyndi Lauper (LoL)... NEVER! But I would mix the HELL outta her music though.



Music has no boundaries. The web seems to have few limitations so I think it has helped to build the music industry by making local talent accessible, anywhere, anytime. If you were on an episode of MTV’s Room Raiders TM what would we find in your room? Neatness, order and peace. My laptop, some records, a bunch of shoes and my tv. How do you balance a personal life with your career as DJ and Performing act? Work is work, play is play... There is a time and place for everything... For the ladies, what would a perfect date be like with Dj Chronic? A little wining and dining, some interesting conversation, then ending the night with a kiss... on the cheek. Do you like your women shaken or stirred? Depends on what I feel like drinking... Finish off these sentences. I really hate when... I see people taking advantage of other people. Most people don’t know but I really love... to LISTEN to music ALL day, everyday. The Top 5 things you can’t leave your house without. Prayer, Car keys (for sure), Cell Phones, Money, iPod.



Her main reason to moving back to Freeport was The idea is marketing like a virus. You inject the virus into the ‘host’ (aka the Internet), and it duto establish Lioness Music Group, an urban, independent, production company that focuses on plicates itself without further effort on your part. Sounds easy right? So why isn’t this obviously efdeveloping and promoting Bahamian talent. fective marketing tool being utilized in the Bahamas? This is the question Sophia Lightbourne aka If this isn’t reason enough to trust her judgment, then I don’t know what is. Da Lioness is asking local entertainment artists. With this aspect in mind, Da Lioness has organized a one of a kind, truly innovative event aimed at When asked why this type of event and why now facilitating the growth of a viable entertainment inLioness says “In my opinion Bahamian artist aldustry in the Bahamas and exporting that product ready have the upper hand to being recognized internationally due to the fact that we are uniqueinternationally. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s not. ly Bahamian. That alone sets us apart. But the ‘The Viral Music Seminar’ is simply about introducing the Bahamian entertainment industry to the main thing that we have to do to be recognized power of new media and is to make noise in the utilizing social networking There’s a new term spreading around cyber world. The Intersites such as MySpace, the Internet marketing circles. It’s called net is where it’s at and Facebook and Twitter. ‘Viral Marketing’, and it’s spreading for anyone to gain real The seminar is scheduled faster than the flu. recognition internationally you have to have a for Saturday, February 5th, major Internet buzz. Us10:00am to 6:00pm at the ing Internet tools such as Facebook and twitter Pelican Bay Hotel Conference Center in Freeport. allows us to promote ourselves without ever even having to leave our paradise. We can propel our The workshop will focus on 6 key topics - What is New Media, The Business of Music - Identifycareers using just a computer and build our fan base and network online.” ing Different Opportunities in the Industry (as they exist locally & virtually), Creating a Brand, SpeakDa lioness has partnered with Africa Allah of ing with Press, Digital Distribution, the Death of the Free Mixtape, Putting a Commercially Available , PJ Sands of the DS3 EnterProduct together and Live performances & internatainment Group as well as media partners with tional bookings. elife242, Stylezine and Bahamas Weekly who have all had major viral success in recent years. You may be asking yourself just who ‘Da Lioness’ Panelists for this Seminar include but are not limited to: * DJ Aaries - Rocawear spokesmodel, is and why you should be taking advice from her. travelling DJ with repeat appearances on MTV Well she started off as a DJ , touring all over the US, Canada and Caribbean with Chip Lee for& BET Mixtape DJ & Music marketing. CEO of Hood Hard DJ’s | This DJ knows the power of a merly of Black Chiney. She then decided to up her game and went to SAE Miami to study audio engidigital footprint and how to garner support via neering and production. She moved to LA to intern digital means. with some of the top engineers in the business like * Rock City - Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands singers & songwriters with credits on music from Bobby Brooks, personal engineer for Stevie Wonder, Rick James and even the legendary Michael Akon, Usher, Sean Kingston, the Pussycat Dolls, Jackson. After which she Moved back to Freeport Ashlee Simpson and many others while using the Feb 2010, opened her recording studio and is curname Rock City, eventually shortened to R. City. rently producing and mixing a lot of the material coming out of Freeport currently. * CL of Digiwax - Owner of Digiwax Media a digital distribution company . CL is formerly an 48


A&R for Warner and has 15 years of experience in the music industry watching it grow from traditional to digital. * DIRadioCast New Media Network headed by Bahamian native K. R Baker aka Africa Allah. The network acts as a platform to support independent content producers, urban artists & small business, currently servicing 500,000 monthly with a 10% audio download rate. * Donnie “DScantz” Scantlbury - Founder of State of Emergency, a music and extreme lifestyle allegiance dedicated to producing R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and Rock music and partner in The DS3 Entertainment Group. He is a producer, musician and songwriter with credits on music from Chris Brown, Aaliyah, Ideal, Ludacris, Danity Kane, Chante Moore, Jagged Edge, J Holiday, Dave Hollister, Toni Braxton, JoJo and other international artists, a two time Grammy nominee for work on Usher’s 2004 LP “Confessions” and a Dove Award recipient for Out of Eden’s 2003 LP “This Is Your Life”. Don’t think we left out our talented Bahamians. Also speaking at the seminar will be Stylezine’s very own Scharad Lightbourne, Farenno Ferguson aka F.Dot from Elife 242 and Ray Daniels from Raydar Management. According to ‘Da Lioness’ after the event the audience should have a clear understanding of professional opportunities available in the music industry, laws regarding royalties and copyright as well as how to create, promote and manage a brand/image and put a commercially viable project together for sale/distribution as an Indie artist. If there were any lingering doubts as to the effectiveness of online music promotion via social media sharing sites such as YouTube and Weezer have now surely quashed them. Think of it like this, there are 6.6 billion people on the planet Earth, 1.9 billion of them are active online users according to Can you think of any better way to make your product or brand more accessible to a larger market? I didn’t think so, see you at the seminar.


Men’s fashion trends are greatly different to that of women. They exist, yes! But their cycle moves much slower. In the haste to evolve men’s fashion, mainstream men (celebrities and daring individuals) have boldly amalgamated women’s fashion as the latest fashion trend. For decades, women have wore men’s wear and made it work impeccably. I’m guessing this is why some men feel obligated to do the same. As a fashion aficionado and industry executive, I am inclined to ever changing fashion trends. However there are some trends I will give the “green light” and others only deserve a beaming “red light”.

creativity and individuality, these men have embraced their “other side” and executed it through their fashion style, whether good or bad. By: Kedar Clarke

My latest term for these individuals is the “trendsexual”. That’s right…trendsexuals; heterosexuals who wear trends dominated by the opposite sex. With fashion being all about

THE “MURSE (MAN-PURSE)” This trend is just annoying now! You’re a grown [censored] man, walking with your lady, holding her hand and carrying YOUR purse in the next!? (GTFOH) I can’t imagine what more a man would have to carry that is more than a wallet can fit in less than a briefcase can hold. Guys, this trend gets a “red light”. Loose it! P.s. If your girlfriend asks you to hold her purse, just say no!



TREND MAVEN- KANYE WEST Kanye, Kanye, Kanye! I love the boy’s fashion sense but sometimes I just don’t know what to say. I love the furs, the gloves, the bling and all the other stuff. But these two looks still have me…puzzled. As a performer, it’s expected to see “over-the-top” fashions, but this is just over the “rainbow”! You get a “red light” and a “how you doing” (in my best Wendy Williams voice)!

TREND MAVEN- PHARELL WILLIAMS Talk about an EXCLUSIVE chick…I mean dude! With money and power, some people lose all sense of pride and identify…or do they? Pharell Williams is the proud owner of not one, but 3 ultra exclusive Birkin bags. These bags, which have thousands of wealthy women dying to be the proud owner, now sit on the arm of rapper/producer Pharell Williams. Trendsexual indeed! But bro…for the sake of all things fashionable, a Birkin doesn’t go well with baggy jeans.

TRENDSEXUAL…FEMALE EDITION Despite the failures in men’s trendsexuality (that sounds hilarious to me), there have been some women who have done a much better job; somewhat even better! One of my favorites for this category has to be Ellen DeGeneres. Though she’s not a heterosexual, she’s one woman that took men’s wear and made it her signature style.

THE BROACHE Initially worn by women to accessories their outfit, this “trendsexual” trend is one of my most favorites. Rapper Jay-Z went from jersey wearing to an official upgrade of Italian made suits. To give a “pop” to his new gear, he started incorporating highly jeweled female broaches, making this the best “trendsexual” trend of all time! (green light flag on pics)

TRENDSEXUAL…THROWBACK Ever since Cam’ron stepped on the scene, he made his presence known with the hottest lyrics and the most memorable and questionable fashion style. The toughest guy on the block would not be caught dead in bed, unless he was a pimp of course. But Cam’ron took every “little girl’s favorite color” and made it his own. I guess his argument is “It’s pink but its mink hommie…no homo (the gayest line ever)”.





Here’s what we think are the next hot gadgets on the market. This will satisfy any tech’s tastes buds and keep everyone else up to date on what’s hip and new.

BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK Since everyone has tocompete with the iPad now, RIM has developed a new tablet called the “PlayBook,” not that much of an original name but it does spark some interest for its BB consumers. At only 7 inches, its def a small tablet which makes for more of an intimate experience. We know it will run on 3G and will use the same OS that the Blackberry Phone runs on. Not sure of the price tag either but to find out more info, click to the photo to visit gadget lab. OLYMPUS XZ-1 We are finding that compact cameras are making it easier to take great photos with high quality, hence why EVERYONE is becoming a photographer now. This compact from Olympus is packed with features like full manual control and a 10 mega-pixel image sensor. Although a little pricy at $499, its a good buy and was rated the “best photographers” buy in a compact by Digital Photography Review. Don’t beleive us? Click the camera for a full review.

I love you! I hate you! I love you! I hate you! Love you! Hate you! Love you hate you! Love! Hate! Love! Hate! Love and hate: two extremely powerful feelings. They say sometimes that the thing or person you hate the most is often times, something or someone you once loved deeply. But that’s another can of worms and this is not a “Dear Abby” column! Nope it’s Kickz baby! It’s 2011 my people and Stylezine is kicking off the year with our first ever love/hate issue. Personally I’m really excited because I get to let you the reader in on my feelings and opinions on what’s been happening in the sneaker world and what trends, brands, releases, returns, exits, in the world of footwear that I love or hate! Let’s not waste time on pleasantries, LETS GET TO IT!!!



Love - Boat Shoes. Yes! The return of a classic to the feet of the masses is always welcome. Boat shoes made resurgence back in ‘09 and took hold in 2010. Giving a touch of class to everyone’s wardrobe! The Gucci, Bally and Sperry Top Sider editions are by far the DOPEST. Hate - Boat Shoes. I know, I know. I love it AND hate it? YES! I know my boy @Cloud10LV may be like “WHAT?” But yeah I love and Hate this trend. Why? Well anyone living in The Bahamas can attest to this. The MASSES are MESSING IT RIGHT UP! I’m talking dudes wearing boat shoes with tube socks, Boat shoes with sweatpants, Boat shoes and Dickies! Boat shoes with their pants stuffed into their socks! BOAT SHOES ON EVERYTHING!!! It has to stop. Learn what to wear these with my people. See previous issues for tips. PLEASE! Love - Sneaker-Boot-Hybrids (Nike, Jordan Brand and Adidas). I loved what these three brands did with sneaker-boot-Hybrids. Especially Nike and their revival of Their ACG line. Brand Jordan did us great with their Winterized line and Adidas had some sleepers that were just awesome!

Brand’s recent Black History month pack. Sneaker packs are just awesome. Hate - The Jordan 11 Cool Greys. Yeah I know my boy D’Angelo is prob screaming at what I’m writing. I don’t hate these because of how they look. Neither the color. It was the sheer pandemic coonery surrounding their release that has me hating these. Anything that can reduce a decent self-respecting Black Man to punching a woman in the face. Well. I hate.

Hate - Sneaker-BootHybrids by anybody else. Sadly not every brand got this right. Some brands put together some mash-ups that looked like well, MASH-UPS! Looked like some brands needed to fire some designers. Others just. Well... umm no comment. Love - Sneaker Packs. Be it Adidas’ Star Wars Pack or Nike/Jordan

Love - The Return of Boots. In case ya’ll aint know. I’m a dude that loves boots. Call me “Bootsy Bully”, “Bully in Boots” whatever. I walk hard. A hard walk requires boots. Sneakers just aint gonna cut it. I mean lets keep it real it was getting ridiculous watching dudes trying to wear sneakers with EVERYTHING. Or worse it’s the dead of winter and some dandy trying to wear his driving loafers in the snow. PURE COMEDY! Now the return of boots was welcome by me. For a while they had been relegated to the wardrobes of construction guys and the few faithful New Yorkers whose style never moved past 2001. Hate - The Jordan/AF1 Combinations. It’s been going on now for the past 3-4 years. It was cool at first. STOP IT NOW. That’s all I got to say about that.



Love - The Gucci “84” Tennis Sneaker Returns. For all of you that’s had no clue. These are the sneaker that Jay-z patented his flash-inthe-pan-popular sneaker collabo with Reebok after. Gucci has decided to re-release these in their original design. Just to let suckers know who The Originators are. It’s going to be sad when I get my pair and some goon mistakes them for S.Carters. Love. The New Brands on The Block. Yes People ever since about two to three years ago new brands have been popping up all over the place in the shoe world. I’m ecstatic about this. Some are flashes in the pan; others have become powerhouses competing with the established classic brands. The most impressive standouts being Supra, Creative Recreation, Clae and Android Homme. These Four have set the standard that all the other new brands coming out are being measured by. The classics will never go away, but these brands have given us more variety to choose from. And Variety my friends is the SPICE of Life!

I want to end this First LOVE/HATE Edition of Kickz at the beginning, with a personal moment in my sneaker life that I both LOVE and HATE equally. I’m referring to The First Ever edition of Kickz. I’ll never forget it. Smitty and I came out full force. “Fresh to Def” like Dame Dash used to say. Swag on One Hundred Thousand Million! Smitty was str8 “From da City” in the all red Ato Matsumoto sneakers. And yours truly was making eyes pop in all gold Supra Skytops. PAUSE. ALL GOLD SNEAKERS? Now I can’t front ScharadL did an amazing job with the pics and capturing us at our flyest. And while I will always love that moment for what it began. I will always hate it for that one reason...GOLDEN SNEAKERS. I mean really? I call myself “The Best Dressed Bully you know” and I’m wearing sneakers that look like they go more with Prince and The New Power Generation. I looked like extra secu-



rity on a video shoot for Andre 3000 circa his Aquemini days! I mean sure they were awesome for the pic. Pairing em with goldframed aviators and dark denim was fly. But there’s STILL that old school tough guy part of me that looks back at myself when I look in the mirror and says; “You wore Golden Boots.” Sure those pics will be forever fly. But trust me those sneakers were never worn again. Like the whole metallic sneakers fad and other fashion missteps they will stay in my closet looking at me reminding me that for one brief moment I thought I could get away with making my feet go “Bling Bling!” I love it. I hate it. And I love all of YOU!!!

This article is really for the men this time. The majority of you men out there, think that you have it all together, that you’re the “MAN”, or “KING OF THE HILL” so to speak when it comes to “THE NEIGHBORS KNOWING YOUR NAME”. You go to bed every night thinking that you have it all worked out. NO! This is not necessarily the case in all situations as women like to put on performances. Cut scene. Act 2. A lot of men feel that in order to make a woman have an orgasm its all about the size of the flagship. Literally it doesn’t, as you still need to steer the boat and ride the seven seas. Women fake orgasms the majority of the time because she doesn’t want her man to feel bad or catch a sense of low self esteem. I guess this reason is fair at most, especially when her man is putting all his work into this affair literally. The only thing this woman can do to make his night is fake an orgasm, especially when there is not one in sight for her.



Another reason is, a lot of women honestly don’t seek to have an orgasm, i mean they want and enjoy sex to the fullest, but getting an orgasm isn’t a goal for them, they just enjoy the intimacy of it all and their ultimate goal is pleasing their man – lucky are the men who run into this kind of woman – for she will not only rock your world, but take it to different heights. Here comes one of those reasons that men would hate to hear why his girl was faking – and it’s “LACK OF INTEREST”- meaning she is only intimately involved with him because he’s her man, and that is one of her duties as his counterpart. Women who have intercourse with lack of interest in the relationship, tend to get this way , due to the circumstance surrounding the relationship. They might have been cheated on or they are probably are in an abusive relationship, or their man is a selfish lover, whatever the reason may be, the lack of interest most of the time stems from the relationship. And finally the last reason I will give for a woman faking an orgasm is she fact that she might not be a sexual person at all, but wants to be in a relationship. So she plays the role and probably fakes for every time and not long after the act has started to help bring the sexual act to an end. She will do this for the rest of her life if she has too just to keep her man……. how considerate is that???

The thing about the female orgasm it can be faked so easily. All it takes is some pillow grabbing, loud moaning or screaming, some really deep breathing with trembling and there you have it, the perfect orgasm, this tactic is enough to drive a man crazy and cause him man to climax right after it is done. Guys all it takes is some time and listening to instructions from your woman. Approach it like a job that you want to get an “A” grade for. Also get some karma sutra books to help with the synchronized movements and be sporadic with location changes. The most important of all is to become BFF’s with your ladies “G Spot” and spend a lot of time with it. The more the better. Some are faster learners than other but practice makes perfect. Fellas now that I have just given you a little bit of insight for why women fake and a couple suggestions I hope that you follow though and GO FOR GOLD!!!!.. Ladies, to me, having intercourse without achieving an orgasm at least once in a while is like running a race with no intentions of winning – please come over to the enjoyable side of life and work to achieve that orgasm that you deserve.












((((( in stereo )))))

With technology constantly changing and evolving, just about everyone has an iPod or an mp3 player of some kind. Its one of those things you just can’t leave home without. Along with your player stacked with all your favorite tunes, another must have item is your headphones whether designer or straight off the shelf. Over the past few years high profile industry names like Dr. Dre have invaded the listening world with quality headphones like the “Beats by Dre” brand headphones produced through the “Monster” sound company; that have awesome sound quality, but if you’re for quality sound with a new look you can check out Jay-Z’s “Aviator” headpho n e s . They produce the s a m e g r e a t sound but at a cheaper price than t h e 66


“Beats By Dre”. Other artists like Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga & Diddy also joined the headphone game, producing their own headphones after being endorsed by sound companies similar to “Monster”, the company that endorsed Dr. Dre. 50 Cent in particular has always gone to great lengths to promote any product he creates or endorses, therefore his new “Sleek” headphones are no different. Having it’s website already in the works and with a name to match it’s look, 50 seems to have another good business venture on his hands. Fif’s “Sleeks” are definitely in the running for top brand of headphones for 2011 with Dre, Jay and the other big names. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, headphones just may be the next fashion statement.





About a month ago there was a video released to television and the internet about Chris Brown's love for art of all forms, but graffiti in particular; which also inspired the title of one of his albums. Chris has voiced his deep appreciation for the craft openly stating at one point that art was his only outlet, and he has recently began displaying his talent in what was once just a hobby of his. Chris and his fans call his pieces "Breezy-Art", an apparent ode to one of his nicknames. The artwork itself is surprisingly good. Breezy shows that he's not just a smooth voice and quick feet with his colorful piecesof "Breezy-Art" which can be found on the official Chris Brown website.


Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG


Big Sean reminds us that Kanye has clearly got an ear for good music.This kid has been on the scene for a minutenow with his "Finally Famous" mixtape series, and with the third installment, titled BIG rereleased with three extra tracks and no DJ, he goes in head first. He gives you the witty and comical lines we love to hear from him in tracks like "What U Doin/Bull$#!@ing", while his slick wordplay and phrases on tracks like "Almost wrote you a love song" keep you wanting more. This mixtape is definitely a good listen and a great addition to any collection.


Leo ‘ Jumper’ Creary established a working partnership with a great member of the fashion business at that time in 2009, Elvardo Wilson, with whom he collaborated and tolerate on several magazine pictorials for his website and other worldwide magazines. It can be documented that this was his first step into photography. He invested into his first professional camera that year. Creary also worked in the runway field, taking pictures of everything from dresses behind the scenes to runway models on catwalks for catalog. It was not his favorite work, but it paid for the new equipment, which allowed him to continue his more artistic pursuits. Even his commercial work produced some powerful images. Later on in the year he would constantly shoot on location events and people to create a photography portfolio. He was under constant scrutiny from critics and locals would deride his work; thus, he got the reputation for egregious in his youthful stage in photography work. For the entire year they continued to disparage him leading him to think that all the work that he was trying to accomplish would be laudable. In 2010, Creary purchased another camera as a gift to himself. Scharad Lightbourne, a brilliant innovator and creative photographer, invited the photographer to become a pupil. Creary was impressed by the photographer and by Lightbourne’s determination to make photography an artistic form accessible to all. On a wedding occasion while the two were working together, to both their surprise they found out that they were relatives, cousins to be exact. Creary continued to learn under Lightbourne’s wing and expanded his wealth of knowledge and stock in trade by buying soft boxes and overstocked on other photography equipment that he knew he would have a paucity of such as lens, cds, and others. Leonard Creary wanted his work to be seen by many, so, in the mid portions of 2010; he worked in duplicity with his older cousin Scharad Lightbourne for over a period of 3 months he was clandestine. In the latter parts of August he published his very successful website, www.leocreary. com. Now Leonard is currently situated in Daytona Beach, Florida where he is inexorable when it comes to his business lifestyle. TO SEE MORE OF LEO’S WORK, CLICK THE IMAGES TO VISIT HIS FANPAGE ON FACEBOOK OR VISIT WWW.LEOCREARY.COM



The Love/Hate Issue  
The Love/Hate Issue  

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