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“Though you might not see the change, everyday the sun shines a little brighter.� SUGAR COATED In this lifetime every form of media constantly reminds us of the peril existing deep within our neighborhoods, work places and even families. Though worries may take up a large portion of our days we must be reminded that for every storm there is a rainbow, and to every tear a smile. The CandyLand issue was inspired by the hard working hearts that are determined for us to truly live a sweet life. Though you might not see the change, everyday the sun shines a little brighter.

Nik Barnes Editor-in-Chief



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STYLEZINE MAGAZINE © 2010. All rights reserved.The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of the owners. For more information, please contact us. No part of STYLEZINE may be produced in any form by any means without prior written consent.For permissions requests, please call 242.328.5443 or 242.525.9751. For reproduction on articles, please contact Nikolas Barnes at 242.525.9751 or via email at

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Holiday Heat Spread across the room was a collection of Name Brands, a reminder that two in-tense competitors were wrangling. The battle was down to La Perla™ versus Calvin Kleins ™. Tonight’s card game intensified, and with their competitive juices flowing, the challenge issued - a Christmas dinner cook-off. The combination of Baileys™ spiked eggnog, the holiday fragrances and strip poker made any provocation un- avoidable. The challenge was to bring one main dish and one side of your liking. Their friends, Amy and Trevor, would be the de- ciding judges. Her experience behind the stove was no match for his motivation to claim the prize of a choice between, $1000 dollars cash, a tattoo of the other person’s name in a visible spot, or a no holds barred video

and pho¬tography session. Like a WWE™ pre-match trash talking session, the poker game was abandoned as the anticipation grew. Both throwing gestures of premature celebra¬tion as their screams and playful move¬ments baited each other for the weekend’s “Throwdown”. Without any notice, she turned into a de¬tective searching for the menu that she knew he had already started to silently con¬struct! Still “defenseless”, she promised him a taste if he told her his menu, something that would certainly give her the edge on the upcoming event. Unknowingly, she be¬came the victim of her own ploy as 40 min¬utes later she had told him every detail of her offerings after his ardent performance. Her dishes had promise but were no match for his “Ultimate Holiday Roasted Chicken and Farmers Market Vegetable Medley”.

5 FOOD TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 1. Replace those outdated candies with an all white assorted candy “bar” in different complimentary vessels. 2. Remove those old unshelled nuts that linger far past the holidays and replace with assorted shelled nuts tossed in olive oil, fresh rosemary and course sea salt. Warm the nuts in a 300° oven in small batches and present to your guest upon arrival. 3. Encourage healthy snacks while staying14 festive by putting DECEMBER out red delicious 2010 apples as a functioning part of your holi-

day style and a gift from your “kitchen”. Add sticks of fresh cinnamon as a part of the presentation to add a delicious aroma the area. 4. When entertaining this holiday, forget the cheese and cracker platters, and unappealing veggetable trays with storebought dips and replace them with whole loaves of assorted European style breads, blocks of artisan cheeses, dried fruits and fruit preserves. Present these on wooden platters with bread and cheese knives. Replace your standard vegetable

trays with whole clean stalks of celery, whole shaved medium carrots, blends of preserved olives and cherry tomatoes presented in assorted mason jars. (Most of these products are available at Robin Hood Stores). 5. Instead of traditional holiday fragrances, combine ¼ cup of whole allspice, whole cloves, ground cinnamon, brown sugar each with a cup of apple juice, and 4 cups of water for a stove top “organic” blend that will fill your home with holiday cheer. Bring to a rapid boil then reduce to a low heat for a steady burst of nostalgia .

The Ultimate Holiday Roasted Chicken

(In a smaller household a large chicken can easily replace a turkey without losing the holiday essence) 1 large fresh free-range chicken 1 cup kosher salt plus extra for seasoning 3 bay leaves, ¼ cup crushed all spice 1 pound butter 1 fresh ground pepper for seasoning 2 cups vegetable oil 1 tablespoon fresh thyme 2 leaves fresh sage Method Crispy skin and succulent flesh are the key goals for this dish! However, to have crispy skin, you need high heat, and for moist flesh, you need low, steady heat! Thus, lays the conun¬drum and the complexity of this dish! Follow the following stages and you will prepare a perfectly roasted chicken! You will need to plan ahead and be patient, as this is a multiple stage process. Stage 1 – Brine the chicken – 1 cup kosher salt, 3 bay leaves, ¼ cup fresh crushed allspice and water to cover the bird. Soak in brine overnight. Stage 2- This stage creates an extremely delightful crisp skin (remove the wing tips). Boiling water- Plunge the chicken into the boiling water for 30 seconds (to remove any bacteria), then remove. Bring the water back to a boil and repeat the process. After 30 seconds, remove and shock in cold water. The key now is to let the chicken dry. This mimics what the Asians do in peeking duck recipes that creates that memorable skin. To do this, drape the chicken with a light, airy towel and allow it to dry overnight in your refrigerator. The air in there is very dry and helps with this process in a safe environment. Stage 3- Lightly season the bird with ko¬sher

Roasted Farmers Vegetables 1-pound fresh baby carrots 1-pound fresh baby beets 1-pound turnips ¼ pound baby onions 1-teaspoon fresh thyme leaves Course salt and fresh pepper to taste ½ cup exceptional extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup balsamic vinegar

Method Wash and thoroughly clean all the vegetables (remove the skin, op¬tional). Pre-heat the oven at 375°F. In a roasting dish, add all the ingre¬dients, ensuring that the oil and vin¬egar evenly coats the items. Roast for 20 minutes and serve.

salt and fresh ground pepper. Place the bird straight away into a 140°F oven (use a store bought thermometer - it is more reliable than the oven setting). This will cook for 4 ½ hours. The low, gentle temperature will allow the bird to cook evenly and safely without drying out, which would occur at high tempera¬ture. In the meanwhile, take 1 lb of un¬salted butter and the wing tips that you reserved and heat until the butter turns a nutty brown, and are infused with the pan roasted wing flavor. Strain and sift into meat basting injector and reserve. Stage 4 - Browning the skin. At the stage, the bird will be completely cooked but it will not look appealing and will not be crisp! However, we don’t want to dry out the re¬wards of a slow 4 ½ hours of roasting pa¬tience! So, the trick here is to do it fast and gentle! To do this, heat a skillet for 7 min¬utes and add a neutral vegetable oil. Add 2 sage leaves and 3 sprigs of thyme, and roll the chicken evenly in the oil for no more than two minutes. Using the basting needle, inject the roasted butter into the chicken, whose skin should be wonderful¬ly brown and crisp after the hot thyme oil bath. To serve, sprinkle with fresh plucked thyme leaves and kosher salt.


At this point I would think you guys have learned how to dress well and comfortably for your individual environments. It’s been a whole year now, and I must say, kudos on the wardrobe improvements! Now, I’m a man all about “hitting the town” and this Holiday season, I’ve got a few places that I think would suit a man of exquisite taste, social vigilance and a BUDGET! Over the past year, I’ve travelled to a few new cities and have fallen in love with their social scenes, in particular the bars, lounges and bistros. Call me “bougie” (aka bourgeois) all you want, I refuse to go out for a casual lunch or drinks at a place called “Ray-Ray’s Sporting Lounge & Web Shop”. Nassau’s got some really nice “chill-spots” and by my recommendation, I think these are the best places to be, be seen at and to simply enjoy your free time…the gentlemen’s way! Olives Mediterranean Cafe & Bar Located downtown Nassau - This quaint eatery is quite reminiscent of a European wine and cheese bar. For the best in “entry level” Greek cuisine/eatery, this is the place! I highly recommend the Greek Chicken Salad or the Italian Pesto Burger. And the best part; it’s affordable too! This is a definite “date-spot” on my list. Madeira Café I’m no fan of the “health food revolu¬tion”, especially since I became known as the spokesperson for “Bodies by Bamboo (shack)”. I was invited for a lunch meeting at the Café about two months ago and fell in love immediately! It’s located off the busy Palm¬dale area east of McDonalds, however, once you walk inside, you’re forced to leave the stress of work behind. The food is healthy, inexpensive and hella tasty! My recommendation - the roast beef sandwich with the side salad, under $10. Via Café Image is everything! Tell me I’m wrong and I’d know you’re lame. Meanwhile, this place is like the new kid on the block. When I first walked in, the first thing that came to mind was a “swank lounge” on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile; the place is très chic! The drinks are great and at “happy hour”, they start at $4. I’m not a big fan of the food I tried so far, but at least I know the service and the ambiance will keep me going back for more. With a few friends and their signa¬ture margaritas on the rocks, you’ll be sure to enjoy. For my readers and friends on Facebook: Who was the last person I mentioned as being my “style muse” in my status? Get it right and you can join me at one of these venues for an eve-ning of food and drinks!


















TOMMII Government Name: Tomacina Culmer Age:  19 Horoscope:  Gemini Nationality:  Bahamian Current Location: Grand Bahama Vacation spot: Anywhere in the Carribean  What’s in your ipod:  Plain White T’s, Adam Lambert, Damien Marley, Rihanna, Trey Songs, Mika and Incubus Defining career moment:  Walking in Islands of the World Fashion Week 2010 Star you’re compared to:  Tyra Banks Turn Ons:  Well dressed, mannerly and driven men PHOTO © SIMON MOTT (ARCLIGHT)

Turn Offs: Men who yell from a distance to get a woman’s attention What inspires you? Girls who look up to me People that believe in me People that don’t believe in me  SOCIAL NETWORK LINKS





So we have some cold fronts slated for our “Fall/ Winter” season! To all the makeup fanatics out there, the only thing we think is: “Our makeup isn’t gonna melt off anymore!”

For the face, nude is in and the skin should be clean and “perfect”. Be

It’s time to put away the funky bright turquoises, greens, pinks and purples of Summer and pull out our inner goddesses with more earthy tones. Bronze, gold, pale yellow, caramel and peach come to mind.

sure to exfoliate as normal but double up on your moisturizer and lip balm. My favorite winter

Foundation is not necessary but if you do choose to use face powder, go light. Use


a powder/blush brush instead of a sponge

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Radiance Moisture Cream because it draws in water to moisturize moisturizer is

without feeling heavy or clogging pores. For lip balm, I pull out my favorite:

Burt’s Beeswax. (Both


of these products can be found at your local drugstore).

or wedge for even coverage and a natural

Coriander in Blush Variation by Yves Saint Laurent (which can look. For blush, try

be found at John Bull stores).

Hint: In winter seasons, most people’s skin color becomes a shade lighter. Please upgrade your makeup kit accordingly. For example, you may be a MAC NW50 in the Summer but you may need a MAC NW45 in the Winter. Pay your local beauty spot a visit and sample a new face powder/ foundation. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautifully painted face with shades too light or too dark. #EpicFail



You can play the natural card up even more with iridescent pink, corals and autumnal shades for your eyes. Don’t forget about timeless golden shades that will always be a hit on any skin tone. Eyeliner should be kept to a bare minimum and use a pencil instead of liquid to maintain the natural look. Use very little (one quick coat) or no mascara.

For your lips you could go for shades of light pink and peach or go for a completely nude look with just a touch of lip balm. My favorite nudely pink lipstick is

Chatterbox by MAC. Winter winds can severely

damage your lips and touching up all night is no fun. To help your lip color stay on a little longer, you can smooth foundation over your lips and cover with translucent powder. After this sets, you can (using a lip brush) apply your lip color. This should keep your color intact for an additional 2-3 hours.

Thick, well-defined eyebrows made a strong comeback for Fall/Winter 20102011. Prada was one of the designers that accentuated the eyebrows. You can contour them, but remember to keep the rest of your makeup much more subtle. If you choose to use face powder remember that this lightens the color of your brows. Lightly fill in your eyebrows (with a brow brush) using brown eyebrow powder or brown eyeshadow and brush them so that every hair stays in place. As for the rest of your makeup, keep it as natural as possible so that the real you still shines through the Winter!

Cashera Rolle

COLOUR ME CRAZY Even though most of us think black as a safe way out, let’s experiment with shades this winter.Think chocolate mousse, oak wood, hazelnut and chestnut. Brunettes have the hardest time choosing hair shades for any given season, but because winter gives you that dark element, you have so many tones that we can choose. The most important thing to remember is to keep it dark. Browns can look red very easily, so ensure your color has a clear toner to retain the color in the fading weather. If you want to highlight, please ensure that you go no more than one shade lighter than your base color.

“Perfect hair is nothing without the perfect hair color.” 22


But if your hair color makes your skin tone seem rather dull or bland, then a single color is what you need. Bear in mind that all single or over coloring require touch ups due to new growths whereas with highlights you have two to three months before a reprocess is necessary. To ensure that your preference stretches past your dollars, enquire with your stylist about a gloss treatment to follow after your color. Even though most do-it-yourself color kits have gloss treatments built in them, color friendly brands such as L’Oreal have products designed for this purpose. i.e.: L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Conditioning Treatment.


BASE OR HIGHLIGHT If your hair color is already great and you just want to add a kick to your look, then highlights are what you’re looking for. Highlights come in four types: a. Basic foil highlights- This process adds strands of color to the hair, allowing you to have many shades at one time. b. Baliage or Hair Painting-allows natural stripes in small or large swaths. This is best for al ready perfect colors that require a quick lift. c. Chunking- The most common because you can do-it-yourself. It allows bold chunks of colors to be applied to the hair d. Low lighting- is used to add darker shades to the hair and gives the color more contrast.

WARM AND COOL TONES COOL TONES-The best way to test for your tone is to look at the underside of your forearm. If your veins are BLUISH in color you are a COOL TONE. •Your natural hair color is light to medium brown, you have greenish, hazel, or blue eyes and you burn easily (but have naturally rosy cheeks) •Your hair is naturally a darkened ash blonde, your eyes are either hazel or blue and your complexion is very fair to pale. •Your hair color is dark brown, your eyes are blue and you have a pink tone to your fair or pale skin •You’re a naturally light to medium brunette, your eyes are a blue-gray to light-green color, your face is fair to pale with a hint of rose in your cheeks. •Your hair is naturally red or dark brunette, your eyes are a very dark brown, and your skin is pale to fair with very rosy cheeks . WARM TONES- if your veins are GREENISH you are a WARM TONE. • Your hair is naturally black or brown (brown with reddish or copper flecks). Your eyes are brown, and your complexion is olive or golden and tans easily. •Your natural hair ranges from light, golden to dark blonde, your eyes are dark brown and your skin is golden or olive and tans easily. •Your hair is naturally red or light auburn with dark blonde flecks.Your eyes are either green or brown, and your skin tone is beige, tanning easily. •Your hair is naturally a reddish to golden brown, your eye color is blue and your complexion is light beige, tanning easily.

“If you hair colour makes your skin tone seem bland - a single colour is what you need.”


Ways we can be nature appropriate with our shades.


BLONDES: Since winter fashions are seemingly booming with bright colors this year, you don’t want to lose your natural softness. Even though your golden locks dazzled for fall, let’s dim the shade for winter. Tone down the yellow in your hair and experiment with platinum and grays. Stick to ash toners and silver undertones. If lowlights are what you desire, think deep earthy tones such as oak and mahogany. Bear in mind, you don’t want to go so gray that your color blends into your paling skin.


REDHEADS: By far the easiest shade to choose of the three! Red is my favorite hair color! There are so many things you can do with it even though you can have the same red shade all year round. For the winter, let’s stick to single process coloring, No highlights! Keep the color intense; think deep wines blood red, candy red and ruby red. Eliminate the orange and copper in your hair to create a powerful red.A purple undertone in your red is a must for the winter.


BRUNETTES: Even though most of us think black as a safe way out, let’s experiment with shades this winter. Think chocolate mousse, oak wood, hazelnut and chestnut. Brunettes have the hardest time choosing hair shades for any given season, but because winter gives us that dark element, we have so many tones that we can choose. The most important thing to remember is to keep it dark. Browns can look red very easily, so ensure your color has a clear toner to retain the color in the fading weather. If you want to highlight, please ensure that you go no more than one shade lighter than your base color.

After you determine your tone and process, your focus should be on the color. Hair colors, like clothing, accessories and makeup are determined based on the four seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter). You must consider trends, textures and inspirations for each season. Since we’re in the winter season, let’s look at ways we can be nature appropriate with our shades.

TREATMENTS Salon Treatments Who doesn’t want a professional to give them that perfect color? Who doesn’t like that pampering? Most products boldly print on the label: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY and the price tag attached to them speaks volumes. Moisture is a must for all chemical hair procedures, especially at winter time. Invest in color treated shampoos, conditioners and treatments. These will help to maintain your color. Ensure that your hairstyle complements your hair color. Play with various lengths and angles.Winter hairstyles are sleek, structured and manageable, and are the perfect finish to any trend of the season. Single Process Color Single Process Color is the safest way to color at home. Single process means that the color is lifted and deposited in one step. Semi-Permanent only Colors



Semi-Permanent color is what it says it is, it can cover gray and go darker, but cannot lighten. It lasts varying lengths of time depending on the product. Deposit Only color can only “deposit” color into the hair. Both Processes can be easily done at home.


Home Color Kits Let’s face it, the bills are overdue, grocery is needed and the car needs gas. There is just not enough in the budget to afford that salon treatment. Even though most Bahamians get their hair colored professionally, two thirds of women internationally opt for a do-it-yourself kit. Brands such as Garnier, Clairol and L’Oreal have cornered the home kit market with their under $20.00 price tags. You can view their full range of products online at, and These sites also provide tutorials and virtual makeover tools to further ease your color experience. Viral Sites like www. have hundreds of tutorials for the different hair color processes.

1. A strand test is vital to any chemical procedure. 2. A clarifying treatment to remove buildup in the hair should always be done before coloring. 3. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Moisture is a must for all chemical hair procedures, especially at winter time. Invest in color treated shampoos, conditioners and treatments. These will help to maintain your color. Ensure that your hairstyle compliments your hair color. Play with various lengths and angles. Winter hairstyles are sleek, structured and manageable, and are the perfect finish to any trend of the season.

“Over two-thirds of women internationally opt for a do-ityourself colour kit.”





CHRISTMASWISHLI When I was a Christmas wis kid, along with the rest o h list to Santa f the globe, I . w be good little boys and girls But when my fellow writers ould write my to receive brigh dolls, I revelle were striving d t to now that I’m in being naughty if it mean new shiny tr ucks and beauti all grown up, m fu t y list is looking I would only get clothes. B l ut a bit different. This year, I’m dreaming of a ‘hottttttt’ C purpose, and hri th must have linge e only thing i want ‘stuffin stmas. I’ve been naughty g my on rie items every woman should stockings’ are these sexy own...


By far the sexiest bra, by de more of the breast is ex fault, because posed. It creates a natural lift and separa tes, to create the perfect shape.


Mint Siren Fall 2010 Collection




This should be a staple in a woman’s bag of tricks because it cinches your waist and gives a push up effect to your bust line. Not to mention it’s ‘hella’ sexy!!

THONGS No woman's arsenal is complete without the thong. It can create the illusion of a more curvaceous rear end, if you are challenged in the posterior region. For those of us with a little junk in the trunk, opt for a cheeky thong which lends extra support. Victoria's Secret




Agent Provocateur Fall 2010 Lingerie Collection

THE GARTER Not only is this garment responsible for holding up your stockings, it also lends more of an edge to your attire. This one little addition would have a large impact on your underwear drawer. When it’s time for that mistletoe kiss, that guy is sure to have a little trouble keeping his gaze upward while your wearing one of these.




Ladies, I don’t mean those regular old boring taupe or coffee Hedy’s we wear to work. I’m talking about the kinky animal print, lace or fishnet kind that your garters accompany. They smooth out your legs and help to form an amazing silhouette.


BLACKPUMPS t of a woman's This may not traditionally be a par screams sexy lingerie collection, but nothing high stilettos. more than a pair of black, sky finish gives it Something with a patent leather se with any more of a bondage feel. Paring the make for a to e of your lingerie choices is sur rather naughty Christmas.

Remember, half the fun of getting gifts is unwrapping it, so make sure your packaging is just desirable as the present itsel as f...

Yes, this is a word that we are very familiar with in the Bahamian Society. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with candy or your cardiovascular organ, but is a watered down version of good old polygamy (more than one wife, so to speak). Being from a nation where numbers (yes, it’s illegal) is the norm and sponsors everything from high-society balls to political campaigns, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tug at the moral fabric a bit more, hey Bahamas?

Wife - New Blackberry Torch complete with BBM to keep in contact. Sweetheart - $20 phone card for her block Nokia and a sack of quarters for the pay phone.

So yes, you know what ‘Sweethearting’ aka “ya lil side ting” is; it’s the Bahamian version of having an affair outside of your relationship. Now to be hon¬est, it’s Wife - Elegant La Rose evening dress with John Bull been in practice for many, many years and is nothing pearl accessories. new. Why you think you have so many “red” aunts and uncles and you have ebony molas¬ses skin? Or at the fu- Sweetheart - Avon Catalogue and $30 to love ‘yaself ’. neral, 10 more family mem¬bers pop up on the obituary that you’ve never met? Yes, good ole Bahamian ‘Sweethearting’ is to blame. Now fellas, my role here today is not to throw blame or Wife - Beautiful bouquet off roses. make moral judgment, but it’s Christmas time so your boy ‘Smitty from the City’ is trying to help you out from Sweetheart - Whatever the Cable Beach Strip ‘garden’ a financial perspective.

area has to offer.

We know recession is the cry of the day and your endless supply of ‘Sweethearting’ funds is dwin-dling. However, you got to keep the wife happy, so here is a look at how we approach this. Wife - 7-Day Mediterranean cruise.


Sweetheart - “I’ll meet you to Briland” (Harbour Island) Regatta. This is optional.

Please remember this season, that it’s not all about the Wife - Casual dinner at a waterside restaurant and value of the material gesture but rather the thought fellas. a bottle of 2008 fine wine. Spice it up a bit. Wear matching bubble jackets to the carnival with the ‘Sweetheart’. Follow these steps and stick to Sweetheart - A casual conch snack park up on the the economical budget and you will surely come out on beach and some fine Trivento est. 2010. top as a winner. The wife will be happy, the sweetheart is sufficed and your pocket will say THANK YOU!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the author and do not reflect the lifestyle or position of Smitty. Examples contained within are mere examples of an analysis performed.




Like Smitty said, the subject may be taboo, but we all know ‘sweethearting’ in the Bahamas is as common as liquor stores and number houses. And just like play¬ing numbers and getting drunk, we all know we aren’t supposed to do it…but ‘sweethearting’ happens any¬way. This article is NOT intended to condone cheating and it does not reflect my lifestyle. However, like most women, I know one or two girls who are number 2 and are fine with being in that position. That is until they get hurt. So this article is for them. How to be number 2, get what you want out of the man, and not get hurt or (intentionally) hurt anyone in the process.

NO PET NAMES! You are number 2 dar-

ling heart, not the main wom¬an in his life. Therefore there is NO reason for you to be calling him “ Baby, Boo, Darling, Love, Boobie” or anything that is not his name. Sweetie is allowed because it is short for sweetheart – which we have established you are. The only time pet names are allowed is in the bedroom because all rules get thrown out of the window in the heat of the moment…he may even call you “ baby love” and tell that you are the only one for him. Don’t take that to heart, sweets. When a man is in a race, he will say anything to get to the finish line. Don’t store his number in your phone as ‘hubby’ and don’t constantly refer to him as ‘your man”. Trust me, in the end this will save you a lot of embarrassment when he has to correct you and tell you “It ein that serious.”

No Pillow Talk! If

you are trying to save yourself some heart¬break, DO NOT attempt to get to know this dude. Trust me when I say …He does not care what your boss did to piss you off.uhj..why the check is late from your baby daddy or what the school had to say about your bad ass kids. When you are done fulfilling your role as num¬ber 2 (lying on your back, maybe on top)…get up...get off and go home. DO NOT ask him about his future goals, if he loves you or “Where are we going with this?”…You knew when you got into it, that you guys were headed nowhere…just because you slept together a few times does not change that. The only questions that should be asked between you two are “Is your check cashed?” and “What time is wifey coming home?”

Do Not Call #1! I

don’t know where Bahamian women have adopted this mentality that they should always inform the other woman of their presence. Sweetie, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you to call wifey

and be all ghetto like “Tell ya man he left his socks here”…You are only going to accomplish two things by doing this mess. 1. Have her and all her friends BUST YA ASS for being the dumb home wrecker you are; and 2. Have ‘ya’ so called “man” embarrass you and cut you off from your supply, whether it was money or *cough cough*…you know…Point is, don’t do it sweetie. You already playing number two…you might as well save up the last lil bit of dignity you have left and not announce to the world, that you ‘ein nuttin’ but a mattress for a taken man and an embarrassment to women everywhere.

No questions! Simply put, do not ask a question you do not want

to know the real answer to. “Do you miss me?” “Do you love me?” “Are you gonna leave your girl for me?”…babygirl….unless you are ready to hear NO on all counts, I suggest you keep these questions to yourself. Also questions like “Where you been?”, “Where you just coming from?”, “Do you love her?”, “Are you seeing someone else?”, “Is this just about sex to you?” should also be kept to yourself. Unless you want your feelings hurt mama, avoid it all and keep all questions to yourself. Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to know the answers to those questions.

the Don’t FALL IN LOVE! From beginning

of this so–called relationship, it was established that you were and will always be number two. DO NOT fall in love with a man who is not willing to catch you when you fall or service you when your break down. If you choose to be number two, the best advice I can give you is get something out of the deal. Think about it. The man is getting to use your body up anytime he feels like, so I say use him in other areas. Hurt his wallet sweetie. Put as much mileage on his credit card as he is putting on your body. BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you to fall in love. EVER!!!! It was never about emotions, it’s a business deal. You fall in love, you will get hurt. Now like I said earlier, I am not condoning cheating. I am simply offering some advice to the women who choose to be number two. If you find yourself in this situation and do not want to be a crying, weeping mess after you realize you will never make it to number one, just follow these simple rules and you will be just fine. That is until the “wifey” finds out about you and breaks her foot off in your back, but that’s another story. Like I always say, this is my opinion, like it or not, its wateva. SANNIE





In a world of boring monotones and tasteless arts, Italia and her sister Jaconda have tried to recreate the world of make-up artistry with colours, textures, saturated sweets and dramatic pigments. Until now, make-up was always so “ordinary,” that is until The ladies of Eye Candy Make Up Company decided they were going to change things up a bit. They live in their own world painted withlines of fantasy, delightightful eyelashes, blushful treats and glossy hues. I’m not really one for all that “pizzaz” but I decided I would step out of my otherwise boring life, take a minute or two from my black and white vision to journey to this studio. I am unaware of what’s about to happen. I call Italia, she’s there waiting for me with her sister. “I hope you are ready for this?” she says. “Ready for what?” I ask. “We are going to.....”

Wo r d s : N i k B a r n e s

Images: ScharadL

Photo Editing: Leo Crear y




Government name: Italia January Williams Age: 34 Birth City: Nassau Notable Events: A one women’s art show at the central bank (2003). It was the first time I featured some body painting and a piece (body painting) I did on my sister Joconda was selected as a part of the national art gallery body of works (2004). Currently Working on: Expanding the Eye Candy Makeup Store Celebrity comparisons: Maybe a Kevin Aucoin (deceased) as far as makeup is concerned, personality wise ( I am definitely a Max off of ‘ Living Single’ , I could be a little of a clown when I’m ready. At this moment you are herald as the hands down best make up artist on the island, how do you feel about that statement? Yikes! Kinda’ honored if people see me as that, but you know art is such a funny thing, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but as far as being an ARTIST, I agree with that part of the statement, I like to challenge myself through makeup. At which institute did you perfect your craft? I didn’t attend any institute. When I first started COB, they had a basic makeup application class which I did. They didn’t even touch on any of the complicated stuff. I learned all the technical stuff by trial and error, looking at pics and just ‘winging’ it. Which artist would you say most influences your work? It would be Kevin Aucoin and Sam Fine. They usually say that you don’t mix business with family. How important would you say it is to have your sister as your business partner? It’s a bittersweet blessing ‘lol’. We can ‘row’ and still work together with no hard feelings. We get to critique each other’s work. I mean it goes without saying that having her as a partner means there a lot of things we don’t have to worry about because she’s not my competition so we can look out for one another as far as

securing jobs or getting a job done, it’s a win win situation. There was some controversy surrounding you last year in the news. Do you think it was handled properly by the powers that be? I think you mean this year but I’d rather not comment on that its still being dealt with. If you could be in any other profession removed from makeup, what would it be? Acting…Hands down!! What is one thing that no one knows about Italia? Don’t know what to say its so much people don’t know about me gosh…geez! I like to cook and I love lazy days when I just stay home and watch movies all day, turn off the phone and leave the computer off. How do you like your men? Gangsters or Gentlemen? SAVED (CHRISTIAN) I guess that’s a gentlemen I like christian gangsters lol. What would be a perfect date be like with you? Why did u have ta go dere? I love to travel. So the perfect date would be a surprise getaway to some exotic place just for dinner. Whats next for the ladies from Eye Candy? We are expanding the makeup store so our fans can look out for bigger and better things from us. Finish this sentence off. “All I want for christmas...” Is time spent with my family. The Top 5 things you cant leave your house without Laptop Makeup kit (never know when you’ll get a call) Bag of personals (my days are long) Flats (shoes) Gel (for my fro)




Government name: Jocondamae Monalisa Williams, Ha! Age: 23 Birth City: Nassau Notable Events: What Tali said (lol) Currently Working on: A hit single…lol, just kidding! Celebrity comparisons: Tyra Banks

wedding. Everything was going wrong and she had a tantrum like a 3-year-old kid and started throwing things then stormed out of the hotel room saying she didn’t want to get married anymore.

How did you get involved in professional make up application? Tagging along with Italia when she did weddings when I was younger she would let me put makeup on the flower girls, then I would base (apply the foundation and powder) the ladies for her and gradually I started doing make overs.

If you had to set your life to music, what 3 songs would represent you? Neyo – Miss Independent Destiny’s Child – Independent I can’t think of a third one but everyone should see where I’m going with this.

Do you see Eye Candy expanding in the near future and if so, in which manner? Definitely! Makeup is only one aspect of what we want Eye Candy to be. We’re looking to venture into selling bags, accessories, costumes, and catering more to professionals in our line of business by offering them the tools they need to operate. Was there any particular event in your career that has had a profound effect on you? The Beauty Schools of America hair show. There were other makeup artists there that were really good. It keeps you on top of your game and keep you thinking outside of the box. I’d love to attend the Atlanta Bronner Bro’s show in Atlanta next year. What did you see in Italia that made you take the chance to back her in this career move? I always wanted to start a business and when she came to me with the idea of starting a store I jumped right into it. It was a fresh idea that no one else was doing at the time and business is doing well. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to go into it full-time. What was the most memorable experience you have had with a client? There are so many memorable experiences. One was a bridezilla who planned her own 40


What is the biggest misconception that customers of Eye Candy have of you? That I can’t do makeup!

If you were on an episode of MTV’s Room Raiders™ what would we find in your room? Right now? Um…A bottle of peach snaps, a suite case, and some school books. Everyone had his or her vice, what’s yours? I don’t think I have any…lol I can be too guileless at times. What advice would you give students not being encouraged to pursue a career in this form of art? Don’t be discouraged! It’s a fun way to make money and express you. If I could start my educational path all over again I would stay in art and pursue it in college and become an art teacher. Finish this sentence off, “All I want for Christmas is... “ A good man... but I’ll settle for an iPhone! The Top 5 things you cant leave your house without... 1. Face powder 2. Phone 3. Wallet 4. Keys 5. My handbag


The marriage of music, fantasy, theatre and sheer bravado is no easy feat. Kanye West can now add all-around artist to his impressive resume. Upon the dynamic release of the ode to his struggle ‘Runaway’, Kanye entered a new realm that hasn’t been seen since the likes of Andy Warhol. The comparison may be daring and even jarring to many, but it begs some attention. It is clear that Kanye West was able to effectively portray his perspective in a whole-heartedly ‘Kanye’ way. How many other artists besides maybe - and that’s a big maybe - Lady Gaga could so seamlessly use the allegory of a beautiful near naked ‘Phoenix’ crashing and rising to correlate with his real life?

Kanye West’s Runaway Film

Kanye’s “hip-opera”, if you will, was a melodramatic, visually stunning affair that featured Selita Ebanks as Kanye or ‘The Phoenix’. However, the acting was clearly not Kanye’s forte and if there was any part of the provocative video that needed work, it was the “grade school play” acting abilities, or lack thereof. The music was pulsating and the production lush; Mr. West infused color with explosive images of redemption. Throughout the video we saw The Phoenix struggle to effectively assimilate with ‘our’ world. She endured stares, criticism and felt the weight of a world scrutinizing her every move – ultimately, she was not meant for this world.




Vaneesa Beechcroft was tapped as the art director on the set of the video; and the pivotal scene in which Kanye and The Phoenix are seated at the banquet is undeniably reflective of Ms. Beechcroft’s work. Ms. Beech-

croft this time around, seated the head table with all black individuals, wearing white suits and being served by white waiters. Now this scene alone should spark some debate or line of questions in your mind. The guests are entertained throughout the banquet by Kanye as well as black clad, classically trained ballerinas. The scene was poignant and visually gripping as Kanye croons the title track ‘Runaway’.

tion alone was enough to fuel the need for more music immediately. Kanye is unapologetic in his approach, and hate him or love him, he never disappoints. The video offers imagery that has inspired people to talk and discuss. Remember the little boy in red, running with the flair? Interestingly, we first see this youngster running naively and with glee dressed in red with a red flare; that flare is his ideas he wants

to share with the world. Now when we see the little boy again and his idea – his flare – has been swept up by the hoopla of the parade, an obvious connection to the saturation of ingenuity by the good, and evil forces of the world – groupthink. The messages permeate throughout the video, so make sure you watch with an open mind. -LV-

Kanye is that dude we hate and love; he is the ‘alternative’ dude that probably went to St. Andrews, the dude who was probably teased for being ‘different’ and was probably written off. The one individual who dared to be different but never felt accepted due to societal pressures to conform. How many Kanye’s are waiting in our very Bahamas to pave their own path of creativity? One thing that is hard not to acknowledge about Kanye, is the way in which he approaches almost every project he tackles. Kanye is not content with just producing a good track – he formulates a visual to accompany the song, and thus we get something that makes our minds take a trip. Is Kanye’s ‘Runaway’ video the Thriller of 2010? I know one thing, the music and the art direc-


FALL INTO FALL Summer is officially over. Weekends on the beach are now replaced cuddling with your newly acquainted lady friend. When you do decide to step out, fall into fall with our top picks for outerwear appropriate for all occasions.



DENIM JACKET There are few permanent staples in menswear outside of suits. The denim jacket just happens to be one. Casual: Pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers. Formal: Oxford, skinny tie and hard bottoms Caution: Matching denim jeans are rarely a good idea, please be advised.

SHAWL COLLAR CARDIGANS Clean, casual and versatile. Dressed up without trying at all, this is exactly what every man should be. Casual: Shorts/Khakis (rolled up) with boat shoes. Formal: Dress pants and driving loafers. Caution: Most materials retain scents very well. Be careful who you embrace before you cuddle with wifey!

VARSITY JACKET Even if you gave up the lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with repping for the players!

SWEATSHIRTS University sweatshirts proclaim ‘culturally diverse’ and ‘well educated’ even if you never enrolled. Casual: Sweat pants and snapback cap. Formal: Oxford shirt and neck tie. Caution: Perfect for cuddling sessions, however she is bound to wake up and go home in it.

Casual: High top sneakers and sweatpants Formal: Dress shirt, bow tie and jeans/khakis. Caution: High chance of being stolen.


KINECT BY XBOX MOVE BY PLAYSTATION So with the great success of the Nintendo Wii, both Microsoft and Sony have tried to match its gaming competitor giant with a motion capture brand of their own. Microsoft however has gone a step beyond with their new system, KINECT. The Kinect uses motion detectors, a web cam and microphone to allow the user to use their own body as the controller. Now supposedly, Bill Gates had this technology years ago in his private home. But now, XBOX hopes to conquer the gaming market with this awesome technology; and even though I’m a playstation guy, this does look very appealing. Critics say there are some bugs (of course) that XBOX has to work out, and of course there were rumors of spatial issues, but I’m sure Microsoft will work out all these in the future. This, right now is the HOT gadget on the market.



Many women debate this dreaded task anytime gift buying for their significant other is involved. Well I’m going to give you the top 5 things your husband / boyfriend /sweetheart or potential interest may want MOST for Chritsmas this year. (Call your banker now!)

A. THE MANLY TIMEPIECE Get him a nice watch - a statement piece for any man who does not wear flashy jewlery. It says a lot about his character. Check out brands like Citizen, Guess & Kenneth Cole. P.S. Leather Bands are dope! Price Range $90 - $3000 B. MESSENGER BAG If you have a man who is always on the move, the messenger bag suits ALL his needs. It fits his computer, cell phone, MP3 player, books (if any) and is easy to carry around + it looks GOOD! Price Range $30 - $300 C. HI-FI IN-EAR HEADPHONES In-ear headphones are now being produced with extreme high quality sound. Check out the Dre Mini Beats or Diddy Beats endorsed by Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs. Price Range $140 D. iPod / iPad / iPhone SOUND DOCK Sound docks are becoming very popular and the BeoSound8 from Bang & Olfsen is a beauty. The price is beautiful too at a staggering $1500 USD! Like I said, call your banker now! Check the video to see how cool this dock REALLY is and he just may cook!

E. AVATAR BLUE-RAY DVD Trust me, he wants this! F. LEVI 501 STRAIGHT JEANS Ok, this might be a “no-no” cause guys don’t like women to buy their clothes, but take a risk here. Pick out pants he already owns that make you melt when he wears them. Size um’ up and go get him these jeans. They can be dressed up or down. Price Range $30-$60.


Okay let’s get right to it -

Christmas time is here; along with all the good feel¬ings and fanfare that goes with it! Now let’s be honest fellas, don’t you just HATE it when your girlfriend/wife/sweetheart buys you a gift for Christmas and it’s either some cologne that smells like a hot bag of ma¬nure mixed with cinnamon buns, or a shirt that has you looking like you and her are wearing matching blouses, or as if you sit up every night crying over all the homeless kit¬tens in the world? Even worse, she buys you a “European Shoulder Bag”! And dog eat your lunch if you said you don’t wear cologne or “male blouse” WITH the shoulder bag, or if your reaction upon opening your gift is nothing short of an all out orgasmic elation. Hard to do when you’re staring at a bottle of “Eau De’ Donkey-Butt”. I admit, sometimes ladies have a hard time shopping for guys. Some men are picky. Men have a hard time buying for women too though. But when all else fails, something shiny and kind of, or very expensive can al¬ways make her smile! Well ladies, I’m here with some advice to make it easy for you this Christmas...BUY THE MAN SOME SNEAK-ERS!!!!! Outside of a nice watch, NOTHING is easier to buy for a man than a nice crispy new pair of sneakers.



Like Jor¬dan stood above his peers, The Bordeaux stood head and shoulders above all other sneakers in the 90’s. Shoot, Jordan wore these in a music video with Michael Jack-son (shout out to Eddie The Virgo)!!!!! I re¬member as a kid my mom bought my little brother a pair of these. His cool stock rose by leaps and bounds. I was soooo angry with her (still trying to forgive her now), be¬cause in contrast, she bought the ugliest pair of converse I had EVER seen in my LIFE AND MADE ME WEAR THEM! It was from then on, I started saving to buy my own sneakers. No more embarrassment like that for me again!!!! With a “hush hush” release date set for late 2010, early 2011, this is one retro release once the KICK DROPS... sheer PAN¬DEMONIUM, HYSTERIA, MAD, SICK, HEAD NO GOOD!!!!!


The concept of Jonathan Mors, who has worked for Nike and Adidas, MORS brand sneakers is a UK based company (craft¬ed in Portugal by traditional factories), with a fresh, yet classic perspective on footwear. Mors has not used cheap labor, and the sneak-ers are crafted from all sorts of high-end exotic materials – from Artic Elk leather and Suede to Artic Fish Scale covered sneakers. The craftsmanship put into these sneakers is second to none. Offering only two styles at this point, the “hoop” high top and the “net” low top sneaker, Mors’ appeal is in not only the future-retro design, but in the limit¬ed quantities, will produce its footwear in certain materials. The Fish Scale sneaker will be released in very limited quantities. Stay tuned into this brand for more styles and innovations...or your ma’ is a man!



On December 16th, 2010 the ever-growing Jay-Z brand will grow yet another few belt sizes. The music mogul teamed up with Pub Company Spiegel & Grau, and former The Source Mag editor, Dream Hampton to bring you DECODED. This first-person part memoir contains interviews with family & friends de¬scribing his life from poverty to fame, and breaks down the logic behind some of his most provocative lyrics to date. Not to mention, it also has an Andy Warhol inspired cover, but I guess you have to pick up a copy and see exactly what private details are actually included. And so the plot thickens… la¬dies and gents, there’s a deeper story behind this new biz venture for the hip hop mogul. Being the business man that he is, he teamed up with (Mi¬crosoft’s Search Engine) & others like Gucci to conjure up one of the most clever new age marketing campaigns I’ve come across in years. In the weeks leading up to the book’s shelf date, they released all of the 300 plus pages of the book randomly displayed to the public around the world, each page in an independent undisclosed place. From the pool floor of the Delano Hotel in Miami, to billboards, and inside a limited edition jacket in Gucci’s 5th Avenue storefront, and even un¬der a plate @ the 52


Spotted Pig restaurant in NYC, creating an international scavenger hunt of sorts. The first person to spot one of the book’s excerpts is awarded an autographed copy of the book with Jay-Z’s signature on the page found, along with other gifts. It’s ideas such as these that make a difference in our world and affects the way we sometimes approach old concepts. So in the New Year, dare to change the game. Be free to explore and experiment. We live in an ever-changing world so it makes sense for our processes to evolve so we can adapt to the new cli¬mates approaching us daily. Be an inspiration to others & most of all keep God first and follow your gut.




This is the season of cel¬ebration. With that said, there are a huge amount of par¬ties to attend this time of year & I gat the perfect gadget … drumroll… Guys and Gals of all ages, I pres¬ent to you the Vestax Spin - a USB powered interface that turns your iTunes library into the record collection any Dj would Lust for and makes you the life of the party. Complete with eq, mic, cue mixing, and on board sound effects, you can even record your mixes and save them to iTunes for later use. These features and many more are all included, along with Algorid¬dim Djay Software as the core of the seamless oper¬ation between the mac & the Hardware Interface. This, my friends does it all. Well, the one thing it can’t do is teach you to mix, so this device is not for the squares at heart with two left feet. Since this is the season for giving & I have been a rather good guy, someone out there can gift it to me for the small price of around only $250.00 US from the apple store. To see the SPIN in action, click on the YouTube video.



I haven’t been listening to much urban music lately because I’m kind of bored with the exploited art form for lack of better phrase, but something slipped through the cracks. Someone seemed to have found a way to keep it real, and still be entertaining @ the same time while remaining consistent. This breath of fresh air came by way of the Jay- Z Roc Nation signee, J Cole’s new mixture, Friday Night Lights. These days mix tapes seem to be more worth listening to than LPs. Though he’s not doing anything new or unfamil¬iar, it might be the straight up good rap¬ping that’s part nostalgic and fresh that peaked my interest. It’s interesting how his production skills lend to the way he gets to express himself. This isn’t pop, or a compromise to capitalize on exposure, it’s hip-hop in its purest form, Drake feature and all (In The morn¬ing). The irony is it’s free. I hope his Album is as good as his mixtures. You should Google a few and take a listen - let us know what you think. In my opinion, he’s talented enough to be a star so I give him my stamp of approval. carries the torch well!





I con¬sider the tongue to be one of the most important parts of our body. Well, technically, every part is important, but without the tongue, our mouths cannot function effectively so that makes the tongue one of the key organs that helps sustain life (try do¬ing a few actions without using the tongue, very entertaining). The tongue, as it is important to speech can also be used for giving your partner a very unfor¬gettable sexual experience. Please sit back and give me a second of your time while we explore some sexy linguistic techniques that you can incorporate in your lovemaking ses¬sions…that is, if you haven’t already begun doing this (lol smiley face).

How many LICKS does it take? When we hear the words “mouth” and “tongue” used in the same sentence revolv¬ing around intercourse, our minds automatically go to falatio, which, of course, is fair, but before a woman goes directly there, there is a whole body that can be explored by this “tool”.

Begin by using the tip of your tongue and trailing off to his ear as an icebreaker. After the formalities, ladies turn up the heat in the kitchen a bit. Flip your man over and lick from the base of his neck and continue straight down his spinal chord to the brink of his buttocks, or

south t o north. If you want to talk sensation, there is no way to explain this feel¬ing – it is unbe¬lievable. To maximize the licking, concentrate on erogenous areas on your man’s body – the ears, neck, chest, nipples, in¬dex finger, perineum, back of the knees, the inner thighs and back of his manhood. Any time of the day is good to give your man a “tongue bath” which is systematically licking your lover’s entire body with long, slow, broad tongue strokes. So that this process does not feel like a tedious task, use additives such as ice, honey, whip cream, chocolate syrup, or his favorite ice cream. I highly recommend fruit flavored lu¬bricants as it is to die for. To achieve really good sheet grabbing, nail digging, orgas¬mic screaming sex, one must become selfless and focus on your partner’s needs. Ladies give this gift to your man for this yuletide season. Remember to LICK, LICK, and LICK this holiday. Have a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year. Enjoy…






















In a world of boring monotones and tasteless arts, Italia and her sister Jaconda have tried to recreate the world of make-up artistry with c...

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